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Underrated DreamWorks Movies

You know, when someone mentions DreamWorks, the first couple of movies that pop into a lot of people minds are Kung Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Shrek. It makes sense why most people think of these three films since they are considered to be DreamWorks most successful movies. However, there are actually a lot of good DreamWorks movies that I never see anyone talk about which I find very disappointing. There are so many great DreamWorks movies like:

Flushed Away

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 A comedic movie in which a pampered rat named Rodney is sent to the sewers and must team up with a no nonsense female adventurer named Rita in order to get back home. What’s great about this movie is that even though the main character Rodney have been pampered, he’s not some rich snobbish jerk who thinks he’s better than everyone else. He can be goofy, excitable, a klutz, and somewhat socially awkward due to spending so much time by himself. He and Rita have great chemistry together and form a great bond that is also hinting at the romantic feelings they are developing for each other. The movie also has one of the most unique animations I have ever seen in an animated movie. It seems to be a combination of digital animation and stop motion, something that really helps the film stand apart from other


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 A movie that is told from the view point of a very likable villain named Megamind who questions what is he supposed to do with his life since he seems to have defeated his arch nemesis. I love how Megamind is a total genius but is also a goofball and decided to become a super villain since he is good at being bad, and it’s fun. Despite it being a comedy parody of superhero movies, it actually has some good drama in it. Megamind goes through a character arc as he realizes that he doesn’t need to be a villain. When it comes to animated movies about a super villain you always hear people talk about Despicable Me, but I personally think Megamind is much better.  

Wallace & Gromit the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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 With all the people out there who love the show and claymation, it’s crazy how no one talks about how Wallace and Gromit made it to the big screen back in 2006. While I wouldn’t rank it as a comedy movie, it does set itself up to be a very fun and intriguing mystery movie that revolves around a mysterious giant rabbit lurking the town. The great thing about this movie is that it sticks to the source material instead of trying to be all hip and modern. The personalities of Wallace and Gromit are handled perfectly, the animation is incredibly smooth, and it’s full of new characters that you’ll either like or get a laugh out of. There’s even a very entertaining intense plane chase involving Gromit and the villain dog that is fun to watch.

Rise of the Guardians

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AKA, the holiday Avengers. Seriously, I don’t get why more people don’t talk about this movie cause it’s such a genius idea! I mean it’s a movie about magical legends fighting against the Boogeyman that is filled with fantastic fight scenes, likable characters, comedic moments, and some very good drama. The main lead is Jack Frost, a thousand-year-old legend he actually feels very alone since no kids can see him since no one believes in him like they do with the other legends like Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. Throughout the movie though, we see him bond with the other guardians, learn to work as part of a team, and also learn who he was before he became Jack Frost. All the characters really just bounce off of each other, and the Boogeyman known as Pitch comes off as an intimidating villain who has a solid reason as to why he is trying to cause so much misery.

Can I just say how MUCH I love Ash’s Litten it’s one of my favorite Pokemon of his

Do you ever just….

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Cry because they exist? I know I do….


“This is not a dream,is it?”

Me: You know, you should really try to move on from Klance since the likelihood of them becoming canon has basically been confirmed to be 0, and there are some other great pairings in the fandom.

Also me: *reads nothing but Klance fics, reblogs tons of Klance art, writes Klangst into every Voltron fic* 


Eryka x Elise | The Spook’s Ultimate Love….For Her Copper

A long time I have loved the sunned mother-of-pearl of your body.
I go so far as to think that you own the universe.
I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells,
dark hazels, and rustic baskets of kisses.
I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

- Eryka reciting Pablo Neruda’s poem, “What Spring Does To The Cherry Trees” to Elise (real or not is up to one’s own imagination!)

[Laura de Boer x Clémence Poésy, “The Tunnel”]

The fact that Eryka’s an avid reader, loves poetry, and has a very complicated profession. The fact that, like Eryka, Elise is also a bibliophile, and a very unique character. They share a lot in common. Their personalities compliment each other. The ultimate kicker is the fact that both are one half of their twin siblings whom they’d lost during their childhood. 

Love kick-arse characters who also happen to be bookworms, too! How often do we come across that, aye? Cheers, Mr. Ben Richards!

Now, bring back Eryka Klein in S3!!

Notes from a Scorpio to each sign about past relationships with them

Aries: We are constantly fighting and making up. I find it hard to please you in conversation. Everything I tell you is either shut down or the start of a war. You don’t meet me half way. We have so much passionate and amazing sex, but I just don’t feel like I am enough for you, but for some reason I keep trying to be. I love you, just love me back.

