so much for kicking him out

“So he ends up meeting Kirsten, whose kind of his match in a way. He’s always been the smartest one in every room he’s ever been in, until you know, this beautiful blonde walks in, and he’s just like “Really?”. And then she opens her mouth and challenges him and he kinda is attracted to that challenge. They kind of bring out the best in each other in different ways. Cameron is definitely someone who spent a lot of time in the classroom, behind a book, and never really doing much physical activity as a kid and she’s the one that brings that out of him. She’s like, “We’re going to the streets, we’re solving this crime, we’re kicking down doors”. So at the same time he teaches her, just kinda to be more sensitive as she learns to take on these emotions throughout the show. So they’re a good mix for each other.“

- Kyle Harris (x)


“How are you so much of a flirt after that? I mean, you’re still bleeding and you’re trying to get me out to dinner? At 2 am?” You weren’t entirely shocked that after you had patched dean up he wanted to go out, get food. It was a regular routine. Dean comes in bleeding and looking like a kicked puppy until you patch him up, you two do that usual flirty-talk-thing before eventually you give in and go out for dinner at 2 in the morning.

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what's your honest opinion about vernon passing?

the same as everyone else i guess lmao thank god he passed but hansol honestly could have done ALOT better i mean just look at his past raps and rap parts in seventeen songs

the audition didn’t fully display what he’s capable of but there was no one to blame except himself don’t get me wrong okay i love that kid to death i was about to cry when i realised he was trending on naver for bad reasons but i know he can do WAYYYYYY better than this 

if he pulls this same shit at the next ep, then i’ll completely understand if he got kicked out but ofc i’ll hope with all my dark ass soul that he’ll kill it in his next rap and show that his pretty face wasn’t the reason he passed 

i guess either ways this is a really good experience for him?? like i want him to go far in the competition because i love him so much but at the same time even if he leaves, he’ll gain the experience of being in a competition with all those rappers (experience that most idols do nOT have) and that’s worth much more in terms of improving himself :—-) so it’s a win-win situation i guess??

and really let’s not forget he’s only 17 and only got a few dollars :> 

          “Seriously? I only have four senses left and you’ve managed to piss off all of them. Congratulations.”

His wedding day (you aren’t the bride) pt.2

Requested: yes a lot of times x

Description: title is self explanatory 

Word count: around 1.3k

Part 1

*2 years pass*

It felt like Michael’s wedding was just yesterday, but it was an eternity ago. You were still upset, though. Some times you’d wake up with nightmares of when you walked in and saw them kissing. The moment constantly played through your head like a record that was as broken as you are.

You hadn’t seen the boys much. The 3 of them came around the day after the wedding to see how you were. But, you denied their help and kicked them out. Ashton was the only one you’ve seen since then, mainly because you lived in the same building. As for Michael, he moved to the suburbs with Zoe. He was an hour away so luckily, he didn’t come around Ashton’s. You hadn’t heard from him, seen him, or talked to him. It blew your mind that one day you and him were inseparable and the next you couldn’t be more disconnected.

A loud thus sounded from your living room followed by a string of profanities. Living alone, this scared the living shit out of you. You, being a curious individual, decided to go and check around.

So using your iPhone as a flashlight you made your way to the living room. You hadn’t heard anything else or seen anything. Maybe it was all your imagination. But then you turned the living room light on and saw a crazy colored hair boy sitting on your couch.

“Michael, what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?” you yelled, dropping your iPhone. His head snapped your way and he gave you a shy smile. You didn’t return it, and kept your arms folded across your chest.

“Erm, Ashton gave me the spare key,” he told you, awkwardly standing in the middle of your living room.

“Clearly, now why the hell did you come here?” you spat. You didn’t want to see him. After the wedding you were mortified and depressed. He was the last person you ever wanted to see.

“(y/n), it’s been two years. We have to talk it out at some point,” he explained. He took a step or two closer to you, and you moved back until your back hit the cold wall.

“I don’t know what you mean. We have nothing to talk about,” you sternly spoke. He rolled his green eyes at your response.

“Don’t pretend like what happened isn’t always on your mind,” he sighed. He stepped even closer.

