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A Day Without a Woman Protest 2017: Here’s what it means and how you can participate

  • A Day Without a Woman — much like the recent Day Without Immigrants — will be a “one-day demonstration of economic solidarity” in which women nationwide illustrate the impact women make on society. 
  • The strike will take place on International Women’s Day, March 8, along with the International Women’s Strike, which will encourage women to strike in countries around the world.
  • Women who want to take part in this one-day demonstration have been encouraged to do so in three ways: Abstain from work, avoid shopping for one day and wear red. Read more (2/27/17 2:59 PM)

Thought I would post this separately. I might try and actually do these more often, though not much. No one wants to see me get 1/3 the way through a build and demolish it because I am not happy with the direction. 

I do have raw footage of a MCM ranch home too that I need to process as well. However the time it takes to upload videos just annoys me. My net is so slow -_-

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Dance line!

Shops for groceries

It’s an unspoken agreement really, that shopping for groceries is Jungkook’s job. None of them actually said it out loud but Jungkook took it upon himself because every time Hoseok went shopping he’d buy too many snacks and not enough real food and Jimin always spent more time than necessary perusing through all the health facts on the packaging. Jungkook manages to find a middle ground that makes all of them happy so they just let him take care of the grocery. 

(they could also all just go and run amuck in the aisles, with Hoseok and Jimin loading up the cart and Jungkook shaking his head and saying “hyunggg, we already have too many shrimp chips!” and “no, we do not need that many packages of whole wheat pasta!!”)  

Kills the spiders

Hoseok would be too squeamish and Jungkook too soft hearted so it’s Jimin that ends up as the spider killer, the one that Hoseok screams for when he finds a spider in the shower and the one that has to tell Jungkook that yes, of course it’s cute but no you cannot name it or keep it.

Comes home drunk at 3am

Hoseok because Yoongi always drags him out for drinks and the two of them always get a bit out of hand when they’re together. Jimin and Jungkook always wait up for him, watching some anime while cuddled on the couch until they hear the front door creak open and then they’re immediately up and pouncing on Hoseok.

Makes Breakfast

Jungkook because he loves pampering his hyungs as much as they pamper him and they always ruffle his hair when they wake up and find him in the kitchen, Hoseok back hugging him and sleepily nuzzling his neck as Kook giggles and tells him to let go because the pancakes are going to burn. Jimin helps set the table while Jungkook cooks. 

Remembers to feed the fish

Jimin. They bought the fish because Jungkook had so desparetly wanted a pet but they couldn’t afford to have a cat or dog around with their busy schedules but as much as Jungkook coos over them, it’s always Jimin that remembers to feed them. 

(Jimin’s the most responsible one out of all of them in general, tbh). 

Decorates the apartment

Junghope! Junghope would have a blast decorating the apartment for holidays and birthdays and sometimes Hoseok’s walking by a store and he sees a painting or some other decoration that he thinks Jimin and Jungkook will love so he’ll buy it. Junghope would also be the type to hang streamers from eachother’s ears and drape them around eachother’s necks and take derpy pictures with confetti in their hair and really it’s more of them goofing around than it is them decorating the apartment. 

Initiates Duets

I feel like this could be any one of them, because they all seem like the type to hum/sing to themselves while listening to music and then the other two would just pick it up until they’re all singing and they’re not even trying to sign in key but just enjoying themselves and jamming out. Sometimes though, Jungkook asks Hoseok to sing to them because he loves Hoseok’s voice and Jimin will start singing with Hoseok. 

Falls asleep first

Jungkook because he sleeps in the middle and it’s the most comfortable thing in the world. With Hoseok’s torso pressed against his back and an arm draped around his waist and Jimin holding his hand and pressing their foreheads together, Jungkook feels the safest and most content and it’s easy for him to fall alseep when he’s wrapped up in Hoseok and Jimin. 

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2017 goals

- be kinder to people around you
- compliment others, it could change their day and mood completely
- think more. take some time just to contemplate things, without any distractions
- discover new music and artists!
- take care of yourself more. it’s okay, you’re not wasting any time, this is more important
- read more books
- write more stories
- watch more movies and shows
- don’t waste so much time on your phone
- learn a new skill (maybe a language?)
- go to a new place, like a coffee shop or park or old building or museum
- close your eyes and just breathe
- message more people on tumblr, everybody is so nice here!!
- be a little bit more aware of the consequences of your actions
- plan your day ahead to see what you have to do and what you’ve already accomplished
- take more pictures
- write your goals for school/college down to motivate yourself
- try and maybe just a little happier than last year

It’s as easy as this:
just go out and do the things you say that you’re going to do. Don’t just think about them; go out and actually do them. Go to the aquarium, talk to the person you like at the coffee shop, explore nature, get a dog, get a cat, swim in the ocean, get heartbroken, jump off a plane!
Just live goddam it.
I believe you can do all those things and much more, so if I can believe in you, why can’t you?
—  g-p-j

Activists call for a nationwide general strike on February 17

  • In a column for the Guardian on Monday, American writer Francine Prose called for a “nonviolent national general strike” to demonstrate “how many of us there are, how strong and committed we are, how much we can accomplish.”
  • She wrote: “Let’s designate a day on which no one (that is, anyone who can do so without being fired) goes to work, a day when no one shops or spends money, a day on which we truly make our economic and political power felt.”
  • Calls to do just that have been circulating online recently, with activists setting Feb. 17 — the Friday before President’s Day — as the day for a #nationalstrike against the presidency of Donald Trump. Read more

Yuri on Ice Barcelona Tour: part 1!

Luckily we’ll get the rest done next week, but we needed to do this as soon as possible =_D

The photos aren’t the best and we didn’t manage to align the stills perfectly, but ah, who cares.

