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November Third (part nine)

@o0o-chibaken-o0o more drarry your way comes (can you tell I’m running out of things to put here?)

bingo l part one l part two l part three l part four l part five l part six l part seven l part eight (a) l part eight (b) l part nineupdates to come..

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Draco was an idiot. He’d completely forgotten it was November third. He’d been thinking about the day all week. And all the day prior as well. But this morning, he’d gotten up and headed straight to his favourite coffee shop without thinking. He’d sat down at his usual spot by the door with his usual caramel macchiato (with extra foam), forgetting there was nothing usual about the day at all.

Because, barely a metre from where Draco sat, Harry Potter had just walked in the door.

He hadn’t seen Draco just yet, thank Merlin. Draco was a mess. He hadn’t even showered this morning! He always showered before leaving the house. Always. But today, on the one day when it fucking mattered, he’d left the house in a daze, just for a quick, lazy coffee. He’d run a comb through his hair at least, but still! He wasn’t even wearing a collared shirt for fuck’s sake. He looked positively pedestrian.  

Potter walked past Draco without so much as a glance, heading straight for the counter near the back of the cafe. It gave Draco time to think. Potter would surely see him when he left if he was getting takeaway - or worse, if he were to dine in, he might end up at a table close to Draco, and then Draco would be forced to acknowledge him out of sheer politeness.

Draco ran a hand through his hair nervously. It had grown out a bit since school, and wasn’t slicked back like it usually was. Perhaps Potter wouldn’t recognise him. Perhaps if he just slouched and kept his head down, Potter wouldn’t notice him at all.

He took a large sip of his coffee and used the opportunity peek out over his cup to see where Potter had gotten to. He must have finished ordering, because he was hanging around the counter now, one hand tapping on the back wall of the cafe. Takeaway it was. Draco dropped his cup and turned away before Potter looked up.

Draco caught a glimpse of his reflection in the glass of the window beside him. How could he have ever left the house like this? Even his eyes looked tired. It would be insulting if Potter recognised him today - Draco didn’t look like himself at all.

Draco played with his hair in the reflection, pulling it back so it was slick against his head and wishing he had gel or a hair tie on him to keep it in place. Even that would make all the difference and make him somewhat presentable. Then there was the open necked shirt. Clearly, that was a mistake. And there was no quick fix for it.

He caught movement in the glass and quickly dropped his hair, turning his face down to his table, but straining his eyes up to watch - it was Potter, coffee in hand, heading towards the entrance, eyes fixed ahead, not even acknowledging Draco in the slightest.

So this was their November third interaction this year; passing each other by in a coffee shop. What would happen next year? Would they just happen to be in the Ministry on the same day, on different floors, and never once see each other? And the year after that, would they simply be in the same country as each other and that was that? Would November third cease to be anything at all? Would Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy cease to be anything to each other at all?


“Potter!” Draco called out with Potter already halfway out the door. He was going to regret this.

Potter ducked his head back around the door immediately, smiling as soon as he saw Draco. “Malfoy! I can’t believe I didn’t see you there.”

“Well, you always were unobservant,” Draco said in what he hoped would be perceived as a chilly manner. He’d been the one who had to initiate conversation after all, since Potter had been all too happy to ignore him. It was only right that Potter put in the effort now.

“I guess I’m lucky you have a sharp eye then,” Potter said, painfully smooth. He took a step closer to Draco’s table, holding onto the back of the opposite chair.

Draco understood the implication clearly. There was no need for Potter to be quite so obvious. “By all means, Potter, sit if you must,” he said, making sure Potter knew it was less of an invite and more a resigned agreement.

Potter sat down without hesitation, not even attempting to play it cool. It was actually a little intimidating how little Potter seemed to have to control his actions. Draco could only aspire to reach that level of comfort in himself.

“Your hair’s long,” Potter pointed out with all the conversational skills of a seven year old. Draco was about to tell Potter exactly that when he added, “Just so you can’t call me unobservant again,” with a playful wink.

Shit. Potter had grown up. He was somehow more confident than he was in eighth year, back when he’d given Draco a - well, last November third. And Draco was only just now noticing the shadow of stubble around Potter’s chin - so light that it was as if he’d shaved the night before to allow time for the shadow to form before morning. Which seemed much too carefully planned and deliberate for someone like Potter.

