so much ocd

OCD is ranked in the top ten most debilitating illnesses of any kind yet we’re out here suffering and we have to tag our posts with #actuallyocd instead of just #ocd because that tag is just full of pictures of that one time you went to a supermarket and rearranged the stock on the shelves.

OCD is so much more than you think it is. Don’t throw the term around lightly, use it responsibly and show support for those suffering. Educate yourselves.

ok but isn’t it fucked up that people infantilized OCD so much that neurotypicals actually use the term as a synonym for neatness? when a vast majority of people with OCD aren’t even neat. 

imagine taking a debilitating and tortuous mental illness and changing it into a colloquial term for quirky, perfectionist behavior, leaving millions of isolated people without so much as a label they can seek comfort in. 

in fact, anyone who has ever used the term ‘OCD’ as a joke now owes me $5. sorry, but if you can make up your own rules then so can i. 


Kenneth Branagh on his Poirot’s characteristics, Lorraine show, Nov 2 2017 [x]

Branagh: We tried to find in him a certain kind of romantic spirit, you could say. He’s a little more agile, we stress a little bit his military background, his police background. He feels a burden a bit of this gift he has for detecting, he says it makes most of life unbearable but it’s useful in the detection of crime. […] Some of the crazy obsessive-compulsive stuff was, in a way, the distinguishing characteristic of this Poirot. It’s less about prissiness but a man who needed, tried to, as it were, find peace in the world through creating order. Imbalance is his enemy and it’s almost painful to him to experience it.
Q: Nowadays, we’d say he’s OCD.
Branagh: I think we would, I think we would. For instance, he can’t stay in a hotel room that doesn’t have an even number if he travels. He needs 10 towels, 10 little bottles of Avignon to be laid out in a particular way, and it is distressing for him if this doesn’t happen. Even though, once all of that occurs, the panic attacks can start reducing, and he can then, in a quite ludicrous and silly and child-like way, enjoy his Charles Dickens, and his puddings and his little treats. [x]

This message goes out to these great and awesome people from from the Aku fandom:
@salabetta @crazydemonkitty @dazzmazing-dazz @teacupballerina @sameboot @fool-ish-warrior @thememime
You guys are the best people hands down. Not only you guys make the best fan art of Aku, but you guys are nicest people I have ever met. I love that all of you are very accepting people when it comes to shipping Aku with everything, and that you treat all of your AUs of Aku equal. It makes me so happy that this fandom where people like all of you are very welcoming and down to earth.

When I came into the fandom, I was a bit shy and anxious that people would judge me. To the point where if I posted my fan art (Yes I do draw), people would judge my drawing style as well. Thankfully, I haven’t seen anyone judging anybody, instead, the people here are treated as equal individuals. As I became acquainted and friends to you guys, it made me feel a sense of happiness and joy that I have made good friends with the sweetest and nicest people in the fandom. It also confidence with myself, and hopefully giving me confidence to show my fan art to all of you ( even though I might not be Tumblr famous).

Thank you all so much for making people like me feel welcomed to the fandom, spreading joy in your fanart, accepting people for their ships, making wonderful AUs, and most importantly: thank you for being for who you guys are.
Keep on being yourselves. ^^

in an abled world, being disabled is an insult and is used as an insult

“you walk like a cripple”
“what are you? autistic?”
“are you having mood swings? stop acting so bipolar”
“haha, OCD much?”

youll hear stuff like this, illnesses like these used unironically as insults on a daily basis and were just told to get over it but lmao watch cause the same healthy people who do this shit will scream and foam at the mouth if you dare poke fun at neurotypicals and cry if call them able-bodied instead of normal.

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Would you make a gif reaction masterlist, please?

idk what you mean by gif reaction masterlist because it’s rarely separated by member… but i guess if you’re looking for a specific reaction so that you don’t re-request it - then here you go! i have no problem doing this haha

All members react to:

Chicken anon requests

Seokjin reacts to:

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Fanfic tropes I love more than life

- Trapped in a room
- Sickfic
- Traditionally stoic character reaches their breaking point
- Character has a secret that changes everything
- Canon compliance
- Enemies/rivals fall in love, continue to behave like enemies/rivals but with bonus sexytimes
- Enemies/rivals fall in love, become disgustingly cute with each other
- Enemies/rivals are not remotely interested in love, can’t stop sleeping together
- No, really, canon compliance is the shit
- Canonically background/underdeveloped character is secretly awesome, here’s how!
- Character backgrounds & prequels galore
- Ethical & functional polyamory
- I can’t stress enough how awesome canon compliance is

i want stories about ocd throughout time. people from ancient civilisations doing compulsions, people from medieval times dealing with intrusive thoughts, people from the future trying to deal with their ocd. i want to hear about the different ways it could affect lives because of the time period.

Melanie's House - Wednesday, 1:20pm

She had nearly rolled her eyes into oblivion because he had used too much of one spice, rearranged the eggs in her carton and used the almond milk that she specifically bought to eat with her cereal. He had never met someone who had so much OCD when it came to something, but he didn’t judge it. He accepted it.

“What else am I suppose to do when you’re cooking?”

“You could ask me if I need any help. Pass me any ingredients that I can’t reach on my tip toes in the cabinets. Wash the dishes that I toss into the sink.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. Every time you cook, I wash the dishes.”

“Only because I’m feeding you. You giant of a man.”

Melanie was teasing him, but it’s what she did best. They did this often. Playfully insulting one another, or cracking jokes and having a good laugh. No one went below the belt and no one crossed a line that they shouldn’t have.

She couldn’t say that she’d had a relationship with a man like this before. A man she could joke with and still have serious conversations with. In fact, they’d been spending more time together outside of the bedroom, and that counted for a lot.

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