First, we have Casa Batlló, constructed by Antoni Gaudí, same man who did Sagrada Família (and many more buildings of the city). It’s located at Passeig de Gràcia, one of the most snobbish shopping streets of the city, with the most luxurious brands.

And there’s the infamous bench XD. Sadly there’s really too much people in Barcelona, much more than the anime showed, so no still aligning XD.

Then, THE MOMENT. It takes place at the Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulàlia de Barcelona, but really, we just call it la Catedral.

More to come in the next few days, with more (hopefully better) photos and more trivia about Barcelona.

They exchanged rings... and I died, but...

 I know every YOI blog and the next one are posting the ring exchange scene and I really love it, but what I love more is the scene at the jewelry shop and the scene before that.

Just before they enter the jewelry Yuuri was thinking what to give Viktor as a birthday gift, and I really think all the “Lets go sightseeing” is a way for Yuuri to lookfor a gift for Viktor.

He knows that Viktor’s b-day is around the corner and he wants to take the opportunity to get him something nice.

Even Viktor knows that Yuuri is acting OOC, and here we see Yuuri looking for something…

Then they run to do more shopping, a few hours later they come back looking for the missing bag of nuts and after they continue shopping. At this point Yuuri hasn’t found something appropriate to give to Viktor and is getting late, so he ask what he wants

But since Viktor has been neglecting his life up until this moment, he doesn’t care much for his birthday. So Yuuri is left alone to decide what to give Viktor, and he knows he wants something meaningful, something that express all he feels for him, and then he sees the jewelry and has an epiphany of what exactly he needs to express all his feelings, and he blushes because he understands the repercussions of this gift, but at this point he is ready to face them

and so we got the cute scene of Yuuri shopping his wedding ring

and Viktor is baffled, maybe because he cannot believe it, maybe he thought he would be the one to do something like this first, but his Yuuri has grown so much… maybe he remembers the bold Yuuri from one year ago…

and then, the exchange… and someone else pointed out that Yuuri only bought ONE RING, is a gift for Viktor, to show his feelings for him, but…

Viktor also bought one, because he feels the same.

This couple is going to kill me, I’m sure of it…

Just look how they walk hugging each other….



@klanced you called?

also don’t look at it too hard cos the more you do the more you realize how much I screwed this up

ACNL: Selling your town to Tom Nook

If you have ACNL you can sell your town to Tom Nook. He’ll appraise it to see how much it’s worth. For example my town is worth 16,686,446 bells..which is pretty goddamn valuable.

He’ll also offer to sell your shopping catalog for extra bells. That’s totally up to you, just know that you’ll pretty much start from scratch in that category if you do.

Here’s the last bit of info for y’all:

You can chose to receive the money in one lump sum or have your money sent to you in a series of investments (roughly 100 payments depending on how much money you receive. So for the first 100 days in your new town you’ll receive a couple hundred-thousand bells a day. You get 2,000,000 more bells if you do this.

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And that’s all the info I have for you if you were thinking about selling your town.


Wonho’s mom just opened up a new coffee shop called MoMo cafe (coffee). Remember about more than a year ago when No.Mercy was airing and Wonho was in tears over having to debut because he felt horrible about his mom and having red tags all over their house due to their financial situation? Look how much has changed for the better. She opened a coffee shop and her son debuted. He even helped make the sign board for his mom. Wonho’s love for his mom is beyond words..

…..I must admit my favourite things to draw or paint to relax are things like this. (maybe thats why i do so much) 

that day everything i had draw wasnt to my liking and i pretty much painted this as a way to test my shimmering paint (who sadly doesn’t show here because scanners….) and “reset” my brain.;u;

….next art will be more dynamic!

(still might add this one to the shop maybe…i just wish the shimmer would show…)

sunflowers, marigolds, buttercups and you

it’s carry on countdown day threeeee and that means pastel/punk aus !! i’m sorry this is so late but just know that i’m actually dead from all the sports i did today and i swear i can barely walk rip- anyways! here y’all are.

i hope you guys like it! in which simon&davy have a tattoo shop and baz&fiona own a flower shop, because i love role reversals as well as pastel/punk aus

baz doesn’t honestly know what he’s doing here. it’s been a part of his life for so long, he rarely stops to question it but today aunt fiona was on his back even more, ranting on and on, that it sort of just hit him again. what is he doing? why does he bother to be here? what is this thing that they’re doing and why does it matter so much to him?

the alleyway is chilly, but baz is wearing a very heavy, very knit, very pale pink scarf that just so happens to match his nails and his boots that are shiny and supple and very warm. still, he can see his breath. it’s nothing like the heat of the furnace inside the flower shop, the alley is basically the polar opposite.

it doesn’t smell like geraniums, it smells horribly like rotting garbage and possibly like dead flowers if anything. the brick on either side of him is rough and dusty, nothing like the walls of the shop which are always pristine whites and soft blues offset by all the spectrums of color flaring out from the vases sitting all around.

baz’s favorites are the marigolds, the flowers that are perhaps the most opposite to the shades he usually prefers, but for some strange reason, he can’t get past how much he adores them. small petals that come in every shade of the sun, and they make any one of his bouquets a little bit more cheerful, like he’s just added a touch of light.

today, with the orders he had to fill, he found that there were quite a few instances that he could insert the flower, which was nice, even though the brash yellows and oranges really did clash with his outfit.

his mittens also match in part his scarf, a soft-toned pink and he hates that he has to wipe his nose on them because they are by far his favorite.

would he just hurry up?

his break will definitely be ending soon, and fiona really doesn’t take tardiness lightly, besides the fact that baz already hates being late.

isn’t he always late? baz doesn’t think he can remember a day where he wasn’t the first one to their spot, so in the winter he’s always been half frozen by the time the boy arrived.

it annoys him. but then again, what can he do about it?

he already doesn’t really know what he’s doing here yet again, why he comes here almost every day to wait in the cold, hiding from fiona who’d probably be reaching the conclusion to her third rant on ‘david snow and his goddamn tattoo parlor’ by now?

