so much mindfuck

A little story about how we randomly met a Stucky shipper in a bar.

Listen, guys, listen to this!!
So me and divineaerilyn were in our usual pub today. And like an hour before we leave two guys suddenly at random come and sit with us. One of them a punk with a mohawk and other normal dude. At first we didn’t know what to expect since this doesn’t happen often but then we started talking about movies! And he goes:

Punk: “So you like Captain America”
We: “Hell yeah!”
Punk: “I don’t like him much.”
Us: “Booo!”
Punk: “He was all lost and running around with a shield, not knowing what to do at first.”
Us: -glaring- “Steve is awesome!”
Punk: “I am just Team Tony! Sorry!”
Us: “We are Team Bucky!”
Punk guy: “They way he was beating Cap at the end of the second movie……..he so banged Steve even before the war!!

And THAT floored us completely, we totally died because that RANDOM punk hetero guy suddenly became our friend and turned out a total shipper!!

His theory about the end of Civil War: “I can totally see it, the last scene: Bucky and Steve kissing sweetly, like in a fairy tale. And then Steve covering them with the shield. The end.”


and probably met our soulmate. end of a fucking mindfuck of the day. (also considering we went to see Ricki and the Flash earlier too…)