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Warmth on Their Fingertips

Hello friends! 
I’m catching up on my request, or at least trying to.
This is a part2 to this story here: Cold on Your Fingertips
I hope you’re all well! 

Plot: H tries to win Y/N back.

Warnings: It’s angsty and sad but nothing triggering I would say.

Pic wasn’t taken by me even though I wish dearly that it was. 

“I made you breakfast.”

Harry stood rigid and with jelly-like legs in the space of our small kitchen, from where he had a direct view onto me where I lingered in the doorway. The state of my body matched his as I stood as frozen as he did when at the same time my limps felt weaker than ever. 
I hadn’t expected to see him. 
When I rolled out of bed after waking from a night’s sleep that had been hunted by nightmares, I’d expected to be as alone and lonely as I’d been almost every morning. Harry had been gone for so long without giving my feelings a second thought, so why would he care all of a sudden?
Because I’d cried in front of him, where he had to actually see what he did to me for a change instead of only hearing it in my desperate voice-messages? 
Well, I suppose my distraught state the night before must’ve left its impression on him. After all, voice-messages could be deleted and ignored, my break-down however he’d had no control over.
I almost smiled when I thought about how much I must’ve shocked him with my reaction to how cold he treated me. 

“Eggs,” Harry tried to tempt me and he raised the plate in his hand almost shyly so I’d have a clearer view on what he’d made for me, “With tomatoes even. I don’t really like them in m’egg but- mean I know that you do so… you like that, right? Figured you might want to eat a proper breakfast today.”

His eyes were wide and I watched with a heaviness settling in my chest how the pink lips of his I loved so much were bitten and pulled at roughly by his teeth. 
I knew he wanted me to reassure him that he’d done good, that his gesture would help make things between us okay again. 
Of course Harry wasn’t oblivious and he wasn’t stupid either, he knew that it would take more than just breakfast for us to be alright, but perhaps, he’d hoped, perhaps a good and proper breakfast together would help the process along. 

When he was sure that I wouldn’t reply he sighed heavily and set the plate down on the table. His attention turned to the counter where he began to throw more food on a plate and I watched with a strange sense of guilt how he so desperately tried to coax a reaction out of me.

“Made you some toast as well,” he continued, “And there’s tea. Coffee as well, of course, but figured you might want tea so… We got juice!”

Since when? I wondered. 
Harry almost smiled, reading my thoughts only by looking at my mildly surprised expression.

“I went and got some when you were sleeping. It’s some multivitamin thing. That’s something you like, don’t you?”

He almost sighed with relief upon receiving my timid nod.

“Thank you,” I added and I shuddered at how scratchy and hoarse my voice sounded. 

Harry’s skin prickled at the sound and once more he was painfully reminded of how much I’d cried last night. Though he had to admit he was glad to hear me speak, by this point he hadn’t expected me to anymore.
For a moment we just stood there looking at each other, both of our heads trying to make out what was going on in the other’s mind. 
Harry swallowed visibly and weakly nodded to the chairs. I refused to move. 

“Food’s getting cold, love,” he murmured, voice as warm as it could be when he was busy trying to ignore the uncomfortable atmosphere around us, “Aren’t you hungry?”

I wanted to say no and keep the distance that was between us, scared of getting hurt should I allow him close again. He’d hurt me so bad and only thinking about it made my eyes water and throat go so dry it was impossible for me to decline his quiet request. Instead I shook my head rapidly and Harry paled when I took a step back. 


“Not hungry,” I stammered, though when I wanted to walk away my feet refused to obey my body. 

It was as if someone had pushed against my chest so forcefully it’d knocked all of the air right out of my lungs.
Harry looked sick. Only now did I notice how red-rimmed and swollen his eyes were, indicating clearly that he’d slept as little and probably just as bad as I had myself. He was shaking and the way he held his body screamed insecurity. 
Harry was broken and desperately trying to somehow grasp a tiny part of me that would then promise him that our relationship and what we’d had wasn’t completely lost.
But wasn’t it?
Looking at the guy standing in our kitchen, aware that I loved him with all of what was left of me, I couldn’t even think of being with him again. There was a wall between us, a thick, stone wall that neither of us would ever be able to break through.


