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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: fluff, slight angst, eventual smut + expecting parents au

word count: 4,724

request: sperm donor ex-boyfriend jimin 

description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.


“I want to have your baby,” is a particular string of words that is only considered acceptable in a certain number of situations.

Maybe between two lovers getting lost in the moment of their heightened feelings, and somehow the words just slip — that’s probably the most common occurrence of the phrase. Or maybe it’s a night out, alcohol in your system, and the words just sort of spill past your lips to the most ridiculously attractive stranger you’ve ever seen before you can even think to stop them. Even that, can still be considered at least borderline passable usage of the phrase. Hell, even the instance of a teenage girl proclaiming her love for her favorite celebrity with the heavy proclamation is still considered normal for the most part.

These, along with a few far-fetched others, were the only situations you could think of that allowed for the usage of those six words to be passable, yet, here you were, uttering that exact phrase, when you were in absolutely none of them. You weren’t getting caught up in the moment with lust-glazed eyes, you weren’t drunk and spewing nonsense at a bar to some guy, and you most certainly weren’t some star struck teenage girl staring up at her celebrity crush’s poster.

No, you were none of those things.

Instead, you were sitting across from your ex-boyfriend telling him that you wanted to have his baby… Yeah, totally passable usage of the phrase, right?

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Lighthouse by the Lake!

We lived in a lighthouse up north last week for awhile with family for my cousins wedding! I’ve always has mixed feelings about traveling with kids. I know a lot of people do it and gosh, so many of our friends are total rockstars and take their kids across seas on huge trips or out of town and ton and I am always completely blown away and impressed by how they seem to do it so seemingly easy and then on top of it all actually enjoy themselves! Max and I always picture we will travel more when all the girls are a little older. We dream of long train rides where the girls each pack their own backpack full of chapter books, homeschooling studies and audio cds. We imagine they can all voice their needs really clearly and can comprehend and actually truly appreciate the environment around them and study the culture or buildings or sights we see and be old enough to remember them into adulthood. We dream of homeschooling on the road and maybe even travel or live out of the country for more than just a few weeks to really engage with it all.

It’s funny a vacation with kids should seriously be called something else though, because it’s like taking all their routines and rhythms and shaking them entirely up and then putting them somewhere new.. while still trying to soak in all the fun that a new environment has to offer, but also everyone’s a little off too. Haha! I’m sure if we did it more we would get really good at it, but for now I am just blown away by families who seem to travel like it’s no big deal. A super simple weekend away up north felt just right for our family and the girls’ ages this year. We had such a wonderful time with my sister and her family and my brother and my Mom and Dad and it ended up being so relaxing and slow and calm and cozy. The second day it rained more and we literally just spent time in the lighthouse playing and reading books and drinking coffee and talking and it was really incredible to have that much time to connect with everyone. We went on walks down by Lake Superior, took naps, sat by the fire, stayed up late, rode bikes, and explored the city. The bed and breakfast that we stayed at was beyond darling! My sister and Mom planned it all out super in advance and we were just game for anything and said, “just tell us how much we owe you!” Anyways, they rented out this entire lighthouse for us all to stay in and the host made us breakfast every morning and I felt this intense amount of gratitude after each morning thinking, “Wow, so I don’t have to clean this up!?” I definitely fell in love with a Bed and Breakfast type vibe and want to try one again soon! We hope to make it a yearly summer tradition with my family and sure enjoyed the togetherness up north! 

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jacksgreatcoat  asked:

Happy birthday!!!! Have more headcanons: Ianto expects his first bday at TW3 to go unnoticed because he's doing his best to be invisible. Jack knows it, but Ianto suspects that Jack forgets things like bdays easily. Ianto is kinda morose tho, because he's remembering Lisa from the year before and his mom&sister called but he didn't really want to talk to them. So he goes into the tourist office, not expecting much, but then he finds Jack there, waiting with a little cupcake and gift for him.

