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artificial wedding bells

title: artificial wedding bells

ship: peter parker (17 yo) x stark!reader

wc: 1.5k

a/n: hey! you invite him to an event because your dad, is setting you up with someone you don’t want to be with. peter agrees, but he is not crushing. nope. not at all.

tell me what u think!!!! (requests are open!)

my previous imagine

“You want me to do what?”

“I promise, it’s just for a night and if you do this- I will do anything for you. I will get your favorite sandwiches, do all your English assignments for a month, I really just need you to do this favor for me, Peter.” her eyes are blown wide as she looks at him, petal lip bit and her hand brushing his lightly in hopes of conveying how badly she wanted his help.

“Being your pretend boyfriend for a wedding? No one would buy it-”

“Peter, I’m not hideous. People would believe your lapse in judgment for 2 months in dating me.” she laughed, self deprecating, and he pouted at her. Because even if he doesn’t have a crush on her, if he did, it wouldn’t be a “lapse in judgment”. Whoever she ends up with will be lucky to have her. WHoever gets to be the person who holds her hand and takes care of her, makes her laugh and finds home in her embrace- they will certainly regret it. She’s not the kind of thing that you regret.

He doesn’t have a crush on her. He doesn’t. But he knows that whoever does, whoever ends up getting to be with her- it’s not going to be something that they don’t cherish. He can’t imagine that when someone holds her hand, they’re not going to cherish every moment of it.

“That’s not what I meant,” he says firmly, dark brown eyes boring into hers seriously, as she jokingly rolled her eyes, and squeezed his hand in recognition, and he notes how their hands just seem to mesh, and he’s never really noticed that before. Not that she’s held his hand too much anyway, but holding it doesn’t seem to be something he minds.

“I just meant that you’re you, daughter of the Tony Stark and also like, really pretty-” is that a blush? Probably not, she doesn’t do things like blush, “And I’m just you know, a kid with an internship, and I’m awkward and I’ll mess it up-”

“Please, Parker, it’ll be fine. I promise. I just need this one favor, and you won’t mess it up. I know you. You won’t let me down.”


It turns out she wanted him to go to a wedding and dinner with her, because her dad wanted to set her up with someone and if she was with someone, then…

Peter understood. Telling May that he was her date, well, it went over very well, actually. Aunt May did his tie and hair, rehearsed things to say, said she always knew that they’d end up together.

Which is weird, because Peter’s never really thought that before.

She gushed about how lovely Peter’s “girlfriend” is, and he can’t really disagree because she is gorgeous, it’s just a fact. Peter isn’t blind- he knows that his best friend is just about the prettiest girl he’d ever met, ever seen.

He’s dressed formally for a formal event, as she’d called it, and she’s picking him up, at 6 o’clock on the dot.

He opens the door, and his breath is stolen from his lungs like someone’s sucked it from his chest.

She is beautiful. She’s absolutely stunning, and it’s ridiculous, he can’t tear his eyes from her, and she’s wearing a grey dress with shimmer and lipstick on her mouth, big eyes looking up at him and hair curled, and for a second, Peter forgets that he isn’t really her date, he isn’t really going to be the person that she wants to show off to her friends and family.

“Is there something on my face?” she asks, concerned.

“No! You look-look good. Good. Really pretty.” he sounds stupid, and since when did she make him this kind of nervous? He sounds stupid. Stupid. She beams at him, and it feels fine, like she’s rubbed out of all of his insecurity.

“Good.” she teases, “You look good too.”

He doesn’t mind when she grabs his hand and pulls him into the car, where Happy is waiting to drive them to Stark Tower.


It’s a party, actually. It is a really big party. Huge, in fact, and he finds himself holding her hand, more out of wanting to not get lost, rather than keeping up the facade. People ask about the two of them, and Peter is surprised about a lot of things.

Peter is surprised how easy it is for his arm to snake around her waist, or how her face fits in the crook of his neck when she feigns embarrassment at people asking about “them”. He’s surprised how much pride he has when people call her his girlfriend. Because she is lovely, she’s so gorgeous and funny an light, and the way she makes him feel in place in a setting when he’s definitely not.

“Aunt Emma, this is my boyfriend, Peter.” Boyfriend. Boyfriend. Her aunt smiles at her and winks. She looks him up and down.

