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HAPPY 2 MONTHS OF THIS BLOG GUYS !!!! serious i am such a muse hopper, it;s a surprise i’ve made it to 2 months on jane and actually still want to keep going so badly !! i love jane so much she has been one of my all time favorite characters to play, and i am so happy all of you like my portrayal of her !! ( side note : this is also the first time on any blog in my history that i’ve had over 500 followers and really it blows my mind thank you so much for that i feel so grateful ). i know it’s late and all, but i just wanted to thank all of you and give some quick shout outs to the people who have made this blog even possible to stay around because i considered leaving jane a few times and without certain people i wouldn’t have stayed. i love all so much and i am so happy to be a part of this community. i am so happy to have met you all and have a chance to talk to you all. thank you so so much, and i hope you continue to stick around with jane and i in the future.   - syd x


@savelosers & @noasthma & @somethingtroubled & @werentalone - ASH : boy o boy have i admired you for awhile. you are so fun and kind and your IT multi was a blog i followed back on my mal blog and i just loved your writing so much. you are so great to talk to about plot ideas and dangerously hurtful scenarios. you are also just so upbeat and fun you bring like a whole sun onto my dash whenever i see you. thank you for being here since day one, you mean the world to me x

@s-stutters - EIMI : ngl for like the entire first two weeks i knew you i thought your name was spelled eime bc of the group chat and i wanted to die when i found out that wasn’t the case. ANYWAY you are easily one of my best friends. you’re not even on tumblr much anymore and i still talk to you most everyday and i cannot wait for you to come visit me in all my college loneliness !! you’ve been here to see me laugh and cry talk me through tough decisions, and i wouldn’t be where i am today without you. thank you so much for being here and i look forward to you coming to visit me ( we can go shopping im sO PUMPED ) x

@furaised & @beignetcrowned & @moanaialiki - MONIE : haha fun fact that we are now going on 5 months of knowing each other. like, almost half a year. you have been my number one supporter throughout our entire time together and i am so grateful to have you. seriously, you’re always here when i need you and you like all of my headcanons and dumb posts, and you’re also my new dad so like, we have that too. i don’t know how many times i can say i adore you but i really really adore you. i love you so much and im so lucky to have you around. i hope to get to have you around more x.

@nevergcveup & @floatedtoo - HEATHER : ahhhhhh my beautiful friend !! you are so amazing and i am so jazzed to get to know you better. i remember you sent that really sweet ask complimenting me about my portrayal of jane and i was just so happy to receive anything like that from anyone. and here we are now - i get to actually see you in a few days !! i cannot wait to watch gilmore girls and eat taco hell and cookies with you. i do hope you know that my visits are going to be like a regular thing too. i can’t believe you’re only an hour and a half away !!! it still boggles my mind that someone i love so much is so close to me and maybe i would have never known it. but like we’ve said before - you’re stuck with me now and there’s no getting out of it. x

@theirprcmise & @experitwins & @webwiings  - BEE : you amazing and beautiful person. first of all, thank you so much for the christmas gifts !! the poster is going to go up on my wall in my bedroom at home when i finally out up my poster wall ( i have a tono of posters and tacts i gotta find first they’re buried somewhere around here ), and jane is nestled happily on my keychain. i can take her with me everywhere now - she kinda has to being on the chain. but really thank you so much. you are one of the sweetest people i know, and i am very happy to call you my friend. i don’t know what i did to deserve a friend like you, but it must have been something really good. i love you lots x. 


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A Summer With Hopper

Chapter 2: The Move

Chapter 1

Author’s note: Well, hey followers. I’m a bit drunk, but I wanted to get this out today so that I could share how thankful I am to have you! Thank you so much for reading, and thank you for leaving me love and feedback.

Friday came slower than you’d like to admit. You were actually excited that Hop could provide some sort of relief from the onslaught of episodes. The week had left you anxious…the episodes hadn’t slowed at all, and you were ready to try something different. But it wasn’t in your nature to just move in with someone, even Jim, even though living alone could get, well, quite lonely at times. You were packed up by Thursday, and by Friday afternoon you were absolutely buzzing with anticipation. You lined up the few bags and houseplants you planned to take along your porch, and settled into a rocking chair to await his arrival. Your only companions were a well-worn book and a warm drink.

