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People tend to forget how much they have to give to the world. They retrain themselves with diffidence and too often, a lack of understanding. So they do not share their thoughts and intellection. They never paint that picture, or write that song, or even learn to sing. Some people never truly feel accepted, as if they never truly found their place in the world. If only they would have picked up a pen or practiced a particular skill, perhaps they could have been Picasso.

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rfa+ Saeran going to pride for the first time with with MC?

A/N: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH MY GUYS! THOUGH IT’S ALMOST OVER? (For where I live anyway, pride month is June! I heard some places celebrate in May??) I STILL WANTED TO TRY AND GET THIS OUT BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH AAA ~Admin 404


               -You didn’t even tell him what this parade was for

               -All you said was “Do you want to go to a parade with me”

               -And he was THERE

               -Parade? FUCK YEAH! Loves him some parades

               -Fried food, bright colours, fun booths, cute floats? Yes yes yes!

               -You decided to just wait until you brought him to tell him what the parade was actually for

               -Though when the two of you got there, and he noticed literally everything was rainbow, he kind of pieced two and two together…


               -Was actually really honoured that you wanted to go to something like this with him?? Like you’re loud and proud about your relationship and that makes him giggle

               -Seeing all of the insane outfits was definitely fun for him!


               -“MC… we… we don’t have to be naked or anything for this.. right?” No baby it’s okay


               -I know I said as red as could be, but that’s because you didn’t think he could get any redder. But oh, were you mistaken

               -He turned almost glowing red when he watched you just shoving the condoms in your pockets

               -“I’m not gonna just waste these, Yoosung, that’s rude” OH MY GOD MC DON’T TALK LIKE THAT OUT LOUD

               -Was disappointed that he didn’t get to dress up or anything like that so you found a group of nice people with some body paint and asked if they could do something for him!

               -Cutie walked around with a completely rainbow painted face (yours matching) and could not stop taking pictures

               -10/10 sent any and all photos to the group chat, always talking about how much he loved you and this parade!

*ZEN: Male!MC

               -“MC! It’s the pride parade!”

               -Oh no

               -You’d love to go with him, of course!

               -Your relationship is…. well it’s absolutely perfect to the two of you but there are still those who question it

               -His fans are practically split in half between completely idolizing your relationship, and the other half just wanted Zen for themselves

               -So you were pretty afraid to attend pride like that, so out in the open, so…exposed

               -But he was a-okay with it

               -He didn’t care what others have to say about the two of you???

               -Once the two of you actually got there though, it was a m a z i n g

               -People would recognize Zen left and right and they would be so excited that he even showed up!

               -But when they saw the two of you holding hands, they practically exploded (in a good way)

               -THEY WERE SO ECSTATIC!

               -Their favourite actor is part of the LBGT+ community and they are HYPED

               -People are coming up frequently to congratulate the two of you on your beautiful relationship

               -He even sang a few love songs up on a few stages, loving as the crowds went wild!

               -The one thing he couldn’t stand though, was all the hateful protesting

               -He tried to ignore it at first but as the day went on he couldn’t stop himself from walking over and yell back at them

               -To prove a point, he pulled you into a deep kiss- eliciting hundreds if not thousands of whistles and cheers from the crowd at the parade

               -You had to physically hold him back from fighting one protester though

*JAEHEE: Female!MC

               -“Jaehee! The pride parade’s coming up! We should go!”

               -P A N I C

               -She loves you and most definitely isn’t afraid to tell you that, but…

               -She is afraid of others hating her for it? She really dislikes confrontation

               -But you assure her that it’s a completely safe space! It’s full of allies and others celebrating same sex love!

               -Agrees to go along, and even dresses up to match you

               -The two of you have adorable shirts with unicorns on it that says “Squad goals”!

               -Embarrassed because she doesn’t use slang like that but the two of you just looked so cute!

               -And honestly? Seeing all of the happy couples expressing their love, the loud and proud people just enjoying their time, thousands of colours and confetti everywhere; she’s in love

               -Like?? It’s a place?? In public??? Where she can kiss you all she wants??

               -She does every now and then but she’s still embarrassed the poor bby

               -L o v e s the booths!

               -Thinks it’s important to support those in the LGBT+ community who create works of art!

               -Honestly bought like 20 pounds in books solely because they look amazing and are by up and coming LBGT+ writers (not to mention they all promised part of the proceeds go to charities!)

               -She’s part of the RFA she feels it’s like an unspoken duty of hers to do anything related to charities


               -Lowkey wants to set up a booth next year for your coffee shop

               -“It’s a good business investment, MC” “You just want to come to pride again next year, you don’t have to lie” “A GOOD! BUSINESS! INVESTMENT!”


               - ah yes

               - jumin han does gay

               - im soRRY I COULDNT RESIST

               -He was kind of against going to this parade

               -Not because it was for pride or anything but because he was just iffy about all the people

               -Does he really want to go and be surrounded by thousands of people, all of them bumping against him??

               -Well one look into your puppy dog eyes and the answer was yes, yes he did

               -You had to convince him to leave (most) of the body guards at home

               -There were a few that followed a moderate amount of distance behind but you caught them lowkey fawning over the two of you when he would give you a quick kiss on the nose or squeeze your hand

               -Honestly a few other couples would stop the two of you and tell you how cute the two of you were??

               -It would get Jumin so flustered and you were SO THANKFUL because wow look at my cutie he’s adorable

               -If any protesters even thought about something rude to you the bodyguards were there in an instant

               -You dragged Jumin along with you as you looked at each and every booth, placing the beaded necklaces they gave out around his neck

               -The funny part is, he just let you?? Like okay MC

               -At one point the necklaces stacked so high that you couldn’t see anything lower than his eyes

               -He didn’t want to disappoint you by taking them off so he left them until you noticed and laughed your ass off

               -Definitely took pictures before you distributed most of the necklaces among the two of you and the body guards

               -“MC, do you think Elizabeth would enjoy this rainbow collar?” “Juju that’s not for cats” “….Would you enjoy this collar?” JUMIN NOT IN PUBLIC

               -He saw some… interesting outfits, to say the least

               -“Commoners are very… odd, aren’t they?” that’s rude

               -Saw someone walking their partner on a leash

               -The moment you saw him side-eye you, you jabbed him in the ribs with your elbow, eliciting a slight grunt from him

               -“Don’t even think about it pretty boy”

               -To get back at him for even thinking about walking you on a leash, you poured a ton of glitter over his head while he was looking at some merchandise

               -Actually chased you through the large crowd, picking you up and spinning you before kissing you gently once he caught you

               -People cheered because wow look y'all are so cute together


               -You wanted to go in support of your friends!

               -But more than anything, you wanted to go and support your boyfriend!

               -He was pretty against going at first, because he was afraid of what people would think about him

               -It’s not like he advertises that he’s pansexual, so what would his friends think? Would they change their opinions of him?

               -“Saeyoung, you just love whoever you love, it’s not as if gender truly matters, right? So why would our friends be against who you are as a person?”

               -That’s what got him thinking- you completely support him… so why wouldn’t his friends be supportive?

               -After all, they are supportive of all his gender-swapped costumes….

               -You reminded him that he didn’t have to come out if he didn’t want to. A lot of people who are simply just Allies attend as well, no one would know how he fit into the community unless he told them

               -He had seen pictures of a few parades before, and he noticed all the insane costumes people wear

               -So of course?? He had to go all out?? If he had to go, he might as well, right?

               -Completely decked out in rainbow body glitter, boxers with hearts all over them, and you even helped him put temporary hair dye to make it rainbow!

               -Honestly he was in love the moment the two of you showed up??

               -So many people dressed up insanely without a care in the world, bright colours flying everywhere, people being loud and proud

               -His jaw honestly dropped at the sight of it all

               - Every time he saw a dog wearing a rainbow bandana he’s smacking your arm- you have bruises by the end of the day

               -He’s yelling, singing, laughing, and you haven’t seen him have this much fun in a while and you were absolutely loving watching him enjoy himself

               -“MC! Look! Look at how proud everyone is to just be themselves, isn’t it amazing?” he held your hands and looked down at them, “I wish I had the confidence to be like them. I don’t even know where to start!”

               -“Just do whatever makes you comfortable and go at your own pace! Hey, you’re in a parade full of strangers you probably won’t see again, why don’t you come out to someone? No one here is going to judge you!’

               -So he did! Actually, he did quite a few times! And he felt a m a z i n g

               -So good in fact, that he told you he was ready to tell his friends!

               -He spent the rest of his day at pride asking people how about their experiences with coming out, getting tips about the best way to do it, and getting nonstop support from tons of people! He felt so at home, the next week or so he was clinging to you, never knowing how to fully thank you

*V: Female!MC

               -THIS BOY LOVES LOVE

               -Any and all love is beautiful for him

               -So he’s super duper excited when you suggest going to pride!

