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The Destiel bits in 12x07

I have lots of sad feels after this episode, so let me talk about the bits that actually made me happy. And I will post 10 billion gifs in this too because I seem incapable of making posts without them, so be warned. (below gif credit to @yourfavoritedirector)

1. The phone call. 

I don’t care how many times it happens but that little “Hey Cas” “Hello Dean” always makes my heart skip a beat. 

2. This bickering that was all too much like an old married couple.

On first viewing it might look like Dean’s picking on Cas for no reason, but he’s just driven a long way,he hates LA, Sam made him listen to Vince Vincente for the entire trip and his nerves are frazzled.

So Cas enters and Dean immediately leaps to make a random comment that didn’t even make any sense in that context (Cas always dresses like that, what’s new?) just so Cas can tick him off. I mean Dean didn’t even look upset at Cas’s rejoinder. Just accepting and well-you-got-me-there-dear-husband.  

Seriously, it was adorable. Also the fact that Cas also immediately starts complaining about how much he’s needed a break away from Crowley was sweet too. These two are so married. 

3. The panties. 

Of course Dean went for the panties. But his expression here was fabulous. (gif credit to @novaks)

He’s all admiring the pretty pink panty and he looks toward Cas before dropping them. I know Cas’s reaction shot wasn’t there but I bet Cas caught that glance, because he proceeded to then examine it himself FOR NO REASON. I mean, what other reason did Cas have to pick it up? He’s never shown any interest in women’s underwear. Except when Dean wears them.

4. Dean’s reaction when Cas comes in with information (or not)

(gif credit to @itsokaysammy)

This is a small but important moment. So Dean’s just chilling here with the vegetable water he apparently hates and the moment Cas comes in he puts the glass away and leans forward into Cas, completely focused on his husband. 

5. Cas sacrificing himself for the world.

Dean’s not happy. At all. But he doesn’t protest because lets face it, what options do they have now? I liked the little hints of protective Dean they threw in though- the rage on his face when Lucifer attacks Cas on stage (can’t find a gif yet but when I do I’ll put it here), the quiet way he asks after Cas at the end.  

This episode hurt a lot, but in a good way. I can see the buildup all right, Cas’s guilt and everything. I really want to see how they’ll address it. 

Ice skating - Barry Allen

Summary :You get your boyfriend Barry to go out ice-skating with you for the first time and show off some of your skills, which surprises him quite a bit.

Word Count :1055 

warnings : slight smut but not much

pairing : barry allen x reader

A/N : I do not own any of these gifs, credit goes out to original owners. This is the first x-mas / winter writing prompt forthis holiday season. Sorry this is so short, but enjoy it anyways. :)

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“Barryy.” You drawl out his name. Turning around in your chair at S.T.A.R. Labs, you look at your boyfriend who was busy with paper work and organizing the meta humans names’. It was the beginning of December and the winter season, so that meant that the skating rinks were re-opened; much to your delight. 

You used to go ice-skating all the time when you were little, you did with all your friends, even some of your boyfriends if the relationship lasted that long. It was kind of a tradition for you, and you wanted to share that tradition with Barry.

“Hmm?” He hums, not even looking up at you. You sigh and get up, walking over to the desk and sitting in front of your boyfriend. He finally looks up at you, eyebrows raised. “May I help you, Y/N?” He leans back, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I want to go ice-skating, please will you come with me?” You plead using your puppy dog eyes. He sighs and smiles a bit. 

“Babe, I’ve never gone ice-skating before.” Barry chuckles. “I wouldn’t last a second on the ice.” You raise an eyebrow.

“You’re The Flash, can The Flash not handle a little ice?” You tease, grinning like an idiot. He furrows his eyebrows, getting up and grabbing your coats. “Yay!” You squeal, knowing that Barry was going to prove you wrong out on the rink.

When you got to the rink you rented your skates and quickly put them on. You stood easily, Barry needing help already. You giggle and help him out onto the ice, letting him stand near the wall so that he’d have something besides you to put his weight on. You two slowly start to make your way around, and soon enough Barry get’s a hand of it.

