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okay so my sister and I were rewatching the party clip from last friday cos we are obsessed and have no chill and we noticed something in particular in the metro scene. 

So basically the part where Yousef comes over and gives Sana the hearteyes. 

the camera of course focuses on Yousef

Then Sana

and then the camera focuses on Mikael who is on the other side of the metro with the rest of the characters.

When I first saw this I thought nothing of it. I just figured they were showing us how Yousef and Sana are away from the noise that is happening. It is like it is just them away from everyone else, and Mikael just happened to be the chosen to represent the girl squad and boy squad that Yousef has ditched in favour to spend time with Sana 

but then

The camera gives us Yousef again

Then Sana

And then Mikael


This entire sequence is a pattern and patterns are never coincidences.

for some reason Mikael is included in Sana and Yousef’s little cute staring into each others eyes moment. He is so included that the camera makes a point of focusing on him just as long as Sanasef, repeatedly even though he is separate from the moment they are having and has not made any impact on Sana’s story yet. This is because Mikael is meant to be in our minds. 

Mikael being a part of their (Sana’s) story is meant to be planted in our minds. It is here. We are ready. 

So when it all begins to unravel and Mikael is there in the centre along with Sana and Yousef and everyone from the chain reaction the trailer portrayed, we will not be completely shocked. 

Because he has been here all along. 

in her story. 

The question just is why? 

Why is he going to be so important that he hijacks Sana’s little staring contest with her love interest. 

What is Mikael’s role in this season?

Hopefully time will soon tell. 

No you have to understand. Slade gets Evelyn to come at Oliver with a gun and says “there is no giving up to these guys”

When Oliver first started to be trained by Slade, way back in 1x14 he questioned what good the training would do against men with guns. Slade gives him a gun and demonstrates how to disarm a man pointing a gun at him from close range and says “there is no giving up to these guys”. Later that same episode, Oliver executes the same move to save himself and Slade- the first time the training seems to have been effective. It’s Oliver’s first real success in training.

And it’s the move that Oliver uses against Evelyn in the finale. It’s a beautifully subtle callback. And, more importantly, it shows the shared history of Oliver and Slade, the reason why, given just a little bit of encouragement, Oliver is so easily able to trust Slade with so much that is important to him. The reason why Slade sticks with him throughout the episode. A shared memory as evidence of bond between them.

I’m answering an Anon in my inbox asking about how I think the fact that Abrams and Kasdan are Jewish might affect the story we’re getting - no need for anyone to get their knickers in knots, it a very polite question - and I was looking up some factoids I needed. In doing so I stumbled over something I hadn’t realized before and it doesn’t really fit into the ask but I’m itching to share it because it’s kinda hilarious.

There’s been much speculation about why on earth they named Han’s and Leia’s son Ben. In the old EU that was the name of Luke’s son and he’s no longer canon - plus Ben isn’t Luke’s - and the only other Ben around is Ben Kenobi, a person neither Leia nor Han were close.

I think I might have found out.

The noun ‘ben’ in Hebrew means ‘son’. That’s it, they actually went and called Han’s and Leia’s son for well… son.

It’s really interesting given how much emphasis there is on names in TFA. 

Finn finding a new one when he rejects his identity as FN-2187, a name that literally mean bright or fair or luminous.

Rey having taken her name most likely from the old X-Wing pilot’s helmet she was sitting with outside her AT-AT home.

And Kylo, who rejects his identity as Ben, as a son, and becoming Kylo Ren.

This is of particular interest when it comes to Finn and Kylo. Both rejects the identities they were raised with - as son (of Han and Leia) and someone who is only a number respectively - and takes on, and over the course of the movie confirms, the new one they have chosen for themselves.

It just hit me that the only reason the girl squad became The Girl Squad was because Noora would only join Vilde’s russ buss if they let Sana join. 

and now I’m just like super emotional because their friendship is so beautiful and I know she means so much to Sana. 

I feel like it’s evident that Sana may try to help Noora again which may or may not end up with her ‘tripping’ and beginning the chain of chaos as seen in the trailer. 

how much she cares and wants to help Noora is so clear and I just feel like their friendship again is another beautiful one in skam and I need more scenes like the one from season 2 asap

We have been saying a lot that the vulnerability that we have been seeing in Sana so far this season is something none of the mains have seen before. And although this scene was more about Noora’s vulnerability while Sana was her rock. I feel like Noora still saw more of the real Sana than a lot of other people see which makes me think that she might be the one Sana goes to when she is going through a tough time this season. I think she has the potential to be there for Sana and possibly is the one Sana will go to first.

But then as indicated on this season so far, the girl squad haven’t been making Sana feel very warm and understood….so maybe something happens (Sana accidentally trips Noora) that cuts this connection for a little while, making Sana go to someone she usually wouldn’t…(Even perhaps?) 

Either way i’m keen for shit to go dooooown


Graphic: @myqueenyoursavior (Thank you!)

Time for some fun speculation! It looks like the Evil Queen’s sleeping curse may have a surprising twist.

Snow White had been asleep from before Emma was transported to the wish realm. Charming refused to wake her up before he’d found a solution to the ‘Gideon problem’.

