so much for kicking him out

Why Kyoya would Be the best kind of friend to have

*requested by a lovely anon*

  • Nobody would ever mess with you for fear of the Ootori clan’s wrath
  • just his wrath too because Kyoya alone holy crap he’s diabolical
  • but because he’s diabolical you’ll have so much fun making evil, no, wait i mean well calculated plans together
  • He would kick your butt if you didn’t get decent marks in school
  • He would also help you study so you could get good marks
  • Like it would be a strict schedule  of studying every day for exactly an hour and a half
  • If you tried to skip out on these study sessions he’d find you and drag you down to the library
  • but in the end you always thank him because it paid off in the end
  • Once you earn his loyalty he will always be there to help you, even if he tries to hide the fact that he was the one helping you.
  • (like *spoiler* he went to find Tamaki’s mother when he worried about her)
  • You’d have to end up dragging him everywhere with you if you want him to go with you anywhere that isn’t important to your careers
  • He’d never admit it, but he had more fun at those random trips to the mall, bowling, at parks, etc. then he ever would in a meeting
  • You are fully aware of this by how he smiles at these trips, but you let him think you don’t know
  • He knows you know but lets you think he doesn’t know you know
  • Your friendship is full of those “he doesn’t know I know,” “there’s no way they know,” and “I know but I won’t tell them that I know” situations
  • Your friendship is confusing
  • But extremely worth it
  • Because you always know he’s there for you
  • And you have amazing conversations together because you’re both so witty
  • You never have to be fake with each other so you’re one of the only people who get to see Kyoya’s relaxed and almost carefree side
  • If you mention that side of him though he will deny it exist until the day he dies
  • But he secretly doesn’t mind that you like that side of him enough to try to tell people about it, because that’s a huge part of who he is, but he can almost never show anyone that side
  • You are very special to him and he wants all the success, happiness, and joy for you in the world and he will make sure you’re always doing well
  • He’s an exceptionally good listener when you have a problem
  • If you ever get romantically involved instead of just staying best friends, you will have that old couple marriage where they hold doors open for each other and say how much they love one another all the time (and also constantly laughing together)
  • Regardless, if you get married or just stay friends, you will be in each others lives forever because he’d never let an amazing friend like you go.

[ no but can i take a moment to talk about how important lily is to mortimer? he doesn’t LIKE kids. kids don’t like HIM. yeah, he’s a creation for kids, but no one has ever really taken a shine to him and he’s just sort of put up with it. mickey was ALWAYS the favorite with the kids. so the fact that LILY likes mortimer means SO much to him and he will probably kick anyone’s ass who messes with her. he’ll protect that little munchkin forever. he’s never gotten this much attention from a kid. he’s never been liked by any kid– he’s down right desperate now and he has it in his mind that, at some point, she’ll realize how much he sucks and she’ll join everyone else on the mortimer hating train.

    – so he’s gonna try to beat mickey for the title of best uncle. NO MATTER WHAT. ]

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“I was miserable being a widow. But I knew it was going to be hard to meet someone new. There is so much space junk out there. And a lot of older men are looking for a younger woman. But I had great hopes. I did my visualizations. I pictured a nice, younger, good-looking man. Every morning I wrote down just what I wanted. Then I found him on one of those dating sites. I was a little worried at first because his profile said: ‘I’m back, ladies.’ I thought that maybe he was a womanizer. But he also quoted a psalm in his profile, and it was a good psalm, so I sent him a smile emoji. We started chatting and decided to meet at the Metropolitan Museum. I walked up the stairs and there he was! Suit! Tie! Overcoat! So much better than his picture! We spent six hours at the wine bar. They had to kick us out. We started seeing each other regularly. I felt like I was sixteen. Nothing could bother me for months. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. Everything worked out just like I imagined. It will have been eight years together, this July.”

Hello Tumblr

This is me and my fiance, @rainbowrocker92

This is our son, @therealskyguy

And right now. we have a bit of a problem. 

You may notice that we all look about the same age and, that’s true. Me and the bean are only about five years apart, but we met at work and the second I figured out how awful his family is, Kaylin and I decided that it was for the best that we look after him. 

We love him so much and he’s so important to us. 

His family, on the other hand, refuses to accept him. His biological mother has already kicked him out of the house. His step dad has shot him. His biological dad and step mother verbally and emotional abuse him and deprive him of basic needs like food and water. 

