so much i probably screwed up


Spoiler Alert: He did say yes :D
And Loric probably immediately ran to Josephine after it to tell her the news.

Ok so this is my contribution for the Dorianmance Week and jeez this got alot more detailed then I actually planned. I wanted to make it more sketchy and simple but I guess I did end up putting a bit more work into it.
But I really, really wanted to do soemthing for this week cause I really like my current Inquisitor, Loric, and I love Dorian in general so you can figure out the rest. I feel like I kinda screwed up the first two panels but I’m actually pretty proud of the rest, which is probably a bad thing to say but eh. 
So yeah, I hope you guys like it, I really wanna get back into drawing more Dragon Age stuff but I got so much other stuff lined up right now that it will probably take a bit ;;

But if you have like, any questions about Loric or something, just feel free to ask, I would love to talk a bit about him, even though I still ahev to figure out alot of stuff about him!

There’s a difference between being important and being loved
Being important means that I offer something to the world
It’s that I have a skill you don’t
I do things you can’t do for yourself and you appreciate that
But being loved is much more of a feeling
It’s not solid or black and white it just is
It’s that I could totally screw things up and you would still pick me
Without being important and special, I feel like I could disappear and it would be okay
But without being loved, I feel hollow
So I understand that there is a key difference in the two,
But please don’t make me choose.
03/25/2017 (83/730)

Nutrition was completely on point. Grilled for the first time this spring. Probably fire it up at least once a week now.

So much stuff around the house today. I screwed up and didn’t do cardio right away; it never got done. Rather I moved furniture and put down a new area rug and rug pad. And then moved it. Then turned it 180 degrees. But it looks nice.


Word count: 1046

Warning: ANGST.

Pairing: Dean X Reader

A/N: This is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. I can’t believe this is the last week. This was so much fun. Thank you for putting up the challenge. :)

Feedback, as always, is really appreciated. 

Prompt: “With this face I can get away with anything”

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You couldn’t believe this. After everything, after all you’d been through, this couldn’t possibly be happening to you. You had walked into the bar that night to get drunk and probably screw some unsuspecting bastard. You had gotten into the bar to forget the screams of the children as the wendigo ripped them right in front of your eyes, before you could kill it. And you had gotten into that bar to erase that handsome face which was etched into your memory.

You had come here in your futile attempts to forget Dean Winchester.

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"If her songs are as successful as 5H’s then she will be getting 5 times as much money as she was when she was in a 5-piece band, even if the overall royalty rates are the same." The royalty rate for an artist is still pretty small considering how much the Label is taking & the rest isgoing into production costs and other things. The % taken is standard for all Labels right? I wonder how and why is the rate measured to be as such. Is the % taken really unfair or do they need that much to invest?

The royalty rates vary slightly, but its probably around 15% for record sales. And yeh thats without taking off all the little screw-overs and things that need to be paid off of like the manager’s percentage etc.. So the artists really end up with such a tiny percentage overall (even without baring in mind what needs to be recouped). I was just referring to the fact that its even worse for a group when the net profit at the end needs to be shared into 5. 

  • Fandom Max: gay gay gay gay. so gay for chloe everyone else is shit i love chloe so much.
  • In game Max: Chloe is an important friend and I care for her deeply. Though, I care for other people too. I try to help people by doing the right thing as much as possible. I may or may not love Chloe in a romantic way.
  • Fandom Chloe: really hella gay for max caulfield only im gonna slap a bitch if there was anyone else for her. she loves me i love her.
  • In game Chloe: Yeah Max is my friend and I probably like her but man I wish Rachel was here right now. Whenever I die, Max becomes a hero and saves me so it's okay if we screw up. I just really miss Rachel.
  • Fandom Kate: can not sin did you just say a bad word God please bless these not nice people
  • In game Kate: People are so stupid. Ugh. Why can't you just understand me. Pls stop doing what you're doing and just apologize smh
  • Fandom Nathan: sigh im such a nice person why does this happen to me.
  • In game Nathan: I just killed a few people and fought a lot but I really feel guilty about it. I didn't think about my actions and I am just an abused but spoiled kid.
  • Fandom Victoria: kate should forgive me and we should hook up bc i would change for her and do anything for her i just really love kate
  • In game Victoria: I took a video of Kate on the roof about to jump and I really don't think it's my fault she was up there. I laughed at her and called her names whether she was there or not. I'm sorry though but I didn't do anything.
  • Fandom Rachel: goddess, princess, im everything bow down to me im your main bitch
  • In game Rachel: I'm actually dead but I was flirting with people secretly and probably used Frank and Chloe for reasons