Right after Emma defeats Gideon, David gets caught up in seeking answers about his father’s death. After he faints, Hook tells him to kiss Snow and get some sleep, but David refuses.

The next scene is the next morning when Regina gives Robin clothes and then right after we see this conversation between Regina and Snow. It’s a bit out of the blue but our minds fill in the blanks. We assume David has changed his mind and woken her up, maybe left a video explaining what happened and that she went to Regina.

At that point, it’s not that strange, she could go see Emma later. Except she doesn’t. The next thing we know, it’s the same morning and she’s back in asleep as David gets up. Soon after we’re drawn into his mission again.

Now hold up. This is Snow White the Maternal we’re talking about. Her daughter went to a wish realm, came back, almost got killed by Rumplestiltskin’s son - honestly, the one that left her pregnant and incarcerated wasn’t enough? - and she is only spending time with Regina? Emma’s life is still in danger. Snow has been asleep for a long time and now she’s already turning in after being awake for only the night? Not even trying to go see Emma?

Then there is Snow’s video message. No mention of Emma, no mention of him not waking her up for such a long time. It’s the first time she has a chance to say anything to him about everything that’s going on, but the message could be that of any other day… She loves and misses him. 

Then there’s David. He didn’t seem like he was planning on waking Snow up. He was on a mission, both to stop Gideon and now he had an extra mission to figure out what happened to his father. He had two missions now and no solutions. He knew that if he woke up his wife, he wouldn’t have control over when to continue or whether she’d react like him. Trying to solve things before waking him. By showing him as he fainted, we were reminded that he didn’t have to wake Snow in order to sleep…

So maybe all he did was get some sleep without waking Snow up. Maybe he simply watched an older video first thing in the morning because he misses her? We never saw him wake her up or vice versa. We never got her response to the events of the past days. All she talked about was Robin Hood, which shouldn’t exactly be her main concern.

So the alternative explanation is that we were shown where Snow or Charming go when they are sleeping. We know they are under a sleeping curse and we know that sleeping curses send you to a physical place that is also very real - Henry got burned by going back to the burning room. So what if the Queen twisted it up so that a parallel universe was created where the circumstances were exactly the same? As soon as Snow White falls asleep, she wakes up in a Storybrooke where Charming is asleep. There is never a break, they can’t even dream about being together?

If that’s true, then the last scene could have taken place in the real world or in the parallel dream universe. David tells Hook he’s overdue to wake Snow - again suggesting she may have been asleep longer than since the morning - and the next scene we see Charming asleep and Snow once again talking to Regina. Either Charming got home, woke Snow and then Regina came over, or we switched to the dream world where to Snow it looks like Charming is asleep. Confusing much?

So, why is all of this so important? 

…because we have a musical coming up, of course! There are a few Buffy references on Once Upon a Time, so Buffy’s ‘Once more with feeling’ is bound to come up, especially since they took Willow & Tara’s line “I will always find you.” and made it iconic on Once. One of the funny little jokes of that episode is that the very first explanation for their vocal predicament during the song “I’ve got a theory” is immediately the right one. 

…so why wouldn’t Once Upon a Time use the second explanation offered by that couple they already like so much? (If anyone writes a meta on evil witches, midgets or bunnies being the cause, I’ll be over here, tag me.)

If without knowing it, we switched to the perspective of the dream world, with no way back to the regular world if the curse ends up being broken while we are on the inside. Could we get stuck in a world that is biased towards Snow, since she was the first one to fall asleep?

…and wouldn’t that make an awful lot of sense that a wedding between Emma and Hook took place because Emma is in a world where she is literally living out her parents’ dreams instead of her own?

The wish realm was a place without the Evil Queen, where Snow and Charming had control over their kingdom, but also over their daughter.

Emma didn’t like the person she was there very much and Regina points to one specific aspect of the white princess that sums it all up.

…so if on top of a wedding everyone also bursts into song, shouldn’t that finally start clueing people in that we are in a world that’s a little biased? That’s a little Snow and a little Charming and a little bit too far to be comfortable?

Emma & Regina would agree.


You know, I actually wanted to discuss this since the last chapter. What will Touka do if Yoriko is still alive? We don’t get definitive clarification regarding her status but since Mutsuki talked about “arrest” and suggested they have a talk in private I’ll assume she’s still alive. So Will Touka go rescue her? I think she will. Facing the possibility that her best friend is still alive but suffering a lot and all because of her, because she’s a ghoul and they’re friends - Touka can’t possibly just let her suffer and die if there’s a chance of saving her.

Soooo, the inner conflict will be that Touka doesn’t want to endanger the group. There’s a lot at risk if she goes to search and rescue her. Even if the whole gang goes, it’s still an unnecessary risks since they won’t gain any benefits from it. But then again, same goes for the lab operation to save Akira. It was a personal issue for Kaneki, but speaking from the perspective of the OEK and the group as a whole it was selfish as he could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if he stayed with the others instead if scattering the forces. And it’s different this time, since the goats are already in a tight spot rn and there might be traps everywhere as Mutsuki and co. are already awaiting them.
So i was wondering if she’d even consult the others about Yoriko. If she does, she can bet her ass that the others will support her to rescue Yoriko and she wouldn’t want to cause trouble for everyone bc of her own issues.