Just before sunset, you heard the familiar crunch of gravel as a vehicle traveled down the path to your house. Jim parked and got out, still adorned in his uniform and hat. He eyed your stuff on the porch, and started to grab things to load up.

“To be honest, I thought I was going to have to re-convince you to come tonight. But, it looks like you’re pretty much ready to go. You sure this is all you’re taking?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’s a trial run, remember? Just a couple of weeks?”

Mmhmm .”

“Well, I travel light. I’ve got everything I need in those bags.”

“If you’re sure” he said as he gingerly put the plants into the back seat.

“Hop, I need you to turn the lights off in the house. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to trigger anything, being in the dark like that…”

“Of course,” he opened the passenger side door and waved you in, “you have a seat, and I’ll be right back, okay?”

You nodded, and he shut the door for you and jogged his way into the house. He was back within a few minutes, and when he got into the driver’s seat, he stuck his hands out towards yours.

“Give me those ice-cold fingers, Bluebell” he grinned.

You put your hands in his. He cupped his hands around yours, engulfing them completely, and he brought them up to his mouth, blowing his warm breath upon them.

You accidently let out the beginnings of a moan.

“That feel good?” His eyes crinkled as he chuckled.

“It does.” A pleasant shiver traveled up your spine.

He continued to warm your hands with his breath for a minute, before placing your hands down into your lap.

“Let’s get to the cabin before it gets too dark out” he stated, starting up the vehicle.

The ride was quiet, and you spent the time sneaking glances at Hop, who was humming tunes distractedly.

You arrived at the cabin just as the sunset darkened.

Jim, ever the gentleman, helped you in and carried in your bags.

“I hope you’re hungry. We had a potluck at the station yesterday, and I got stuck with way too many leftovers. Roast and potatoes sound good?” He started rummaging around in the small kitchen, pulling out several covered dishes.

“Sounds great, Hop” you moved into the kitchen to help him.

“No way. You relax, unpack, whatever. This will take five, ten minutes tops.” He ushered you back to the sofa.

“Where should I unpack my things?”

“Jane’s room has plenty of space for your clothes.”

“Is that where I’ll be sleeping?”

“I’ll leave that up to you, Bluebell. But, if my assumptions are correct, you’d sleep a hell of a lot better in bed with me.”

You looked at him, thoughtfully. The idea had crossed your mind after your last encounter with Hop. His body heat certainly made you feel better, safe. A full night’s sleep seemed like a thing of the past before, but now, it seemed like a possibility.

He must have interpreted your lack of immediate answer as a negative. “Shit…you don’t have to. You can take Jane’s bed, or my bed…I can take the couch. I just figured that body heat would help, you know…with the episodes.”

He was so adorable all flustered that you laughed.

“Hopper…I think it’s a good idea. Honestly, I was hoping that was the plan. I actually just had a long overdue chat with Joyce, and she told me that she often sleeps in bed with Will. She said it really seems to help him sleep through the night.”

He stirred the pot of food he was warming, his cheeks flushed.

“I don’t want you to think I’m trying to take advantage of you or anything. I just care about you, and I want you to get better.” He brought the dishes of food to the small table. “Now, eat. You look like you need the protein.”

Dinner was eaten in a companionable silence. When you were both done, you tried to wash the dishes, but Jim was quick to stop you.

“Hey, there’s no need in all that. Let me take care of it” he grabbed the plates from your hand, heading to the sink.

“I can wash dishes, I can cook meals, …you can’t baby me, Jim.”

“I’m not trying to baby you, I’m trying to give you a break. Geez. Don’t worry, I’ll get lazy in a couple of days and I’ll let you do all of it that you want. Deal?”


“Good. I’m taking a shower real quick. Be right back.”

You grabbed a book out of your bag and laid back on the sofa. You felt quite full from dinner, and when you were just a few pages in, you started to get very sleepy. You snapped the book shut and sat up, a little too quickly. You felt a head rush, an intense dizziness, immediately. Then, starting from your feet up, you felt it—the ice-cold sensation that marked the beginning of an episode.

You closed your eyes, took deep breathes in and out. “Everything is okay” you told yourself, “this isn’t real, I’m at Hoppers.”

You felt like you were spinning, and you tried grasping for the couch that you knew you were sitting on, but it wasn’t there.