Draco drew his eyes up from Potter’s jaw - had that widened as well? No, Draco was reading into things now. He hadn’t seen Potter in months. Not since the end of school. A lot had changed, but plenty hadn’t. The hair - that made Draco feel slightly better about his own - so untamed and unpredictable, never committing to a single part line, the smile, cheeky and knowing and above all, warm, and those eyes, just as piercing and still framed by those boyish round glasses.


Draco snapped out of his stare. Oh fuck, he hoped Potter hadn’t noticed. “What?”

“You’re buzzing.”

It took a second for Draco to understand what Potter meant. A snarky “with what?” fell back down his throat when he recognised the sound. He shoved a hand down into his pocket and threw the  awful muggle device on the table. It had been buzzing on and off, ever since he’d received it, with no discernible pattern and it was driving Draco up every single wall in his house.

Potter looked from the device to Draco with a questioning look. “Aren’t you going to answer it?”

Answer it? I haven’t been sent anything.”

Potter laughed, a short sound, like he was trying to hold back for Draco’s sake. “Malfoy, do you know what this is?”

Draco didn’t appreciate the implication. “Of course I know what it is.” He paused, taking a sip of his coffee to give himself time to remember the name they had told him in his course and - yes, that was it. “It’s a phone.”

“Okay,” Potter said slowly. “Do you know what it does? How it works?”

Draco took another sip of his coffee, hoping his stalling tactic wasn’t too obvious. He made sure he had the correct information before repeating the definition from memory. “It’s a popular muggle tool for communication via direct voice interaction and modern messaging features.”

The phone stopped buzzing.

Potter picked it up. “You have 18 missed calls from Pansy.”

Is that what the noise had been? “I don’t know why she doesn’t just floo call me,” Draco said. “It’s so much easier.”

“It’s really not,” Potter said with another laugh. Draco tried not to let how it affected him show in his face. Potter was playing with the buttons on the phone now, his eyes on the screen.

“Wait, what are you - “

Potter tossed the phone back to Draco and stood up with his coffee. “Call me when you work it out,” he said. And left.

“When I work what out?” Draco called after him, but he was already walking past Draco’s window, sipping his coffee with that traitorously cheeky smile that Draco hated with every fibre of his being. Because he loved it with every fibre of his being.

Why the fuck hadn’t Draco put on a collared shirt this morning?

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No shave November

The only effort men ever had to put in in looks was shaving (not even their entire bodies, just the face) and now they’re saying “well that’s too much effort, better not do anything to look good!” But… women still better shave because “No shave November” is only for men!!

Not saying all men do this and if you’re a man who has a beard and who doesn’t shave but accepts women who don’t shave either, then okay. Nothing wrong here.

What I hate is that a lot of men participating in this trend are the same men who bully women for not shaving. It’s so hypocritical and just ugly.

If a bunch of women decided to never shave or wax anything again, a bunch of videos, posts, bloggers and influencers would talk about why “feminism(??) is dumb”, how these women are lazy, ugly, gross etc” and how this trend should be eradicated.

But then we have No shave November, which is not dragged down by anyone, because men are loud af in society. And for the majority them of course it’s convenient when there’s a trend that makes other guys look ugly (in my opinion) and allows you to do no effort to look good. But when women want to do the same, better bully them into realizing how gross and dumb it is. Can you imagine a woman with a moustache (which is the facial hair 90% of women grow)? She would be bullied and made fun of by guys who never shave or who participate in “No shave November”.

If you have a beard, accept women who are hairy too. That’s honestly the purpose of this whole post.

But yeah, equality for men and women…!!! But women better not participate in No shave November because that’s gross and ewww yuck…


This is a (VERY LATE) holiday fic for my non-fandom writing group SS, flutterby_cupcake_26 on AO3.

It’s SoMa. It’s sweet, sad, and sappy. I hope you find some enjoyment even if it’s not your fandom or pairing, and I’m so so so sorry for being the worst latest SS EVAH!

Thanks go to @sahdah for the eyes, the film suggestion, and also for doing a silly awesome thing when we talked about no shave November.

Sahdah’s no shave November post can be found here.

Read on AO3 or FFN.

Fuck no shave November, that’s all he has to say. Fuck no shave November, fuck Black Star for goading him into that ridiculousness, and most of all, fuck Maka for being so damned earnest, and so damned cute when she’s so damned earnest that he never has the heart to say no when it actually matters to her. Not that he really denies her anything much ever.

