so much grind

Cleaned up a sketch of Gio and decided to quickly color it to alleviate the pain from my migraine. Surprisingly, I feel a lot better than before lol. 


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Dean had you by the throat as he massaged your breasts playing with your nipples. Kissing your neck he pinches hard making you mewl in pleasure.
“Dean please stop teasing.” You beg desperate to have friction between your legs.
He chuckles, “Baby girl you need to wait.”
“Dean please I need it. I need you so much please.” You grind your ass against him, eliciting a growl.
“Strip.” He commands releasing you and you comply quickly. He watches with hungry eyes, palming himself. You look awaiting your next instruction.
“On the bed lay down.” You obey looking over as he undresses.
“Dean please I need your big cock in my tight warm pussy. I need to feel you stretch my walls like only you can. Please Dean…”  
He hovers over you, “Keep going.”
“Please I need your marks. I love it you showing the world who I belong to. Bruise me dean in places only we see. Make me feel you for days Dean please” you beg shamelessly and desperately.
He thrusts into you and you cry out in relief. Wrapping your legs around him he holds your hips tightly as he pounds into you. Your peak approaches fast thanks to his teasing.
“Dean g-g-gonna come.”
“Come with me gorgeous.” He groans in your ear as he rubs you clit.
You shriek his name in ecstasy as you come squeezing his cock within you setting him off as he paints your inner walls. Panting he pulls out after you both have ridden your highs.
“I love it when you beg.” He whispers pulling you close.

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Current mood

I listened to Invisible Wounds like six times on repeat going to and from work, and if that does not tell you what my fave Fear Factory song is….

Random headcanon

When Harley gets bored during Joker’s “business” meetings, she’ll often play with his jewelry for attention until he sits her on his knee…

That moment you die in The Answer and get an unexpected punch to the heart

Shinigami are morbid folks in general

Everyone says Sascha is a creepy one, but in fact almost all Shinigami do have a few screws loose. Do I have to remind you how Grell butchered those prostitutes (see: Mary Jane Kelly) and poetically talks about blood, Ronald looked like he was having so much fun grinding up the heads of the Bizarre Dolls and Eric slaughtered hundreds of humans to cure his beloved one Alan? Being a race who oversees death 24/7, this isn’t surprising. Poor William might be one of the few fully sane Shinigami out there, no wonder he’s so stoic the whole time, ha.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>somebody:</b> why do you spend so much time level grinding and over levelling in this game? don't you want to continue the story as soon as possible?<p/><b>me, obsessively chasing levels:</b> I see where you're coming from but I like to have good safe wholesome fun when playing this game and the only way to do that is level up in advance so I can beat the bosses with ease.<p/><b>that same somebody who struggled with boss battles:</b> alright, I also understand where you're coming from...........<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
I am so afraid of letting myself love because I know I will love as deep as the ocean and as loud as the thunder rolls. My body aches, I love so much. My teeth grind and my hands are rough. Without my love, the earth quakes and boulders fall. Without it my eyelashes wither from all the tears. My hips are breaking without the touch of another. My lungs suffocate because I cannot get the breath through my dry lips.
—  micaelala

what a lot of people don’t get - and what mark hamill seems to really, truly understand - is that the question of luke skywalker’s sexual orientation is ultimately important not for plot-related reasons but because there are so many lgbt people who endure so much brutal, grinding oppression in their day to day lives, and for so many of these people - especially young people, children, high schoolers - there is such a total lack of any kind of social support or validation. and that’s an incredibly stressful and distressing thing to go through, to constantly endure violence and abuse and never experience any kind of affirmation, and people - again, especially young people, children, high schoolers - often don’t make it out alive. and so anything you can latch onto, anywhere you can see yourself mirrored, any glimpse of a happy ending you can grasp - you hold onto that and don’t let it go. and that’s what gay luke is. mark hamill gets that. no matter how many clickbait headlines pop up about what this means for the future plot of the series, no matter how many angry trolls scream about how the SJWs are pushing their agenda yet again, no matter how many obnoxious fandom purists want to remind you about his eu female love interests - mark knows that none of that matters, and he frames his responses from the perspective of someone who is deeply concerned with the well-being and safety of his young lgbt fans and wants to give them hope.