so much for being subtle


Can I be delutional? Maybe we are not even delutional? I don’t even know. Lauren’s tweet is more like a reply to Camila’s tweet but indirectly..

I was trying not to be delutional because Lauren’s previous tweet was this.

I thought “Very cool, very yes” was like the continuation of her tweet. But no, look at the time. Lauren tweeting about getting a facial and tweeting “Very cool, very yes” was like quite far. Her tweet is more like an indirect to reply Camila’s indirect. It was fucking 33 minutes after Camila tweeted it. So much for being subtle, huh? These two.. omg. They can’t just do this and expect us not to go crazy. Once a Camren shipper, always a Camren shipper.

isabel’s grandfather is abusive


But when I thought about it further, I realized that I didn’t know anything about you. Though I studied and memorized so much, I still don’t know a thing. 

Shouldn’t you teach me if I don’t know?

I fell for you (jikook)

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Jimin was walking home one day from work when he ran into someone.


Word Count: 1031

Pairing: Kookmin (Jeon Jeongguk/Park Jimin)

Genre: Fluff, pure tooth-rotting fluff, strangers-to-lovers?

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Did we already talk about the implications of Even wearing the exact same outfit the day he comes over after Isak sends him that text telling him not to contact him before he’s done with his girlfriend as the day they met on the tram and spent an afternoon falling in love only to be brought back to reality by the introduction of Sonja. The same denim jacket, the same hoodie with red strings, and the same burgundy t-shirt with those little glittery details. Yes I checked, and this is the only time he’s recycled an entire outfit down to the last detail (he did add a scarf though because it’s colder now), and while doing my very important research I also confirmed that the two times Even’s worn the most layers have indeed been in the scene where Isak blurts out he doesn’t need mentally ill people in his life and the du er ikke alene scene, so I do sense a pattern here. They also have that long silence after the initial halla in both of these Friday clips serving as a further parallel. It’s almost as if Even’s come to reclaim what could have been on that Friday afternoon exactly six weeks ago, the Friday afternoon that Isak complimented Even’s drawings, the Friday afternoon that we in retrospect know must have been at least as meaningful to him as it was to Isak because he had been dreaming of it since the very first day of school.

Even is standing on Isak’s doorstep in all his James Dean glory and he appears confident at first, although we now know that behind his confidence he was hiding a lot of fear and self-doubt, but then he glances over his shoulder. This glance is honestly one of the reasons I love this scene so much, because despite there being no dialogue there is actually a lot of subtle communication. The scene is so much more than just a makeout scene. Even glances over his shoulder, and while it’s a very quick glance, it’s enough to tell that he’s asking if he should leave, if he shouldn’t be here, he’s looking for a sign, and Isak understands this because after that glance Isak’s face changes. He’s been nervous all night, first anxiously staring at his phone and then trying to keep his cool in front of his friends as if his heart wasn’t racing knowing Even’s waiting for him outside, and he appears nervous even now, but as he sees Even look into the direction he came from, non-verbally asking if coming here was a mistake, he suddenly finds his confidence, thinks fuck it and just goes in for the kiss because since that Friday afternoon six weeks ago there has been no going back for them and he knows it now. And even as they kiss there is still that one break, that one little unspoken are you completely sure, followed by that final look of I’m sure, we can’t go back now.

Mission: Foam Kiss

Kim Jongin is a man on a mission. He has been inspired by the dramas that Baekhyun has pulled him to watch, a curse for being roommates with the guy who is much too dependent for his own good. He often wonders how much of a saint Chanyeol could be to be able to tolerate his insufferable boyfriend.

But at least, he is getting something out of it. Something that he could use for his own boyfriend.

First step is to look for coffee shops with the best lattés. Since he has never been a fan of coffee and Kyungsoo almost always buys Americano, he asked Minseok hyung for recommendations. Luckily, one newly opened café, Coffee Paradise, is close to Kyungsoo’s apartment.

Step one: done.

Second is to set a date with his boyfriend which is hardly any challenge. Kyungsoo agreed to have coffee with him after his class on the following Friday after he has explained why he is inviting him to a coffee shop. Kim Jongin and coffee shops don’t mix well.

“But I’m doing this for you, okay? You like coffee and I want you to have only the best.”

Kyungsoo blushed and hit him on the arm, muttering about Jongin being stupidly cheesy. The pain is worth it though.

Step two: done.

Come Friday, Jongin rushed from his own last class to wait for Kyungsoo by his classroom. He got an eye roll for a greeting but his hyung complied for a kiss when they were already settled in his car. Better late than never.

Jongin keyed in the address to his car and followed its instructions diligently. When Kyungsoo recognized the neighborhood, he quirked a curious brow at his boyfriend but Jongin pretended he didn’t notice. He is determined to do things on his own this time.

They arrived after half an hour to a quaint establishment that exudes a warm feel from the outside with the bright pastel colors painting its walls and large glass windows. Inside are white circular tables that are grouped with soft looking cushioned seats.

