so much motherfucking purple

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‘’W-WAAAH! Oh my god!!’’

When Nitori read that note, he freaked out.

No way! He wouldn’t allow that! They couldn’t take his bunnies away from him!…That was a stupid rule after all! His rabbits weren’t noisy at all and the dorm was clean. They weren’t hurting or annoying anybody…So what was the problem? Why couldn’t he keep them?

‘’I need to hide them before the captain comes!’’

But when the bunnies realized the boy was about to pick them up, they started jumping and running away from him. They thought Nitori was playing.

‘’N-No! Starky! Middie! This is not a game! Stop that!’’

Nitori started chasing them but the animals were small and fast and the boy’s ribs were hurt still…So they escaped easily every time…

Just then, Rin got out of the shower and he entered the room, wearing just a towel around his waist.

‘’Ai? What are you doing?’’

‘’Senpai! Help me pick them up! They’re going to inspect the room!’’


Rin started chasing them too, but he was also in a disadvantage: He was only wearing that towel and his freedom of movement was limited.

Nitori got on his knees: He thought that way it would be easier to catch them.

‘’Oh…Senpai, don’t move…’’

Middie was sitting between Rin’s feet now.

Nitori started walking on his knees really slowly.

‘’Don’t move, please…’’ Nitori whispered.

Rin blushed a little. There was something about the way the boy was crawling that…

‘’I GOTCHA!’’ When Nitori was just inches away he tried to grab the bunny. He managed to do it, but the animal struggled and bit something so that he could help herself escape: That something was the towel.

‘’W-…’’ Rin didn’t have time to react.

Middie finally escaped and started running, with the towel as a kind of cape.
Nitori looked in front of him, finding only Rin’s dick.

‘’Wa…’’ The boy blushed so much his face was almost purple.

‘’SURPRISE, motherfuckers!’’ Captain Mikoshiba opened the door with a huge smile on his face. But…He was the one who ended up surprised. He stopped smiling.

Rin was standing totally naked there and Nitori was kneeling before him, just inches apart. They were both looking at him now all blushed and with the mouth wide open.

‘’Rabbits…’’ Mikoshiba said.

‘’Shit…’’ Rin cursed. In the end, the captain caught them. ‘’Captain, we can explain…’’

‘’You’re always at it…Like rabbits!…I’ll come back later, lovebirds’’

‘’Why, these things…Always happen to us?’’ Rin asked while covering his noble parts with his two hands when the captain left.

‘’…I…I…’’ But Nitori was still in shock.

‘’Do you think…He saw them?’’

‘’…I…’’ No use. Nitori couldn’t even talk back.


 ‘’Here, dear Captain. Have a nice cup of tea.’’ Nitori handed a cup to Mikoshiba and sat next to him, on Rin’s bed.

‘’Thank you, I appreciate it.’’

‘’You want more sugar?’’ Rin offered and then he also sat beside him on the other side.

‘’You’re being too kind. No thanks.’’ Mikoshiba took a sip.

‘’Weeeeell…’’ Nitori scratched his head. ‘’As you can see, everything is…’’

‘’Where are you hiding them?’’ Mikoshiba interrupted him.

‘’Oh…So…You actually…’’ Nitori saddened.

‘’I saw them…Among other things…’’

Rin sighed. Then he got up and took out the rabbits hidden inside the drawer of his desk.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ Rin just said.

‘’…You know pets are forbidden, right?’’ Mikoshiba reminded them.

‘’But they’re not noisy, and…’’ Nitori didn’t want to give up.

‘’Rules are rules.’’

‘’Well, they’re stupid rules!’’ Nitori complained. Then he got up, he took the rabbits away from Rin and he locked himself in the bathroom.

Rin sighed again.

‘’Really, I can’t allow this. If I let you have them, then every student should be allowed to have a pet too…And that would be crazy, you know? We can’t make exceptions…’’ Mikoshiba shrugged.

‘’I understand.’’ Rin stared at the bathroom door. Nitori had to be really sad and frustrated to lock himself inside instead of fighting. Maybe he was crying and didn’t want them to see…

‘’Besides, what’s so good about a rabbit anyway? Dogs and cats are fun. You can play with them, and they do tricks…But what does a rabbit do?’’ Mikoshiba tried to joke around scratching his scalp.

‘’Well, they’re soft.’’ Rin mentioned. And then he had an idea. This should work. ‘’…Ladies love them’’

‘’Ladies?’’ Mikoshiba’s expression changed.

‘’Yeah, they love cute and fluffy stuff.’’

‘’I guess they do…’’

Rin patted Mikoshiba’s back.

‘’Not to mention, boys who have a cute pet like that.’’


‘’Ladies love sensitive men. And for some reason, they think a man with a cute pet MUST be sensitive…It’s probably true…’’


Rin wouldn’t normally do this, he really hated doing this…But he had to, for Nitori.

‘’My sister loves rabbits’’ He said between gritted teeth.

‘’SHE DOES???’’

‘’Oh, yeah. She does…Anyway, Ai and I are in big trouble, right? Ai’s mom will only allow one rabbit to stay at their home…And mine is allergic…We knew we had to separate them at some point, because we don’t want them having baby bunnies…But the plan was to keep one and send another to Ai’s home…But now…What will we do…? One of them will be homeless…’’

‘’…So, your sister…Loves rabbits…’’

‘’Not to mention the fact that the poor things will be sad, being apart from each other…Ai will be devastated…And my sis too…’’

‘’Your sis?!’’

‘’Yeah, she comes visit them often’’

Mikoshiba stood up.

‘’So…Let’s say I…Keep one of those rabbits…Would Nitori-kun be ok with that? I mean, I’m just a few steps away…’

‘’Captain! You’d do that?!’’ Rin smiled a little. His plan worked after all.

‘’I guess…That way Nitori-kun, that other rabbit and even your sister could come and visit anytime they want…’’

Rin wanted to punch Mikoshiba, but the guy was actually doing him a BIG favor.

‘’Thank you, captain. You’re a sensitive man’’ Rin said instead.

‘’I AM?!’’


‘’Oh, I’ll miss you so much!’’ Nitori was kissing one of the rabbits goodbye. But he didn’t look sad anymore. In fact, he was so ecstatic.

‘’Ai, she’s gonna be just next door…’’ Rin smiled at him.

‘’Yeah. Remember, kids. This will be our little secret, ok? Now give me that bunny.’’ Mikoshiba took the rabbit and looked at it. ‘’Oooh. Why is she doing that thing with her nose?…’’

‘’I think Midnight likes you!’’ Nitori laughed.

‘’Midnight? That’s one awesome name! This girl and I are going to be badass together from now on!…Oh, yeah!’’

‘’Please, take good care of her!’’ The boy asked.

‘’I will!…Matsuoka, tell your sister she can visit anytime! HA HA HA HA HA…’’ Mikoshiba hid the rabbit in one of his pockets and went to his own room.

‘’Don’t punch him, don’t punch him…Don’t punch him…’’ Rin started chanting.

‘’SENPAI!’’ Nitori suddenly hugged Rin. He almost jumped on top of him, in fact. And then he kissed him on the lips. Rin was surprised, because Nitori didn’t normally take the initiative when it came to those matters. ‘’Thank you so much!!! I don’t know how you managed to convince him, but…THANK YOU!’’

Rin grinned. ‘’Well, it wasn’t easy, you know?’’

Nitori kissed him again and again. ‘’Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!’’

‘’…But it was totally worth it.’’ Rin decided in the end.