               -SUPER ALLIES, MC AND JIHYUN!

               -Honestly, all of the happy people, bright colours, glitter, and especially all of the couples obviously in love make him S O E C S T A T I C

               -He brings a backpack full of brand new SD cards for his camera, and he 10/10 believes he’s gonna fill them all

               -He asks people in the most outgoing outfits if he can take their photo, and he giggles at all of the poses they do

               -Up close and personal to all of the floats to get pictures of every single detail

               -When he sees couples getting cozy, he asks to take photos to celebrate their love!

               - v that can get a lil creepy

               -Always offers to take a photo on their phone for them as well so he seems less crazy

               -He’s pretty sassy when he wants to be, if you didn’t already know

               -So when he sees protesters with such hateful signs, he takes it upon himself to fight back

               -He finds someone with extra signs and holds them up proudly!

               -When people shout out hateful things, he gently asks them why they think that

               -Always talking to them soft and gentle, which confuses the hell out of all of them because?? They’re trying to be hateful?? But this soft giant is talking to them so nicely???


               -It’s such a large difference in demeanor and even you’re thrown off guard

*SAERAN: Female!MC

               -He’s actually the one who asked you to go to pride with him??

               -In private, he told you that he might… have wanted to attend… to show support for his brother?

               -He’s really bad at showing he cares but he’s trying to do it bits at a time

               -But when Saeyoung brings it up he acts like he’s against it

               -“Why the fuck would I want to go to that, there’s going to be so many people there, I don’t want that”

               - but goes anyway

               -He didn’t want to really want to dress up, but you convinced him to at least let you paint a small rainbow flag on his cheek (though it did take several days to do the convincing)

               -He was really grumpy at first, being dragged to and fro either by you or his brother

               -Having to squeeze through half naked, loud, or already morning-drunk people

               -Started to really regret attending until he saw how much fun his brother was having?

               -He had never seen Saeyoung this relaxed in his life and he silently decided he could put up with all of it for him, just this once

               -The two of you enjoyed visiting all of the booths though

               -At every booth, you get a  couple of bead necklaces

               -Saeran put them all on. All of them. All of his, all of yours, all of Saeyoungs.

               -Completely covered in bead necklaces, and he l o v e s i t

               -If you ask for some to wear you just get this look from him- not a glare, but a kind of look that screams “don’t even think about it”

               -He also demanded ice cream as much as possible

               -You tried so hard to cut him off but he just didn’t. stop.

               -Saeran pls there are 47 ice cream wrappers in my pocket p l e a s e


Twisted In Lies (D.T) Part 1

Summary: It’s been 6 months, since Y/N and the boys spoken to each other. They’ve all moved on. Y/N even has a boyfriend now. But what happens when Y/N reunites with Ethan and Grayson? Does a reacquainted love occur? Are there more lies? Will more hearts be broken? 

Word Count: 2,883

Warning: None

A/N: We had so many ideas for Twisted In Love, that it was only right we continued the series! So, SURPRISE! Here’s the sequel! As you can see it is called Twisted In Lies. Why? You’ll see as you read the series. Feedback is always welcome! Let us know what you guys think! Make sure you guys keep an eye out on @sniperdolan blog for part 2!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Love you! :) 

( the boys are 20 in this series.)

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Reader’s POV

It’s been 6 months since I’ve spoken to either Ethan or Grayson. The last time I’ve seen them or spoken to them, was the night we got back from Playlist Live Orlando, and everything kind of blew up.

They ended up working things out, and I’m glad. Thank god the Dolans Twins were still together, and from what I see and hear on social media, the boys have been doing great. I tried to keep up with their videos, and watch they whenever they post but it was hard. I missed them. Before all of the craziness, we were friends. I missed being their friend.

I think about reaching out to them, to see if we could try to amend our friendship, but I wouldn’t even know what to say. Grayson was in a relationship now. He was dating a 21 year old college student named Gabriella. She wasn’t a model, or a YouTuber, or anybody in the social media world. She was your normal everyday college fan girl. She was really pretty, and they looked super cute together. I was happy for him. He deserved to be happy.

A lot has happened in the last 6 months. After all that drama passed, everything has been going great. I now have 4 million subscribers on YouTube. I have 5.9 million followers on Instagram, and I was 3,000 followers away from 3 million on Twitter. I’ve doing a little modeling here and there, and taking on some acting rolls for a few shows. I’m so grateful for all these amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

Tonight was the Teen Choice Awards, and I have been nominated for 2 awards. Choice Female YouTuber, and Choice Female WebStar. It was an honor to even be invited to go, let alone be up for 2 big awards. I was currently in my apartment, getting ready with my best friend and my roommate Lena, and my boyfriend Cameron Dallas.

Cameron and I started dating a few months ago. 4 months to be exact. A few weeks after all the drama and stuff had gone down, I was asked to do a photo shoot for Calvin Klein, and Cameron was my partner for the shoot. We got along really well while we were on set. Cracking jokes, and just making each other laugh. He reached out to me on Twitter a few days after the shoot, and asked me to film a collab video with him for his channel. He was a flirt let me tell you! We ended up texting, and snapping each other, and went on a few dates, and now here we are. I really like Cameron, he makes me happy.

“Ready to go beautiful?” he asked, holding out his hands for me to take into my own.

Cameron, Lena, and I walked down stairs to the front of the apartment complex, and got into the Uber. We were finally on our way to my first TCAs.

* * * *

We pulled up to the venue, and as we were getting out the Uber, Cameron and I were immediately called over to the blue carpet. We walked over to the carpet and waited at the end before we were told to go on. I haven’t been here for 10 mins yet and I’m already seeing a ton of celebrities and I’m fangirling a little bit on the inside. There was so much going on. People interviewing, people taking pictures, cameras flashing everywhere. I wasn’t s nervous as I thought I would be, and I guess that was because I had Cameron with me, and he’s done this like a bunch of times already.

“You guys are next.” the lady said to Cameron and I.

“You ready?” Cameron asked. I nodded.

Cameron held my hand, as we both stepped onto the carpet. Immediately there were cameras flashing at us. We stopped and posed for some photos. We took some silly ones, and some normal ones. They wanted some pictures of us by ourselves, so Cameron went off to take his pictures, and I was over here taking mine. I did a few cute poses, and headed over to the next part which was the interview.

* * * *

“Y/N! You look gorgeous. So it’s your first TCA and have already been nominated for 2 awards! Congratulations!” the interview said before placing the mic in front of me.

“Thank you so much! I’m grateful to even be here, so being nominated for 2 awards, I’m truly honored! I hands down have the best fans in the world! I love you guys!” I said blowing a kiss into the camera.

The interview carried on for a little bit, with questions about my channel, and what else I’ve been working. Now here comes the one question I’ve been dreading the most. Great.

“So Y/N I think everyone is dying to know. Have you and the twins talked at all since all the drama happened? Do you think it’s possible to fix the friendship?” she asked.

I did not want to answer that question at all, and I didn’t know how to answer that question. That was a question I was hoping to avoid, but of course it was going to get brought up so am I surprised.

“We haven’t talked, but I mean I have nothing against them. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things, so I couldn’t be any more proud of them.” I said truthfully.

Thank god Cameron finished his interview because he came over shortly after I answered the question.

“Clearly everyone is talking about “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” How are you guys feeling about being nominated for Favorite Ship?” the interviewer asked.

“I think we’re a pretty cute couple, and I think the fans would agree.” Cameron said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Before we let you guys go in, we have something for Y/N here.” the interviewer said, before walking off to the side to get something. She came back with a surfboard and I was so confused. Was it mine?

“Y/N you won Choice Female WebStar! Congratulations on your first award of the evening!” the interviewer cheered.

Cameron was cheering like one of those embarrassing mom.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much!” I said surprised. I was shocked to say the least. My first TCAs and my first surfboard! Tonight was going to be great!

* * * *

After the carpet Cameron head inside to meet Lena, who was already at her seat. I was seating down when Lena looked at me and kept motioning her head back, and mouthing for me to turn around. I gave her a weird look, but turned my around to see what she was trying to tell me.

It was them. It was Ethan and Grayson. They were sitting literally a row behind us. Grayson had his arm wrapped around some girl, who I realized was his girlfriend. Well I guess this will be interesting.

The award show went on, and it was time for them to announce Choice Male WebStar. A category both Cameron and the twins were nominated for. I was feeling so conflicted. Of course I wanted my boyfriend to win, but the twins also deserve it.

“And the winner for Choice Male WebStar is? …” the announcer paused as she opened the envelope. Cameron was holding my hand the whole time, while he was shaking his leg up and down nervously. It was cute how after all the awards he’s won he still gets so nervous.

“The Dolan Twins!” the announcer yelled into the microphone. I looked over at Cameron to see if he was upset or angry, but he wasn’t. Instead he was smiling and clapping for his friends.