‘jesus christ, can he just not?’

‘basilton, are you seeing this’

‘he’s decided to put his sign a full inch over the line between our properties, the absolute audacity of that man!’

baz finds it almost humorous, the feud and everything. how the pitch florists ended up sharing a building with ‘that menacing scumbag of a person, how dare he demand we pay more of our share of rent, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me’

but he can see his aunt’s point of view, he supposes. the rivalry, the utter hatred between their families isn’t really anything new, he’s heard all the stories. how david snow came in with his million dollar smile to a deal that his aunt had practically already taken, and turned it into an all out battle over who would get the lease on 6th street, right across from ebb’s coffee shop.

it was prime property, and fiona had wanted it so bad.

baz knew that it had been her dream, and then she had been forced to come to an agreement with this ‘inked up old bastard’ (not that fiona didn’t have any tattoos, baz hadn’t tried to argue this point with her, it really wouldn’t have made a difference) to split the building in half.

now they were constantly fighting, and baz considered himself to be right in the middle of it. not that it was a real war, just practically one of sabotage.

it just was what it was, and he had to play his role. this included doing extra work at the shop, when he already carried so much of the workload, and fiona sending him on her missions, which really never amounted to much other than a lot of screaming and threats that david snow was going to sue her for being a ‘crazy hag obsessed with her geraniums’.

for another part, baz was not to be friends with anyone related to the snow family, and if he ended up being, it was merely an advantage for espionage and further attacks, nothing personal or emotionally attached about the matter.

the thought makes baz snort. the visible puff of his breath in the air reminds him just how chilly it is and he tries to pull his collar up further.

the single rose bud that he’s carrying in his pocket is burning a hole in it, and baz dislikes the feeling because he rather likes this jacket. it’s long, and soft and a shade of cream that could almost match the snow.

he’s noticing that it has started to snow now, because he can feel the flakes melting on his eyelashes and he can see them settling on the ends of his hair, white against the the faint lilac that he’s dyed it.

fiona loves it, says it makes him match the lavender, the catmint, possibly the canterbury bells.

he’s just thinking that the snow is pretty appropriate, when he hears the footsteps he’s been waiting for and he looks around quickly-

eager, he’s always so eager. he hates it.

but when he sees those eyes- it’s always the eyes that strike him first, like he’s plunged into the coldest water- he forgets about all of that. the snow is settling in the curls of simon snow’s goldy hair and looking at him, is like getting the sun in your eyes.

his shoes crunch in the snow on the pavement, and baz starts to notice everything about him, all at once.

he’s too much, everyday, it’s just too much.

how he’s wearing these destroyed sneakers like it’s not below minus ten degrees outside, with the darkest shade of coal jeans, the knees blown out, and baz’s favorite shirt, simon knows that it’s his favorite, the one the simon designed himself, a sketch in black and white of dying sunflowers that makes it look like the flowers themselves are simply dissolving into nothingness, withering into oblivion.

baz’s attention goes to the piercings next, simon’s nose, where his septum sits a dusty silver, and his ears, where the beads and metals travel in uneven intervals all the way along each.

baz’s eyes always finish with simon’s tattoos last.

he knows the placement of every one of them by heart, and they play back in his mind for hours before he can fall asleep. his hands, dotted with lines and symbols making constellations, to his arms, to his neck and behind both his ears.

at this point he’s standing across from baz, just close enough to touch and his lips are hanging open, a pink that is terribly over saturated.

you’re so much, baz wants to say, you’re too much.

instead, he lets simon blink once more after his eyes give baz a scalding once over and state the obvious.

“it’s snowing.”

“i’d hoped you’d noticed,” baz says, and he feels like his chest might explode.

“i’m sorry i’m late,” simon says, and his voice is husky. he fiddles with his earring, the rose gold ones that clash with his entire aesthetic. the ones that baz had lent him.

baz can feel his knees grow weaker.

“i’ve come to expect it.” baz had been about to say, but then he doesn’t because simon says,

“i brought you this.” and he opens up his ungloved hands to reveal a little piece of hectograph paper. baz takes it in his hands as if it were a snowflake.

the sketch on it is incredibly detailed, yet tiny, a miniature image of a violin and a bow, with a rose vine wrapped gracefully around the horsehair.

simon smiles, which also clashes terribly with his outfit, punk boys do not smile, but it’s so much that baz feels his breath catch in his throat.

he can feel something inside him completely shatter. the pleasure of it so intense it could be mistaken for pain.

this is what you do to me.

he takes his mitten off slowly, and he can feel simon’s azure eyes watch his every movement. he reaches into his pocket.

“put out your hand,” he says, and “close your eyes.”

simon just stares at him for a moment, and baz has to laugh.

“i’m serious!”

fianlly, simon’s head seems to snap out of the clouds and he laughs too. it sounds like music.