Thank youuuu!!! And this is so sweet 😌 I love the little details that remind Ianto that he is important and he does matter ❤️ also celebrating birthdays is one of my favorite headcanon/fic tropes (? Is that the right word for that? Idk it’s late but thank you for this ☺️)

I really don’t know how much more I can take..

I’ve been dealing with moving prep and I’ve had to speed up the move because of certain bills.

My mom lent money to one of her sisters a while ago and really needs the repayment, but both of her sisters have been ignoring her as of late and isolating my family as a whole.

Two of our dogs that I really love and care for are being returned to their owners due to behavioral issues, and one attacked another dog so badly we had to take him to the vet.

So much stuff has been building up that I had a panic attack just by going to the freaking grocery store.

It just feels like everything is falling apart and I’m trying my best to hold it together so it can get better. But I feel so sick and unmotivated that it gets harder to do. I just need to keep telling myself things will get better.

Subhanallah nice inspirational story..!!
He was the only man with whom she wanted to live under one roof in a Halaal manner of course…. Or that was what she thought in the beginning. He is the brother of her friend. She saw him for the first time, the day she visited her friend to study with her. He was a handsome, elegant young man and gentle with everyone around him. At that time, she really didn’t care if he prays or not, If he fasts or not, if he obeys his Lord or not! All that she cares about is: him! After all, at that time, she wasn’t close to her Lord. She didn’t notice the purpose of life or why she was created. She didn’t know that not only a Muslimah has to lower her gaze in front of the opposite sex but also has to keep her heart for a righteous man and to preserve it from these kind of feelings which rejoice shaitan.
She knew from the beginning that he doesn’t represent the good practicing Muslim man especially that he has a girlfriend as his sister told her once: “I always tell him that having gf/bf in Islam is Haram” said his sister ” but he told me that they (he and his gf) are not “crossing the limits”! may Allah guide them both to what pleases HIM”
That he wasn’t a practicing Muslim man didn’t really surprise her more than the righteousness of his sister - her friend! His sister was wearing the proper Hijab, so pious and a God fearing person. She used to always to advise her to wear Hijab and to pray on time. One day, she gave her a CD and asked her to listen to it. It contained an Islamic lecture that changed her life forever! It was talking about chastity, Hijab, death and meeting Allah!
Few days later, she wore the proper loose Hijab and becomes a completely different person! Before listening to that CD which woke her up from her neglectfulness, she used to pray but she wasn’t praying on time. Now she prays every salah after hearing the Adhan. Now, she even prays Nawafil and Qiyamulayl (night prayer)! She became so righteous that her family calls her now “the Shaikh”! Her friend, the young man’s sister, was so happy for her.
Few months later, she was at her friend’s house, revising for exam with her. After one hour of revision, her friend excused herself to go to the bathroom. After her friend left, she stayed alone in the room. Suddenly, her friend’s brother entered the room.
“assalamu alaikom” said the young man smiling to her.
“wa alaikom assalam” she replied lowering her gaze, shocked and not believing that he was actually talking to her!
“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, but I want to talk to you about a very important matter.” After a moment of silence he added “My sister always talks to us about you : how nice you are and how good Muslimah you are. Our family really loves you so much. Lately, my mom suggested that it’s time for me to get married and my sister said that there is no better than you to be my future wife!”
In all her wildest dreams, she never imagined him saying that to her, suggesting that she becomes his wife!
“but I thought you have a girlfriend!” she told him with a shaking voice?
“are you serious!” he said laughing “for me, gf is just a gf, never would be a wife! When a Muslim man wants to search for his other half, he should choose a good girl like you : innocent and pure, a girl who would be pious wife and raise good children!”
Then he said with total confidence that she will accept his proposal: ”I wanted to talk to you to know your opinion before my sister brings this subject to you. I know you will be a good wife for me as I dreamed of my future wife to be!”
She stood up saying with the same confidence:”I am sorry but you are not as I imagined my future husband to be!”
If she was the same girl she used to be in the past, she would accept his proposal immediately with no hesitation but now she is a totally different girl. She added:”I want my future husband to be a practicing righteous man, who would lower his gaze from Haraam and preserve his heart from Haraam. My future husband would never have a gf because he would be a God fearing person who keeps his heart only for me as I am keeping it only for him”
She went to the door and before going out she told him :” They say “if you want a woman as pure as “Maryam” (‘alaiha salam) then you should be a man as pure as Yusuf (alaihi salam) “
She said that before leaving the room closing the door behind her.

Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 250}
          .            — Mom! —

Bernadette stood in a ghostly light, wandering out from the circle of candles the witch summoned from the dead brightens the room with her greenish glow. Bernadette’s 1970s attire was very clear ans had a tear in her eye.
Bianca: “ MOM!! ” Bianca screamed in excitmenet at seeing her mother before her! Last time she saw her was when she time travelled to 1975. Beatrice and Bianca were so shocked to see their mother they remeained silent just gazing at her spirit form! Bernadatte died years ago but the distant memories of her great motherhood will always be remembered in the witch sisters hearts. She was a great mom and is dearly missed by her daughters as much as the late Belinda. So much death has reined on the Crumplebottom women.
Bernadette: “ MY GIRLS! ” Bernadette reaches out to hug her eldest daughter Beatrice and the she hugs Bianca. As she moves her ghostly hair has a mind of It’s own.
Beatrice: “ We can hug you mother? But your a ghost! I’ve never been able to touch one!? ”
Bernadette: “ Darling the power of love makes anything possible. ”
Bianca: “ Mommy! Oh I always miss you. I just can’t beleive your here right now. Why did you have to leave us soon. Can’t you just stick around? ”
Fear suddenley brewed on Bernadette’s face, like she was hiding something. She felt the absence of Belinda and glared down at Bianca’s baby bump like she was witnessing a stake burning.
Bernadette: “ — Dear, your very pregnant now. [concerned] I’ve been watching over you… Well more like…. Under you. I must say, this demon baby will ruin our family line If It’s born. You realise you cannot have a demon to join you three. ”
Bianca: “ Three? Mom… Belinda’s dead! It’s just the two of us now. [confused] You said you’ve been watching… Is It too soon to summon Belinda? — [pause] Why did you say three, you knew she was dead, right?  ” The silence has a witchy vibe now and Beatrice peirces her eyes at her mother.
Bernadette: “ [ignores her] Um… Uh… Why… Uh did you girls summon me? ”
Bianca: “ Why you acting weird? ”
Bernadette: “ I’m not acting weird… Who’s acting weird? Oh look a black cat! ”
Beatrice: “ Stop changing the subject [serious witch] and awnser the question!You are acting weird, mom. We summoned you because someone is out there trying to kill us and without the power of three we can’t handle It! I nearly bled to death the other day! If It wasn’t for Mama Voodoo and Deedee, we’d both be dead! Family line OVER! We need more power for defense, to keep us alive…We’re not charmed anymore. The power of two is a death sentence. Your are last hope, we don’t know what to do. ”
Bernadette: “ Not all hope is lost! [head down] You see, Belinda is trapped in the afterlife my dears because there’s something she’s trying to do before she can rest in peice…. [ashamed]… There’s something I’ve been hidning from you girls… Something I need to tell you. The power of three isn’t quite done yet… ”

Okay, I’m going to rewatch 1x01 of Supergirl, which I haven’t done since I watched this show over the summer, and write some reactions as I go: 

-Winn: “I’m telling you, they’re out there. Aliens!” Kara: “Winn, there’s no such thing as aliens.” uhhhhhhh????? didn’t Superman reveal himself like 12 years before this?? Proving that there are aliens??? 

-OMG! I forgot Kara had a date in the first episode!! I don’t remember how this went… bad I’m guessing? 

