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Im looking to start pen palling again, i love snail mail so much and noe i have all summer off id love to start sending mail again.
Im Jen, im a 19 year old English Literature University student from Manchester in England and im v gay. Im a Libra, personality type INFJ.
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Kara liking Lena but not knowing how to tell her so she starts being her own wingwoman and uses supergirl to let lena know KARA likes her like the whole "Kara danvers believes in you" and "Kara danvers think you're beautiful" "Kara likes the way you laugh" "Kara loves the way you smell" "Kara told me she loves spending time with you" And Lena's just so amused because of course she knows Kara and supergirl are the same person but she's enjoying this a little too much

kara is a big fan of the ‘my friend thinks you’re beautiful’ approach,,

useless Extra™ lesbian lena luthor just finding it all too amusing, throwing galas so she can invite both kara and supergirl just so she can see kara squirm (“golly”)


Gadgets! Pigeons! Heidi! Murray Mints! Oh My!


Sentient time machine, fine.
Bigger on the inside, no probs.
Alien who cheats death, a-ok.
Billion-year old race of time-travelling Demigods, whatevs.
Empire of evil one-eyed alien mutants, gotcha.


(as posted by the excellent DMReporter over on Twitter)

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Okay but Lena is def that overprotective gf that would try to fight someone who says something bad about kara even though kara could literally kill the other person and the person is like 6 ft taller than Lena

‘first of all, bitch, who do you think you are?’

lena narrowing her eyes and letting out this offended but murderous huff under her breath and she squares her shoulders before she steps in front of whoever badmouthed kara in front of her

lena taking care of kara when she gets back from a fight as supergirl and she’s Worried and checks kara over for wounds and stuff all the while swearing under her breath and vowing vengeance on the villain of the week, no matter how many times kara says she’s fine and that nothing big happened this time

lena offering to buy catco just to fire snapper almost every time kara complains about him

lena would fight her own shadow if she thought it had offended kara in anyway tbh, that dumbass

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hello!!! i am learning to draw and i obviously don’t rly know anatomy but i just *knew* i had to draw e-mail in that hat. i like to think that they secretly like it. i just saw this blog like 2 minutes ago w e-mail in the the hat. thank u for existing!!! #frogwithablog

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So, I may or may not have got inspired to send you this by your tags on that Diego gifset. What about a story in which Jyn teases Cassian and he does (theThing™) those very same expressions? Situation and all the background up to your awesome writer mind ;) Sorry if this was super random and weird lol [blushes] xxoo

the Thing™ in question

“Just admit it!” Jyn teases, sitting cross-legged on Cassian’s bed while he hunts for the shirt she’d torn off and flung god only knows where last night. “You lost on purpose.”

She’s referring, of course, to their sparring match yesterday afternoon. It was Draven’s idea, having two of his best fighters put on a demonstration for the newest class of recruits. They spar with relative frequency, so Jyn knows he’s good. She knows he doesn’t give up so easily.

She knows he doesn’t get that look in his eye when they’re training alone. 

Yesterday, surrounded by moonfaced teenagers without any hand to hand combat skills, Jyn felt something between them shift the first time he had her pinned, gasps and cheers erupting from the crowd. After that, she noticed an alarming lack of resistance from Cassian. 

Draven called the match shortly thereafter, naming Jyn the winner. Her prize? Being pulled away from the training room to Cassian’s quarters and a decidedly unrestful evening.

Now, Jyn gets it. And she intends to milk this newfound information for everything it’s worth. “I can’t believe Captain Cassian Andor, a top Intelligence Officer, would throw a fight with a subordinate.”

“I did no such thing,” Cassian answers, finally.

“You totally did,” Jyn continues, mouth curling up in a smirk. “Could it be that Cassian Andor, famed spy, has a thing for his tiny partner overpowering him in front of a crowd?” She feigns shock, bringing a hand up to cover her open mouth and tries not to laugh.

But, boy, does his resulting expression not make her want to giggle. Instead of trying to brush it off, Cassian just raises a brow and looks at the ground, sheepish. The muscles of his jaw clench and she sees where he must be working his tongue to keep from outright smiling. It’s infuriating

Here she is thinking she has the high ground, and what does Cassian do? Make her want to fucking jump him.

Jyn stands, pulling her own shirt off. “You’re the worst,” she groans, wrapping her arms around Cassian’s neck and reaching up on her toes. 

“You don’t seem that annoyed,” he says, forehead pressed to hers. 

In a show of frustration, Jyn smacks him on the ass. “Oh, no, I am.” They’re both giggling like the teenagers they never got to be and Jyn couldn’t be happier. 

Cassian lifts her with ease, her legs wrapping around his waist like they were designed for it. “By all means, let me apologize,” he says, wicked gleam in his eye. 

A little distracted by the press of Cassian’s hips against hers, Jyn decides to file away her discovery for later use. It’s worthy of thorough explanation, after all. 

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Makoto buys Animal Crossing and makes Fafnir a profile as well. The moody dragon acts like it's boring and he doesn't care about the town or what happens in it, but in reality he plays it everyday Makoto goes to work, taking care of the town, plucking weeds, catching bugs and fish for the museum, and being ready to kill anyone who moves in on his boyfriends flowers.