“I’m not back. I’m at Hoppers. He’s just in the other room.”

You were freezing. Your eyes were still clasped tightly shut, and you didn’t want to open them. You usually kept them shut, unless you heard the monster. When you heard its growls and shrieks, your body always reacted as though it was all real, and you went into survival mode even though you knew you weren’t there. Hopefully this time you wouldn’t hear anything.

Deep breaths, in and out, that’s all it took. Just keep your eyes shut, keep calm. It might only last a minute or two.

The cold intensified, which was a bad sign. A minute seemed to pass, maybe two. The crunch of footsteps sounded right in front of you, which shocked your body into opening your eyes. You were surprised to see nothing there, only rows of trees. It was so dark, and there was an abundance of shadows for something to lurk in . A crunch sounded behind you, and you jumped to look that direction only to see no monster, only more trees.

“I’m not there. I’m with Hopper, I’m in his cabin. It’s okay.”

Something was walking around you, something undetectable. It sounded as though it was slowly creeping through the trees in all those dark shadows that were so deep that you couldn’t even perceive how far they extended.

Fear gripped you. You didn’t want to move, there didn’t seem to be anywhere to go. Any direction you ran would lead to those seemingly endless shadows. “I don’t have to run, I’m at Hopper’s. I’m not here.”

Then you heard him, faint at first. He was calling your name. But, he sounded so far away.

“Hopper!!” you called to him, knowing that he must be right next to you in the cabin, but still desperate enough to scream.

You started to feel a warmth creep up your back, and you could feel faint vibrations in your body.

“Hopper, please!”

A gradual heat began to spread through your body. Hopper’s voice was closer now, and you shut your eyes as you tried to focus on his voice, on the heat.

You could make out his words now. “I’ve got you. Shh. It’s okay, you’re with me, I’ve got you.” His deep voice was so soothing. His breath warmed you as he repeated himself over and over.

You could feel him at your back, his arms engulfing you in an embrace. You kept your eyes shut until the feeling of dizziness left you. When you finally opened them, you found yourself in Hop’s bed, his grip firm, holding you against his chest. He must have carried you to the bed and wrapped you in a nest of blankets during the episode.

You let out a gasp of relief, turning to face him.

“Hey, you’re okay. You’re okay. I’m here.” His large hand rubbed up and down your back, trying to massage some of your tension away. As good as that felt, your muscles were still locked in fear.

“What can I do to help you?” he whispered, to both you and himself.

You couldn’t talk, not yet. It was still too fresh. You could only let out small whimpers, the words just wouldn’t form.

Hopper put both hands on the side of your face and gently maneuvered your head so that you were looking into his eyes. Then, he started to tell you all about his day in hopes of distracting you.

“…Mrs. Creed, you know her, right? She called the station this morning, complaining that there was a lot of noise and yelling coming from her neighbor, Ted Johnson’s house. He’s generally a real quiet guy, so I ran by there to see if something was going on, and…well, when I knocked he came to the door real red-faced and angry looking. When I told him that someone was complaining about the noise coming from his home, he apologized and disclosed that he was just having a problem with constipation.” Hop laughed, and your body had loosened up a bit during the story, but not enough.

So, he continued “that was funny as hell, to be honest. It had the guys at the station roaring. Then I got another call around lunchtime saying that someone heard weird noises coming from the shed in their backyard. They thought someone was trying to steal their lawnmower. When I got there, it turned out to just be a cat that was going into labor. I laid her down on a blanket in the backseat and got her to the shelter. She had one kitten on the way there, a little black and white-spotted rascal. The ladies at the shelter named him Chief Spotter.” Hopper grinned and continued telling you minor details of his day.

His eyes were so expressive. You stared into them as he talked, and with each word he uttered you felt a little more relaxed.

After talking for a while, Hopper yawned deeply. “You feeling better, sweetheart?”

You nodded and breathed out a soft “thank you.”

“No problem, I just talked your ear off. It was nothing” he shrugged.

You snuggled into him as much as you could, feeling safer than ever.

You were both on the verge of sleep, and as you lay your head against his chest to feel his heartbeat, you clarified, “It was everything.”

