so much going on in this woah

Boyfriend! Namjoon

Dating Namjoon would include:

  • days off spent cuddling
  • like koala bear cuddling
  • legs tangled up
  • soft neck kisses
  • his “super chill playlist” playing in the background
  • bc we all know he has one guys like c’mon
  • just like he has a playlist for every other occasion
  • “cooking playlist”
  • “road trip playlist”
  • ignoring everything for each other
  • even when taehyung calls with a problem
  • you’d feel bad
  • but not after he pulls you closer to his bare chest
  • waking up next to each other with your noses almost tOUCHING SO CUTE
  • you die at his raspy morning voice
  • he always offers to make you breakfast
  • but know he’ll burn the house down in the process
  • “babygirl”
  • you always remind him how awkward he was when you two first met
  • and how he tripped while walking over to you
  • he gets mad whenever you mention it
  • but pepper him in kisses and tell him how cute it was
  • when you guys fight it’s so HOSTILE like woah tension
  • bc even though you have a super relaxed relationship
  • when one of you gets mad
  • its hell
  • one time you guys fought over what’s happening about who’s going where for Christmas
  • you fought so much that the boys refused to go anywhere you two
  • because every time they tried to talk to one of you it’d end up being
  • “Aren’t I right? We should go to MY parents house and then we can go to his the next week! It’s not THAT expensive to fly during this time of year. Plus, we get two Christmases!”
  • Namjoon would just ignore the whole lot of you
  • mumbling under his breath about how annoying it was that everyone agreed with you
  • but eventually got over it when you bought him an xbox for christmas
  • when he’s working, he hates being disturbed
  • but when he hears your voice calling his name he stops everything and looks for your face
  • suga gets annoyed at him because they can never finish anything
  • when he’s not writing songs about you he’s home with you 
  • you force him to watch kdramas with you
  • he totally secretly enjoys it
  • “I fucking hate this show”
  • “no you don’t namjoon”
  • always stays quiet after that
  • he always teaches you different phrases in Korean
  • gets annoyed because you need subtitles for the dramas
  • “i’d just rather explain to you what’s happening y/n”
  • eventually accepts it and traces patterns on your arms while you watch the show
  • YA’LL ARE LITERALLY so into sex
  • like it happens everywhere you two can initiate it
  • sometimes its totally vanilla
  • other times its rough and kinky and he’s absolutely dominant
  • the boys know. everytime. 
  • you constantly compliment him and he gets all blushy
  • “i love you the most”
  • “you’re so smart”
  • “how did I get so lucky”
  • and after that he’d come over and pull you onto the couch
  • your head snuggled into the crook of his neck while he brushed your hair through his fingers
  • and after you fall asleep kisses your forehead and thinks about how much you mean to him

other members versions coming soon!!

Dialogue Prompt List 2

You can use these for your own stories, or you can request one for me to do. If there’s any specific stories you want me to do with the prompts you choose, let me know in the request.
If you do choose to do one of these prompts, tag me in it so I can read it!

1. “I feel like I’m losing my damn mind.”

2. “Gah! Why are you so cold? Get off of me you icicle!”

3. “Marry me?”

4. “God, I was so worried!” “I was only gone for five minutes!”

5. “Please don’t shut me out.”

6. “I can’t believe you haven’t noticed. I’m screaming for someone to notice, to help me, and yet no one does!”

7. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

8. “This is going to hurt, I’m so sorry.”

9. “Who did this to you?”

10. “I’m gonna kill him!”

11. “Cuddle me you weirdo.”

12. “I’m pregnant.”

13. “Are you…crying? You? Mister/Miss, ‘I don’t cry, I’m tough as hell’?”
“Oh shut up, we all have our weaknesses!”

14. “You’re part of the family now, don’t ever think you’re not.”

15. “Breathe, can you do that for me?”

16. “I’m a burden to you!”

17. “I’m better off dead.” “You’re better off alive, with me.”

18. “You’re beautiful, and if anyone says that you’re not, know that they’re damn well wrong.”

19. “You’re warm, s'great for cuddling.”

20. “Send help, the kids are out of control!”

21. “C'mere you sexy thing!”

22. “I, um, might’ve gone a little bit overboard on the shopping.” “A little bit?!”

23. “You did this all for me?” “No, I did this for Jeffrey across the street. Yes I did this for you!”

24. “What the hell is happening to me?”

25. “You aren’t dreaming, look, I’m here, this is real.”

26. “There’s so much blood, it won’t come off!”

27. “Woah, slow down, what’s going on?”

28. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

29. “You mess with her/him, you mess with me.”

30. “That’s it, you’re staying here until I can get this sorted.” “But I–” “No buts!”

31. “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.”

32. “I love you, you know that right?”

33. “I’m coming to get you, stay there.”