They’re also stealing his money and his possessions. They took his binder. 

He’s not safe. 

We’re working on getting him out of there through emancipation, but the process is costly and with his parents stealing his money, there’s not much he can do and Kaylin and I can only do so much. I’m out of work and she works at Kroger. 

Our house doesn’t have enough room for him and we need to move before we can take him in. 

We have a house lined up and we’ll have the money by next week, but  things have gotten really bad. Last night, he was yelled at for having to go to the bathroom. 

We need to get him out as soon as possible. 

If you can help, my paypal is 

We’re about $800 short for the house. That doesn’t even start to include legal help. 

Whatever you can do will help and every dime of this will go to making sure that Skylar is safe. 

Thank you so much for anything, even just sharing this post. 

I’ve seen a lot about how Apollo would act in this new series and I just kind of want to shake my head. The reason I love Apollo (but not PJO Apollo) is because he’s so intricate and fascinating, and these are parts that I really hope Riordan will show (and I definitely will in my fanfic!)

  • Apollo’s sister is Artemis. Do you really think he’s going to be a ‘fuckboy’ after thousands of years with her? She’s probably ironed him out to be a feminist by now. Sure, in the myths he’s treated women very… um… possessively, but it’s been thousands of years and Artemis would have kicked his ass into Tartarus by now if he kept that up.
  • Did you literally forget Cyrene, like, he went “Oh, so you went and had kids with Ares after I had kids with you and gave you a city and all? That’s totally chill, like, I didn’t pay you much attention and stuff, so whatever, have fun, I’ll make you a nymph so you live longer, you’re that cool.”
  • Heard of Apollonian and Dionysian? No? Well, Dionysian reflects Dionysus’ personality (irrationality and chaos). Apollonian? Rationality and reason. Sure, it’ll be relative since they’re gods but Apollo isn’t a mindless airhead, so screw you.
  • He’s literally the god of knowledge
  • He’s also the god of the goddamn plague, remember the Trojan War when he struck arrows upon all the Greeks and killed so many of them? Yeah, he’s not all sunshine and bad poetry, don’t insult him or you’re dead.
  • Also, leave his family alone unless you want to be like Niobe, who insulted Leto (and technically also him and his sister) and had all her children killed at the Letoids hands
  • And remember that time Otis and Ephialtes tried to storm Olympus? They said they wanted to marry Artemis so he killed them. Oops.
  • Don’t forget Orion!
  • Oh, and the Python that was chasing after Leto… when he was four years old. Damn, son.
  • Ares also helped kill Achilles and I love him so much I can forgive him for that
  • Remember that time that Apollo killed the Cyclopes who created Zeus’ master bolt because he killed his son? Leto saved his ass by making sure he only got a year hard labour otherwise he would have been chucked into Tartarus. Basically, don’t fuck with Apollo (and Apollo, don’t fuck with Zeus).
  • You know how you’ve read all the stuff telling you he treated his female lovers badly? Well… really?
  • He was only obsessed with Daphne because of Cupid’s arrow Apollo don’t piss off Cupid
  • He loved Leucothea (disguising himself as her mother to get in but whatever) and she loved him back, but then her sister betrayed her because she loved Apollo and Apollo blanked her.
  • Apollo was actually impressed when Marpessa chose Idas over him because of her logic. Imagine if that was Zeus or Poseidon!
  • Okay, Castalia was kind of horrible of him but, eh, he’s a god, he’s naturally an ass, I’m not defending him.
  • Arguably the same with Cassandra, but, hey, if someone went back on their promise, I’d be pissed too. Though that went a bit too far, god he can be an asshole.
  • (He also outran Hermes.)
  • (He’s literally the golden child of the family)

tl;dr: leave my golden boy alone.

signs & cute things my cat does

Aries: rubs his cheek on my nose

Taurus: syncs our breaths together when we’re taking naps

Gemini: kicks his feet whenever he’s dreaming

Cancer: blinks really hard when i tell him i love him

Leo: lets out tiny meows when i wake him up

Virgo: lays on the exact same spot on my bed every night.

