so much heavy rocks

inktober 2017 - 21

Klark, queen of the ice nation, from “the white queen running” by @entirelytookeen

i-ced  asked:

Dozes off against her shoulder.

             He had already carried so much. His shoulders were heavy & tense as a rock; as if he carried with him all the pain and guilt he believed he possessed. The last shock had almost broken him into pieces. Yet, these same pieces were still trapped together by a thin strip of determination. Formerly pale as snow features were now stained once more by the blood that has recently sprouted from the injury that afflicted the thin flesh, now covered by bandages in the region of their stomachs. An injury that recently could have tiered apart all the future she aimed for.

          —— yet she would do it all again.
              she would sacrifice everything.
                           Just like he did.

            Memories shuffled while everyone else celebrated. There was no separation that time. There were no guilds, or groups. Everyone had fought on the same side, and now they were all victorious. Joy and relief penetrated her skull, echoing like a bell inside her mind while everyone still showed the energy to move and talk. For a moment, Juvia wished she could do the same, but what she had achieved had been good enough. She was alive —— Gray was alive.

           The conversation between the two Fairy Tail mages had been short; as if reflecting the energy left in their beings. There was no guilt, no pain. They had not lost. They were there, BOTH OF THEM. They had already gone through similar situations. They had to protect their family, their guild, and in the end, each other’s life. The conversation was not over, but it was for now. Everything would be fine. 

         A smile hung fragilely on the rosy lips as the water mage watched the scene in front of her. Her vision becoming more and more difficult to maintain as the numbness spread through the muscles of her own being; the injuries and bruises spread over her body accelerated the process. That was the way she wanted to celebrate. Beside who she would give her life to protect, and who would do the same for her.

         ❝ Juvia is really happy everything turned out well. ❞ She commented in a relieved tone as the water mage watched the movement near the infirmary where she and the ice-maker mage were sitting on one of the beds. ❝ It seems like everything will be back to normal — ❞ Her stream of words was abruptly cut short as something leaned against her shoulder. 

             ❝ Gray-sama …… ❞ Shaggy strands of black hair fell over his countenance, covering his features as he fainted from exhaustion & causing slight tickles against the exposed skin of her shoulder. Juvia’s gaze ran to the side where she could have a brief view of his countenance, which for a moment, caused her heart to skip a beat & a red pigment to pop up on her cheeks followed by a chain of happiness as a remind her of what they had accomplished.


        Leaning her head against his. His breath was so warm.
                   …… she fainted soon after.