34. “Okay, so don’t freak out, but I got flour everywhere…”

35. “Is it supposed to look like that?” “I think so?” “Is that a question or a statement?”

36. “Woah, I never knew you had a tattoo!”

37. “Are you safe?” “I-I don’t know.”

38. “S/he deserves better than me.”

39. “We’re more than just friends and you know it.”

40. “It’s me! It’s me! Calm down, baby, please.”

41. “What have you been doing? Actually, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know.”

42. “Is the movie too scary? I can stop it if you want and we could watch something else.”

44. “Touch her again, and I’ll kill you.” “Will you? Because last time I checked, petty threats don’t do shit, ____. They just piss me off more.”

45. “You don’t mess with my family.”

46. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

47. “Please don’t leave me.”

48. “Did you just slap my ass?” “Actually, I firmly grasped it.” “Did you just quote Spongebob?

49. “Beautiful.”

50. “Let her/him go, please! I’m the one you want!” “Oh really now? What can you do for me?”

51. “I’ve got you, you’re safe now.”

52. “And you didn’t think to tell me about this until now?” “I didn’t think it was that important…”

53. “I can’t carry on this way anymore, I can’t live like this.”

54. “You know if you wanted sex, you could’ve just asked.”

55. “Stop freaking out, you’re making me freak out! And I’m the level headed one of the house!”

56. “Please don’t do this, your family needs you, your friends need you, I need you.”

57. “You can’t hide from me!”

58. “Well this is a nice change of scenery.” “_____, we’re in a prison cell.” “I was being sarcastic.”

59. “How sweet, sacrificing yourself for her, when did you get a heart?”

60. “Um, I don’t think that what you’re doing is legal, so if you could just let me go, that would be great.”

61. “I thought you said you knew where we were going.”
“Yeah I lied.”

62. “Shit, you’re freezing, let’s get you warmed up, alright?”

63. “What happened to me?”

64. “I’m not letting you sleep on the floor, get up here.”

65. “It’s not like I’m some broken vase that you can just glue back together and then expect that everything will be okay again! It doesn’t work like that!”

66. “Everything I’ve done is for you, you’re the only thing in the world that matters to me.”

67. “Are you seriously stuck right now?” “Don’t just stand there! Help me!”

68. “I can’t do the things that you can do.”

69. “Please don’t post that, no!” “Oops, too late.”

70. “What game is that?”

71. “I said create a distraction, not this!”

72. “We’re in public, stop that.”

73. “I had some food from your fridge, I hope you don’t mind.”

74. “Hand over the girl.” “That’s not gonna happen in your lifetime.”

75. “Can you stop poking me?!” “I’m not poking you.”

76. “I’ve already told you this, we’re not killing anyone!”

77. “I’m about seventy five percent sure that this bridge won’t break.”
“Only seventy five?!”

78. “I need you to be my girlfriend for about five minutes.”

79. “I don’t need protecting!”

80. “You know they’re going to use the things you love against you.”

81. “It’s locked!” “You mean we’re stuck in here?”

82. “Shut up.” “I didn’t say anything.” “I don’t care, shut up.”

83. “Hey! I was watching that!”

84. “I thought they’d killed you, I’m glad I thought wrong.”

85. “Not now, I’m busy.”
“But it’s been so long!”

Jily, singer AU (part one)

“Sirius I am going to kill you, you know.” Lily threw her bag onto the chair beside the door and kicked of her shoes making them fly half ways across the room and narrowly avoiding Sirius’ head. 

“Oi, Evans!” He gestured widely, first towards her and then the shoe, now on the floor. “What’s now?”

“That bloody interview you idiot.”¨

“Interview…you’ll have to refresh my memory here Evans.”

“Well let’s see.” She reached into her bag and pulled out a very ruffled magazine. “Boy band ‘The Marauders’ appeared from nowhere with their hit single ‘I solemnly swear’  which reached the top of the charts all over the world. Now, a year later, I sit here with guitarist Sirius Black for a exclusive interview.” Lily traced the page with her finger. “Wait, here it is. When questioned about the rumoured relationship with actress Marlene McKinnon he laughs and leans towards me. ‘If you’re looking for the juicy love story. I’m not your guy.’”

“So?” Sirius shrugged. 

“So. This morning, just after this very interview.” She shook the magazine frantically, “went out. The dear interviewer went out on twitter.”’

