so much love for mr weasley

//takes a deep breath


  • is so passionate about his job and supporting muggle rights that he doesn’t give two shits abt his reputation as a blood traitor even tho it’s apparently the reason he never got promoted at the ministry
  • wrote the book on why u should not enchant muggle objects and literally has a shed full of flying vehicles and shit that he hopes his wife doesn’t find out about??? lmao what a rebel?? i love this guy
  • was concerned about harry before he even met him because ron was worried that he wasn’t responding to letters and when harry came to stay he totally could have been like ‘shit another mouth to feed’ but was really really happy that harry was there and safe??? ‘pls sit next to me at dinner, child, i need to ask you ten thousand questions about muggles’
  • like he was actually the first adult ever besides maybe hagrid to sit there and ask for harry’s opinions and recognize that he had knowledge and thoughts to offer im crying
  • fixed harry’s glasses for him after they broke in the floo ;-;
  • gave zero fucks about what everyone else thought should be done and told harry about sirius black bc he wanted this kid to be aware and safe as possible??
  • dragged the dursleys for not treating their nephew like a human being (and destroyed their living room what a great moment tbh)
  • gives advice that harry remembers years later bc he respects this kind ginger man so much ‘don’t trust something that can think for itself if u can’t see where it keeps its brain’
  • (lol remember that one time molly was upset about death eaters at the quidditch world cup and he made her some tea and then was like ‘i think this needs some whiskey too trust me i’m a doctor’)
  • agreed that harry should be told certain things about the resistance because he knew harry was competent and intelligent enough to handle it but like also kept in mind that harry was a kid in the middle of a war
  • took harry to work with him and made sure he got to his hearing on time and distracted him and ‘smiled at him encouragingly’ when he knew he was nervous im dying this was so sweet
  • was part of the group who threatened the dursleys to keep their hands and shitty attitudes away from harry and he was so ‘light’ and ‘pleasant’ abt it omg this dude was throwing so much shade
  • was ready to fight scrimgeour with remus when the minister wanted to get harry alone and harry had to be like ‘omfg stand down pls’
  • ‘am i about to discover where you, ron, and hermione disappeared to while you were supposed to be in the back room of fred and george’s shop?’ … ‘how did you-?’ …  ‘harry, please. you’re talking to the man who raised fred and george’
  • never raised his voice except for that one time he told a fully trained auror to back the hell off and get out of his way so he could see his injured son and harry literally thought ‘holy shit’ it says so right there in the book u can check
  • fought in the battle of hogwarts and after fred and harry had been killed he went into full on rage mode and teamed up with percy to fuck up the minister for magic
  • owns chickens


‘madame delacour glided forward and stooped to kiss mrs. weasley too. “enchanteé,” she said. “your ‘usband ‘as been telling us such amusing stories!” mr. weasley gave a maniacal laugh; mrs. weasley threw him a look, upon which he became immediately silent and assumed an expression appropriate to the sickbed of a close friend.’

Dating Harry Potter Would Include...

Requests are open! 

Prompt: @turtles-unicorns7464 Hello can you do a dating Harry Potter would include? Thank you!

Warnings: none

Originally posted by youtubersandothers

  • Harry would be so unsure of himself around you. HIs usual confidence would completely disappear and it would be replaced with awkwardness and stuttering.
  • Ron would hype him up before he asked you out
  • Harry would consult Hermione before he did anything that had to do with you.
  • “I think your the chosen one for me” (He earned a smack in the arm for that)
  • 90% of your relationship is Harry doing stupid stuff and you smiling and rolling your eyes
  • He would always come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist
  • “Pinky promise”
  • Passionate kisses after a win
  • He would be constantly wowed by your appearance and personality
  • He is actually the biggest flirt in the world
  • Even when your trying to do homework Harry will try to kiss you
  • Holding hands any time you’re together
  • eyes though
  • “We’re going to be fine. I promise”
  • Long and lazy afternoons together
  • Sitting in Three Broomsticks sipping butterbeer and just talking
  • Being his rock
  • Sometimes you just need to be there for him because being the protector of the entire wizarding world can be too much 
  • The admiring smile™
  • Terrible dancing in the common room late at night 
  • Ron still wonders how you two ended up together
  • “I’m the Chosen One, remember?”
  • Dragging you through the empty halls at the crack of dawn so you can watch the sunrise on the roof
  • Becoming really close with Hermione
  • Going to all his Quidditch matches and getting really into the game
  • Wearing his sweater from Mrs. Weasley, so much so that she makes you one too
  • “What are you so worried about?!”                                                             “You have the tendency to almost get killed. A lot.”
  • Like father like son
  • “They would’ve loved you, (Y/N)”

remus never once asking tonks to change her appearance from whatever she wants it to be

tonks very gently and quietly bandaging and healing remus’s cuts and bruises the day after the full moon

remus giving a tiny smirk and happily giving tonks piggyback rides and carrying her bridal style whenever she accidentally and inevitably hurts herself tripping over one thing or another

tonks secretly loving remus’s grandpa style of clothing and going to mrs. weasley to try to learn how to knit cardigans and sweaters herself and fails terribly but remus wears whatever the outcome is with pride anyway

remus and tonks being totally badass and unstoppable in the missions they were sent on for the order and everyone secretly thinking they should hook up and rejoicing when they announced their marriage

REMUS AND TONKS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Request: “Lucius malfoy having a daughter?” -Anon
Wasn’t sure if you want a one-shot or an would include, considering I’ve never done one before I decided to do a would include. If you want a one shot contact me and I’ll write one for you. Xx.

-Being named after a star or constellation.

-Lucius wins no father of the year awards.

-He would be quite cold and distant towards both you and Draco.

-But he would show Draco a little bit of affection, him being the Malfoy heir and such.

-You would be closer to Narcissa than Lucius.

-You’d probably call Lucius father because it’s more formal than dad.
-Narcissa would probably be mum.

-Draco & you would go back and forth between best friends and worst enemies.
-You’d be playing together and you take one of his toys.
-This leads to a big argument involving tears and lots of immature name calling.
-Eventually Narcissa would break it up and make you two apologise.
-Not actually forgiving each other
-Glaring at each other when your mum isn’t looking.
-This could go on for weeks.
-Eventually one of you cave (most likely Draco) and you’d give the other a flower from the garden, kinda like a white flag.

-Being friends with Dobby.

-Constantly trying to sneak him clothes.

-Which gets you a scolding from your father.

-Being nervous on the train to Hogwarts, worrying if you were going to be a Slytherin or not.

-Lucius would be disappointed if you were a Ravenclaw, mad if you were a Hufflepuff and probably lose his mind if you were a Gryffindor.

-He would give a courteous congratulations if you were a Slytherin.

-If you were in Slytherin you’d hang around Draco & his friends but not really liking Crabbe or Goyle.

-In the other houses, you’d probably be a loner because of your family name, but still hanging out with Draco and his friends every so often.

-Not being as rude as Draco.

-The main reason Draco was so rude was to please your father, eventually you gave up (especially if being sorted in another house).

-Also, since you spent a lot of time with your mum who had more of an open mind, your prejudice would be non-existent or not as strong.

-Less likely to join a quidditch team, even if you do love it.

-Partially because it was Draco’s thing and you didn’t want to steal his thunder and because you wouldn’t get along with your team mates as well.


-After giving up on trying to gain your fathers attention, you’d start to rebel for fun.

-If you were a Gryffindor, you’d be the Malfoy version of Sirius Black.

-Your room at home would be covered with red & gold with posters stuck on the wall of muggle things

-Wearing less dignified clothes.

-Nothing particularly slutty but more casual, so where your family were all wearing suits, you wear jeans and a top with a leather or denim jacket.

-If you were a Gryffindor, you’d probably dye your hair.

-It was a symbol of you being a Malfoy and it reminded you of what you had to be every time you looked at your reflection.

-Not dying it a natural colour, it’d be something fun to really drive your father crazy.

-Eventually, Lucius would disown you if you did all this.

-Becoming friendly with Hermione & Harry.

-Hermione would realise you weren’t like your brother, you didn’t judge people on Blood status and would NEVER use the ’m’ word.

-Her first talking to you in the library.

-You would be studying for the upcoming potions test and not understanding anything.