As the twins were walking up to receive their award, they walked passed my row and Ethan did a little double take, as he tapped on Grayson’s arm making him turn around and his eyes landed on me. I flashed him a small smile, and he just turned around and made his way to the stage with Ethan.

“You okay?” Lena asked me.

“Yeah, it’s just weird seeing them since we haven’s spoken or anything you know.” I responded truthfully.

The boys gave their speech, and the fans went crazy! We went through a few more awards, a performance from Ariana Grande. Cameron had just won his Choice Comedian award, and I couldn’t be happier! They were announcing the awards for Choice Female YouTuber and Choice Male YouTuber next, and I was honestly freaking out! I was up against so many great YouTubers, there was no way I was winning that award. I was in my seat talking to Lena, and Cameron, when someone came and told me I needed to head backstage.

I was waiting backstage like the one of the backstage crew members told me to, but I wasn’t sure for what to be honest.

“Hey stranger.” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned around to see who it was.

It was Ethan.

“Hey!” I said, a little excited, but a little taken back at the same time.

“What are you doing backstage?” he asked me, nervously running his hand through his hair.

“I don’t know, they just told me to come back here and wait for something.” I shrugged.

“What about you? Why are you back here?” I asked.

“I don’t know either. Someone told Grayson and I the same thing.” he said, putting his hands in his back pocket.

There was an awkward silence between us for a few seconds before Ethan spoke again.

“I’m not mad anymore.” he said, causing me to drift my attention from the floor to him.

“I wanted to reach out but Grayson said you changed your number.” he finished.

“Yeah I did…” I paused.

“Ethan, I really am sorry about everything that happened.” I told him.

“It’s cool. I’m over it. I just miss my best friend.” he said flashing me his award winning smile.

“So friends?” I asked, as I was being pulled in for a hug by Ethan.

We both took out our phones, and decided to take a selfie. We posted a video on our Snapchat stories, and posted our selfies on Twitter with the caption …

@EthanDolan: “Ran into this stranger backstage. Congrats on your first TCA @YourTwitterName! Proud of you! 1 down 1 to go!”

@YourTwitterName: “Look who I met backstage at the TCAs! @EthanDolan”

As I was putting my phone away I saw Grayson coming from around the corner. I wanted to say something to him, but one of the crew members grabbed me and told me to stand over by the stage entrance.The announcer started making the announcement for the female and male YouTuber nominations.

“Good Luck.” Ethan said from behind me. The crew members had us standing in some kind of line up in front of the stage entrance, and I had zero idea as to why. Grayson was standing next to Ethan, paying attention on his phone and not once did he even try to look at me. I guess he wasn’t over it like Ethan was.

I smiled and wished him good luck as well.  

“And your winner for Choice Female YouTuber is…”

“Y/N Y/L/N!” one of the announcers yelled.

As I was walking up the stairs to get on the stage to accept my award, the second announcer started announced the award for male YouTuber.

“And your Choice Male YouTuber is…”

“The Dolan Twins!” the second announcer yelled, and the boys came walking onto the stage behind me.

We accepted our awards, gave our speeches and continue off the stage. I had some interviews to do so Cameron waited for me backstage so we could go together.

“2 awards! I’m proud of you babe!” Cameron said pulling me into a hug, as he placed a kiss on my cheek.

“Yo E, congrats bro!” Cameron shouted to Ethan, turning around giving him one of those bro hugs.

We made our way to a room, that had a beach theme going on.There were surfboards, a little swimming pool with sand around it, and a beach balls getting thrown around everywhere. It was pretty cute. Ethan, Grayson, Cameron and I were all getting interviewed by Tyler Oakley.

“So Y/N. You tweeted a selfie of Ethan and yourself and Ethan you did as well. So can we confirm that everything is good between you guys? No more drama” Tyler asked.

“Yes, everything is good. The past is the past, and I’m just happy to have my best friend back!” I said, as Ethan pulled me into a side hug.

“What about you Grayson? Everything’s good between you guys?” Tyler asked Grayson. To be honest, I didn’t know how he was going to respond. I mean he has even said a single word to me. Not like I expect him too, but I figured if Ethan got over it maybe he would too.

‘Yeah, we’re good!” Grayson said, fake smiling at the camera.

We were all answering a few fan questions, Cameron was cracking a few jokes back and forth with Ethan. Grayson tried to interact but you can tell he wanted to get the hell out of here as soon as possible. I mean I’m sure this has to be awkward for him. Seeing me for the first time in months, and I’m here with my boyfriend who just happens to be a friend of his. Someone bought out an envelope and surfboard, handing it to Tyler. He opened the envelope and read it before turning his attention back to the camera.

“Congratulations “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” you just won the Favorite Ship award!” Tyler screamed. Turning around to hand Cameron and I the surfboard.

“Told you we’re a cute couple.” Cameron said, before giving me a kiss on the lips.

Everyone in the roomed started awing following with chants of our ship name. Even Ethan was chanting it. Cameron and I pulled apart from our kiss, and I turned my head to look at Grayson. His eyes met mine, but quickly left as he turned his head and whispered something into Ethan’s ear.

After the interview Cameron and I went to go meet up with Lena before we started heading out. The TCAs were now over, and besides the awkward tension between Grayson and I, I had an amazing time. As the three of us were walking through the hectic crowd, Ethan approached us with Grayson and his girlfriend following behind. 

“Hey Y/N. Do you wanna go get some pizza and catch up? Cameron and your friend can come too.” Ethan said eyeing Lena. They never met before, but Lena being my best friend of course she knew all about him.

“Yeah, that sounds good actually! Cam you want to go babe?” I asked my boyfriend.

“Yeah, I’m down. Lets go! I’m starving!” Cameron said, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Ethan, this is my best friend Lena. The one I use to always be on FaceTime with.” I said introducing Ethan to Lena.

“So this is the infamous best friend we always use to hear about but never met.”

“Nice to meet you Lena, I’m Ethan.” he said shaking her hand, flashing her a wide smile.

We walked outside, and somehow managed to fit into one SUV. The car ride to the restaurant consisted of just jamming out, and taking snapchat videos. Well all of us except Grayson. He was sitting in the front seat on his phone the whole time.

“Babe are you okay?” I heard his girlfriend ask him. 

She was really pretty. They really did look cute together. I hope she treats him well. He deserved to be happy.

I started making small talk with Gabriella and she was really sweet. We talked a little bit about her, and school, she was really nice. Perfect for Grayson to be honest. Meanwhile Cameron was FaceTiming his sister next to me, and Ethan and Lena were in the back seat talking, and taking selfies. If I didn’t know any better, I would say Ethan was even flirting a little bit. Lena and Ethan? Lethan? Okay I would totally ship that! I wouldn’t even be mad if they ever dated. 

* * * *

We arrived at the restaurant, and the waiter sat us at a big circular booth near the back. 

I was sitting next to Cameron, followed my Lena and Ethan, and with Gabriella and Grayson on the opposite side of me. We all ordered our drinks, and Ethan ordered us a big pineapple pizza pie. 

We were eating and making small talk amongst each other. Everything was going great. The vibe with everyone was great, everyone except Grayson anyway. He was pretty much quite the whole time, unless he was talking to Gabriella or Ethan. He made small talk with Lena here and there, but as for Cameron and I he didn’t really speak to us. 

“Does anyone want anything else?” Grayson asked, picking up the check. He offered to pay the bill, which I thought was sweet of him. 

But I spoke to soon.

“What about you Cam? You could always go for seconds right?” Grayson said, smirking at Cameron. 

Great here we go…

Current Mood:

Its been nothing but positive experiences ever since I moved out into my new place several months ago and I couldn’t be happier. I also just finished my certification process, so now I have a fancy piece of paper that lets me work at a professional level in my career and get more money to buy more cute things. 