Libra: sits across the table from me when i eat

Scorpio: waits at the window until i come home

Sagittarius: only ever meows when i’m opening his food

Capricorn: lets me lay on his tummy when i’m crying

Aquarius: licks my had when i pet his tummy

Pisces: puts his forehead against mine and closes his eyes

okayyyyy but post-war ron weasley 

sort of falls into the auror career and works side by side with harry

and they kick dark wizard ass and restructure the ministry

touted as heroes and all that

but too many missions, too many nightmares

he sees george struggling so much, helps him out in the shop a bit

eventually realizes that working for the ministry, being an auror, just isn’t for him

finally, finally overcomes one of his biggest struggles–managing peoples’ expectations of him, caring what they think about him and his money and his choices and his talents

gathers to courage to leave that stable career, to hand in the glory of being a famous auror, to risk disappointing his parents and just, you know, does his own thing by going into business with george

but he does it on his terms, on a temporary basis, because neither of them know if it’s going to work out long term

but it suits and he genuinely loves his job and grows close with george and they decide to make it a permanent arrangement

and ron can provide for himself and for his family, if need be, which is incredibly important to him

basically ron being self sufficient and outgrowing his insecurities and coming into his own

Rose is, Piper emphasises, nobody’s sidekick. “She’s on par with the Doctor. They teach each other. She’s quite closed off from the world, but she could, potentially, be somewhat brilliant. He shows her how to do that. And equally, she shows him how to be sympathetic, how to have morals and express his emotions. It’s an interesting dynamic.”

But Piper’s not the classic high-kicking heroine: “I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with the stunts,” she confesses. “I’m clumsy, but I want things to go well. So I overcompensate and it ends in tears. Luckily, Rose isn’t really an action heroine. She can throw a punch if she has to, but she tries to talk her way out of situations, which is better–certainly much easier for me–than violence." 

Piper could hardly be further from her character–a shop girl who lives on an estate with her widowed mum–yet she identifies with Rose’s hunger for the wide horizon.

"She’s bored, waiting for something to happen. I remember that. At home in Swindon I felt trapped–not because anyone told me that I was never going to do anything great; just because I knew there was something else out there and I wanted to act.”

Billie Piper’s 2005 interview on playing Rose Tyler and finding inspiration for the feisty companion

In honour of modern Doctor Who’s 10th birthday, we’re republishing an exclusive interview with the actress about her companion character more than a decade after she first embodied Rose Tyler

long distance relationship au

okay so i’m still emo about this one where Shiro and Keith are together but obviously aren’t in one place but they make it work because they are willing to try. So here are the ones I drew of ShiroKeith & the finale for visual purposes.

  • Shiro is two years older than Keith
  • They got together in college because they had the same Advance International Governance and Law class
  • Shiro was graduating to pursue med school (I want to help people, Keith)
  • Keith was friggin proud of course and he’s an art student
  • They talked it out because Shiro’s school will be somewhere far and if they were still going to continue their relationship and Shiro was worried because long distance relationships sometimes don’t work but
  • Keith kicked him “are you kidding me? of course we are, you idiot! or are you tired of me already? we just got together this year after 2 years of pining, Shiro wtf”
  • So they make it work
  • Shiro started med school and at first it was fine cause not much stuff going on yet. They skype after class and have skype dates 
  • Until exams happened and they got busy but they still do the usual skype thing but most of the time they just leave it on while they do their stuff and do small talk from time to time “Oh god, Keith I can’t seem to get this one right” “You’ll get it eventually–ah dammit my paint just spilled”
  • It’s so they can at least pretend they are still together in one place
  • But of course it’s fun too. They send each other silly photos of random stuff that remind them of each other. Shiro would send something red most of the time to Keith while Keith replies with a grumpy emoji because that grumpy cat doesn’t even look like him AT ALL
  • Keith does part time at the university library and whenever he arranged books in the YA section, he’d browse and totally-not-intentional would read and he would take a photo of a line from a book “she ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a kiss on the cheek” and he’d send it to Shiro with the caption “me to you” and SHIRO CRIES and he gets so emo because it was Keith’s first time sending that kind of photo and he loves it so he tells Keith that
  • and so Keith would send him lines from the books he’d read that he wanted to tell and do to Shiro. sometimes he’d take a photo of a tree that was so big and tall with the caption “this is you” and Shiro would be dying of laughter but he gets Keith’s humour
  • Shiro saved EV E R Y TH ING
  • They get matching everything–from beanies to shirts to bracelets to friggin lockets because they are that sappy couple
  • They send each other stuff thru mail like “i saw this set of paints that you’ve been wanting for so long and they have it here so i got it for you! enjoy!” “this mug is really nice it would match your stupid beautiful eyes that i apparently love for some really WEIRD reason –love keith”
  • It would go on for the whole year until term break happens and to hell with it Keith booked a flight to Shiro’s place with all his part time money
  • Shiro was excited! After a year of not seeing each other, he was finally going to see Keith. HE CLEANS HIS FLAT LIKE A MAD MAN EVERYTHING SHOULD BE SPOTLESS
  • Shiro drives to the airport and waits at the arrival area impatiently
  • Passengers have already started coming out and he looked around frantically waiting for a certain someone UNTIL HE SAW SOMEONE WALKING WITH A RED SUITCASE WEARING A CAP
  • And Shiro was so worried because KEITH STOP OMG YOU’RE BUMPING INTO PEOPLE but no Keith went on and when he was so close to his boyfriend, he lets go of his suitcase and glomped at Shiro (who thankfully was able to catch him good lord) and Keith hugged the hell out of him without saying anything
  • They remained like that for what felt like half an hour and they didn’t care if people were staring until Shiro heard a sob
  • Shiro rubbed his hand on Keith’s back without saying anything just letting Keith take it all in
  • “I’ve missed you so much” Keith finally said as he tightened his grip on Shiro burying his face even more into his neck
  • Shiro wanted to cry because god he loves Keith so much it’s crazy
  • “Me, too, Keith. Me, too.”