-Eventually, she ask if you needed help.

-Reluctantly, saying yes.

-After an hour or so, you would understand majority of it

-Going to her if you need help with homework and such.

-Harry & Ron calling her crazy for becoming friends with the enemies sister.

-After a lot of convincing, she’d get them to ease up on you.

-The first time you really spoke to Harry was the year of Umbridge.

-You would be crying in some hidden corner of the school when he stumbled across you, crying over your scared hand.

-He’d comfort you.

-And you’d apologise about everything on Draco behalf.

-Telling Harry about how Draco was when the two of you were younger.

-The next time you saw Hermione at the library, she invited you to join Dumbledore’s Army.

-Most people not trusting you, think you’d rat them out.

-Having trouble conjuring a Patronis.

-You haven’t exactly had the most joyous life.

-Eventually, you would conjure one.

-Using the memory of you, your mum and Draco cooking when you were little.

-Mrs Weasley inviting you over for Christmas.

-It would’ve been after Harry sending a letter to Sirius about you.

-Sirius would causally mention it when Molly was around and she decided to have you over.

-Mrs Weasley would fawn over you, saying you were too skinny and needed more food.

-Helping her in the kitchen as much as you can.

-Her dismissing you but you were just as stubborn.

-You ended up peeling potatoes manually and listening Mrs Wesley going on about when her children were little.

-Loving her stories.

-After much insisting on her part, you’d start calling Mrs Weasley, Molly.

-Most of the family being cautious around you.

-Until you comment on the twins pranks that they had pulled.

-Them being surprised when they found out you loved pranks.

-Especially when they hear about a prank you had pulled on Draco.

-Bonding with them as they tell you about their store.

-Winning over Ginny when you compliment her on hexing your brother.

-“I love him but he can be a total pain in the arse, I don’t know how you deal with so many of them.”

-Looking at your portrait on the Black family wall with horror.

-Laughing at Draco’s.

-Having long conversations with Sirius complaining about your families.

-You talked more than he did and you didn’t push him sensing he was uncomfortable with talking about it.

-Sirius noticing the parallels between your lives.

-Inviting you to stay with him during the summer.

-You wanting to agree but declining because you didn’t want to leave Draco.

-Most of the Order became protective over you.

-Even Ron starting to warm up to you.

-Going with them to the Ministry to save Sirius.

-He was like an uncle to you and you weren’t going to sit back and doing nothing.

-Lucius being surprised to see you there.

-Low key trying to avoid cursing you and not letting any of the other Death Eaters hurt you.

-You were still his daughter after all, even if you weren’t close.

-A part of him was ashamed of you for fighting for the other side.

Using the crutiatis curse on Bellatrix before she hurts Sirius.

-Not feeling guilty about it cause he was more family to you then he was.

-Officially being disowned after that.

-You and Harry going to live with Sirius after his name was cleared.

-Living in a house in the country where you could see the stars

-Draco refusing to talk to you, claiming you had betrayed him.

-Narcissa writing short letters every so often to check up on you.

-Helping the twins with their joke shop.

-Worrying about Draco the next year.

-Draco, still mad at you, bullies you a lot at the beginning of the year.

-Crying because of it.

-Him feeling bad after he sees you sobbing in a corridor.

-Slytherins now hate you.

-Or act like they do.

-Spending most of the time with Hermione.

-Bonding with Ron over not being invited to the Slug Club.

-Not caring as much as he does but at least he’s talking to you.

-Every so often breaking down about being disowned.

-Sirius being very supportive through letters.

-Punching Harry in the face after he curses Draco.

-“You even think about hurting my brother again, Voldemort will be the least of your problems.”

-Not leaving Draco’s side while he’s in the hospital wing.

-You just sit there for hours clutching his hand.

-Occasionally glaring at professors or Madame Pomfrey when they try to make you leave.

-Eventually they give up.

-Draco waking up to see you asleep on his beside in an incredibly uncomfortable position, your hands still holding onto his.

-Him waking you up when he tries to leave.

-Forcing him to tell you what’s happening.

-Draco telling you everything, while the two of you hold back tears.

- The death eaters getting in anyway.

-Persuading the Order to help Draco and you mum.

-Sirius helping you convincing them because Draco reminds him of Regulus.

-Going on missions for the Order the next year.

-You and Draco fighting together at the Battle of Hogwarts.

-Coming face to face with Bellatrix.

-She tried to kill you for being a traitor and you barely deflecting her spells.

-Lucius killing her before she could.

-After all you are his little girl.

-Even if he’s not good at showing it, Lucius loves you.

-Him giving you a really tight hug.

-You cry and beg for him to flee.

-He Does.

A/N- I got a little out of hand. This is about 4 & ½ pages long and almost 2 000 words. I could’ve kept writing but I decided to end it there. Please send in more would include requests. They’re fun. Xx
If James and Lily never died

I’m sorry

- Voldemort would still had tried to kill him, but Lily and James didn’t die for him
- Meaning; he wouldnt be protected by his mothers love
- He would still have his scar, and still be famous, and he would be a bit more arrogant about it, even though Lily tried her best to make him more humble
- James tried too, but he was just so excited about the fact that his son was a hero before he turned 2
- But Harry would still be Harry, obvious & kind
- He went to Diagon Ally with James and Lily instead of Hagrid, and didn’t get to know the man who hadn’t cried when he said goodbye to the infant, cause that never happened
- James, Lily, Sirius and Remus all followed him to 9 ¾, so Mrs. Weasley never had to help him out, and in the big crowd, Harry didn’t notice the big family.
- Harry hugged all four adults goodbye, and he felt so loved. it was a bitter sweet situation cause he was gonna miss them so much
- Ron still sat with him, but Harry didn’t share candy with him. he had promised his mom he wouldn’t spend all the money on candy and instead buy som ‘real’ food
- Hermione still went by and Ron and Harry still disliked her at first
- He wasnt nervous about the sorting hat, cause even though Sirius and James made it sound scary, Lily and Remus assured him that it wasn’t
- The sorting hat whispered about Slytherin, but Harry refused knowing all too well about that house (at least from James, Sirius and Remus’ point of view. Lily seemed to disagree with them)
- He did become friends with Ron, and Hermione too. But he never envied them for their families and he never stayed at Hogwarts during the holidays
- He never really became friends with Hagrid, but he didn’t mind the big guy, he seemed friendly
- Dumbledore still had a soft spot for Harry, knowing that he would be the one to end Voldemort
- Snape never mourned Lily’s death, and so he never left Voldemorts side. He never became a teacher at Hogwarts or a spy.
- But his hatred for Harry was greater, cause now he didn’t have a promise to keep him alive. he could let Harry and James die and have Lily for himself
- Harry was still his curious self, and though Harry, Ron and Hermione weren’t exactly friends with Hagrid, they were still able to get their wanted information from him
- They still ventured down to get the philosophers stone, and Harry still stood face to face with Voldemort
- Except this time, he didn’t have his mothers love to protect him
- And it wasn’t like Dumbledore was gonna arrive earlier for that reason
- So unfortunately Harry didn’t have any magic stronger than Voldemorts
- But even though Harry died at 11 years old, he had lived a happy life filled with love
- He never met Dobby and made him free
- James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Hedwig etc. mourned his death instead of the other way around
- But Ginny was never possessed by Voldemort, cause Malfoy didn’t feel any need to give away Voldemorts diary
- Sirius had never been to Azkaban
- Peter had still betrayed the family, but he was never in debt to Harry
- Moody was never kidnapped, and he was too paranoid to join the war
- Umbridge never became teacher at Hogwarts, cause the ministry couldn’t hide the truth. Voldemort became powerful so quickly after Harrys death
- Most people gave up, but few still faught Voldemort, for Harry.
- Harry never met Ginny, and he would never be anything else than her celebrity crush
- But of course the story doesn’t end there
- Cause Voldemort was still alive, having killed his enemy
- Which means, that Neville Longbottom would have to step in
- The boy that only few people actually believed in
- The boy with a very low self-esteem
- He hadn’t been bullied by Snape, but he was still very unsure of himself
- He had a lot to live up to, and he couldn’t even ask his parents for advice
- The boy, that didn’t have love to protect him either

This Christmas - George Weasley

Request:Can u write a George Weasley x reader where they have been dating since they were young and the reader goes over for Christmas and spends the day with the Weasleys? Helping molly cook, decorating the house, cuddling with George, etc :)

Originally posted by clbuspotter

“Do you have everything? Your bag? Clothes? Hogwarts stuff?” your mum yells from downstairs. 
“Yes, Mum! I’m almost done!” you yell, snapping your trunk closed and double checking you had everything. You heard a poof and knew that George was here to get you.  