His green eyes swam by this point and he didn’t even flinch when the first tears spilled onto his numb cheeks. 

“Was stupid of me anyway,” he continued, sounding utterly defeated, “Course you don’t want to have breakfast with me. Not after what I did to you. I get it, Y/N, my love, I do… I… m’just so sorry. Fuck.”

He picked up one of the plates he’d prepared and turned so he was no longer facing me before making me jump by carelessly dropping the porcelain into the sink, shattering it into little pieces. His hands fell onto the counter and I bit back a small cry when his shoulders began to shake. 
Harry felt like his chest was ripped in half after he lost every last bit of hope he’d found in his heart when he’d woken up this morning. He remembered feeling like there still was something to safe after he’d woken up to seeing my sleeping face. But now… now he was sure there was no way we would ever look at each other without seeing anything other than fright and pain in the other’s eyes.


Was it silly for me to feel bad for him? Probably. He hadn’t cared much about me when I’d met my breaking point.
He sniffled noisily before slowly facing me again. 

“You have to know that I never, and I mean that, never knew how horrible I was to you.”

“How?” I wondered, and with sudden strength in my chest I continued, “How couldn’t you know? I cried so much, Harry. And I told you, too! You cannot claim that I didn’t.”

“M’not,” he murmured, “You told me things were bad. But I never… I never even realized how bad. Thought we were going through a low, not that we’d reached rock bottom.”

I wanted to tell him that he was stupid. Wanted to blame it all on his ignorance and I so desperately wanted to scream at him for being blind, but all of a sudden I was very still. 
Yes, I’d cried a lot. Yes, I’d called him when I thought I needed him and he wasn’t there. And yes, he didn’t respond the way a good boyfriend should. 
But I hadn’t ever told him what was really going on until yesterday after-noon. I’d never let it shine through just how deep in a mess we were until things went bad enough for them to be impossible to safe.

“I should have told you sooner,” I decided to say, “You couldn’t have known until yesterday when I… well, when I was already down.”

Harry shrugged. “M’a shit boyfriend anyway.” 

“That you are.” I didn’t see any point in denying that, though I regretted my harsh words when his crying only increased. 

“You were,” I corrected myself quickly, “You… you don’t have to be.”

I ached all over. Harry’s red eyes widened slightly when I moved closer and sat down at the table, just the way he’d wanted me to only moments ago. Only now we were both crying, not having the nice breakfast he’d prepared when his hopes had been high.
Harry sat down as well. 

“By the way, I don’t really like tomatoes in my eggs, either.”

Harry huffed and let himself fall backwards into his seat. “Great. I can’t do anything right.”

I surprised us both by reaching for his forearm and I hesitate for a second only before gently grasping him. Even his skin felt cold though holding on to him warmed us both inner seconds. 

“Don’t be too harsh of yourself, Harry. I do like toast and juice so you got two thirds of your plan right.”

Relief flushed my cheeks when he smiled, not the big and warm smile I knew and loved, but at least it was something. “Better than nothing, huh?”

“For sure,” I agreed and when his own touch found my hand where I was holding his wrist my first instinct wasn’t to shrug him off.

There was still a cold distance between us, one that not even our souls could over come, no matter how desperately we were trying to find each other. 
But I wanted Harry. Not in a sexual way, in this moment physical intimacy wasn’t on my mind at all, but in an emotional way I felt a need for Harry that I couldn’t shake.

“I don’t know what we can do, Harry,” I confessed and when I moved to pull my hand from him he tightened his hold. 

“I don’t either, Y/N.”

So we sat there, puffy and tired eyes locked and our hands holding on to the other in a tight grip. 
Neither of us was ready to let go and when he whispered that he loved me I replied that I loved him, too. 

“But us loving each other doesn’t make saving what we have easier.”