“Well, your uncle is going to find this very funny.” Emma is pulled away, by a man in a leather jacket who Peter assumes to be her husband.

“What was that about?” he asked, joy in his tone.

“My uncle thought I’d end up with like, a tough guy or something” she laughed taking a sip of her mocktail in a champagne glass.

“Well, it’s good that you ended up here with me.” for some reason, the idea of her with some leather-clad tall guy made his stomach stir.

Not in a crush way, though.

She just smiles and pulls him towards where everyone’s dancing.

He’s watching her dance with her little cousin, twirling around like she’s being charmed, and it’s so endearing, Peter’s heart could pop out of his chest at any moment. She is so lovely, so kind and so good, laughing at the deep bow her cousin takes and it strikes Peter how much he loves the sound.

So, the thing is, Peter realizes, is that she isn’t just beautiful in concept. He doesn’t just think that she’s lovely in the abstract. All this time, Peter’s been thinking that whoever gets to be the one to kiss her, gets to be the one who holds and loves her-they’ll be lucky.

He’s never really let himself think about how that might look.

Because her with anyone else- the phrase sounds wrong on his tongue, it’s not right. She shouldn’t be anyone else’s daydream, at least not one that they get to keep. Yes, she is the kind of wonderful that leaves you breathless and the stuff of dreams, but he knew that.

What he realizes, looking at her, so light and airy, her dress catching the air and ringlets falling loose from bobby pins, is that he wants to be the daydream wrapped around her mind.

“May I cut in?” he asks formally, bowing deeper than needed. She curtsies to him, and giggles, as he wraps his arms around her waist, hers going around his shoulders. She’s close and he can smell her perfume and also her, and he’s never really realized how much he liked being around her.

“You know,” she said, whispering in his ear, “you’re pretty good at this.”

“Hmm?” he hummed, trying not to revel in how she fits against him, warm and delicate.

“Pretending to like me.”

She shakes him out of his haze, actually, when she says this. They’re supposed to be pretending, but he’s not. He’s not pretending to like the way her hands fits in his. He’s not pretending to like the way she smiles up at him like he’s her boyfriend. He didn’t ask her to dance because of the whole fake-date thing.

“Well, it’s easy to pretend to do something you wish you could do.”



“I didn’t-”

“Did you?” They spoke at the same time, with wide eyes, because Peter just admitted something so true and more than that, he knows she doesn’t feel that way. Knows that she doesn’t look at him like he set the sun, makes her happy like there’s nothing else in the world like him.

“I’m sorry, shit I didn’t mean to overstep, it’s just you looked pretty and I just thought about how much I loved tonight, how I liked when you called me baby and-”

“Peter,” she laughed. “I didn’t invite you because of Beckett.”

Beckett. Stupid name. Stupid name for a stupid guy who shouldn’t get to go out with her.

“I asked you because if I had to have anyone be my fake boyfriend,” she says, smiling knowingly at him finger pressing into his chest pointedly, “Then I would pick you, Mr. Parker.”

“Does that mean-”

Yes, Peter.”

He kisses her and he’s grateful that he’s on the corner of the room where no one can really see them, his hand on her cheek and his eyes closed, her smile pressed against his and butterflies hammering in his stomach and he’s never, never been this happy in an instant before.

He hears a throat clear.

He even sees Mr. Stark handing Cap 20 dollars.

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Ashamed (Part 2) | Sweet Pea x Reader

Originally posted by lovegalorex

Summary: Reader is friends with Archie and the gang, this is why she has been keeping her relationship with Sweet Pea a secret causing Sweet Pea to question things.

A/N: This is the final part to Ashamed, hope you all enjoy it. Feedback and requests are welcome.

Part 1

You were currently waiting in Perkins Park for Sweet Pea not wearing nearly enough layers, it was a sunny day outside, but the wind was chilling. After Sweet Pea stormed out of your house last night you had been sending him endless amount of texts and calling him. Usually you would give Sweets some time to be alone after a fight and get his head in the right space, but he was so upset and broken last night that you needed to know he was okay. The look of hurt and sadness on his face still haunted you, you were determined to fix it.