Lin Manuel x Reader
Words: 1079
Request: Heyo! Could you maybe do a Lin x Reader or Anthony x Reader (Whoever you want!) where the reader is an alto and gets insecure about her lower voice when she’s doing the show and like her voice cracks on stage and she’s kinda choked up about it? Just like fluffy stuff haha. LOVE YOU SO MUCH BYYYEE xx 

lmao i probably screwed this up like i screw everything up. ha.
i dont have any cute rants or anything. nothing exciting has happened this week. everything has fallen to shit. anyway, requests are open. thankyou for being supportive of me even though i cant post anything bc i’m too freaking sad.


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You bit your lip as you entered the stage, the familiar cello intro playing in the background.

“There’s nothing like summer in the city…”

Jasmine had woken up with no voice this morning. As a swing, you knew it was your duty to cover her part, but you had freaked when Lin called you.

Say No To This was one of your favourite songs in the musical. You listened to it everywhere you went, but as an alto you were unable to hit most of the notes. God, you tried. You had worked on the song for months now.

As time went on, your range slowly increased, but the final stay in the song always ruined your performance. You couldn’t get up that high.

You turned from Lin after the first chorus, turning your vision to the back of the stage. You knew it was coming, but you couldn’t hide. You weren’t (Y/N) anymore, you were Maria. Maria wouldn’t be panicking about singing a song.

You ran back to Lin when your cue came, dropping to your knees and grabbing onto his hands. You tried to ignore the butterflies that were filling your stomach as the note came closer and closer. It was like the night, slowly chasing away the daylight. You had little time left.

“Just give him what he wants and you can have me!” You sang, standing from your kneeling position.

“I don’t want you, I don’t want you!” Lin responded, turning away from you.

“Whatever he wants, if you pay you can sta-“ Your eyes widened as your voice cracked, cutting off the note early. You kept your brave face on, continuing the song. You were sure the performance was ruined, and it was all your fault.

After the show, you sat in your dressing room with Pippa, your head staying planted in your hands.

“I have failed the cast,” You groaned quietly, looking up at your friend. Pippa shook her head.

“You didn’t fail anyone. You were caught off guard, it’s okay. You’ll hit it one day,” She stated, smiling encouragingly at you.

“But I needed to hit it today. One day isn’t today,” You whispered, shaking your head sadly. You grabbed a makeup wipe, turning to face the mirror. “I hope Jasmine is never sick again.”

“She’s recovering well, don’t worry!” Anthony stated, popping his head into the dressing room. Pippa slapped him gently, shutting the door.

“Don’t listen to him. Next time you understudy the part, you’ll be incredible. You’re so close, you just need a little bit more-“

“Time. I know. It’s in the show,” You cut her off, letting out a loud sigh. “You should head home. I’m going to stay here for a little while.”

“Are you sure? I was hoping we could subway home together. I figured that it would be nice bonding time,” Pippa asked, frowning slightly. You shook your head.

“It’s okay. I’d prefer to walk home alone tonight anyway,” You whispered, standing and hugging her quickly. “I’ll see you soon.”

Pippa sighed, hugging you back and leaving the dressing room. A few moments later, Lin knocked gently on the door. “Are you decent?” He asked.


Lin waited a few seconds before entering. He came in, sitting on the stool next to yours. “So, tonight’s show…” He started.

“It was a failure. I failed. I completely understand if you want me out,” You said, starting to scrub at the bright red colour that was staining your lips.

