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(( TEAM 8 TRIAD ))

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Who is the most affectionate? Kiba, his family was surely more openly affectionate then Hinata’s or Shino’s. So he’s more willing to casually go in with draping himself over them or giving them kisses out of nowhere. This is more so fine with Hinata then it I shall with Shino though. But Shino loves it regardless.

Big spoon/Little spoon? Shino, He is still the tallest no matter what and it slightly annoys Kiba but he has to admit he loves it when Shino pulls him close and Hinata scoots in on the other side and they just wrap their arms around him like a teddy.

Most common argument? Where to eat at, but they’ve been a team for years so they resolve most issues easily. Especially when Shino and Kiba start getting on eachothers nerves Hinata tends to step in and help them resolve it.

Favorite non-sexual activity? Chilling, cooking, reading- reading is definitely Kiba’s more favorite activity. He likes listening to either one read to him and Akamaru. Where they are all just kind of piled up on some blankets and pillows and shit. Tangled together, and Shino might be reading to himself but he’s gently running his fingers through Kiba’s hair or gingerly holding Hinata’s hand. While She reads in her soft vice outloud to the two fluffy boys with kiba’s head in her lap.

Hinata it’s cooking with the two because surprisingly they’re both pretty good at it. Especially after she helped Kiba with it a bit! But they really are a good team.

And Shino is just happy to be included and to be able to relax with his two loves.

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@littlebodybigheart: After two intense months, the first crybaby tour is officially done. A big thank you to the beautiful bbies who attended each show. I really love you guys and I’m so thankful for your support and luv

Thank you @handsomestghost for opening this tour. I had so much fun hanging with you guys and getting to know each of you. Thank you for blessing our ears with your sweet music every night. Thank you to my talented angel baby @itsstellarose for working your ass off to make these outfits. I love you and your brain and I’m so excited for all the sick shit were gonna do together. The biggest thank you to my tour family

@rexthetriangle @milesnasta @connorjsully

Thank you boys for putting up with my shit and for killing it every single night. It’s been a hard two months, but it definitely has made us a stronger family. We all had our moments and I definitely had more than usual… Bur I can’t imagine doing what we just did with anyone else.  I love you boys with all my heart and I can’t wait to continue this journey with you guys. Huge thankyou as well to @michaelkeenan @maddiecarina & @aliencandies For coming on the road and making me feel so filled with love. It was definitely really rough at times for me. I’m really thankful for all of your laughs and your hugs when I was feeling alone, and when I spent those nights crying hysterically in the bathroom. It feels really good to have people in your life who you’d do anything for and you know would do the same for you. When things got dark you guys were my night light. Thank you so much.