Jongin took his boyfriend’s hand in his and saw Kyungsoo looking around with a small smile on his lips. He kept the smug smile threatening to curl on his own. The moment he saw the café’s website, he knew his boyfriend will like it there. The openness and the orderliness of the set up is what Kyungsoo looks for in a place to go.

Except Jongin’s apartment.

Well, he always cleans it for his younger boyfriend whenever he comes over.

Still, Jongin knows his boyfriend’s preference for privacy so he led them to the small circular booths by the back with a semi-circle baby blue couch to sit on. Away from a couple of people who are seated by the front of the café.

He let Kyungsoo go in first and huddled close to him when he followed. By the booth’s wall, there is a pocket labeled ‘Menu’ and a small heart-shaped button beside it that has a note saying 'Press Me when you are ready to order!’ pointing on it.

The younger took two menu cards, slid one to Kyungsoo and scanned the menu for show. He already knows the menu by heart.

Third step for his mission is to subtly let Kyungsoo order a latté. And maybe whisper to their waiter to put a bit more foam on it.

Clearing his throat, Jongin tapped Kyungsoo’s thigh to get his attention. Kyungsoo regarded him with a tilt of his head. “Yes, Jonginnie?”

“Uhmmm. Uhh, I heard… uhm, read somewhere that their specialty here is their lattés. Why don’t you try that one?”

Jongin cries internally but tried to keep a calm façade.

With a shrug, Kyungsoo gave him back the menu card with a smile. “Seems like you did your homework Nini, so order for us.”

Too much for being subtle. Jongin pouts but presses the Order Button and soon, their waiter arrived, ready with a notepad and pen. Jongin had ordered the Coffee Paradise latté and the Dark Chocolate Decadent cake for Kyungsoo and Hot White Chocolate and Banana and Walnut cake for himself.

They are the Must-trys in the menu so why not?

Step three: done.

Their food arrived soon and Jongin’s nerves are attacking him. He feels agitated the moment that their waiter, Luhan, has laid their drinks and cakes in front of them. He left with a bubbly 'Enjoy your coffee and date!’ but Jongin couldn’t return the sentiment yet.

For the final step for his mission: perform the foam kiss with Kyungsoo.

He blushed at his own thoughts that he missed the first sip that Kyungsoo made.

“Oh,” Kyungsoo smiled, the slight foam stretching with his lips. “This is good. Thanks, Jonginnie.”

Before Jongin could even gather his wits, Kyungsoo is taking a tissue from the holder in the middle of their table and has wiped the foam off of his lips efficiently.

How could Jongin have forgotten that his boyfriend is a very clean person and he eats cleanly too?

But Jongin is not disheartened. He should just up his game and watch carefully for a window of oppurtunity and snag it!

It came soon when Kyungsoo took a second sip. Jongin is watching him intently as his boyfriend raised his mug, sipped a little of the hot latte until he placed the mug back on the coaster.

He swooped in right away before Kyungsoo could even touch the tissues, cupped his face and went for his lips for a foam kiss, just like what he has seen in dramas.

But his haste has given him too much momentum and he has bumped his nose and forehead on Kyungsoo’s. They both groaned in pain, very much far from the romantic feel that Jongin was aiming for.

“Oh my god, baby, I’m so sorry! That… that wasn’t my plan. I– I don’t want to hurt y–”

Jongin was silenced as swift hands cupped his cheeks and plump lips closed onto his upper lip, sucking on it for a bit.

“I can read you for miles away, Kim Jongin,” Kyungsoo snickered as he pulled back.

“B-but..! How..?” Kim Jongin is turned into a stuttering tomato.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and faced his food once more. “You took the foam from me so I figured I’ll help you.”

Totally flustered and frustrated, Jongin felt his face burn. A wave of extreme shyness came as the embarrassment of his failed mission dawned on him. He made an involutary whining noise before clinging onto his boyfriend’s arm and tried to squeeze himself on the non-existent space between Kyungsoo’s back and the back rest of the sofa.

“What are you doing, Jonginnie?”

“Shut up, Soo. I ruined everything! I am supposed to be the one to kiss you and make you blush, not the other way around!”

Kyungsoo shifted until he can tip up Jongin’s chin to look him in the eye. The younger relented way too easily and regretted it as soon as he saw the teasing glint in Kyungsoo’s eyes.

“I love you, Kim Jongin.”

Utterly defenseless, Jongin whined some more and squirmed ro return to his hiding place while his boyfriend chuckles amusedly at his antics. His face still feels like burning but he peeks a little over Kyungsoo’s shoulder to say,

“I love you too, you meanie.”

At least, Jongin has given Kyungsoo a good laugh that day and he still has gotten his foam kiss, though it wasn’t according to plan. But who cares? He still got a kiss and a couple more after. Those are for being adorable, as per Kyungsoo.

Mission: Foam Kiss is still a success.

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That's a very good question. Cause on one hand I feel like Mila is just flirty and teases Sara but on the other hand I feel like Mila would say "It's like I'm dropping hints that I love Sara." *three seconds later* "I love Sara."

“It’s like I’m dropping hints that I love Sara.” *three seconds later* “I love Sara.”

