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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Ryder's crew immediately after Ryder meets Drack:</b> "50 credits says we won't get back to the ship before Ryder accidentally calls him Dad."<p/></p><p/></p>

Y’know guys, Mark inspires me so much. His perseverance, his kindness, his positivity, his diligence, his leadership, his selflessness, his care, his heart, his attitude, his love, his strength–just him. I think of Mark and I just feel like I should be a better person because such a wonderful human being lives on this Earth. He’s been through so much and he’s worked so hard, yet he still has one of the brightest most beautiful smiles on his face everyday, and it’s honestly so admirable. I respect him so much, and this has probably been said so much by so many people because there’s so much to admire about him, and I’ll add myself to that group of people.

Mark Lee deserves the world and everything more, and as much as a fan can, I love him with all of my heart <3

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How's taemin a real human being?? I've been a shawol for 6 years and I ask myself that everyday.

As I’m into my 5th year as a shawol I have no real answer either. Let’s be honest, he’s real. But he’s so real and unreal I can’t believe he’s real, but I also believe he’s real because I love him as a human being that is unreal but we don’t deserve that he’s real because our reality is a mess and he’s part of the beautiful things in life so he’s in irreallity but also in reality because he’s an adorable and funny person. I don’t know man, I just love him so much and I want to protect him and give him lots of food and watch him growing up and sing and dance as well as he does and want him to keep being unreal as much as real and beautiful he is.

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I love Red and all your artwork! Especially loving all those super great sticker designs! Your style is so amazing and satisfying <3 Love them! Cant wait to see the set complete (You should consider doing the DLC companions too!) Love ya~ <3

Thank you so much! ^_^ Oh man, I totally forgot about the DLC companions! :O I really should do them too. I LOVE Ada. <3

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Hello yes I am not that anon but I would love to talk to you about OT4


This ship is literally perfect in every way?? Sam/Steve loving each other first and then T'Challa/Bucky falling in love then them all falling in love???? T'Challa and Sam falling in love first and then maybe roping in Bucky? Steve being off being the nomad then coming home to the three of them already in love? Then they fall for him too?? All caps loving each other and getting their lives changed my T'Challa (as they should)??? It’s perfect I tell you!!

Regardless of how they get together, you just know that they’d all be so immensely taken by T'Challa. He’d eat it up as much as he’d deflect it. A man can only take so much loving during one day!

“That’s enough fighting gentlemen, I think it’s Sam’s turn now.”

To which Bucky would reply, “Who’re you calling a gentleman? Bird brains or the big blonde mook?” But then they really would turn their attentions to Sam because they all love him to absolute pieces. Also Sam??? And his three enhanced boyfriends?? Can you go wrong? No. You can not.