-James you asshole! he is totally fucking with Kara in the first episode and stressing this poor puppy out! He knew exactly who she was coming to National City. James: “Anyone ever tell you that you look a little like him right here?”*pointing to her eyes* 

-ALLLEEEEXXXXX!!!! <3 <3 <3 bby!! and after all this “hair discourse” in relation to your coming out, I can’t not look at her hair and see how she is trying to be “perfect”

-”and thanks to your alien DNA you can’t get pimples” OMG poor Melissa! God, I would break out in mass hoards pimples just from the stress that my character is canonically pimple-less. 

- LOL!!!!! omg I totally missed that Kara picked the pink shirt and Alex was like nope… “Good choice. When in doubt, go with blue, it is your color.” And like her supersuit is blue :)) 

-REVISITING THE DATING THING!!!! Kara deserves so much better than this asshole. God, he went to the waitress and said to put her number on the check what a fucking scumbag. 

- I love how the FIRST EPISODE it is showing what person is the most important to Kara —> Alex. It is usually the love interest that is saved by a Super…but no, this show right off the bat is showing what relationship takes precedent on this show and i LOVE THAT!!


-WOW. Alex’s speech and Kara’s “coming out” is TOTALLY paralleling Alex’s coming out and like the beginning of her relationship with Maggie!! And like when Kara said “I don’t want to [take it back]” i can’t help but to think about Alex’s line “Just forget i said anything. Okay, forget it.” Alex was wanting to take back her coming out bc she was so hurt :(

-KARA IS SUCH A SAD HEART BROKEN PUPPY, MY HEART :(((( AND Alex feels heartbroken too because Kara’s heart is hurting :((( And she wishes she could tell Kara more that her life is in danger bc of the Aliens from Fort Rozz wanting to attack her to get revenge on her mother for locking them up. My heart breaks for both of them :(((( 

-Previously: Kara: “All these people they are going to lose their jobs.  What’s gonna happen to them, to their families?”[…] Cat: “You wanna save the Trib? Go find me a hero.” Now: Cat: “This girl is the answer. She is exactly what i need to save the Tribune.” I just realized that Kara coming out as Supergirl saved jobs and then gave herself a new job by saving the Tribune where she now WORKS! And like, it shows that Cat does care about the people that work for her….she didn’t want to fire the people working for her. 

-Waitress: Can you believe it? A female hero. Nice for my daughter to have someone like that to look up to” YESSSSSSSSS Representation matters!!!!!

-ALEX COMING DOWN FROM THE HELICOPTER LIKE A BAMF!!!! IS EVERYTHING!! AND then cradling Kara in her arms saying, “Hey, I’m here. I got you, i got you.” And looking at Kara’s wound. This is the first time she has ever seen Kara physically hurt. This is something she feared would happen. 

- Have I mentioned lately that I love Alex and Kara and their relationship? Well I DO! I love the shot of them holding hands while Kara is listening to the message her mom is giving her. Again….SHOWING that the most important relationship on this show that will ALWAYS take precedence is Alex and Kara. I love it so much! That they are family. Even though they don’t share blood, they are sisters. This type of representation is SO IMPORTANT TOO!

-Alex: “I wasn’t only recruited because of my sister, was I?” Hank: “Yeah, she’s why you got in. YOU are why you get to stay” <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Hank loves his earth daughter, and is so supportive of her and knowing what else happens this season, I can appreciate all these moments so much more!

-THE LAST SCENE!! this again shows how family isn’t just about blood, but it is about bond! This scene is Astra ordering her minions to find and kill Kara, “Are you certain, General? After all, Kara Zor-El is your blood.” It is showing how Kara’s family IS her earth family that is protecting her. Alex would do anything to protect her sister. ALSOOOOOOOO I can’t help but to think this is also a parallel to Lena. Astra is ordering someone to kill Kara, while Lex had someone sent to kill Lena. People that used to love them and were closed to them, are now wanting them dead. Both Kara and Lena want to do good, but are trying to be stopped by members of their supposed “family”. 

