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Tyler and Jenna + Food

Happy Anniversary to these adorable dorks ❤❤

I hope you both eat lots of yummy food today 3.28.17


Happy Birthday WIFE!!!!!!! <33333


[flynn rider’s off screen voice] “this is the story of how I died”




Boyfriends in ep2~

  •  “Don’t go bb!” - “That’s ok darling, don’t worry~”
  • *Agreeing with everything bae has to say*
  • “Bae! Protect me from that scary alien!”
  • *The look of love~*


I ship them so much!! Even the gorgeous alien can’t come between them.

Ok, actually I wouldn’t mind if he came between them, if you know what I mean…;) 

Will anyone sprinkle the ocean over my head?

I want to be showered by submerged fish and sun

Inspired by Zankyou no Terror ED.

When I noticed that a hand pulled Lisa up, I thought that it’s highly possible that it’s Twelve!


“They started to dance. Soon, the other guests drew back to watch, as if following a silent command. A circle formed around Cesare and Lucrezia, with the young brother and sister involuntarily taking centre state. […]Without doubt, Cesare and Lucrezia were the most beautiful couple in the ballroom. Their smooth moves, the elegance of their clothes, their poise and the harmony between them attracted everyone’s attention. An uninformed observer would’ve believed them to be the bridal couple, because they were smiling at each other in deep understanding like usually only lovers did.”

Either Caesar or Nothing - Jutta Laroche

@lucrizias I’m dedicating this one to you! bc you helped me a lot with your gifs lessons lol and I know how much you love this scene of our bbies.

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Every time I see your art of a rare pair I somehow become a huge fan of that rare pair. I have too many otps...,

…is it okay for me to be happy I’m dragging you down with me on all of my weird ships because tbh I am for a lot of them there’s just a handful of people shipping them I’m happy you’re joining us hahaha

Anon said: because of your tags on that kamisero post i now love the hc that kirishima just uses loving bakugou as an excuse to get out of conversations that make him uncomfortable, even if it makes no sense. Like ‘any advice on how to confess?’ 'I’m dating bakugou, you probably should ask someone else.’ or 'how do you think snow works?’ 'Dude I’m dating bakugou, i don’t know.’

I’m in love with this ask because this has been my most ridiculous headcanon for an age I’m glad I could subtely make you share it, anon - Kirishima being perfectly aware of the fact that aside from the face there is no objective reason why he should be that smitten with Bakugou? That’s my jam, he’s as surprised as anyone else so when people ask him anything love related he’s like “do I look like a reliable source man DO I I think it’s hot when Bakugou yells there’s obviously something wrong with me you don’t want my advices”

But also for however aware of it he might be he’s still in love with the dude so people pointing it out to him gets old really fast, like, “it’s one thing if I say it myself and another it’s you talking shit about my boyfriend stop that”, which is why he just starts using “what do I know I like Bakugou” as an answer to anything - it starts with him being a smartass and it becomes just habit by the end of it, sometimes he uses it when Bakugou is around or with Bakugou himself and Bakugou doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand, has pondered the option of getting angry/offended/demanding an explaination and has deemed it not worth his time because the answer is most probably just gonna be that his boyfriend is an idiot anyway

(also he might or might not like how Kirishima’s pretty much just going around telling people he likes him over and over again, tbh)

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I've been following for for so long, and yes, all your legacies have broken me to pieces, and I've loved them all. But I will never love a couple like I loved Caleb, and Melody. The heart ache that I feel for them is so real. Every time I saw Caleb without Melody I got extremely emotional. They are definitely my OTP of your legacies, and I honestly don't think that will change (But maybe it will because you're so good at what you do) Please keep up the good work!!

oh my god, I don’t even know what to say, this just makes me so happy that you love them like I love them. omg. thank you so so much ❤️!!


If I had only felt the warmth within your touch…

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farryn and cor for all the C questions :)

To Farryn and Cor

1. How close are you guys?

Farryn: weeell I mean…..

Cor: We’re engaged so I’d have to say pretty dang close

2. Which of you would be most likely to win a karaoke contest?

Cor: Me, definitely me

Farryn: He’s right

3. If you were in a family, what roles would you take on?

Cor: How ‘bout I be the husband and you be the wife Farryn?