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Omegaverse with omega blue bby because i’m weak

  • Eveyone is alpha except, of course, Lance and Pidge. 
  • So, you know, there’s too many alpha hormones going on in the castle and sometimes is just to much. Even Pidge, who hasn’t presented yet, is sometimes overwhelmed.
  • They think Lance is a beta.
  • Allura may be their Princess but Shiro is the official leader of the pack. This causes lots of trouble between them. Allura and Shiro respects each other, but when they disagree, is fucking hell in the ship.
  • Keith is really in touch with his instincs. Which is bad and good at the same time. Is perfecto for battle, but it also causes a lot of drifts between him and his teammates. He can’t help but try to fight Shiro’s commands, but the older alpha always wins and obliges him to submit.
  • Hunk is crazy strong, and Shiro is thankfull the paladin has a peaceful nature because there’s no way he could make him submit. If Hunk wanted it, he could be the alpha leader. But that’s not what his heart desire. Instead of using his ‘alpha-ness’ to lead, he uses it to break the fights between Shiro and Allura when they get to bad or to face enemies in order to protect others. 
  • Coran, even though he’s an alpha, submits easily to his princess and the paladins. Not really caring about things like fighting over control. No, he’s happy where he is. Taking care of everyone else.
  • Pidge doesn’t have her own scent yet, so Shiro has to nuzzle her like a pup to leave his own scent on her and make her smell like pack. 

                                     —(more under cut )— 

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madstermojo2000  asked:

Vernon for the random au?

  • paramedic!vernon 
  • is the youngest of the EMT’s unit and everyone baby’s him and calls him cute when he comes in with his hair clipped back and his uniform on
  • and he’s like iM NOT,,,,,cute 
  • and they’re like ok mhm sure,,,,,,,but literally the nurses love him so much and when he’s on the night shift they’re like “vernon, here have a granola bar and some coffee and this extra heat pack-”
  • won’t say it, but he thinks doctors are super cool and he really likes watching them work
  • thinks he doesn’t have to wear his seatbelt when they’re riding in the ambulance but that’s a big mistake and almost knocks down a bunch of cotton swabs when the driver does a fast turn on the freeway
  • you,,,,,,are not the world’s most handy person so when you decide it’ll be a good idea to fix your curtains at literally 11 pm on a tuesday you don’t expect that you’ll make (1) false move
  • and go tumbling off the stairs, scrapping yourself on your coffee table and hitting your arm against the floor
  • and thankfully a neighbor hears the commotion and dials for the ambulance (since your arm hurts way too damn much)
  • and when it gets here,,,,,you see vernon and you’re like,,,,,,,woah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cute
  • and he’s asking you questions along with another EMT and you’re just dazed, maybe because you hit your head, maybe because he’s got the prettiest chocolate brown eyes you’ve ever seen
  • but you’re just like uhuh or no and vernon is like ‘ok let’s get you to the ER’
  • and as you’re laying in the ambulance, vernon shutting the doors 
  • and he leans over to get to treating the cut on your arm and he’s like “how did you fall?”
  • and you’re just like “are you an angel?” and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,,what
  • and you’re like “have you seen yourself? like how you look. like. what. like. did i hit my head that hard and im in heaven now or???”
  • and vernon is looking down at you and he’s like,,,stuck between being flattered and being confused
  • and he’s like 
  • “sorry, but are you flirting with me after you just broke your arm and are bleeding?”
  • and you grin and you’re like “yes” and vernon is like,,,,,,,well this is a new one
  • and you’re like “seriously? i feel like you get flirted with all the- Oh MY GOD MY HAND HURTS SO MUCH WHY DID I TRY TO MOVE IT”
  • and vernon is like akgfhlefjf but he gets your hand situated in a makeshift cast and he’s like “don’t move it or shift your weight,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and when you get to the ER he’s like “the nurse will take you from here.” and you’re like ok,,,,,,,,,will i see you again
  • and vernon is like if you break your arm again and you’re like really??? and he’s like oh my god don’t get any ideas here ill write my number on your arm- wait it’s broken ok let me scribble it on your hospital bracelet while the nurse isn’t looking 
2. Makoto and Asahi, The Comedy Duo
High☆Speed! Free! Starting Days Special Event Premium CD
2. Makoto and Asahi, The Comedy Duo

TRACK 1 || TRACK 2 || TRACK 3 || TRACK 4
Thank you @aliasanonyme for the audio clip!


Asahi: Hey, Makoto… what are we doing for the appreciation party?

Makoto: Huh? Hmm… what should we do for our party trick…?

Asahi: Well.. Captain said that we could do whatever we want…

Makoto: Even if he said so…

Asahi: Anyway, what counts as a party trick in the first place? Is it different from a special skill?

Makoto: Don’t ask me~! But, I think they are different things? It’s like… something that’s more performative…

Asahi: Oooh, I get it now! Hmmm….mmm… I wonder if there’re any fun ideas? Hey, Makoto, can you think of something?