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Ross never says "I love you" to Elizabeth, or "I want to be with you, Elizabeth and I'm so sorry but I just can't leave my wife and child(ren). He never comes out and really say very much of anything similar to that, does he? If he really had a burning desire to be with her, wouldn't he tell her?

Yeah, he would say something along those lines. Which to me is a fairly pointed indication of his true feelings. He loved Elizabeth; he doesn’t love her anymore; he doesn’t have any desire to build the kind of life with her that he’s built with Demelza.

A Birthday gift to myself. The process it took me to think about releasing my own skincare line was a long one. I never thought people would take me serious enough to support but with the line of work that I do I know that it’ll be a hit. We all look for that one product that could help us out with the smaller things and leaving us feeling fresh as well as smooth. skinBUTTR is that product and it’s for people with oily and dry skin. There’s body products as well as facial products. Today is just the beginning for skinBUTTR and with your help I have plans to take it to a new level. So all the support I received up until this moment, I’m really grateful for and I hope you guys who haven’t had the chance to test the product, love it just as much as I do.

— xoxo Zhane

So today I was suspended from work, I don’t know what to do with myself, right before Christmas so I’m going to have no money, I really hated the job im in and I have been looking for another but I at least wanted to leave of my own accord.

Please if anyone knows of any jobs going in the UK Manchester. Let me know, help a girl out.

Ive had so much shit at home recently as well and now this, I don’t know what to do with myself.

yesterday I was at gamestop and a man in full Data cosplay walked up to the front counter and I did a double take so hard I nearly broke my neck. So, he walks up and the cashier just casually smiles and goes “How’s it going, Data? What can I do for you?”  and Data goes, “I am doing quite well. I was just wondering when you guys would have Destiny 2 in stock.” This mans……literally did not smile or emote at all. He went all in. The cashier was totally non fazed. I, however, was completely shitting my pants cos ya’ll DO NOT understand how good this dude’s cosplay was. It really looked like fuckin data teleported into the middle of game stop in rural ohio to ask about motherfucking destiny 2.

The only time he broke character was when I was stealthily trying to stare at him and thinking about asking for a pic when he was walking out.This dude. Looked at me, completely expressionless. and WINKED at me. Someone collect ya mans he wildin lmfao

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

BTS Reaction To: “Cumming” Inside Of You.

-Request: BTS reaction to them cumming inside of you for the first time?-

Thanks for requesting!


Jin kissed you slowly, pushing himself inside of your tight walls. He wanted to fuck you slowly, knowing that soon you would be begging for him to go faster. He loved hearing you beg - the sinful sentences that would leave your dirty mouth only turned him on even further. 

You clenched yourself around Jin on purpose to edge him on to his release. He let out a groan, not knowing how much longer he could last for. Not being able to hold back, he gripped onto your hips, fucking you roughly right into his mattress. He came, forgetting to pull out of you, feeling too lost in the feeling of you around him. He collapsed next to you, realising that he had released inside of you.

“I’m sorry, baby, you just felt so warm and tight.”

You laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill anyway.”

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Yoongi lowered his body into yours, pushing his length in between your wet folds. He let out a grunt at the feeling, letting himself stay still inside of you for a little while, knowing that if he would have moved himself, he probably would have came already. It wasn’t yours and Yoongi’s first time, however he could never get used to how tight you were for him. He carefully pulled himself out from you, only to slam himself into you once again. You cried out Yoongi’s name, arching your back as each thrust became harder. Your hands gripped onto the white sheets beneath you as Yoongi planted love bites on your collar bones.

“Where do you want me to cum, Kitten?” Yoongi asked.

Without hesitation, you replied with a whiny voice, “Please, Yoongi.. Cum inside of me.”

Yoongi smirked down at you devilishly, slamming his hips into yours with more force. His hips stuttered, and he came inside of you, just liked you had begged him to.

“You’re so pretty underneath me like this, Kitten.”

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Your thighs were rested against Namjoon’s hips as he had you pinned to the wall. Namjoon held your gaze, watching your desperate eyes as you waited for his member to fill you up. He teased you at first, letting the tip of his cock lightly touch your entrance. You whined. 

Namjoon filled you with his length, slowly, but made sure his next thrust was more harder and powerful, and soon enough, he had you screaming his name. Namjoon rested his forehead against yours as he fucked you against the wall, loud grunts leaving his mouth. 