“Doesn’t feel like it,” Harry agreed, voice heavy with pain and disappointment, “But we could have some of the toast I made. We could drink some of the juice. And maybe…”

“Maybe things will look different after,” I said quietly, “Maybe with a full stomach we can figure out how we can get each other back.”

“Because I really want you back, Y/N,” Harry confessed and suddenly his lips were kissing my knuckles softly before pulling back, “Miss you.”

“I do, too, Harry. You have no idea how much I do.”

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this and don’t think it sucks… If you did, if you didn’t - leave a feedback! :) 
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flower-dragon  asked:

List five things that make you happy then pass this on to the ten most recent people in your activity!😍 (just if you want to, I've seen you have got this once at least already:) )

“Five things, eh?” Souji pondered, one hand on the side of his hip.

“Does killing count? Because I very much enjoy killing.” He barked a laugh.

“A good sparring match against Hajime-kun makes me happy, whether I lose or not.”

Souji paced around where he was standing and hummed to himself. “I sometimes indulge in a cup of sake once in a while, so that is something worth noting.”

“I love engaging conversations especially with Chizuru. Her voice soothes me.” A tinge of pink appeared on his cheeks. He cleared his throat, breaking his concentration.

“You know what? I think we’re done here.” He stormed out of the meeting room, sliding the door shut as he left.

Souji’s footsteps stomped around the engawa. He slid the door open gently, and peeked his head through the entrance.

“I hate it when people don’t answer questions completely,” Souji said softly.

“Kondo-san and the Shinsengumi. They make me happy. Have a good day,” he said, shutting the door one last time.

(I don’t know why, but this prompt is really making me write these drabbles, LOL! I hope you enjoy!)

anonymous asked:

your writing is absolutely gorgeous. i’m a new fan, just hopped on your bandwagon a few days ago and i am obsessed with your writing style!! and i totally love the way you write miami rick and would loooooove reading more~😉

(Hey thanks! Here’s some sleeeaaaaazzy Miami for you.)

“Dude! You’re blocking my sun!”

You squinted, the glare obscuring the face of this person whose beach etiquette left so much to be desired.  Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you moved your sunglasses onto your head, frowning at the old man in the garish pink jacket who had apparently decided he had to stand right here right now.

“I-I know, baby. I was just - just enjoying the view.”

You rolled your eyes and slid your sunglasses into place before settling back down onto your towel.

“Gross. Go away, old man.”

But he didn’t, choosing instead to drop to one knee beside you, his neon green socks vivid in the bright sunlight and contrasting sharply with the pale sand of the beach.

“N-now c’mooon, sugar. I-I’ve got a niiiiice car. You’d look reeeaal good in it.”

That got your attention, damn it, and you shifted to your side, propping your head up on one hand. His own reflective sunglasses had slipped down to the tip of his nose and his eyes raked along your body. He made no attempt to hide his interest, his gaze full of lust and dark promises for the future.

You bit your lip, your free hand starting to run lazy circles along the curve of your thigh. He watched your fingers with greed, the toothpick in his mouth bobbing as he chewed it.

“If you can’t afford me, I’d suggest you move along. I’m not cheap.”

But he only smirked, that shark-like grin revealing his teeth. 

“Oooh, baby. Th-the good ones never are.”

anonymous asked:

uuh sooo uhhhhh, , , , if requests are still open (I'm never sure about that) can you maybe then draw Sonic or Shadow the Hedgehog? Odd request,I know but I love your DWD fan art and thought so maybe that's fine?

I am so so sorry it took so long! And I am really sorry the quality of the photo is so bad. But I can’t scan it in and I can’t take a proper picture with my phone camera. q///q
It’s been over 10 years that I drew any Sonic character. And it’s the very first time I’ve ever drawn Shadow! BUUT it was sooo much fun! Thanks for the request! I loved doing it!

I used 7 different shades of pink and purple for the background + a dark blue. The original picture looks so much better, tho qwq

I am always open for request. I just can’t do any digital art at the moment. Sorry.