“No it’s not. You embarrassed me in front of a whole church of people and left me heart broken, but I’m fine, right Michael? Is that why you didn’t bother with me until 2 years later?” you sassily replied. Bitterness evident on your face and in your voice.

“I wanted to talk to…. so badly. It’s just complicated,” he explained. He was being genuine, you could tell, but you couldn’t forgive him that easily.

“Complicated,” you scoffed, rolling your eyes.

“I need your advice,” he sighed, grabbing your tiny wrist into his large hand. He pulled you over to the couch and sat down right next to you.

“What makes you think I would give you any advice?” you asked, putting emphasis on the word “you”.

“Because we’re still best friends and we still care about each other,” he smiled at you.

“Fine,” you nodded your head, and motioned for him to go on.

“I’ve been thinking lately. About you, actually. I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. Zoe notices too. I’m not too committed to that relationship. I think she knows I don’t love her anymore. I want to divorce her, (y/n), I wanna be with you,” he finished. He looked down at the ground, gnawing at his lip. He was waiting for you to say something. Anything.

“O-Ok,” you shakily said. This was big news for you to handle. Then again, he told you he loved you before, but he played you and married some one else minutes later.

“Ok?” he questioned. “Is that it?”

“What are you expecting me to say, Michael? You’ve done this before, and I’m having trouble trusting you,” you shouted to him.

“Just forget about that,” he pleaded to you. But it wasn’t that easy to forget.

“I can’t! You’ve scarred me for life with that experience,” you spat.

“Don’t pretend like you still don’t have feelings for me. Don’t pretend like you don’t want to just say the words and we’ll be an item,” he scolded you. As if it was the easiest thing in the world to just trust him. “Do you still love me?”

“Michael, don’t make me answer that,” you shook your head, as your voice quieted down from the pervious screaming.

“Tell me, (y/n), I need to know,” he spoke softly, sincerity laced into his emerald eyes.

“Yes, I still love you,” you whispered to him. His  face instantly lit up with a smile.

“I love you too,” he happily said. “I need to tell Zoe that it’s over,” he sighed.

“Make sure this is really what you want, I hate to come in between you two again,” you told him, as a radiant smile formed on your lips. After years of waiting he could finally be yours again.

“This what I wa-,” he started, but his sentence was cut off by Michael’s phone ringing. He picked it up out of his pocket, both of you looking at the screen to see who was calling.

FaceTime Call from “Zo the Hoe”

Such a classic Michael contact name….

“Hello,” Michael smiled, as he clicked the button to answer it. A little girl was on the screen. She had eyes like Michael, brown curly hair, and his pale skin. She was missing  a bow on one of her pigtails and her hair was quite messy, but she was still adorable.

“Daddy!!!!” the little girl squealed. Her intoxicating giggle sounded from the phone, making Michael smiled bigger than he ever has before. But you weren’t laughing. That little girl just called him “Daddy”. Michael had a child with her.

“What’s up, munchkin?” Michael asked. The little girl smiled at the cute nickname.

“Mommy reeeeeeeeally misses you a whole lot. She says she don’y know where daddy went, and then she started crying,” the little girl explained, her big glassy eyes filling the screen.

Michael coughed awkwardly, looking over to you staring down at the floor. “Daddy, will talk to mommy later when he gets home. Go to sleep, munchkin, I’ll be home soon,” he smiled to her.

“Okay, nighty night, love you,” she yawned, before blowing him a kiss and hanging up the phone.

“(y/n),” he called your name. He looked over at you as your eyes were fixated on the floor.

“You have a daughter?” you asked him with anger in your voice.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t change anything, right?” he asked the desperation evident.

“Yes it does,” you scoffed. “How many do you have?” your straining voice asked.

“Just her and another girl on the way,” his voice spoke quietly.

“I’m not letting those girls grow up with out a father. It’s not right,” you shook your head, as tears welled in your eyes.

“I can still see them on holidays,” he explained, but it wasn’t enough to convince you.

“Michael, you should go home. They are waiting for you,” your cracking voice, told him. You rose from the couch and walked to the front door. You opened it, waiting for Michael to leave.

“Please,” he begged as his eyes met yours by the front door. But you only motioned for him to keep walking. “I love you,” he whispered.

So close to being his once again, but things always seem to get in the way. Maybe you weren’t meant to be after all.