“See, it’s not so hard.” You smiled, holding his hand. Barry looked down at you, kissing the top of your head and continuing to glide along the ice. After a few minutes you pulled away from him and made your way into the middle of the rink. You do a few small circles before getting ready to do a big spin in the air. No one has ever seen you out on the rink besides your family members, so you were excited to see Barry’s reaction to this. 

Pushing yourself up off the ice you hold your arms close to you as you do three perfect spins in the air, landing perfectly. You smile and turn your head, seeing a very awestruck and surprised Barry Allen. You skate back over to him, closing his gaping mouth. 

“Don’t want to freeze your lugs, now do you?” You tease, nudging him slightly. 

“How come you never told me you were so good at this!?” He exclaims, starting his way around the rink once more. You shrug, your hands running through your hair.

“I don’t know, I just never thought it was important information.” You shrug.

“Well I’d say that it is pretty fa-nominal that you can do that.” He pulls you close. “My beautiful ice princess.” You blush, giggling at the new nickname. You two skate around, Barry occasionally falling on his ass and you just stand there laughing at him, until he pulls you down with him. When you two get back up he gets the great idea to try and do some tricks. He skates along, looking back at you with a cocky grin on his face. 

“Barry! Babe, watch out there’s a-” You were to late to finish off your sentence because Barry ran into the wall, falling and sitting on the cold flooring. “Wall.” You sigh, going over to him and helping him up. “Let’s get you home Barr, I think all the hot cocoa has gotten to your brain and made you think that you can actually do stuff.” You giggled. He made a look at you, not a bad one, just a playful one. You walk him back to Joe’s and Iris’s. 

“Stay with me tonight, you haven’t stayed over for quite a while and I don’t want you walking home so late in this cold.” He says, dragging you inside without even listening to a word you were trying to say. You and Barry walk upstairs and then you realize that you don’t have any clothes to sleep in for the night. 

“Uh..Barr? I don’t have anything to sleep in.” You mumble. He shrugs and throws a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt at you. The clothing hits your face and you stand there, arms crossed. You could hear Barry chuckle at you.

“Hey,Y/N? You’re supposed to wear the clothes on your body, not your face.” You huff and take the clothing off of your face. You change out of your clothes from the day, going slow because you knew that Barry was watching your every move. “Y/N..” Barry’s voice was low. “Are you trying to tease me?” You turn around, only wearing your undergarments and the t-shirt Barry threw at you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Barr.” You smirk, handing him his boxers. He puts them back in his drawer and before you know it you were on your back on his bed. You look up, Barry hovering over you with eyes full of hunger. 

“You know how I feel about you teasing me, baby.” He whispers, ghosting his lips over your neck. You shiver, goosebumps rising along your skin. “I would normally just tease you for teasing me, but I’m far to tired so I think I’m going to go to bed. Good night, baby.” Barry grins, giving you a quick peck on the lips and then he rolls over, turning off his lamp and pulling him close to you. You groan silently but smile, resting your head against Barry’s arm. 

“Good night, Barr.” You mumble, falling asleep right as your eyes closed. 

Thoughts on S2 Voltron

-why the fuck was there so little Lance TBH

-seeing more aliens was gr8

- I’m mad it goes 13 episodes there so little development for most

-like this season was honestly the Keith and shiro show

- I love them both but I also want even screen time because I love ALL the characters

- literally Keith and shiro were the only ones who developed much

-if Keith and Allura get together I will beat someone’s ass

- LANCE was in it so little

-there wasn’t enough of my long legged son

- we didn’t find out stuff about the blue paladin

- the mall episode was the best one

- I’ll say it again 13 eps isn’t enough to properly develop

- I like the way the handled galra Keith I used to detest that idea but they made it work really really well

-not enough Hunk

-I love pidge

- shiro and Allura both need long naps tbfh

- I love coran.

- seriously young coran saved me

-the pool scene was great

- “two bros chillin in the hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay”

-emperor’s new groove style wall climbing

- when shiro grabbed Allura hand boi I screamed

- I wish we had more Keith Lance interaction since they set it up a fun dynamic between them in s1

- I wish we had gotten to see more development for Lance

-shiro and Keith being bros was good

over all I did actually love it a lot just wish they had more than 13 20 minute episodes because all they can do is hit major plot things they need to and work in as much character development as they can which isn’t a whole lot

Why I think that Yuri!!! on Ice will end well

Okay, so I’ve just gotten up of my bed to write this, so if you find some incoherence, well, I’m sorry. I still have my eyes foggy.

