so much love for avali's art

~Harlem’s New King and Queen of Crime~

‘Shades’ Alvarez x Mariah Dillard (Marvel’s Luke Cage)

Not sure I really have a handle on drawing these two yet,they are so specific looking but hey I’m trying because goddamnit I love this pairing so much. SO MUCH. 

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So I did this because I think I should help to spread some self-acceptance. I know there are people who are having a difficult time handling their identity and I want them to know they, you are totally okay the way you are.

These panels cover homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, heterosexuality and asexuality. I know there are many many more things apart from these but I just wanted to cover the majority. Anyway, everyone is included in YOU.

Also, regarding the hetero flag colors, I didn’t like too much the grey-scale ones, so I chose another (I guess) avaliable option, much more pretty. Hope you like it :o)