I think this will be the last part idk

Owned- closed with DestructiveEmpathy

He laid on the ground, shaking, in so much pain he could barely move. Those damn kids, utter demon-spawn they were, had dragged him off from the house. Working out their aggression, their parents always said with a shrug, as they watched the teenage boy and girl punching and kicking at him and forcing whatever object they could find inside. It wasn’t a problem- for them- unless he was so badly injured he couldn’t perform his sexual and household duties, but he was the one who always got punished if that was so, not them.

They’d gone far further this time, with their parents out of town, forcing themselves on him, breaking bones, shoving sharp things inside him until he bled. And the collar he wore, the brand on his hip, meant that none of the dozen passersby batted an eyelash.

He shook harder, starting to cough up a mouthful of frothy blood as breathing got harder. He needed a doctor badly, but instead he’d lie here, maybe eventually get brought back to the house, and would have to recover on his own or die. If they felt charitable they might shoot him instead.

If it weren’t for the collar and brand, he’d be sedated in a hospital bed by now.

He gave another weak cough and lapsed into semiconsciousness, the sounds of footsteps his only companion.

[ destructiveempathy]

To be honest, we all hate on how Adam Stevens doesn’t like that Connor is gay and how he wishes his son wouldn’t be. But at least he is trying, he is reading books about LGBT trying to grasp on to it, try to understand it (first step of acceptance). It honestly could be so much worse for Connor like it is for so many LGBT teens out there. There are fathers/mothers that literally kick their child out for being LGBT. There are out there people who are suicidal because their own parents, the people who brought them into this world, don’t accept them. There are people who are bullied in school because they are LGBT. And many more.
Adam Stevens is trying. We can give him that.

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My older sister is a total sports fanatic. When we were in school, she played almost every sport available. When she was in Jr High, she tried out for the football team. A girl had tried out the year before to be closer to her boyfriend but wasn't all that interested in the actual sport, so she didn't really try too hard. Because of that, the coach decided- with my dad's approval- that any girl who wanted on the team would have to show how dedicated they were by playing twice as hard. (1)

ravingsofabitch said:(2) My sister had to literally fracture her arm to get any respect from the coach despite being one of the best players and THE best field-goal kicker. Another time when we were much younger- she was like 9, I think- a boy told her she couldn’t play baseball because she was a girl, so my sister kicked the crap out of him. When the boy told his father, he tried to make my sister drop her pants to prove she wasn’t a guy because he refused to believe a girl could beat up his son.

Slave to a Demon

Lilly was alone most of the time. She knew it wasn’t safe, she knew how likely that made being captured was. No other human groups seemed to want her, she had been with them when she was younger, until her father proved he couldn’t pull his own weight and got kicked out, Lilly had ran off from him a long time ago so she didn’t have much choice. Human colony’s were hard to find.
She was camping in an empty storehouse she had found, curled up in her bedroom and trying her best to get some sleep before morning.



Drarry AU: Harry was away for weeks on his Auror mission and Draco, though he would never admit it, was missing him so much that he was on the verge of tears if Harry was still not returning. Draco swore to kick him out of the house forever, but what a pleasant surprise he received when he retuned home from work!

“FUCK YOU POTTER,” Draco yelled at the empty house before leaving for work. 

He wished for Potter’s response, even if it would result in him being insulted, because for fuck’s sake at least Potter was here.

It had been weeks, four to be exact, not that Draco was counting, yes he was definitely not counting, that Harry was away from home. Draco never hated Harry’s job this much. He was surprised that it took him so long to see that Harry’s career would definitely be the ultimate spoiler of their relationship. God damn it. Draco missed him. Draco missed him so much that he had been sniffing their bed sheets and sleeping on Harry’s pillow every night just to take in whatever little of Harry’s scent left. 

Occasionally, when Harry was less busy with fucking other men (that is what Draco thinks he is doing) busy with work, he would send an owl or firecall Draco to check on him but regardless of all these, the physical distance between them was tearing Draco apart. Never did he think it would be possible for him to be so dependent on a single person in this world. And that person has to be Potter for fuck’s sake. Whenever he asked for a specific date that Harry would be returning home, Harry would brush it off, as he wasn’t sure exactly when his work would end. 