I’m also really pleased my art and OCs are getting so much love lately! As always, thank you all for the overwhelming support~

An appropriately happy Domino brought to you by @mightyworld

wanna one’s reaction to you being jealous

yoon jisung

jisung is completely and absolutely in love with you so it wouldn’t be hard for him to reassure you that you’re the only girl he has eyes for. he wouldn’t want you to feel like you’re not good enough, so he’d compliment you a lot that day and try to make you understand that his feelings for his friends don’t go anywhere beyond platonic friendship. if you still wouldn’t believe him he would most likely scoop you up in his arms and sit you on the couch so he can cuddle up to you and give you a pep talk if needed.

ha sungwoon

sungwoon would actually be a little flattered by your jealousy. maybe it’d get to his head a little that you were worried about him interacting a lot with other girls, so he’d tease you about it for a little while. however, as soon as you make it clear to him that you’re less than amused by the whole situation he’d try to put himself in your shoes and apologize. he’d pull you close and place light kisses all over your face all while repeating over and over how much he loves you.

hwang minhyun

honestly, it’s pretty easy to get jealous when you’re dating hwang minhyun. he’s incredibly handsome and it doesn’t help that most girls love to fawn over him whenever he sets foot in the room. when you first voice your concern and tell him that you’re jealous, he might find you’re overreacting and not think too much of it. he’d wrap his hands around your waist, kiss the top of your head to calm you down a little and say something along the lines of “you shouldn’t be worrying babe, i only love you” and then that’d be it for the moment.

ong seongwoo

seongwoo loves seeing you jealous. it inflates his already big ego like nothing else, so he’d definitely be a huge dick tease about it, maybe even to the point that you get upset with him and leave. even though he is a dickhead, seongwoo can be quite sensitive when it comes to you, so he’d immediately know that he crossed a line. he’d apologize profusely and maybe confess that he gets jealous when you talk to other guys as well because boy he really does

kim jaehwan

here’s another boy that’d just love to tease you for a little while if he found out you’re jealous, however, he’d be a little sweeter and more low-key about it. you probably wouldn’t even tell him, so you just sulk on the couch for a little while and not talk to him until he figures out what’s wrong. when he notices that you’re actually pretty down, he’d be very affectionate and try to show you that you’re the only one for him. sometimes he gets kind of cheesy and cup your face in his hands to kiss your cheeks a lot. he’d probably say something dumb but adorable like “listen you’re really damn cute when you’re jealous but you’re even cuter when you’re smiling so please be happy again”

kang daniel

to daniel, your jealousy would come as kind of a shock. he’s honestly so fixated on his love for you in a good way obviously that he doesn’t even have time to think about other girls anymore. his friends are friends, that’s it, and that’s what he tells you as well. if you’re really upset about it, he’ll hold you close, wrap a blanket around the two of you and speak reassuring words to you in a low voice and if you’re still not convinced he has other ways of proving his love to you tbh have fun

park woojin

woojin still isn’t that experienced when it comes to relationships, so he wouldn’t really know what to do if you ever told him that you get jealous whenever he hangs out with other girls. he’d, of course, apologize without really knowing what he did wrong or what he can do to change it, however, he’d try to show you a little more affection and grip your hand a little tighter than usual or kiss you a little more frequently.

park jihoon

jihoon is another young ‘n pretty boy with a lot of female fans, so it’s not that hard to get jealous for you. he’d be less sweet about it and get annoyed if it happens often, because he can’t do anything but tell you that you’re the only girl he loves in hopes that you’ll believe him. sometimes your jealousy will result in a fight between the two of you, and it’s just generally a touchy topic between the both of you.

lee daehwi

daehwi would honestly be on the verge of tears lmao, he would never want to see his girlfriend hurting because of something he did, even if it was unintentional. he’d loop his arms around you from behind, bury his face in the crook of your neck and whisper sweet ‘i love you’s’ and things like ‘oh no baby please don’t be upset because of things like these you don’t have to worry’ in hopes of making you feel better. 

bae jinyoung

tbh baejin is a fucking emotional rock when it comes to these things so if you don’t come out and straight up tell him that you’re jealous he’d never be able to tell. he’d be a little confused at first but wouldn’t really make a big thing out of it even though he’d feel just the tiniest bit flattered, he’d just grab your hand and go like ‘aw babe that’s not neccessary i love you’ and it’d be settled with that.

lai guanlin

guanlin is, just like the rest of the maknae line, pretty inexperienced when it comes to relationships. when you tell him that you’re jealous he’d laugh it off, quickly peck your lips and tell you that you’re the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes on which honestly makes you melt a little. he’d be happy that you like him enough to be protective over him, so he’d wrap his entire body around you and take a nice nap with you because what better way to show someone you love them amirite

Morgan Rielly - One Big Happy Family

Originally posted by laurastacey

OK this one was really fun to write and I made it super kid oriented so I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it! 

Request from @gally-lehky : Hi can you write a cute fluffy one with Mo rielly where you guys and your kids just have a cute cuddly day

The house was silent as you headed downstairs to make breakfast for the family before everyone woke up. It was a rare moment that it was ever quiet in the house seeing as there were three kids constantly running all over the place.

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On another note…been re-watching old episodes, as mentioned in my previous post.

“I can’t allow myself to laugh,” he says. “I can’t allow myself to be happy.”

“I understand,” she says.

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Shame is prevalent in Japanese culture, even more so in the past (seppuku or ritual suicide for the samurai wasn’t just for escaping torture). It’s kinda clear Inuyasha’s punishing himself almost as much as a damn masochist for his perceived failures. Methinks his noble-born mother may have taught her boy the meaning of duty too well.

I would say Kagome should’ve introduced healthy coping methods, but having lived in Japan I know their mental health field is lacking compared to other developed nations.

Originally posted by kag-san


Speaking of dominatrix–weird segue, I know–I was discussing with someone about that creepy power imbalance present in certain young adult romance novels I shall not name. Luckily, Takahashi-sensei prefers spirited female characters with imperfections (some are stubborn, some oblivious, others are bad at cooking, or math, etc.).

So Inuyasha doing anything side-by-side with her is HUGE in old Japan. Most males of his time period would be like “You must remember to walk a few paces behind me,” or “This is no place for a lady, go back and don’t worry your pretty little head.” Kagome, much like Sango, would be so done with that.

Originally posted by inuyashasblog

Never underestimate Kagome’s fierce temper fighting spirit. She’s a spitfire!

Which is also why I’m mystified whenever I hear, “Kagome’s a sweet, loving, gentle soul! She shouldn’t be paired with that asshole Inuyasha!”

*I’ve already ranted about the fact that anime-Inuyasha’s aggressiveness and flaws are more exaggerated than manga-Inuyasha’s. Bah.

The thing is, Kagome wears her heart on her sleeve, but that doesn’t mean she’s some vulnerable little angel that needs to be rescued from Inuyasha. Kagome, demure? All sugar and no spice?

Originally posted by thedragoon

Damn, look at him dance.

*Her excessive use of the beads (in the anime) has already been talked about by this person. I’ll only end up parroting them.

Kagome would be bored out of her mind with a gentleman, or “the exact opposite of Inuyasha” as she said in one episode. She’s not a docile princess. I mean, Kagome, gentle and submissive? Like one of them damsels from those romance novels?

Her stare is more effective than a rolled-up newspaper.

Damn girl, your relationship got so simpatico you don’t even need no beads to discipline your feral pup.

…OK, sometimes her words work too well.

Yay for character growth! And my constant canine references!

The way to a well-trained dog, wait, did I say that boy’s heart is through acceptance…and his stomach.

space husbands: a spirk fanmix [listen] 

hello!! this is a chronological fanmix detailing the development of spock and kirk’s relationship. pls read underneath the cut, and i hope you enjoy!! xoxo 

01. hall of fame (the script): this gives me such Angsty Teen™ spock and kirk vibes and how even before they meet one another they have such desires to prove themselves (something they encourage in each other) and they are determinedly optimistic and refuse to accept anything less than greatness and asdkjhlkfjsjkafdkjsga they are so Strong

02. shame (hearts & colors): this isn’t an exact correlation to anything but imo it’s when they’re new baby officers and start to work together and spock realizes that he is feeling Feelings for kirk and he’s like no my Supreme Vulcan Logic cannot be failing me but “it’s a shame that i love you” and he tries to convince himself he doesn’t love kirk but he fails miserably

03. flames*** (henri pfr): this song is A1 had me crying ugly tears over spirk i feel like it describes spock experiencing emotions (kind of like 02. but less angsty) and he just is amazed at how much he loves kirk and i Love: “for you I go as far as I can go; when the fire, fire; in my heart, lights up again; higher, higher; and I’m burning slow; fire, fire; feel the flames comin’ up; should I fall in love or let you go” and spock is trying to decide if he should go for it and love kirk or let his emotions consume him and LAKkhsdfgHFnskdgd spock experiencing emotions is my kink

04. more than you know*** (axwell ^ ingrosso): ok here kirk (who’s been falling in love with spock too this whole time (obviously)) is the one to make a move and this is him finally telling spock that he loves him and his eyes are blazing and his hands are shaking and he’s looking at spock with such fire in his eyes because he feels this emotion so strongly and he can’t contain it anymore and NNNGgghgghgUGGH 

05. burn it down (fitz & the tantrums): ok this is spock’s response to kirk from 04. and he realizes that he has to tear down the mental blocks  and all the emotion he’s locked up and just allow himself to feel and that if he just let kirk into his heart he would never regret it and like it works out and now they know they love each other <33

06. to be human (sia): yes i know this is the wonder woman theme but imo this is kirk helping spock come to terms with emotion bc all his life and childhood he’s been taught to stifle his feelings because he’s Logical™ and i just get vibes of understanding and acceptance and spock is growing and learning to embrace his half human side as well and kirk being there for him and helping him through it and they just love each other so damn much

