so much for a nap though

Pidge Headcanons
  • Jewish
  • Trans Girl
  • Autistic
  • ADHD
  • Her parents are actually really good about The Trans Thing but they took a while to believe it because she was so much the stereotypical Young Boy with Autism
  • (good with computers since she was tiny,  probably had a dinosaur phase)
  • Her family’s probably from up north but she constantly uses southern expressions constantly because she’s besties with Keith
  • (”y’all we need to separate and go abut this as individual lions” *something goes wrong in a code she’s writing* “Ain’t that just the way”)
  • Shiro’s Favorite
  • “Alright team, we all need to train really hard to defeat zarkon” “But Shiro I’m tired.” “alright pidge, you go take a nap, i’ll be there to tuck you in in a second.”
  • Number one clothes thief
  • The whole team (especially Hunk and Shiro) know to never spend too much on clothes because inevitably pidge will “borrow” them to sleep in/stay warm and they’ll never see them again
  • (shiro loves it though. he probably buys things just for her)
  • was probably just starting transition when we first saw her, so doing that thing practically all trans girls do where they start out hyper feminine just so people Know but she’s probably not all that femme as she gets older
  • patently refuses to wear anything other than boxers/boxer briefs
  • even under dresses
  • once the team ran into a group of humans who had gone into space, and one mentioned that they didn’t think a /girl/ could be a paladin
  • Pidge, looking him dead in the eyes:”ive got more balls than you”
  • cusses constantly
  • Biggest Lesbian
  • Lance (bless him) once asked her, when they were all really tired and it was like. Sleepover talk time you kno? He asked her “if she had to pick a guy”
  • She said Zarkon
  • (really it’s probably Hunk)
  • Speaking of lance and hunk she probably dropped Several Hints that she was trans and just. Neither got them.
  • Lance:*struggling to open a jar* Pidge:*pops it open with one movement* “How-” “testosterone poisoning”
  • Gets carried by keith constantly even though he’s not that much taller than her
  • Her and keith frequently have Autistic hangouts where they both just. Go nonverbal or communicate in noises or stim freely
  • They’re super comfortable with each other, she never wears breastforms/a bra when its just them and he never binds because they love each other
  • She’s really attentive and knows when he’s self injuriously stimming and knows when to give him a tangle or her hand so he can just. Squeeze instead of digging his nails into his palms/picking
  • Her and keith are. Bad skin buds
  • Saw the jersey devil once
  • It was just a cow
  • Was abducted by an alien once
  • it was keith
  • Speaking of keith, pidge is the only one allowed to touch/get anywhere near him when he’s on his period
  • “Pidge it started” “do you want a heating pad or some midol” “i want to die” “bitch why are you always ordering off the menu”

October 21 2017

I came home for the weeeekend and I’m feeling amazing (except for the three back-to-back midterms coming starting TOMORROW)!!!!

The studying is getting easier because I’m personally learning to ease up on pressuring myself. Turns out you deserve a break once in a while and it will actually help you learn more efficiently. IDK WHY I was being extra stressy about studying, but I wAs, and it was not helping me. So yesterday I took a long nap (tbh in studybuddy’s arms so bonus nap points), and then he taught me some organic chem (he teaches better than the professors??) and I felt much better and understood what he was saying so quickly!!!

ahhhh can’t wait for the midterms to be over though. still lol-ing at how physics is TOMORROW (WHICH IS A SUNDAY HERE) what the heck

Dating Ethan (In the Office) Would Include

- bringing the gang food at the office (whether you work with them or are just supporting) and deciding to hang for a while

- stealing small kisses from Ethan while he’s editing, keeping up both his mood and yours

- everyone else pretending to be grossed out but you don’t care because your Ethan is precious and he needs his daily prescribed dose of attention

- when you don’t have other places to be, laying down on the couch and scrolling on your phone

- when Ethan finishes a video, him coming and forcing you to cuddle as if you were going to deny him

- falling asleep together and a certain someone posting a photo of the two of you captioned ‘welp… its official i’m a parent’

- waking up before Ethan does and being too in absolute love to move him off of you

- so therefore you wind up laying on the office couch for hours because of how much Ethan refuses to admit he needs more sleep

- having to wake him up so he can eat dinner so you brush your hands through his hair and kiss his eyelids until they flutter open

- when he realizes he’s awake, he kisses you suddenly and jumps up

- him proceeding to be so energetic and cheerful because of his fantastic nap

- he claims it was you that gave him so much energy when in reality it was because the only way he would take a nap would be with you there with him

- him having to lay awake with you later in the day because he was so sprightly

- just falling asleep with each other okay



Note: These are not in any order, the reasons are all random, also there will be spoilers and cursing.