It was not long later until you had came around his cock, knowing Namjoon would soon reach his high, too. “C-Cum inside me.” You told him.

Namjoon did not try to protest, bucking his hips into you more harder, driving you into overstimulation. You let out a cry at the feeling.

Namjoon came inside of you, leaving himself there to make sure you had taken all of his cum. His chest rose up and down as he tried regaining his breath.

“Do you like me filling you up with my cum, like the pretty little whore you are?”

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Hoseok drank in the sight of you, observing every detail on your skin as he pushed himself inside of you. You let out a soft moan as he filled you inch by inch. Hoseok pressed his lips onto the exposed skin on your neck, leaving you a breathless mess due to how sensitive your neck was. Hoseok held onto your hips tightly as he continued to thrust into you, allowing him to bury himself deeper inside of your cunt. 

Hoseok made sure you had came first before allowing himself to orgasm as he cared about your pleasure only, and he could only get off if you had, too. Once you came, Hoseok titled his head back and let his mouth fall agape.

F-fuck, I’m going to cum.”

Hoseok knew he had to pull out soon, but the feeling of you wrapped tightly around him made it a challenge for him to do so.

“Cum inside me, Hoseok - please.” 

Hoseok didn’t have time to think about what the consequences of his actions would be, snapping his hips into you harder. Once he released himself inside of you, you told him you were on the pill, before he freaked out that he could have potentially got you pregnant. With a sigh of relief, he collapsed by the side of you, holding you in his embrace. 

“Can we do that more often, Princess?”

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Taehyung had missed the way you felt around him, and he had almost forgotten how tight you always were for him, due to him being on tour for a couple of months. Once he slipped himself between your soaking wet folds, he felt at ease once again, and all the stress that had come with tour had been a weight that had been taken off his shoulders. He wanted to take his time with you, worship your body, tell you how much he missed you, but you felt too good around him, and he couldn’t help himself but thrust himself in and out of you as fast as he possibly could, chasing his own orgasm. 

“I’ve missed your pretty, tight cunt.” Taehyung spoke deeply into your ear. “Are you gonna cum for me, Princess? Cum for Daddy.”

You cried out, releasing over Taehyung’s cock. Taehyung couldn’t help it, releasing himself inside of you as he watched your face unfold with pleasure. 

Shit, Princess - you felt so good for Daddy.. I couldn’t help myself but you’re on the pill, right?”

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Lining himself up with your entrance, Jimin eased his length into you. It had been a while since Jimin had last fucked you, as you were being bratty, and Jimin loved denying you of sex as a punishment, watching the despiration within your eyes as you would continuously beg him to take care of your needs.

You whined at his slow pace, which only caused Jimin to grin at you. 

“Tell me how much you want me to fuck you into this mattress. Tell me how much you’ve missed my cock.”

You found yourself climaxing earlier than you usually would once Jimin had finally pounded himself into you, leaving you a complete moaning mess - the only words you could say were Jimin’s name.

Without any sort of warning or sign, Jimin had released himself inside of you. Once he registered what he did, his dominant act suddenly went away, and he found himself becoming a flustered mess. 

“Oh my- shit, I-I think I just..”

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Wanting to tease you, Jungkook only entered the tip of his cock into you, knowing you would become a whiny mess beneath him. He loved watching you squirm and beg for his cock, finding the sight of it completely arousing. After hearing your begs for him, Jungkook pushed himself inside of you. He gave you no time to adjust to his length, thrusting himself in and out of you as he gripped onto your hips. Your legs were trembling - each thrust and movement of Jungkook’s hips was bringing you closer and closer to your climax. 

“Hm, are you going to cum around Daddy’s cock for me, Princess?”

It wasn’t long before you came, crying out Jungkook’s name. With no hesitation, you begged for Jungkook to fill you up with his cum, causing only a cocky smirk to appear on Jungkook’s face.

Jungkook grunted into you ear, soon releasing himself inside of you. He laid himself beside you, planting a kiss on your forehead. 

“How was that, Kitten?”

