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You better watch out for her

She’ll eat you up and she’ll spit out the furs
She’ll talk about you to all of the girls
But you wait for her~

‘Cause she’s sweeter than a honeycomb
And that’s why you stay at home
And she’s slower than Valium
And that’s why you stay at home~

💗 💛 💚 💙 💜

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

collab with @polarissketches!!!! aaaaaa i kinda tried a different coloring style for this one! i had so much fun collabing with you♡!

(polaris lined and i colored//)

first (successful) ith art

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please tell me owen isnt straight..... please......

Sorry to disappoint, but Owen is pretty straight. 


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i want to see/know more about your OCs!! if you have time, could i request #28 for Venn? i love his hair & grouchy expression 😍😍😍


ho boy im so grateful that jack is always here to talk to us and will actually listen to our feedback so he knows when we arent happy about something

i mean its already so rare that this community is unhappy but if anything happens he never makes bullshit excuses and is always upfront and honest and will address the problem before it even becomes a problem

so many youtubers are completely unreachable or just ignore constructive feedback completely and shove it in the same category as hate?? listen to your fans!!! they have valid shit to say!!!!!! there is nothing more frustrating than not being heard as a community!!!!


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Are you new here? Good luck with your blog dear ! Also, is it possible to have some headcanons for Bakugou ( and maybe Shindou too ? ) if you don't mind ? Thank you very much ! \(*w*)/

Thank you and I hope you will like these!


* takes showers twice a day because he sweats a lot during training

* he rarely watches tv except for the news but when he does, it’s either action movies or documentations. He doesn’t like romance movies at all unless they are free of any clichés

* his father intially took him him to the mountains/forest for walks when he was little but Bakugou later formed an interest in mountain hiking by himself

* when he falls in love with someone, he is actually very aware of that. However he doesn’t want to admit it that easily, be it to himself or others

* despite being very smart and good at studying, he really hates to study and do his homework

* his favorite subject in school are biology and, of course, practical exercises

* while not to Midoriya’s extent, Bakugou also owns his fair share of All Might merch.

* If bakugou is really comfortable with you, he will be able to relax easily and even take a nap around you.


* often has migraines due to the after effect his quirk has on his brain

* Shindou actually has a pretty bad mouth and an even worse temper. He doesn’t let it out by loudly shouting (like bakugou) but you can almost see a dark aura surrounding him when he is really pissed.

* When he is around his crush, he gets flustered quite easily and resorts to sarcasm to hide his shy-/ nervousness

* he loves football and played in clubs until high school, he still treasures the uniform from his middle school team

* a big fan of horror movies. Especially the psychological ones.

* he loves coffee. his favorite is plain, black coffee

* he seems to meet his crush almost everywhere he goes “is this destiny” he thinks to himself jokingly, but everyone around him can see that overly excited Shindou is simply running after his crush. No coincidence at all.
* loves spoiling his s/o. He doesn’t have much free time because of his hero training and he knows that his s/o is quite busy as well yet adjusts their plans to his schedule more than he does for them.
To show his gratitude he is willing do whatever they want and buy literally anything for them during dates.

* all in all he is very calm and calculating, but when it comes to his crush/ s/o he is like a loyal puppy and the overly excited and friendly shindou isn’t much of a ‘fake’ anymore

REUNITED (Bellamy Blake x Reader) 

Request: reader and bellamy are dating on the ark and she knows about octavia and is arrested with octavia and then bellamy sees her on the drop ship and they have a fluffy adorable reunion :))

A/N: sorry that this is so long, i guess i got carried away?? oh well, hope you like it xx


Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

The glow of the lights shine brightly on Octavia Blake as she walks through the Ark’s hallway for the very first time. Bellamy watches her explore with pride in his eyes as he holds your hand in his firm grasp. All her life, Octavia was trapped in the same boring room but now she’s free, even if it’s only for one night. 

As she walks to a window, her teary eyes light up as she gazes at the dark Earth. Your heart leaps with joy as you share a look with Bell and you both have the same feeling - happiness. She’s free. The sudden noise of laughter breaks Octavia’s masked eyes away from the window and she turns to see teenagers brushing past casually. It’s odd for Octavia, how could they just ignore the universe surrounding them when it’s so beautiful? 

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I saw that post about toxicity on fandom and I'm wondering if you think there's a toxic part in the les mus fandom? I'm new here and it all seems very friendly

Listen buddy, I’ve been trying to answer to this post for a while
first I was going for super salty, then I was going to analytically spill my tea, then I just… didn’t answer. 

