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collab with @polarissketches!!!! aaaaaa i kinda tried a different coloring style for this one! i had so much fun collabing with you♡!

(polaris lined and i colored//)


the dream pack; fancasts

diego barrueco
paul craddock
satoshi toda
adonis barro
vladimir averyanov

I’m ready for his third death

【弟組】こうかん!【ヘタリア腐】 by: スミヤ [Artist’s other works here]

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Anti Y o i Demography Survey Sample Results

Total responses: 110
Country of residence: Mostly from USA and Europe, but we’ve got a handful of Asian followers too
Sexuality: according to the sample, only 9% of our followers are straight
Gender: about 60% female, 10% male and 30% gender-queer
Degree of hatred: 45% hate it a lot, 24.8% hate it more than they hate themselves, 16.5% hate it more than they hate everyone, 13.8% hate it just a lil

while I’m posting bad selfies, I finished this hat the other day but it looks weird on it’s own and my hair wasn’t presentable enough for me to be willing to take a picture of it before now

this yarn is made of pure happiness, I swear

I actually drew this just over a year ago, when i was first designing Caia, but its Black History Month and i was watchin a video about her again and realised i never posted this so!! Bessie Colman!! She was the first american black woman (and the first native american woman) to get her pilot’s license, and was one of the most talented and popular stunt pilots in the 20s. She wanted to establish an aviation school for african american pilots, but unfortunately died in a plane crash while testing a new aircraft in 1926 before she was able.

aaaAAAAA Taking the day to catch up on oc questions ovo

I meant to make valetines for everyone today but things got a little away from me at home today but rest assured- i love you guys so so sooo much

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A - Age: Old enough to drive a car.

Skipping this one

C - Current time: as I write this part, 5:10 pm

D - Drink you last had: plain old water

E - Every day starts with: peeling my carcass from the mattress

F - Favourite song: I’m Going To Go Back There Someday, from The Muppet Movie.

G - Ghosts, are they real: I believe that paranormal stuff can and has happened, but whether ghosts are truly what we believe them to be, I just don’t know.

H - Hometown:

I - In love with: Nux

J - Jealous of: Quite a few artists, as well as girls who manage to look presentable in public.

K - Killed someone: not that I know of…..

L - Last time you cried: about a week ago.

M - Middle name: I’ll just say Maggie, for short.

N - Number of siblings: four, three brothers and a sister.

O - One wish: that people would stop being so gosh dang rude and nasty with others, just because they disagree on things. This can range from political/social issues, to gosh dang pineapple on pizza and stupid crap like that. 

P - Person you last called/texted: I called my mom to see where she was because the car wasn’t in the usual spot at school to pick me up.

Q - Questions you’re always asked: you ok?

R - Reasons to smile: Spring is coming.

S - Song last sang: UmmmMMmmmm UUUUUUHHHH I know I was singing something, but I don’t remember now…

T - Time you woke up: 7:15 am -ish

U - Underwear colour: /╲/\╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/\╱\

V- Vacation destination: Redwood forests, yo

W - Worst habit: talking over people, being a crappy listener in general. Lots of other things, but this is something I’ve become super aware of recently and am trying to fix.

X - X-rays you’ve had: Just the ones at the dentist.

Y - Your favourite food: My top three favorite foods are: pierogi with sauerkraut and sour cream, sushi, and hamburgers with fries or fried pickles. Not all together tho, because that would be awful.

Z- Zodiac sign: Aries

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okay, okay, so (cracks knuckles) fenris, regency-era, in a dove-grey waistcoat wielding a slender rapier, and maybe with a slight dignified limp from the napoleonic wars. this mental image brought to you by… Procrastination. also, roguish hawke who has to marry well to support her sister’s tuberculosis treatment. she finds the wealthiest lord in england and stoically seduces him- and then-

but then, oops, turns out he is a terrible person and has been keeping his young elegant ward, the rightful heir to all the money, a prisoner! in France! because he’s SECRETLY A SPY FOR NAPOLEON. BOOO NAPOLEON. BOOO DANARIUS. so now she has to go find the man she married by proxy, sneak him out of a french prison, and get things straightened out in front of parliament. everyone rides horses and uses lots of regency slang. fenhawke: the regency romance novel

“For pity’s sake, my lord!” she said, greatly exasperated, and the earl at last consented to be handed into the carriage. No alarm had yet been raised, though that signified little until they were clear of the small yard where it backed to the prison’s hidden door.  His lordship’s countenance nevertheless remained stormy, and as her brother leapt to the box and struck the horses forward, Hawke prepared herself to weather his disapprobation over the course of the entire journey.

The opening of the great prison gates for the gentlewoman’s carriage, however, stifled any further reply behind tense anticipation, and not until they had been shut of the iron bars for upwards of a quarter-hour did the lost lord of the great Seheron estate permit himself to speak to his companion.

“And thus am I displaced once more,” he said, an ironical gleam in his weary eyes. “To what new prison am I so conveyed? Or am I, woman, to wait for it as a surprise? It must be of the new stoney view, if nothing else; I dare not hope your master means to provide any improvement in comfort.”

“Prison it may yet be,” replied Hawke with a sigh, and she began to replace the pins in her hair without regard for his amazement. “I regret, my lord, to inform you that my brother and I, far from serving the master you believe, have every intention of restoring you to England, and to your home and your title. I know you may have become accustomed to the languishing habits of the foreign French cell, but I pray my lord may find it in his no doubt merciful heart to forgive our necessary impertinences in the execution of such a duty. Such is the burden of family honour, and ancestral name, and so on and so forth.”

“This is some trick. You mean to lure me into complacency.”

“A dangerous trick if so, my lord, and very little in the complacent way. Feel how the carriage rocks with my brother’s haste! Even now my companion who unlocked your door and distracted your guardsmen flies to her ship hidden on the northern coast, to escape persecution by your jailors.”

“My gratitude is hard won,” he warned. “For what reward have you done all this?”

“Such cynicism! Is justice not reward enough?”

He glanced sharply at her, his hands tightening on his knees, and Hawke instantly regretted the teazing of a man so clearly exhausted by his trials. His dark brow drooped heavily even beyond its natural severity; his color, though brown yet, seemed pale; and his hair, once thick and black, showed the signs of long strain by changing to white at the temples, even though he could not yet be much past thirty years of age. His prison-coat was old and very often mended, and mended poorly, and as he shifted under her scrutiny she felt again the necessity of gentleness, despite the pressure of his irritation.

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That is tiny Sougo with a cat. I repeat. Tiny Sougo with a cat. And Mitsuba and Hijikata with their commander leading the way. And then that is Sougo with a cat. Our sadistic little captain with a cat. An actual cat has approached evil Sougo to play with him, our supposedly heartless guy. Heartless my ass. Look at his face, I’m sure he’s so surprised in the best of the ways.

And then omg the way Kondo and Hijikata are looking back. Just like Mitsuba used to do when he was little, they make sure he’s okay, he’s still there and following them. And you know the worst? This is the last time we’re seeing then as Shinsengumi. After this, there’s no police in Edo anymore. They’ll be gone in an arc and it’ll break my heart and gintama please stop omg I won’t survive this

A transparent Jack-O-Lantern because it’s nearly Halloween. 

I am losing my digital hand.