“sorry,” he says, smiling sheepishly. “i got distracted.”

baz resits the urge to roll his eyes and then simon snow is holding out his palm, and baz is gently taking his wrist, touching the mole in between his thumb and forefinger. his hand is freezing.

simon shivers and baz can’t tell if it’s from the cold or-

then baz places the rosebud on simon’s skin and simon’s eyes fly open. he stares. baz stares at him.

for a moment, he looks a bit helpless.

and baz is pretty sure he looks the exact same way.

then they’re surging together and it’s impossible to tell whose lips met whose first because simon has his hands around baz’s waist and baz’s hand is fisted in simon’s hair.

his mouth is so hot and it tastes like rebellion, it burns baz’s tongue, at the same it’s like sugar, too sweet and too gentle and too much like baz is a fragile object which proceeds to shatters baz’s heart even further because simon snow has never had to be gentle to anything in his life.

he is hard stone, hard rock, black, and as much of a klutz than baz has even seen- it’s really quite astonishing how he manages to tattoo people so beautifully when he can’t even stand up straight.

even now, he’s pinned baz to the brick wall and he kisses like it’s the air he needs to breathe while he leans like he doesn’t have the ability to hold himself up.

their tongues clash before baz can kiss a line down the tattoos on simon’s neck, leaving simon in the perfect position to breathe low, breathless words into baz’s ear like-

“your eye shadow is like pixie dust, i can’t stop staring at you.”

and “jesus.”

and “fuck, baz, my god.”

and baz kisses the mole under simon’s left eye saying

“you know this is my favorite tattoo you have”

and simon will laugh, before baz’s hand on his thigh makes it turn into a moan. and he tries to speak, but he stumbles on the words-

“-t’s not a-a tattoo, i’ve- told you this… s’many times”

and baz just smiles against simon’s skin because he knows, of course he knows, but he likes asking as his way to remind the boy beneath his fingers that even without his piercings, his tattoos, his clothes, he’s the most beautiful boy that baz has ever seen.

all at once it is too much, but now, it’s also not enough.

and baz murmurs

“i’m going to have to leave soon.”

again, not getting far into the sentence because simon’s lips are at his jaw and the last words come out as more of a loss of breath than actual sounds.

simon’s moved down his neck and he smells like the rosebud that he’s still got clenched in his fist and baz tries to forget that he’s got to go back to work in a few minutes and push away the fact that this had ever happened.

“stay just five more minutes.” simon pleads into baz’s collarbone and baz snorts.

“fiona is going to kill me.” he says, but simon’s hands are now in his hair and it just feels so good.

simon’s quickly back at his mouth, they’re so close, and he’s kissing with such an urgency that baz fears he actually might fall over.

“fine, five minutes” he mumbles, and he can feel simon’s smile.

the snow keeps drifting around them, hands attempting desperately to relearn every part of each other in the seconds that pass so quick, and baz knows that there’s nothing that will ever feel as good as this.

simon says, “i don’t want you to leave.”

and baz kisses him deeper, because for all that he knows, this could be the last time. simon’s just moaning and sighing, like he’s all at once so beautifully happy, but all at once so devastatingly sad. his eyes look even more helpless, and baz’s heart agrees.

they break.

simon’s taking his hand and swinging it in between them, and then baz’s pulse jumps as he does something so oddly right, he kisses the back of baz’s hand.

“i’ll see you tomorrow,” he says, a declarative sentence. but it sounds more like a question even though baz can tell he’s trying not to let it.

and then he’s gone. the alleyway is just an alleyway.

the drawing in baz’s pocket just turns into something a friend gave him, the footprints in the snow where simon stood become someone else’s. baz tries to wipe the happiness off of his features as he opens the door to the shop, but it’s like trying to erase permanent marker with a white board eraser.

when he’s inside, and he’s warm again, and fiona’s said ‘welcome back’ and shoved the next list of his duties at him, he takes the sketch out of his pocket.

he considers that it might be loveliest thing that anyone’s ever given him, he knows it is. and he turns it over, he hadn’t noticed that there was writing on the back-

it says,

can you sneak over sometime? i’d really like to make this permanent.


in simon snow’s horrendous handwriting, (baz is serious, he has no idea how this boy is an artist), and fiona comes back into the room, just as baz’s lips are turning up into a smile that takes over his whole face, his whole body and he can’t stop it.

she gives him a funny look.

“what’s so pleasant, basilton? has david snow decided finally to close up shop?”

he just looks at her, because he can’t speak, because simon snow is too much.

simon snow, the only one boy in the world he’s not allowed to have.

how does he ever manage to leave him everyday, how does he ever manage to let go?

simon snow.

his rosebud boy.


Wow it’s already been 5 whole years since I joined the tumblr. I’ve met a lot of awesome people on here and thank all of the followers I have gained throughout. My arts grown a lot too and hope to continue to do so! My new years resolution is to try and be more active and motivated with my art and the online and local community. I feel like I used to do a lot more things but got a little emotionally tired along the years and it’s time to get that inspiration back. Art wise I want to continue developing my style and practice perspective angles.

I also hope to bring more products to my shop and artistic content for everyone to enjoy. Thanks so much for the support everyone has given me!

{Reaction} EXO meeting your bully.

Hello! Could you please do EXO reacting to meeting your childhood crush who used to bully you?

Note: Hello! I kind of altered your request slightly to make it so different members are meeting different kinds of bullies. Just because I thought it would make it more interesting doing it this way. I hope you don’t mind too much. Enjoy~ Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by kkaebsooquishy

Chanyeol could see how visibly uncomfortable you were as a girl approaches you while the two of you are out shopping. He can see your shoulders tense, your hands fumble and shake as your eyes barely move away from the floor. The other girl is smirking, clearly seeing her authority over you. Chanyeol finds himself finally understanding what’s going on, and who this girl is, your bully. He clears his throat, not wanting to cause a conflict, knowing you wouldn’t like that.

Chanyeol: “Come on {y/n}, I’d like to go and look at the gaming place, are you coming?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, let’s go.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by mongdo

The thought of anyone bullying you makes his blood boil. How could someone so beautiful minded and intelligent be under so much hatred? When he runs into your bully outside a changing room waiting for you, he finds himself glaring at the man, knowing how disgusting and horribly he treated you.

As you stepped out of the the dressing room in a stunning outfit, the two pairs of eyes landed on you. Both were in awe at your beauty, but only one man truly had your heart. The man that used to bully you was no longer significant, and you couldn’t have feelings for him again even if you tried.

Kyungsoo: “You look beautiful Jagi.” *Glares at the bully* “You’re still here?”