Farryn: Pretty sure that’s already gonna happen Cor

4. If you were both/all placed in the Hunger Games, who would be the first to die?

Cor: Me

Farryn: Me, wait a second what are you talking about Cor??

Cor: Well of course it would be me, I’d die before I let you die

Farryn: yeah no, you’re not dying on my watch

Cor: Well we’re both pretty skilled fighters so is it safe to say that we’d be the last two standing and then pull a Peeta and Katniss and either both die or both survive?

Farryn: Yeah let’s go with that

5. To Farryn what’s your favorite memory of Cor?

Farryn: hmmm, well I definitely like the time you proposed to me when you were seven

Cor: shhhhhhh, that’s embarrassing don’t tell them about that

Farryn: Too late!

6. Farryn when and how did you meet Cor?

Farryn: HaHA! Well the first time we met he was seven and I was nineteen, and I had just been attacked by the werewolf so I had stitches on my face and the first thing he says to me is “IF YOU TAKE THE STITCHES OUT IS YOUR FACE GONNA FALL OFF??”

Cor: uuuuuugh don’t remind me, have I told you I’m sorry?

Farryn: many times don’t worry

Cor: Also I’d like to say that I’m twenty three now and she’s twenty one,,,, weird time stuff happened, Farryn isn’t engaged to a kid twelve years younger than her

After the End of Season 1
  • Otabek: You know how Viktor and Yuri were going to get married after he won gold?
  • Yurio: What's your point?
  • Otabek: And how JJ and Isabella were going to get married after HE won gold?
  • Yurio: I guess, but I'm the one who won.
  • Otabek: That's my point, and you don't get so much as a kiss even with all that effort! *blushes*
  • Yurio: *blushes*
  • Yurio: Well maybe we could change that

100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

test; post-LR

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Samifer AU(-ish) where Sam finds Lucifer and brings him back to the bunker and Dean is less than happy. Sam’s determined to convince his brother that Lucifer can behave, and Lucifer that humans aren’t so bad, but Dean is ignoring them both and Lucifer won’t stop insulting the human race. However, despite Sam’s worries, both may be slowly coming round to the idea of at least trying to get along.


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game


please consider this

  • daichi and yui start out as a really slow couple, mostly because yui gets embarrassed so easily, but eventually they cuddle about ninety percent of the time that they’re together.
  • yui is the first one to confess. daichi is the first one to say “i love you.”
  • no matter how far apart they fall asleep on the bed, yui will always roll over in the middle of the night and end up latching onto daichi’s back. it makes her feel secure.
  • yui likes to doodle but usually has nothing close enough to doodle on, so she flips over daichi’s hand and draws all sorts of silly things on his palm, like a pretty flower she saw in the park that day or a cute mascot on the tv.
  • daichi really likes neck kisses. yui, meanwhile, gets really giggly and ticklish when he kisses her neck.
  • yui likes nose kisses.
  • daichi also kisses yui’s forehead a lot, or when they’re walking hand in hand, he’ll absentmindedly kiss the back of her palm sometimes.
  • yui likes sex to be fun, so often times she pesters daichi to tell her a joke in the middle of it, then laughs herself silly. surprisingly it doesn’t ruin the mood, because it only makes them love each other more.
  • yui is so clumsy that she trips often on air, and now it’s just a reflex for daichi to reach out and catch her. rather than get embarrassed, yui makes the fall as dramatic as possible and pretends to swoon in his “hunky arms.”
  • yui is always humming and skipping as she gets ready to sleep. daichi always looks up from his work so he can just watch her from the bed.
  • daichi giving yui a hickey on her neck, and when she complains that it’s at a spot where everyone would see it, he gets mischievous and sucks even harder.
  • daichi having to bend down really far to kiss yui’s cheek and being just so much bigger than her.
  • daichi effortlessly throwing yui over his shoulder where she’s being stubborn about something and just holding her there until she tuckers out from all the flailing and starts thinking rationally.
  • yui dropping some stuff off at the boys’ club room and daichi panicking because what if she sees “daichi – likes big boobs” written on the idol poster???

or basically “i trust you.”