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I was gonna do a lyric one but since that failed I decided to just do gifs of the dynamic duo. I love how they are with each other honestly, they have a really cute close friendship with each other.

Jak and Daxter are pretty much like Yin and Yang, they bounce off each other pretty well and I just love how awkward or dorky they can be around each other.

Like you almost forget they’re still kids (like 17) at the end of the day and they’re doing such a dangerous journey that could result in death and yet during it they can like smile and laugh.

headcanon: Damas almost never laughs out loud because his laugh sounds like a flock of angry geese

So here, take this Jak fandom as my excuse for why I haven’t posted a lot lately. Been a little sidetracked mostly and a bunch of other thing’s I’ve drawn is mostly doodle’s while other thing’s are still W.I.P’s . This was when I decided to do some ‘draw the squad’ meme’s and I found this - which of course I knew who to draw it with.

Replaying the Jak and Daxter series and …I still can’t handle when Sig ‘dies’.

Jfc. The first time I played Jak II, I had to stop because I was frickin’ devastated. (I was also in my early/mid-teens and just a wreck all around)
And then at the end when he came back, holy fuck I had to stop again because I started crying from both shock and sheer joy.

Anybody else have that happen?

I still remember that period where Underground!erol blow up on tumblr, which I never expected. So I’m just throwing out a new design for erol say 2-3 years after properly doing ought for the AU. The Au is just really quite. So I’ll just be passing through dropping  a few new designs. Yep.

I’l do a follow up ‘racing disguise’ to go with erols usual gear soonish.


i want everybody who thinks jak, for some reason, doesn’t value daxter as one of if not the most important people in his life, to watch this. in this small 1-minute clip we can tell so much about jak and daxter’s relationship, and we can infer how much the boys have changed since the first game. jak and daxter have both had experience with dark eco, but in very different ways. daxter fell into a pit of the stuff which would have killed anybody else, except jak, on principle. jak has been slowly pumped full of the stuff over two years, and you can understand from the get-go that jak has never transformed into dark jak until daxter meets him in the first scene in the second game. we know this because the baron and erol both believed their experiments had failed them, even though jak lasted longer than the others. because of this, jak’s life was no longer of any value to them, and he was to be killed that night. jak is special because he’s an eco channeler–he’s always had a special ability to make precursor technology function on another level, and to successfully channel various types of eco naturally. daxter, on the other hand, has no such experience as far as we know. the dark eco that had such a slow and insidious effect on jak only served to turn daxter into another species.

despite this difference in the effects of eco on both of them, and despite jak’s experience lasting him over two years and daxter’s lasting him around 10 seconds, jak reminds daxter not to touch the dark eco, because they don’t know what would happen to him. the person who has been through two years of experiments and an excruciatingly slow change in his body is concerned that the person he’s talking to, who only described his experience with the dark eco as “man, that stung,” to be careful.

this also serves as a reminder that jak has absolutely not forgotten what happened to daxter in the first game. he remembers everything, and he still brings it up as a point of significance. it is important that daxter is no longer human. it is important to jak that daxter has been touched by dark eco for even ten seconds, even though jak had been touched by it for years.

despite this immense amount of care that jak must have to tell someone like daxter who will never know of jak’s two years of torture and will only see the effects of them, jak trusts daxter’s decision when daxter tells him he’ll be okay and that he couldn’t be worse. and jak trusts him, despite fearing that more dark eco could mess him up more. daxter, making light of jak’s fears, almost drops the crystal and i don’t think i’ve ever seen jak move faster to save him.

jak barrel rolls over daxter in order to prevent the dark eco crystal from even touching him, despite the fact that he just touched it, because he didn’t know what it would do, and it ended up being very possibly dangerous. it turns jak invisible, when it could have very well turned him dead. jak doesn’t care. he knows very well at this point that the crystal could have done something to daxter, trusts that daxter knows what he’s doing, and when it turns out he doesn’t, jak shows he’s willing to sacrifice himself regardless.

daxter is arguably the most important person to jak, the only one who’s been through ANYTHING like what jak has been through, and even though we can see through daxter’s testimonial that the actual dip in the dark eco pit wasn’t as awful as jak’s was, jak sees that incident as equivalent to his own and deserving of just as much concern.


they’re not the kind of couple who uses them - in the conventional way.

Thanks to cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata for some of the better pet names (cacti goddess, pineapple of my eye) and jazzie560 for helping me with the idea.


“Just sit down, dear.”

It slipped out of him so easily, so quickly, that she almost missed it.

And it wasn’t even meant in a sarcastic way, or at least she hoped. His eyes were drawn on the newspaper he had in front of him, his concentration all but focused on anything but her. So if it was so easily said, does that mean he thought those names in his head?

She grimaced.

Petnames. Temari hated petnames.

Because it reminded her of embarrassing, pre-adult, giggling teens. Romances that were only as shallow as a fingernail, filled with idiotic promises of an eternity together. And to have her husband call her such, well, she was repulsed, to say the least.

And dear? Dear? Nevermind the fact it rhymed with his clan’s signature animal, but it was so foreign to her that she did sit down, abruptly, and draw the book she had just an arms length away toward her. Flipping open the page, she retaliated, “Okay, sweetie.”

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She’d never admit it, not ever. But there was something mesmerizing about his hair. It wasn’t even like it was anything to note - many Konoha residents had black hair, a quality that was rarer in the sun-bleached Suna skies. But Temari’d been living in Konoha for a year now, and black hair was something she’d grown used to seeing. 

She doubted she’d ever get over his, though. 

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