Now in this chapter we see Kaneki wondering if she’s ok/hurt and we know she isn’t. She’s in distress. She good at hiding it. Her facial expression looks completely neutral when she talks to Kaneki, just like when she told Mutsuki that she doesn’t know Kosoka. That leads me to assume that she doesn’t want to let anyone else know about it at all.
She probably gonna go save Yoriko herself and I’m super worried.
[The other, although less likely, possibilities here are that she won’t go save Yoriko bc if she gets captured or anything, you can bet hell will break lose on Kaneki and co’s side and that’s a lot of trouble for the group too.
Or, she figured it was just a bluff bc it didn’t smell like Yoriko? But she gets triggered and sad anyways :(

I can’t begin to fathom how worried and stressed she must feel now, especially having to act like nothing happened and shouldering it alone.
So she asks Kaneki about Hide. What does he feel, how would he act? She’s indirectly asking for advice. And Kaneki apologizes bc he’s not much of a help there. When he felt like seeing him he never did it or anything else to help fill that need (he’s probably referring to how he always kept his distance to not endanger Hide and well, you know, afterwards he could not go see him at all…) So he always just ends up missing him even more. *rips heart out*

And then she pins him down.
Might have to do with her missing and actually being thirsty for him for a long time, but what I think really was the trigger here is that she’s looking for relief from the pain both of them share. It just simple as that but then again it’s deep. It gives me feels bc they’re both hurting and she’s looking for a way to make it go away for even just a short moment. She might be a little desperate bc it hurts so much… So many emotions are overwhelming her.

Kaneki is right. They both need some rest…

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(1) i always thought the way mary's videos appeared was a bit weird and it reminded of something but i didn't know what. now i get it, it kind of reminds me of lady kovarian from doctor who. im not sure you're familiarized with it, but there's a few episodes she appears out of nothing in amy's mind and although it's not really video it kind of looks like she's opening an window in her mind before it's revealed that amy is not really there,

(2) she was actually kept like a prisioner by madame kovarian the whole time. it’s a very diferente show of course, but it made me think, if the theory that mary’s alive and controlling them with td12 is right, the videos would be there like to show mary is the one manipulating everything and creating like a fake version of events.

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OH WOW, is that not just eerily similar. I have watched that series yes, but I only started doing Sherlock/Doctor Who meta at series 9 I think (??) so I’m not as familiar with it. But omg, Kovarian scared me so much at the time! 

And as you say that is such a good indicator of Mary/Kovarian ‘interrupting’ John/Amy’s dream, before it’s even revealed that it is a dream. 

And this gave me chills:

The first time Ganger Amy saw Kovarian, she appeared at the little girl’s bedroom door at Graystark Hall Orphanage in a hatch in the door. Amy was startled and asked who she was. Kovarian ignored her and said “No, I think she’s just dreaming”, then disappeared. (x)

So Mary is the Kovarian of John’s nightmare, interrupting what he thinks is ‘reality’ and controlling the ending with her “posthumous” DVDs. 

(Also, sidenote: isn’t it an awful coincidence that Kovarian’s nickname was…’eyepatch lady’… @waitedforgarridebs @marcespot)

SOPHIE Everything alright, Parker?
PARKER I can’t stop thinking about the Newtons. Nate said they had faith their father was at peace, but… that’s not enough. How do you do it?
SOPHIE Do what?
PARKER How do you care, that people you like someday they’ll die.
SOPHIE You know Parker, we never really talk about it, but if you lost someone when you were just a child [Parker looks away, Sophie tries to make eye-contact], then you might put up walls that you make sure you never get hurt again. Trust me this life is not worth living without the people that make us want to tear down those walls. The thrill of vulnerability the danger of opening your heart. It makes us feel alive.
PARKER I feel alive when I’m jumping off a building.
SOPHIE Well maybe that’s why they call it falling in love.

I’ve always been fascinated by Parker and Sophie’s dynamic. To Parker, Sophie is like the embodiment of all the female figures in life she’s been deprived of as a child: a mother, a sister, a confidante. I think it’s only natural for her to look up to Sophie and expect her fears to be quelled and all her questions answered, there’s a natural kinship between these two because Sophie is all the above. Here she understands that what Parker needs is assurance and trust because Parker doesn’t quite grasp what unconditional love means. This scene, especially, Sophie associates the thrill of jumping off buildings, to putting her faith in people, something Parker can relate to, it’s not trite or belittling, because people often take things we’ve been taught since birth for granted, but Parker’s a classic case of childhood neglect. This girl, who at a very young age thought she was not worthy to being part of family, doesn’t know how to cope with death or find closure, she’s absolutely terrified that she cares deeply for these people, her people, that the lost of one or all could literally break her. Deconstructing Parker’s character is understanding her basic concept of things like love and death, her arc starts from scratch, a progress of learning curves, and there’s a group of broken people teaching her acceptance and betterment. My perfect thief, you are stunning to behold.

i think my main question to antis when they throw around all the bad shit snape does is: what is enough?