You grabbed your bags and walked to the living room where George was chatting with your parents. “Hello, love,” George says, standing to give you a hug. “Let me take your bag.” 

He took your bag and your father shoved your case into the fireplace. You hugged your mum and then your dad. “See you at summer. Don’t forget to write!” 

You and George step into the fireplace and he throws down the Floo Powder. After you scream the location and the dust clears, you’re in the Burrow. You’re greeted by all the Weasley’s (plus a Potter and Granger in the mix). Everyone hugs and ushers the two of you to the tree. 

“We’ve been waiting all morning!” Ron exclaims. 
You laugh and sit beside George on the couch. Ginny distributes the presents and you rip open the paper. Inside is a teal sweater with a (your initial) stitched in grey thread. You immediately throw it on over your shirt. 
“Thank you so much, Mrs. Weasley.” She smiles ear to ear. 

You lean against George and he wraps his arm around you. He gets into a conversation with Bill and Charlie, but you’re focused on him. He’s almost eighteen now, well into his last year at Hogwarts. He’s been talking about leaving since the beginning of the school year. The two of you have been dating since third year; you knew you were in love with him and vice versa. 

You were pulled out of your daze by Mrs. Weasley tapping you on the shoulder. “(Y/N), dear, would you like to help me cook?” 
You jump up, always eager to help in the kitchen. Cooking was one of your favorite hobbies, and cooking for the Weasley family was your absolute favorite thing. 

You began making sugar cookies while Mrs. Weasley prepared the actual meal. This was the routine the two of you settled on. It let you bake, which you loved, and her cook, which she loved and was much better at than you. 

While cracking an egg, you felt a pair of arms wrapping around your waist. You turned around and quickly kissed George. “Aw, is that it?” he asks playfully. 
“I’m baking, George,” you said with a laugh. 
“No fun,” he said with a fake pout. You laughed and kicked him out of the kitchen. 

“He’s a handful, isn’t he?” Mrs. Weasley asked. 

You finish up your batter and stick a tray of cookies into the oven. When you reenter the living room, tinsel is covering the room. “This is fantastic!” you exclaim, grabbing George’s hand. 

“This isn’t even the best part. You have to close your eyes,” George said. You rolled your eyes and the closed them shut. George led you around the corner, and into it for that part, before letting you open your eyes. 

You looked up to find mistletoe hanging above your head. “George Weasley!” you whisper-yelled. 
“That’s my name,” he said before leaning down to kiss you. Your lips met and interlocked as your hands found your way around each others body. 

The two of you let go and burst into giggles. Hand in hand you returned to the living room where you sat on the couch and watched Christmas movies. You cuddled up against George who happily engulfed you in his arms. 

Charlie came in and made gagging noises but you gently kicked him and he rolled his eyes and sat down. Dinner time rolled around and the entire family enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and sugar cookies. It was getting late by that time and you were tired. 

Charlie and Bill started talking about work and you politely excused yourself from the table. Hermione and Ginny were already upstairs in your room. “Hey, lovebird,” Ginny said before taking a sip of butter beer. You waved them off and got into your bed. 

You heard a knock on your door. “Come in,” Hermione said before the door swung open. George burst in with roses. 
You laughed. “How come you never do anything sweet when my hair looks nice and I’m fully conscious?”
“I think your hair always looks nice,” he says with an exaggerated smile. He sits down at the end of your bed and hands you the flowers. 

You carefully take them and inspect them. “No pranks, it’s a Christmas miracle,” you scoff. 
“I would never ever prank my amazingly beautiful girlfriend on Christmas!” George exclaims. 

He kisses your cheek. “Goodnight, beautiful.” 

You find hair dye in your shampoo the next day. 

Confessions, Kisses, and a Jumper

Hey guys! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, your girl has ideas for this. You don’t even know, man. I’m feelin’ the fluff (and the hell of second hand embarrassment). Hope you enjoy!

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader

Requested: Yep

Anonymous Requested: Hiya!!! Could you do a really fluff george weasley x reader??? Maybe he’s been in love with the reader for the longest time and when she visits the burrow his whole family tease him until he eventually confesses? (Bonus if she steals his G jumper to wear ♡♡♡) 

Warnings: none

The Burrow. It was your absolute favorite place to be, excluding Hogwarts. You loved the openness around the quaint little place as well as it’s cozy feeling. Not to mention that you also loved the redheads on the inside. Picking up your suitcase, you moved towards the front door from your cab. You didn’t even get halfway to the house before a swarm of people greeted you. You happened to notice the twins absence though. How odd. 

“Oh, (Y/N), dear, it’s so good to see you again,” Molly said, grinning. You felt someone take your suitcase. 

“Nice to see you too. And thanks for having me,” You said. Quickly, she lead you inside and into the kitchen. 

“Now let’s have a look at you.” Her hands sat atop your shoulders as her eyes scanned your face and body. You watched as her pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows. 

“What’s wrong?” You asked. 

“You’re too skinny, dear. Much too skinny,” She said. You smiled. Molly always said that about you. 

“Well, I’m sure you know just how to fix that.” Molly’s eyes twinkled as she laughed. Before long, you wandered into the living room with a muffin in hand and sat in your favorite chair. Ron smiled at you from the couch. 

“I reckon George will be happy to see you,” He chuckled. 

“I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Georgie since school got out,” You said. You and George were usually attached at the hip, but you’d been off in America this summer visiting some great anunt you didn’t know you had. People usually joked that you were the long lost sister that made the twins, triplets. You didn’t feel that way towards George though. Unsurprisingly, you were head over heels for the younger twin. 

“Well, he’s been waiting all morning just to give you a hug. You should go say hi,” Ginny said, leaning over your chair to hug you herself. 

“It would be rude not to,” You giggled. With that, you rocketed up the stairs and landed just outside the door to the twins room. You knocked lightly. 

“We’re very busy,” One of them yelled. 

“Too busy for me?” You asked with mock sadness. The door flew open and George wrapped his arms around you, spinning you around. Fred laughed loudly. 

“(Y/N)! You’re back! Great to see you,” George laughed, squeezing you tightly. You laced your arms around his neck. 

“I told you should’ve come with me. It was sooooo boring without you,” You said. And it had been. 

Your great aunt was a little, grey, ninety year old lady who looked far older. She’d been sweet, but incredibly boring. Of course, there wasn’t much to do there either considering her closest neighbors were a mile in either direction and the nearest town was an hour away. God, you’d wished George had come with you. At least then you would have had someone to dip around with. It was incredible how much you’d actually missed him. You were snapped out of your thoughts when Fred began to speak. 

“Wow, mate, did ya’ really miss your bird that much?” Fred asked. 

“Shut up,” George grumbled, flushing lightly.

“Do I get a hug from you or do you not like me anymore?” You asked, holding your arms out to Fred. He held his hands up, shaking his head with a grin. 

“Oh no, wouldn’t want the little brother getting jealous,” He teased. You laughed as you leaned into George. You were so happy to see him again that you nearly kissed him. Leaning your head back into his shoulder, you looked up at him. 

“Did ya miss me, Georgie?” You asked, sweetly. 

“Oh he missed you alright. You should’ve heard him at ni…” 

“You’re hungry, right (Y/N)?” George yelled, steering you towards the stairs. You snorted, knowing the sexual jokes always made him uncomfortable. He more or less picked you up and carried you down stairs to the kitchen where Molly was starting dinner (despite the fact that it was barely noon). She smile when the two of you entered the kitchen. 

“Oh aren’t you two just the cutest,” She said. You smiled, reaching for a second muffin. 

“I know. (Y/N) might weigh me down a bit, but I really do make us look good,” George said, striking a pose. 

“Oh yeah, you’re just, like, so totally cute.” He pouted at your tone. 