“It could be today,” Draco tried to comfort himself as he looked out of the window thoughtfully, biting his thumb, “BUT IT COULD BE FUCKING FIVE MONTHS LATER AS WELL, FUCK YOU POTTER IF YOU’RE NOT COMING HOME TODAY YOU’LL NEVER COME HOME EVER.”

Draco had let himself be too hopeful in the past and he learned his lessons well. Whatever, if he’s not coming home, that’s it, Draco decided. Lightning flashed across the sky and thunder soon followed. What a gloomy day that had drastically contributed to Draco’s already gloomy mood. Soon, Draco found himself distracted by piles of work on his desk as the sound of rain drops splattered on his window. 

Meanwhile… At Malfoy-Potter’s house…

“Gosh, does England’s weather gets any worse? After all these weeks and it is still as shit as ever.”

Harry was drenched from head to toe, leaving water along the way as he made his way up to the bedroom. He’d better get out of these clothes before he caught a cold. Definitely not his plan to spend his well-deserved holiday being sick when he can finally be fucking Draco 24/7. 

“OH MY GOD. THAT LAZY FUCKING MAN!!!” Harry screamed as the mess in the bedroom greeted him when he opened the door. Clothes were everywhere on the floor, dirty underwears, clean socks, bathrobes, towels, everything that Draco could possibly have used and left behind, he left them on the floor. 

“I can’t believe it. All these while he had been lying to me that he was keeping the house in order,” Harry grumbled as he bent down to pick up the clothes. 

He decided that a hot bath would be first needed before he could proceed with laundry and maybe some other basic chores to at least make his house looked like somewhere humans could dwell in. 

As he sank into the warm water, Harry couldn’t help but let out a heavy sigh. He had been so tired and busy with work that he couldn’t even properly catch up with Draco these few weeks. On one hand, he left guilty to leave Draco behind and that he had paid so little attention to his favourite in the whole wide world. On the other, he too, felt sexually frustrated. He needed the man in his arms, he needed the man by his side to challenge him in all possible ways, to annoy him and to give him the motivation to complete his work faster. Though, in all honesty, Harry had never been so motivated to work that he finished what was supposed to be completed in two months within a month because he was desperate and eager to get home to Draco. He decided that tonight would be romantic and sweet. Firstly, he would clean up the house. Secondly, he would make them a nice dinner. Thirdly, they could cuddle, talk, and make love afterwards before calling it a day. 

Sounds like the perfect plan, Harry grinned at himself as the images of them making love flooded across his mind. 

By the time he finished bathing and doing laundry, it was almost 5pm. Draco might be back anytime because he could leave his office any time. It was hard to estimate. Harry decided to go with the normal, which left him with another hour to prepare his romantic meal before surprising Draco at the door. 

Some time later…

“Hmm, why does this fucking house smell so good? I must be delusional. Nobody is home to be even cooking for me,” Draco lamented as he unlocked the front door. 

“OMG. WHAT. HOW COME HE’S BACK ALREADY. IT’S ON 45MINUTES PAST!” Harry screamed internally as he panicked after hearing Draco’s voice immediately as the door unlocked.

He wasn’t done cooking, first. Second, he was not dressed at all because he left everything in the washing machine… so on some level, he looked very indecent. Although to be fair, it wasn’t as if Draco never saw him naked, but to be caught naked in this kind of situation was rather… unplanned and embarrassing

Okay fine, you guys left me with no choice, but never in my life would I do this again, Harry cursed inwardly and thought this could be the only way he could make things less awkward, hopefully. 

“Welcome home darling,” Harry tried in his most seductive tone ever as Draco greeted him at the kitchen’s door.

… awkward silence … awkward silence … awkward silence …

Draco just stared and stared at the naked figure in front of him. Toned, muscular lean body leaning against the frame of the kitchen’s door. The muscles clearly defined, the butt looking fine and desired to be touched, the hair looking as messy as ever. This could only be one person and the voice confirmed it. It was Potter, his Potter, here, at home, in the kitchen, naked, greeting him… is this even real….? No. He was definitely not expecting this after a crazy long day at work. 

“,” Draco began, ‘you’re back,” he stated as a matter of fact-ly. 