for every bad thing snape has done, he’s been punished a hundredfold. said mudblood? lost his best and only friend. joined the death eaters? had a part in said friend’s death. had to spy for 20 years. eventually got killed himself. 

what is enough punishment for y’all to be satisfied that he is “properly” redeemed? how much self-flagellation does snape need to go through to prove himself? i don’t know if people think he hasn’t done enough because he doesn’t seem properly guilty or because he just isn’t a nice person or what, but he spends every day in danger, he saves countless lives, he lives and breathes the Cause, he dies painfully…. and none of that is enough for anyone to look at his bad deeds and “okay, that’s enough”? none of that balances his scales, even a little?

what else would he need to DO to get redemption? because as far as i see it, he’s earned it in pain and blood and literal sacrifice. he lost everything. he GAVE everything. and yet i still have to listen to someone complain about how he never truly redeemed himself, that he never earned the redemption arc he worked over 20 years to achieve? 

at some point you have to admit that there is nothing that will satisfy your thirst persecute a character tbh. bc snape has literally given up everything to get some sort of absolution - has been punished for all of his bad actions time and time again, and there are still people who will look at his story and say it wasn’t enough. as if the tragedy of his life was that he gave so much and got so little joy or happiness or love. 

Happy Birthday Sanji~!

Today it’s Sanji’s birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Tokyo and visited the Mugiwara Store and enjoying the Day of Sanji in the Year of Sanji.

Now, I’ve been extremely busy for the last six months and I haven’t been able to write even half of the posts I come up with in my head. But today is Sanji’s birthday and he’s my favorite anime character of all time. So, I am going to talk about my love for Sanji, and all (some of) the reasons to why he’s my favorite.

Under the cut you’ll find a lot of love and me being biased! Now on to my list of reasons to love Sanji.

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Shiro disappeared after Zarkon had unleashed his magic(quintessence???) onto the head of voltron and Shiro plugged in his Bayard that released Zarkons hold but right after voltron split apart…that’s exactly when Shiro’s lion was lifeless

Voltron split apart BECAUSE of Shiro vanishing…that’s exactly the moment it happened

So once upon a time I made this giant theory post (x) about Gravity Rush and what I thought about one specific character. Well, now that the sequel’s out, and I’ve had about a week to digest everything that happened, I’m ready to make a sort of follow-up to that. 

Warning: This contains spoilers for the entirety of Gravity Rush 2 and also a ridiculously long post.

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The thing that really made me not hate TFP like I wanted to was the Molly Scene™.

Like??? That was such a big moment for Sherlock? No matter your ship persuasion (Sherlolly/Johnlock/etc), I don’t see how people don’t see what a MASSIVE step this was?

He had to stand there and save her. Usually, this would something Sherlock would relish, right? The ability to be the hero? The ‘drama queen’? But, this time, you can see the dread in him, when he sees the ‘I love you’ and knows it involves Molly. The take Eurus gives him means he can’t use his brain to save her, he has to use his emotions. He has to tell her loves her. He has to tell another living soul - a living soul he knows loves him with everything and has very little else - that he loves them.

Yes, the task was only to get Molly to say 'I love you’ to HIM but Sherlock KNEW that the only way he could possibly get her to say it would be to say it first… despite the fact it would be the most alien and most difficult thing for him to do?
Not only does he do it, but he says it twice. He doesn’t think his first try is good enough. Poor Molly suffers but manages a reply, but it was plain to every single one of us, Sherlock included, what SUFFERING it was.

And unlike before, unlike when he could happily tell himself he was detached and sociopathic and that was that, he couldn’t say it and not feel the weight of it. He can’t pull a Janine™ anymore… and doesn’t that say something a incredibly MASSIVE about how far he’s come???

Yes, perhaps it’s because it’s Molly - (“I’m not trying to mock you. We’re friends. You’re my FRIEND!”) - but perhaps, just perhaps, Eurus, in making him do this, woke him up to all the 'emotional context’ of his entire life.

He realised he does have the capacity to feel, but that he’s been broken by the actions of his sister; scarred, I suppose. He’s opened the floodgates now though; “Once you open your heart you can’t close it again,” so, he can’t hold in his rage and guilt (and coffin destroying) that ensures afterward; because he’s angry he’s broken, angry and despaired at the situation… but mostly utterly despairing that he had to make Molly suffer, AGAIN… and this time, he felt every single, painful shard of it.

Once upon a time, he hurt Molly on a whim, almost for fun, and would be completely ignorant to it. Now? Well, the change is pretty fucking astounding. Therefore, I would happily label this the most important scene of the episode. It just… says so much with so little?.

Ice skating - Barry Allen

Summary :You get your boyfriend Barry to go out ice-skating with you for the first time and show off some of your skills, which surprises him quite a bit.

Word Count :1055 

warnings : slight smut but not much

pairing : barry allen x reader

A/N : I do not own any of these gifs, credit goes out to original owners. This is the first x-mas / winter writing prompt forthis holiday season. Sorry this is so short, but enjoy it anyways. :)

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“Barryy.” You drawl out his name. Turning around in your chair at S.T.A.R. Labs, you look at your boyfriend who was busy with paper work and organizing the meta humans names’. It was the beginning of December and the winter season, so that meant that the skating rinks were re-opened; much to your delight. 

