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spoilers for 4.15


For the first time she’s glad Jemma isn’t with her, because this is the first time she’s seen Fitz in this world, and the last time she’s seen Fitz he was lying in a pool of his own blood.

Or, at least, she thought it was him. She saw his lifeless body and the air rushed out of her lungs and she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, couldn’t think anymore.

She wonders if that was what it must be like to drown.

Seeing him now, the real Fitz but still somehow not real Fitz, walking right towards her is enough to her eyes water, and cover her mouth with her hand.

And as he brushes past her, their shoulders touching for that fleeting moment, a lump in her throats appears and she dares to look at him.

He doesn’t look at her.

Fitz continues walking, and Daisy stops, staring forward while he moves away behind her.

Because this is what she always wanted.

Because she loved Fitz and Jemma and Coulson and everyone so much that she wished she was a ghost, and tried to be.

She ran, and ran, and ran, and hoped that one day she would outrun the ghosts and the memories chasing her. That her love for them would justify the day she could pass by them, and they would think nothing.

Now Fitz doesn’t know her. The same small boy who became a man who first told her that she was different but it was okay, who gave so much more than he received– walked right pass her and said nothing.

Thought nothing.

She, is nothing.

(the unseen scars on her body and in her mind burn and she feels like she’s on fire.

and she still somehow wonders if this is what it’s like to drown.)

Suddenly there’s a hand on her arm and she tenses, swiveling her head and meeting blue, familiar eyes.

“Do I know you?” His voice rises above the crowd around them, and she blinks rapidly, trying to find what words she could possibly say.


“Maybe?” He narrows his eyes and tilts his head, his hand still on her arm and she doesn’t know how she feels yet about this Fitz but she’s willing to give him a try.

“My name’s Daisy. Daisy Johnson.”

He bites his lip and shakes his head, and Daisy feels the panic rise in her throat.

“What about Skye? Does that name sound familiar?”

His hand lets go of her arm, and she has to force herself to look at the ground.

“I was so sure– sorry. Have a nice day.”

He’s let go of her but she can’t let go of him. This time she grabs his arm and musters the courage to speak.

“Don’t go, please. You do know me,” Daisy pleads, her eyes wide. “But we can’t talk here, where anyone can listen to us. You know the cemetery, yeah? In a half hour can you meet me at Jemma Anne Simmons’ grave? I’ll explain everything, promise.”

He laughs.

He laughs and shakes his head and rips his arm away from her grasp.

“You think i’m going to go to a cemetery with you? A stranger?”

Fitz puffs his jacket and scoffs. “Bye, Daisy, or whoever the bloody hell you are. You need help.”

As he turns the other way, Daisy shuts her eyes and tries to breathe. She can hear his footsteps as he walks away, mingling in with the hundreds of other people rushing around her and she doesn’t dare look up until she knows he’s merged with the crowd and disappeared.

She’s the one who tried to become a ghost, but she became haunted, instead.

(She knows that this is like how it feels to drown.)


We call everything on the ice ‘Love’

Inspiration [x]

virgo moons dont seem to get a lot of love on here but i think its one of the sweetest placements. there is no other who is as attentive and helpful and happy to serve than a virgo moon. they notice all the little things that you dont and take care of you in so many subtle ways that you might hardly notice. you never have to ask a virgo moon for help, they are always one step ahead of you. and unlike cancer, there are no strings attached to virgo’s acts of kindness. they simply do it because they enjoy it - they like to feel like they have made things better for their loved ones, and your happiness and appreciation is reward enough. virgo moons have a reputation of being cold but the virgo moons i know dont see themselves that way. they’d say ‘of course i’m not emotionally distant or detached, i love you, i do things for you all the time.’ because virgo moons figure that the best way to convey their feelings is through action, rather than whispered sweet nothings and empty romantic gestures. and they would be right! but there are other aspects to intimacy that virgo moons aren’t so good at, and thats where they get the reputation for being cold. such as, opening up and expressing your emotions whether they are good or bad. crying without being embarrassed in front of the people that love you. telling your loved ones what you love about them and how much they mean to you. virgo moons struggle with that. they are private and self-critical people, most often, and for this reason they have almost a kind of disdain towards certain emotions - usually sadness, anger, guilt, even sentimentality. they dont like to confront or express these messy parts of themselves, because what good is that for anyone? but virgo moons should know that the people that love you want to love all of you, the good; the bad; the happy; the sad; the soft; the callous; the intense and the dark. there is no part of you that is an inconvenience. you are beautiful, kind souls, virgo moons. 🌙✨

you wanna know why I love vixx??

bc they go from this

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: All symphonies, whether they be harmonious or discordant, will end.

Taurus: Even the prettiest roses have thorns, some things are worth the nicks and scratches aren’t they?

Gemini: You best is all anyone can ask for, but that doesn’t seem to stop them does it? Nod, smile, agree, then do whateverthefuck you were gonna do anyway.

Cancer: Rome wasn’t built in a day and a lot of the people building it had second thoughts over whether it was going to be a nice place to hang out or not. Give yourself time, you have plenty.

Leo: Bravery is a rare thing, but it can often be substituted for a combination of stupidity, stubbornness, and sheer blind luck. 

Virgo: Just because there is enough dead skin in your mattress to build a second you doesn’t mean you should. That would be fucking weird.

Libra: The stars think you’re a pretty cool cat. Print out this horoscope as an official certificate of coolness.

Scorpio: A rolling stone gathers no moss, and with modern technology you can buy moss by the pound for like 39.99 a bag. 

Ophiuchus: Everything you know is probably wrong, but that won’t really change anything about the world so there’s no reason to worry.

Sagittarius: The stars know you’re having a hard time. Just know that the world can only hit you one day at a time. Try not to let thoughts of tomorrow ruin today. It’ll be here when it gets here.

Capricorn: Today I gave myself a second degree burn by spilling throat coat tea on my hand. What may soothe one problem may cause redness, blisters, and rashes for another.

Aquarius: Tonight is the perfect night to take tasteful nudes under cover of the starlight and never show them to anyone but yourself. The stars shine for nobody, but they are still beautiful.

Pisces: The problem with setting yourself on fire to keep others warm isn’t that it hurts. Its that eventually, you burn out.


“ I always thought of him as my own personal hero. You know, like how some girls think of their dads. Except I never felt that way about ours since he’s…well, our father. When things got rough, though, I could always rely on Xander. And, it’s true, he always smiled then, and he used to laugh so much. But sometimes people have to change to become who they’re destined to be. He’s had to shoulder so much…there’s no way he could stay the boy he was. And if he did, he wouldn’t be the man we needed to lead us. ” ( — Elise to Arthur )