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More Headcanons for FS Lazytown! AU

-robbie DEFINITELY listens to MCR while training/practicing
-glanni is very unusually flexible. he probably does ballet or something to maintain it
-glanni designs all of robbie’s outfits. he either tailors the costume himself (when he doesn’t trust anyone else to not fuck it up) or sends the sketch to someone else to do. if it doesn’t feel quite right he’ll keep having it sent back to have it modified. everything needs to be PERFECT.
-apart from figure skating, ithro also does gymnastics & sometimes (you mean always) even incorporates flips & stunts into his performances
-glanni’s high heel skating boots add a lot of extra points to his score because gurl you really think skating in those are EASY??
-sportacus isn’t really competitive unlike everyone else. he just wants papi ithro to be proud of him
-sportacus doesn’t just shake hands enthusiastically with everyone. he straight up puts them into a (bone-crushing?) hug
-sporto cheering for everyone whenever they do a jump right/do really well & after the performance despite the fact that he’s supposed to be //against// them
-robbie is an angsty teenager
-sportacus straight up telling ithro that robbie & him are dating
-ithro finding robbie hella sketchy & suspicious because his father’s a lying cheating piece of shit
-ithro seeing that robbie isn’t anything like glanni & robbie slowly growing on ithro till ithro sees robbie as his 2nd son

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Oh my gosh you actually reblogged my lazytown ask thing wow!! I love your blog and I'm totally crazy about your sugar plums fic!!! (Glanni-s-sideho here but I have to be on anon otherwise I'll ask this from my main) Anyways, Miss Busybody and Íþróttaálfurinn for the asks please!!

dsgjbjdbgf Thank you so much! It was no problem!

Miss Busybody: What’s your favorite Lazytown episode?

I love Dancing Duel, Lazytown’s New Superhero, and The First Day Of Summer.

Íþróttaálfurinn: What’s one of your favorite Lazytown headcanons?

I would say the obvious ‘Robbie has faerie blood’ one but everyone already knows that since I write about it, so… My favourite one other than that is Robbie having dyscalculia.

angrylittlepeepo  asked:

What is it about Robbie & Ithro that you like so much?

“Well,” Glanni muses, “I like Íþró because he makes me feel protected, even if he gets on my last nerve. We’re nearly complete opposites, I guess that’s why I like him; he challenges me.” His expression is supposed to be stormy, but he smiles despite himself. “He’s gentle, yet oh so macho.” The smile turns into a rather fox-like grin.

“And Robbie…” He sighs, “He’s the sweetest man I’ve ever known. We have a lot in common, and I like taking care of him.” Glanni grows rather sentimental. “I’m more calm around Robbie than anyone else.”