Taurus: We totally get each other but you’re always talking to so many other people and your feelings change weekly it seems like. One week you like me and the next you like somebody else, it’s hard to keep up. In some ways we are like twins but I can never tell what you actually want from me.

Gemini: We laugh at little things and we are always trying to do something fun together! We get kinda bad about having sex, because we do it so frequently. We agree about a lot of things but the small disagreements we do have seem to get the best of us.

Cancer: We started out great. You were my best friend, and then at one point you became my other half. To this day, even though we didn’t work out, I’m glad we were together. I learned a lot from you. You were there when I was scared and yet also, you were there to make my good days even better. The only flaw that got the best of us was that I couldn’t be controlled by you anymore, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed space, and all you would do was smother me even more. You tried your best to understand where I was coming from but in the end, you were more scared of losing me than you wanted me to be happy.

Leo: You were different than anybody else, and for that you will always stand out. You didn’t want to leave me, but I made you. Like Cancer, you didn’t know how to give me space. Although you tried your best, you needed more of me than I was willing to give you. I don’t know if it was because you caught me at a bad time in life or if we just weren’t meant to be, but we needed to end. You were a great friend and you always tried to help me with everything, but something just wasn’t there. At first, you were a great listener, but after a while I felt like you didn’t like hearing about everything that was on my mind anymore, and I guess when you made me feel that way just one time, that feeling stuck with me. I’m truly sorry.

Virgo: Gosh you’re amazing. Nobody understands me the way you do, and in that aspect, you really are my best friend. We can talk about anything and eventually it will turn out being deep. I find myself telling you things that I don’t tell anybody else. We have this unspoken connection that allows us to just click so well together. I think at first everybody knew we liked each other besides each other. We are cute together, and all of our friends are secretly rooting for us. I hope some day we let each other in all the way and explore all the chemistry between us.

Libra: We are always goofing around. We have similar sense of humor that brings us close. You’re a great friend, but you’re like a one way street that I’m trying to go the other way down. It doesn’t work. We get each other, but you don’t ever see things the same way as I do. I’m glad we mutually decided to be friends, because you are one of the most influential friends I have in my life.

Scorpio: We were perfect. If any past relationship I have been in would be considered “goals” it would have been the relationship I had with you. We clicked. We became best friends instantly. We talked about everything and nothing all at once. We told each other we liked each other once, just once, and that was enough for both of us. You gave me space when I needed it, but never failed to spend as much of your free time with me as you could. I’m always going to be cheering you on in everything you do. Still to this day you mean the world to me. You showed me how I should be loved. You were the only person who knew how to love me, and that’s why on some level I will always consider us soul mates.

Sagittarius: We never dated, but we definitely should have. So much untouched  chemistry between us. We are great friends. We laugh and joke around all the time. We both were just a little too awkward to start anything to be more than friends. With you it’s more of a “what could have been” because we never tried. We never gave it a go. Then slowly we just kind of decided to go for different people. A part of me will always wonder what could have happened between us.

Capricorn: I was in a difficult position when you liked me. I was with somebody, and I don’t cheat. You kind of started liking me really fast. I never tried to make it a competition, but you made it one, and then you decided you didn’t want to wait for me. Understandable. You were one of a kind honestly, and had such great intentions. I really hope that someday somebody makes you happy. You have so much love to give and that’s what makes you stand out.

Aquarius: We were always kind of difficult together. Hot n cold. On and off. With you I never got stability. You cheated. I cried. We would make up and then suddenly all the same issues would come up again and you made me feel like everything was always my fault, but you couldn’t ever let me leave you. For whatever reason, whenever we would leave each other, we would always come back. It became kind of weird that we actually did end, and I’ll always have a sense that we were unfinished.

Pisces: We are great friends. I have so many great memories and laughs with you that I think about all the time. We can talk about so much together and it’s all great. I’m not sure if I could ever really see us together, but I know without a doubt that I would be happy if we were together. Part of me is always going to want to keep you in the friend zone just because you make such a great friend that I can rely on


TOS rewatch - gif Uhura every episode » The Galileo Seven

↳"Captain, there’s one planet in this solar system capable of sustaining human life. It’s type M, oxygen, nitrogen, and it’s listed as Taurus Two. It’s unexplored. As far as we can determine with our equipment malfunction, it’s just about dead-centre of the Murasaki effect. 