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To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. - pt.3 End

[pt.1] [p.2] [pt.3 End]

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It’s taking me a long time to get over him two months and three days to be exact, and right now I’m still hung up over the fact that our relationship ended so badly. After we had argued that night, I actually wanted to apologise for being so jealous when we were both in the right states of minds and when we were both calm from the fire I’d started. But when Taehyung came over and told me all the things he’d witnessed, I felt so stupid. Stupid for trusting him, for wanting to apologise for not accepting a mere friendship of his with another girl. Stupid because I still love him, I know he didn’t kiss her and that to some degree isn’t ‘cheating’ per se, but if I hadn’t sent him that message, if I hadn’t been the one to distract him, would he have stopped by himself? The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that the answer was always going to be a no. Jungkook was never the type to check his phone straight away when it buzzed, so he must’ve glanced and saw my name and when he saw my name he remembered that he does still have a girlfriend, one he was about to cheat on. He wanted to kiss her and he wasn’t going to stop, and he must have wanted to; so to me that is still cheating. So I don’t get why I still love him. I honestly couldn’t thank Tae enough for telling me the truth, he’s a good friend to both Jungkook and I. Even if it seems as though he betrayed him, it’s what a good friend should do and will do.

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not on my watch

pairing: steve harrington x reader
warning: swearing, violence, blood mention

requestS T E V E H A R R I N G T O N I M A G I N E where you’re Dustin’s older sister and Dustin tells Steve that Billy has you cornered at school and is calling you vulgar things and Steve is like ‘not on my watch" or something cheesy and beats the crap out of him and the reader is crying and idk
requested byanonymous

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Nagata Takato (Kenma) (x
We did a lot of moving around a lot at rehearsals today!
Like cats, I mean
We’re currently accepting applications for those who want to be a part of the Nekoma High School Volleyball Club.
The conditions are: You have to be a person that loves Nekoma!
Starting today, YOU are also a part of the Engeki Nekoma High School Volleyball Club!!  Nyaa.

Nakamura Tarou (Inuoka) (x
That second photo honestly makes me so happy  
Everyone, let’s all be a team!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

steve harrington x reader • be still

Summary: If you had to die, dying while saving the boy you loved and the boy who loved you wasn’t a bad way to go.

Word Count: 1800+

Requested By: Anonymous - Steve and reader where Steve thinks you dies but you come back and just pure fluff

Warnings: Angst, language, some fluff at the end.

Notes: Ow.

Title is from the song Be Still by The Fray, which is a lovely song that I’d recommend to anyone.

I was planning on doing requests in the order I get them, but my muse worked best for this today so I guess I’m just gonna do them when I’m feeling the right vibe to write it. Hope that’s okay with everyone waiting on a request!!

Alsooo this is a repost from earlier because there were a lot of errors I hadn’t noticed until after I posted, so this is the edited version!


It was stupid, really. Even as you were doing it you knew it was the wrong thing to do, knew that it was just going to end in blood and tears. There was time to try something else, something less risky, less dangerous. But you couldn’t stop yourself. There was a demodog with teeth bared running right in your direction, having fallen behind the rest of the pack, and you were the only two left in the tunnels. You couldn’t let it hurt him. Not him. Not Steve.

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in another universe:
we don’t leave the city.
my hand is still in yours,
and yeah, it’s 9:30pm,
but we’re walking in a park.
we never have to worry about making it work,
because it just does,
it always has.
and you hold my hand,
and (this time) you don’t let go.

in another universe:
we make it work.
you call more often and i stop calling so much.
we call it love because love is comfortable,
this is just something that happens as time goes on,
the spark had to go out eventually, right?
we fall into a rhythm and maybe fall out of  love,
but (this time) it’s enough.

in another universe:
we never meet.
or maybe we do but maybe this time i don’t say yes to going to the park at 9:30pm.
i listen to my brain instead of my heart and run at the first sign of returned love.
i’ve always been good at that, right?
i hold my breath instead of holding your hand,
and i don’t let you kiss me on the sidewalk.
and something
feels off.
but i don’t know what it is, so it’s alright.
and maybe i miss someone,
but (this time) i don’t know who i’m missing.

in this universe:
i felt the shift ever since we left the city.
i called too much and decided this is what love feels like.
isn’t this what love feels like?
you held my hand when i asked you to
and kissed my neck like you might still want me
and maybe you still wanted me
but it wasn’t enough to make it work.
i would’ve made it work,
if you asked.
i cried on the metro while i listened to our songs that aren’t even our songs because i never showed them to you,
but i don’t care
because you’ll never hear them now.
i think about us in the city
and i think about us in the park
and i think about all the times you said:
we can make it
you and me.
and i wonder if maybe
we still could.
but it’s different now because
in this universe you let go and in this universe it wasn’t enough and in this universe i know who i’m missing and he’s exactly 42 minutes away if there’s no traffic.
and maybe in this universe we don’t end up together,
but maybe (this time) we’re not supposed to.