The thing is: this fandom is great, like.. really great
I’ve met the best people on the internet because of this fandom and most importantly I’ve never witnessed such open minded head canons nor such an inclusive fandom in general.
This fandom IS great
the thing is, like most great things it has its rotten part.
This part’s made of

a. those people who erase (consciously or not) the political impact and message of the novel
like NO, Fantine didn’t die for you to make a brothel!AU, Javert didn’t die for you to keep saying ACAB and shit, Valjean is not just soft dad, he’s a way more complex character than what most people make him come off as
The ABC was not just some random lgbt guys thrown there for fun and shipping, they actually did something? and idk, it seems like most people focus their attention on the fact that they died more than on the fact that they died for SOMETHING (that something being freedom and justice)
I get that we focus more on the ABC guys because age-wise we tend to relate to them more, but y’all should really stop to make the following AUs
(because they are toxic, violent and overall against the whole message)
-royalty AU
-mafia AU (my personal crusade is against mafia AUs)
-it’s deemed for this list to go on and on and on, but atm I’m stuck with these two and can’t think of anything else

b. those people who keep trying to make communism happen. it’s not going to happen.
More like.. it has happened and honestly millions died so please stop this shitty stuff. Les Amis had red flags for military reasons, also beacuse Communism wasn’t a thing back in 1862. Socialism was and that’s not Communism.
Listen, I studied the blade Marx, I studied the Communist Manifesto, I studied Communism’s ideas and everything, I even have a Marx’s poster in my room because I really admire that guy, such an incredible dude. and it was a GREAT theory. but like most socio-economic theories it was an Utopia. and you know what spoiled it? the fact that Lenin first and Stalin later on used it as a mean to keep Russia (and all URSS) and I’m not saying that supporting a regime is toxic, but no wait I am…
So yeah… let’s make communism just a meme without anyone trying to make it a real thing? maybe? thanks

c. the friendly reminder people
those guys as a whole. stop.
you’re not friendly, you’re manipulative and kinda rude. 

d. Entitlement
it’s a big thing in this fandom, a lot of people seem to have a specific set of opinions and are clearly really close to changing those??? and?? it’s kinda ??? closed minded
also the Tutti situation really was some fresh air, sadly y’all kinda ruined it spoiling this perfect meme in the span of 2 days (yes, I was there for Tutti, I have memed about Tutti, but my ENTIRE dashboard was made of Tutti)
So on one hand a lot of people were saved by tutti by laughing and temporarily raising their ass from that stick they were sitting on, but at the same time the entire thing was ruined. Memes are not forever apparently.
On another level: stop trying to make Enjonine happen, it’s not going to happen.

e. The Spoiling Good Headcanons Part of the Fandom
what do I mean by that?
I mean those people who clearly have no clue what they’re talking about yet go on making entire alternative universes basing their story on something completely misunderstood or completely ignorig historical accuracy  (I understand your good intentions, Deborah, but at least look at the stats of that specific minority being actually real in canon!era france… this might also just be a pet peeve of mine??) also those people who take stereotypes and just apply them making it an even worse thing
I’m talking about
- latino Courf being flamboyant and stereotypically flashy and sexual
- alcoholism being seen as a quirk (this whole wine mom culture is fucked up, please realize it)
- mental illnesses being cured by LOVE and BONING (is this enjoltaire? yes)

Honestly we’re all down on considering Fanfictions and Fanart important art pieces, we’ve all read and seen great stuff fandom related, so that’s not an issue. Why don’t we start looking at fanfictions and fanarts as a mean of education too? (take NSFW as an example, it’s a fanfiction about the p^rn industry and it’s well written and kind of educates you on a lot of things while being entertaining.)

IN CONCLUSION: there’s a lot of shit going on, but you’re young and I am old and wtv man, I hope this can be your home, just keep out of those toxic guys with the above ideas.
like really, this fandom has given me a lot of lessons and I?ve been in the shittiest/coolest fandoms around (YA, Anime, Kpop) so I was READY for shit to go down, yet it never goes down and while all that stuff above is pretty much a thing we’re still a great community overall (like.. 70% of the time we’re loving and caring and supportive)

+++ If anyone wants to fight send me an ask, I’m already in the pit. +++

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Would you mind if people drew your characters? (´・ω・) they're just so lovely! I just started reading your comic by the way, and I really like it~ I can't wait for the next update ☆o(≧▽≦)o☆

Thank you so much! I love it when people draw my characters! 

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ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME look I knew you were good at designing characters and that you are stylish af but your personasona (this name lol) is aMAZING. Seriously I wanna max rank with them and urkamdhd Idek what to say!!?!!!?? I wanna make one now too like really bad. I wish someday I can inspire someone like you inspired me! I hope I can at least get you to smile with this ask to try and thank you for sharing your awesome art! Have a great day!

CRIES thank you so much!!! ;////o////; I’m always up for environments where people would just inspire others to make art hhhhh I’m glad I was able to do that for you somehow ; u;)/

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Ndrv3 yandere bois reacting to motive of s/o being killed?

Hm… I shall do my best :D

NDRV3 Yandere boys reacting to motive of S/O being killed

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He’s just in his room when he sees that there’s a note on the floor

- “Kill someone or S/O dies.”

- Haha, how amusing. Who do they think they are? Threatening a detective… Big mistake

- It doesn’t take him long to find the one who sent him that note

- He spends the day with you letting you drag him wherever you wanted, your smile was what he wanted to see the most

- When it’s past nighttime he decides that the best thing to do is to pay them a visit!