In one last attempt you sent Sweets a message begging him to meet you in Perkins Park on the North Side which could be a mistake. You would have gone to him on the South Side, but without Sweets you had no one to take you there, and you weren’t stupid enough to try and walk there all by yourself. You weren’t that desperate at least not yet. 


You had been waiting for Sweets for at least an hour, you knew this was a stupid idea. Why would Sweet Pea even want to see you after what you did? And at the North side as well, there was never any hope. Just as you began getting ready to go you hear the roar of a motorbike piercing through the quiet causing the few people in the park to look up curiously. 

Sweet Pea clambered off his bike sauntering over to where I was standing, the now glares of the people in the park following him along. He sneers at a young couple who are both staring at him. Though on closer inspection you can see his bloodshot eyes and the dark bags underneath them. You knew Sweets puts on a tough exterior when he gets hurt. It was his defense mechanism but it also made him very difficult and hard to talk to.
“What do you want Y/N, I don’t really feel like being lied to today.” He tries to snarl but his voice comes out shaky.
“Sweets I just want to apologise. I’m sorry for hurting you that was never my intention believe it or not i was trying to protect you and our relationship but I ended up ruining it.”
“So that’s it, you expect me to become your dirty little secret again.” He scoffs.
“No sweets, I just … I should have told my friends about us from the beginning, from the moment I knew I loved you. I was just scared that they would try to ruin what we had and tear us apart.”
“Y/N, you deserve someone who you wouldn’t be ashamed of. Some North Sider who can treat you like a Princess and spoil you like you deserve. Stop wasting your time on me.”
He abruptly turns to leave, but I grab his arm gently pulling him back. I knew that Sweets always had doubts about him being good enough, but you always tried to reassure him as best you could. You hated that this was making him believe his doubts.
“Sweets no one could treat me better than you do. I know I hurt you, but I am not ashamed of you,” You cupped your heads around his cheeks causing him to bring his own hand up holding yours in place.
“Sweets look at me,” he dragged his eyes from the ground to meet yours. “I Love you so much and I am so sorry I made you feel this way.”
He leans into you, and plants his lips on yours, you smile into the kiss melting into it.
He pulls away chuckling at your little whine “I love you too Princess.” he whispered. 


You and sweets spent the rest of the day at the park, you leaning against a tree with him lying down, head resting on your lap as you played with his hair. Unfortunately for you two, a bunch a Riverdale high students decided to file into the park, “You should go, you don’t want them to see us together.” He whispers gently getting up and placing a kiss on your hand.
“Not anymore Sweets, no more secrets.” You get up too, leaning up to give him a kiss in front of all the Riverdale high students. He holds your hips keeping you from kissing him, “Y/N they will all see.” He whispers.
“I don’t care.” You smirk, throwing your arms around his neck pulling him towards you, kissing him with as passionately as possible. He pulls you by the hips so your body is flush with his returning your kiss. You pull away out of breath.
“Let’s get out of here.” He rests his head against yours. You pull away grabbing his hand, feeling him drape his Serpent jacket over your shoulders, leaning over and whispering in my ear “Just so all those Northsiders know you’re my girl.”
“I think they already know that.” You could clearly see some of the stares the Riverdale high students were giving you two.
“Are you sure you’re ready to tell Archie and the gang? We can wait.” Sweets asked concerned.
“As long as you’re by my side, it will all be fine. They’ll just have to deal with it.”
He chuckled putting his arm around your waist, leading you to his bike happy to finally show off his girl.

A/N: Thank you for all the support on this imagine and to all the people that asked for a part 2. Sorry if this isn’t the best work.

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My part for the Nadaa Appreciation Week!! @i-restuff , I decided to draw your fave duckling. W/ all my love! nwn

You deserve so much appreciation!! All of your drawings are super, super cute and your animations ARE. JUST. WONDERFUL!! You’re a great person and I wish we could talk more often ^^ Actually, you’re one of the persons who inspired me to create my own blog in the first place! So I owe to you all the great experiences I’m having here! I wish you the best and you’re amazing, never dare to change!! :3

Look I know the odds of WB successfully course correcting its course correcting are slim. Like everything is still screaming at them to make it jokey and Ragnarock is minting money and Geoff Johns is still Geoff Johns:Silver Age Shill, so like there’s no guarantee. But at the same time the fact that the movie is bombing creates an opportunity, because in Hollywood money talks. If this movie was a hit we could kiss Zack’s vision for the DCEU goodbye, but now there’s an opening. 