I LITERALLY LOVE THAT SO MUCH OMG OMG like Mila genuinely believing that she’s being subtle, which is almost justifiable when you consider the fact that she’s constantly around yuri, victor, and georgi, but she’s just. She’s not subtle at all lmao. She describes her program as being about love and desire and it’s super romantic and beautiful and later she’s talking to Victor and he’s like So did Sara respond to your romantic advances yet? and Mila’s like ?? Sara has no idea I’m into her. V: Mila.. the song you used for your short program had her name in it. M: pfffft yeah but it’s in Russian so she doesn’t know that.

And Victor’s just like??? You don’t think someone, anyone, is going to tell her? And Mila’s like lmao nahhh I’m not worried. Meanwhile Mila is correct in having literally nothing to worry about because while she’s EXTRA AS FUCK Sara’s also OBLIVIOUS as fuck and literally has no idea Mila’s into her for the longest time lmao

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“No these are obviously very detailed notes taken in pictograph format of course.” Alesea said, very much a lie, and not even like a good one. Yes her notes were mostly doodles, or all doodles really, notes were boring, and besides that was what friends were for. Writing notes because you were too busy designing a new tattoo you wanted to get, or drawing your teacher being stepped on or just bad visual puns, all very important uses of time.

“If your notes are so much better let me see them.” She added being totally subtle and not making it obvious she was just going to copy them because yes her notes were worthless. “Like just give me a copy and I’ll compare them to my pictographic notes and see how they match up.”

Jack sighed and gave the blonde a long look. “That’s cheating. I know you’re just going to copy them because you were playing artist all class.” Knowing what she was doing, however, didn’t seem to be stopping Jack from pulling the notebook out and flipping to where he was semi-sure her doodles started.

Alesea’s notes might be mostly doodles, but Jack’s, as meticulous as he was trying to be with them, were nothing but chicken scratch. A five year old could write more legibly in crayon.

“Here. Just give them back soon ok? If my dad finds out I’m letting you copy…”

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Saw that you reblogged that one Ouma theory where he wears his scarf to hide a chain on his neck. How about some Oumami with Amami finding out about that? Of course you don't gotta do that, just a thought! I also wanted to just say that you're really amazing at writing so many fics and I always get excited when I see that you've posted a new one! They're incredible, but I do hope you can take some nice breaks inbetween too cuz that looks like a lot of work.

Based on a theory by @hellofriend304 (Read it here! 030)


Usually, Amami kept to himself, minding his own business and not butting into anyone else’s, but, there was something rather concerning to him.

It was Ouma Kokichi, the self-proclaimed leader and supposed SHSL Supreme Ruler of a shadowy organisation. The boy was cheery and had a bright smile, but there was a sense of something sinister lurking behind that happy façade of his, something genuinely scary behind that pure smile. It wasn’t just the feeling that Ouma gave off though, no, Amami noted that there was something more here. He clothes for one, were quite unusual.

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You’re Beautiful (Part 2) - Scott McCall Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Could you, by any chance, write a part 2 to You’re Beautiful? It was amazing, and now I’m curious how it all ends up!!

Word Count: 1,736

Warnings: insecure about weight issues, bullied about the reader’s weight, some intense making out stuff going on, and minor swearing.

Author’s Note: Sorry, I took FOREVER to write this second part. First, I had missed your request in between the messages I have in my inbox. Then, when I did see it, it took me a while to come up with and idea. I ended up holding it off until I finished my series and I’m glad I did because I came up with this idea for a part two. I hope you like it.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

[Part 1]

6 months later 

“Scott, I had a really great time tonight,” I looked away from the Beacon Hills skyline from the windshield to Scott as we sat in his mother’s car on top of a hill. 

His arm around my shoulder tightened as he pulled me closer to him. “I’m glad you did. So did I, princess.” His soft lips pressed against my temple.

My hand cupped his cheek as he pulled back. My eyes scanned every feature, his warm and soft brown eyes, the curve of his perfect nose, his full and pink lips, and his crooked jaw that I loved peppering kisses across. It was hard to believe someone as kind, perfect, and caring liked me back, the girl who was never skinny enough and always picked on about my looks. It always seemed too good to be true.

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“Peridot dropped Steven’s screen clumsily. It clattered loudly on the floor. She squeaked quietly–so much for being subtle–and pushed herself quickly to her feet. She threw the bathroom door open–quietly–and bumped straight into Amethyst.”
Chapter 7, Defective by captaintomysky

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I've seen Nico's coming out to Hades, Persephone etc. already, but how would you think it to go down? And if we're speaking more canonically, how about Will towards Apollo? If you're not tired already, would you mind doing Percy (Sally, Paul, Poseidon, and Tyson) and Jason (Thalia and Jupiter) as well?

Heh. This will be a fun one :D I put it under a cut bc it’s hella long.

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tbh anytime someone on the Flash is like ‘well, how do we know what Wells is up to?’ or ‘how do we figure out what he’s planning next?’ I just can’t help but laugh

because honestly

just invite him over for a drink

let him monologue

pretty sure he will make 3 time travel related jokes and one very unsubtle reference to his endgame within half an hour