  • Me: *while catching up on Twits and Crits: The League of Extraordinary Jiremen* Oh man, I think I'm legit losing interest in this show. The story isn't quite grabbing me and a lot of the running jokes just aren't landing for me. As much as I love the FH folks, and my wonderful Dan the DM especially, I think I might have to stop watchinge...
  • Dan the DM: *is super cute and very handsome*
  • Dan the DM: *continues to be a really good, creative DM*
  • Dan the DM: *does lots of silly voices, including a sassy Southern lady voice that killed me for a million different reasons*
  • Dan the DM: *refers to a nice set of tits as ''big naturals''*
  • Dan the DM: *refered to the owner of said tits as a ''Frankenhottie''*
  • Dan the DM: *has a bit of hair sticking up at the top of his head*
  • Dan the DM: *is wearing a ridiculously garish but still cute button-up shirt with, like, a starry pattern on it, in the most recent episode*
  • Dan the DM: *has that perfect bushy beard*
  • Dan the DM: *has some chest hair peaking out of his shirt in a way that is very distracting to me*
  • Dan the DM: *is amazing and funny and perfect*
  • Me: ......I'm going to watch every second of this show whether I like it or not, aren't I?

✧ requested

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  • the type of boyfriend you always have fun with
  • you’d both do so many things together
  • whether it’s going outside or staying at home
  • you’d basically never find yourself getting bored 
  • he loves spending time with you and being active
  • he might as well enjoy spoiling you
  • whatever you’d want, he’d be there to hand it to you
  • i think everyone would be jealous of you two as well
  • you compliment each other very well and his charms suit you perfectly
  • there’s a clear chemistry you share
  • sometimes he could come off a little clingy cause he doesn’t let go of you
  • he’d be hugging and pecking you each time
  • it would be easy to tell that the both of you are together and a couple
  • his arms would always be around you as if they’re meant to be there
  • he’d kiss your cheeks randomly as well
  • when you’d both be away from each other he’d still be glued to you
  • texting you or making a call
  • he wants to know how you‘re doing and if everything’s going alright
  • if you tell him you’re okay he’d be happy and be able to continue his day
  • if things wouldn’t be right he’d make a long call with you
  • asking you for a conversation and allowing you to pour your heart out
  • he’s very caring and protective
  • if he’d ever find someone bothering you or treating you like crap
  • they might as well end up catching hands
  • i’m not even joking he seems like the type to seriously care of his loved ones
  • especially the ones he’s close to and those who mean a lot to him
  • so you as his significant other would probably mean the world to him
  • i don’t think you’d even have to doubt this
  • he loves you so so much really
  • and since you both have great chemistry he’d be sure that you love him too
  • now when it comes to nighttime
  • mark doens’t really seem super cuddly and all that
  • but if it’s with someone like you there would be no hesitating
  • he’d basically let himself burry into your arms
  • your warmth and care makes him feel safe and protected
  • he’d be like a little baby again and become super happy when you’re wrapped around him
  • from happiness he’d sing you a sweet lullaby
  • the mood would become very fluffy and of course super soft
  • and the both of you would put each other to sleep again
  • he’d leave you some kisses here and there while sweetly running his fingers through your hair
  • his eyes perfectly staring at you causing you to blush
  • basically falling asleep with him would make you feel like the luckiest person ever
  • and he’d feel the same way about you
  • so obviously you both have similar feelings to each other
  • and there’s a deep affection present
  • i think as a boyfriend mark would just be so loving , adorable and caring
  • and he doesn’t expect that much from you back
  • because he’d feel it right away
  • he feels it when you share the same energy and when you’re as much in love as him
  • so things would be so beautiful and very much perfect
  • you can be grateful for a boyfriend like him cause there ain’t lots out there with great intentions
  • mark is pure and so would the relationship of you two for sure be
  • you wouldn’t have to worry about any negative things
  • because negativity is the last thing he would want you to deal with
  • this boy really adores you okay
  • he literally loves you so much and at the end of the day all he wants is
  • the best for you
Ladrien Month Day 8 - Ladyblog Comment War

Adrien read the new article on the Ladyblog with rapt attention. It was titled “Ladynoir: Are Ladybug and Chat Noir dating?”

Alya had decided that their couple name was “Ladynoir” and that they had a lot of chemistry. Her conclusion was that if they were not dating, they would be soon.

Adrien wished he could give Alya a hug. She was definitely his favorite friend right then.

He scrolled down to read the comments, wanting to bask in the glory of people shipping him with his crush.

A couple of comments in, he stopped, glaring at the screen.

