so much for no shave november

You’re My Thor

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: “It kind of itches”

Warnings: smut, hair pulling, the good stuff

Words: 3572

Note: Here is my submission for the No Shave November challenge for @balthazars-muse sorry it’s so long!!

thank you jensen for the title x.

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No Shave November and Men’s Issues

So I think No Shave November is a great way to bring attention to prostate cancer and testicular cancer, but I think the month cold be so much more. I personally see the month as a way to start conversations about a whole range of mens’ issues, and for others, men AND women, to show the men in their lives that they care about their issues and are willing to at least lend a sympathetic, understanding ear if need be. These issues could include mental health, domestic violence, family law, and all sorts of problems facing men. I don’t want to distract from the cancer-awareness month, because that’s important too, but I just want to make November a month where conversations are started, where ideas are shared, and where men everywhere at least begin to know that they matter.