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they know what we want and boy did they deliver

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

collab with @polarissketches!!!! aaaaaa i kinda tried a different coloring style for this one! i had so much fun collabing with you♡!

(polaris lined and i colored//)


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I'm new here, sorry to bother, but why won't answer any paperfresh questions?

Warning: Long post so yeah… hence why the read more o-o

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happy birthday to the princess and angel, dearest Vi  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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Um how about Ann with a s/o who is shy?

You got it! This is so cute lol. Enjoy!

Edit: Forgot the gif. smh Why am I like this?


  • Ann will happily order S/O’s food for them, and she’ll call for services if S/O is too anxious to do it themself.
  • She’s very understanding and patient; if there happens to be an incoming phone call that S/O must answer (job interview, appointment, etc.), then Ann will hold their hand and caress their back to ease the tension.
  • Forcing S/O into a conversation is something she’d strive to avoid; however, she doesn’t want them to feel excluded. Thus, Ann will lace her fingers with theirs and keep them at a close proximity, occasionally glancing at them to gauge their level of comfort. 
  • Whenever an individual addresses S/O’s timidness, Ann will side-eye that person and say, “Uh, did you ever think it’s because you’re being rude?” my hero
  • If S/O wants to spend time with Ann but is too skittish to roam in public, she’ll bring snacks and games over to S/O’s place. Needless to say, the two have a blast. isn’t she great i love her
  • Sometimes when they venture out to the mall, salespeople will approach the couple. Ann handles it very gracefully; she’ll divert the salesperson’s attention away from S/O and respectfully decline their offer.
  • Of course, Ann wouldn’t want them to neglect great experiences, so she’ll invite them to events at school or around the city. She refuses to leave their side or put them on the spot. If S/O’s had enough, then Ann will nod her head and discreetly leave the vicinity with S/O.
  • S/O’s comfort is more important to her than anything, and she’ll explain that to them if they feel guilty about hindering her social experiences.
  • “Don’t worry about me! I… really like being with you, anyway,” she’ll say with a faint, pink blush sprinkled on her cheeks.
  • S/O blushes, too. chain reaction

first (successful) ith art

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Are you new here? Good luck with your blog dear ! Also, is it possible to have some headcanons for Bakugou ( and maybe Shindou too ? ) if you don't mind ? Thank you very much ! \(*w*)/

Thank you and I hope you will like these!


* takes showers twice a day because he sweats a lot during training

* he rarely watches tv except for the news but when he does, it’s either action movies or documentations. He doesn’t like romance movies at all unless they are free of any clichés

* his father intially took him him to the mountains/forest for walks when he was little but Bakugou later formed an interest in mountain hiking by himself

* when he falls in love with someone, he is actually very aware of that. However he doesn’t want to admit it that easily, be it to himself or others

* despite being very smart and good at studying, he really hates to study and do his homework

* his favorite subject in school are biology and, of course, practical exercises

* while not to Midoriya’s extent, Bakugou also owns his fair share of All Might merch.

* If bakugou is really comfortable with you, he will be able to relax easily and even take a nap around you.


* often has migraines due to the after effect his quirk has on his brain

* Shindou actually has a pretty bad mouth and an even worse temper. He doesn’t let it out by loudly shouting (like bakugou) but you can almost see a dark aura surrounding him when he is really pissed.

* When he is around his crush, he gets flustered quite easily and resorts to sarcasm to hide his shy-/ nervousness

* he loves football and played in clubs until high school, he still treasures the uniform from his middle school team

* a big fan of horror movies. Especially the psychological ones.

* he loves coffee. his favorite is plain, black coffee

* he seems to meet his crush almost everywhere he goes “is this destiny” he thinks to himself jokingly, but everyone around him can see that overly excited Shindou is simply running after his crush. No coincidence at all.
* loves spoiling his s/o. He doesn’t have much free time because of his hero training and he knows that his s/o is quite busy as well yet adjusts their plans to his schedule more than he does for them.
To show his gratitude he is willing do whatever they want and buy literally anything for them during dates.