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Dating Blackwatch!Genji Would Include...

these are my personal headcanons for my boy so if any of these are insane, you know why lol // this is also kinda long so I’m putting some under the line

  • to start things off, he is literally the angriest man alive so like be prepared
  • tbh he’s probably not ready for a relationship at first, you’ll have to be very patient with him
    • his brother just tried to kill him after all so family issues are also going to be a main dilemma for him
  • you’re going to have to be the most patient person because genji is going through a lot of internal conflicts at this point and he’s just consumed with rage and confusion and revenge
    • this is also why zenyatta is able to whisk him away so easily and turn him into the lovely cyborg ninja dude we all know and love today

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Rockabye (pt.6)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au

pairing: you x jimin 

word count: 3.3k 

You still couldn’t believe Jae-Eun called Jimin dad. That was his first word. Yeah, he’s mumbled words here and there but never once called you mom. He normally just screamed to get your attention and that seemed to work pretty well.  The fact that Jae-Eun called Jimin dad shocked you. It was so unexpected and crazy because the two haven’t even been together much and even when they were, it was for only a couple of minutes.

Jimin felt so bad, not because Jae-Eun called him dad but because he still hasn’t called you mom. You understood, though. He was only around 7 months old and you figured his brain hasn’t quite figured everything out yet. As much as it hurt your feelings, you knew Jae-Eun would never understand, let alone do anything on purpose considering his age.

Your phone buzzed you out of your thoughts and you looked down to smile at who it was that was texting you.

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anonymous asked:

I've been like super happy lately, i have so much fun stuff happening this summer eyyyyyyyy like I'm going to Barcelona and I'm going to a convention and I'm gonna be cosplaying as asahi + I'll be meeting an Internet friend there too!!!!

Woah that sounds like an amazing experience waiting to happen, I wish you the best!! 

Why You Don’t Separate Lance from Keith

Anon: Klance where one of them gets separated from the team/captured during a mission and Shiro knows they’re overwhelmed so he’s calling for a retreat but the other goes on real epic badass rampage and takes down everyone and saves them and the team is just like woah they are Very In Love.

A/N: Sorry it took so long. Short and sweet because writing a lot of action is not one of my strong suits.

Everyone knew that between the two of them, Keith was the impulsive one. Even though couples tend to assimilate each other’s personalities to some degree, Lance was never one to jump into action so quickly.

But in desperate times, he still had his moments.

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Originally posted by kths




                                                  What are you?

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 7

Sorry for the long wait you guys. I wrote this chapter while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and a cup of sweet tea lmaoo. As always don’t be shy to send me feedback and I need 100 notes for the next chapter, but I’m sure you know this by now.


Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

The first thing you felt when you woke up was pain. Excruciating pounding in your head to be exact. Just the slightest movement made it worse and you silently vowed to never drink again, although you knew for a fact you were lying. You got a whiff of the scent of waffles and shot up, rushing to the bathroom to empty your stomach from the alcohol and the small bit of food you consumed the night before. God, did you feel awful.

You flushed the toilet and sat on the cool tile floors for a moment, deciding on whether you were strong enough to stand or not. It was then you realized that you were staring into Calum’s room after noticing the messiness and his navy blue and grey duvet hanging halfway on the floor. You stood up and grabbed your spare toothbrush to clean away the horrendous taste that was left in your mouth. After you splashed your face with cold water a couple of times, you decided to go find Calum. It had to be at least eleven or twelve, because usually Calum would still be asleep beside you when you woke up.

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EXO’s Reaction to Seeing You Without Makeup


Since appearances aren’t that important to Xiumin, he wouldn’t make it a big deal when you took off your makeup; in fact, he probably wouldn’t notice at first. It wasn’t until you pointed it out that he’d just nod his approval before changing the subject.


When you walked out bare-faced, Chen would seize the opportunity to tease you. “Eww, jagi, you look sick!” he’d laugh. When he saw how unimpressed you were with his jokes, he’d quickly pull you into his arms, peppering your face with kisses and telling you how beautiful you really are.


Nervous about being bare-faced in front of Baekhyun, your anxiety would quickly disappear as you saw the look on his face. “Jagiya~ You look so cute!” he’d say, smiling at you, sincere adoration obvious in his expression. 


Chanyeol would be another who doesn’t even notice that you weren’t wearing makeup until you pointed it out. He’d raise his eyebrows, letting out a small expression of shock, claiming he hadn’t been able to tell the difference because you were so beautiful no matter what.


You wouldn’t say anything about your makeup-free face as you sat down by Lay, wondering if he’d notice. “Jagi…are you wearing makeup?” he’d ask. You’d respond ‘no’, nervous about how he would react. He’d simply smile and kiss your forehead, saying you’re perfect anyway.


It wasn’t often that D.O would express in words how much you meant to him, however he’d take this opportunity to. He’d gently take your face in his hands and tell you how stunning you looked without makeup, making you blush with his intensity. 