Okay so let’s start talking about Yuri on ICE. The song, not the anime. When this song is referred in the show, every time they say it’s Yuuri’s history, how he felt alone at first but little by little he begins to find love around him and how that affects him. More exactly, it talks about how Yuuri changed when Viktor came to his life. (You might like to look for the song and listen to it while you read this. You can experience it better that way. That’s what I’m doing rn)

And what I’ve noticed is that if we put the song alongside the episodes, they fit perfectly. At first, we have Yuuri at his lowest point of his life, when everything looked grey and depressing, and when he desperately needed someone to hold onto. That is episode 1.

Then, you can hear the song change subtly, and the story keeps going, at how he’s surprised to find Viktor, and the song explains the beginning of their relationship, and how, despite Viktor not being the best of coaches, he tries for Yuuri. He messes up, but he keeps on fighting for him, and we can see how the love they have for each other increases with the crescendo. That’s episode 2 to 7 before he performs Yuri on Ice.

Then the music suddenly changes, and the crescendo stops to cue in a calming melody. That represents when he performed Yuri on ICE. When everything fell in place with such clarity and Yuuri could only think of Viktor and Viktor alone, and how he realized his love for him and let it finally show with his body.

Then we get to another crescendo, that is how their relationship gets closer and closer, despite everything in their way. How they belong to each other alone, and their love is the most important thing between them, and they won’t let anyone be in their way. You can feel the rush, the exhilaration as the music goes by, the thrill of discovering every day more things of the person you love,.

There’s another calm part, when it shows how Yuuri feels about Viktor. How his mere presence is calming, how he knows he can overcome anything when he has him by his side. We can also interpret it like the end of episode 9, when Yuuri learns that, after all Viktor feels the same way as he does.

Cue in another crescendo, and we reach Barcelona, and how it seems like their love can’t be deeper than what we see. We can feel how they feel for each other, how they would sacrifice anything for the other.

And then we reach to the end. People may be wondering why Yuuri hasn’t performed this song perfectly in any of their competitions, but that’s because his story hasn’t ended yet. Their story wasn’t finished in episode 7, their story wasn’t finished in episode 9. The peak will come at episode 12, the last performance for the GPF. I don’t know how the competition will end, and I’m not exactly bothered by it either. But what I need to see is Yuuri finishing his performance perfectly, because it shows his life, his story all this time.

The end is calming, sweet, and you can feel so much love in it, and I really believe that that’s how this anime is going to end. Viktor and Yuuri will be alright, because their song already told us.

They will be okay. More than okay.

That is all, I believe. Thank you for reading my rant about Yuri!!! On Ice, I very much appreciate it. And don’t hesitate telling me your thoughts about it.

The thing that kills me the most about Yuri on Ice!!! is honesty still and forever how unreliable a narrator Katsuki Yuri is, bless his little heart. 

Right from the get go he says things that make him seem less than everyone else, like he spends so much time on how he lost, and how he can’t believe Victor would ever notice him, but so little on the fact that he is literally #1 in Japan, and was one of the top six that year who got into the GPF!

Like your on the same playing field baby! 

We get to see through Minami’s adoration and Yurio’s flashback in the finale, Victor’s narration of episode ten that he is, in fact, someone a lot of people admire, and slightly fear in JJ’s case, but Yuri never tells us!

I think its such a good way to tell his story and highlight his insecurity’s and the way he thinks. 

Can I thank the crewniverse enough for continuing the mental illness metaphor with corruption? This exchange is so very important.

Hey, corruptions aren’t dumb, they just think a little different, that’s all.

Let’s say I’m a monster. I spend all my time slamming my face into hard objects and throwing my tongues in the air for fun. How am I not… dumb? 

Well, she must be doing something right. She hasn’t fallen for any of your Peri Plans.

My mind went right to stimming with this. How many times does a neurotypical person watch someone who stimms a lot, and just thinks they’re dumb? Why are they hand flapping? Why are they petting their shirt? Why are they rocking? Why are they humming so loudly? Why are they playing with that dumb little thing over and over and over and over again? What idiots! Why do they do that All. The. Time???