“I’m very cute,” He said. Laughing, you patted his cheek. You agreed with him. He was the cutest boy you’d ever seen. 

“The absolute cutest,” You said, squishing his cheeks between your palms and giving him an eskimo kiss. The skin under your hands became warm and it took everything you had not to laugh. 

“Go on you two,” Molly laughed, shooing you out of the kitchen. 

A few seconds later, you were sitting in his lap in the living room. You’d turned towards him so you could play with his hair. He’d grown it out since you told him you thought he’d look good with it that way. You were right. He very much did. Suddenly, Ginny laughed behind you. Glancing over your shoulder, you could see the youngest Weasley’s trying and failing to stifle their laughter. You raised an eyebrow at them. 

“What?” You asked. Ginny shook her head. 

“God, George, could you get any redder?” She laughed. A quick look at his face told you that, no, he couldn’t get redder. 

“Merlin, (Y/N), what are you doing over there?” Ron asked. 

“Braiding his hair.” Both of them lost it, laughing for an uncomfortable amount of time as you turned back to George.

“I was right about the long hair. It suits you,” You said. He just watched you with an almost nervous smile on his lips. That was weird. You didn’t know George got nervous. 

“I know, now I can really say I’ve got better hair than you,” He said. You glared, playfully. 

“You wish.” 

When dinner finally rolled around, you and George had taken places next to each other at the table as usual. All the Weasley’s snickered as you did. Glancing at George, you saw him glare at his family. A warning. One that probably meant they needed to shut their mouths. You almost wanted to know what he was hiding, but you figured he’d tell you himself at some point. As you settled in and began to eat, Molly caught your attention. 

“(Y/N), dear, what color would you like your sweater this year?” She asked. Of course she would start knitting sweaters months early. 

“Whatever color you make his,” You said, nodding to George. 

“Why?” He asked, choking on his food. 

“I thought you’d like to match with someone other than Fred for once,” You said, sweetly. His face burned brightly and you stifled a laugh by shoving a forkful of peas in your mouth. 

“Awww, you and your girlfriend are gonna match, Georgie,” Fred joked. 

“She should be so lucky,” George chuckled, sounding slightly strained. You raised an eyebrow at him. 

“Oh but just imagine it. We’d be the power couple of Hogwarts,” You chuckled, only half joking. 

“True, but I’m a little out of your league,” He said. You snorted. 

“I’m sure I could win you over with my sparkling wit and my, uh, assets,” You said, leaning towards him with your chest puffed out to a comedic size. With a start, George fell out of his chair. 

“Ah, young love,” Mr. Weasley muttered, placing his hand over his wife’s. 

“You okay?” You asked, leaning over to look at him. 

“Great.” You pulled him back into his chair. 

“Great now that you’re here,” Ginny said with a bad imitation of a swooning George. You rolled your eyes. He glared at her. He was beginning to go as red as he had in the living room earlier. 

“You should’ve heard him, (Y/N). All summer it was ‘I wonder when (Y/N)’s getting back. I miss her so much’ we all got sick of hearing your name for a while there,” Ron said, smirking. Admittedly, you probably sounded about the same way to your own family with how often you talked about George. That was why they sent you back early. 

“Awwww, I missed you too,” You sing songed, making obnoxious kissy noises as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. 

“Come off it,” George grumbled. 

“I thought you missed her,” Ginny said, rather unhelpfully. 

“Yeah, brother o’ mine, you were the one mumbling her name all ni…” Fred said. George flicked a spoonful of mashed potato’s at him to shut him up. You laughed, leaning back in your seat. 

After a good hour or so, you yawned. Traveling took a lot out of a person, especially when they came to the Weasley household. Scooting your chair closer to George, you rested your head on his shoulder. He looked at you and you yawned again, running your fingers through your hair. Molly took one look at you and started to push you towards the stairs. 

“Get to bed. You’ve had a long day,” She said, gently. Nodding, you made your way to the twins room, where you always slept. 

“Where the hell are my pajamas?” You mumbled, sleepily digging through your bag. 

After a few minutes of unsuccessful searching, you concluded that you probably threw them in your sister’s suitcase because you hadn’t had room in your own when you were packing to leave. Well, that put a damper on things. Looking around the room, your eyes landed on the little dresser. You began to rummage through it without much thought before you pulled out a big jumper. When you slid it on, you realized that it was George’s. Not only did the smell tip you off, but it had a big ‘G’ on the front. Shrugging, you crawled into bed and fell asleep almost instantly. 

The next morning, you didn’t bother to get dressed when you went down for breakfast. They’d seen you without pants before. Nothing new there. As soon as you entered the kitchen, you saw Bill leaned against the counter. He smiled at you and you gave him a sleepy wave. 

“What’re you doin’ here?” You yawned. 

“Figured I’d come home and say hi while everyone else was still home. Didn’t expect to see you,” He said. 

“Oh, well, it’s nice to see you. I’m just here ‘cause I wanted to see George,” You said. Bill’s lips curled into an amused smile as he scanned his eyes over the sweater you were wearing. 

“It’s been a long time, are you two together now?” He asked. You shook your head slowly, reaching for a mug. He handed it to you, pouring you some (coffee/ tea/ etc.) with a raised eyebrow. 

“No, why?” You asked. He laughed softly. 

“Given your hair and the jumper, it looks like you might have gotten up to something,” He teased. You blinked at him, absent mindedly trying to smooth your hair. It had no interest in being smoothed. 

“’M hungry,” You said, vaguely wandering into the dining room. 

“Morning,” You muttered, picking over the food on the table and ignoring the way everyone stared at you. When you finally filled your plate and sat down, you looked up at everyone. 

“What are you wearing?” George asked. You glanced down. 

“Your sweater. I slept in it last night.” The family continued to stare at you as you buttered a piece of toast. “Bill said I had sex hair.” 

“He what?” Molly sputtered. You smiled at her. 

“He said I had sex hair, well, implied it anyway,” You said. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw George flush red. 

“Ohhh, Georgie, what’d you get up to last night?” Fred asked, elbowing his twin. 

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” George spat out automatically. You snorted a laugh at how uncomfortable he seemed. Still, you felt a little bad about it. You didn’t mean to get him teased. 

Throughout breakfast the family teased George relentlessly. The second you were done eating, he dragged you from the table. You didn’t even get to finish you (coffee/tea/etc.). He pulled you all the way up to his room, face red in embarrassment. You smiled softly at him and yawned, still not totally awake. He watched you as you rubbed your face with the sleeves of his jumper. Despite the fact that you had slept in it, it still smelled like him which was nice. 

“I need to talk to you,” He said in an uncharacteristically serious voice.

“Here I be. Talk away,” You said, sitting criss cross on his bed. He couldn’t seem to look you in the eye; expertly avoiding it by looking at the top of your head. 

“I missed you. A lot,” He said. You smiled, reaching to give him a hug and successfully circling your arms around his middle. 

“I missed you too, you goof,” You said. He shifted uncomfortably. 

“No, uh, merlin this is hard,” He said. 

“That’s what she said,” You giggled. A soft laugh vibrated your cheek where you’d pressed it to his stomach. 

“Do you take anything seriously, (Y/N)?” He asked. 

“That’s rich coming from you.” He gave you a nervous smile, rubbing the back of his neck. His grin was sheepish and lopsided. You tipped your head to the side, realizing that he really did have something to tell you. 

“This would be much easier if you weren’t wearing my jumper,” He said. 

“Well, I’d take it off but, I’m not wearing anything underneath,” You said, shrugging. The tips of his ears turned cherry red and he sat next to you, staring directly ahead. 

“I love you,” He said, still rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Oh.” That was the best answer you had at the moment. Your dreams were coming true, so your brain was short circuiting. George still didn’t look at you, but he didn’t move either. He seemed to be frozen in some kind of embarrassed haze. Slowly, you crawled into his lap. 

“I love you too,” You said. His face erupted into a huge grin. 

“Kiss me immediately,” He demanded. Who were you to deny him? 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed you lips to his in a feather light touch. They were warm and far softer than you imagined they would be. It felt like a switch flipped in your brain and everything made sense. It felt like you’d just found your soulmate, as corny as that sounds. George rubbed your sides lightly, holding you as though you were a precious jewel. The kiss was soft with some nose bumping and little giggles. Every part of you just felt warm. When the two of you pulled apart, you rested your foreheads against each other and smiled. 