—  in another universe love is enough (via @honeylovur, inspired by this post)
Tiefling Boyfriend

A wonderful commissiong bought by @wolfsbayne4995 for their friend of their half tiefling oc. I had fun writing a playboy type. I’m surprised I hadn’t before.  

 You had heard stories from several people. Rumors really, but you wanted to investigate it for yourself. There was a bar near the edge of the village where, supposedly, there was a man who frequented the bar. There were tales of his conquests and sexual exploits. But the one people seemed to whisper the most about was that, after sleeping with him, one tended to find their true love.

   If you had to be honest with yourself, you weren’t so much as looking for love as you were trying to forget it. You had just gone through a rather painful breakup and if this led to love again that was fine. You just needed even one night of passion to make the ache stop hurting.

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I finally figured out why this hurts so much. I’m stuck in limbo, this liminal space between what we were and whatever comes next. I know, logically, that what we had is done; your silence is more than enough proof. But your silence also fosters hope, that small “what-if” in the back of my mind. And even the smallest glimpse of hope is enough to keep me here, trapped in this uncertainty.

As long as we have no closure, no absolute end date, hope will not leave. As long as there are questions left unanswered and words left unsaid, a part of me will always be waiting for you.

The Bughead reconciliation we deserved

This is totally rushed and emotionally charged and probably has errors but enjoy

Jughead trudged home, the energy sapped from his body as the crushing weight of reality pushed further onto his shoulders. He couldn’t believe it: Mr. Phillips, the one person at Southside who had appeared to take genuine interest in Jughead, was the Sugarman. As if he didn’t have enough going against him.

He walked up the steps to the trailer, quickly slamming open the door and preparing to head straight for the fridge when he realized that the door should have been locked. 

He looked up, surprised to find a very nervous looking Betty Cooper standing in his living room. Quickly glancing down to check her fists, a habit he would need to work on letting go, Jughead breathed a small sigh of relief to find her fingernails free of her palms.

The relief was short lived, however, as an uncomfortable tension settled between them.

“What are you doing here?”

His voice was rough, a combination of anger and exhaustion giving his tone a darker coloring. Betty took a nervous breath, and he couldn’t help but feel a small sense of satisfaction as her eyes clouded with apprehension. She should be on edge. She didn’t belong here, not after she made it very clear that she was too good for Serpent trash like him. 

“Jug, there’s something I need to tell you.” She took a small step forward, to which Jughead parried with a small step back. He watched as her lips, once warm and lush and pink, tightened into a thin white line. 

“What? Are you here to tell me that you still love me again?” He crossed his arms across his chest, releasing a laugh that contained absolutely no humor. “Pretty sure you’ve already poured enough salt on that wound for one week, thanks.”

He moved into the kitchen, hoping that if he just walked away maybe she would get the message and let herself out. He couldn’t deal with this right now. He already had so much going wrong this week.

Of course, in typical Betty Cooper fashion, she didn’t leave. Instead she followed him toward the kitchen, leaning over the counter as she watched his back.

“Jughead, please. I need to tell you the truth. There are things you don’t know.”

“Yeah, well, that makes two of us.” Jughead mumbled beneath his breath, opening the fridge and pretending to survey it’s decidedly empty shelves.

He didn’t even have to look up to know Betty had furrowed her brow, “What does that mean?” She asked, her voice hardening just a bit.

He closed the fridge, looking her dead in the eye with as cold an expression as he could manage.

“Toni and I kissed. More than once.”

He wasn’t sure why he said it - maybe because he wanted to hurt her like she’d hurt him, or because he wanted to prove to her that he was fine without her. Something inside him told him it was more likely that he was simply incapable of keeping such truth from her. Absolutely none of him felt any better when he saw the pain in her eyes.

“Oh.” She whispered, her eyes flickering down to the floor, “Did it - I mean - Did it mean anything?”

