so much love for this ep!

i got tagged from my buddy @ironic-comicsans to make a moodboard of my favorite things i guess

1. thats me a few months ago

2. pizza (bc why not)

3. a collage of broadway titles

4. a kitty lion🦁

5. black lives matter header (may use it)

6. blue paint set

7. a girl with her pet dragon (artist: Gdbee)

8. Daveed diggs (my smol son)

9. doddleoddle. shes amazing. she does covers of songs, has a vlog (doddlevloggle) about either dealing with anxienty/depression or a collab with another youtuber, and 100% bisexual. plus shes going on tour and has a album on spotify (dodie ep). im sorry i just love her so much💛💛💛💛

i tag @glitterytammy @demiboydorito @nugghug @peppieroni-peteza @nonstop-laurens @xpastelpetals @philling-trashy idk anyone else im sorry

i’m sorry for getting grumpy, my head hurts and i just love edward nygma so much y'all

i just want him to be happy and catch a fuckin break for more than ¾ eps at a time (its happened like twice: being with Kristen and then being Oswald’s right hand man and later with Isabella) and i’m so thrilled for Riddler but like… he’s just gonna be miserable so how much fun can this be?

eriithedog replied to your post “SPOILERS AHEAD Gintama characters are allowed to fight alongside the…”

Very great post! Everyone especially the girls, like Tsukki, Taechan or Sacchan, is so precious in their own way and doesn’t do anything bad to get bullied like that.

Thank you! Yes, everyone is free to dislike characters, it’s just absurd to me to see the girls hated for the same things the guys do that everyone loves and justifies to any extreme. But the girls are always held to different standards and they’re judged by a single gag trait or two without viewing their character (the layers and the growth) as a whole. They always have to prove somehow that they belong in the story whereas the guys can do whatever they want and still be called important, relevant characters. 

I can think of a few reasons for why people do that and it amazes me how some people can be so blind to their own double standards, but, regardless, it’s so tiring, especially as a woman, to see this. Sometimes I regret making this blog, because the last ten years have been nice and peaceful when I didn’t catch wind of silliness and personal, bitter vendettas against various characters (sometimes people seem more obsessed with the characters they hate than the ones they love). But I’ll stick around for a bit, especially since I’ve met some nice people here and I enjoy chatting with them. Also, this is my only outlet for obsessing guilt-free over Gintama

I love the female and non-binary characters, and it’s one of the few shounen series where we get such diverse and strong female/nb characters.

Anyway, thank you for your comment. 

you: wow yoi didn’t end on a gay enough note :////

me, an intellectual: Yuuri and Viktor’s entire relationship was based off of trust and emotional support which makes it one of the most romantic and loving relationships we’ve seen in a long time especially in a sports anime where they are known for queerbaiting fans and the last time i checked Viktor and Yuuri were engaged so if that ain’t gay-

honestly my favorite reaction to phichit announcing yuuri’s and viktor’s ‘marriage’ is otabek’s. he just looks so serious and genuine?? the others (excluding chris ofc) just have these faces of disbelief, but not otabek. no, his face looks like he’s so focused on celebrating them like “must congratulate them on the marriage”, “can’t believe i missed the wedding”, “hope they use protection on the honeymoon” and frankly i love that. i love otabek.


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

Yuri: Well, I made this friendship bracelet for you.

Yurio: You know, I’m not really a jewelry person.

Yuri: You don’t have to wear it.

Yurio: No, I’m gonna wear it forever. Back off.


  • clint mcelroy forgets he’s a cleric literally within the first thirty seconds of the performance. later on the boys have to remind him that he’s their main healer. i don’t think clint mcelroy knows what a cleric is
  • taako’s commitment to Greg the Regular Dude is so fucking on point. he just keeps saying Normal Guy Things like comments about the weather and “you got greg on the horn here!” 
  • they mention in passing that they literally labeled their dad’s dice for him so he would know which one’s which
  • clint mcelroy still doesn’t know how to play d&d. he also doesn’t know where his character is or what he’s supposed to be doing most of the time. he’s been playing this game for years now. i love this show
  • i like that magnus is the kind of guy who already has a wrestling name picked out for himself. nerd.
  • fantasy john cena calls his dad every DAY
  • taako has to say nice things to people to banish an evil god and his first reaction is to start lavishly praising himself
  • catwalk jerry the catwalk boy is my favorite character in this entire series