The comment, written by someone called “SewingUpAStorm”, read as follows:

Alya, really? What’s this clickbait tabloid trash? You’re better than that. They are just friends. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get their eyes checked. And “Ladynoir”? That’s a awful ship name. It sounds like a stripper. 😝😝😝

Adrien could not let this stand. Insulting their ship name, insulting Alya, insisting that it was all platonic when there was clearly something going on between them. It was all too much. He quickly began typing his response.

I think it was a great article. Good job Alya! 👍And I don’t know what you are talking about. There is CLEARLY something going on between them. They have so much chemistry. It’s beautiful! 😍 And Ladynoir is a great ship name!

It wasn’t long before the reply came.

Whatever. You’re just a shipper. I have it on good authority that they are just friends. Neither of them are interested in anything more.

What? This person thought that they knew more about Ladybug and Chat Noir’s relationship than Chat Noir? It was preposterous.

Oh REALLY? Because I have it on good authority that he is totally in love with her and she has been flirting back with him. They aren’t dating yet but there is DEFINITELY something between them.

He smiled, smug, and waited for the reply. He didn’t have to wait long.

You’re so full of shit. Ladybug is not interested in Chat Noir. She loves him as a friend but THAT IS IT! And this comes directly from the source. Ladybug told me herself.

Adrien didn’t waste any time before replying. How dare this person lie about knowing Ladybug.

Well Chat Noir told me that she totally flirts with him. It is only a matter of time before they start dating.

His victory didn’t last long.

Ha. Shows how much you know. Chat Noir isn’t even interested in her like that. He’s just a flirt. They joke around but neither of them mean anything by it.

That was just ridiculous. How could anyone doubt that he was interested in Ladybug romantically? He wasn’t exactly subtle.

He was about to type his reply when another commented showed up. This was from “Alya (Moderator)”. Uh oh.

No comment wars. If you have an argument, go to one of the lesser Ladybug forums. I want thing to stay civil. Otherwise, tell me your sources and shut up.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #194 - Godzilla (2014)

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes, #293.

Format: Blu-ray

1) There’s a good chance that this fact will effect my opinion of the film, but this is the first and to date only Godzilla film I’ve ever seen. Not a bad intro to the franchise.

2) I like that this film pays respects to the character’s origins. Godzilla is rooted deep not only in Japanese culture but also history, with the original Kaiju being representative of survivors of the nuclear attacks which hit the country (his skin being based on that of survivors from those blasts). This film incorporates nuclear radiation in a meaningful way, has a strong Japanese setting (at least in the first act), and even features a meaningful scene recognizing the attack in Hiroshima. It’s more than just a pale carbon copy (as I understand the version directed by Roland Emmerich is received as) but is aware of what makes a Godzilla movie.

3) The film’s entire prologue does a very good job of establishing the film’s dark tone and occasional sense of mystery.

Vivienne [while inspecting the bones of a dead Kaiju]: “Is it possible? Is it him?”

Serizawa: “No. This is much older.”

4) Juliette Binoche as Sandra.

Binoche’s role in the film is brief but holy crap if she just doesn’t juice all her screen time for everything it is worth. In the few minutes we know Sandra her professionalism, priorities, skill, and investment in family became incredibly clear. It is her ability to get you so invested in her character in these few moments which makes her death all that more effective.

While Bryan Cranston’s total desperation and heartache in that death scene is an enormous factor, it is largely carried by the strength of Binoche’s unfortunately brief performance. The scene is perfectly paced and Binoche helps play each emotional beat perfectly. I tear up every freaking time I see it, especially at the fact that Sandra and her husband Joe get to see each other one last time while she’s basically dead. It is Binoche’s brief performance and her death scene which helps anchor the giant monster spectacle in real human emotion moving forward.

5) Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as Ford & Elle Brody (husband and wife) have this really great chemistry between them. It’s not so much a crazy hot chemistry as it is significantly deep. You understand the strength of their love, their connection, their trust, all in the way they act around each other. It would be a chemistry the pair would repeat (with some obvious differences) in Avengers: Age of Ultron a year later.

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6) Aaron Taylor Johnson as Ford Brody.

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The role of a human protagonist in a monster movie is wildly important but incredibly easy to have be a forgettable schlub against Godzilla. But Johnson does incredibly well to make Brody not only memorable but also get the audience invested in him. You can see Brody’s struggle and pain throughout. Over the course of the movie he loses his mother and father while at risk of losing his wife and son too. These lead to very simple motivations: take care of his family. This drives his every action, his every choice, to help and get to his family. The struggle is largely man vs nature (nature in this case being a trio of giant monsters who keep getting in his way) but Johnson plays it VERY well and helps elevate the film because of it.

7) Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody.

Cranston is arguably the strongest actor in the entire film. Very similarly to Binoche, his performance and character is the emotional bedrock on which the human story rests. The pain/turmoil he displays is so freaking raw and powerful that in every scene you are just drawn to him. You know exactly why he’s doing what he’s doing, how powerful his grief is, and it drives a fair amount of the early plot. Through Cranston’s performance and the writing surrounding it he’s able to even give the audience a fair amount of exposition in a way which is very telling of his obsession. All in all, it’s just freaking great.

8) There is this very nice sense of place to the Quarantine Zone that is established immediately. The overgrown plants and sense of tone all help make it seem otherworldly.

9) Director Gareth Edwards employs a controlled sense of pace, taking his time to set up the story and the conflict at large while never boring his audience. It’s a nice change of pace from standard giant monster movie fair that really just helps the film be its own thing.

10) Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa.

It could be argued that if anyone gives a better performance in this film than Bryan Cranston, it’s Watanabe. But that could also be because he has far more screen time. The actor is absolutely incredible here, with a soft but poignant pain which defines his every moment of screen time. Watanabe just breathes tragedy but not in a way which drags down the film but instead motivates much of the action. It is not all there is to him but it’s definitely a huge factor in his character. It is this sadness (first seen at its best when he mournfully says to kill the MUTO) that is so telling of his character and helps get you invested in his character. He’s just great.

11) I give this film massive credit for introducing new monsters - the two MUTOs - into an at the time sixty year old canon. The filmmakers could’ve easily made these monsters be boring/lazily designed creatures who only exist as something for Godzilla to beat on, but they end up getting a lot more screen time than the titular monster actually. The thought put into the design of both, what makes them different from not only other giant movie monsters but also each other, is what helps make them so good.

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12) Ford’s motivation for the entire film can easily be defined by his father’s last words to him.

Joe: “GO home to your family. Keep them safe. Whatever it takes.”

13) Honestly, if they only had Ken Watanabe in this film to deliver two of its best lines I would’ve been so okay with that because he’s so great at it.

Serizawa: “We call him, Gojira.”

Originally the line referred to the monster as Godzilla but Watanabe asked to call him by the original Japanese name.

14) The entire backstory with how giant monsters exist in this world (how they’re ancient alpha predators who pretty much exist entirely off of radiation) and how the government agency of Monarch fits into it is all REALLY well done, actually. It could’ve easily been boring and shoehorned in but there’s a fair amount of thought put into it which helps to organically build this universe at large.

15) The film does a nice job of making sure each giant monster scene has a parallel human conflict to it. The kid on the monorail Ford has to keep safe when the MUTO hits Hawaii, for example, is a good example of this.

16) So one of the things this film does which I appreciate is also a great point of frustration for me and that is how little we so of Godzilla for so much of the film.

Originally posted by ladyhawke81

  • On the one hand, it is very Jaws esque. That decision helps to convey the scale and significance of Godzilla. Each time he appears on screen you can FEEL the stakes rise, you can feel the dynamic of the scene change, and that’s pretty great.

I’m very conflicted about this.

17) This is nice.

Vivienne [on the second MUTO]: “It’s far bigger than the other one.”

Adm. Stenz: “This one doesn’t have any wings.”

Vivenne: “A different sex?”

Serizawa: “A female.”

It’s easy when making not only one giant monster but a species of an original giant monster to have them all be carbon copies of each other. But to put thought into differentiating between the sex shows an intelligence in the filmmaking which I certainly appreciate.

18) Remember the respect I mentioned that this film pays to its original source material?

Serizawa [showing Stenz a broken watch]: “Eight fifteen in the morning. August sixth, nineteen-forty-five.”

Stenz: “Hiroshima.”

Serizawa: “It was my father’s.”

The original Godzilla came out only nine years after Hiroshima was bombed. Not only that, but a Japanese tuna fishing boat known as the Lucky Dragon was exposed to/contaminated by nuclear fallout from the US Castle Bravo nuclear weapon test in March of that year. Godzilla as a character originally served as a metaphor for nuclear weapons; a destructive force which is beyond nature and humanity have little control over stopping. The fact that this film not only recognizes that but openly discusses Hiroshima - if only briefly - is an important respect to pay to its predecessor.