As a player, i dont like him that much, no. I don’t think he is that good. No, he stands out from the rest, he was born kicking a ball, he is pure joy on the field and he proves how skilled he is, and well he was born a star. and the way that he is the best in the world, one of the best in the world. So skilled, and as a person he is joy. Joy, if i had to use one word it would be joy. He is always smiling, always happy, always joking, very happy. He is a great guy, a very close friend, and i admire him, because he helps you when its a difficult time for you, and he always shares his joy. And in the changing room its the same, if he is like that as a friend, in there he is hilarious: music, dance, fun, you will never see him down. He is very spontaneous. 

“Jackalicious, definition; make us all go loco.”

Yes, I used a screenshot from the song Fergalicious for this pose. What of it? Also, the idea for this was originally just me giving Jack a cookie. It degenerated into this. I dunno how. My brain is weird.

This is a drawing of gratitude for therealjacksepticeye, who shared probably the silliest thing I’ve ever drawn, found here:

It blew up thanks to him and it makes me really happy knowing that people get a kick out of it :D

I hope you all enjoy this too, especially Jack. I hope he likes strawberries. And his legs. I am so proud of his damn legs, even if my proportions probably suck. And the background definitely sucks. I’m so sorry but I just can’t draw backgrounds D:

Much love to you all and thank you all enormously for your support. You all rock my socks.

Too close

Too close ┅  part #1

❝ Why are you staring at me?❞

s u m m a r y  ░ ░ ░  in which Justin and y/n are best-friends and he finds out something he didn’t know about her while hanging out with squad

You prop your feet up on the Justin’s brown coffee table, the conversations between squad flowing through your ear. You all decided to link up tonight—at Justin’s house—the first order of business is catching up. You aren’t much to talk about yourself so usually just listen to what has been going on in there lives.

“Kendall and I were talking about body counts the other day,” Hailey kicks off her black heels, setting them next to the small chair. Justin’s arm wraps around your shoulder, his touch warming your body. He lets out a soft chuckle, your tongue grazing your bottom lip.

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Dating Kim Jongdae (Chen) Would Include:

Other Members: BaekhyunChanyeol | Kyungsoo | Kai | KrisLay | Luhan |  Sehun | SuhoTaoXiumin

• teaming up to execute some of the best pranks the two of you could think of on the other unsuspecting members

• but always being forgiven by them because you’re both just too friggin’ cute

• high-note singing competitions, which are really just you two squealing random nonsense at each other

• honestly just so much teasing, both playfully and sexually

• so many hugs from behind, like it’s his favourite way to hold you because he feels it’s the best way to get your body as close as possible to his own

• him shooting super clever puns your way whenever you present him with the opportunity

• only to have you retort with the lamest puns ever created

• so much ass-grabbing, by both of you

• water gun fights in the summer that start off innocently, but quickly turn ridiculously serious, involving super-stealthy commando rolls and sneak-attacks

