so much perfect sass

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my favorite scene is definitely when that big food fight starts (4th episode?) and pidge is like Allura is the princess of what? Not us! all sassy like and then Allura throws food at her and Keith goes off like I gotchu pidge. Like he's so tough and mean acting but when he's nice to her I die. Their friendship gives me life

Yes!! I love that scene so much ahh

Pidge’s voice is PERFECT, and her expression too omg the sass was positively radiating out my screen

And then we get the cutest Keith & Pidge moment!!


It was indeed a delight to see Yuzuru Hanyu perform “Parisienne Walkways” one last time. Although his Olympic rendition was perfect, this time he performed it with so much sass and maturity. He was like flirting with the spectators at some point! Hahaha.

Can’t wait for more amazing performances from this man!