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-Drink: tea!

-Phone call: someone of my school lmao

-Text message: my best friend kfjgnjkdfg

-Song you listened to: DDD - EXID

-Time you cried: ……… two days ago.

Have you ever…

-Dated someone twice: no jdfngd

-Kissed someone and regretted it: no

-Been cheated on: no

-Lost someone special: yes

-Been depressed: a little, i guess

-Gotten drunk and thrown up: no HDFUGIFDG

Three favorite colors…

water blue, pastel pink and yellow. bright yellow. all kinds of yellow. just….. yellow.

In the last year have you…

-Made new friends: ASJFNJKFS YES!

-Laughed until you cried: ummmmmm yes lmao

Found out that someone was talking about you: yes

-Met someone who changed you: of course!!!!!! many people changed me in various ways. 

-Found out who your friends are: yes

-Kissed someone on your Facebook friends list: no JFHBGJHD

-Do you have any pets?: andfsdk yESS two little cats and three dogs.

-Do you want to change your name?: yes i want. i dont like all my name so i like when people call me livia, liv or livria.

-What did you do for your last birthday?: i had a sweet little party at home with my parents and brother ♥♥

-What time did you wake up?: 11:20 lmao

-What you were you doing at midnight last night?: crying over my sweet little baby hoseok and his pretty face

-Name something you can’t wait for: vacation.

i need vacation.

-When was the last time you saw your mom?: 1 hour ago gnhgjb

-What are you listening to right now?

-Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?: no no no lmao JNJFDSGN

-Something that gets on your nerves?: arrogance, rudeness, repetitive touches or sounds.. (saying the same because yes)

-Most visited website: tumblr lmao

About you..

-Hair color: brown kjsdfnfs

-Long or short hair: middle lenght, i guess?

-Do you have a crush on someone?: ………………… best friend.

-What do you like about yourself?: my hands jfngd

-Blood type: idONT kNOW 

-Nickname: liv, livria, anna.

-Relationship status: single lmao

-Zodiac: gemini

-Pronouns: she/her

-Favorite T.V shows: i dont watch TV

-Tattoos: none 

-Right or Left handed: right

-Surgeries: none

-Sport: none ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i really dont like sports lmao

-Vacation: pARis

-Pairs of shoes: 4

-Eating: nothing

-Drinking: nothing

-I’m about to: sleep

-Waiting for?: vacation again.

i need


-Want?: self confidence.

Which is better?

-Hugs or kisses?: i’ve never kissed before so idk hugs, i guess?

-Lips or eyes?: eyes? FDGBF

-Shorter or taller?: taller

-Older or younger?: i don’t care about it jhdfgd

-Nice arms or stomach?: i don’t care about it either lmao

-Hook up or relationship?: idk sjkhb

-Troublemaker or hesitant?: idk bg hdg

-Kissed a stranger?: no

-Drink hard liquor?: i don’t drink…….. i’m just 13.

-Lost glasses/contact lenses?: nO OMG NO AND I DONT WANT TO

-Turned someone down?: probably

-Sex on the first date?: no

-Broken someone’s heart?: no because no one likes me back hohohohoho gotcha

-Had a broken heart?: yes

-Been arrested?: nope

-Cried when someone died?: yes

-Fallen for a friend?: yes…………………………………omg

Do you believe in…

-Yourself?: not that much

-Miracles?: mmm no

-Love at first sight?: no

-Santa Claus?: lmao no

-Kiss on the first date?: idk JBFJD


New happy pancake pajamas. 🥞I love them. I bought them for the purple sheep, but the pancakes ended up my favorite. The cat can go hang so far, so sick of dodging pink. It can go in the back of the drawer as a spare. Toddler clothes shopping is so much harder, everything I reach for stops at 12 or 18. Maybe 24, but I should mostly be buying 2s now to get ahead. Toddler clothes suck. I keep looking and looking and nothing. I want cute pastel overalls and baby looking stuff god damnit. It’s like the well dried up. 👎