• creating the most kick-ass pillow forts when you’re home alone together

• and having some seriously heated make-out sessions in your little “castle of pillows”

• him always waiting until you’re least expecting it to give you kisses

• like, you’ll be totally spacing out when all of a sudden, he’ll quickly peck your cheek, but then pretend like he didn’t do a thing

• him being constantly prepped with his phone’s camera, ready to capture any embarrassing situation you may get yourself in

• you practically worshipping those God-given, sexy arms of his~♥

• him giving up his sweater when you’re cold, with absolutely no hesitation

• like, you wouldn’t even have to ask, he’d pick up on your shivers instantly and hand his hoodie over to you, even if it leaves him in nothing more than a thin t-shirt

• honestly, just him giving you all of the love his heart can possibly manage to give out. He’s the most sincere, caring guy in the world and he’d make you feel like you’re constantly on top of the world, showering you with all of his attention at any given time and always making sure you’ve got a smile on your face

New Oracle Poster Released for Arkham Knight

Oh my.

Last year Dax Ginn of Rocksteady talked about the importance of Oracle to the game:

“[Oracle is] such a strong character in the universe that we really wanted to bring her to life in this game rather than have her as just that voice… What does she look like? Where does she work? How does she have all of this information? What’s her relationship like with Batman? She’s one of the only people who knows his identity, so it gives that sort of human side to Batman. We spend so much time seeing him kick ass it’s nice to see the emotional side of him underneath, and she’s one of the few characters who help us bring that out.”

If only some comic people thought this way … 

honestly Stanley Pines means so much to me because his narrative is literately about an abused mentally ill/disabled child being kicked out of his home, and forced to fend for himself without even a high school education

and you know what??? I can’t remember the last time any children’s media cared about the kids that weren’t traditionally smart. they literately show Stanley living homeless and desperate for ten years and what that did to him and just the long term effect of his parents’ abuse and neglect in general

Gravity Falls has a lot of problems and is far from perfect but I see myself in Stanley Pines in ways I’ve never seen in any other form of media as a child and that means so much to me


Imagine Cullen trying to teach recruits how to fight without weapons. How to utilise their body parts and weight to turn the tide of a fight if they’re ever disarmed or caught unawares.

Imagine him trying to teach them how to hit properly with their fists. Where to punch/kick/knee/elbow someone to effectively render them helpless and totally debilitated and at their mercy while they find a weapon.

Imagine him showing them on a volunteer.

Imagine training getting reduced to a show of brute strength and force between recruits, male and female alike, to see who is strongest and who can get their sparring partner on the ground first.

Imagine one cocky little shit challenging Cullen and with much goading from his troops, Cullen agreeing to the challenge.

Imagine him removing his armor, shrugging out of his undershirt and padding so he and the challenger are both topless and its fair.

Imagine the challenger being over eager because Cullen is a bit older than they are and they underestimate not only his strength but his speed, and his ability to read body language.

Imagine Cullen easily dodging and getting his challenger on the ground, winded and with a mouth full of soil and grass.

Imagine training becoming ‘lets see who can take down the Commander’ as recruits try to take him down one at a time.

Imagine the other members of the inner circle arriving to see what wall the ruckus is about and getting involved.

Imagine Varric taking bets, while Blackwall and Iron Bull join forces with Cullen to take on the recruits. The old pros against young blood.

Imagine Cassandra standing away trying to be disgusted but a tint of blush on her cheeks and heat flying up her neck, unable to tear her eyes away from sweaty bodies and toned muscles.

Imagine Dorian getting a little hot under the collar and resisting being dragged into the sport, happier to spectate.

Imagine Vivienne on her balcony, drawn by the noise. Watching out of everyone else’s gaze from there, shaking her head at the brutality of it all, but quietly amused by it.

Imagine Solas wondering where everyone is when the main hall and library both go quiet and wandering outside to see the fighting. Imagine him rolling his eyes, shaking his head and returning to the rotunda because its all so silly to him.

Imagine Josephine and Leliana watching from inside Skyhold, from a window with the best view, nibbling on fine Orleisan candies while gossiping about the recruits.

Imagine Sera trying to cause even more havoc, goading spectators and trying to slide in traps and distract people from the shoulders of others. Only her traps never work because Cole is quick enough to take them away. He doesn’t understand, but he likes how everyone is happy and there’s no sadness or hurt. He doesn’t know why people are hitting each other, but he understands the laughter and how it builds up their camaraderie.

