so much glitterness

The Posterchildren: Maksim “Maks” Petrov

“Hey! Do I look as awesome as I think I look?”

It was the only warning that they got before Maks came tumbling down the stairs. She couldn’t tell if he meant to trip down the first half of the flight, or if he’d just decided that throwing himself down the stairs was more time-efficient. He caught himself before he fell-fell, turning it into an effortless handspring at the last minute. He stuck the landing at the bottom of the stairs, glittering proudly.

“Cause I almost slapped the hallway mirror and called it a liar for reflecting an image of awesomeness I could barely believe was true.”

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*




Magnus Bane in 1.02 appreciation post 

Klance at a pride parade!!

-lance would go All Out and wear little bi pride heart stickers on his cheeks and so much glitter lance loves glitter

-tell me my baby boy Lance doesn’t have the cutest lil tie dye crop top in bi pride colors

-Keith’s emo ass wears a black tank top that just says “im gay” in rainbow letters and lance makes him wear shorts bc lance loves his Boyf’s tooshie

-keith also paints his nails in pride colors I don’t make the rules you guys

-lance is usually a pretty spirited person but he’s a l i v e at pride festivals. Especially when he’s with keith

-keith isn’t a big fan of crowds so it takes him a while to warm up but seeing lance so happy makes his heart sing and he’s all in

-they’re attached at the hip the entire day and they’re always Smoochin

-keith is covered in blue lipstick smudges bc lance definitely also rocks some lipstick

-they also end up stupidly plastered and lance is such a giggly drunk ok and he is so Long and Lanky all his limbs are just slung around keith

-keith is really pretty ok and a lot of boys try and hit on him and he is so flattered but he quickly dismisses them and introduces them to his wonderful Boy

-oh my god they’d just be so gross and in love at pride fight me

-lance posts a million off guards of keith smiling n bein cute on instagram

-keith is usually pretty MIA on social media aside from his snap streaks with hunk and pidge but he posts a lot of pics of he and lance being happy and In love at pride

-keith gets hella sunburnt bc he refuses to listen to lance about skin care and now he’s got major tan lines from his tank top and lance makes fun of him

Things Daddy Endures
  • - Random kisses from stuffies
  • - Random asks for kisses for stuffies
  • - Stickers are acceptable kiss substitutes
  • - Glitter... So much glitter
  • - Disney music
  • - Rapid talk from an adult sized 3 year-old
  • - Paci talking
  • - Crying
  • - Pointing and having to figure it out
  • - Dance routines from me and my stuffies
  • - Stuffie name pop-quizzes
  • - Grabby hands
  • - "No!"
  • - Arguments with a toddler
  • - Sleeping in Hello Kitty sheets
  • - Clinging

i wake up in the morning and ask myself the question; why do i eat so much cereal?


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