Suho would’ve been encouraging you to go bare-faced in the first place. “Jagi, I don’t wear makeup around you much, so you shouldn’t have to around me,” he’d insist. When you did finally take off your makeup, he’d smile happily, kissing all over your face.


Kai would let out a small “Woah!” when you came out without makeup. Initially you thought it was a negative reaction, however you could see he was teasing you. He’d gently kiss your forehead and move on, silently assuring you that you’re beautiful just like this.


Before you could confront him first about it, Sehun would immediately ask why you don’t go out bare-faced more since you look so beautiful. You’d remain quiet, stunned by his enthusiasm, and he’d make sure to throw in a teasing remark: “I mean, nobody’s as perfect as me jagi, but you’re a close second.”

Highlights of bts in Chile (things I can actually remember right now )

1 . JHOPE smile
2. Jimin chubby cheeks and big ass
3. Jungkook smile it’s so special and he was smiling so much.
4. Bts being so happy and hyper all the time
5. Jungkook tried to say something in Spanish and we were like wut ??? And then he started laughing embarrassed and jimin had to help him lmao
6. Rap monster it’s so beautiful. Totally boyfriend material.
7. Tae and namjoon’s skin glows
8. Namjoon and suga really really love to make the armys sing through the mic !!!
9. Tae spend half of the concert looking at armys at the highest place and just smiling softly
10. They did a break dance competition or something. Boi . Suga AND jin totally won lmaaao
11. JHOPE smiling
12. JHOPE smiling so hard it looked like the sun was inside the concert
13. All the boys having the time of their life’s. They were sooooo happy
14. They were like crazy throwing water to the fans
15. BLUSHED CHEEKSSS !!!!! They were sweating so much ! In Chile there were like 32 c today !!!
16. Jin looking like he got sunburned !

I know everyone must think the same way when they go to their concerts. But I have watched their concerts in almost all the world and woah.
I can tell they were truly amazed by how Chilean army’s sing the entire song by heart. They were so happy they keep on telling us.

They did an amazing job. I don’t think I will ever go to such a good concert. It was truly amazing.

The lights … even fireworks !!! The stage was amazing.

Rap monster promised us to comeback ! And I will for sure go again.

Bowling date

Characters: Jeongguk & You 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff (i was supposed to write something else but watching his vlive distracted me and apparently i haven’t written fluff with him before)

Words: 2422

Summary: Jungkook is trying to be cool but fails (because he’s too cute for his own good) featuring you trying to impress him with you non-existing bowling skills.

Originally posted by jjks

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thefandomismad  asked:

Do you have any tythan head canons cause I need life rn


-Tyler being super awkward when he and Ethan first met, before Ethan just starts talking about some random shit and Tyler warms up to him really fast

-Ethan being really scared of big man Tyler, before he sees Tyler playing with Chica and his heart just melts

-Amy being tired of their constant pinning and just walking up to Kathryn and going “if these idiots don’t kiss by the end of the night-”

-Mark being completely oblivious when they start dating, and one day Tyler just makes out with Ethan in front of Mark and he goes “woah wait, friend kissing is a thing??” Before Tyler just gives up hope

-Nights where Ethan is up super late editing, Tyler will just come and sit in the room with him, not talking just keeping company

-Date nights that end up as movie marathons bc both boys are too tired to go out and just cuddle on the couch the whole night

-Tyler loving Ethan’s hair so much, and just running his hands through it constantly 

-Ethan is an actual angel and Tyler can’t fucking stand it, HOW IS THAT MAN SO BEAUTIFUL

-Both boys confiding in Amy, bc supportive mom

-Ethan sometimes stresses himself too the point of breakdowns, and Tyler has to be there to remind him that its okay, he’s here

-Just holding hands and shit bc its so fucking cute i cANT

-Nicknames. All of the cheesy ones

(there u go, im so in love)

sweet like sugar | danisnotonfire (requested)


  • i. Could you write a story about dan and the reader dating for a while and dan and then both think it’s the right time to take there relationship to the next level (by that i mean smut…) and it’s sweet and romantic? (love your blog!)
  • ii. Love love love your writing! do you take phil x reader requests at all or just dan x reader? Can I request phil x reader slow, passionate readers first time (or the same for dan x reader) (established relationship) thanksssssss
  • iii. Hello. I have been seeing that there is a lot of kinky smut on Tumblr but not nice easy smut. So can you make a dan smut that is nice? Thanks!

word count: 963
tw: sexual scenes
note: this is to thank you guys for 2k followers!! also anon 2, yes i can do phil x readers, but i just put all of these three requests together because they were so similar (im so sorry). also does the word ‘panties’ make anyone else cringe?? i hate it so much sorry

You smoothed out your dress, looking at yourself in the full-length mirror again. Tonight was your’s and Dan’s four-month anniversary and you felt the need to look perfect. Dan had told you he had booked a reservation at a restaurant a few days ago, one that you knew as famous for its exquisite meals and fancy dining.