Because it’s vital! And sure, it looks weird from the outside, but from the inside its crucial. It’s coping, it’s thinking, it’s buying time, it’s finding a safe place with the tips of your fingers when the world around you is just too much. 

So yeah, it looks strange from the outside, but you have no idea about the thought process going on inside. And it’s a part of who they are. Different? Yes. Dumb? Not at all. 

And those corrupted gems smashing into things, flicking their tongues in the air, jumping because they can… they’re not stupid either. Because they’re just trying to survive and cope the best way they know how. They need these things. It’s how they get by in a world that’s trying to kill them inside a body they no longer understand. It’s survival, plain and simple.

And I am so glad to see the direction this representation is continuing to follow.

Anyone want to meta Shady Mariah with me about the scene

where Shades shows up to Mariah’s house when she thought he was dead?

I fully believe that she was grieving and realizing how much he surprisingly meant to her during that scene when she’s sitting at the table with the vodka.

Then she goes over to where she has the gun and just looks at it nostalgicly because she’s lost so much in so little time.

And then Shades scares the hell out of her by just showing up, and he INSTANTLY KNOWS that Diamondback unnerved her probably by telling her he was dead.

And being the little lovesick puppy he is, he brings it up because he hopes that maybe she’ll admit to some sort of feeling for him, but she plays it cool like always.

Then he gets all protective when he sees the money on the table, like “He hurt you, didn’t he? Babe, need me to kill him?”

Then she shows him the gun, and he’s like “Bby, no, don’t sully your hands with that weapon.  I will kill for you.  You don’t have to.”

And that scene gives me all kinds of feels, since right after he gives her the one piece of blackmail he had on her, and later on he tells her that only she and him know who really killed Cornell, which suggests that what’s between them is real and his way of telling her that she holds all the power and he can’t hurt her even if she tried because there is no evidence he has against her.

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Come meta with me!

anonymous asked:

Talk to us about why you headcanon Sansa falling in love with Jon first. :-) I meant to ask you about it many times and maybe now is best, since it's always cheering to talk about one's OTP.

Awww, Nonny, that’s so sweet! <3

First I should put in a disclaimer that since I see this pairing very much as a crackship with no basis in canon (and I like it that way), all of this is really just based on wild speculation concerning hypothetical situations. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously. It’s just fun for me to think about and hopefully fun for others to read. Anyway, here’s my reasoning on why I think Sansa would fall for Jon first and then have to wait around for him to catch up:

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queenofdragons6  asked:

I don't remember how I found this blog, but I'm glad I did. (And I feel sad for Oma.)

Thank you so much! I honestly love running this blog, and I’m so glad there’s been a lot of support for all the meta and translations I’ve been doing here! All of you are so nice!

I understand the feeling–I’m sad for Ouma all the time. I understand why things happened the way they did thematically, I just really wish he’d been able to get a little bit more of a happy ending, or even more understanding from the rest of the cast.

@demoiselledefortune said: having very little opinion about Michalis I find him absolutely hilarious. I vaguely want to make a team out of him, Raigh, Selena and Idk Saizo? just so i can have everyone yell at me every time I tell them to move

Michalis and Raigh together is hilarious and I must do this once Michalis is trained up. Didn’t even think of that when I had my Raigh killing/recruiting him.

Well, part of my beef with Michalis is that Heroes draws SO much from FE12 and in my adamant opinion FE12 fucked up Michalis in truly distasteful ways.

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you know

for all I found tumblr because of dragon age

I follow a couple DC fans

and just

every time some good story or meta crosses my dash I think

I love this so much I should say something

or, you know, write some fic or meta myself too?

but I never do

I just sit here 

and I usually manage to click the little heart and sometimes q a thing

but that’s it

but I love them so much

The Diner Scene...

“You don’t think this neighborhood is a little sketchy?”
“Oh yeah, I’m shaking in my boots.”