And imagine in the Inquisitor amongst it all, watching glistening bodies, biting their lip and feeling warmth tingle in the most intimate of places because there’s actually something intense, attractive and primal about it all that they can’t quite explain.

And imagine Cullen/Blackwall/Iron Bull in the midst of the fighting catching their Inquisitor’s eye and seeing their expression darken hungrily because they are so focused on them. Caught up in the movement of their muscles, and how their bodies move so easily to dodge and land their own punches and kicks.

Imagine that becoming distracting is ultimately being how Cullen, or Blackwall or Iron Bull get knocked out, because the Inquisitor is distracting them with their lustful eyes and flushed skin.

Imagine them not being particularly upset at being knocked out because now they’re in the Inquisitor’s embrace and up against the first private wall they can find. And now the real fun starts.

Okay, you can continue.

Wanting More | Luke Smut

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“How many times has his happened now?”

“Too many.”

“I mean you would think she would have learned that he’s only using her!”

“Or maybe he could try and be a fucking decent human being for once and stop playing her. We all know she’s an easy target.”

The hushed voices echoed around the living room, accented by the cries coming from the room just down the hall from where you and your best friends sat together, discussing how to resolve the situation. 

Your friend Casey had been repeatedly making the mistake of sleeping with Luke Hemmings, and every time it happened she thought that maybe that time it meant something to him, but every time he fucked her then kicked her out and was with a different girl the next night. Yet, for reasons you couldn’t figure out she went crawling back to him every time he so much as breathed her way.

This time you had had enough. You couldn’t bear to hear Casey’s sobs as she lay broken-hearted on her bed, barely able to leave the room for the next couple of days. “You know what, I’m going to have a word with Luke. He needs to know that he can’t just use people like that.” You stood up, shaking off the protests of your friends, you were determined to let him know exactly how much of an asshole he was.

Throwing your leather jacket on, you walked out of the apartment calling back to your friends, “Someone bring Casey some tissues before she drowns in her own tears. And tell her I’m off to be her knight-in-shining-armor.” Slamming the door after you.

Having been to Luke’s house for a few parties from before he fucked up your friends life it didn’t take you long to get there, leaving no time for your anger to fizzle. Standing there and waiting for him to answer the door you quickly became impatient. ‘Of course this asshole doesn’t answer his goddamn doorbell, why do that when the whole world just waits on you hand and foot.’ You thought to yourself, starting to incessantly ring his doorbell.

After nearly a minute of constant ringing you heard movement inside, followed by a string of profanities until the man of the hour himself opened the door. His hair was disheveled under a black snapback, and he had on a black shirt that most definitely had not been washed recently enough with a pair of his usual skinny jeans that were tight against his long legs.

When he saw you standing at the doorway, his eyes ran up and down your body lingering on your chest which was pushed up from the way your arms were crossed across your body. Letting out a disgusted scoff you uncrossed your arms from your body, causing Luke to look up at you, “Well to what do I owe this pleasure.” He said, voice still scratchy from clearly having just woken up even though it was well past lunch time.

“Fuck off Luke, you know exactly why I’m here.” You pushed past him in to his apartment. Glancing around you realized why it was he had just woken up, beer cans were littered all over his apartment and what looked like the remnants of late-night nachos were scattered on his kitchen table.

“Sure, come on in.” Luke muttered under his breath before turning back to you, “Look if this is about Casey then - “

You cut him off before he could even get started, “Of course this is about fucking Casey. You treat her like your toy Luke!” You could feel yourself getting riled up, pacing around his kitchen, “She’s a human being, not one of your play things, you can’t just hit it and quit it-”

“I can’t help it if she doesn’t understand the agreement. I told her from the beginning it wasn’t going to be a serious thing.” Luke cut in, leaning against the counter, hardly even batting an eyelash at your anger.

You felt like pulling out your hair, “That doesn’t give you the right to forget she has feelings. I mean for fuck’s sake Luke, you slept with her, kicked her out of your apartment, and not even 12 hours later there’s pictures of you and another girl going in to a hotel together.” 

Luke smirked at that, “I can’t help the fact that they just throw themselves at me, I mean I’m a people pleaser Y/N. Can’t deny the people what they want.” His words made your blood boil, he needed to be taken down a notch, or maybe a whole bunch of notches.