1. LITTLE NICO IS SO CUTE. He protects his sister, “Don’t talk to my sister that way!” Plus he’s super nerdy and obsessed with mythomagic and pirates, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?!

2. “You said you would protect her” Do really need to explain?

3. He’s so fucking powerful, but doesn’t use his powers for bad, or to show off (unlike some other demigods I know).


5. He discovered Camp Jupiter before anyone else.

6. He pretends not to know Percy, which must have been extremely hard for him to do, just to make sure that he doesn’t accidentally mess up the quest.


8. His grammar is AMAZING.

9. He is so freaking polite.



11. According to the old myths, Ares, an immortal god at his full strength could barely survive being in the Bronze jar. NICO SURVIVED AT AGE 14 AFTER BEING TO FUCKING TARTARUS.

12. On top of everything, he had MORE PAIN ABOUT HIS FEELINGS FOR PERCY.

13. He’s gay, and it made me SO happy to FINALLY see an LGBTQ+ character in a kids book.



16. Reynico and Jasico BROTP


18. He is sane enough to continue to live, talk, and be pretty okay.

19. “I have a doctor’s note”

20. He has an awesome “Son of Hades” look


22. Nico is an amazing name. So is di Angelo. It translates to Nico from the Angels, I think. Edit: Okay so apparently, according to the helpful @the-forgotten-traveller his name translates to Victory of the Angels or the Angel of Death, depending on where his first name was rooted from. (correct me if I’m wrong).

23. “With great power, comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later”

24. He tries to comfort Reyna and defends her by killing that demigod roman asshole.

25. I’m pretty sure Will Solace had a crush on him.

26. “I’m a son of Hades, Jason. I might as well be covered in blood or sewage, the way people treat me.”


27. He speaks Italian.

28. He’s defends all of his sisters, Bianca, Hazel, and Reyna.

29. He’s sarcastic.

30. This line: “Not a word about the shirt. Not one word.”

31. He’s probably the most attractive 80-something year old ever.


33. He listens to Techno Pop music.

34. He’s awesome at sword fighting.

35. He’s a classic “Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll”

36. He was the only one to talk to Hesita and Bob.

37. Nico talking to Bob was the only reason Bob helped Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus, and therefore Nico indirectly saved the entire world.

38. He’s the ghost king.

39. “Don’t call me Death Boy!”

40. “Significant annoyance, in your case.”

41. He’s can shadow travel.

42. He helped Apollo in ToA, even though the gods have been nothing but mean to him.

43. Fuck that. Not only did he help Apollo, he HELPED ALL THE GODS.

44. Hades is pretty cool.

45. Nico is so relatable.

46. He’s such an inspiration, I mean, he’s been though so much pain, and is still a hero.

47. He’s stronger than everyone else, because not only does he have to do normal DEMIGOD stuff, he also has SO MUCH PAIN.

48. He’s not stupid, quite the contrary actually. He’s extremely intelligent, AND he stopped going to school at age 10. Let me repeat that, HE STOPPED GOING TO SCHOOL AT AGE TEN. AND THE SCHOOL HE WENT TO WAS FROM THE 1930S.


50. He’s fucking Nico di Angelo.

The Nanny

A/N: I know, a new series. But I just needed a new idea. Anyways this is the first part to what I’m hoping to be a 6 part series. Let me know what you guys think

Word count: 2,000 something words

Warnings: Mentions of a house fire, minor death not graphic

Summary: When Bucky Barnes hired a Nanny, he thought he was going to hire someone to take care of the kid. But when she starts, he knows that she is more than just a Nanny

The Nanny MasterList

“Looking for a full time Nanny. Must be able to work late and be able to take care of both a kid and a dog. I am willing to provide a room for you to sleep in. In interested please Email me your resume at

Thank you,
J. Barnes”

As you read what seemed like the millionth job ad, you copied the listed email address into the empty email box.

Dear Mr. Barnes,
Below I have attached my resume. I hope I am a good fit for what you are looking for. My hours are flexible and I love dogs almost as much as I love kids.


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PJO Headcannons

The Seven Plus and Sleep

All of them sleep differently.