This scene had some really great dialogue between them. I really like how confidently he can reassure her of her safety without having to belittle her by saying something like “don’t worry Karen, I’ll protect you” or “you are safe with me around.” Karen has said so many times that she can take care of herself and doesn’t like being treated as the damsel in distress. That being said, she is often in over her head when it comes to dangerous, life threatening situations. She is obviously scared to be out somewhere so public after what just happened to her, and Frank sees that and addresses it in the best way. He calms her down with light-hearted responses and subtly reminds her that she has nothing to worry about because he isn’t afraid of whoever is hunting her down.


She didn’t come right out and say it. She never did, but you knew. You saw the side glances, the frowns when you and Barry spoke together, and the blank stares she gave you. You knew that Iris West defiantly did not like you. 

You didn’t mind. Barry was her best friend, of course she would be protective of him. You were someone she’s never met before, that has spent very little time in Barry’s life and he was still with you so much. Plus the whole he liked her first, and didn’t have a lot of girlfriends in the first place. You could understand why she was so uneasy. Respect it, even.

What you didn’t respect, or even be able to begin to understand, was why she didn’t come right out and talk to you about it. You were both adults, and sure you were a meta human and dating her best friend.. But you were both grown up now and you thought you two should start acting like it. 

So when Barry was with Cisco, you paid Iris a visit at work, and offered her a coffee at the restaurant she used to work at. 

The two of you had a lot to discuss.. 

When Did Captain Swan Begin?

A post crossed my dash awhile back (and now I can’t find it!) about when Captain Swan became part of the writers plan. I know we all flailed over that “Always” but that was really a non-answer. Because writing doesn’t work like that! And while they may have always envisioned a partner for Emma that had the characteristics of Killian Jones I don’t think it follows that Captain Hook was always her intended partner.  So where did “always” start? How far back can we trace the writers commitment to Emma getting into a relationship with Captain Hook? 

Short answer is; we have no idea. But that’s no fun so I am taking off my shipper goggles and delving into it! 

First let me say that I 100% believe that the character of Killian Jones is perfect for Emma Swan. But as a writer I know characters and plot points don’t exist in a vacuum so this will attempt to be objective. Please don’t expect this to give you shipper feels!  

It got long so have a cut to save your dashes! 

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Here is a headcanon i have had for a while now about saiyans….
Soooo everyone seems to agree that saiyans live longer than humans. Much longer, given by how little they age over time…..idk what toriyama has said about it officially but if anyone wants to clarify
So say, a saiyan’s natural lifespan is about 3 times that of a human. So if the average human lives to be about 85 or thereabouts, the saiyan equivalent would be around 225.
So, take Goku for example. He’s 41 according to the wiki, physically 34 if you don’t count the time he was dead.
Divide that by three? He’s the saiyan equivalent of about 13 and a half years old. Yeesh, lol. No wonder he’s so immature, as far as saiyans would be concerned he’s still just a kid!
Doing the same for Vegeta, who is phyisically older (48, bc of the RoSaT), he’s about 16 years old. Dang, Vegeta, sweet 16 huh.
Honestly, these numbers are pretty extreme. I would probably divide by 2.5, or even 2, to get a more accurate idea of their Saiyan ages.
But really this just kinda makes it obvious that really, neither Goku nor Vegeta are really the equivalents of fully matured adults as saiyans, really.

See, chances are, a lot of Saiyans didn’t live past maybe 70 or 80 human years, due to their combative lifestyles. I would say that this has less to do with fighting itself and more to do with Frieza’s influence on their lives. Frieza probably took advantage of their cultural love of conquest and used it to destroy planets for his own purposes; and by sending them to do the most dangerous work, he doomed many of them to die before reaching the pinnacle of their strength. Because of this, many saiyans probably ended up mating and starting families before they were really biologically inclined to (because really, your biological clock doesn’t usually start ticking until you’re at LEAST 25, I would say? For saiyans, that would probably be around 50-60, give or take a few years.)
That kind of explains why they kept their children in pods and immediately sent them to conquer planets without any care from their parents. Under Frieza’s rule, Saiyans didn’t normally live long enough to become fully mature adults, so they were probably just having children just to prevent Frieza from driving them to extinction. As long as the saiyans were useful to him, Frieza would allow them to live.
So, apply this to Goku and Vegeta. Goku, while being a loving and caring person, is kind of a shit father, in the respect that he tends to leave his family at the drop of a hat and heavily prioritizes training and growing stronger over anything or anyone else. And frankly, considering that Goku had no idea what marriage WAS when he married Chi Chi, I’d assume that Goku didn’t really play much of a part in having Gohan…(I guess maybe younger saiyans get horny once in a blue moon, or at least are CAPABLE of having sex. But I doubt Goku had a sex drive, given how much time he spent away from ChiChi willingly…which goes hand in hand with the idea that Chi Chi is a bit of a Prude who saves sex for childbearing, lol.)