“Is this what they’ve been bugging you about this whole time?” You asked. He nodded. 

“Seems stupid that I was so afraid of telling you,” He said. You shrugged, laughing lightly. 

“I love you,” You said, pecking his lips again. 

“I love you too. Ha, I can say that as much as I want now. I could scream it from the roof if I wanted!” He laughed, jumping up. He was actually going to scream it from the roof. You knew him. 

“George no,” You said, reaching for him. He was already halfway out the window. 

“George yes.” Well, he might be an idiot, but he was your idiot. 

if harry died in the forbidden forrest

- Hagrids heartbroken sobs would never turn into a smile. He would forever mourn his death along with millions of others
- of course he would have his good days and not dwell too much on the past, but Harry did have a special place in his heart
- the Dursleys would never notice, until an apologetic wizard from the ministry finally informed them
- they wouldn’t show much emotion. they still didnt want to be involved in all that nonsense, but they would feel something deep down. shock maybe
- a part of them would be relieved. they wouldnt have to deal with the magical world anymore. their lives could go back to normal
- of course, it never did go back to normal. war does that to people
- Mrs. Weasley would have lost yet another child
- Mr. Weasley would be in disbelief while comforting his wife
- Harry would be burried with his parents. finally underneath the snow with them like he wished for
- he would reunite with Sirius and Remus. even Dobby and all the other loved ones
- but they would all greet him with a sad expression. he was too young
- Ginny would be crying, but she was tough. She had been through so much from the very beginning, and with her family’s support and love she was able to move on
- she would become a succesful quidditchplayer and never quit, because she didnt have any kids to quit for
- she would visit his grave less and less. finally settle down with someone else entirely
- Teddy didnt get to have Harry as his godfather for long. meaning he didnt have anyone who could relate to his loss. but it wasnt like he ever got to know Harry, and his grandma was so full of love that he managed just fine
- the scared Death Eaters felt a weird sense of heartbreak too. they had believed in Harry, and hated him all at once
- Several students from Slytherin felt broken, cause they knew their parents were being controlled by Voldemort, and who would save their family now?
- All the horcruxes had been destroyed, so Voldemort was able to be killed by Neville.
- Harry still died for him, so Neville was protected by his love
- and Hermione was of course still determined and strong Hermione. But she was broken. she had lost so much during this war
- she had been so worried for Harry. a part of her knew he was gonna sacrifice himself, but for some reason, even her, smart and clever, hadnt really realized that he could actually really die
- she would arrange a lot of campaigns for Harry and make sure he died for a reason
- Ron would break down. he wouldnt feel any shame about it either. he would be sobbing loudly and not care what people thought of it
- but everyone would just feel bad for him
- he wasnt going to look tough and strong in front of his best friends corpse. he had already lost one of his brothers
- after voldemorts death he would run to the forbidden forrest and scream and yell into the silence, not caring what creatures he could be waking. they could come at him. he didnt care
- and at the bottom of the forrest, in between all the fallen leaves on the ground, he would find a tiny stone.
- he would be sucked into a wish. with Fred and Harry still alive. they would stand above him and smile at him
- he would remember the mirror of erised and harrys biggest wish. and a small voice would warn him
- but he wouldnt leave the forrest until Hermione finally found him passed out
- she, of course, guessed what had happened and made sure to hide the stone far away
- they had to be strong. they would live on and always be there for each other
- a couple times a year harry would be the talk of the town and old wounds would hurt again
- there would be a day to celebrate Harry Potter and this time, they were more cautious not to disturb the muggles like they did that night so many years ago, when Harry got his scar

George Weasley Imagine - I Need You To Kiss It Better.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader
Word Count: 1461
Request: Can you do a 36 with George during deathly hallows when he hurts his ear???
Blurb: George is whiney when he hurts his ear, but he also doesn’t you to feel sad about the situation.
Author’s Note: I love George.


“Just please be safe.” You whispered, scared your voice would break if you spoke any louder.

“I always am, my love.” He whispered back holding onto you tighter. His hands were wrapped around your lower back while yours were wrapped around his neck. You were so close your foreheads were almost touching.

“I love you so much George, I always have and I always will.” You sniffled, a tear falling down your cheek.

“No, no don’t cry. Please don’t cry, it makes it seem worse than it is. I’m going to come back, I promise.” His voice was soft, the usual hint of happiness, gone. He was smiling slightly, but you knew it was fake, only trying to reassure your worried mind.

“C’mon mate, it’s time to go.” Fred patted his twin brother on the back as he walked away.

“I love you.” You whispered as George pulled away.

“I love you more.” George smiled grabbing onto your hand and squeezing it. As he walked away, you held on, your hands slipping away from each other, your fingertips just touching before he was too far away and you couldn’t reach other.

You were so sad, so sad that he had to go on this life-threatening mission to save Harry. You were aware that that could’ve been the last time you ever saw him, but you tried not to think of that.

You watched him walk to the broomstick he was going to be riding on, he looked back at you and smiled before flying away. You took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“They’ll be alright dear.” The comforting voice of Mrs. Weasley startled you as she rubbed her hand on the back of your shoulder. You nodded, putting your glass down.

“I know they will be.” You turned around as you smiled at each other. Although you both seemed confident in your words, you both knew that there was no promise that they would be okay.

You walked out into the living room and sat down on the lounge, thinking. Thinking about George and how you loved him. How it has nearly been four years since you started dating and how much your lives had changed in that time.

You wanted to go and help Harry, you wanted to play your part, but George was convinced it was way too dangerous for you. As if it wasn’t too dangerous for him either.

Mrs. Weasley soon joined you with a warm cup of tea. She sat with you and talked. It kept your mind off of George and the situation that was about to unfold.

“Is that them?” Mrs. Weasley stood up as you heard a band outside. You both ran out with Ginny hot on your heels.

“Harry,” Ginny exclaimed, walking up to him. Both him and Hagrid were safe thank Merlin, however, they were shocked no one else was back. That wasn’t a good thing. You brought them both in before hearing another bang. You ran outside, Mrs. Weasley at your side.

“George!” You exclaimed running up to him. It was dark outside and you couldn’t see properly, but you could see his outline. You were ecstatic that he was back, back in your arms. Safe. You jumped onto him and he hugged you back tight. “I’m so happy you’re back, I knew you could do it.” You thought you were going to cry. You were so happy and relieved at the moment.

“Y/N, love, I need to go inside.” He muttered, he sounded hurt. You quickly pulled out of the hug and gasped once you saw the side of his face, covered in blood.

“What happened?” You screeched as you wrapped an arm around him and walked inside. He was leaning on you, but in this moment, you didn’t mind.

“I got hit with a spell, but I’m all good, just a bit…” he paused, “…dizzy.” He muttered, putting more of his weight on you. You quickly got him inside and he laid down. Mrs. Weasley was quick to get a cloth to clean him up.

Mrs. Weasley left you in charge of cleaning him up as she went to help everyone else as they made their way here.

“Ow, it hurts.” He pouted as you wiped up the blood that was already starting to dry.

“I’m sorry, love.” You murmured, trying not to cry.

“Hey, don’t cry.” He whispered, limply grabbing onto your wrist.

“I know, I know, you’re alright.” You sniffled, trying to pull yourself together.

“I’m strong, I’ll survive, I just won’t have one ear.” He shrugged, smiling, trying to change your attitude. You giggled, continuing to clean up the side of his face.

You didn’t take notice of everyone else who appeared, too focused on George. This was until Fred came in, who looked very distraught at the sight of his brother.

“How are you feeling George?” Fred asked softly.

“I’m holey Fred, get it, holey.” He laughed softly to himself and you shook your head in amusement at him.  

“Out of all the ear related jokes there is, you went for that one?” Fred joked, trying to go along with the banter. You were glad they were staying positive in such a difficult time.

While everyone else arrived, you stayed next to George, kneeling on the ground right next to the lounge. You were still dabbing at the side of his head, your eyebrows furrowed in concentration. This was until George poked your nose, making you flinch.

“What was that for?” You giggled as George smiled.

“You’re cute when you’re concentrating. I mean you are cute all the time, but you know.” He smiled as you blushed.