“Yes, Dray, I’m back!! Aren’t you happy?” Harry smiled at Draco cheekily. 


“WOAH, Dray calm down!” Harry made his way towards the now raging Draco. 


Before he could even finish the sentence, he felt himself being pushed backwards, falling onto the sofa when a heavy figured landed on him, sealing his lips at the same time. 

FUCK HIM IF HE THINKS HE COULD GET AWAY JUST BY KISSING ME, Draco struggled against Potter, turning his head away as he tried to push himself up, “GO AWAY YOU MEAN HEARTLESS MAN.” 

“I’m sorry baby, I swear I’ll never leave you alone in this house again okay? Please? Look at me,” Harry’s hand pinned Draco’s above his head as he leaned forward to press kisses against his cheek and neck, “you don’t know how much I miss you, oh god, you smell so good.” 

“If you really missed me that much you could have come back sooner,” Draco still looked royally pissed. 

“It’s not like that. I have work. I couldn’t just quit because I miss you. Everyone on the team is away from their family, their loved ones and no one is complaining!” 

“Whatever Potter, get off me.”

“I don’t want.” 


And before Harry had the time to digest everything and reply, Draco was kissing him hard, body swiftly grinding against his own. All he could do was to kiss him back with equal passion and made up for all these time they had lost. That was before he tasted something salty in his mouth. 

Shite. He’s crying.

Harry had known him for so long, lived with him for so long and he knew Draco hardly ever cried unless he was really extremely upset. Looks like Harry had done it again because the last time Draco cried was when they had a huge fight and Harry ignored him for days. He tore him apart to see Draco crying and knew that instant to never doubt Draco’s love for him. He also swore to himself to never make Draco cry again. Now, he never hated himself more. 

“Draco, stop,” Harry tried to break away from the kiss but he knew Draco too well. 

He was not going to stop. He wouldn’t want Harry to see him crying. He would continue distracting Harry by kissing him. 

“No. Stop,” Harry brought his hands up to Draco’s cheeks and rubbed away the tears that were flowing, “I’m sorry, please, don’t cry?”

“I’m not going away anymore, forever, I promise you. I miss you as much as you miss me and it is killing me inside, so stop crying, because you’re making me cry. It hurts me so much to see you this upset. I can’t believe I made you cry again. I’m such a bad lover,” Harry smiled weakly at Draco as he pressed a kiss on each of Draco’s eyes. 

“I’m sorry for screaming at you too. I just missed you so much I don’t know how to express my feelings. My heart is cringing painfully inside when I saw you because I’m so happy that you’re safe and you’re back, but I don’t know how long you would be back for because I know I can’t go through this whole process of living without you again.”

“Draco, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

They both leaned towards each other for a kiss to seal their promises. 

“Let’s get to bed,” Draco suggested as he looked into Harry’s eyes and smiled for the first time in weeks since Harry left. 

“Wait! I was cooking, oh my god, my food will be burnt by now!”

“Good. I don’t want to eat your lousy cooking anyway. Go to the kitchen and switch off the stove before you burn our house down.”

Draco lifted himself off and pulled Harry up. He couldn’t help but laughed a little when he saw Harry’s butt bouncing as he made his way to the kitchen in quick small steps. 

“Harry, wear some clothes please. I don’t want our neighbour to see what belongs only to me,” Draco smirked as he took off his pants and underwear, before throwing the underwear at Harry, “for old time’s sake.”

Harry laughed as he put it on, feeling warm inside out.

“I’ll wait for you upstairs,” Draco winked and disappeared up the stairs. 

Whatever Harry’s plans were for a romantic dinner was definitely not happening tonight, for the dinner seemed to be inedible already. Well, at least he had a feast waiting for him in the bedroom. 

By the time he cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and arrived upstairs, Draco had finished bathing and was drying his hair by the side of their bed. 

“Come here, let me do it for you,” Harry said as he sat down beside Draco. 

“Yeah continue to let you spoil me rotten and then leave me behind to die again with zero survival skills,” Draco grumbled unsatisfactorily.

“You really have zero survival skills. The room was in a mess when I returned. Looks like I can never leave you alone again.”