He pushed off of the counter, walking towards where you now stood frozen by your anger in the middle of the kitchen. “If you want Y/N,” he was standing in front of you, his face incredibly close to yours, “I can please you too.”

As he stood there, with that same one-sided smirk on his face, acting as if everyone in the world would be lucky to be in his presence an idea popped in to your head. Glancing up at him through your lashes you did your best impression of a sultry voice, “You know what, you’re right Luke,” pulling your bottom lip between your teeth you ran your hand up his torso, “I do want you.” 

You took in a deep breath, pressed your body tightly against his, before walking backwards so that you were still facing him as you walked away. Heading towards where you knew his bedroom you undid your jacket and dropped it on the floor letting out a quiet, “oops” was before glancing back up at him only to find him still standing in the kitchen, “Are you going to join me Luke?”

That seemed to snap him out of his thoughts, as he jumped in to action following in your footsteps on the way to his bedroom. Glancing around his room as he came up behind you pressing his body against yours and leaving warm kisses down the side of your neck, you quickly found what you were looking for making a grin spread across your face.

“Luke I want you to lay on the bed and don’t move a muscle until I come back.” You said, breaking free from his wandering hands. He nodded and watched as you snatched something off of his floor before heading in to the bathroom. 

Once you were in the bathroom you shed the rest of your clothes until you were left in nothing but the black Calvin Klein thong and push-up bra set that you had thrown on underneath your clothes this morning. Messing up your hair and biting on your lips a little bit, you did your best to look as enticing as possible, before heading back out to Luke.

Following your instructions perfectly you found Luke laying on the bed, with his hands behind his head staring up at the ceiling. You ran the silky material of the tie you had grabbed off of his floor earlier between your hands and made your way to the foot of the bed, grabbing Luke’s attention with your movements.

“Damn Y/N, your body is fucking amazing.” Luke’s eyes were already starting to get a little bit darker. You didn’t respond instead just crawling up the bed, one knee on each side of his body. You made sure to give him a nice view of your breasts before you lowered your face until it was just centimeters from his. Sneaking your hands beneath his shirt, you ran it up his body and pulled it over his head leaving his broad chest exposed.

“Hold your arms out for me baby,” You whispered, the puffs of air leaving your lips pressed against his. He followed your instructions, enamored with the way you looked hovering above him. As soon as he held out his arms you shifted your weight so that it was held by your knees rather than your hands and tied his wrists to the headboard above his head.

Before Luke had the chance to say anything you slid down his body, your soft skin running against his clothed body. You began to place feather-light kisses on his neck, dipping down to where his shirt had hung off his collarbones earlier, before retracing your steps back up his neck and adding a little more force behind the kisses.

When you reached just below his ear you sucked hard knowing it was a sensitive spot for most people, and Luke was no different. He let out a moan his eyes closing when you nibbled on the skin before soothing it with your tongue. “For the duration of this encounter you’re going to be completely at my mercy Luke, and if you so much as breathe without permission from me I’ll leave you here begging to cum. Got it?”

He nodded vigorously. “Good.” You replied, a smirk pulling across your lips. Sitting up so your crotch was placed right above his growing hard on, you lowered your weight on to him and ever so slightly shifted from side to side, watching as his chest began to rise and fall a little quicker. “Does that feel good Luke?”

He nodded again, “Can you use your words Luke?” You said, grinding down a little bit harder on his crotch.

“Mmm, fuck yes that feels good Y/N.” His eyes scrunched up a little tighter as you continued your movements.

“Open your eyes for me Luke, I’ve got something I want you to see.” He peeled one eye open, the other one quickly snapping open as he saw what you had in store for him. Your hands running over your body, you massaged your breasts together over the bra, before reaching around back and unhooking it, letting them spill free. 

Circling your nipples with your fingers, you let out a soft groan as you felt yourself beginning to get wet. Picking up the pace at which your hips moved, you pinched one of your nipples while your other hand lowered to the place where your hips met his. Stopping the movement of your hips all together Luke let out a whine, but that quickly turned in to a groan when you began to palm him over his jeans feeling just how hard he had gotten.

“Do you want me to take off these restricting jeans?” You murmured, laying down on him so that your breasts were pressed against his chest, with you hand still working him over through his jeans. 

You could see the muscles in his neck tensing as he struggled to speak. “Please Y/N, please take them off.” 