No, really, fuck Maka. He wishes. Which is probably the reason he’s in this mess. Well, more like sappy, gross, sentimental feelings. Refer back to that whole generally-forgets-the-word-no-when-she’s-around thing.

The girl is definitely trouble.

With an exaggerated sigh, Soul scowls at his own face in the mirror. Yeah, alright, he’s got a nice, full, white beard since he’d been too lazy to shave it off right away. And his usual mop of white hair under the silly red velvet cap. And a soft red suit now stuffed at the belly. So maybe he can pass for pop culture Santa, except the whole red eyes and mouth full of oddly sharp teeth that make him look more like Satan than Santa–hey, only a few letters off, really.

He grimaces at his own reflection, and actually, that’s better than the scowl that would surely send kids screaming for the hills. Makes him look just that bit less like the devil posing as jolly old Saint Nick.

“So are you coming out?” A voice calls from the other side of the dressing room door. Is he? No. Definitely no. Being seen in public this way, even in a lame costume shop smack in the middle of a run down strip mall, is surely some form of social suicide, good bye cool, goodbye dignity, goodbye self-respect.

“Yeah, whatever,” he says instead with another exaggerated sigh, his inability to say no to the girl on the other side of the door biting him in the ass for the umpteenth time this month alone.

Taking that last step to the door, Soul twists the knob and haltingly swings it open.

Ah, there she stands, his reason for the season, his cruel, cruel mistress, leaned so casually against the wall that he might be looking for new jeans rather than sealing his social suicide. Not that he’s ever been much for people. Goodbye, cruel world!

“Oh my god, Soul, you look–you look–”

Her grin is stretched so wide across her face that he’s sure it has to hurt, green eyes sparkling, and his heart does loop de loops in his chest cavity. Yes, Maka is trouble and he is in trouble, as usual.

“–Ridiculous?” Soul says before she can, the scowl firmly back in place in spite of the way her smile does funny things to his insides.

“I was going to say ‘adorable,’ but just at the moment, with that sour puss, you look like you want to maim me.”

Well, he sort of does. Not maim, but mark, maybe. Touch definitely. Then again, he always wants that with her, the unobtainable, so that’s easy enough to tamp down on. No, even more than that, just at the moment Soul wants to wither and die, or maybe disappear, anything to diminish the humiliation he feels as two teen girls trying on some sort of skimpy elf get ups come out from another dressing room and start giggling his way.

“Whatever.” He shrugs as Maka glares at the girls, and unlike his scowl, that sends them scampering back into their dressing room. Go figure.

“I told you this wouldn’t work–can we go now?”

“It’ll work if you can refrain from glaring at the world for a whole hour of your life.” She saunters up and puts a hand on his chest, stroking the material of the fuzzy red coat. Maka herself has donned an elf costume–short festive dress, pigtails, ears. She looks adorable. His scowl softens considerably at her proximity.

“Doubtful.” Soul offers her a flat stare.

“Do it for the kids?”

This earns her an eyeroll even if he knows she knows that yes, he is a marshmallow on the inside, and yes, he would indeed humiliate himself to make sick kids smile even if no one else on the planet but her might realize that. Well, maybe Wes, but he’s not here to back her claim.

“Then do it for the reward?”

“Reward?” He’s already going to do it and they both damn well know it, but hell, may as well get something for the trouble and complete loss of cool.

“Mmm hmmm,” she hums and smiles sweetly. “I’ll bake your favorite cookies.”

Maka’s a good baker and pretty much never bakes. His stomach rumbles at the thought. “It’s a start,” he mutters.

“And…” Her hand continues to stroke at the material of the red coat.


“I’ll let you pick the movie tonight. Any movie, and I won’t say a word. Or retaliate.”

Well, that’s also something. It’s not his turn, and even when it is, if Soul picks something he knows Maka won’t like, she will pick the worst historical romance bullshit she can find the week after. There’s only so much coy flirting he can take, really, and the trite classical scores always give him childhood flashbacks he could do without.

“Getting warmer,” the concession is grumbled.

And, I’ll rub your back while we watch the movie.”

Ding ding ding we have a winner! Movie, cookies, and backrub with Maka. She’s hit the trifecta, and fuck it all if that sly smile doesn’t say she knows it.

Well, then.

“Fine, you win,” he grumble-sighs, and it’s only half for show because while he dreads the next hour, he has an evening of bliss ahead of him.

In the end, Soul supposes, an hour of Santa suit purgatory is a small price to pay.