“Wait, what? No! Of course not! I thought you might be beating yourself up over it, so I wanted to let you know that it was perfect!” Lin stated, smiling. You sighed, shaking your head.

“Please, we both know that was the most embarrassing thing that’s ever come out of my mouth. Don’t you have to get home to Sebastian?” You asked, sighing in relief when the Maria makeup was finally removed from your face.

“Well, yes. There’s that. But I don’t want to leave until I know you’re okay,” He stated, crossing his arms and resting them against the makeup bench.

“Well, I’m fine. Just peachy,” You mumbled, standing and turning your back to the mirror. You looked over your shoulder, reaching for the zip. “You should head home honestly.”

“I want my cast to be happy. Please (Y/N), let’s just talk.”

“Fine. I sounded like a thirteen year old boy and I ruined your masterpiece.”

“My masterpiece?” Lin raised his eyebrow, standing and unzipping your dress. You smiled weakly at him, grabbing your normal clothes and heading into the bathrooms.

“Yeah. Your masterpiece,’ You replied, changing quickly and going back to Lin.

“You know, one of the original lines in this so called “masterpiece” was shooty shooty shooty shoot shot. Did you know that one night I sang “Maurens, Lulligan?” Did you know that I broke character because Groffsauce tickled my nipple?” Lin asked.

“No… I didn’t know that. Why is this important?” You asked, crossing your arms and leaning against the wall.

“Well, it’s important because not everything’s a masterpiece the first time around. Or anytime, honestly. It’s live theatre. Anything and everything can and will go wrong. But do you want me to tell you a secret? That’s what makes it so special. When I wrote this show, I didn’t expect it to become what it is. I just saw it as something small. It wasn’t even going to be a show at all. God, if you heard those original demos, you would be shocked. The amount of times my voice cracked… moving on. Tonight wasn’t a failure for you. I know how hard you’ve been working this year and I wanted to show the world how incredible you are,” Lin stated, pulling you into a hug.

Your eyes widened. “I… I don’t know what to say. Thankyou. You made me feel a lot better, honestly,” You said quietly.

“Well, thank you for listening to my Old Man Miranda rant. I’ll see you tomorrow, ready for round two?” Lin asked. Your eyes widened.

“But Ant said Jas was recovering…” You mumbled, raising your eyebrow.

“Well, I want to let her have another day of recovery. Make sure you’re here early, it’s a two show day,” Lin stated, patting you on the head and leaving the dressing room.

You shrugged, grabbing your bag and leaving the theater. If your boss was willing to give you a second chance, you knew you had done something right.

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8, 7, 11, 13

8. is there a character you love writing for the most? the least? why?

for sh, i identify with alec really heavily so i do write him a lot bc he’s easiest for me tbh, but i actually think i enjoy it more when i write characters who are a bit more of a struggle for me to get into their mindset. like i’ve written some jace pov fics and i really enjoy those. who i like writing least is probably the ones i haven’t written, bc there’s a reason for that tbh. like a lot of my fics feature izzy but i’ve never really written izzy pov fic and i really want to but i just don’t feel like i have a handle on her voice so i worry i would screw it up

7. create a character on the spot…. NOW!

on the spot! that’s too much pressure. but okay, here’s my oldest oc (not like she’s old in age, but just i’ve had her the longest..): michelle (mikey) velasquez, pop star (!!!! guess how old i was when i invented her), bisexual, tragic backstory (her high school sweetheart died of cancer their senior year), slowly falls in love with one of her backup dancers. ❤ she’s my fave, i love her

11. what are your weaknesses wrt writing?

i made a post about this recently but i’m just not a good sensory scene painter? like the reader can just decide for themselves where everybody is standing and what they’re wearing and how things fucking smelled okay, i don’t care about that??? i just want everyone to understand how people are feeling and how their voices sound and whether their hands are shaking. i just can’t bring myself to put energy into all that other stuff it seems so irrelevant

13. who are your favorite writers?

