so much for staying up and fixing my sleeping schedule

anonymous asked:

Hey emma :) i have a 90 plus gpa but i aftually barely ever study. My hsc is next year and im terrified that my sleeping habits are going to bite me in the back ahaha. I cant study because i sleep so much, yet im still tired. What's your sleeping schedule and how can i fix mine? I come home at 4:30pm, sleep till 7 or 8 stay awake till 10 or sometimes 12 then sleep again until 6am. Ughhh helpp

Hey! I feel you hahah, my sleeping pattern tends to be quite a mess recently. I’m usually up late posting on Tumblr or Instagram, oops!! When I was in high school, I would probably sleep around 11-11:30pm which was maybe a little late considering I was up at 7am. Maybe when you come home, you should try to liven up a little bit or have a timed nap if that is necessary. Generally, after school I’d have a drink and get changed out of my uniform. I’d then plan out what I need to finish that afternoon and get started. Here are some ways to stay more alert x 

honest little tidbits.

- i have been absolutely terrible at keeping up with friends these past few months (letters, emails, phone calls - so many unanswered). need to fix this.
- i’m working on lots of good things + projects for this little blog… stay tuned!
- my sleep schedule is not what i’d like it to be.
- i’ve started taking my big camera back out after not really using it too much in the past year. missed it. a lot.
- my heart has been in the desert for nearly a month now - seeking out the growth and light in this painful season.
- my freckles are reappearing with the warmth of the sun. i hated them when i was little, but i don’t mind ‘em too much anymore. their presence means warm weather… :]
- i know that seasons of transition are needed and necessary, but it hurts quite a bit when that involves people no longer claiming certain spots and roles in my heart.
- beyond thankful for the friends who choose day after day to love me from thousands of miles away. it ain’t an easy task.
- reminding myself that the Lord knows what He’s doing.