Bully: “I was just-”

Kyungsoo: “Leaving? Yeah, I thought so…” *Watches him leaving with piercing eyes.*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by my-luhaen

Baekhyun likes to try and stay clear of conflict and find the best in ever situation, so when you run into your childhood bully in the street one day and awkward greetings are made, Baekhyun tries to make conversation. When really he’s not particularly helping the situation.

Baekhyun: “But you were only children, so it’s not like it’s serious or-”

{y/n}: “Baekhyun, please be quiet.”

Baekhyun: “Yes, {y/n}.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Sehun feels your hand curl tighter around his, and when he looks down, he can see how much closer you’re standing to him, how your eyes are barely inching away from your shoes. At first, he’s confused, but then he sees the girl that basically destroyed your life in high school. The girl that crushed your self esteem, made your then boyfriend cheat on you with her, and spread any nasty lie she could to break any relationships you had with friends. Sehun felt his anger building as she had the cheek to walk over and say “hello.”

Sehun: “Can’t you see we’re busy? We don’t want to be disturbed, we’re on a date.”

Bully: “Shopping date, huh? Look honey, whatever you buy {y/n} isn’t going to improve her looks.”

Sehun: “You’re right. She’s already stunning, makes you think there’s no way she could look any better when she’s already at utter perfection. But trust me, she’ll prove you wrong every time. Each morning when I wake up and see her, she looks even more amazing than the day before.”

Bully: *Stunned silence*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

When Yixing hears that you’re under verbal abuse in your education setting, he finds himself full of anger and confusion. How could anyone do such a thing to you? He leaves the house immediately to find you at school, but when he finally arrives, you’re already at the gate, talking to someone. It wasn’t until he got closer that he realised how uncomfortable you looked.

Yixing: “Yah, stop talking to my baobei like that.” *Pulls you into a hug as the bully leaves.* “I’m never going to let you get hurt Baobei, I promise.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by chenc-17

Jongdae doesn’t appreciate you getting bullied thank you very much. But since he doesn’t want to cause a lot of confrontation, he will simply stay with you for support, and interfere when you want him to. He doesn’t want you to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable, so he would simply be there for you, and would always have a shoulder at the ready for you to cry on.

Jongdae: “Are you sure you don’t want me to talk to them?”

{y/n}: “No, I don’t”

Jongdae: “Okay Jagi, let me know if you change your mind.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by mercuryica

Like the others, Minseok doesn’t like to fight or cause a massive conflict. But he’s not going to let you bully get away with it either. When you tell him that there’s a guy at your workplace who constantly harasses you, Minseok isn’t going to let it slide quite so easily.

Minseok: *picking you up from work, walks up to  he front desk where he sees a man talking to you while you’re looking completely uncomfortable.*

Bully: “So where’s this ‘boyfriend’ of yours? I can see-”

Minseok: “Right here. Come on {y/n}”

Bully: *Looks taken aback by Minseok’s muscles and strong demeanor. Seems to take a step back as you rush to leave with Minseok by your side.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Even though Tao can be a baby panda, he can also be a martial artist expert. And with a talent as lethal as his, no one in their right mind is going to try and hurt you. He knows that you used to be bullied as a child by your crush, but he had never met this man until he had run into him with you.

Bully: “{y/n}, long time no see.”

Tao: *Clicks his knuckles*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Junmyeon has no sympathy to the man that you once loved, but treated you like nothing. When he found himself with a run in during one Sunday afternoon, he could feel his insides boiling. The man clearly realised his mistake. You looked stunning now, and were more confident after high school since Suho had treated you well enough to help you become more confident and outgoing. But that didn’t matter, even if you had changed, you were still far too good for that scumbag, and Suho wasn’t prepared to give him a single inch of forgiveness.

Bully: “So uh… how’s {y/n} doing now?”

Suho: “Yeah, she’s well… amazing, actually.”

Bully: “Do you think she’d accept an apology after all this time? I realised how shit I’d been to her. But we were just kids, right? Nothing serious. Maybe give good word for me? I’d like to take her out-”

Suho: “Thanks but no thanks, I’m dating {y/n}, and we’re pretty serious. I think you’d be doing her a favour by keeping your distance.” *salty af*

Lu Han

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Luhan saw your shoulders tense up as a waitress approached, her eyes arrogant and her lips smirking as she finally stopped before the table. She said hello, asked {y/n} how she was and then continued to take the order. Luhan noticed how friendly the waitress was being with him, and it wasn’t until she placed a hand on his cheek that he realised who this girl was.

Luhan: “Aish, don’t do that. Can’t you see I’m here with my girlfriend? I’m not interested”

Bully: “Can’t I tempt you?” *smirking*

Luhan: “what part of ‘I’m not interested’ don’t you understand?”

Bully: *speechless at the rejection*

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would be so frustrated when he finally found out that someone was bullying you at work. At first, he wouldn’t know what to do about it, and would probably spend a lot of time dancing and going to the gym to relieve his stress and anger. But one day, when he comes to pick you up from work, he sees the bully talking to you, and can’t stop himself as he gets out of the car to give the bully a piece of his mind.

Kai: “Yah! That’s my girlfriend you’re talking to, not a pile of shit!”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Your bully is either very brave, or very stupid. Because really, who would want to get on the wrong side of Kris? As soon as he found out about this, he took matters into his own hands - no one is going to get away with hurting you.

Kris: *Towering over your bully* “Funny you think you can get away with this. {y/n} is smart and amazing, and if you dare to make any move to hurt her again, then it might just be the last thing you do.” *His threats are very intimidating - he won’t let the bully off lightly.*


Request: Could you do Wonho with 8 and 16 please?? Thank you, I love your writing so much!!

8) “Put your pants on.”