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19) The phone call between Elle and Ford not only speaks to the strength of their relationship but also shows off Elizabeth Olsen’s ability to portray raw human emotion brilliantly.

20) So there is this brief pan over jammed traffic with a downed plane while we hear reports over the radio and I think that tiny moment does an incredible job of establishing the effect of these monsters on everyday people.

21) I actually really like the military’s representation in this film, more than any other film that comes to mind. They don’t Michael Bay it by glorifying the armed forces to the point where they’re action figures or ridiculous action heroes. But it also avoids vilifying the military or dumbing them down to the point of stupidity. Everyone involved understands the weight of their decisions and David Strathairn’s  Admiral Stenz has this constant eagerness to hear better ideas than what he’s coming up with because it’s not about his ego. It’s about saving as many people as they can and I like sort of the simple elegance they convey the armed forces with in this film. I hope some of that made sense.

22) Okay, is Ford nuclear or something? Because he’s like a giant monster magnet! No matter where he goes, there are giant monsters!

23) The scene on the golden gat abridge is very nice, primarily because it does the Spielbergian thing and shows the action and drama through the eyes of the kids on the bus. I like that.

24) I’ve mentioned the intelligence put in designing the MUTOs already, but particularly the mating ritual shown between the male and female is very strong. It feels natural, organic, and makes them more than just destructive forces but actual animals.

25) Remember how I said Ken Watanabe has the two bets lines in the film? Well, besides, “Gojira,” we get this iconic beauty:

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26) The halo jump.

The halo jump is possibly the best set piece in the entire film and not because the action is strong but because of how freaking haunting it is. There is this absolutely stellar atmosphere which is created by the strong visuals, sound design of Ford’s breathing, and Alexandre Desplat’s eerie score. You KNOW they’re past the point of no return just because this scene is so freaking awesome.

27) I love the little moment when Godzilla’s eyes and Brody’s eyes meet. It’s like, “Yes, these are the two protagonists we’ve been following this entire time, and they connect!” I love it.

28) When Godzilla is able to use his freaking atomic breathe for the first time, that’s really when the monster vs monster action kicks off. The ensuing fight is truly badass, culminating in one epic finale which has you asking: “Why didn’t he open with that?”

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29) You can tell when a film has a great climax because when it’s over, all the tension will leave your body. You just relax and take in the ending. For me, that’s how the ending of Godzilla is. Once he kills the last MUTO and lays down for a quick “you think I’m dead but I’m just napping” nap, I just take in the rest of the movie.

Although you may find issues in how little of the titular monster we actually get to see, odds are you’ll get a kick out of Godzilla. There are a handful of absolutely amazing performances (Binoche, Cranston, Watanabe) which help root a very strong human drama which gets you invested in otherwise forgettable characters. And when Godzilla does show up on screen it is utterly badass. By sacrificing some of the sheer fun the giant monster movie genre can have the filmmakers are able to create a well paced, dark, mysterious, and intriguing film which is at the end of the day still really freaking good. Again, I’ve never seen another Godzilla film, but I definitely recommend this one.

Bed Bugs - A collaboration for @samwilsonbirthdaybang

Art by @artgroves crossposted to Tumblr in Alby’s Bed Bugs tag
Words by @mystrana (ao3) Words: 7k Rating: NC-17

Sam and Scott don’t share much beside a deep respect for Captain America. And a bed, that one time.

This is that one time.

Relationships: Sam/Scott

Tags: little bit of violence, little bit of angst, little bit of fluff, lots of explicit content, no actual bed bugs

Seriously you guys? These two have so much chemistry. It was great fun to write about them and Alby knocked it out of the park with her art!

Happy birthday Sam Wilson! You are the best! 


Looking at this stuff I can really understand how people see so much great chemistry between Peter and Mockingbird.

I mean Mary jane would never have done anything like the above during her relationship with Peter. 

See what I mean.

When Peter is humiliated as a coward during one tiny incident involving his entirely secret identity and one lone loser super villain, his wife and long time lover Mary Jane tried to sheer him up by giving him a paper that removed the article she knew would hurt his feelings by further reinforcing that narrative.

But it’s because Peter has much BETTER chemistry with Mockingbird than he had with Mary jane that when he became an international laughing stock and derided as incompetent everywhere he turns (including by his old friends) his brand new girlfriend (who doesn’t even let Peter share her food) cut out an article that she knew would hurt his feelings and  further enforced him as an incompetent loser and made sure to shove it in his face whilst basically laughing at him.

SpideyxMockingbird FTW!