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Nice things

This was for the prompt “Red”. It’s a sequel of sorts to Smooth but you don’t need to have read the others in the series to know what is going on here. Be kind, I’m very intimidated by how amazing all the other fics have been and how ridiculously fluffy this is.


He eats alone. Ain’t the first time, won’t be the last but he’s disappointed anyway. Disappointed because he grabbed a good table, disappointed because he waited for a half hour before giving in to the hunger pangs. Disappointed because he’s now finished and there’s no excuse to wait here any longer.

He glances around at the other half -rotted picnic tables at Terminus. They’re all empty and everyone is already inside, a dying fire the only indication that a meal was served. He knows he needs to get moving, but he still feels a little cheated. Sure, there’s breakfast tomorrow, but breakfast is always a rushed affair with people scampering off as soon as they’ve had a bite or a cup of coffee, if they’re lucky. And lunch, well lunch is usually done on the go. There’s no time to linger, no time to relax.

He sighs, this is starting to get ridiculous. He is ridiculous.

Ain’t like it’s carved in stone, ain’t like they have a date or anything dumb like that. Ain’t official. But still, they usually sit together at mealtimes. Sure, they make like it’s coincidence and sometimes she’s so good at it he actually believes it is. He doubts he’s anywhere near as subtle.

After all, there’s always a place open next to Eugene. Always. And it’s usually one of the best seats. Outside in the shade, under Terminus’ solitary tree. But he pretends he doesn’t see it and finds her instead. Doesn’t matter if they’re full on in the sun or squashed together at a table too small for either of them. Doesn’t matter if she’s with Maggie or Glenn or Rick. In fact that makes it easier. Less obvious. Can always make like he wants to sit with them and she’s just along for the ride.

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