Once deciding that you looked good, you grabbed your black clutch and phone and walked out into the living room of your apartment. Dan would be here any minute.

You had also planned to do something later, but whether you went through with it all depended on how comfortable you would be feeling.

Soon, you heard a knock on the front door. Getting your things, you walked over to it and opened it. Dan greeted you with a wide smile. He was wearing a black tuxedo that made him look even more attractive, if possible. He had left his hair curly, much to your delight.

“Woah,” he said, widening his eyes. “You look so good, I feel like I’m underdressed.”

“Oh, shut up,” you laughed, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “You always look insanely attractive.”

“Insanely attractive? That’s a new one,” he smiled. “Anyway, are you ready to go?”

You nodded, and followed Dan out to the taxi.

You arrived at the restaurant around ten minutes later, walking in, hand in hand. The meal had been delicious, and around halfway through, Dan’s hand had held yours under the table, making your heart do little flips.

Once you had finished eating, Dan had hailed a cab and minutes later it had arrived.

The ride home had been much different compared to the ride to the restaurant- more intimate; sensual. You found yourself sitting closer, his hand on your upper leg, slowly tracing circles on your skin. As soon as the taxi had dropped you off, Dan walked you to your door.

“Want to… come in?” You asked. Dan caught your drift, paying the taxi driver and telling him that he could go.

Dan slowly unzipped your dress as you stayed still, moving your hair to the side to make it easier for him. Once it had dropped down to your feet, he turned you around, connecting your lips. Your kisses were normally short and sweet, but tonight they felt different- they were now filled with passion and desire.

You unbuttoned his shirt, watching him as he took it off, throwing it next to him.

He walked you over to the bed, laying you down on top of the sheets carefully. You couldn’t help but feel conscious of your body, but the looks that Dan gave you were enough to let the feeling subside.

His eyes were soft and loving as his smile grew wider.

He cautiously reached for your bra strap, asking if he could take it off. You nodded as he slid the straps down your shoulders, reaching around and undoing it, before slowly taking it off.

“You’re so beautiful,” he complimented with a cute, lopsided grin. A smile appeared on your face as you could feel your cheeks turning red.

His hands travelled down your body, admiring all of your curves. It was like his touch was electric. His hands stopped, his fingers at the waistband of your underpants. He looked at you for permission again, and then slid them down your legs, taking them off completely.

He took off his remaining clothes, and then skilfully grabbed a condom from his bedside drawer and slipping it on.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dan asked, his eyes soft and caring as he hovered over you.

“Yes,” you answered, a small smile on your face. You were certain you wanted this- you loved Dan, and he had made it clear many times that he loved you the same.

Dan slowly slid himself into you, emitting a soft groan from his mouth. He went at a slow pace to make sure he wasn’t hurting you. You shut your eyes tightly, feeling Dan take one of your hands, kissing your repeatedly.

The initial pain slowly went away, being replaced with pure ecstasy.

“Faster,” you breathed, “please, Dan, faster!” “A-are you s-sure?” Dan asked cautiously. It was like you were porcelain, he was afraid to hurt you in anyway.

You nodded quickly.

Feeling Dan fasten his pace you let out a long moan, digging your nails into Dan’s bare back. It seemed to give him more confidence as he groaned, starting to go at a fast, rhythmic pace, moving in and out of you at a perfect speed.

He went further into your core each time, moans of pleasure repeatedly leaving your mouth.

Dan’s face was buried into the crook of your neck, low groans and sounds of enjoyment coming from him. His eyes were shut tightly and his eyebrows were furrowed as he perfectly thrusted in and out of you. You could feel your stomach knot and tighten, your climax approaching quickly.

“D-Dan,” you groaned, “I’m g-gonna cum.”

“So am I,” Dan said, his breathing ragged. “Cum for me, princess. You can do it.”

It was as if that was all you needed to be pushed over the edge.

You arched your back in pleasure as you reached your climax, moaning loudly as your nails scratched down your boyfriend’s back. You heard Dan moan shortly after, feeling him release inside of you.

His thrusts became slow as you both came down from your highs, your breaths unsteady.

Soon, Dan rolled off of you, chucking the condom in the bin beside his bed before lying back down. You moved closer to him, feeling Dan put his arm around you.



“I love you.”

You knew you meant it.

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Omg could i get rfa+saeran+v reaction to mc calling them drunk because mc is spending christmas all alone and is like "lol btw i love u lmaoooooo isnt that funny anyway this wine is really strong wow but i love u ahahahahha im so alone" (ALSO CONGARTS ON 404 FOLLOWERS AND HOPE U BOTH HAVE HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!)