Critics set the narrative for the DCEU after BvS, they said it was a flopped, unloved, and too dark. WB catered to them and the reviews didn’t improve, but now the critics are stuck between a rock and a hard place, they can’t say there weren’t any jokes or smiles, but they also can’t admit it should’ve been more serious. Which means they can’t set the narrative as easily as before. So now it’s our time to speak up. 

Sign the petition asking for Zack’s cut. Tweet WB and Geoff Johns telling them how disappointed you were with Whedon’s changes. Make it known how much you loved Zack’s movies. Let them see there are people who love these movies and the care that went into them, and want them to stay that way. If we’re loud enough they might take notice and realize they’re never going to be Marvel but there’s a demand for superhero movies that take their characters seriously!

anonymous asked:

I love all your work! Sadly I have reached the end of what I could find to read. Are there any other authors out there that write about Dick or batfam that you would recommend?

Thank you! I have a fic recs tag here that you’re welcome to look through, of course, as well as my bookmarks on ao3, but if you’re looking for batfam authors, I’d suggest checking out a couple of these wonderful authors:

@preciousthingsareprecious - Dawn writes some of the best Dick and Damian content that I’ve read, and everything she writes makes my want to sit by the fire place (if I had one) with a blanket and a hot chocolate while I read. There’s so much fluff and I absolutely love it because I don’t write fluff like ever. Her angst is also phenomenal, and I’ve read You Won’t Wake Up Alone a billion times since she posted it.

@audreycritter - Audrey is really good at balancing the batfam in her fics, but Bruce definitely shines through. She also wrote Cor Et Cerebrum which has 29 works and is absolutely amazing?? She also has this OC (at least, I think it’s an OC) Dev that I absolute adore, which is saying something, because I don’t usually read anything with an OC as a central character, but Dev’s part of the batfam now.

@tantalum-cobalt - This is the blog you go to if you want some Tim or Tim and Damian feels. Ren does a fantastic job making you cry, and the hurt/comfort bingo that’s going on right now is driving me insane. So many feelings.

@caramelmachete - Interval of Shadow is killing me slowly. I love the way Caramel writes Dick interacting with the batfam. The pacing is absolutely amazing, and I’m constantly worrying about my boy in this. For both his physically and emotional well-being. But yeah, Caramel’s blog is great too, and coupled with @fuyunoakegata, I feel like the two of them are the ultimate tag team of canon.

@jerseydevious - I picture JD’s fics to be like a marshmallow left to roast in a fire too long. You thought it would be nice and fluffy you called it fluff and it wasn’t but it turns into angst that has you breaking into tears and freaking out. The marshmallow you thought would be delicious is still yummy but it has an amazing charcoal taste to it that you just can’t get rid of. In all honesty, though, if you go to Jersey, make sure you prepare yourself angst because she doesn’t run on the normal angst-fluff standards everybody else does.

Also. She’s Batman. And she loves Bruce. She will talk about Batman as long as you let her, and often even if you don’t let her.

@chimaerakitten - Chi writes some prime Jason and Tim, and I enjoy her take on Clark, too. But for the most part, I think the batfam gets balanced pretty well in Chi’s fics, too. She’s also very good at making me see Dick from an outside perspective and not just his head like I’m prone to do (seriously, a lot of what I write is in Dick’s pov), and her angst always has me on the floor writhing in agony. Because she may be just trying to get revenge on Jersey, but she’s killing all of us in the process.

@unavenged-robin - Damian. And Dick. Goodness, between Shari and Dawn, I am constantly crying over Dick’s and Damian’s relationship. Shari writes a lot of batfam in general, though, too, and I absolutely love the dynamic they have in her fics.