07. ritual (marshmello): just super emotional spirk vibes and how they’re so grateful they found one another and are in love and they each feel truly happy and can’t remember how they ever lived without the other 

08. send them off! (bastille): ok this is 100% from jim’s pov and i feel like it perfectly describes the insecurities he tries so hard to keep hidden from the others and the crew but it’s hard for him to deal with so much responsibility all the time and spock’s presence is just so comforting and he feels so much relief when spock watches over him and i especially love: “close those green eyes; and watch over as i sleep; through my darkest of dreams” bc in my mind spock = green and i get such a vivid mental picture of jim sleeping and spock watching over him see also: when this literally happened in sha ka ree

09. the anchor (bastille): just like,,,, loyal devoted comforting spirk vibes idk also the subtle lyrics that i choose to interpret as referencing telepathy and mild melding 

10. bleeding out (imagine dragons):  the mood i get from this song is like,,, when the enemy has captured the ship and it looks hopeless and the enterprise is facing death and the crew is resigned to go down fighting and this song is That Moment when either kirk or spock sacrifices himself to save the ship and to save the crew and he’s doing The Noble Thing because he cares so damn much and he refuses to die a wasteful death and is determined to save his space husband agh i’m not explaining it right but i feel it very strongly someone pls tell u me feel the vibe i’m tryna capture here 

11. maps (maroon 5): (for some reason not included in the apple playlist ??) ok super extra but like,,, if spirk ever broke up this is 100% their break up song like this is kirk being sad and angry and not knowing how to cope without his first officer and getting drunk in the med bay with bones and trying to understand what just happened and realizing that this heartbreak would be far more painful than his others,,,, and on the other side of the ship, spock in his quarters attempting to turn to reason and sense but coming up short and being lost without either logic or jim to guide him and just wanting so badly to hold his t’hy’la and the two of them not being able to take being separated and running panicked through the ship to find one another in the middle of the night and finally finding each other and holding each other so tight and not even remembering why they broke up in the first place that was stupid sarah stop being so emotional this is why you don’t write fanfic  

12. wherever i go (onerepublic): (for some reason also not included in the apple playlist ??) jim and spock realizing in light of their recent (failed) breakup from 11. that they love each other so much and that they never want to be separated and vowing to follow each other forever and realizing that they would never find another love as great as the one that they have nnnahaGGJAJFHAKJSHFA they’re so in love and i’m so emo

13. mama (jonas blue): this isn’t an exact science but this song just makes me think of the space husbands standing on the bridge together holding hands vulcan kissing and gazing out into space and wondering where they should explore next and reveling in the sense of adventure and traveling the universe together <33

14. if i lose myself (onerepublic): i can’t think of any particular scenario for this but it’s just very Spirk™ in general and i think it’s sung from kirk’s pov and they always always have each other’s backs and if there’s one thing the space husbands have learned is that they can always count on one another and that they make a Pretty Good Team

15. thunder (imagine dragons): once they have established careers as the illustrious captain and the esteemed first officer of starfleet’s elite starship they look back on all the #haters and they realize how much ass they’ve kicked and they accomplished all they’ve ever wanted and everyone finally recognizes their greatness and talent and determination and in my humble opinion the lyrics “i was dreaming of bigger things; and wanna leave my own life behind; not a yes sir, not a follower” are Very kirk and the lines “kids were laughing in my classes; while I was scheming for the masses; who do you think you are?; dreaming ‘bout being a big star” are Very spock

16. kids (onerepublic): ok so this song takes place at the end of the five year mission and jimothy and spocko are looking back at all they’d done on their mission and they’re sad it’s ending but they know it’s not The End,,, my personal headcanon (maybe this is a fic or someone else’s hc idk lol) is that spock becomes the ambassador like spock prime does in aos and i think that jim becomes a professor at starfleet academy (to the mixed horror and delight of many) and they have a nice life in san francisco and they’re happy and in love and most importantly they still have each other and they know that although their greatest adventure is coming to a close they still have so much to look forward to

17. laughter lines (bastille): ok since it’s canon that vulcans live longer than humans spock outlives jim :’( and this song is so melancholy and sad i imagine it as the two of them at jim’s deathbed and they’re whispering about how they’ll see each other again soon and i love the lines “i’ll see you in the future when we’re older; and we are full of stories to be told; cross my heart and hope to die; i’ll see you with your laughter lines” because it doesn't even matter which one of them says it they both have laughter lines from all their years of love and adventure together among the stars and it’s not a goodbye it’s just a see ya later until they’re reunited and can go galavanting off together for eternity and i’m deadass crying as i write this 

18. bad blood (bastille): i debated including this but i just couldn’t not so here we are lmao so it’s not an exact correlation to the lyrics but more so to the vibe of the song and as we all know,,,, william shatner and leonard nimoy were best friends for years because of star trek until they had a falling out before nimoy died and they never spoke again. sooo this song reminded me of them particularly: “if we’re only ever looking back; we will drive ourselves insane; as the friendship goes resentment grows; we will walk our different ways; but those are the days that bind us together, forever; and those little things define us forever, forever” and it made me sad because it seemed to fit so well so i though i should share my sad epiphany

[*** = absolute fav] “lyrics” = lyrics

hello!! sorry this is so long and so emo lmao i know most fanmixes don’t come with analysis of each song but i felt like some of my choices warranted a little explanation :)

as this is a brand new blog (and my first original post!!) i’d like to mention my absolute fav star trek blogs:

@practicefortheheart @toastybumblebee @leifor @thetwelfthpanda @onedamnminuteadmiral @federations @mccoysbi @spockoholic @starspirk @bravemccoy @talk-nerdy-to-me-thyla @boldlygoingnovvhere @greenjimkirk @spockiosexual @lieutenant-sapphic @bottomkirk @capt-sulu @mccoymostly @spirksspork @captaincrusher + many more 

thank y’all so much for welcoming me into this fandom!! 

pls let me know if u know/like any of these songs or my mix as a whole!! hope you enjoy!! if you actually read this whole thing thank u so much this is me being 100% emotional about these dorks so thank u and i love u <3

xoxo sarah ( @starmapstudies )

anonymous asked:

Hi there!! Do u have any comic recs for a newbie tony stark lover??? Idk what comics of his to read and i was hoping u could help!

sure thing my dude! comics continuity is confusing as hell, so you should feel free to pick up wherever you like. but here are some good places i’d recommend starting:

  • Iron Man Vol 4. This begins with the Extremis storyline by Warren Ellis. Great writing, great concept, easy starting place. (how much of Tony is man, and how much is machine? does it matter?)
  • This leads into Execute Program and Civil War, which you’re probably familiar with from the MCU, and then into Iron Man: Director of SHIELD which is an arc I really love. (sad, depressed Tony being stuck behind a desk and hating it! I love it because I love pain)
  • If you’re enjoying this, you can keep going through Invincible Iron Man Vol 1, which covers Secret Invasion and Dark Reign, including World’s Most Wanted, another of my absolute favourite arcs. (who would Tony be if you took away his suits and his mind?)
  • Alternatively, you could jump in later at Invincible Iron Man Vol 2, which had gorgeous art and is designed to be a good starting place. Unfortunately it gets derailed by Civil War II stupidity. 
  • Another fun off-one arc that you can read alone is Iron Man: Fatal Frontier where Tony goes off to have space adventures, bless him.
  • If you don’t mind the slightly dated art style, Iron Man Vol 3 is generally regarded as having the absolute best Tony characterization (and Rumiko!! she was so good!!)
  • And if you fancy going really retro, then the Demon in a Bottle and Armor Wars arcs are classics for the character.

You can find download links for most of these over at this wonderful masterpost. Hope that helps, and enjoy!

She’s just lonely. [E.D]

Summary: A short little story based off the songs “She don’t love you” By Eric Paslay, “Don’t close your eyes” By Keith Whitley, and just a little bit of personal experience by me. Highly recommend listening to the songs while you read for maximum feels. 