Now take Vegeta, on the other hand. Everyone knows that Trunks was conceived after a very brief (lol) affair with Bulma, after which Vegeta basically disappeared from their lives. Later on, when Vegeta has nowhere else to go, he stays with Bulma and grows fond of them both, despite still being emotionally distant…kinda like Goku. Vegeta sort of proves that younger saiyans can have sex…so maybe that old ‘oops-I’m-in-heat-let’s-fuck’ fanfic trope was true in Trunk’s case. Either way though, Vegeta was still at a stage in his Saiyan biology that detached him from the concept of family.

Both Goku and Vegeta’s family situations seem to show that at the times they had families, neithe rof them were really in a place to prioritize family over training. Maybe it’s normal that in the first 40-50 years of a saiyan’s life, they are obsessed with fighting and growing stronger, which would explain how their culture grew to center around combat. It also explains Goku and Vegeta’s unwavering focus on growing stronger.

So I’m thinking; once they reach full maturity…they will probably mature emotionally too. And perhaps sexually? *wink wink nudge nudge lol*
Ok getting to the entire kakavege basis of this; when they mature fully, they’ll probably instinctually want to seek each other out, being the two last saiyans in the universe of nearly equal strength. And the kicker is; since their previous marriages were more out of circumstance than anything else….chances are their first real feelings of attraction, both physical and romantic, would probably be towards each other. (AKA the whole “I’ve never felt this way before…” Trope)

Cue awkward pining for each other paired with the realization that they are both married, angst, drama, etc etc
But eventually it works out in the end bc they’re meant for each other

Ok i’m done overanalyzing dbz, class dismissed message me if u have any questions

Can we just talk about that end scene though???

Harvey admits something huge, that Donna means more to him than anyone else. And immediately he does what he does, he tries to run away. Every time things become too much, he pulls back instantly.

And Donna knows this, she knows him so well. So as he’s walking away, she smirks a little, because classic Harvey, say something mushy and walk away, so she stands up and pushes back, because she’s Donna and that’s what she does. She asks him “Why?”. Why is she so special? Why does she matter more?

And he does his “you know why” bullshit. And you can see that look on her face, what she expected, happened. He’s running away. He’s saying things, without saying them. He’s saying she means more to him, but not why. So she gives him this rueful smile and doesn’t say anything more. It’s classic Harvey, right?“

But then he pauses and he tells her why. "You know I love you.” And you know this is spontaneous. It’s spur of the moment. He almost lost Donna, and we know that Harvey can’t take that. This episode proved what lengths Harvey was willing to go to. This is Harvey ‘I won’t perjure myself’ Specter. He was willing to go all the way for this woman. Everyone knows how much he cares for her, because he shows it all the goddamn time, but for the first time he says it. And it shocks both them.

(It’s also so telling, because he doesn’t just say I love you, he says you know i love you. Because Donna knows, Donna always knows. But she also knows that Harvey wasn’t ready (or isn’t ready), so she doesn’t push. She waits.)

At the end of that scene, Donna just looks blown away. She’s actually speechless. And Harvey, god Harvey. As soon as he steps out of the apartment, you can see it actually hits him, what he said, what it means. It physically slaps him in the face. And instantly you know that this wasn’t a platonic I love you. This wasn’t Harvey just dropping something and trying to play it off later and nothing else. This was real. It happened. It meant something.

And I can’t wait to see what happens next.

A study in Bellamy’s decision (3x04)

I’m so sick of hearing people say: Bellamy making that decision was completely out of character! On one hand you can argue that he would have never made the same choice if he wasn’t in so much pain, but he is.