You used to go ice-skating all the time when you were little, you did with all your friends, even some of your boyfriends if the relationship lasted that long. It was kind of a tradition for you, and you wanted to share that tradition with Barry.

“Hmm?” He hums, not even looking up at you. You sigh and get up, walking over to the desk and sitting in front of your boyfriend. He finally looks up at you, eyebrows raised. “May I help you, Y/N?” He leans back, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I want to go ice-skating, please will you come with me?” You plead using your puppy dog eyes. He sighs and smiles a bit. 

“Babe, I’ve never gone ice-skating before.” Barry chuckles. “I wouldn’t last a second on the ice.” You raise an eyebrow.

“You’re The Flash, can The Flash not handle a little ice?” You tease, grinning like an idiot. He furrows his eyebrows, getting up and grabbing your coats. “Yay!” You squeal, knowing that Barry was going to prove you wrong out on the rink.

When you got to the rink you rented your skates and quickly put them on. You stood easily, Barry needing help already. You giggle and help him out onto the ice, letting him stand near the wall so that he’d have something besides you to put his weight on. You two slowly start to make your way around, and soon enough Barry get’s a hand of it.

“See, it’s not so hard.” You smiled, holding his hand. Barry looked down at you, kissing the top of your head and continuing to glide along the ice. After a few minutes you pulled away from him and made your way into the middle of the rink. You do a few small circles before getting ready to do a big spin in the air. No one has ever seen you out on the rink besides your family members, so you were excited to see Barry’s reaction to this. 

Pushing yourself up off the ice you hold your arms close to you as you do three perfect spins in the air, landing perfectly. You smile and turn your head, seeing a very awestruck and surprised Barry Allen. You skate back over to him, closing his gaping mouth. 

“Don’t want to freeze your lugs, now do you?” You tease, nudging him slightly. 

“How come you never told me you were so good at this!?” He exclaims, starting his way around the rink once more. You shrug, your hands running through your hair.

“I don’t know, I just never thought it was important information.” You shrug.

“Well I’d say that it is pretty fa-nominal that you can do that.” He pulls you close. “My beautiful ice princess.” You blush, giggling at the new nickname. You two skate around, Barry occasionally falling on his ass and you just stand there laughing at him, until he pulls you down with him. When you two get back up he gets the great idea to try and do some tricks. He skates along, looking back at you with a cocky grin on his face. 

“Barry! Babe, watch out there’s a-” You were to late to finish off your sentence because Barry ran into the wall, falling and sitting on the cold flooring. “Wall.” You sigh, going over to him and helping him up. “Let’s get you home Barr, I think all the hot cocoa has gotten to your brain and made you think that you can actually do stuff.” You giggled. He made a look at you, not a bad one, just a playful one. You walk him back to Joe’s and Iris’s. 

“Stay with me tonight, you haven’t stayed over for quite a while and I don’t want you walking home so late in this cold.” He says, dragging you inside without even listening to a word you were trying to say. You and Barry walk upstairs and then you realize that you don’t have any clothes to sleep in for the night. 

“Uh..Barr? I don’t have anything to sleep in.” You mumble. He shrugs and throws a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt at you. The clothing hits your face and you stand there, arms crossed. You could hear Barry chuckle at you.

“Hey,Y/N? You’re supposed to wear the clothes on your body, not your face.” You huff and take the clothing off of your face. You change out of your clothes from the day, going slow because you knew that Barry was watching your every move. “Y/N..” Barry’s voice was low. “Are you trying to tease me?” You turn around, only wearing your undergarments and the t-shirt Barry threw at you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Barr.” You smirk, handing him his boxers. He puts them back in his drawer and before you know it you were on your back on his bed. You look up, Barry hovering over you with eyes full of hunger. 

“You know how I feel about you teasing me, baby.” He whispers, ghosting his lips over your neck. You shiver, goosebumps rising along your skin. “I would normally just tease you for teasing me, but I’m far to tired so I think I’m going to go to bed. Good night, baby.” Barry grins, giving you a quick peck on the lips and then he rolls over, turning off his lamp and pulling him close to you. You groan silently but smile, resting your head against Barry’s arm. 

“Good night, Barr.” You mumble, falling asleep right as your eyes closed. 

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Yoo harb what are your thoughts on Echoes?

My instinctual answer is to say “Finally, a real Fire Emblem Game again” but that might be a little harsh so let me qualify. I mean, after all, I’ve spent so much time on drawings for Awakening, and even some for Fates. I have SO MANY PAGES of art for Virion alone. Awakening probably also helped to prop me up from being crushed by depression in a sense. Seems a little cruel to chuck those games under the bus, right?

cut for spoilerssssss (mostly vague, but just in case)

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Headcanon: The Bayverse movies are a shared dreamscape for cybertronians in other continuities. It came into being when earth became suddenly important in the great Civil War, as Cybertronians tried to cope with the new paradigm where tiny flesh creatures gained great importance in their conflict. It’s only one of many dreamscapes, but those who have fought on earth tend to gravitate toward it in their sleep. 