“That’s the plan,” after a pause, Draco continued, “for life. But for now, the plan is…”

With that, he settled onto Harry’s lap before pushing him down onto the bed and kissed him in all eagerness.

They were making up for lost time, kissing with all the passion, grinding against each other with all the energy, before Harry found his hand slowly sneaking into Draco’s pants. Oh this butt, still as touchable as ever…

“Not so quick Potter,” Draco declared as he swatted his hand away.

“What again?” Harry asked, obviously sexually frustrated, “it’s been weeks! Let me touch my baby!” 

“Oh? I thought you didn’t know it has been weeks. But as a punishment, tonight, you’re not allowed to touch me.”

Harry groaned but inwardly, he was filling with excitement. Draco was usually never this eager in bed, and he was only more than happy to let Draco have his way tonight. After all, he was sure it was going to be one of his best nights ever. 


“Hands at both sides above your head.”

Harry did as he was told and he heard Draco mumbling something before his wrists were bounded to the headboards of their bed. 

Fuck, wandless spell. That was hot. Harry could feel himself getting harder. Since when did the bastard figure it out? This must have been how Draco was feeling for the past few years when Harry performed wandless spells just to watch Draco getting so aroused and eager. Now he was definitely getting his revenge. 


“Patience darling. Firstly, lift your hips up so that I can take off my underwear though it fits you perfectly well.”

Draco smirked proudly as he saw Harry’s member eagerly up and even leaking a bit at the tip. 

He gave Harry a quick kiss on the lips before whispering into his ears, “Baby I’ll fuck you so hard tonight.”

Harry felt himself shivering at Draco’s words. Fuck. His sexy low voice was enough to make Harry come. 

“Now let me examine my property closely,” Draco kissed his way down Harry’s body before disappearing beneath the covers. 

Harry couldn’t see what Draco was doing, but he knew he was dying inside because he had yet to feel Draco’s hand or mouth on his member and he desperately needed Draco’s touch. But soon enough, he could feel hot breaths against his dick before Draco’s tongue was circling his tip, biting so very lightly that made Harry moaned in arousal. 

“Fuck! Draco!”

He never got a verbal reply but Draco was sucking him hard, hands massaging his balls gently. He could feel the back of Draco’s throat and tried his hardest to not thrust into his lover’s hot mouth even though he desperately wanted to. 

Whatever plans he had for tonight were not going to happen. Romantic and sweet? More like messy yet fucking hot and sexy. It didn’t matter. This moment was perfect to him. All Harry found was himself drowning in moans and Draco was forcing all sorts of sounds out of him by being so fucking talented. 

It was indeed a long night ahead for them. 


live chat is over!

thank you all who attended so much, and thank all of the rest of you for being so supportive for the last year! we know nadia left before the anniversary, but she had just as much of a part in this as i did, and this blog wouldn’t exist without her help. but thank you all again, so so much, and we look forward to another successful year in the future!

the chat went for a really long time, and charatrp kept kicking us off, so there’s an incomplete log of the biggest part of the chat here (huge HUGE antisemitism and suicide trigger warning! there are two pages, you can switch up at the top) some things we found out from the chat:

- stan is definitely gay

- craig’s parents are fighting with each other and with him

- clyde may have a chance to explain himself later

- cartman crashed the chat

- cartman has a new plan 

- kyle and stan are still very much in a lot of trouble

so look out for cartman in any future posts. they are still highly at risk, and he doesn’t seem to be giving up. 

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I always love hearing your take on these characters. I have a question that I've been meaning to ask lately. How would the mercs react to learning that they've been cheated on/betrayed by their significant other?

Thank you so much! :)

And here’s my input:

Scout - Surprisingly not as hurt as people would expect. However, if something really does get to him, he’ll get gruff about it, and not know how to express it. It will build up until one day, he just breaks up with them or kicks them out. 

Soldier - Being such a loyal person, Solly hates betrayal. He views it as weak and cowardly, and if a partner every betrayed his trust, he would no longer love them. Not because they did it, but because by showing their cowardice and instability, they are no loner appealing to him. 

Pyro - Very, very hurt. They will cry the moment they find out about it. They won’t end things right away, but they will make it very clear how hurt they are. 

