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Once, I was helping this guy with his chemistry homework and when he finally submitted the answer and the computer told him it was correct, we were both like, ‘yay!’, he said ‘thank you’, I said ‘no problem’, and sat back down in my seat. Then, he turns to me, his expression absolutely serious, and he says, “I appreciate you.” and I do this double take like “that wasnt a joke, was it?” And it was just a little jarring because of 1) he was actually serious and 2) how deeply I was moved by it. Like, it was just three words, completely of the blue, but it made me so…well, appreciated? And happy? And after my initial shock, I reply with another thank you and a “dang, you don’t hear that a lot”. And, working on his next hw problem, he’s just like, “Yeah, I try to say it as much as I can. Otherwise, how are people supposed to know?” and that was just the most casual, wonderful gesture of kindness that I’ve experienced.  


Part Two, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮

Part Three will be out and will be the last one! Shit getting real is all I’m promisin’. 


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


seokmin + MVs

↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️

Yuri on Ice could just keep making episodes about yuuri and viktor just like buying groceries together or taking makkachin to the park together and I would still wake up every wednesday screaming about the new episode and how much i love this show


and everytime he smiles, the whole room turned to see what shone 💗✨


a birthday message from wonwoo to @seveanteen   ♬ ♫ ♪ ♡


Please help.
This is Sprite. She is my emotional support animal. She’s incredibly loving and affectionate and has helped me through a lot of dark times that I don’t think I would have made it through otherwise.
Recently she has developed breathing problems. She is sneezing a lot and her breathing is labored at times and it is concerning to me.
I am currently unable to afford a vet bill. I am really concerned about Sprite but I can’t do anything without some help.

Please, if you can, please help me get Sprite to the vet.
Here’s the GoFundMe link:
And Paypal:

Please help or reblog!!

an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

this is available as a sticker on my redbubble c:


Okay me and @aceofstars16 talked earlier about Mira once again having that nightmare she had as a child. 

So I added to the idea of it all happening while Ezra was away (Maybe with Kanan idk?) 

(Before you say anything Sabine obviously did her best to keep Mira calm about the whole thing. Mira most likely just pretended to be alright; and Sabine pretended to believe her until Ezra turned up) 

How many nights has Oswald been sleeping on that couch waiting for Edward to return home. How long do you think it took for him to start drinking himself into a stupor as it was the only way he could silence the thoughts in his head, to silence his anxiety and never ending worry.

How many times do you think Oswald has woken with a start, asking if Ed has returned home, only to find himself alone. Oswald continued sleeping on that lounge despite being haunted by his deceased father. He stayed there. He waited. He waits.

(gif courtesy of @edwardnvgmas)


SEHUN, 2016 Melon Music Awards | cr. hunmong

this series of pics, he’s gLOWINGGGG