so much mac and cheese!!

TJeff and Mads is my problematic OTP

This is a sketch that got way out of hand. I just wanted to draw Jefferson in sweats ;-;

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Shall I compare the to a Summers day?

“Well thinking about it your more winter and storms” he said

“Oh well thanks for that, Ill just go cook up a storm shall I, Spag Bol dear?” I asked him

“Um only if you use my recipe, the one WITH the celery… your not going to use my recipe are you? The puppy eyes were out, the sad face he gives when the world is not going his way

“No dear I thought we’d try my recipe” Oh god the little shit was giving it his best performance 

“but as you seem so against the idea.” I felt  like I was about to commit treason by not doing his recipe

“Ill do my Mac and cheese you love so much, OK?”

“Ok” came the sullen reply him still looked like a smacked puppy.

“Maybe a pudding for after, would help cheer you up?” I said with as much sarcasm as I could muster, knowing full well what he was after.

“Now you’re talking, How about your mums recipe for that sponge pudding, the steamed one she calls Red Cap?” and his eyes lit up.

“If it stops you sulking Ill do it.” The trouble with living with a actor is you never quite know when you are being had. I could hear him now as he wondered off to his office to answer his mail, whistling happily.

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anonymous asked:

my favorite meal is mac n cheese that my mom makes with a mix of white cheeses and then seasons with a bit of spices and then bakes with breadcrumbs on top

i want to cry i miss my mom’s homemade mac and cheese so much jesus

(need to get that recipe i guess)

seven lil’ questions tag !

I was tagged by @stormlie 💕 ty!! I’m bored as shit lol

a pinch of rules: don’t remove the questions n please keep the source !

what is your favorite disney princess and prince?
Belle bc we look alike (not so much now bc of my haircut lmao) and Erick 😘

sushi or mac n cheese?
Sushi 100% !!

what is your favorite candle?
Mine is actually the same omg white Christmas by glasshouse 🔥

what was your last dream?
I can’t remember 👀 but the last one I do remember I was with a friend and another (ex) friend and yeah idk it was weird man I ended up arguing w her while my other friend just looked on 😂

whose the last person who made you feel special?
The beautiful soul that tagged me !!

what is something that is repetitive in your life and you’re tired of hearing about?
Nothing is really repetitive anymore ever since I graduated last year and I’m tired hearing a lot of things I can’t really think of atm :/

what is something you want to change about yourself or the world?
I wouldn’t change anything about my personality honestly, I’d probably wanna have bigger lips though LOL 💋 and I wanna change a lot of things. I wanna change the way people portray and/or judge others, I wanna change the way some men view women (as lesser 😤), i wanna stop that fuck boi, i wanna stop abuse and sexual assault, i wanna stop slavery, I want equality for all race gender ages you name it!, I wanna cure cancer, I wanna stop all wars, I want a safe and sustainable environment for all people everywhere, but aye I’m just one person with a lot of dreams 🙏

tags: @thebreadandcheeseclub, @chulxa and @posititvity lmao 💕 n anyone else who wants to do it!!

Made dinner for my family tonight!

First things first, let me start by saying @bananablondie108 ’s Citrus Tahini salad dressing is AMAZING! I used it on the dressing for the salad and it tasted so damn good! Check it out, and make it. You will not regret it. It has a lovely gang of ginger that elevated it so much.

Anyways, I made my old Mac n Cheese recipe along with sautéed green beans and salad!

My sister helped with some chopping as well as sautéing the green beans! Before dinner I made an intense legs and abs workout that my sister and I did! We were dripping in sweat! If you guys are interested in the workout let me know and I’ll post it on my tumblr!

Back to food.

Salad: spinach • arugula • carrots • tomato • sweet corn • chickpeas sautéed in black pepper • @bananablondie108 Citrus Tahini recipe

Green beans: white miso paste • garlic • lemon • crushed chilli flakes

Mac n cheese sauce: 2 cups almond milk • 2 tbs flour • heaping half cup nutritional yeast • juice from half a lemon • 2 tsp each of ( garlic powder, onion powder, basil) • 1 tsp chilli powder • 1 tsp of paprika

Just heat it all in a saucepan til thick n creamy! Top with fresh basil, more nooch, and toasted breadcrumbs if you desire!

Heads up, got loads of posts coming your way the next couple of days!

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brightoncemore  asked:

I wish I could be a fly on the wall for one of those Mace/Anakin/Qui-Gon/etc. Sunday dinners. (I assume Depa and Obi-Wan would also be in attendance at least some of the time?)

The dinners are AMAZING. Depa brings dessert and discourse. Obi-Wan brings despair and despair. Anakin dumps droid parts all over everything and when it is Mace’s turn to host he makes literally nothing that is not either a) one of Anakin’s favorites, b) served on a skewer, or c) flambe. Sometimes all three at once. 

One time Qui-Gon makes space mac and cheese and bb!Anakin loves it SO MUCH they eat it for two months’ worth of dinners and to this day Obi-Wan Kenobi cannot look macaroni noodles in the face without cringing. Once he gets a mac and cheese MRE in the field and throws it into a fusion reactor; Ahsoka and the clones are Very Concerned. 

  • Dean: So whaddya think Sammy?
  • Sam: Mac and cheese... surprise?
  • Dean: Go for it.
  • Sam: ... huh.
  • Dean: ...
  • Sam: ...
  • Dean: ...
  • Sam: That is unusual.
  • Dean: MARSHMALLOW FLUFF, SAM. The secret ingredient.
  • Sam: Well. Wow. That sure is something. It's, um... exotic.
  • Dean: (˘⌣˘)

* Maybe, with what little power you have… You can SAVE something else.