@laquilasse - Toni gets an honorable mention because she’s absolutely wonderful and I’ve read some amazing writing from her. She’s only posted one fic, I think, but it’s got two amazing chapters, so please, please, please check it out. Also, Toni definitely appreciates Dick Grayson more than like anybody I know, soooo.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I know anyone besides Toni that really focuses on Dick the way I do, and Toni doesn’t write much, so I’m sorry that I can’t help you find another author that focuses on Dick so much. But I am going to let you in on a secret since it’s getting close. Next week I’m starting up a “monthly fic recs” thing, and a lot of them will hopefully have a lot of Dick Grayson in them.

Hope (or The Origin Story No One Asked For)

Words: 3028

Pairings: If you squint, you can see platonic moxiety. 

A/N: So I was reading Remembery Loss by @asexual-trashbag​ and it gave me the inspiration for a Sanders Sides origin story full of that delicious angst TM that literally no one asked for. It’s not really in the same universe, but you can say it was inspired? Dunno, just wanted to give some credit where is needed. 

(also, yes, I illustrated my own fanfic because that’s the perks of drawing I guess. HERE is some extra plants)

In the beggining, there was only Purple.

Purple didn’t even know he was Purple yet. He had been floating around in the dark and didn’t do much, except when he heard something loud. But now something was happening. It wasn’t dark anymore, but he didn’t even compute the fact. All he knew was that Thomas lungs were BURNING and that was bad and he had to do something. So he opened Thomas mouth and let out a cry, the loudest he could. Maybe someone would come to help. And someone did.

Thomas opened his eyes and light flooded in. Purple was scared by the news, it was making him feel icky. But he heard a voice and saw an indistinct blob in their field of vision. He knew that voice. That was Mom, and Mom was good. When Mom spoke to him, Blue popped up, like a hiccup. Blue flew all around the empty space and it felt good. Purple had felt the influence of Blue before, but they had never seen each other until then. They stared at each other, acknowledging each others existence. Blue seemed happy. Purple wasn’t sure about how he felt about sharing his connection to Thomas, but he was sort of glad he wasn’t on his own.

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  • markoblow 
    i am so blessed to have had the relationship with dylan that i did.
    he is such a big part of my life, and forever owns a place in my heart.
    i alway knew he was special and beyond gifted. i saw the way he affiliated the people around him, and how much he loved his family and friends.
    after his passing i received so many messages, stories, photos, art, and pictures of tribute tattoos. it was truly mind blowing, and made me feel so good, and beyond proud of dylan and all he accomplished and had become.
    i have also received the same from the hospital staff at the city of hope hospital!! nurses sending me photos of tattoos! notes with beautiful stories and messages of how dylan affected their lives. i woke up today with another message from a hospital staff member that took care of dylan. over a year later and he is still affecting people in a positive and uplifting way.
    what an amazing human!!! dylan will be forever in the hearts and minds of the people he affected.
    he is a true hero
    he is a true legend
    forever love
    forever dylan

Oliver is too bitter to be Barry’s friend. He legitimately crushed Barry’s dreams and told him being a hero could never coincide with finding love. He told Barry to let Iris go. And all because he couldn’t manage that with Felicity. That’s such a grim thing for a friend to do. Fast-forward a few years and Barry is marrying the love of his life and what does he do? He assures Oliver that he can also find his happy ending and wants the same happiness for him. Barry and Iris are honestly too pure for people like Oliver and Felicity and it bothers me so much that they’re always placed on the same level.

anonymous asked:

Today I went to a church service and they allowed audience members to give testimonies. A girl got on stage and said "I thank God for getting me out of lesbianism, i was molested when i was younger and that led me to that lifestyle, got the girl i was with out of it too" and everyone cheered and clapped and praised and....i felt so uncomfortable and terrible. I just wish who i naturally am wasn't an obstacle to "be overcome".

Hey sweetheart, I’m so sorry this happened to you. You are so much more than something to be overcome you are wonderful and God designed you this way with a purpose. You are worth so much to him and the people around you and nothing can change that. You are God’s masterpiece!! (Ephesians 2:10). Your queer identity comes from a place of strength and self knowledge and to love yourself for it (as well as all the other amazing things about you) and accept Christ’s love is the best and bravest thing you can do.

I’m going to encourage you to do something you might not want to do, but I’m going to do it with you (and I don’t particularly want to either). How about together, we pray for this woman? Let’s pray that she continues to move past her trauma and deals with it in a healthy way that doesn’t place young queer people in a place of fear. Let’s pray that if she someday finds her attraction to woman to be genuine, and not just trauma based, that she can accept it and love herself for it, and that her faith would be strengthened through all of this.