Ethan’s POV:

I closed my eyes as I wrapped my arms around her waist. The smell of her sweet scent filled my nostrils as I nuzzled my face into the back of her head. I placed my lips on her hair and gave it a soft kiss. She laid motionless. She was probably drifting off to sleep or maybe deep into her thoughts like she always did after we made love. Well, I made love to her, she was just fucking me. Using me to fill her sexual desires. Don’t get me wrong, Her heart isn’t cold, just broken. It wasn’t always this way, She used to be filled with so much sunshine. Adventure was her middle name and she was rarely ever seen not laughing. She was the kind of girl who would dance on tables purposefully when she knew there were disapproving looks near by. She didn’t care what anyone thought of her, she didn’t take life too seriously. She was wild, loud, and crazy, just like my twin brother and I. That’s what attracted me to her first, her electric personality. Her heart of gold was next and of course, she was also beautiful. Her smile was so bright I swear it could light up the darkest of nights. Her laugh was like song. It was so beautiful to hear. She once told me that she hated her laugh because if she laughed too hard, it just sounded like she was having an asthma attack. I always loved that comparison she used. It made me chuckle out loud. She said she hated the fact that her laugh wasn’t unique like mine. But her giggles were a melody to me. She used to be the girl who trusted pretty strangers when they told her that she was the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen. She used to love unconditionally. She used to. Of course, a guy had to ruin it all. Well, multiple guys along the way, she was no stranger to them leaving. But there was one guy who pushed her over the edge and man, oh man, did he leave her hanging on for dear life. And even now, as she is wrapped up in my arms, her mind was on him. She still wanted him. I can’t understand why, he only treated her right for a little while, and even then, there were lies hiding beneath the surface. I wish she would let those memories die. I wish she wouldn’t drift off into her mind, pretending that it was him holding her at this very moment instead of me. If she would just let me love her, I could love her so well. So much better than he ever did or ever could. Maybe I’m a fool for holding on all this time, Holding her now while I know that he is on her mind. But I keep hoping someday that shell see light… Maybe tonight?
“Hmmm” she hummed back at me.
“Come here” I whispered.
“I am here” she replied lowly.
“Turn towards me” she shifted so her face was aligned with mine but her eyes were closed
“hey” I put my finger under her chin and lifted it slightly
“Don’t close your eyes” her eyes fluttered open slightly and I let a soft smile escape from my lips. Maybe I’ve gotten through to her, maybe she’s ready to let it be me. Her mossy green eyes stared back into mine finally. Those eyes made me weak. She hated them. She said they weren’t bright enough. I couldn’t believe that. I could stare into them forever. I leaned into her placing my lips on hers. I kissed her sweetly and her lips moved back, but I could feel how lifeless they were. And suddenly my brother’s words rang through my head.
“E, she doesn’t love you man… she’s just lonely” He was right. But why? I was always here for her, I never left her side. I know that other guys have left her before, but I am not them. I could promise her forever. I would give her anything she ever wanted, Hell, even the stars if she asked! I would make it happen… for her. I pulled away from her lips.
“why won’t you let me love you?”
“WHY Y/N” I interrupted her “I don’t understand why. I’ve treated you better than any of these guys ever have” I sat up and swung my legs off the side on the bed. My back was now facing towards her. “I’ve never left you and I’ve always been here for you” I heard a soft sigh from her side of the bed
“It’s not you Ethan, it’s never been you” I spun my head around so I could see her. She was staring up at the ceiling expressionless. “You make me feel and…” she trailed off, Her face still blank and emotionless.
“and what” she finally turned her head so she was looking at me.
“I’d rather die, than fall in love again” I felt my heart break just as hers had many times before. She hung her head in defeat. I just wanted to hold her and tell her that everything was going to be okay.
“Y/n just for once let the past go…” Her head snapped back up and her eyes were filled with hurt. Oh no. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh.
“I don’t know how Ethan” She meant it. She sat up from the bed and began to put her clothes on. Fuck Ethan say something. There wasn’t anything I could say, She was practically out the door. She was actually until she stopped dead in her tracks. She stood with one hand on the door handle for a few moments, like she was contemplating if whether or not she wanted to leave. She finally turned to look at me.
“Goodbye E” And with that, she was gone. I knew that was her last goodbye. I couldn’t hate her, I wish I did, but couldn’t help it. I’ll always remember her as the happy girl whose heart was just too big. The girl who loved everyone so much that she forgot to leave some for herself. I couldn’t help it. 

anonymous asked:

Hello hello! For the kink drabbles can you do #9 spanking and "beg for it" with Taehyung please?

Warning: Smut. Spanking. Taehyung in a suit.




ceo au

Hot would be an understatement, your whole body is burning when Taehyung’s hand lands smack dab on your ass. Then the same hand, the one that abuses your skin mercilessly, lovingly caresses the red imprints with so much fondness and love - it drives you insane. You’ve dreamed on his long, nimble fingers touch you places he shouldn’t. At long last, after years of suppressing these feelings for your best friend, a drunken slip up leads to a whole lot of mistakes managed.

You didn’t think the sweet, ever loving Kim Taehyung is capable of such a thing. He’s no longer the innocent, all smiles boy you’ve fallen in love in high school. College was great though the parties were not better but you and Taehyung learned a lot during those four years. Now, all suited up in the finest tailor made tuxedo and you the best designer brand outfits, you still enjoy a good hang out at one of your places with beer, snacks and everything the high lives can top. Along the way, you always thought he’s your adorable best friend, failing to see the man he’s become. The thought makes your core drip.

“T-taehyung, I can’t take it anymore.” You whimper, tears brimming in your eyeline at the feeling of his fingers so close to where you want them to be but not enough.

He hums, contemplative. The baritone of his voice shoots through your heart to your core when he speaks and he can sure as hell feel you tremble underneath his touch.

“Beg for it.” His tone playful, sending an image of the boy you once knew.

 As if possessed, your mouth is already spewing words you never dream of saying. Yet here you are, pleading for a part of him to actually pierce into you and relief you of the torment.

“Such dirty little words coming from a pretty little mouth.” You can practically hear him smirk as he circles your dripping entrance with his finger casually.

You swear you would have fallen boneless on the ground if not for Taehyung’s thighs supporting your torso as your knees and palms burn from the fixed position you’ve been in since the last thirty-two minutes. Though you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world but here.

He chuckles when you thrust your ass backward, swallowing his finger all the way in with a pleasured sigh. Taehyung finally decides it’s enough teasing for tonight as he’s sure you can feel his excitement through his trousers. He slips his finger knuckle deep and draw out only to thrust it back inside. Soon, he’s fucking you with two oh so long fingers and making you moan his name.

You would have taken offence when he throws you off him like a rag doll if it isn’t for his overeagerness taking over him so much so he forgets his manners as he hurriedly undoes his belt and push his pants to his ankle. He’s standing tall, glistening with precum.

“Sorry for shoving you off like that, ___.” He cups your cheeks lovingly with eyes of a saint and in that moment, you lose yourself to lust. “If you don’t mind, love, I’d like that sweet pussy of yours taking a seat on my dick.”

In no time, you’re scrambling on your feet, barely able to stand and then everything goes blank. All you know is Taehyung is balls deep inside of you, stretching you out like one man you’ve been with ever could and no man after him ever will.

An arm bands around your waist loosely to allow movement and his free hand cups one of your bouncing mounds roughly. He meets your pace easily, soon becoming increasingly faster as you both reach your climax. You see a burst of white stars as you clench around him, milking his own orgasm.

Taehyung pushes out the stray strands out of your face as he kisses your shoulder and lies you on top of him.

“Hey, Tae?” You mumble, using the nickname you’ve given him from high school.


“I like your tie.”

The chuckle vibrating through him is melodious and enchanting, reminding you that he’s still your Taehyung.

“You do?”


“I can help put it on you next time.”

And you both know it won’t be on your neck.


<p>Pt20 of #dearevanlive<br>
I love DEH so much and this has been a blast to do💛 this scene with the speech and the kiss and all the details that had to be put in place to make such an amazing show just 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼</p>

The Summoning

A intent flicker of candle makes itself known outside the makeshift circle you find yourself sitting in.  The room is mostly darkness aside from the small, solitary light that sits quietly opposite your cross-legged seat.

Around the white chalk circle that you’ve drawn around yourself, there lie scattered a variety of other paraphernalia – salts, pendants and symbols that only precious few would realize as truly occult materials. You’ve positioned them elaborately as part of the ritual, knowing that one misplaced object and you would never have the chance to have the encounter you so desperately craved.

A quick glance to the left reveals the time- it’s three minutes closer to midnight. Normally you would have checked the glowing screen of your phone, but there can’t be other light aside from the single candle in the room.

You know that they’re already waiting.

The knife clutched in your spare hand slides over the surface of your palm. You hold it firmly, trying to ignore the sharp throb of pain as red droplets begin to swell past the broken skin. You raise your wounded hand over your head, allowing a few scarlet droplets to fall onto the ground as your slowly start to murmur an ancient incantation under your breath.

It won’t be long now.

     A swirling, smoky vortex opens in the ceiling as the room starts shaking with an unknown energy. The numerous objects are rattled about on the floor and the candle shivers in the invisible breeze, threatening to extinguish. The slight twinge of fear you feel is almost enough to make you leave your circle.

But restraint pulls you back. You know you can’t ever leave the circle- not until the ritual has finished.

You know that there are others out there- others who are far more malevolent than the one that you intend to bring into this world. And that stepping out of the circle will ensure that you probably won’t leave this room alive either.

Just keep calm until dawn, you remind yourself. After all, it’s not just you that you’re doing this for.