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You’re My Thor

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: “It kind of itches”

Warnings: smut, hair pulling, the good stuff

Words: 3572

Note: Here is my submission for the No Shave November challenge for @balthazars-muse sorry it’s so long!!

thank you jensen for the title x.

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The Magician’s Roommate

Happy National Fanfic Author Appreciation Day! (Or something like that)

(I’ve decided to appreciate myself. Typical. I wrote a thing about Pynch through the eyes of Adam’s college roommate. I wrote it really quickly, but I honestly really love how it turned out. Let me know what you think.)

Keith Holloway had always had a certain idea of what his college experience would be like. Study groups, coffee shops, and maybe the occasional party.

So far, all of that had been proven correct.

The one thing he didn’t anticipate, however, was Adam Parrish.

It was impossible for any one man to anticipate Adam Parrish really, because honestly what even was he? Did anyone know? Did Adam?

Keith surmised he was from the south based on accent alone. It was not an obvious thing, but Adam’s words all carried that subtle ring of practiced forgery, and Keith, being both evervigilant and a law student, could hear the occasional vowel overstaying its welcome.

Adam Parrish had arrived at Princeton in possession of a full-ride scholarship, a big brain, and an even bigger work ethic. His hands were weathered, his skin was freckled. His wardrobe repeated weekly and there were permanent bags seated under his eyes.

He was also deaf in one ear.

A blow to the head, he’d said.

It was gruff, detached, as if the sting of those words had scabbed over long ago.

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anonymous asked:

My boyfriend is really cute and he's got soo much body hair and he lets me rub his tummy when we're in bed and he makes me feel safe

!!!!!!!! MOOD!!!! I also have and adore a very hairy boy!!! My favorite and safest thing is to lay in bed with him, I relate big time lmao ! Is your bf doing no shave November ? My boy has such a full beard already he’s so handsome

anonymous asked:

it is cruel what is happening to Harry - he has a stalker nut Meghan and then the DM on his case. I hope Winkie is right and he has a lot of support. O love the beard but I can see how shaving would prevent any old pics being used by crazy Markle. I am hoping mid November passes with no appearances by looney Markle signifying it is over.

This is a lovely ask, thank you so much! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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cakemakethme  asked:

#36: No shave November baby! I can hear tater be so excited about this to Jack...poor poor tater.

Listen, Nikolai (named after Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) is the dog that Tater and Snowy have and is basically canon as far as I’m concerned, even if I only imagined him a day ago. Just a big doofus dog (part Great Pyrenees?) that loves everyone and thinks he is a lapdog. (Maybe he takes after Tater a little? Lol) ANYWAY, Poor Tater cannot grow facial hair to save his life. His moustache is just like, 12 scraggly hairs. The whole team drags him for it, but it’s all in good fun. Snowy swears in basically every sentence. I love bros and friendships so much. (Also some Zimbits and fluff at the end because of course.) Enjoy!

36. No shave November, baby!

“Oh, come on! Is not fair, man!” Tater groaned when he finally started to catch glimpses of his teammates with their helmets off. He had been gone for a rare four days during the season for a family event in Russia, and returned to find his team well into growing their Movember moustaches.

“Not bad, eh Tater?” Jack grinned and rubbed his fingers across his growing moustache. “Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Zimmboni grows moustache so fast. Share your secrets.”

“I dunno, man. I used to have a lot of trouble with growing my facial hair when I was younger, but this year? It’s been quick. My best friend is loving it. He’s been bugging me about trying to grow one for over four years.”

“Your best friend – the little blond man, yes? Beetle?”

“Oh, uh, no. This is my other best friend – the guys all call him Shitty. He’s had a moustache since he was eighteen. And it’s Bittle, not Beetle.”

“Ah, Bittle. I thought maybe his nickname was after bug because he is so small.”

Jack chuckled and briefly considered explaining that his real nickname was ‘Bitty’ which could mean small, but decided against it. He did not mind sharing the nickname with their old Samwell team, but Jack liked being the only person in Providence who knew Bitty. “He might not appreciate that much.”

Tater ran a towel through his damp hair and sat down in his locker room stall. “So, Zimmboni–” he began. “Always with so many friends. So many best friends.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Jack grinned. It felt strange to realize that he was a person with such a large group of friends. Genuine friends. Ten years ago he barely had any friends – he had not even met Kent yet back then.

“It’s okay, as long as I’m your best friend on team. Right?”


“Good. Zimmboni is my best friend on team too. Outside of team? Probably Snowy.”