Think about it, in the movies, the characters are disjointed, their personalities shift from movie to movie (sometimes scene to scene). Motivations are unclear and/or simplified. Why does Optimus care about the humans? Ask him that and he spouts some vague rhetoric that is never really established in the movies. The humans treat the robots like either pets or villains and are generally unbelievable assholes to them. Megatron just does things because grrr!. It’s clear that he’s very emotional and passionate about beating the hell out of Optimus, but his motives are never well established either. But it makes perfect sense if that whole world is a collective dream, the bots would be taking their motivations, hangups and grudges with them when they go into recharge and find themselves suddenly a part of this disjointed narrative.

So many scenes in these movies seem like a collections of Nightmares that characters might tell Rung during a session:

Ravage: It was stormy, the ocean was choppy. I think I was on the top of a human ship..A submarine. I opened a hatch and regurgitated ball bearings into their bridge and it turned into another another cybertronian.

Ironhide: I was standing in the human’s private outdoor space, everyone was there. A tiny creature, a dog? I could barely see it. The thing drained it’s tank on my foot. I got angry but Optimus wouldn’t let me squish it, I had to stand there and do nothing.

Bee: I was in my alt mode in some kind of park, these two humans were making out on my hood and It made me feel warm and happy?

Megatron: -then I realized that I wasn’t really in charge, I was serving a master. I doing all the work for millennia long quest to destroy earth’s sun and he didn’t lift a finger to help. This made sense to me at the time, I was content to be a tool as long as I won in the end.

Optimus: -We were destroying the city but that did no matter. I could hear the humans dying but all I cared about was finishing him once and for all.

Bots whose consciousness goes into the dreams during recharge tend to be incidental characters in the dreamscape, but those who are in comas/unconscious/dead-but-not-really become more important because they are their for long periods of time. Sometimes pivotal characters like Optimus and Megatron are phantoms of what the dreaming bots believe they should be rather then the dreaming consciousness of those characters.

Honestly, these movies make so much more sense as a shared dream. Death has so little weight that you can picture the poor bot who died horribly waking up in the equivalent of a cold sweat on their recharge slab or after being knocked out in battle. 

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So the first time the colt gets used in supernatural John kills a vampire with it. Hell I think it gets introduced in the same episode as the vampirers. Now the colt kind of got reintroduced and the first thing that gets killed with it is a vampire the alpha no less. coincidence?

Beautiful symmetry, regardless :D I like to think it’s intentional. Or at least, a collection of things that they wanted to happen that all coincided beautifully, and Dabb and Berens stared at the board they’d covered in pictures and red string and stepped back and looked at each other and they had, like, tears in their eyes and probably Davy Perez was there like “why are you looking at me like that” and - 

Anyway. However it got decided, we haven’t had an episode all season with MONSTERS rather than humans, angels or demons as the problem, and then the first monsters we get an episode about are vampires… Well, they tie into all the family arcs in really interesting ways, and they have a great history on the show. Introducing the colt again through its signature monsters - a yellow eyed demon and then getting it to work again in time to deal with vampires… They’re re-treading all their footsteps. In this case, we get 1x21 and 1x20 back to back in reverse, if we ignore 12x13 except for its little bits of main plot going on. This season is all about flipping the script, and the show’s been running backwards on itself for a while - Cain pointed out Dean was living his life in reverse.

I think 10x03 is when the story flips, just because Cain’s thing was tied into the much bigger arc than we ever realised, and if it had played out the boring way the script said so, Dean would have killed Sam then and there, but Cas stopped him, and from then on he got a second chance, and Cain told him how it would go in reverse, and Dean missed all 3 of those chances over the rest of season 10, and instead of carrying on down that path and killing Sam, not doing it unlocked Amara, metaphorically (literally, uh, Cas again, doing the leg work, along with Crowley and Rowena, as we were reminded just in 12x13 :P) and from there because the story wasn’t playing out how it should, instead of spiralling on down and down, God and Amara resolved things and she didn’t kill him either. (Dean’s work, this time :P) And then all the cosmic stuff sorted out, we go meta and flip the actual show on its head, starting with 1x01 by going right back to the start and returning Mary. 

And now every episode is so ridiculously layered we’re reworking just about every single season and its arcs for one reason or another, having them play out in a different way. There’s so much that can be retold in another way, that we’re getting these little clusters of stuff like 6x20 playing out differently, 8x17/10x22 playing out differently, even the bunny rabbit surviving when back in 3x09 Dean practically cried over the poor rabbit always getting killed by witches, which is one of the funniest examples. I think there’s a real sense that nothing is happening as it should, for good or bad, the world is all shaken up. But things like these little clusters of references to old episodes sort of implant the idea of what SHOULD happen in the memory before shaking it up and changing what happens. 

Like, the Dean and Ketch thing this episode was the same thing from 2x03, but Dean’s had ACTUAL CHARACTER GROWTH since season 2, so when faced with the Gordon parallel in action, after they drink together, Dean immediately rejects Ketch’s way and goes for his own, at least SLIGHTLY more understanding way. At the very least treating the vampire kindly even if he knows he has to kill her. But that was a call to give in to darkness and it missed him, by miles, while in 2x03 it goes right down to the line and Dean still leaves visibly shaken that the world’s more fucked up than he realised. 