WOW! I appreciate this episode SO MUCH MORE now that I know what else happens this season. This show has so much depth and such an incredible story about family, self-discovery, and what makes a hero. 


Spent a wonderful day swimming in Big Bear Lake and hiking in Forest Falls with my mom, husband, and sisters. We’ve all been working so hard lately, so this was such a lovely day off 💖

As much as I like where I live, it just feels far too dry for me. It felt amazing to spend time in the cold mountain water!

So here’s my “how I became a Swiftie” story...

Hi there! So basically I always see these beautiful stories about how swifties became swifties and I figured maybe I would tell mine. My mind is very scattered so please excuse my nonsensical ranting at times about how much I love Taylor. Ok so here it goes…

So I was first introduced to the magical pegacorn that is Taylor Swift when I was 10 years old, and by this time my moms (yes I have lesbian parents and i love them dearly) had been seperated for about 7 years and my biological mom had moved my little sister and I into a new house with another family that also had a single parent and she had three other kids, one of which became my babysitter on a regular basis. One evening when my mom had to work late, my new babysitter decided that she and I should have a dance party to this amazing new artist name Taylor Swift. It was her self titled album and we listened/danced to the entire record that night and immediately I knew I wanted to know more about this ‘Taylor Swift’ person.

So flash forward a few years, I am now in middle school and my passion for Taylor Swift had since grown stronger from when the 10 year old me was first introduced to her, and I began to experience the worst thing immaginable for a 13 year old girl: bullying. They always told us about it in wellness/gym class and that it was a very real and painful thing to go through, but I had never truly experienced it so it kind of just remainded this figment that I never really paid much attention to. But there I was, on the 7th grade basketball team, being brutally antagonized about everything from my height (5″ 9′) to my weight to everything about me. It hurt and it was horrible, it also lasted 4 more years. And throughout that difficult time, my constant relief from all the pain I felt inside was Taylor’s self-titled album that I listened to when I was 10. Not to mention that my moms were fighting in court for custody of my little sister and I which did not help the pain I felt all the time. In fact, it made it worse.

Eventually, I had enough and soon became severly depressed and Taylor wasn’t always enough to help me through the nights that I cried myself to sleep wishing that the girls on the team didn’t hate me and that my moms would stop hating each other. Soon I began to turn to self harm instead of my Taylor CD’s and I became more and more miserable. I would come home crying from practice and immediately go to the bathroom and just hurt myself until I couldn’t feel anything but the pain in my arm. But Taylor hadn’t totally left my life, the songs that were always on repeat for me were Tied Together With A Smile, Cold As You, and The Best Day. These songs single handedly got me through the worst times in my life and I am forever grateful that Taylor wrote them because honestly, there were multiple nights were I thought that maybe it would just be easier for everyone if I just wasn’t around anymore. That maybe if I just ended it that I wouldn’t be a burden to anyone anymore since the girls on the basketball team hated me for reasons that I didn’t know and my moms were fighting because of me (which I now know isn’t true) and I just didn’t want to be a bother anymore.

Without the ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘Fearless’ records I would probably not be breathing right now. And then ‘Speak Now’ came out… I wish I could say that that record stopped my pain or put my heart back together, however that is not what happened. I started to plan the day that I would take my life and I would set a date in my head about when I would finally go through with it. But on the flip side of those dark thoughts, I become more and more involved in the Taylor Swift fandom:) and that did seem to start to help the immense sadness I felt inside. And then the Red album came out, and the songs on that album seemed to echo the pain I had felt what seemed to feel like my entire life. Taylor was singing all the pain I was feeling and I started to feel understood, which is something I really didn’t get to feel unless I was listening to Taylor’s music. June 6th, the day the Red Tour came to Pittsburgh was the first Taylor concert I ever went to and it was one of the best nights of my life (even though some rude people behind me threw their drinks on me and my friend whenever we put up our ‘Trouble Towels’ which were a play on the Steeler’s ‘Terrible Towel’). But even after that amazing night I still unfortunately continued to hurt myself and blame myself for all the negativity that surrounded me and I tried to take my life, twice. I then went through what was the scariest experience that I have ever gone through when I was admitted to the hospital known as Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of Pittsburgh. It was horrible and scary and I pray that no one should ever have to go through what I went through when I was there. It was definitely a wake up call for me that I never ever want to be in that situation ever again.