Jughead shrugged, “What does it matter? You broke up with me, remember?”

“I did it to protect you!” Betty’s voice rose suddenly, before quickly finding its way back down to a whisper, “I did it to protect you.”

Jughead sighed, backing out of the kitchen to meet Betty on the other side of the dividing wall, “From what? The Serpents? Newsflash - you’re a little late.” He pushed up the sleeve of his t-shirt, revealing the black and green ink that hid underneath. Betty’s eyes widened, just a bit, but she quickly composed herself. Not that it mattered - he knew she was judging him. “Go ahead,” He growled, “Say it - say what you’re thinking. Say all the things you sent Archie to.”

“Jughead that’s not - What Archie said, none of it was true.” Betty looked up at him, her glassy green eyes searching his for even a semblance of understanding. “I told you I would support you, and I meant it. I still do.”

Jughead was reeling with emotion. Why did she have to be here? Saying these stupid things in that stupid soft voice of hers and looking at him with those stupid eyes. His whole body ached just thinking about her, her very presence leaving him feeling like an addict who had just been offered one last hit. He wanted her out, wanted the pain to just stop, but he took one last mistaken look at her crumpled appearance and couldn’t stop his heart from faltering.

“If what Archie said wasn’t true, then why would you break up with me? Why would you -” Jughead’s voice gave out, his throat tightening as he attempted to hold back his emotions, “Why would you take away the only good thing I had left?”

“Jughead,” Betty stepped forward, reaching out to stroke his face on instinct before realizing better and pulling away. 

“Just tell me what is going on Betty.” He was practically pleading now, desperate to know why she had left him. Why, if she never wanted to see him again, she had insisted on helping with the drag race and jumped in his car to ensure they both escaped the police safely. Why, if she really didn’t want him to be a part of his life anymore, she would tell him she still loved him.

Betty took a deep breath, and Jughead braced himself for whatever was about to come next.

“The Black Hood - he contacted me.”

“With the letter, I know.” 

Betty shook her head, “The letter was just the beginning. Last week, I started getting these phone calls. He’s been calling me, threatening me, threatening Polly and Veronica, threatening…”

“Me?” Jughead asked, the pieces in his mind slowly clicking together. He couldn’t believe he had been stupid. He had been too distracted by his insecurities and his anger to recognize what had been going on. He hadn’t even questioned it when Archie had appeared at his door, hadn’t even doubted that Betty was abandoning him. He’d just left her at the mercy of a psychopath. “Oh God, Betty -”

“Please,” Betty started, “forgive me Jughead. I… I understand if you want to be with Toni, if she makes you happy, but I don’t think I can live with myself if you don’t forgive me.”

She looked so small standing in front of him, so vulnerable and so very unlike the Betty Cooper he had fallen for. She had sacrificed so much for him, he couldn’t believe he’d been so selfish.

“Betty,” Jughead rushed forward, capturing her cheeks in his hands and pressing his lips in a bruising kiss. She released a slight sob against his lips, quickly grasping on to the fabric of his shirt and relaxing against him. He breathed her in, the fog that had been surrounding him lifting and giving way to a buzz of pure adrenaline. When pulled away, pressing his forehead against hers and wiping a stray tear from her cheek. “I’m so so sorry. I can’t believe I didn’t even notice -”

“No, Jughead - it’s my fault.” Betty placed a hand over his heart, “If I had just talked to you -”

“We should have talked to each other.” He reached up and took her hand into his own, melding his fingers with hers and wishing he could never let go, “I shouldn’t have just taken Archie at his word. I should have fought for you -”

Betty cut him off with a kiss, softer than the first but just as full. “Let’s just forget all of it, okay?” She smiled at him, that wonderful Betty Cooper smile. It hadn’t even been a week, but oh how he’d missed that smile.

If love were a drug, Betty Cooper was, without a doubt, the most addictive of them all.

“I love you.” He whispered against her chin, slowly tracing kisses along her jawline as his fingers trailed around her waist. “I love you, I love you, I love you…”

Betty captured his face in her hands, bringing his eyes up to meet her own. They were brighter than before, shining exactly the way he remembered them at night. “I love you too.” She said, her lips brushing against his with every syllable, before crashing down into him once more.