Anyway I don’t think there are coincidences in Dabb era because I suspected his showrunning would be a lot like this based on his love of referencing and remixing in his own episodes on a much much much smaller scale, although I did not anticipate the headache of actually trying to be a meta blog grappling directly with Dabb era :P Ow.

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When I asked "Then I'll ask you snk related stuff, but also GoT :) How long and how well would everyone survive the game of thrones?" I meant, how long do the snk characters survive in GoT :')

Sorry adsfgh :D This sound even better! I am gonna answer this but my imagination runs wild and I can’t stop it so please forgive me my friend, this is gonna take so long. Don’t worry, I am gonna mention the chance of their surviving as well! 

I have been waiting for an ask like this my whole life…

My crazy head canon time because my imagination runs wild once again and I can’t stop it!

Long time ago I mentioned that the head of Ackerman family that gave up his life to save the clan reminds me nobody but Ned Stark, so I associate these two honorable people here once again.

And of course as you noticed, I associate Ackermans with Stark Family. These two families are bot loyal, but that doesn’t mean they can be controlled, even by to people dearest to them. Like Starks rebelled at ASOIAF series, Ackermans also rebelled against First King and his ideology even though they were close to royal family. They are noble, strong and they endure winter safe and sound.

I associate Tully Family with East Sea Clan. In ASOIAF series, Tullies and Stars have built a close alliance, like East Sea Clan and Ackermans. Choosing Tullies as East Sea Clan definetely has no connection between their family symbol, trout and @falcon94ssy ‘s last crazy theory. 

Jaeger Family would be close to Greyjoys, they have many parallels and they do not sow in the end. Who else say that reference? Since Grisha grew up at Winterfell, hehehe, Eren and Zeke are quite familiar to North. Our Grisha first married to Dina, who is a relative of the King but then after some unfortunate events, who knows maybe she turned into a Whitewalker o.O, Dina died and he married Carla. Don’t you worry, mama Carla is handling his adoptive elder son and his baby boy Eren quite well. But well… Their surviving chance is not that high… *whispers* Dina is gonna kill Carla when she turns to a Whitewalker and Carla is gonna burn herself to make an escape to her sons*

Fritz family is like Targaryens, these both families have the blood of Kings running through them and because of that they have, let’s say, magical powers. Targaryens does not burn in fire, they can ride dragons etc because they are blood of Valyria. Fritz can control and manipulate Eldians and Pure Titans because they are blood of Ymir Fritz. They have a high chance to survive in GoT if they won’t lose to the madness inside them. Other wise, it would be a feast for crows.

 I am gonna quote my one of old post there about Walls:

In Game of Thrones, there is a bigass icy wall but that wall has not just been built by ice and stone, there is also magic in it. As a fan of both series, I was able to make this connection and thought that our wall in SnK has also been built with not just stone and stuff, but also with magic, a.k.a Colossal Titans.

We can associate The Whitewalkers with Pure Titans. In GoT it has been revealed that Whitewalkers are originated from people. If a people dies in North and nobody burn his/her body, they turn to a Whitewalker. In SnK, to turn an Eldian to a Human you have to inject spinal fluid of a Titan, aka Titan serum.

Also I can cause why not, I associate Night’s Watch with Survey Corps. In the end,they are both trying to keep evil monsters at the other side of the wall.

Now let’s come a little closer to our characters as individuals!

Eren would be the way he is. He would try his best, never give up, always fights but in the end Mikasa or sometimes Armin or someone else would help him in the end. He would sworn to kill all Whitewalkers and would want to join Night’s Watch. He also would be a warg like Bran maybe. @kuchen-ackerman ‘s post about Eren and Bran HERE.

Armin would read his books and make researches in the citadel, I can see him being a maester like Aemon or who knows, Qyburn when he grows up. *cough*Gesumin*cough. Maybe a mix of them both?

Mikasa might look like an East Sea blood from outside but damn, these girl is an Ackerman from head to toe. Her day would go as keeping Eren and Armin safe, sword training, horse riding and keeping Eren and Armin safe more in Winterfell. 

Yeah, trio lives at Winterfell but they travel a lot since Eren is a half Greyjoy and Mikasa is a half Tully.

Eren and Armin would want to join the honorable Night’s Watch but Mikasa would try to stop them because she knew how dangerous it is.

Plus, we know what happened to Armin’s family! They are a close family to the Warden of the North, Ackerman Family and that is why Armin can use Winterfell’s old library whenever he wants and his Grandpa is also the maester of Winterfell!

I can see Historia sitting on the Iron Throne. She would look so good there the Iron Throne would be jealous. 

I think Erwin would be like a Lannister, but not like Tywin, Jaime or Cersei but  like Tyrion. He would advise Historia and definetely protect his Queen from all the dirt going on in the Red Keep. Water would flood never better, if you know what I mean.