Soon after that I started to hear about Taylor’s Live Stream about her new album 1989 and about the magical thing that is the 1989 Secret Sessions. I couldn’t wait to here the album and the date in my head that I set for my death started to get pushed back more and more with every detail that unravelled about this amazing new album. And when October 27th came you better believe I was first in line to get my copy. 

The first song I listened to off the record was the last track, ‘Clean’. I immediately began to cry because once again, Taylor spoke the pain that I felt. I quit the basketball team filled with the people that tormented me for years and I tried my hardest to ignore the negativity of my fighting parents and tried to work on myself. I had been in therapy for a little over a year by the time 1989 came out and I began to continually try harder and harder to focus on the lessons Taylor was singing on the record. And I knew that I needed to go to the concert for the album. I kid you not that I cried like a baby through the entire concert and I hoped and prayed for weeks that maybe I would be lucky enough to get ‘Loft 89′. Unfortantely I didn’t get it, but then my little sister introduced me to Tumblr. and there I began to read about people’s experiences about meeting Taylor. Although I was heartbroken that I wasn’t one of the lucky few to meet her, it was and still is a guilty pleasure of mine to read about other people’s experiences meeting my idol.

I seriously love Tumblr so much because I don’t feel like a freak here, no one hates on me for being a Swiftie because on here it’s something to be celebrated. I love Taylor so much and she has been there for me through all the nights that I cried myself to sleep, hurt myself, or spent days alone knitting/drawing/dancing around my room to my favorite Taylor tracks. Although I still feel pain from all those years of torment and sadness, I have learned to let go of things beyond my control and try to look forward the best that I can. 

The night that I got to go to the 1989 was once again, one of the best nights of my life. And again I reiderate that I cried like a baby throughout the entire concert due to all the amazingness that insued that night. But my favorite part of that concert, bar none, was the “Clean Speech” Taylor gave before singing my favorite song. Once again, my idol/role model/best friend talked about all the ghosts that haunted my life since I was 13. I will never forget that speech as long as I live. It made me love and appreciate Taylor more than ever and it has helped me to try harder to not fall into the trap of self harm. I can’t say that I’ve been perfect but it has helped me put a lot of things in perspective. 

Throughout the past year that 1989 has been out I’ve lost my best friend in the entire world to another girl whom she liked better than me (we had been friends for 11 years), my moms going to court (again), and the stresses of trying to get into college. But through all of that, Taylor was there. She never left my side, not even once. And although she had been my strength for years I felt her presence in my life now more than ever. I started to feel a little less pain, and I began not to hurt myself as often as I used to. Basically, I shifted my focus from my pain and sadness to Taylor Swift and the fandom on Tumblr. Even today, when I felt sad and alone just going on Tumblr and immersing myself into the fandom on here helped me feel better. So just thank you to everyone who follows me, likes my posts, or sends me kind notes because, along with Taylor, you guys are always there for me and I will forever be thankful for that. 

So there it is. That’s my story and I hope that someone out there going through the pain and sadness I went through, reads this and gains strength and courage from it. 

Also, I just want to say thank you to Taylor for all the strength and courage you’ve given me over the years and how you’ve always been there for me when no one else was. I sincerely hope that one day I am lucky enough to meet you and thank you for all you’ve done for me in person. I know that you are very busy and that there are much more deserving Swifties out there, but I will never stop wishing/hoping that I get to finally meet you. Forever & Always, Hannah

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