1 Timothy 2:1, NLT I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.

And let’s both pray for you too! That you would continue to grow in faith and even in these situations of fear and anger, you would remember the love God has for you, and you would continue to reflect that love to others. Someday, the world will know how wrong her words were. But until then, let’s pray that you and I continue to show who God really is.

God loves you so much! And we do too! Feel free to drop in the inbox or message one of us if you ever need to talk. Keep your head up kiddo! Have a good day!

-mod Sarah

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Hoshi and Kaito getting a phone call at 3am from their s/o who can't sleep cause s/o is thinking about the boys too much and also tells them how much they love/miss them.

i need to get to my requests quicker, i don’t want them to just sit there hhh.

also i love kaito a lot so i hope you like these just as much as i do! hoshi and kaito are good boys.

— mod kiibo!

Ryoma Hoshi

  • You honestly had no idea where Ryoma had gone, but you were seriously hoping that he was safe.
  • He often went places without telling you where he was going, but he always made sure to tell you that he was going out. You knew he just didn’t want you to worry, but you did anyways.
  • You sat up in bed, unable to sleep. Rubbing your eyes, you reached for the phone. You dialed up Ryoma’s number, tears already forming in your eyes.
  • You needed to make sure he was alright. And if he wasn’t, then… You had no idea what you would do if he wasn’t alright.
  • The moment he picked up and you heard his voice you instantly began to cry.
  • Ryoma was rather worried when he heard your sobs over the phone. He continuously asked what happened or what was happening and if you were in danger.
  • You explained to him the situation and how much you missed him as you rubbed your eyes.
  • Ryoma let out a soft sigh, saying calming things to you in a soothing voice through the phone.
  • He promised you he’d be home soon and that there was no need to worry. He told you he loved you and asked you to sleep, and he promised he’d be there when you woke up.

Kaito Momota

  • Kaito was honestly such a sweetheart and you didn’t know what you ever did to deserve someone like him.
  • You never forgot to tell him that you loved him, though it wasn’t really like he needed a reminder. He already knew you loved him!
  • I mean, who wouldn’t love Kaito?
  • But on this particular day, you were rather busy with work / school and you didn’t have time to see Kaito and remind him that you loved him.
  • When you remembered this at 3 am, you decided to call Kaito and tell him via phone call.
  • You felt so bad that you had forgotten to remind him plus the fact that you loved him so much to be calling him at 3 am made you unknowingly burst into tears.
  • When Kaito picked up he was instantly awoken by the sound of your sniffling and your voice. It was pretty evident that you were crying.
  • When he asked you what was wrong you told him you forgot to tell him that you loved him and that you loved him so much.
  • Kaito was nothing less than flustered. If this didn’t show you loved him then he didn’t know what did.
  • He continuously told you he loved you too, his voice slowly helping you fall asleep, like a soft lullaby.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was the colorblind Anon from before! I loved the dabi one so much that I wanted to request the same thing with but with overhaul and Kronos, with them helping their colorblind gf picking out an outfit, marking sure everything matches! Thank you ✨

One of my favourite ways to describe someone; “in shambles.”

-Mod Pasta 🍜 🍝

Chisaki Kai:

💊 “Colourblind, huh? I wonder if I could…” He trailed off, placing his elbow on the desk and staring at you. You became immensely uncomfortable, but he grabbed your chin and positioned your face inches away from his own as he inspected your eyes.

💊 “If you’re thinking about reconstructing my eyes, the answer is no Kai,” He didn’t go down without a fight, but eventually he gave in and decided just to take you shopping. Seriously, this man will spoil you rotten with shopping - he can’t help wanting to see you in something he chose out.

💊 He first points to a bra, panties and lingerie store, but you pull him into a clothing one instead. He sighs and sits there, fidgeting with the tufts of his jacket as you look around.

💊 “If you think you’re wearing that, I will destroy it,” He warned, and you yelped at the threat. He stood up, glancing around the store and then back at you, “do you want help choosing out clothing?”