16) You and your bias fake a relationship to make your crush jealous

Member: Monsta X Wonho x Y/N x (ft. I.M.)

Type: Fluff/slight smut

“We have to be more convincing,” Hoseok whispered, walking with you in step. You rolled your eyes, scoffed, and continued down the sidewalk. Looking from side to side, you examined the windows of the shops around you, making sure to stop whenever something caught your eye. 

“What was that noise?” Hoseok gasped, grabbing onto your wrist to halt your forward motion. “Did you just laugh at me?”

“No,” you muttered, looking up at him lazily. “What I did was a sound of disgust, not joy.”

“Hey, this was your idea, punk!” he whined, smacking lightly at your arm. You giggled, falling into his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and ruffled your hair, pushing you back gently to stare into your eyes. “You see! This is a good start!”

You and Hoseok had made an arrangement, one you weren’t necessarily the most proud of. Ever since he had introduced you to Changkyun, you had completely melted into a person you didn’t even recognize as being yourself. You flirted, you laughed, and you batted your eyelashes. You had never been the one to obviously throw yourself at a man, but he was the exception. 

But he was so in his own world, he hardly even acknowledged your existence. 

That’s when you approached Hoseok, hoping your friendship would be enough of a reason for him to help you. Surely Changkyun was like any other red-blooded Korean male, and seeing you with someone else would drive him crazy. It would make him realize you weren’t paying as close attention to him anymore. 

It was an easy sell with Hoseok. You two had been inseparable most of the time anyhow, so why not pretend to be a couple? 

Hoseok tilted his head as he looked kindly upon your face. He ruffled your hair again before beginning back down the sidewalk, slowly making his way to the Starship building. 

“Yah, wait up!” you grumbled, shuffling behind him. “How are we not convincing now?”

Hoseok turned, lifting his brows. The ghost of a smile lingered on his lips. “How are we…how are we convincing? You don’t even let me hold your hand, Y/N!” 

“Fine,” you nodded, slipping your hand into his. You were shocked for a moment, allowing your palm to conform to his. Your fingers fit surprisingly well between each other. “Happy?”

“I was happy before you held my hand,” he chuckled, shaking his head and looking down at your now intertwined fingers. “But since I’ve made a mental checklist, I might as well go over it while we’re on the topic. We don’t cuddle, you don’t let me put my arm around you, we’ve never kissed-”

“Hoseok!” you gasped, coming to a quick stop. HIs arm was jerked backwards, nearly toppling over from your sudden halt. “You expect me to kiss you?”

“Heaven forbid!” he grinned. “It’s not like I have cooties, Y/N.”

“Do we really need to get that intimate though?” you sighed, continuing to walk again. 

He squeezed your hand, a large grin on his face. “Well, do you want him to think we’re together, or not?”

You groaned as Hoseok yanked open the door to the Starship building and motioned for you to enter. 

“What? What is wrong with me?” Hoseok laughed, trying to hide how offended he was. 

“I mean…it’s not like you’re a disgusting blob or anything,” you hummed. “I’ve just never thought about it.”

“I’m not asking you to think of me in that light,” he sighed. “I’m just telling you that if you want to catch his attention, you’ll have to be more convincing. We told all of the members we were dating and then literally nothing changed.” 

You followed Hoseok into the practice room, plopping onto one of the benches situated across from the mirrors. You traced his outline through your reflections, a small smile appearing as you did so. He definitely wasn’t hard to look at. To be honest, Hoseok was probably the best fake boyfriend someone could have. Incredibly attractive, caring, and always willing to take things to the next level.

“So what? Are we supposed to start making out all over the place?” you sighed, half joking as you looked up at Hoseok through your lashes. 

“Well that wouldn’t be the most terrible situation,” he chuckled with a wink. 

You groaned, reaching over to smack him as he stood before you. “What do you think will do it? How are we going to catch his attention?”

Hoseok let out a deep breath, beginning to pace before you. He looked pained before he spoke. “Changkyunnie is tough. It’s mostly because his thoughts are always hovering elsewhere. Unless he’s concentrated on music, there isn’t much concentration on anything else…

…but apparently you’re into that.”

“Apparently,” you groaned. “This isn’t helping.”

“I don’t know! First and foremost, we actually start acting like a couple. Starting now,” he nodded. 

“Now,” you nodded. “But we have to lay down some ground rules.”

“I hate rules,” Hoseok whined. You stood as well, now beginning your own pacing. 

“Kisses, but no make outs. Hand holding, but no butt grabs. Cuddling, but-”

“No sex, yeah yeah, all the tame stuff,” Hoseok sighed, rolling his eyes. “Should we practice the kiss thing now or wing it in front of the members?”

You spun around, eying him carefully. You searched his face, your own growing warm simply by looking at his expression. He bit his lip, lifting his brows as he waited patiently for your response. 

“Maybe we should get the first one out of the way now,” you whispered, averting your eyes so you wouldn’t have to look at him. 

You looked back up just as Hoseok began to cross the small space between you, a smile tugging at one side of his mouth. He remained silent as he angled his head, lifting his hand up slowly to caress your chin. 

“Hoseok,” you hissed, turning your head so you wouldn’t have to look at him. He kept his fingers placed on your chin as he traced down your jaw before dropping his hand again. He dipped his own face, catching your lips as he straightened his back again. He shifted his feet to secure his stance, tugging at your belt loops to pull you in just a little bit closer. 

You were surprised at the force behind his kiss, his lips working overtime to say all of the things neither of you could. There was a want behind his motions that you had never recognized before. You were surprised at yourself as you reciprocated, your hands moving from your sides to slowly crawl up his chest, only halting once they were wrapped around the back of his neck. You played with the small hairs at his nape, eventually running your hands up to get a full grip of his longer layers on top. There were no reservations in either of your motions, moving independently of your thoughts. 