The violent rumbles cease, the room suddenly plunged into darkness. Your ribcage hitches with fear as you look around into the darkness, but the candle suddenly reanimates to illuminate a figure that has materialized outside the circle, with a pair of eyes that glow with a bright, otherworldly energy, directly fixed on you.

The form that sits in front of you is humanoid, yes. But you know deep within that this appearance is only for you, that their true form would be too much for your mind to take, despite your decidedly different tastes. It is a form that could be called ‘hideous’ by other humans, if they didn’t scream first. A human face sits like a mask over a pair of slobbering, sharp-toothed jaws that stand over a mass of pulsating tentacles.

Amidst the terror and the trepidation that roots you to the spot, you feel an overwhelming love for the barely human presence that faces you.  You extend your hands, making sure not to leave your circle as you slowly embrace them.

       They purr into your neck as they practically encase you within a living cocoon of their tentacles. A massive pulsating tongue leaves their now extended jaws and eagerly licks the side of your face, smooth and intimate. They murmur low throaty growls, or perhaps words of an ancient language now lost upon human ears. Although you can never truly understand what they are saying, you understand the intimacy of their actions.

After all, they’ve been waiting for you.

You take in the sight of them, their fleshly, tentacled, vaguely humanoid outline that so eagerly embraces you and their sweet scent, something that seems to belong to something so much purer than a creature whose whole form is the living embodiment of decadence and decay.

The mockery of the human form which they take only reminds you of the drastic differences between you. They’re different from you, so different that it should be impossible for you both to look each other in the eyes, let alone love like this. Your lover exists beyond the realms of mortal comprehension, beyond the limits of imagination. They come from a place which few know about, and even fewer believe in. A place beyond all time and space.

That mask-like face gleams out at you with a twisted grin. It’s enough to fuel the nightmares of anyone else who would have laid eyes on it, but when you look at those otherworldly eyes, all you see is love. An ancient, unyielding love, reserved entirely for you.

As hideous as they are, you can’t help but love them.

You feel their many limbs sucker onto your skin., rubbing up and down your body as they pull you closer. Shuddering, you can only find yourself falling further into them.

Even though it was you who brought them here, it’s they who have you now- mind, body and soul.

And you couldn’t be happier.

     A tentacle caresses the side of your face, dusky surface shimmering in the wavering candlelight like the most unknowable depths of the universe. Before, you never thought that something so simple could make you feel so complete.

You wish that you could somehow leave the chalk circle you’re confined in, to hold them in your arms the way they hold you, the way you’ve always wanted to. It pains you from the bottom of your heart that you can’t.

It was a rift in space time that brought you both together, but two worlds that forever separate you. You know that you can’t belong in theirs, and neither can they belong in yours. The sights of their world would blind your eyes, the sounds would destroy your ears, the alien sensations would all but shred your skin from your body.

You know that this is the only way that you can truly be together.

And somehow, it pains you more than comforts you.

But you find yourself determined to make the most of what little time you have left with them. With how much they mean to you, you want to treat them like the untouchable treasure that they are.

      After your long, passionate embrace together, your eyelids shudder into the temptation of sleep, you find yourself being lightly nudged awake by a tentacle. There’s a low, concerned growl as the many eyes on your lover’s lower body turn in the direction of the flickering candle.

Still drowsy, you initially struggle to understand their meaning. Then your pain returns tenfold.

It’s almost warning, they tell you through their touches, warning you that they must return to their own dimension before dawn. The ritual only offers so little time together.

With a pained sigh, you press your head to the bony, unnatural surface of their false one, feeling a guttural, sad moan reverberate up from their massive anglerfish-like jaws beneath. You don’t want to leave them.

But you know you have to.

Stifling back the tears that threaten to break your vision, you allow them to hold you for one last time, their high, unnatural whine breaking the unnatural silence of the room.

You exhale.

“I love you,” you tell them.

They growl again, still as deep and intimidating as before, but you hear the affection they hold for you in it. Your head falls into their lap, cradled by a writhing mass of eldritch tentacles, more content than you’ve ever been before in your life. Their mask of a face stares down at you as you look at up at it, forever watching over you.

      Streams of dawn break through your shuttered eyelids and you awaken to find yourself alone in the centre of the room. It’s the early morning and sunlight now streams through the windows in place of the tepid darkness you had lost yourself in last night- lost yourself with them.

By this time, they’re long since gone. The room holds no trace of either them or your nightly encounter, pardon a sweetish smell, like wilted spring flowers. It was as if they were nothing but a bittersweet nightmare.

You pick up the long extinguished candle with a sad smile.

It’s better this way, you try to tell yourself.

Turning back to the morning sun, you try to forget the past night and all that happened, try to forget the ritual as just a dream. Even as you face the new day, you already notice that the sides of your face are already wet with tears of past memories.

Spread the Love: Writers

There has been a large amount of hate floating around Tumblr lately. I can’t stand it! There’s too much ugly in the world for people to spend their time on hate.

Especially in a place that fosters love and creativity. It kills me even more to see seasoned writers deciding to call it quits because the amount of hate makes it “just not worth it anymore”.

So in spite of all of the hate, I have decided to make a post about love. Love for my fellow authors. The beginning of this year, I decided to take my love of Supernatural and start writing my own stories inspired by the show (I know, what an original thought!).

Then I hit a wall and started doing online research. And then I wondered if other people did stuff like this too (imagine my surprise!). Then I read…and I read and read and read. Finally I was inspired, and encouraged, by other writers to post my own works. And here we are today.

So in honor of all of that, I present to you a small list of just some of my favorite writers, why they are my favorites, and some of their writings that I adore. This is not an all-inclusive list and I will be making more posts of love for my fellow authors. Because you all deserve the recognition, even if from little ol’ me. :)

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - In the start of my fanfiction reading adventure, Mimi’s blog was actually the first I came across and the first I followed on Tumblr. Being a hardcore Sam!girl myself, her writing has made me reconsider Dean, and now I’m terribly confused (thanks so much for that BTW!). Some of my favorite works of hers include: Jealousy Is a Green-Eyed Hunter (love me some jealous and possessive Dean), Primal Urges, The Arrangement - These are all Dean fics.

@saxxxology - If Mimi is the authority on Dean (in my mind), then Saxxy is the same for Sam (like two sides of a VERY sexy coin). Her writing is so enticing, and often deliciously dirty. She keeps my love for Sam going strong, reminding me why he was/is my fave all along (sorry Mimi). Some of my faves: Witches Are Bitches (part 1 Dean, part 2 Sam), Baby (still the HOTTEST thing I think I have ever read in forever), Jealousy (I think I may have a jealousy kink?! I’m seeing a pattern.), and like a million others…cause she’s just awesome-sauce!

@cleverdame - Her stories are gripping and compelling. I love her series work, because she has so much detail and you can tell a lot of thought goes into every aspect of her writing. Some of my faves: East of Nowhere (if you haven’t experienced this, drop whatever you are doing and go…right now!), Sam Winchester A/B/O (yes, all of it. Every last one is amazing in it’s own right. Moonlight is my personal fave. More please?!)

@kittenofdoomage - What list would possibly be complete without Rhi? She is the Queen of A/B/O and she wears her crown well. Anything she does, I’m chomping at the bit to consume it. Faves: Iron Heart (duh, of course! Is this not one of the best stories written, ever?!), Cosa Nostra (I had a hell of an emotional rollercoaster on this one), and her latest piece D.W. is just, it’s…deliciously depraved is the only proper explanation I can provide.

@bringmesomepie56 - I have never been disappointed by anything she’s written. I’ll read stuff I wouldn’t normally just because she wrote it. True story, I was doing a random search of stories and was liking what I found and after a short while I realized every one I like, came back to Arie. She’s incredible! Faves: The Forgotten Series, Just Friends.

Keep being awesome, friends! I look forward to many more of your works. And I will post more love for my fellow writers in the future. Spread the love, not the hate! Thanks for reading!

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Drabble number 47- it's not coming off. RafaelxReader he spills something on their baby and gets super frustrated. Congrats on 900❤!

bahahaha I love this… This’ll be the last one for today :). Three more to come tomorrow!! And THANK YOU so very much- you and everyone else!! <3.

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

“Rafael?” You tapped lightly against the glass of his door, moderately curious about why it would be locked. “Rafael, what’s going on in there, you said you’d meet me downstairs about ten minutes ago…”

He jumped, surprised so much time had already passed. Sincerely, he planned on this little jaunt being quick- all he had to do was grab his briefcase from behind his desk.