I can see Hange as a Grand Maester next to Historia. I want her to be more active though, please forget about that old man called Pycelle and imagine what kind of new things le goddess Hange would bring to Westeros. Or who knows, maybe she would definetely be like Aemon and be a a maester at Night’s Watch? Yeah, I like it more that way.

I already told Levi would be from Ackerman Family because I associate Ackermans with Starks. Maybe who knows like Jon Snow he also would be a bastard? But since this is my au, I am writing that Kuchel Ackerman is safe and sound with her son cause I can cause why not? He wouldn’t like all the dşrt and drama that is going on at King’s Landing and ask Erwin and Hange to join him in Winterfell. Who knows, maybe he would go wherever they are just to protect them?

Kenny would be the Lord Commander of Kingsguard, though it is actually unusual for Ackermans to join it. He joined the Kingsguard to serve Uri but after his death he just stayed in. He sometimes goes to Sept and stand in front of Uri’s grave. 

Sasha would be from the Tarly Family, in the series Tarly are known for their hunting skills in the end. It is like Martin created Tarly for Sasha! 

I can see Connie Springer as Connie Tyrell. Wow, that sounded quite good! I think the rose motifs would fit him quite well, I would love to see Connie as Knight of Flowers. He would try his best at King’s Landing but I don’t think he would manage to nail it since Connie is a pure cinnamon roll and King’s Landing is a intrigue swamp.

Jean would be a Baratheon. He would be an artist like Renly, but that wouldn’t stop him from being extremely honest like Stannis and having some of Robert’s recklessness. But since he is a smart and caring person, I think he would also grow. He would have one of highest chances to survive.

Man, I use ‘would’ so much.

I don’t know why, but I feel like Ymir would be no one, a faceless man. A girl has no name, in the end. She was worshipped, betrayed and lost her way in life and her first task was killing the new Queen of Andals but she refused it and now she is on the run from faceless men.

Bertolt is so sweet for both Got and Snk, he is the character I struggled most as I wrote these head canons because Bert just does not belong to those cruel worlds, he deserves better. Anyway, I think he would be from the Vale and maybe an Arryn because I once read this au smartpass where Bert dreams of flying above the Walls and leaving but some people notices him and tells him he doesn’t have right to enjoy freedom and shoot him down. It was an emotional one for me. So, I am making him Lord of Vale, Bertolt Arryn. Unfortunately I don’t think someone as sweet as Bert would have that much chance to survive if he leaves the Vale.

Annie would be from the Reeds, but like her lord father she doesn’t like to join to other lords and they would mostly stay at Greywater Watch. The other lords would not be that found of them, too. Most of the Westeros would mock them as crannog men but Annie wouldn’t give a shit.

Reiner would a Martell. I know, the look is not connected at all but the character definetely does. Martells are quite smart, passionate and a little crazy. These fits Reiner so well too as best as I say. Also, Berik is a Martell as well because I want it to be that way!

Zeke is a full time Greyjoy. From head to toes. Since we don’t have the Warrior backstory and he doesn’t have that much screen time, damn you Isayama really, I can’t read his character that well but as far as my meta senses works, it fits Zeke to be a kraken, an Ironborn. 

So that is it, these are all I can think of right now! I know that was not the answer you wanted and I am sorry, I couldn’t stop my imagination! It took the control of my fingers, I am sorry!

Feel free to add anything you want!

Thank you for reading!

Something has been bugging me about Doctor Who this season, and I think it’s the fact that compared to the last few seasons that were extremely focused on character development, it feels like there’s very little Doctor/companion interaction both with each other and with the audience. I’m used to those little moments of banter and friendship, and it feels as though the plot is overtaking the characters in almost every episode so far. In Empress of Mars, for example, it felt like we barely even saw Twelve or Bill with so much else going on. And this is Twelve’s last season. God, I’m going to miss him so much, and I want to spend as much time with him as possible. And that’s just…not happening.

Little Dragon Outlaw meta

Since DOQ is so often something where Mal and Robin are connected through Regina (DQO really), I was thinking about it on break after reading so much gorgeous DOQ fic.

Mal and Robin are wonderful together and for each other. They’re both single parents who have lost people they loved. Marian’s death is this heartbreaking off-screen strange moment for Robin (because he loses his wife and discovers he’s been tricked into sex with Zelena in the same moment) and that’s a lot and he barely had time to death with it (because it’s Once why give people time to deal with huge emotional things).

Robin’s betrayed and his trust is abused. How does this make Mal good for him? She doesn’t lie. Mal’s incredibly direct. She’s very patient (almost to the point of inaction sometimes) and she knows humiliation and betrayal by someone you loved. We don’t know what Mal and Briar Rose were, was Mal jealous? Was there a plan between Mal and Rose? Did Stefan genuinely love Rose?

But we know it left her full of rage, then empty. And Robin knows rage, they hint at that, and him burying his feelings in drink (Mal buries hers in a sleeping curse). In a way, Regina, stubborn optimist Regina, gives them both hope.

So they can give each other hope, and that’s this touching, emotional little thread in so many DOC fics. They both know pain and they are so gentle with each other’s feelings. They take care of each other.

I love that and their ‘never spoke to each other in canon’ relationship is so stunning and sweet in all the docs I’ve read. I come away loving them both more.