Baby Bruce and the batfamily

Requested by anon

- The second he turns into a baby, everyone is rushing to Alfred back at the manor.
- Alfred hides a smile because Bruce as a baby brings back so many memories.
- Tim and Duke go straight to the computer to figure out how it happened.
- Stephanie and Dick are taking too many pictures to be of any help. So much black mail.
- Cass is fascinated with Bruce as a baby. Damian is wondering if he looked like Bruce when he was that age. Also trying to keep Dick and Steph from taking all the photos.
- Jason being one of the few who can get Bruce to stop crying. Turns out he is great with babies.
- Threatening everyone not to tell Bruce later, which they totally will.
- Kate and Barbara are volunteeering to take care of patrol for the rest of the time he is a baby. They dont take orders from him even as a crying baby.
- If he stays like a baby for long no one gets any sleep.
- Crying at all points of the night.
- Alfred taking pics of various family members holding him.
- Stephanie sticking him in a green latern baby outfit and sending a picture of it to Harper.
- This results in Damian chasing her around the manor.
- Acting like nothing happened when he is turned back. Kate is the one to tell him about the pictures. -First time Bruce lectures Jason he mumbles about how he liked baby Bruce better.

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was the ep more or less shitty than you thought it be?

since i ship supercorp a Lot i feel a little biased cause the supercorp content made the episode great for me.

but setting aside that content, there was a lot of ugly shit that happened. like a lot. so honestly, it wasn’t a great episode, but the supercorp content is top notch so idk

12. "If you leave, you're gone for good"

Pairing: Ashton Irwin & Reader
Warnings: Angst and cursing
Word Count: 658

A/N: This is not my best work, but I hope you still enjoy it! I’m definitely willing to make a part two as this one was pretty short. Just let me know if you want one.

“If you leave, you’re gone for good”

You stare at your folded hands silently as you patiently await the return of your boyfriend, Ashton. You hear a click and a shuffle, and moonlight streaks into the room lighting up your composed face. You don’t have to look up to know who it is. He flicks on the light switch and closes the door behind him. Soft footsteps sound as he approaches you. “Hey, babe. Why were you just sitting here in the dark?” he questions.

“I was just thinking.” you muttered. He didn’t seem to notice the defeated tone of your voice as he ventured into the kitchen. You get up from your spot on the couch and join him at the fridge.

“Aw shit, you made spaghetti?” he extolled. A grin crept across his face, and his dimples came out of hiding. That smile of his used to make your heart flutter, but now it did nothing. You felt nothing but pent up anger for the boy standing in front of you. You snatch the plate of spaghetti from his grasp and take a few steps towards the trash can. Before he can say anything else, you dump all of it into the bin. “What the hell?” he quipped.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want that? Maybe, next time you should actually come home on time. Maybe you’ll get your damn spaghetti then.” you nagged. His look of confusion turned to one of irritation.

“Not again with this shit” he snapped.

“Well maybe we wouldn’t have to go through ‘this shit’ so much if you would just straighten out your fucking priorities!” you scoffed.

“Oh, trust me, I have my priorities straight, and coming home to this every night” he gestures towards me “sure as hell isn’t one of them!” he sneered. His words cut deep, but you knew better than to show weakness in these situations. You ignore his snide remarks and continue speaking.

“This has been going on for over a year, Ashton. I’m always the last thing on your mind. You never respond to my texts anymore, you don’t return my calls anymore, you don’t kiss me anymore. And then you leave for months at a time to go on tour without so much as an e-mail sent my way to keep in touch. You leave early, and you come home late-” you began.

“Well maybe it’s because you’re a fucking tyrant!” he screams. You stood there and stared, slack-mouthed. His brows bumped together in a scowl before continuing. “You always have something to say, you’re always nagging me, or you’re angry about something, or you’re just being all around annoying. I can never have a moment alone because you are always invading my damn privacy, so don’t you fucking sit there and rattle off the things that I’ve done wrong as if you’re fucking perfect” he barked.

You bit your lip to hold back the tears that were welling in your eyes. He notices your look of distraught, and his face softens for a split second. He turns his head away from you, the muscles in his face tightening.

“I’m done here.” he sighed. He turned towards the door and started walking. Before you could stop yourself, you were speaking again.

“If you leave, you’re gone for good” you croaked after him. He stopped dead in his tracks. The muscles in his back tightened for a second, then released. You immediately regret saying anything. He’s going to leave. He’s going to leave you.

He turns towards you and opens his mouth in order to say something, but he decides against it. Instead, he turns on his heel again and walks briskly out of the door, slamming it behind him.

All of your breath and heart and sanity leaves with him, and you fall to your knees. Sobs rack through your body. You cover your mouth with your hand in order to muffle your wails. You’ve lost him. He’s gone.

He’s gone.

Part 2:

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Hey can you tell us about ur gf!!!!!!!!

it’s @toastchild , light and love of my life,surely the nicest and most wonderful and gorgeus person on the planet and everytime I think of her I go all: ❤💘💖🌈🌸💝💘💜❤⭐⭐💗