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things that meow in the night..

Omega: *is startled awake*

Omega: …….what….the….

Omega: *hears a faint noise*

Omega: …..oh fuck no….nuh uh..

Omega: Papa….psst…Papa *nudges*

Papa: mrnmphh…

Omega: Papa…

Papa: mnphnnfff!…

Omega: Papa wake up!

Papa: *throws pillow covering his head*

Papa: what???

Omega: I heard a noise. I think….I think someone is in the house.

Papa: *groggily* it’s probably just Earth sleep walking again…

Papa: *lays back down* *pulls comforter over his head* now go back to sleep…

Omega: but-

Papa: I swear to Satan if you keep this going there will be no more hankey pankey sleep overs for you in my bedroom. hmn? understand?

Omega: but I- hanky panky??? what are you, 80?

Papa: some may say…*closes eyes*

*door handle jiggles*

Omega: *jumps* see? I told you!

Papa: *whips blanket off his face* if someone is in the house, they’ve got balls of brass to want to fuck with us. that being said- no one is in the house. it’s probably just…..a….Ghost…

Omega: *rolls eyes* really?

Papa: *chuckles* *rolls over*

Omega: *gets up out of bed* ugh. that’s it..

Papa: thanks for leaving the bed warm for me. I’ll remember to mention this endeavor at your obituary. farewell my dear friend!

Omega: you are such a cock.

Papa: *chuckles* a-doodle-doooo.

Omega: REALLY? this is serious!

Papa: *laughs into sheets*

Omega: *creep towards the door* 

*door handle jiggles again*

Omega: *heart starts to race* fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck….

Omega: *flings door open* *fists ready to fly*

Belial: MROWEOWW!!

Omega: oh…oh…oh thank fuck! *clutches chest*

Omega: ….hmn? ah! dammit Papa!!

Papa: *groggily* mhnnrhn..I didn’t do it..

Omega: Lucifer, Belial, Gabriel and Asmodeus are all out in the hall here! and they’ve got those mouse toys that you filled with catnip totally ripped and destroyed. thaaaat’s what the sound was. they’re high as shit on cat weed!

Papa: mrhnnngoodferthehnmmm…

Omega: *sighs* I swear….*closes door*

Omega: *gets back into bed* *sidles up next to Papa*

Omega: I’m sorry I got so irritated…

Papa: hmpnn…

Omega: *lifts up mask a bit* *starts kissing his neck*

Papa: *smirks* you are so predictable…

Omega: *slowly slips hand under the covers*

Omega: …w….wow. jeez. you start ‘no shave November’ early or something?

Papa: ….?????

Omega: *giggles* well it’s not like I care, just something I noticed. you’re…you’re so soft.

Papa: ….ehe….hehehehehe *holds back laughter*

Omega: what? what’s so funny? I’m being honest. it’s almost like I’m stroking a-

Papa: that’s not me….

Omega: ……

Omega: *slowly pulls back covers*

Belial: prrrbbtt??

Omega: A CAT!!!

Where Has My Mind Gone November 2016

I wish I could just go on a long walk for the rest of my life
I wish shaving didn’t irritate my face so much
I wish I wasn’t so sensitive
But I am
And loud unmetered drums play on
And I hear someone yelling outside my open window
And the T.V. stammers on like a stupid child

Everyone hears what they want to hear
No one says what they want to say
I don’t think my parents like me
I don’t think most people like me
But I stupidly stammer on
And the streets are always empty at 3 A.M.
And I use it to my advantage
The country’s at war with itself
The earth is at war with itself
I’m at war with myself
Most everything I know at war with itself

I’ve been using a computer lately to write poetry and feel bad for my journal
I’ve been ignoring my body lately and feel bad for my feet

A sad one man band slowly marches down the street at 4 A.M.
I dedicate a thousand songs to things imaginary
The boogie man’s too busy crying into his mirror to haunt you
‘There’s a lot we have to do now’
Go fuck yourself

No Shave November

Series: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Zervis

Genre: Humor/ AU

Rated: T for kissing I guess

Summary: This year Mavis is determined to beat Zera. 

*A/N- Set in my HS/ Mob AU that IS going to be written eventually. 

I have no excuse for this. My computer privileges should be revoked after ten pm. 

x x x x x 

“Last looks, Zeref,” Mavis said, lying on the couch so she could stick her smooth, freshly shaven legs in his face.