-He’s the one who called you!
-Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas again (not like he said it 50,000 other times today)
-He knew you were spending it alone and felt really bad about it!
-Offered to spend it with you but you insisted you were okay, and that he should go spend it with his family!
-Once you answered, he wished you Merry Christmas and listened for a little bit as you rambled off a thank you
-You sounded a little funny? You words kept slurring and he wasn’t sure what was wrong
-”Oh, no. No no. I’m not okay.”
-P A N I C
-”I’ve a little too much to drink tonight. I didn’t even realize I had that much? But hey, ya know, you’re rreeeaaaalllllllyyyyy cute. I’d love to let you show me that you’re really a man.”
-Stuttered out that he had to go and that he hopes you sleep soon, and blushed SO HARD for the rest of the night!!


-Jumin is actually really sad that you’re alone on Christmas
- he might have had a little too much wine as well
-You two were in the messenger for .5 seconds before you decided to just call him and talk
- totally not because you couldn’t see straight enough to type anymore
-???? MC? What a weird greeting
-You asked him about his day, so he told you every detail. He started to trail off and talk about C&R’s stocks, when you suddenly interrupted him
-”Damn Jumin, you’re real cute. I just love you. Like, wow. How can I get you to love me like Elizabeth? Should I wear cat ears? *whispers to self* holy shit i should buy cat ears”
-He was shocked! Did you just drunkenly admit you love him?? He knew his feelings towards you, so all he did was respond with,
-”MC. I love you as well. I think you’re extremely fascinating. Now, what was that about cat ears?”


-He understood that you wanted to be alone, he’s been the same way for years
-What he couldn’t understand, though, was why you kept texting him about aliens?
-Normally he’d just play along, because he sends you the same type of texts, but…
-The amount of rambling and typos makes him think you’re possibly drunk
-When you called him, he was excited to see what your drunken mind had to say to him
- afterall, sometimes drunken minds are the ones that’ll speak all of the truth
-He sat through all of your rambling about aliens and carols, but didn’t expect what you said next
-”Ya know, you’re such a dork. But you’re a great dork. I love you. I lllloooovvveee you. Hearts beating, hearts soaring, yeeeeaaaahhh!”
-”MC you…you’re just so cute. You’re going to kill me, do you know that?? Don’t worry, I have this recorded so I can replay it for you in the morning, when you forget~”


-Why did you want to be alone
-You have him now, just hang out with him
-Wants to treat you like a princess but nnnoooooooooo you gotta stay home alone
-Freaked out at the fact you haven’t texted him in a while??
-The moment he saw your name pop up on his phone, he answered it
-Before he got to talk though, he could hear you talking to yourself, slurring your words
-You realize he picked up the phone and you were so excited!! “SAERAAAAAAAAAAN~ Hhhhiiiiiiii~ I might have drank to much but that’s okay, but I gotta tell you something. I have a secret. *giggle* sshhh, listen,,,,,, I looooove you! Yes I do! I do I do! *giggle*”
-Honestly SUPER SHOCKED that you love him? And that you admitted it? Holy shit? Quickly regains his composure and fucking smirks this lil shit
-”Oh, do you? Go ahead, go on. You love me? I love you too. Now, tell me how you’d show me just how much you love me…” woah there saeran, woah, down boy, down


- he didn’t get why you wanted to be alone??
- This boy got you SO many gifts and he has to give it to you on Christmas Eve and not Christmas???

- His face lights up when you call, omfg he’s so excited and his chest feels fuzzy
- “RAT TAIL!!! You’re so handsome *hiccup*”
- he’s really shocked because when do you drink? You don’t even take a sip of wine at the RFA parties, wtfisthis
- “MC…are you drunk?”
- “Nooo…well, only a little bit *giggle*, I’m drunk on my love for youuu~” MCtIdon’tthinkthat’showitssaidbuturdrunkoffurasssoit’sokay
- youbetyoursweetassthisboyisgoingtothrowpartybecauseofthis
- “Princess, I know you won’t remember this, but I love you. I love all your quirks, mistakes, giggles, and stupid jokes. I love every single piece of you. I love all the bad times and good times ahead with you. I love you more than any obstacle that we’ll have to overcome. I just love you so much.”