for professional writers, i think my two faves are probably tamora pierce and francesca lia block which is funny bc they have completely different styles. francesca lia block writes like poetry, like i wish i could write tbh. and tamora pierce writes the kind of intricate fantasy plots and awesome fully formed characters i wish i could write

Spent what feels like ages, but probably a day and a half to decide on a name for this beautiful, shadowy ink blob.
This monster’s name is Hadley Chandler Vesper.
They love to wear bright colours, mostly yellow. They’re easily startled, and loves to draw and write, which is easy since they have an unlimited supply of ink. They just have to keep the papers nice and clean for their usage later on. :33

I see some people complaining about Mordecai getting with some “random girl” and how she doesn’t have any personality besides being into art, and it’s really bugging me. I mean it’s not as if all their kids were given much personality in the ending montage either.

I thought it was really important to show Mordecai moving on and finding love: not with Margaret or CJ. I thought CJ was great for him but he screwed up too many times, hurt her too much, that she deserved being able to find someone else (assuming that she probably did). And I was so relieved that when Margaret went rushing back to the park, she was rushing there for Eileen. Mordecai has struggled through the entire series with his feelings for Margaret, trying to get over her for many seasons. He still struggles with it into his early art career; I noticed one of his paintings really resembled Margaret. But he finally does it, finally moves on and falls in love and becomes a husband and a father. So what if we didn’t get to find out much about his soon to be wife? Any dialogue would have ruined the pace of the montage and would seem clunky or tacked on.

Bless the show for not making Mordecai’s struggle with love and depression end with winning over Margaret. Bless them for making it end with him moving on, as many people have to do in life. It is much more important to his character development that he can finally move on rather than chase the same person forever.

It was satisfying to see he was finally able to do that. It was comforting and relatable. So what if we didn’t have a chance to get to know her? So what if we didn’t get to see their relationship progress? The show doesn’t need to justify that they’re a good fit for each other. All that matters is that Mordecai got there in the end.

yo could you thirsty bitches in the cody tag not keep saying how much of a “blessing” it is to have seen that video? it’s not a blessing. it’s you invading someone’s privacy. it’s fucked up that something like that got leaked and fucked up that you’re enjoying this when you say that you support him. it’s not a blessing it’s shitty. he’s probably really upset and embarrassed about this and you guys are talking about how much you enjoyed it. it’s not a joke. don’t turn it into one. if a girl’s nudes got leaked or a female actress’ you wouldn’t be seeing it as a blessing, you’d see it as screwed up and awful and you’d feel terrible for the girl in question. this is no different so don’t pretend like it. if you repost the video i’ll be blocking and reporting you. cody doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

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15, 17?

15: Favorite individual character?

Clavicus Vile. He moves between literal genie, petulant child and general asshole in the lore, all of which appeal to me. There’s so much to explore regarding him and the details of his pacts, the colossal screw-up which was Umbra, and his relationship with Barbas and the other Princes.

His voice actor in Skyrim does a great job, too. Trivia for the day (which people probably know because I mention it at every opportunity): the VA also did Nick Valentine and Codsworth in FO4.

17: Favorite in-game location?

Falkreath and the area around Helgen. I missed all of Falkreath until after finishing the main quest the first time I played Skyrim, and it was such an unexpected patch of beauty to come to when I thought I must have explored everything worthwhile. I’m fond of the forests in Falkreath hold around Helgen and Riverwood because they remind me of Hjolrin and RP threads which occurred there.

In Morrowind, I spent a lot of time in coastal areas like Seyda Neen. Friendly camps and towns in the Ashlands were always a pleasant sight just because it meant somewhere to hide from the cliffracers.

As for Oblivion, I struggle to pick a single place. Bruma and Cloud Ruler Temple feel like home, but on the other hand, standing near a lake watching the sun set behind the White-Gold Tower is peaceful and nostalgic.