Demo - Would end things right away, no questions asked. At first, it would seem like nothing was bothering him and he was dealing well with it. But after a day or so, he’d be drinking even more than usual and depressive things would slip out constantly. 

Heavy - He would be equally hurt and angry, but only the anger would show. He’d be irate, and honestly terrifying to anybody who happened to cross him with the subject. 

Engie - He’d act like it was no big deal, and brush it off. But he’d be choking back tears the whole time. He’d get home and build fifty new machines, and modify his sentries, and work until he dropped. He’d put his emotions into work and then force himself to be happy to keep himself from sadness. 

Medic - Pure hatred. No forgiveness, no mercy, and no second chances. He would be hurt, but the pain would be dwarfed by the irate cloud in his mind. Medic would do anything to get back, to attack them and hurt them as bad they hurt him. 

Sniper - Very forgiving. He will be hurt, but he will just let it go. He’ll say, “Okay.” and walk away. He might never trust that person again, but he won’t hold a grudge and he won’t ever bring it up on his own. He won’t badmouth them to others and he won’t make a big deal out of it. 

Spy - He expects it with every partner, so it’s not a big deal. He will be hurt, but he’s learned over the years how to swallow it completely. He expects betrayal and infidelity, so he just shrugs and moves on.

How You Get the Girl: Chris Evans x Reader (2/2)

Chris can’t help but think of how much of a bad idea it is to show up to the house unannounced. It’s almost like the city knows it too; it’s pouring and storming when he returns.The few hours that it takes for him to get back to Boston gives him plenty of time to think about that. You could kick him out, you could ignore him, you could make him go away forever..

You could do anything to him. And Chris has never felt so helpless before.

Once he’s back in the city, he considers going back to a bar. Chris sobered up on the plane, and he isn’t sure if he could speak to you without that liquid courage. But, the only thing worse than not being able to speak with you, is speaking to you while he’s drunk.

So, his heart is hammering in his chest when he reaches the front door. It’s two in the morning. Chris can see the light from the TV through the windows, but he doesn’t see any other light. He figures you’ve gone to bed. But he knows that he can’t leave until he talks to you. Chris doesn’t want to frighten you, so, he feels silly, but he rings the doorbell to your shared home.

Keep reading

The Fosters 3x04



Cole my baby you look amazing!! I knew he had a crush on Callie, and thank god he’s not heartbroken.

Callie looked like a brunette Cindrella in that dress ugh, beautiful.



Finally the whole label thing is over (god bless Cole) and Jude is super gay for Connor bye and the dance oh god shoot me, the way Callie and Jude smiled at each other I fell on the ground

BUT this gay, yeah him, he’s dead, what the fuck ugh, he’s scared Connor so much, my poor baby, it’s okay Jude loves you so so so much.

Lena’s storyline was amazing, seriously, Sherri’s acting was wonderful.

Nate is an ass.

And Brandon… HE GOT KICKED OUT. W H A T T H E F U C K EVEN. You better go back there because even if this storyline is boring af, you belong there, with or with that Kat bitch.Period.

And Mariana… Too much drama for my princess.

ANYWAY THIS EPISODE WAS PERFECT TO ME. OKAY I’M DONE. Now it’s time for some reblogs.

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okay i figured out the right way to ask a question bc I suck at tumblr. anyway i'm pretty new to the panic! at the disco fandom and i don't know much about the past of the band, and i was wondering if you could give me a quick summary or something of their history of dramas (members leaving?)and other important stuff that has happened. sorry i asked it wrong the first time, I sent it to your fanmail on accident oooooooops anyway thanks and have a nice day :)

Ok I’ll try
So in 2005 (after being signed by Pete Wentz of fall out boy) they released their first album with Brendon urie singing, Ryan Ross on guitar, Spencer smith on drums, and Brent Wilson on bass. After like playing their first show they kick Brent out for allegedly just not being a good bass player and replace him with Jon walker. 3 years later they release their 2nd album pretty. Odd. Which basically shows how much Ryan likes the Beatles (btw Ryan writes most of the lyrics). They tour on that album for a year and then in July of 2009 Jon and Ryan announced they were leaving to from a new band called the young veins. Brendon and Spencer continue to play as panic and being working on their third album vices & virtues (released 2011). To fill the spots of Ryan and Jon they bring in Ian Crawford (guitar) and Dallon weekes (bass). In mid 2012 Dallon is made an official member and when the tour is over Crawford departs. In 2013 they release their 4th album too weird to live to rare to die, around that time it is also announced that Spencer was dealing with drug addiction and would not be touring for while (oh and Kenneth Harris becomes the touring member to play guitar). In the beginning of 2015 he announced that he would be leaving the band for good. In April of 2015 the band released its first single ‘hallelujah’ from the 5th album set to be released later this year!! And I think that’s all the important stuff.