💊 Your eager nod gave him confidence in his abilities to choose clothing, but… in the end…

💊 “Hello, please choose some outfits out for my girlfriend, the price doesn’t matter,” Kai pointed rudely towards you, then walked over to a chair and sat in it, taking out his phone and texting Kurono.
-I’m having a problem, Kurono
~If it involves your horrible fashion sense, no one can help you there ;P
-Keep in mind that I can fire you anytime…
~But can you live without me, hmm?

  💊When you come back in an absolutely dashing outfit, a stark contrast to your usual mismatching styles, he might not look like it, but he’s in shambles. He gapes, absolutely glad that he wore a normal black face mask today because damn, damn you look hot.

💊 He might not be able to directly help you choose clothing, but his general pointing and the such get you somewhere with what he likes; it’s a mix of scandalous and a sort of militaristic look.

💊 Just let the poor toucan man take you to a lingerie store. When you do, you can practically see his face brighten at the possibilities of seeing you in some of the display outfits. He’ll blow over a hundred thousand yen in one trip there if he really wants to.

Hari Kurono:

⏰ He never thought about it much when you first told him that you were colorblind. He never brought it up, and he never treated you differently. This was a problem when deciding things that needed a certain colour, say broccoli to cauliflower or lettuce to butterhead, so you had to ask him to help you sometimes.

⏰ When clothing shopping rolls around, he just raises an eyebrow and glances you up and down, “Why would you want to change clothes? I like these ones on and off of you.”

⏰ Once you’re done blushing, he’ll play it off as a joke and then take you to an underground mall that isn’t hard to identify as barely legal. He walks around like it’s an amusement park, though, so it’s cute to see him tilt his head and examine random items.

⏰ He’ll want to buy you something fantasy-esque, really, he’ll push to get you a tailored steampunk mask and an entire outfit to compliment it. He seems to like the sexual-related medical outfits the most.

⏰ Once you pull him to an actual semi-normal clothing store, he’ll look around lazily before pointing to a mannequin, “Why don’t we just buy that outfit?”

⏰ “But Kuroooo….” “…” “Kuro?” “Ice cream?”

⏰ As you can imagine, he struggles with keeping his mind on the “clothing” part of the shopping. All he can help with is colour matching, and he still doesn’t seem to be paying attention at that, “These shorts have knife tips at the bottom… they have… knife tips at the bottom…”

Sending you all my love, prayers and hopes that whatever it is you may be going through, you will still find comfort and peace somewhere within yourselves. I hope you’ll be filled with so much love tonight it’s gonna act out as your anchor to still believe good things are gonna happen and you are yet to see how you’re life’s gonna fall in place. I know it’s tiring to make sense out of things that don’t seem to fit your soul but hang in there because when it feels too good to give up, chances are, you are as close as ever to where you wanna be. 

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How do the vampires react to classic romantic gestures? Like detective showing up at their place with a bouquet of flowers, talking while talking a walk together, dinner by candlelight, kissing in the rain, etc?

A would probably rather like it- not that they would admit it or even initiate it that much, but if the MC did things like that for them then they’d be very happy (on the inside, anyway :D ).

N would adore things like that! Either giving those gestures or receiving:)

F would totally love it too. They probably haven’t experienced that kind of romance and relationship much before, so it would be something new and enjoyable!

M, lol. Can’t see it being M’s kind of thing-and they’d probably say so! If it happened more naturally and less planned, might be a bit different.

Thank you so much for the ask :)

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Idk if it’s common for anyone else to have suppressed their feelings so much that they didn’t realize they even had them? But now that I have given myself permission to love women (no matter what anyone says) and to allow myself to actually appreciate their beauty, it’s like someone opened a window. It’s like, everyone’s attractive now? And even old shows I used to watch, I’m suddenly realizing that I’d date all these women. And idk, maybe this all sounds kinda silly. But it feels really nice.

That’s awesome anon and not silly at all! You’re amazing for healing like that and getting to a better place. I’m so happy for you! 