“You’re such a dork.” You laughed softly, you two were in your own little world while everyone discussed important matters around you.

You didn’t even notice when everyone started to either leave or go to bed. It was just you, George, Fred, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, Harry and Ginny left in the room. They were discussing Fleur’s parents who were going to be staying here for Bill and Fleur’s wedding.

“Are you okay?” You asked George softly, running a hand through his hair.

“I’ll live,” he smiled, “I think.” You breathed out a laugh and smiled at him. You had so much love for this boy and it wasn’t fair that this had happened to him.

‘Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” You asked biting your lip.

“I need you to kiss it better,” George replied cheekily.

“I would if there wasn’t any blood there.” You chuckled as George pouted.

“Please?” He murmured making you shake your head.

“Alright.” You sighed, you smiled at him as you kissed just beneath his ear. “Better?”

“Yep, I’m healed now.” He replied smiling broadly.

“That’s good.” You chuckled.

“Can I have another kiss?” He asked innocently. You giggled as you kissed the same spot. You pulled away and smiled at him before continuing to attack his face with kisses. You pulled back after kissing every part of his face.

“How’s that?” You asked.

“Much, much better now, I feel invincible.” He joked making you laugh softly. “I’m feeling a bit tired love.” He murmured, closing his eyes.

“Do you want to go to bed?” You asked, running a hand through his hair again. He nodded as he sat up. You announced you were going to bed and you said your goodbyes before walking up to his room. You got ready for bed and laid down. George was laying on his back while you laid on your side, staring at the side of his face.

“Y/N.” He muttered barely audible.

“Yeah?” You asked quietly as well.

“I understand if you want to leave me.” He said sadly, looking up at the roof.

“Why would I want to leave you?” You asked confused sitting up to lie on your elbow.

“Because of my ear.” He bit his lip as he looked at you.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” You exclaimed leaning in closer to him. “I love you for you, I don’t care that your ear is gone, you’re still the same person I fell in love with.” You explained laying back down.

“So you don’t just love me because I’m really good looking?” He joked as you playfully rolled your eyes.

“No you dork.” You shook your head as you leant over to kiss his cheek. “I love you so much.” You whispered.

“I love you so much more.” He rolled over onto his side and kissed your nose. You snuggled up closer to him, you were sad that his ear was gone, but that didn’t change the amount of love you had for that boy.

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i was wondering if you would write more about fleur? fleur who realises her beauty is as much a curse as it is a gift, fleur who lives in a world that sees only her face, her body, her hair, but never her intelligence, her kindness, her heart, fleur who loves with all of her being no matter what anyone else thinks of her or her ways.

Mrs. Weasley didn’t hold with fancy, snooty French food so Fleur made bread in Molly’s sunlit kitchen– big coarse brown loaves, long crusty baguettes, soft rolls studded with dates and almonds. She let seeded rye cool on the precise spot on the kitchen counter where the draft would waft the smell up the Burrow’s rickety flights of stairs.

Fleur wanted to make crepes the way her grandmother had taught her, with a twist of lemon and a touch of sugar, but she thought Molly would sniff at those delicate folds of pastry. Instead, Fleur whipped up a batch of scones and weighed them down with handfuls of raisins and a sneaky pinch of nutmeg.

She tied back her long hair with a scarf, like her grandmother had taught her. She cleaned up after, like she taught her. She didn’t slice into the loaves until they’d cooled all the way through, just knocked gently on their hard crusts and listened to the sound.

(Fleur had made crepes for Bill the first morning they had woken up together, not because it was romantic, or because he was beautiful with his long hair strewn over her pillow, but because she had woken up comfortable and content in a patch of sunlight.

She had spent long childhood summers in her grandmother’s little cottage. When butter and sugar melted slowly on her tongue, Fleur thought of fields of yellow mustard flowers, of cast iron pans passed down through generations, of her grandmother braiding her hair with careful old hands and calling her clever, kind, good, and never beautiful.)

Fleur left the bread on the table like a peace offering. She left flour on her forearm, some flecks of caraway seed on her cheek, like a signature. Molly came bustling into the kitchen after a long day arguing on some community affairs board or other in town and found Fleur scrubbing down the last of the counters, her wand flicking, her sleeves rolled up.

(Bill had told her, “You don’t have to win her over, you know.”

“But I can,” Fleur had told him, and smiled.)

She wasn’t sure, though, until Molly took a slice of the seeded rye, smeared it with butter, and took a bite like she was actually tasting it.

“How did the meeting go?” Fleur asked. Arthur came in partway through Molly’s answer (which grew in passion, irritation, and volume as she went on) and made his way through most of a baguette and a can of corned beef (Fleur winced and didn’t comment).

Fleur watched like a hawk (not a songbird) as Molly made her way through each baked good, as Arthur got full and wandered off the bed, as the kids who were home that week strolled in and out, filling their hands and bellies.

When Molly bit into a scone, smiled, and said, “I like the nutmeg,” Fleur’s hands hesitated on the teapot she was filling with conjured hot water. “Ever try it with a bit of allspice?” Molly asked, and it sounded a little like an uphill climb, but she was trying. “I don’t get to play around as much as I’d like here.”

Fleur put down her wand. Molly had taken a bite of everything Fleur had offered up on that kitchen table, watched how the grain of it pulled apart in her hands, inhaled deep. “Have you ever made crepes?” Fleur asked.

“Before Arthur and I were Arthur and I,” said Molly slowly, round cheeks flushing as she looked down at her half-eaten scone. “There was a Beauxbatons boy studying abroad a semester at Hogwarts…”

They broke out the Christmas cards that boy– now a restaurateur in wizarding Marseilles– still wrote her every year. If they got a little butter, sugar, and lemon on them, they didn’t think he’d mind.

“Who taught you to bake?” Molly asked as they washed up after, starlight flitting through the windows into the barely lit kitchen.

“My grandmother,” said Fleur. “She was beautiful.”

Molly snorted. “Well, of course,” she said, but Fleur shook her head.

“You know people tend to have more than one grandmother, yes? My grandmama was all human, a mother of four, a baker, and she didn’t like veela any more than you do.”

Molly dropped her gaze to the sudsy tip of her wand.

Fleur shrugged, and she knew the gesture looked graceful, elegant, beautiful in the pale white midnight, that it would always look that way no matter what she did. “But her daughter fell in love with a half-veela wizard, and then there I was in her pantry trying to sneak another berry tart after bedtime. She taught me everything I know about making things– food, cabinets, flower beds. She loved me– loved me well– and by the end it stopped being despite anything.”

They both went to their beds full, bellies heavy of midnight crepes, fingers still sweet with the remnants of them.

The ghoul banging pipes above Ron’s old room woke Fleur in the morning. Warm sunlight curled through the warped glass of the window.

Her bed was empty, but Bill pushed through the creaking door with his hands full– two plates of fried eggs and her own brown bread buttered up and toasted crispy and golden. “From mother,” he said, and kissed her on the temple.

The Letter came

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A little emotional imagine with Fred Weasley post-battle

The letter came to them seven years after the battle in the hands of ministry worker.  No one knew that on that Sunday their lives would be forever changed by the familiar scrawling words on that piece of parchment. No one knew that, that letter would bring them something they never knew they lost.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Weasley,

I’m not sure when you’ll be getting this letter but I expect in the near future. I can’t lie to myself any longer. I’m growing sicker with each passing day and I know soon, i’ll be dead.

I want you to know I loved Fred, he was everything to me and when he died a part of me died with him. I always felt partiality responsible for his death and that is why I could never face any of you after he died.  I was a Lestrange, a daughter of two deatheaters who caused so much pain and death and I knew that’s all people would ever see of me; So I left.

At the time I didn’t know it but soon I found out I was pregnant and it was clear Fred was their father. They gave me something to live for but still, my guilt and shame stopped me from ever contacting you.  

When they where born they looked so much like him with the red hair and part of me was grateful that they look like me.  I named him Arthur George Weasley, I knew Fred would have wanted that and I named her Minerva Molly Weasley.  Arthur always had a knack for mischief like his father but it was Minnie who excelled at tormenting and pranking her brother. With each day they looked more and more like their father and I couldn’t be happier.

