so much love for dragonstone this week



He kept staring up at the ceiling that night. The bed felt cold without her. The whole fight was ridiculous. His wife was being too overprotective of the boys and there was the sudden mention of the past that had soured everything else. Jon hated himself even. He didn’t mean to make Daenerys upset and he shouldn’t have pushed for the trip to Winterfell but Sansa and her husband Evan had invited them and it had been too long since he had been up North. He is still King there after all. And he missed his family. He missed his sister Sansa and his brother Bran, and the fresh Northern air that is Home.

It never occurred to Jon that he had broken Daenerys’ heart all those years ago. Maybe it was because she had been quite restrained with her feelings towards him in those early days and never showed much. He knew that she loved him then but it wasn’t as emotional and as passionate as she had been since they had gotten married. He barely knew her then. A month or so while he was in Dragonstone and then the few weeks traveling up home to Winterfell to get The North ready for the Great War. But still he was in love with her, a whirlwinded love affair right in the middle of a Great War.

“They will write songs about you and the Queen. A great love story for the ages,” the Hand, Tyrion Lannister had sarcastically said. He didn’t approve of what Jon and Daenerys were doing, calling it reckless. He was proven right of course.

When Jon found out that he was in fact a son of Rhaegar and that he had accidentally fallen in love with and even had carnal relations with his aunt by blood. He had to admit that it was a jarring revelation. If he had been too full, he would have probably vomited right there and then. Incest is a horrible thing, that was what he was taught. The Old gods frowned upon it and he remembered how disgusted he was by Craster and also the illicit affair between Cersei and Jaime Lannister. People had made jokes about them and he didn’t want anyone to make such lewd jokes about Daenerys and him. Then he found out that she was with child and Jon had to do the right thing. He groaned when he remembered the testy conversation he had with Daenerys all those years ago. How volatile it was then.

“I do not want to marry you Jon Snow.” She said coldly, even though she knew his real name

“I will not have my child be born a Bastard.” Jon said to her. His tone had gotten harsh.

“Maybe it’s not even yours…” Daenerys had said in that nonchalant tone.

And Jon remembered being angered by it. The way she provoked him then, same as she did just a few nights ago when she told him she hated him. Daenerys had the power to hurt him with just mere words. He didn’t believe her of course. He knew she was’t some trollop who slept around with different men at the same time.

You will marry me Your Grace, even if I have to drag you kicking and screaming into the godswood.” Jon told her and she was shocked hearing it. He left her guest chamber hurriedly and headed to his own rooms, his fist clenching in frustration.

This is not right. A wife should be with her husband, a Queen with her King.

Jon had had enough time thinking by himself. He would now act. He got out of bed and headed straight to the room where the children were sleeping. Daenerys was sleeping next to Rhaelle and Lyanna while Aemon and Daeron slept in separate beds across the room. He smiled, seeing his wife sleeping form. She looked so beautiful and he sighed as he bent and lifted Daenerys up into his arms.

Lyanna stirred in bed and blinked her bleary eyes open.

“Father?” She called him and rubbed her eyes sleepily.

“Shh… it’s night time Sweetling. Time to sleep,” He said to her.

Lyanna smiled and yawned. “Mama says she misses you.”

“I know I miss her too…” Jon said and smiled at his daughter. Lyanna had closed her eyes and fallen back to sleep.

Jon carried his sleeping wife, the Queen back into the King’s chambers and gently laid her down in the large bed. He got in and pulled her in his arms. It felt right again when Daenerys was there, with him hugging her from behind. He had grown too used to her warmth and the feel of her soft, lithe body. Jon stifled a yawn and felt his wife snuggling closer, leaning back against his chest. She took his hand and rubbed it tenderly against her arm.

“I love you Jon…” Daenerys whispered softly and Jon smiled when he heard that. He closed his eyes and had a fitful night’s sleep, one he hadn’t had in days.