LOOK WHAT @hostile-takeover-bank SENT ME IN THE MAIL!!!! <3______<3

A DIE-CAST OF MY BEST BABE, OTIS!!!!! And the most adorable drawing of Thunder Hicks aaaaah. <33333 These are going in a place of honor, my friend. You are so so kind, aaaaaaaah. <33333 I love you!!!! Thank you so much!!! (And I loved your note, too. I am such a huge sucker for handwritten notes, no have you idea. <333)

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slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers: asra, julian, nadia (the classic trio)

slow burn julian- imagine the tension that would ensue if you forced that boy to move slowly in matters of the heart. i don’t even know if he knows how. julian “break up after a whirlwind day on the town during which i never actually asked you out in the first place” devorak.

fake date asra- uhhh. i’m sorry, because i love him, but i’m imagining the angst. in canon this’d end up a huge painful mess. asra’s in love from the start, but it would take so much longer to end up on the same page with the whole issue of complete amnesia.

enemies to lovers would be nadia and i have so many thoughts here i could write a whole fic- nadia knows you are working against her, no matter what you pontificate when she asks with any directness. you stay just rooms away from her, but she never encounters you in the halls. you leave at strange hours, but return moments before she sends for you. somehow, trails begin to go cold. leads begin to disappear. informants go missing or clam up. and through it all, you go on smiling at her across tea tables and garden fountains, complimenting her tastes and her hair and her eyes. and against all odds- even as her husband’s murderer grows farther from reach and her suspicions of you grow heavier than ever- she can’t seem to hold against your charm.

outr0o  asked:

How do you overcome depression? For some reason it's easier to believe that taking drugs are what actually help, that what is wrong with us is something outside of our control, that our mood changes throughout the month because of a hormonal balance, etc. but through law of attraction I learn that its because of how we feel. How can I shift my thoughts when depression is controlling them so much in the first place? Thank you❤️

Great question!

Begin by being kinder to yourself and giving your body what it needs. If it needs rest, that’s ok, go to sleep earlier if you need to.

Don’t do what you don’t want to do. Don’t hang out with people who you don’t want to hang out with. It’ll be better for them in the long run too because they deserve to surround themselves with people who love hanging out with them. Don’t go to places that you don’t want to go to… Basically, quit doing everything that makes you sad.

Then, think of ways that will naturally improve your mood. I really like romantic comedies for that. A nice walk in nature can help too. Just take small steps toward happiness and before you know it, you’ll be there!

All of the above can help you get out of depression. To specifically shift your thoughts, meditation helps (at least 5 minutes per day) and so do affirmations that counteract any thought you don’t like. For example: to counteract “I am not good enough”, you can say: “I am good enough, and any thought that contradicts this isn’t my truth.”


ninawolv3rina  asked:

Made a new OC names Quincy who's a prisoner for..... reasons. She also accidentally helped the chosen one escape prison so now she has to take his place and she's waaaaay easier to manipulate so things arent lookin good (p.s. i love your art hella much)

u are an ANGEL thank u!! and that’s really interesting 0: id like to know more abt the concept behind them!!

scarscarchurro  asked:

Richard for the meme

Richard Sanchez C-594

2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod

We Used To Vacation - Cold War Kids, Happy - Mother MotherIt’s Coming Down - CakeLove Will Fuck You Up - Buck65

the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to

He’s been known to sleep on the job occasionally, especially during Beth’s infant & toddler years. Those early years of parenthood were rough on him.

the game they’d destroy everyone else at

Roy: A Life Well Lived. Little known fact, he does actually know a thing or two about having fun! He’s an intergalactic reigning champion, with a record high score that very few Ricks have achieved. (Ricardo has no idea Richard even knows how to walk in the door of a Blips and Chitz, let alone that he plays Roy)

the emoticon they’d use most often

He doesn’t do emoticons. But if he did it would probably be 😐because it most accurately represents his face 24/7

what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep

Grumpier than normal, which is an impressive feat honestly

their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.

Coffee, black with gin

how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump

A quiet night in with his daughter and a bottle of wine watching old movies together. Or just petting his cat till they both fall asleep in his reclining chair.

what they wanted to be when they grew up

Dr R. Sanchez

their favorite kind of weather

A mild rainy day. The sort where other Ricks spend the day inside playing games with their grandkids instead of dying and causing more work for him.

thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)

He does not sing. Ever.

how/what they like to draw or doodle

Good at anatomical diagrams and drafting blueprints but not much of a creative doodler