“What?” He asked, confused, looking up from his paperwork at Mavis’s admittedly nice calves.

“It’s no shave November, and I’m in a competition with Zera to see who can grow their leg hair out the longest, so today is the last smooth leg day for a while.”

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No Shave November and Men’s Issues

So I think No Shave November is a great way to bring attention to prostate cancer and testicular cancer, but I think the month cold be so much more. I personally see the month as a way to start conversations about a whole range of mens’ issues, and for others, men AND women, to show the men in their lives that they care about their issues and are willing to at least lend a sympathetic, understanding ear if need be. These issues could include mental health, domestic violence, family law, and all sorts of problems facing men. I don’t want to distract from the cancer-awareness month, because that’s important too, but I just want to make November a month where conversations are started, where ideas are shared, and where men everywhere at least begin to know that they matter.

anonymous asked:

While I agree we should not be labeling all men as evil, men also need to acknowledge their privilege in society, and whether you like or not you do benefit in society (at least in western society) if you are male. That's what most feminists are saying! And by coming in, wagging your finger, and saying "Hey whoa not all men!" you're slowing down what so many have been fighting for centuries

The thing is, females also benefit in western society simply for being female especially in the US (since I can’t talk about other countries since I don’t live there) like women have more rights to bodily autonomy then men. As much as I agree with birth control and abortion rights and I’m glad we’re taking steps to fix it, women don’t have to deal with things like the selective service or circumcision. Beyond that, there’s more awareness in issues of bodily autonomy for women as opposed to for men

Women are accepted for wearing men’s clothes, yet it’s still seen shameful for men to wear dresses. It’s more acceptable for a woman to read comics than for a man to watch My Little Pony. All genders should be able to enjoy whatever the fuck they want.

It’s alright for women to intrude into men’s awareness programs (Movember/No shave November which is for prostate cancer) yet men are ignored when they do the same for women awareness (breast cancer)

Body positivity is focused on women while men have just as much issues with it.

Rape, until recently, was deemed a gendered crime and was worded to exclude woman-on-male rape.

Primary Aggressor and the Duluth model exclude male victims of domestic violence and actually helps women who are abusers get away with it.

Both genders have privileges, both suffer in other ways. To claim that women have it so much worse just because they’re women or that men have it so much better since they’re men is wrong and glossing over other factors in order to generalize

Also, really, this blog, we are slowing down gender equality? Not the feminism that put all the above issues that men face behind issues like manspreading? Huh.

I’m confused, coming in where? This blog? That we run? For us? Feminism? Which claims to be for all women? I’m a woman, am I not allowed to comment on something that claims to be for me?

That’s the issue I have with feminism. It ‘gives’ women a voice until they disagree then they invalidate it. I’m allowed to have issues with a movement that is becoming toxic. As much as I agree with the ideology, it’s moved beyond that into sexism and hatred. I don’t want to be a part of that and I don’t want that speaking over me as to my experiences.


posted this on instagram and thoughts some of my followers on here might like to know a bit more about me too so here goes

1) I went out dressed like this today and got a few interesting looks :)))
2) I have a pony called mickey
3) I’m hopefully getting a 1970s vw campervan as my first car!!!!! ✌️hippy wagon🌅⛺️🚐
4) getting that car was meant to be a surprise but my dad was scared he would get the wrong one (+I am only getting it if it is cheaper than a mini cooper)
5) I really dislike peanut butter
6) doing my nails is my favourite thing and when they chip I get very stressed 💅
7) I have three middle names all of which I don’t actually know how to say/spell
8) I am 17 in less than two months (⁉️) ~ october birthday ~
9) I spend so much of my life on antibiotics because my immune system is poop 👎
10) I prefer to be pale but I tan quite easily 👽
11) my friend gave me a packet of vanilla cigarettes and I want to try one but I promised myself I wouldn’t smoke again until november 🔫
12) I shave my arms
13) pandora rings are the cause of my happiness 💍
14) I have 8 piercings in my ears and I want more but I don’t know which to get
15) my toes are currently painted to look like strawberries 🍓
16) I grind my teeth in my sleep and apparently it sounds like an impossible noise to make because it is so violent
17) I don’t like travelling and I can see myself living in the same city I grew up in when I’m older
18) I get really sad because my doggy is almost halfway through her life 😭
19) I am studying geography, psychology, rs and economics next year because I hate all science, english and maths 📕➗🌍
20) 90% of my life is spent being cold