so much oversharing so little time

Questions you should never ask the signs:

Aries: What really keeps you up at night?
Taurus: Why do you care what others think of you?
Gemini: Why are you always so hyped?
Cancer: Why do you care so much?
Leo: What’s your biggest insecurity?
Virgo: Why are little things so important to you?
Libra: Why are you so nice to everyone?
Scorpio: How can you be so emotional yet so cold all the time?
Sagittarius: Do you ever wish you could unmeet some people?
Capricorn: Why do you not trust anyone?
Aquarius: Why won’t you ever open up to anyone?
Pisces: Who hurt you?
Seriously, don’t ask them that. They’ll either overshare and feel bad about oversharing, or push you away.