* all in all he is very calm and calculating, but when it comes to his crush/ s/o he is like a loyal puppy and the overly excited and friendly shindou isn’t much of a ‘fake’ anymore

erasure of women: fandom collectively and conveniently forgetting or not mentioning it was SONJA who taught isak ‘minuut per minuut’ aka how to love even 

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please tell me owen isnt straight..... please......

Sorry to disappoint, but Owen is pretty straight. 

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When do you think Bakugou fully realizes that he somehow acquired a group of trolls who love to mess with him as friends? Lol gdi I love the Bakusquad so much

You know this is actually a pretty interesting question! Cause when you really think about it Bakugou is… a social animal? Well, maybe not exactly, but something really close. It’s true that he doesn’t like to party or go out in groups, and it’s also true that he values his time alone - every time he’s had the chance to opt out of a whole-class group activity he did just that, after all, so you can’t say he enjoys huge groups for the sake of being with people, and cooperation just isn’t between his skills either

But his personality calls for people to show off for. He thrives on attention, yeah? Feels best when he knows there’s people looking up to him or admirig him, and even if he grumbles and swears a lot he likes to explain things to others too. When you really really think about it, Bakugou has never been a loner sort of kid - as a child he had a huge group of kids he played with, in middle school he had two good friends that followed him around too, so the way I see it Bakugou didn’t enter high school thinking he didn’t want to associate with people? He probably expected the class to gather around him just like his peers had always done before that, cause he’s the best after all. 

Of course that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t change that Bakugou isn’t made to be alone - he’s never had to actually look for friends before, but when people gathered around him he’s always let them be since that actually probably made him feel good and, well, the squad kids did gather around him in the end, it was probably a conscious decision on Bakugou’s part the one to not push them away cause that was how he had always formed his own groups of friends before that: people reached out to him and he let them be

The main difference from his friends before UA and the squad is that, while kids used to reach out to him because they admired him/felt stronger standing next to him/maybe needed something out of him, the squad gathered around him cause they genuinely enjoy spending time with him as equals. Actually, more than gathering around him the squad pulled him in an already existing group - he’s not the center, just a part of it

Bakugou isn’t stupid so he probably realized the difference from the beginning, after all every squad member’s first interaction with Bakugou was of them calling him out/making fun of him… well, I think Bakugou knew what he was getting into from the start, but since he likes the attention he let it happen anyway. Can’t be the center of attention if no one’s looking, right? And the squad kids are strong and reliable too, so he probably didn’t mind them since the beginning… he sure started his relationship with Kirishima on equal ground, and you see him in the background with Kaminari and Sero since very early in the manga

Anyway I think he knew what was happening since the start and he consciously let it happen, so there probably wasn’t a specific moment in which he realized he had a group of people he tended to gravitate to/that tended to gravitate towards him, he maybe just slowly realized, as his friendship with the others became steadier, that the dynamics of the squad were different from the ones of the groups he’d been the center of up until that moment. And while the being treated just as any other friend might have come as a surprise to him at first, I think he noticed and accepted it since the beginning 

(actually, my favorite thing is how the first interaction he has with Kaminari is Kami making fun of his personality and Bakugou threatening to kill him, and then the next time you see them together they’re just chilling next to each other? And even after that their relationship is still mostly them talking shit about one another, but they still spend a lot of time together?? Like, as far as we know that first interaction was when they decided they were gonna be friends, as if they looked at each other and thought “ah yes, this asshole, exactly the type of person I want as a close friend” and that’s kind of really hilarious to me lmao evidently Bakugou likes that type of relationships, which explains why he yells but doesn’t really mind Sero and Kirishima making fun of him either)

…this is sort of really long. Ahhhhh, I did say this was an interesting question, after all haha