Giggling at how throaty his voice sounded, you stopped all movement with your hand and sat back up, “Only because you said please.” Before slowly undoing the button on his jeans, and making sure to run your hand against him as you pulled down the zipper, hearing the sigh of relief that left Luke’s lips as you pulled his jeans off. 

“Now, I think you need to earn the removal of these boxers, don’t you?” You said, seeing the desperate look in Luke’s eyes. “Maybe you could do a little something for me?”

He nodded vigorously, like a puppy who just got offered to go outside. Smirking at his enthusiasm you slid off your panties before climbing on top of his face. “Do your worst Hemmings.” You said, before lowering yourself on to his face.

Within minutes Luke had you holding on to the headboard, panting for air. It was as if his tongue was everywhere all at once. One minute he would be tongue-fucking you and the next he was playing what felt like hockey with your clit - but in the best way possible.

“Oh, oh god Luke,” You called out, moaning his name a few more times, before suddenly being snapped back to reality as you remembered just whose beard it was that was chaffing your thighs, something you had heard Casey complaining about just the other day. Focusing back in on the mission, you backed away from his face, losing your breath for a moment at how hot he looked with your juices smeared across his lips. 

A smile pulled on his lips, as he licked his lips collecting all that he could, “Damn Y/N, you taste amazing.” Desperate to wipe that grin off of his face and take away the power you had given him, you leaned back on the bed and spread your legs. Judging by the sound that fell from his lips, you were sure you had given him a good view.

You ran your fingers up your slit, before placing them in your mouth and sucking off what you could, moaning at the taste of yourself, “Mmm, you’re right Luke. I do taste good.” You watched as his face flushed an even deeper red than he already was, his hips swiveling ever so slightly. “Aww, is someone getting impatient?” You mocked, straddling him once again making sure he could feel how wet you were through his boxers.

“Don’t worry Luke, we’ll be done here soon enough.” Beginning to really grind hard against his hips, you could feel his length rubbing against you in just the right places. You placed your hands on his broad chest, to stabilize yourself as you began to make figure eight motions with your hips, Luke bucking against you and straining against his restraints.

“Fuck Y/N, please untie me. I want to feel your body and see you underneath me.” Unable to speak as your body began to shake, you just shook your head making Luke whimper out. 

Sliding up ever so slightly you could feel Luke’s abdominal muscles clenching underneath you, “Y/N, damn that feels good, but,” he gasped as you moaned out his name, “I’m going to cum in my pants if you don’t do something soon.” 

“Just a little bit longer.” You huffed out, your words punctuated by moans that fell from your lips. You could feel just how tightly wound your body was, about to snap from the friction of Luke’s boxers and the movement of his strong hips beneath you. “Oh, god, yes Luke right there.” You called out as he thrust his hips up in just the right way.

His face flushed, eyes closed, and head thrown back as he held back his release he continued to thrust against you, watching as your eyes rolled back in to your head and you still atop him for a brief moment, before a wave of pleasure rolled through you, causing your whole body to shake in relief.

Every thought about what you were here for had rushed from your mind, only focusing on the feeling that was flowing throughout your body. That feeling of pure bliss and relaxation as your muscles contracted, pushing out fluids that would most definitely leave a stain on Luke’s boxers.

The sounds falling from your parted lips had Luke pulsating in his boxers, just barely holding himself back from spilling all over, but just when he thought he had reached his breaking point you began to come down from your high, the reason you were hear in the first place rushing back to your pleasure-filled brain.

Standing up you began to collect your things from Luke’s floor, and as you pulled your panties back on you heard a cry of protest from Luke’s mouth, “What are you doing? I didn’t break any of your rules!” His voice was desperate, and just by looking at how hard he was you could see why. 

You pretended to contemplate what he had said, “Hmm, I guess I can’t help it if you didn’t understand the agreement.” Throwing his own words back at him, as you finished buttoning up your jeans. Walking over to him, you brushed your hand against his hard on one last time, before leaving a ghost of a kiss on his cheek, “Maybe you can find one of these people that you pleased to take care of that for you. I’m sure they’d just be throwing themselves at you to help.” 

You couldn’t help but smile as you walked away from Luke, leaving him being the one wanting more for once in his life.

A/N: These Japan pictures of Luke have been killing me today, so I had to write something about them. Let me know what you think here, maybe I’ll even write a part 2 if enough people want it!