The reason I’m writing you this letter is because I know I’m dying and I want to know they will be cared for and loved. I hope this letter will help when the Ministry brings them to you, and I hope you can forgive me for never contacting you before. 

Sincerely, Cordelia Lestrange.

Molly, now older and grayer, just stared at the young children before her. Everyone did. 

The little boy and girl before them looked every bit a Weasley with their ginger hair and brown eyes.  

Ginny had left the room in tears, Molly was sobbing over the letter, Arthur stared down at the floor and George couldn’t look away from the children-  His brother’s children.  

They were eleven now, had gotten their Hogwarts letter and already been to Diagon Alley for their school supplies. Now they just waited to broad the train to Hogwarts. Despite many of their children still now ready for Hogwarts, almost the whole Weasley clan was at the station to see them off.  They had both grown so much since they arrived five years ago. Arthur Jr. was tall and lanky like his father had been while Minerva was still rather short, one of the very few traits she had gotten from her mother. 

George wished that Fred and Cordelia could be here to see their children off, he wished they’d been their to watch them grow.  He watched the shove and goof off much like him and Fred had done on their first train ride to Hogwarts.  They reminded him so much of himself and Fred at their age that he sometimes found it almost painful but when his mother yelled at them to get onto the train before it left them behind a smile spread onto his face.

She had said the same thing to George and Fred their first years.

They got a letter week later from them both.

Minerva unsurprisingly got sorted into Slytherin, she was always cunning. Something that helped her well in her pranks against  different family members.

Arthur found himself in Hufflepuff with Teddy, which made sense. He was always very kind and loyal to a fault, especially to his sister no matter how much trouble she got him into.

The following week they got a letter from Professor McGonagall that made George smile.

Some how they had managed to expand the swamp that he and Fred had left at Hogwarts before they left, effectively now taking up two corridors.  

“Harry said good-bye to you. Didn’t you hear him?”

“You aren’t going to see your nephew till next summer. Surely you’re going to say good-bye?”

Okay..this…I just…the Weasleys know how poorly the Dursleys treat Harry. He told Ron plenty of things about them, and surely he passed that information onto his parents. And we know for a fact that they knew that the Dursleys locked Harry in his room and put bars on his windows just two years prior to this. And yet…Mr. Weasley is still unable to believe that anyone could be that nasty to someone who is essentially their child, and he makes Harry wait to leave until one of them acts like a proper guardian and says goodbye. Like i dont even know what else to say about this…this scene just really gets me man. Arthur Weasley is a godsend and I just love him so much


A/N: I am 100% convinced that this is not as good as Firsts, but it’s all done now and I am not even sure if this whole thing even makes sense. I just wanted a small explanation for why George would marry Angelina.

This fic has overwhelmed me a lot and I hope I could get the feelings across, somehow. Leave a comment or just any form of critism, because I really need it.

Summary: It’s his eyes and his face,his laugh - the spitting image of Fred. Until you notice the small but evident differences. And it’s Fred’s girlfriend he was consoling, understanding your sadness like no other. Until he falls in love.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader as main // Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 10777

Warnings: it’s post Battle of Hogwarts, so there’s some angst present. Mentions of death, Fred’s death, symptoms of Post trauma but overall fluffy.

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Your Daughter-Fred Weasley x Reader

A/N: First Imagine, hope you enjoy!

Warnings: None

You and Fred were at Fred’s mother house, Molly Weasley. All the Weasley family was gathering there for Christmas. You loved Christmas Eve, almost as much as you loved Fred Weasley. Hermione was speaking to Mr. Weasley about some muggle Christmas traditions while you were playing with Teddy. At three years of age and you can clearly see his mother’s eyes. 

“Why is your tummy so big?” Teddy asked you. You smiled from ear to ear, glancing up at Fred. 

“Well, I have a baby in my stomach, meaning you will have someone new to play with soon,” You tell Teddy. 

“You ate a baby!” Teddy squeals. You and Fred both giggled at Teddy’s childish behavior. 

“No Teddy, I didn’t eat a-” You begin to say. All of the sudden you felt pain, major pain. Then your water broke. 

“Y/N!” Fred says. 

“Y/N needs to be taken to a muggle hospital,” Hermione says. She and Fred help you up. Ron opens the car door for you, Fred helps you into the car. Fred and George then climbed into the back. 

“Harry, get everyone else into your car, Ron and I will meet you at the hospital,” Hermione says to Harry. Then she climbed into her car and drove to the hospital.

You sighed, smiling. Fred was holding your daughter, your first born, Rowan Molly Weasley. She had Fred’s eyes and very little tuffs of hair, freckles were spread on her face. Based on the freckles and hair, you guessed Rowan would look like Fred. She is sure going to have some interesting playmates with Fred and George having a prank shop open. 

“They can come in,” Fred tells the doctor. George, Molly, Arthur, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny and Teddy came in. Everyone gasped as they saw the baby, Molly gave a small squeal. You knew Molly would want to hold the baby first but you and Fred both agreed it showed be George. 

“Everyone meet Rowan Molly Weasley,” You say softly. “Wanna hold her George?” George’s face lit up as he nodded his head. You watched as Fred passed the baby to him. 

“Hi baby Rowan,” George says. “Her name comes from a Scarlet tree, I believe it’s called a Rowan Berry. It also means mountain ash.”

“Interesting,” You say with a smile.

“Can I hold her?” You hear Teddy ask. 

“Go sit down,” Fred says softly. George gives Teddy baby Rowan, Fred helped Teddy hold Rowan by holding her head. 

Today was the day Rowan was going off to Hogwarts, you were quite excited for her but also sad for her to leave. 

“Minnie! Please leave Rowan alone,” You say to your second daughter, named after Professor McGongall. 

“Why does she get to go to magic school? Its not fair,” Your nine year old whined. 

“Soon it’ll be your turn Minnie,” You hear Fred say. You smiled at Fred. 

“I’m ready,” You hear Rowan say. You watched as she carried her trunk down stairs. 

“Lets go!” Fred says. 

You, Fred, Rowan, and Minnie arrived at Kings Cross Station. George was already there, he wanted to see Rowan off. 

“Hey my little R-berry,” George says. “Good luck ok? You’ll have Teddy to help you out.” 

“Thanks Uncle George,” Rowan says with a smile on her face. You watch her sigh, then run into the wall with her cart. 

“My turn!” Minnie says. George picks her up off the ground and walks her through the wall, you and Fred follow her. 

“Angelina wanted to be here but she had to deal with a work problem,” George says. 

“Ah ok,” You say. You watched as Rowan climbed onto the train, with Teddy at her side. 

“I love you,” You hear Fred say. You glance up at him. 

“I love you too,” You say, kissing him on the cheek.  

Home - Fred Weasley Imagine

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  • Anonymous said: Are you planning to do a part two to the A Right To Be Wrong? Maybe something where Fred tells Molly the whole story and she basically takes the reader in as one of her own children? I think that would be awesome! 
  • Anonymous said: Ok, I know requests are closed, but can you have this ask till they are open again? Please your writings are the best ones I’ve ever read, can you do something like the one you’ve write (Draco’s Girl) but with Fred? But a little bit different, idk, my heart, soul and body needs this, you can change what you want, but pleeeeease I need this

so, I tried my best and here it is! kind of a sequel to Right to Be Wrong but can also stand on its own :D a quick thanks to @rachel-lizzie-dare and @gold-moonlight for their help! you guys are amazing! :D 

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“But what if they hate me?”

“Love, trust me, they wouldn’t hate you” Fred said bringing his girlfriend closer to him and kissing her forehead.

“I’m a Malfoy, Fred” she said worriedly. It had been almost two months since the Malfoy family had disowned (Y/N) for dating Fred Weasley and standing up for herself. She was going to spend the Christmas break at Hogwarts but of course, there was not a chance that her boyfriend was going to let her spend Christmas alone. So she was going to spend it at the famous Burrow. “And even my own family hates me.”

“First of all, you’re nothing like the rest of your family and that’s why they don’t like you” George assured her. “And besides, Ron, Ginny and I already think you’re great so basically you have half of the family covered” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“That’s not true! There are five left” she pointed out. “And Percy already doesn’t like me!”

“Percy doesn’t count” the twins said at the same time. “He’s not even coming home for Christmas. And I’ve already told Bill and Charlie everything about you. I’m sure they’re going to love you” Fred added.