Do you ever just think about the fact that you have a guardian angel? A constant companion who cares about you so much. Like if you’re sad they’re probably like “omg no bby don’t cry!!!” and they wanna hug and comfort you but they can’t cause they’re spirits. Or if they’re super happy for you cause something wonderful happened to you and they’re just sitting there cheering you on and bragging about you to the other Angels. Or if you’re about to screw up and they really don’t want you to they’re begging you not to do the thing and then you do the thing and they’re just shaking their heads. I mean these angels’ whole existences are dedicated to serving you. And they love you. Yet so often we forget that they’re even there. Idk I just think we should take a moment every day to appreciate our guardian angels.

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Okay, but then why is the image able to be find through a reverse search? Reverse searches only work if the image is exactly the same, excluding the resolution. I doubt it was part of the assignment to exactly copy a piece of art, down the the signature of the original artist. Not to mention the angle. Had the angle been different, reverse searches would not have found a match. To prove your originality I would suggest taking a picture of it in a different angle.

The actual assignment wasn’t to copy it piece by piece. But being the dumbass me, I screwed up and used a light table to copy the image online. So you probably searched up the real imagine, while the one I did, was a copy of the one I did in class. I didn’t like that assignment too much, but I did think I could’ve changed the angle. But I’m a dumbass and what you probably searched up was the real one

I really hope the FE fandom is still alive and well duderinos

Because I finally got up the guts to start a strategy/theory blog!

Don’t look for something amazing out of me, I’m just one guy with too much time on his hands and I should probably be focusing on my job but meh. I’m usually about as useful as a healer on a team of tanks - I can do some things, but y’all are pretty good without me so I’ll just be back here to help out if you get screwed. I don’t have all the answers but I have quite a few so you might find what you’re looking for- if not shoot me an ask or whatever and I’ll do my best to help you out!

I’ll most likely end up focusing on Fates and Awakening, since they’re the only ones I’ve played so far, but once Echoes comes out (and I actually figure out the damn thing since it’ll apparently be vastly different from the two previous games and I’m excited yet terrified) I’ll be posting for that one too!

In-depth descriptions of what I’ll be using this blog for are under the cut, But here’s a quick list: pairing guides, inheritance, battle strategy, theories, character and story analysis, etc.

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Every time I think of the fact that Holt fought so hard to get his first command, something he’s always wanted but was never given the chance because of his race and sexuality, and then was met at the precinct with a detective like Jake, a white straight man who is so incredibly resistant to any type of change and refuses to do his job properly (think episode 1-3 Jake), and I think of the fact that Holt probably went home and was so incredibly angry at the fact that he has a detective like Jake who would screw up his command and make things difficult.

And then I think of the fact that 21 and a half months later, when threatened that if he didn’t leave his command -this thing that he’s worked so hard for, worked so hard THROUGH, built a strong, composed, well established detective squad that have each other’s backs - the squad would be broken up, and each one sent to places that would definitely bore them and depress the hell out of them, he chose to leave. Because he cared too much about his squad, especially Jake, to let anything happen to them. He acted completely selflessly and even though later he was rotting away in PR, literally being brought down and losing hope (this is the same man that started an association for Gay African American officers of the NYPD in the extremely homophobic 70’s and 80’s after his colleagues mocked him and laughed heavily just for SUGGESTING it), he walked away with his head held up high.

And it is that same squad (and same damn stubborn detective) that brought him back into the precinct and position that he loved.

I love Raymond Holt so much and am so grateful that he exists.


Quinx Headphone designs in pen!! Omg I finally did some traditional art. I’m gonna paint them in watercolour, so this is a WIP just in case I screw up the colours.

Sorry I haven’t been uploading digital stuff recently. I have an eye injury caused by overstraining, and I’m still under medical observation and a ban from using the computer. I’m not sure when I’ll recover or what it is, but I should have already messaged all my commissioners regarding this. Don’t worry about me though! My doctor says it’s most probably increased degree or something minor. Anyway, the silver lining is that I’ve gotten the much needed chance to practice my traditional art skills :D

Update on eye condition: It’s a minor problem! I’m gonna be alright in a week or two. Thanks for all the lovely messages :’)