This episode showed Bellamy’s PTSD for the first time. In a matter of days the man has lost everything that he loves - he got betrayed by someone he thought he could trust, which resulted in a lot of his people getting killed, including his girlfriend. His little sister, the only reason why he came down to Earth in the first place, is choosing to leave him, and Clarke - his best friend, his partner, his confidant chooses politics over him, in spite of everything he’s done for her, to show her that he needs her. 

Not to mention that he obviously still carries the guilt from what happened at Mount Weather (as shown briefly in 3x01). I literally cannot bring myself to imagine what it must be like to be robbed of everything you love like that, and to at the same time hate yourself because you’ve caused the death of your people, who should be your responsibility. Bellamy thinks The 100 is his responsibility, and by trusting The Ice Nation, he let them down. 

There’s no purpose in his life anymore, because Bellamy is the type of person who doesn’t fight for himself like Octavia does for example. The only reason why he keeps on going, is for the sake of other people. By hurting them and letting them slip through his fingers, he is left completely without a purpose. 

He feels guilty, devastated and hopeless - doesn’t know why he should carry on. 

But here comes Pike (who is the real person to blame here in my opinion), who has seen the amount of pain this man is going through, how vulnerable he is, and he uses that to his advantage. People are easy to manipulate when they’re feeling lost: all you need to do is offer them a purpose, a reason to keep living and perhaps most importantly - someone else to blame: some way to get rid f the insane amount of self-loathing. 

Bellamy Blake made that choice because Pike made him see it as a course. Not because he simply decided to be an ass. He was manipulated. That happens often in the real world, mind you.  

Should we be mad at the writers for showing this? Absolutely not. Bellamy Blake was not out of character. He was human. 

Zutara Week 2015 Happenstance

Here is the thing, I love Zutara week, but I am absolutely horrible at writing and drawing. Also, I don’t have as much time as I used to so I thought I might contribute another way: meta. There is already a ton of great Zutara meta floating around on the internet but a little bit more can’t hurt.

Basically, I am going to try and examine and discuss Zutara under the various angles of the prompts. I may get to all of them, some of them, or only this one depending on time and inspiration. Please note this does analyze and discuss Kataang so beware!

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Jenna Nickerson Is My Hero

I wanted to articulate this a little better because it means a lot to me:

We learned a couple of things about Jenna in this last episode. Her first kiss, evidently, was with a girl. RAD, RIGHT?

Dean: I bet Blue House was pissed.

Jenna: Yeah, she was.


It was so quick you almost missed it. But once you DO catch that, some dynamics in the Nickerson household become a little bit clearer.

We don’t know why Jenna spent so much time at her grandmothers’ house: maybe her parents were absent, maybe she just spent summers there. In any case, it’s clear that she USED to spend a lot of time there and grew out of childhood in that neighborhood. Her grandmother obviously cares about her very much, and she is very happy to see Jenna after moving to Nebraska (and thus not being around anymore - it’s implied that Jenna doesn’t visit all that often.) Jenna, however, looked kind of uncomfortable and went directly upstairs to take a nap after arriving instead of, oh I don’t know, catching up with her dear grandmother. Odd, no? Why would Jenna express any aversion to her childhood guardian, one she claimed made her feel so “safe?”

I think the answer lies in the unrestrained truth of soulless!Jenna.

Jenna appeared very against calling the priest or involving the church as her grandmother suggested when Amara started exhibiting some strange behavior. She was hesitant to enter the room, but ultimately decided that she would help Amara in any way she could on her own. Maternally. Her grandmother’s frantic reaction totally put her off, and she was kind of antsy and rolling her eyes when she talked to Dean about the decision later (one she tried to talk her out of).

When she loses her soul and approaches her grandmother in the kitchen with the knife, she says, “I have always wanted to try this.”

Always. As in, not a freak impulse, but a considered thought that stretches back some undeterminable amount of time, possibly to childhood. There is some clear resentment there. THEN, she goes through the painstaking process of breaking every single one of her grandmother’s ceramic angels, saying she never liked any of them. I can’t remember exactly what she said here, but the same sense that Jenna has been carrying this resentment in her for a while also shone through.