- she didn’t really mind that you wanted to spend Christmas alone
- Jumin was probably going to make her work anyway hoeasstrustfundkidstophURTINGMYBAEHEE
- Luckily she got a day off but she felt so lonely without you!!!
- it’s okay though, she respects your privacy
- but when she hears your ring tone, she runs to her phone andtripsandknocksstuffoverontheway
- “Merry Chrismas!!! I bet you’d make a good Mrs. Claus…omg can you wear a mrs. claus themed outfit next year? *hiccup*  eVEN BETTER CAN YOU WEAR CHRISTMAS THEMED LINGERIE?
- omg the poor baehee is so flustered, first ur drunk and now you say this?? You’retryingtokillher
- “I don’t think that would be very appropriate, MC…”
- “Why noooot? My mom always told me when two people loved each other, they do a little…frick frack *giggle*”
- “I mean your mom isn’t wrong, but-”
- W A I T
- you just said love
- oh my god you love her and she loves you

- “MC, I’m going to come over, is that alright?” sheneedstokissyouohmygod
- “Yeah~ Just don’t wear anything, you’re so pretty with nothing on~~~”
- omgMCurbadatthis


- This poor soul is so lost when you say you want to spend Christmas alone
- he obviously respects your space, but this lil bby just wanted snuggles, Christmas movies, and hot chocolate
- he’s so excited when he hears your ringtone!!! Hahacausehecantseeurnameonthescreenimsowitty
- but when he answers he hears sobbing?
- W H A T
- he always knew you were a crying drunk buT IT WAS NEVER THIS BAD???
- “Hi V.. *sniffle* you know you’re cool right? Like you make my heart beat fast and i catch my breath when i look at you kind of cool? Because you’re really cool *sniffle* and it really hurts you know? *SOBBING* because I just love you so much and i know you’re terrified of a commitment like that again  and Rika was your sun and I can’t ever compare *moresobbing* And I just feel so bad because you had to go through all that pain and things never worked for you two because you just deserve the world V. You’re so precious and pure; you don’t deserve anything you’ve gotten”
- holy shit
- you’re in love with him???

- Oh man you’re right this boy is so terrified
- But he is sure of one thing
- He may be scared to love you right now, but he will NOT walk away from this
- “Listen MC. Never compare yourself to Rika, okay? But if you’re going to, I want you to know this. Yes, she was my sun, but you know what you are? You’re my moon. You shine so brightly that I can see my way out of the dark. You’re the one who guides me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever compare to what you mean to me. I may not be ready now, but I can say with certainty that one day, I will say “I love you”.”

Imagine Being homesick

Dean X Reader

“What are you up to?” The comforting voice of your older sister asked from the other end of the telephone. You twirled the wire that connected the phone to the wall around your finger as you smiled.

“Not a lot. I’ve just been working with the boys mostly, you know.” This bar wasn’t as noisy as most and you were grateful for that. It had been a few weeks since you last got to hear your sisters voice. There was an unmistakable cry in the background of the call and you felt your heart swell. “Is that my niece?” You breathed out, smiling bigger than ever as tears came to your eyes.

“Sure is.” She said to you. “She’s growing up so fast. I can hardly believe it..”

“Tell me about it.” You muttered. “It kills me being away for this long. I’ll come see you guys soon, okay? I’ll come see everyone.”

“You’ve been saying that for so long, (Y/n)…” You could hear the disappointment in her voice. “Dad isn’t himself without you. You know how he worries. Not knowing where you are or what you’re out there doing is taking a toll on the man.”

“I know, I know..”

Dean noticed you shifting from one foot to the next and decided to check in.

“Hey, (Y/n), you good?” He leaned against the wall beside you, pool stick in hand.

“Why can’t you just tell us what you’re doing? Is this because you never rebelled as a teenager?” Your sister was starting to speak faster and you knew she was upset. You looked to Dean, nodding a bit to his question as you answered your sister’s.

“No. It’s just easier if I keep this part of my life separate from you guys, you have to understand.” You sighed.

“This part of your life?” She scoffed. “You’re keeping your whole life from us, not just part of it. You’re missing everything. You’ve only held your niece twice. Do you think she’s even going to know who you are by the next time you visit? What about years from now?” You started to cry as your sister went on. You knew she was right with everything she said.

“Woah, woah, hey there.” Dean panicked at the sight of you in tears, wrapping his arm around you.

“I’ll call you soon, okay, sis?” You sniffed. “I love you so much. Give everyone hugs for me.” You hung up before she could respond, turning to burry yourself into Dean’s arms. “I’m so sorry.” You cried.

“Don’t apologize to me, kid.” Dean rubbed your back. “You’re okay.”

“Sometimes I wish I never got into the hunting life.” Your head rested on his chest and you watched all of the bar goers laughing and having a good time. “I miss them.” More tears fell as you thought of your family.

“I know you do. Listen, how about you and I take a trip to your hometown?” Dean pulled you at arms length so he could see your face. “You could see your family, your friends. I’d love to meet them all too.”

“You’d really do that for me?” You let out a breath. “You’d put up with my sisters questions about whether or not we’re an item, my dads terrible jokes, and my moms questionable cooking?” You smiled a bit, wiping away your tears.

“Sounds like a date to me.” Dean smirked pulling you back into him. “We’ll leave tomorrow and get you back home for a few days. Promise.”