Hoseok groaned into your mouth as he pressed his palms into your lower back, your chests flat against each other. He bit at your lower lip, causing you to gasp at the foreign feeling. He chuckled just as his tongue slid into your mouth, still fighting for dominance he already had. 

“Hoseok,” you gasped, leaning back to catch your breath. He wasted no time planting his lips on your neck, biting and sucking down the tender flesh and causing you to whine. 

Your body had taken complete control, governing over your mind as your hands slid back down his chiseled chest and rested on top of his belt. You lifted up his shirt, feeling the soft skin and hard muscles hidden beneath the cotton and fingered the leather of his belt. 

He bit at your collar bone, taking in a sharp intake of breath as your nails trailed over the flesh of his lower stomach. You began to tug at his belt with more fervor than before, determined to spring it loose. 

“You said no sex,” he whispered, chuckling softly in your ear. 

“No, YOU said no sex,” you insisted, tugging at his belt and letting it fall to the floor. You unbuttoned his jeans, his Calvin Klein’s now visible. 

Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows before diving into your neck again, causing you to shiver. He took a few more steps forward, navigating your back to the mirrored wall. He lifted up your leg, grinding slowly into your jeans. So much for only pretending. 

“Um…Wonho hyung, put your pants on,” a timid voice stuttered near the door. You and Hoseok both looked up, a mix of fear and surprise on both of your faces. 

“Yah, Changkyun!” Hoseok gasped, dropping your leg. His fingers flew in an attempt at buttoning his pants. His cheeks were now painted a bright red as he stared at his younger member. You took a few cautious steps, pulling yourself from your friend and wincing. 

You were distraught for only a moment by Changkyun’s sudden appearance, but not for the reason you had expected. You were more upset by having to untangle yourself from Hoseok than how this all looked to the younger man. 

“I mean…I’ve seen you without your pants on, but some of the manager noonas might not be able to handle it. They already blush around you when you have clothes on,” Changkyun chuckled, entering the room and plopping on a bench. His gaze lingered on you for a moment before looking down at his mobile.  

Hoseok stumbled behind you, his chest close on your back and voice hot in your ear. He spoke low enough for only you to hear. “We’ve probably got him convinced now.”

You spun, looking over your shoulder at Changkyun to confirm that he was thoroughly lost in whatever was on his phone before you began to speak. 

“The problem is…I think you’ve got me convinced now too.”

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The Fine Print

Coffee shop AU for the first day of the 2016 Carry On Countdown! If you’re interested, it’s not too late to join! You can find all the information here. 

“When you asked me if I wanted to go do something today, I was thinking you meant something more interesting than helping you study for finals,” Simon said as he walked side by side with Penny towards the coffee shop at the corner.

“Oh, will you stop whining so much?” Penny answered as she stopped in front of the door. “I’m doing great in all my classes and I don’t want to ruin that by not studying and flunking my exams. Besides, you’ve done nothing but mope over Agatha for the past week. Getting out of the house might help you take your mind off things, even if it is just to help me study.”

“I’ve not been moping over her,” Simon muttered.

“You’ve barely gotten out of bed and you’ve skipped all your classes this week,” Penny reminded him. Simon ignored her.

Though he would never admit it, Simon was happy that Penny decided to take him along. He hadn’t been feeling great since Agatha broke up with him, and maybe a bit of overpriced coffee and leafing through several textbooks with Penny would lift his spirits.

The pair entered the coffee shop, the bell above the door tingling as the door swung shut behind them. The warmth of the shop was a stark contrast to the frigid, early-December weather outside. Simon removed the scarlet scarf around his neck and shoved it into the pocket of his gray peacoat.  The room was empty save for the two baristas behind the counter and a man sitting in the corner, completely absorbed in a book. The smell of roasting coffee beans wafted through the air, while soft jazz music played over the speakers.

Simon and Penny plopped down into a booth in the back of the shop that was situated beside a window and had a nice view of the snow-covered street outside. Penny deposited the books in her arms onto the table, and immediately got to work.

Simon seated himself across from her, awkwardly watching her work for several minutes before deciding to make himself useful by getting them drinks.

“Do you want anything?” he asked.

“A peppermint mocha, and a cake pop,” she answered without looking up from the textbook in front of her.

Simon slid out of the booth and approached the counter. Just as he was about to reach the register, he stopped dead in his tracks. There, leaning against the countertop, was the most gorgeous human being Simon had ever seen.

The barista had high cheekbones that casted shadows over his face and a sharp chin that matched the widow’s peak in the center of his forehead. The man’s piercing gray eyes sharply contrasted with his ivory skin and long, silky black hair. He looked like a dark prince from a fairy tale instead of a mundane barista working at a Starbucks.  

After several moments of Simon staring, the barista said, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.”

Simon blinked, snapping out of his stupor. “I’m sorry, what?”

The barista sighed and rolled his eyes, “How may I help you?”

Well, he certainly isn’t one for politeness, Simon thought. “One peppermint mocha, a cake pop, and a flat white mocha, please.” While the barista punched Simon’s order into the register, Simon allowed his eyes to trail down to the man’s nametag. In neat cursive script, the barista had written, “BAZ.”

“You’re holding up the line,” Baz said.

Simon’s head snapped up, “Right, sorry about that.” He awkwardly shuffled away from the counter and back to the booth where Penny was studying.

“What took you so long?” she asked, looking up from her laptop.

“Nothing, everything was fine,” Simon said as he slid into the booth.

“You’re blushing. Something happened,” Penny insisted.

Simon felt his face grow hot. “I’m not blushing!” he retorted, his face becoming even redder.

Penny pushed aside her laptop. She must’ve been very interested in what was making Simon flush if it caused her to set aside her studying. “Yes you are! Come on, spit it out, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“It was just the barista. He was being rude and I got worked up, I suppose,” Simon muttered.