So let’s review what we know about her: Jenna is confirmed queer and had her first kiss with a member of the same sex within view of her grandmother’s house. She doesn’t want to involve the church in their family problems, brought on by a little girl acting “not normally,” and carries some deeply rooted aggression towards her apparently very religious grandmother. She hasn’t been back to visit in some time, and is not interested in spending long amounts of time with her grandmother alone.

So what I gained from all this is the following: Jenna’s queerness probably negatively impacted her relationship with her grandmother, who was almost definitely a “pray away the gay” type. My theory is that Gramma Nickerson SAW that gay kiss down the road - prone to waiting for her on the front porch as she is - and involved the church. However, since her grandmother clearly still adores Jenna, she must have claimed to be “fixed” and hid her queerness from her grandmother for the rest of her life. Jenna, feeling angry and repressed and fed up with stigma as she passed into adulthood, moved to Superior, Nebraska to escape her grandmother’s religious fanaticism and didn’t really have intentions of coming back unless in an emergency, despite the lack of hard feelings. She doesn’t have any family but her, at least close by, and was willing to sacrifice a few moments of discomfort in order to take the best care of Amara, all while NOT burdening Dean with her family problems. ONLY when the burden of her soul and moral conscience was removed was she was able to act out that rage she’d been repressing for so long.

Jenna is definitely the unsung hero of this episode.


Once again… Calling all Meta writers! 

Hey loves! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! …Or winter depending where you are in the world. Anyways, some of you may recall back in February when I held a Delena Meta Love Month. Well… I had so much fun writing and reading everyones metas, that I decided to have another one! 

I’m finally proud to announce that my second Delena Meta Month is underway! It’s going to be the same as last time but with different categories. And the month of July is a little longer than February which means more Metas! 

Bre (who is responsible for the lovely gifs above) and I have been planning this for a while now, so I hope a lot of you participate and keep your love for Delena alive. The meta doesn’t have to be all fancy…you can just write why you love these moments and your thoughts on them. You can browse this tag from my last meta month to get an idea. There is some great reads there btw. 

Anyone can participate.
Reblog this post if you are planning on participating.
Metas can be as short or as long as you want.
Gifs and Edits are welcome to be made as long as you write a little something to go along with them.
Don’t steal other people’s work, ideas, gifs or edits.
If you do use others people’s anything…ask permission first and credit them.
All posts must be original. Please do not reblog old posts and add your own meta. You can, however, copy/paste your own meta that you previously wrote to a new post and link it to your orginal post.
Use the tag “A Delena July” and I will reblog all of them.
Put the Catorgory in the title.
The Categories will go as followed:

July 1: “When You Knew” Moment
July 2: Delena Headcanon -Staying true to the show. Write a moment you wished happened or saw more of.
July 3: Favorite Make up Moment - After a fight or argument
July 4: “Fireworks” Moment (Favorite Exchange of Looks)
July 5: Favorite Couple Moment
July 6: Favorite Moment of Comfort
July 7: Favorite Delena Season 1 Moment
July 8: Favorite Flirt Moment
July 9: Favorite Underrated Moment
July 10: Favorite Interrupted Moment
July 11: Favorite Delena Season 2 Moment
July 12: Favorite Phone Conversation
July 13: Favorite Badass Moment
July 14: Favorite Unspoken Conversation
(Feelings express without words)
July 15: Favorite Spoken Conversation
July 16: Favorite Holding Back of Tears
July 17: Favorite Delena Moment involving Stefan
(present or not)
July 18: Favorite Delena Season 3 moment
July 19: Favorite Moment on the Road (road trips included)
July 20: Favorite Delena Moment involving Jeremy (present or not)
July 21: Favorite Delena Moment involving Alaric (present or not)
July 22: Favorite Hallucinated Moment
July 23: Favorite Delena Season 4 moment

July 24: Favorite Moment involving Food (actually food or blood)
July 25: Favorite Moment involving Water (rain,river,lake etc etc)
July 26: Favorite Delena Season 5 moment
July 27: Favorite Moment involving Alcohol
July 28: Favorite Parallel
July 29: Favorite Happy Moment
July 30: Favorite Delena Season 6 moment
July 31: Favorite Goodnight/Goodbye

If you have any questions message me or chairdelenazade and we will gladly answer.
I can’t wait to read all your Metas!
Have fun!