- “Haha hello there~” He says with his hands around the person’s neck

- “I won’t let you touch S/O - san! Do you know why? Becaaaause she’s mine.” His grip tightens

- The next day when you’re all eating breakfast together you notice that one person is staring at Saihara with a somewhat scared expression

- Huh, wonder what that is about

Kaito Momota:

- He was staring up at his glow in the dark stars when he noticed a little note was attached to one of them

- “Kill, or S/O will be the one killed”

- What a funny joke, S/O? Killed? As if

- The next day he just stays really close to you and if anyone looks suspicious to him he will glare until they move away

- “Hey S/O, you should stay over in my room for a bit! I have something cool I wanna show ya!”

- You find his offer kind of out of the blue but accept it nevertheless

- The two of you spend a lovely evening as he tells you what constellations he made on the ceiling and eventually you fall asleep

- He wraps his coat around you and then he… Makes a quick visit outside, sure enough he finds someone sneaking in the halls

- “Oh! You must be the one who made that threat huh? Well you did say kill someone you never said I can’t kill… You” He smiles and takes a step closer, then one more….

- You wake up with him lying next to you quietly snoring

- What a dork


- Hm? Kill or S/O will be killed?

- But the rules of the killing game are that if you kill and get found out you’ll be executed… Right?

- But… Deleting someone isn’t… Killing them… Right?

- He scans the threat so that he can work out who wrote it

- Eventually, he reaches a conclusion

- He tells you that he needs to recharge for the evening and he gives you a nice hug before parting ways

- Instead of going to his room, he makes his way over to the person’s room

- “Ah! Hello! I worked out that it was you who sent that lovely written note! I’m afraid I can’t let kill S/O - san though!”

- “K.. Kii-”

- “No no! No need to speak! Just let me delete you!”

- Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. (Sweet Death Note reference)

- The next morning at breakfast everyone noticed that there was one person missing

- You all went out to look for them but… There was no trace of them even if they were… Killed, there was no body to be found

Rantaro Amami:

- Kill or S/O dies

- How pathetic, does the mastermind really want this killing game to start that much?

- Or… No… Maybe they just want to steal you from him

- That’s not allowed.

- The next couple of days he spends really close to you whilst working on a little plan of his in the shadows

- The next morning a body is discovered

- Monokuma doesn’t appear though… No… It can’t be… Is the mastermind dead?

- Amami just straight up walks up to body and starts looking for some sort of key

- “Amami - kun… Are you okay with this?”

- “Hm? Of course! I’d do anything for you my love”

- Once he manages to find something resembling a key, everyone is able to leave

- He keeps you close to him, “I will protect you S/O - san… I’ll protect you forever now”

Kokichi Ouma:

- What a joke, and he’s the one who’s supposed to be the prankster

- He just straight up comes up to you and shows you the note

- “This is only so that you know why I’m doing this.” Without anymore explanation, he drags you to his room and chains you to his bed

- “Ou- Ouma - kun?!”

- “Nishishi~ S/O - chan is too cute to be murdered. That’s exactly why… Staying here will keep you as safe as possible!”

- “Wait! Where are you going?”

- He doesn’t reply, he just smiles and leaves

- You don’t ever remember falling asleep but you wake up to the sound of doors closing, when you open your eyes you see Ouma covered in blood

- “Ouma - kun! What happened?!”

- “You’re safe now S/O - chan, you always will be now~”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- That’s not very gentlemanly to kill

- Which is why he stays by your side even more now

- In fact… Gonta can stay by your side forever now!

- And that’s exactly what Gonta does

- You ask him if something is wrong but he just laughs

- “Nothing is wrong! Gonta just wants to spend all of his time with you!”

- When you tell him you’re going to bed he hugs you, 

- But of course he won’t leave you alone

- His talent can be put to great use, he uses insects to keep an eye on you and alarm him if you’re in any danger at all

- Needless to say the person never gets to fulfill their threat

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- Kill or S/O gets killed?

- Kukukuku… Is there a limit to how many he can kill?

- No no, he should start with the most suspicious ones first

- It’s a good thing that mask is covering his mouth, people would be questioning why he was smiling so much

- S/O - san is a beautiful human, no one is allowed to corrupt that beauty

- He stays close to you and just… Observes how others behave around you

- Once he finds someone suspicious, he’d target them specifically

- If his suspicions are truly confirmed, then he will just have to… Remove this ugly, impure monster

- All for you

-Because you are the most important 

Ryoma Hoshi:

- Kill or S/O will be killed

- Pssh. What is this? Blackmail?

- Do they know who he is? He is Killer Tennis

- He doesn’t really like playing by the rules to say the least

- That is exactly why one night he gathers everyone in the canteen and locks the door

- “Alright listen up. I’m not repeating myself. Either one of you confesses who wrote this note… Or we’re just going to have to, let’s say, lose a few of us.”

- He was holding a tennis racket and was throwing and catching a metallic looking ball

- “Well? No one wants to confess? Alright then, let me encourage you a little”

- The ball hits Angie on the head only once but before anyone can rush to save her, she’s already dead. Hoshi simply walks up to her corpse and retrieves the ball

- “Let’s try again hm?”