Penny looked over to the counter, where Baz was preparing their drinks. “That one? With the dark hair?”

“Yeah, yeah, him. Look Penny it isn’t a big deal,” Simon replied, hoping to get her to drop the subject. Unfortunately, when it came to Penny, once she was interested in something, she wouldn’t let go of it until she had all the answers.

“Well, he’s awfully cute, Simon, I’ll give you that, but I didn’t think you were gay. Are you gay? I mean it’s fine if you are, but you should tell me these things,” Penny continued.

Simon cradled his head in his hands. By now, he was so red, he rivaled the special holiday cups the coffee shop was serving drinks in.

Thankfully, he was temporarily excused from the conversation when Baz placed their coffee on the counter and called out, “Simon!”

Simon leapt to his feet and collected their order from the counter. “Thank you!” he called to Baz, who was standing a few feet away.

Baz looked up and flashed a devilish grin, “Don’t thank me, it’s my job.” Just as Simon was about to turn and head back to his booth, he could’ve sworn Baz winked at him. But when he whipped around, the handsome barista had already returned to his post at the register.

Slightly disappointed, Simon strode back over to the booth and sat down.

“You’re red again,” Penny remarked as Simon passed her her coffee and cake pop.

“Okay, fine, it’s the barista. It’s that stupid fucking barista and his stupid fucking face!” Simon exclaimed. He sighed and lifted his mocha off the table. But, just as he was about to bring it to his lips, he noticed something scrawled on the side of the cup, right next to his name. He turned the cup in his hand to get a better view. In elegant penmanship, Baz had written, “If you were words on a page, you’d be what they call FINE PRINT!

Simon felt all the heat rush to his face, “Erm, Penny?”

“Yes, Simon?” Penny said.

“Take a look at this.”

Penny looked up from her laptop. Simon turned the cup so that she could see the writing. He watched as she adjusted her glasses and read the message. A grin spread across her face.

“Go talk to him!” she exclaimed. “He’s interested, you’re interested, don’t let the opportunity go!”

Simon ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Yeah, I suppose I should,” he muttered in agreement.

He stood from the booth and approached the counter. He spotted Baz leaning against the coffee dispensers, lazily scrolling through his phone.

“Uh, Baz, is it?” Simon said.

Baz looked up from his phone and spotted him. The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile as he strode over to where Simon was standing and leaned against the counter. “Yes. Simon, correct?”

“Yeah, yeah, Simon,” Simon answered. He shifted uncomfortably, “Were you the one who, uh, wrote the pick up line on my cup?”

Baz’s grin grew even wider. “Indeed I was. You’re cute, but you seem awfully thick headed. I figured you needed a bit of help.”

Simon fiddled with his fingers, “Er, thanks, I suppose.”

“Simon?” Baz said.

“Yes?” Simon answered.

Baz smirked, “My shift ends in half an hour. On a scale of one to America, how free are you?”


have uploaded the designs onto redbubble ( where you could buy;

  • phone cases
  • notebooks
  • stickers
  • greeting cards
  • drawstring bags

+much more exclusive designs [coming soon!!] 

really hope you like them and if you do buy them i would love to see pictures so make sure to tag me!

Adulting 104

I had all the good intentions of posting this yesterday, but I got sick and spent the entire day blowing my nose into an assortment of paper products. I love you guys and hope your week has been productive and positive.

Shoutout this week to @tylersneverland​ and @bisexualgradient​. Just keep doin’ you!

1. Reuse containers. Get takeout often? Takeout containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are often durable enough to substitute as tupperware. Wash and reuse them!

2. Kick the soda habit. Switch to seltzer! Zero calories, carbonated, and they come in so many different flavors. I’m partial to Polar and Schweppes seltzer, but you can buy store brands for a fraction of the price (the Stop & Shop brand is particularly good).

3. Electric budget. Stop what you’re doing and get on a budget with your electric company. Instead of paying for how much electricity you actually use each month, you will pay a monthly flat fee. If you use more, they cannot charge you for it. Electric companies say that people use more electricity in the winter and less in the summer, so the difference evens out. At the end of the year they will issue you a check if they owe you money or credit it to your account. Last year I ended up overpaying and my electric company credited the difference to my account, and I had free electric for two months. 

4. Check your screens. This applies to pets in general, but especially to cats. Before allowing your pet to sit on the window ledge or by the screen door, make sure that the screen is secure. Rental units are notorious for their cheap craftsmanship, I secure my screens with duct tape because they’re so poorly made.

5. Laundry. Doing laundry in a communal area? Always check to make sure that the lint drawer has been properly cleaned before starting your dryer. Not only is it dangerous (I personally know someone whose house burned down because of a rogue dryer) but it will prevent your clothes from drying properly.

6. Soak it. Hard to scrub pot? Fill it with water and soap and let it sit for five minutes- I guarantee you it will be easier to clean. If something is really scorched and difficult to clean, let it soak overnight. 

7. Foaming hand soap. Lasts about three times as long as liquid hand soap, and is roughly the same price.

8. Invest in a multi-functional printer. As a college student, this may seem like a daunting expense, but it’s a necessary one. You can always use a college or library to print or copy at, but some places charge up to 50 cents per copy. If you need a reliable source for printing homework, make the investment. 

9. Skip the mixed salad. Instead of a buying a container of mixed salad greens, purchase only one type of leaf. Each lettuce has its own expiration date, and greens that have a shorter shelf life will go bad and take everything else in the container with them. 

10. Check your blinds. Here’s something I didn’t know before living on my own- there is a right and a wrong way to face blinds. Close your blinds and stand in front of them. Can you see out of them? If you can’t then flip your blinds around the other way. People will be able to see you through the slits in your blinds if they aren’t hung properly.