a fluffy sequel to this, because I felt real bad about beating up obscenelybefuddled‘s fav. fluff ahoy!

one-armed bandits

Gordon was the only one who’d made it as far as his actual bedroom, when the three of them got back, and that was only because Scott had been waiting to usher him up to bed. Virgil had shrugged out of his toolbelt, kicked off his boots, and gone to collapse in a hammock he kept in the corner of the hangar. Alan had gotten as far as the living room, then curled up on the deep, plush blue carpet underneath the coffee table. Scott had dropped a blanket over him and routed all calls to his private line, so the youngest could get some rest.

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High school au where Mahiru and Guren adopted Yuuichirou because Mahiru just thought he was so sweet and just shy and cute and he more or less grows up a stubborn asshole (like guren, mahiru comments) and starts to get into fights (which… Mahiru taught him to fight, hense his ability to kick so much ass)


and he also never shuts up about how Mika just needs to ‘stop hagging around filth like Yuuichirou’

so one day he comes home from work early and finds out that Mika and Yuu were kinda getting dirty and he starts LA UG HING MANIACALLY AND YELLING ABOUT HOW HE WINS AND HE CALLS FELID TO RUB IT IN HIS SHITTY FACE

“Oh yeah, my son is a good for nothing delinquent you say??? HE SURE SEEMS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOUR PERFECT NEPHEW TO SHOVE HIS DICK INTO HA HA HA”

Yuu wants to die. Mika don’t care because his mom already knows he is dating Yuu and he rly just wants Felid to leave him the fuck alone and stop being creepy

Mahiru comes home from the store only to see Guren still laughing with the phone in his hand. Mika looking unimpressed, and Yuu looking like his face is about to burn off curled up on the couch begging to die already

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your tags on the angst-breakup scene thing are NOT OKAY and i want more. and i want merlin being confused why eggsy is so jittery & won't look him in the eyes. i want eggsy having the same dream some night when they're together and waking up upset and merlin /gets/ it, finally. i want merlin to fix eggsy's hurts. preferably with sweet words and gentle kisses and kindness. him to tell eggsy that he adores him and would never kick his pet out, would never think anything less than the world of him

okay but no imagine eggsy having a really insecure day and he falls asleep at his desk at hq,and he has a dream of merlin shoving his stuff in his arms and ordering him to get out of his house,not /their/ house,and when eggsy says desperate and crying and hurt,‘why?’,merlin just says 'you’re the problem you’re always the problem’,and eggsy is just,'oh’,bc he knew it he knew he wasn’t any good for merlin,and it was so stupid of him to think that he could be anything to merlin,oh god my heart my tags on this post

(tho tbh i’ve kinda messed around with it lmao)

cw: depression, insecurity, nightmares, h/c

Eggsy doesn’t know what brought it on, couldn’t tell anyone even under the pain of death or having to see Merlin die. It had hung around him like a shroud when he’d woke up, a miasma that should have been visible around his head and shoulders as he puttered around, showering and brushing his teeth.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” Merlin says when Eggsy, fully dressed in his bespoke suit, glasses in breast pocket, comes down the stairs.

He gives a wan smile, presses a kiss to Merlin’s sculpted cheek, and tries to drown his vulnerability with a swig of Earl Grey. It doesn’t help.

“I’m fine, luv,” He says quietly, shrugging his shoulders back, giving JB a little scritch on the head. He steps in between Merlin’s legs and sighs when Merlin wraps his arms around Eggsy’s shoulders, a hand curling instinctively over the back of his head. Eggsy’s own hands come to clench at the small of Merlin’s back, fingers tangled into Merlin’s dress shirt. “Just not feelin’ it today, is all,”

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