“Yeah, and dad likes pretty much everyone” George assured her. “So that only leaves mum” he said with a smile making the girl even more nervous.

“Great” she said trying to smile.

She knew all about Molly Weasley and she had always wanted to meet her. She sounded like the perfect mother and she knew how much all of her children, and Harry and Hermione, loved her. So it was only natural that she would be terrified to meet the woman.

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Goodbye ~ Fred Weasley imagine

**WARNING: This imagine is a bit more depressing than the ones I’ve written before; there is a death and mourning.**


The battle of Hogwarts was near and you, Fred, and George were all on a balcony that overlooked the front of the school.

The Death Eaters began to attack the shield that covered Hogwarts. You gazed up at the barrier, your heart pounding as it began to crack.

“You okay, Freddie?” George asked.

“Yeah.” Fred answered.

“Me too.” George grinned, elbowing his twin.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Fred asked, looking over at you.

You were quiet for a second. “I-I’m scared, Fred.” You responded, your voice cracking as you spoke.

Fred gave you a concerned look. He put his arm around you in an attempt to calm you down. George walked over to you two and did the same.

“If something happens to me… Or to you guys… I just want to say that you guys are the greatest friends I’ve ever had.” You said, putting your arms around their waists.

You all have been friends since your first year at Hogwarts. Despite being in Slytherin, who most Gryffindors saw as an enemy, Fred and George accepted you, and they didn’t care what anyone else thought when you all were together.

“Nothing is going to happen to any of us. We’re gonna win.” George reassured you.

You were going to say something, but the shield had finally given up. It was coming down.

“We’ll stick together. Don’t worry.” Fred said softly. You looked up at him and immediately felt better.

You wanted to tell him. You wanted to tell him how much he meant to you.

And how much you loved him.

You had been harboring a crush for Fred ever since you met him. It’s been hard trying to keep it a secret, but you have. And now, you wanted to tell him in fear that he would never know how you felt.

“Fred? C-can I tell you something?” You finally choked out.

“Sure. What’s wrong?” He said, turning to you.

You took in a deep breath. “Freddie, I-”

But, before you could finish your sentence, there was a loud war cry. You looked over the balcony and saw that the Death Eaters had begun their attack.

“They’re coming. We have to go!” You yelled, grabbing Fred’s arm.

“Wait, what were you going to say?!” He shouted over the battle cries.

“I’ll tell you later. Let’s go!”

~During the Battle~

As the battle went on, the three of you stuck together, and definitely kicked ass together. Your wand was waving in all directions as you fought the Death Eaters.

You thought everything was going well, until you looked over at Fred, and saw him cornered by one of the Death Eaters. He disarmed Fred and was ready to kill him.

“Fred!” You cried out. You ran as quickly as you could over to him.

Everything happened so quickly. You heard the words “Avada Kedavra”, saw a flash of green light, and then felt a blast against you before feeling nothing at all…

You were gone…

Fred finally found his wand. He pointed it at the Death Eater and shouted, “Expelliarmus!”

He ran to your side. “(Y/N)? (Y/N)! Please! Don’t leave me!” He sobbed. He cradled your limp body in his arms, holding you as close as possible.

George came over, staring at you. “Fred… I’m so sorry…”

“I loved her!” He cried. “I loved her so much! And now she’ll never know!”

He scooped you up and carried you into the school and into where all the injured students were being held.

As he walked in, everyone went silent.

He trudged over to Mrs. Weasley and his sister, Ginny, with George following behind him.

“Mum…” He said, his voice cracking as he looked down at you.

Mrs. Weasley ran over to him. She helped him lay your body gently on the ground.

Ginny stared down at your lifeless body, completely horrified. You and Ginny were rather close. She was the only one you told about your crush on Fred, and she never spilled the secret, just like you knew she wouldn’t.

Until now…

She kneeled on the ground next to Fred, staring down at you. “She loved you.” Ginny said, looking over at Fred.

He froze. “W-what?”

“She loved you… She talked about you all the time. I remember how happy she was when you all hung out together on one of the trips to Hogsmeade. She said it was the most fun she had ever had since she was with you.” Ginny responded, a slight smile forming on her face.

Fred smiled a bit too. He remembered the laughs you two shared, the nights where you both stayed up planning a few pranks, and the memories that he would never forget.

He leaned down and pressed his lips against your forehead.

“I love you, (Y/N).” He croaked.

Everyone was silent once more. Fred took hold of your limp hand and kissed your knuckles.


~The End~

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Ok so I’m re-reading Harry Potter...

On the bus during my commutes to and from school. And as I read, I’ve been making little notes and internal dialogues about things that I notice as I go (or notice again because I have no idea how many times I’ve read these books. So many times…) And I figured I might share them as I go through each book, because honestly when isn’t there a good time to geek out over the Wizarding World? Kay? Kay :)

The Philosopher’s Stone

  • Why, why, WHY does no one talk about Dumbledore’s fabulous high-heeled purple boots??
  • You know what I never noticed before? Professor McGonagall actually left Hogwarts to go to Privet Drive the day that James and Lily died. Like I mean obviously, but think about it; the first book starts out on a Tuesday (says it a couple paragraphs in to the first chapter) and we know that they died on Halloween. So the school is well into its Fall term, and it’s the middle of the week. McGonagall left the school, and all her classes, to go and sit all day long on that garden wall of Privet Drive just to wait for any information at all regarding this family. She sat there literally for hours to hear any confirmation of these wonderful yet terrible rumors. She waited and waited just to see if Harry was alright. And after just barely witnessing a distant taste of how horrid the Dursley’s were, she was completely outraged at Dumbledore’s suggestion to leave Harry there.
  • Also, there was a full day between when James and Lily were killed and when Hagrid brought Harry to Privet Drive. Imagine Hagrid taking care of baby bean Harry, loving on him so much, while probably breaking into tears every few minutes. I’m getting emotional, Hagrid and McGonagall are too wonderful.
  • I love the fact that the very first thing Mrs. Weasley does when she hears who Harry is from the twins is to make sure they treat him like a normal boy rather than going off to gawk at him. She is an amazing mother, and already so ready to protect him in a way he hadn’t known for ten years.
  • Harry and Ron’s first meeting means the world to me. These are two eleven year old boys bonding over not having much money nor being very special growing up. Will I ever make it through reading this series without getting overly-emotional at random bits? Nope, probably not!
  • I’m honestly still confused as to how Peter Pettigrew was sorted into Gryffindor. I mean he really doesn’t seem to display any of the the house traits as far as I can see. The only possible thing I can come up with is that he must’ve befriended the other three Marauders on the first train ride and was so desperate to stick close to them that he insisted the Sorting Hat place him with them. I mean the Hat does take the persons wants into consideration, he must’ve been adamant. Either that or perhaps part of the Hat’s decision is looking at where someone’s placement would benefit them most? Like “this child could do with being around these specific people so hopefully they will grow to be courageous when circumstances call for it, as well as truly loyal to those who care for and are loyal to them.” Maybe the Hat doesn’t just look at who you are but also who you need to become. And in the instance of Pettigrew, it just wasn’t enough.
  • It’s actually canon that Dumbledore likes bowling. Why does no one talk about this? More importantly, why is there no art for this??
  • Still not over how Hagrid totally sent Harry a letter with Hedwig that first week of school to make sure he didn’t feel left out.
  • Can we talk about the fact that Neville took on both Crabbe and Goyle single handed while Ron beat up Malfoy? Because FRICK YEAH go Neville!
  • Every time they mention Charlie Weasley I re-realize just how salty I am that they never had him in the movies.
  • Hagrid says Dumbledore “borrowed” Fluffy, which makes me wonder where he keeps Fluffy when he’s not living on the 3rd floor? Maybe in the forest, like Grawp? I suspect it would need to be super deep in there…
  • Honestly Snape is such an ass. I know he was technically on the good side, but he was certainly not a good person. And any Snape apologists can fight me on this.

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Mrs Weasley, people have been saying you gave Remus a love potion so hed fall in love with Tonks. Is that true?

Molly: If I’m being honest, and Tonks will tell you, I was quite against the match at the beginning. He’s much older than she is,

MOLLY: But Tonks, well….