But, of course, the phone had rang.
So, naturally, he had placed Lillian in the middle of the tabletop, so she could sit up amidst the desk accessories and he could keep an eye on her.
Which, he had done, at least until he needed to dig some information out from his desk drawer for the District Attorney…

It had only been a few seconds, long enough for him to open the bottom drawer and flip through a couple papers- but he heard it all. The clink of glass, the toppling of a bottle, the coo of sweet Lillian, then your knocking at his door…

When he glanced up, however, he was horrified to find his adorable little white-lace-and-ribbon-clad princess… covered in blue ink.

Why the Hell did he have an inkwell? When did he get that?
How long had it been there, just waiting for the prime opportunity to ruin his day? 

Oh… Oh God… Oh God no…

“Shh, shh, Lillian- it’s okay…” It was, right? He was just trying to (so very delicately) wipe ink off of her feet- good Lord, it looked like the tiny appendage was suffering from a smurf-virus. And her little dress, the one you, his darling doting wife, had so carefully chosen for her to wear this evening…

Well; it was no longer an ivory dress.
And your daughter was no longer entirely pink and clean, as she had been when you brought her to his office.

The baby cried, Rafael thought he’d be doing the same soon, and you started knocking louder against the window. “Rafi, what’s going on? We’re going to be late.”

From the safety of his solitude, he rolled his eyes- he was actually very well aware the three of you may not make it in time for the gala to begin. Why had he agreed to bring the baby to a gala? Somewhere between Olivia’s insistence and your never-wavering confidence, he’d been convinced it was a grand idea…

But, now, he had a beautiful little ink-blot of a daughter, crying and only spreading the damning ink all over her skirt, staining more ruffles and skin.

New question- who the Hell dressed babies in white?
That’d be something you two would have to discuss in marriage counselling…

“Rafael,” your voice had lowered, both he and the baby froze when the Motherly tone signified trouble- “Rafael, if you don’t open this door by the count of three, I’m getting the key from Carmen’s desk… and you don’t want me to get to three.”

No, he considered when exchanging nervous glances with Lillian, he certainly did not want to know what would happen if you made it to three.

“… One.”

Shit- Rafael quickly snatched Lillian up from the desk, leaving the mess she’d made for tomorrow-Barba to worry about. He spun in a tight circle, trying to think- think- think- think… what his defense for this?

“… Two, Rafael…”

You were going to kill him, he knew it. This was the first ‘real’ gala he’d suggested you attend with him since the birth of Lillian; you had gone out and gotten your hair done earlier, had both your AND her dresses dry cleaned (again, he questioned the purpose of dry cleaning a baby dress, but he didn’t care enough to argue), and here he was… making you late and dealing with an easily avoidable mess.

When he heard your shoes coming back for the door, he snatched an old blazer from the bureau- thankfully, he kept extra clothes for emergencies such as this, but usually he was only making a mess of himself… For now, though, it would have to do.


Before he managed to even take another breath, you shouldered your way through the door, glaring and obviously annoyed… however, you hadn’t expected this sight…

There, your husband stood, holding beautiful Lillian out at arm’s length- with an oversized blazer wrapped around her. 

His prosecutor’s face was on, stoic and blank, as if there was absolutely nothing odd about a tiny girl wearing a multiple-hundred dollar suit jacket. “Are you ready to go?” Rafael simply cocked his head to the side, tried his best to keep her hidden as much as he could within his embrace. “We’re going to be late if we don’t hurry-”

If you had any less restraint, you would have likely began to shout or scream: thankfully, you could maintain your cool demeanor, even though you couldn’t help but notice an itsy-bitsy blue toe poking out beneath the cloth.

“Rafael… why is she,” before he had the opportunity to twist away, you lunged for them, gave the camouflage a sharp tug so it would open up… and reveal your beautiful little cerulean princess.

Your hands flew to cover your mouth, Rafael winced and bit hard on his bottom lip. “It… uh… it’s not coming off…” 

Tears sparked in your eyes, and your shoulders bounced- no, no, no; your poor husband crossed the room to you, left multiple apologetic kisses on your reddening cheeks. “Mi amor, I’m so sorry, it was seconds- I didn’t even know I had an inkwell, and it’s staining, and… I’m so so sorry…”

Instead of bursting into a crying fit, as he expected, he was assaulted with a royal roar of laughter… 

Oh God’, he thought to himself while clutching poor Lillian to his chest, ‘She’s finally lost it…

“Rafael, you’re horrible,” while still laughing, you brushed away the uncontainable tears of humor, and diligently left the room long enough to pluck new clothes from the diaper bag. “Do you really think I’d put our daughter in a white dress and not bring a backup outfit?”

… Okay, one less for the marriage counselor you two may not need anyway.

“You… You brought another dress?” Rafael let the blazer drop to the floor, unblushingly took another look at her chubby, blued legs. “But her feet, mi amor, she got it all over her legs-”

You paused, hiding your face behind the tiny crimson dress you had brought along in case a change would be needed. “Sweetheart, that’s why they make tights,” while he held her in the air, you slipped black leggings over her otherwise bare feet, left kisses on her forehead before taking her from him so you could unbutton the dirtied gown. “Nobody will ever know, we’ll just change her real quick and hurry there- nothing to worry about.”

… Nothing to worry about. Of course. Not like he had been worrying for the last five minutes, already…

Finally, Rafael let out a sigh of relief, and shamelessly lay his forehead against your shoulder. He should have known you’d be better prepared, would have been able to fix his mess-ups, just as you always were able to do. 

“I love you,” he whispered, like an apologetic child, with wide-eyes and a plumped bottom lip. “You’re a Miracle Mami, you know that?”

Now dressed and ready to be the belle of the ball, Lillian squealed, pat lovingly at his tired face with her palms. 

“Oh trust me,” you confirmed before gifting him a final kiss, “I’m well aware…”

Of course you were.

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What top three of your own fic would you want people to read?

this is such a fun question! and such a hard one to pick lol. i harbor a strange love-hate relationship with most of my stories. but:

  • half-light is definitely at the top of my list. it’s the first fic idea i ever had, and one i actually wanted to revisit so much that i rewrote the whole damn thing. it’s also a convoluted mishmash of a bunch of different tropes/genres of fic i like, encompasses most of the show, brings in neglected characters, etc etc. it definitely has some flaws in planning, but i’m truly satisfied by how it turned out in the end.
  • i love under the stars (minimal fate required) because i’m satisfied with the way it came out as well, but also because it was crazy fun to write. some places are messier than others, but i love fics that are multi-au like this and all the possibilities were crazy fun to come up with. i wrote it all in a day, in some crazed haze, from contemplating ways the show could’ve ended that i would’ve been satisfied with. (i actually still have a deleted scenario that i really like but that i have no idea what to do with since it didn’t actually fit the theme of the story. oh well.) 
  • i debated which one to rec for this last choice but i decided to go with the more recent  november 27, 1973 because it’s so different from what i usually write. but it was really fun to explore the different scenarios (since it’s a multi-au as well) and i like some of the possibilities introduced. (wow all my choices are au. i really have a thing for aus don’t i.)

thanks so much for the question!

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Hey Emma! I love your blog! I wanted to know how you organised your schoolwork for each class when you were doing the HSC. I'm taking similar classes to yours (business, legal, english and economics) and my system for school work has been super messy and chaotic.

Hi! Thank you so much! Ahh, very similar subjects! My system would be:

  • write class notes in my notebook - I just have the single notebook with dividers per subject. I was only doing 3 subjects a year since my curriculum is different so it made that quite simple!
  • place worksheets into a plastic sleeve - I had them to fit in my notebook so I’d date them and put them too the back. I would usually type up the answers so I can have everything nice and organised on my laptop. I would cross off each one as I’d go. These worksheets were generally the only files I’d create for my notes since I’d use Google Docs for collaborating with friends or OneNote for study notes.
  • organised my computers folders like 2017 > Business > HSC > Operations > Nature of Business. The more organised and simpler I could make my filing system the better.
  • use a binder - I’d have a binder per subject so once we’d moved one from a topic I could put work from one class in a plastic sleeve into the proper binder. I’d have dividers per topic and usually have a small post-it note highlighting the dot point for easy identification.
  • using the syllabus - I’d have two printed, one in my binder at home and one at school. I’d usually mark of the date we had studied it and when I’d done some revision notes for it. 

Hope this gives a bit of insight! My system is relatively simple, I didn’t want to over complicate my processes and this is what I came up with! If you need any help with the subjects, just let me know. I’ve also been thinking about sharing (or selling) some of my legal and business notes so if you’re interested, feel free to message x

Confession: I was in a really dark place in 2015 and again last year. Each time reading the Chant and writing out certain versus helped me so much. Especially in mid 2015, I was very secluded from everyone I loved for an entire month and writing versus out in a journal helped me stay sane. As much as I hate religion in real life and with all the issues with the Chantry, it helped me so much I can’t find myself to feel any hate towards them in game. No matter how much they piss me off. I really do love the Chant and what it has done to help me. I jokingly consider myself Andrastian, but sometimes I feel like I really am.