Reyna is stiff and doesn’t move. Years of sleeping in the barracks at Camp Jupiter taught her that. Shes also a very light sleeper.

Jason is similar though since moving into the Zeus Cabin he sleeps much easier. He also snores like a freight train.

Leo sleeps sprawled out wherever exhaustion take ahold often falling asleep on top of projects.

Piper sprawls out on her bed and also snores though she’s not as bad as Jason. But she kicks in her sleep too so there’s that.

Annabeth sleeps soundly when at camp but very lightly when elsewhere, years of training and dodging monsters with Luke and Thalia gave her that particular skill. If she and Percy are napping together she’s the big spoon despite him being physically bigger than her.

Percy still drools. He loves being The little spoon when he and Annabeth nap together. He sleeps like a rock. Seriously the world could end and he wouldn’t wake up.

Frank sleeps as a bulldog. He finds it more comfortable that way though even he’s not sure why. It also allows him to curl up in Hazels room without risking Nico’s wrath, something he’s keen to avoid.

Hazel sleeps on her side and generally pretty fitfully, nightmares of the war and her first death haunting her. She only sleeps soundly when Frank the Bulldog is there which is pretty much the only reason Nico doesn’t kill Frank for sneaking into his sisters room.

Nico sleeps curled up in a ball so he takes up as little space as possible. Will thought it was cute until he found out why. It’s a habit somewhat left over from sleeping in crevices in caves that connect to the underworld but now a days it’s a leftover from Nico’s stint in the bronze jar where he didn’t even have enough room to breathe let alone anything else. This information made Will want to cry and also explained Nico’s severe claustrophobia.

Will sleeps sprawled on his back unless Nico is there. If the son of death is present the son of Apollo will curl up around him in his sleep. This is one of the only things, save a blessing from a child of Hypnos, that keep Nico’s nightmares of Tartarus and the Jar at bay.


-im going to use the art of DISTRACTION *throws a cup of pens and hides behind desk* *whispers* he’s gone
-”every day im hustlin”

-”HES EATING SNAKES Oh wait its just spaghetti” “its always spaghetti”
-charles’s memorial video for his dog jason who just humps everything
-rosa holding a small dog
-”so i like have a dog now?”
-”he died humping my boot! his little heart just gave out. he didn’t even finish” “ew”
-*unintelligible garble* me no talk good *takes more cold medicine* GIRABALDI
-”we just completed our first task!” “great! what was it terry?” “we fixed the bell!”
-”2 and a half meatballs each? what is this, kindergarten?”
-jake and holt bonding moments
-meet balthazar
-balthazar is a thirsty bitch
-amy being fed up with her boyfriend’s shit
-I thought i was walking after her im just gonna lay down *falls onto the floor*
-”were on strike, hunger strike!” “youre eating potato chips” “doesnt count, they have zero nutritional value”
-*high voice* thanks jake! *reg voice* you’re welcome nards
-I am offended i am angry i am very tired so im gonna take a nap but when i wake up? ohhh, you are in for it
-*4 hours later* HOW DARE YOU
-wow id roll my eyes so hard right now if it didnt make my brain burn
-”Terry caused structural damage”
-Rosa holding a funeral for jason even though she doesnt care abt him bc she knows it means so much to charles omg
-”ive only had arlo for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him i would kill everyone in this room and then myself”

Reddie headcanons

- They call everything a date. Eating together at the cafeteria at school? A date. Richie walking Eddie to class? A date. Waving at eachother in the hallway? A date. 

- When they do go on real dates though they call it meetings. They have so much fun with that because they’re dorks. 

- Everybody always assumes that Richie is the protective and dominant one but Richie is the softest, dorkiest, most awkward nerd in the world.

- Eddie is so sassy though. Also he’s pretty scary when he gets angry. 

- Once a guy grabbed Bev’s butt at a party and Eddie kicked the guy on the leg and grabbed his collar to let him know what’s up.

- They’re so soft. Like they’re together all the time, napping, cuddling, watching movies, going for walks. 

- They like taking polaroids of eachother. 

- They show eachother new songs all the time, making mixtapes and stuff. They just love music. 

- Richie likes singing and playing the guitar and he practices a lot and Eddie gets so proud every time he learns a new song. He’ll be cheering and clapping making Richie blush. 

- Richie likes writing letters for Eddie and cute little notes that he puts into his locker or in his backpack or in his books. He just loves making his boyfriend smile. 

- When they go to parties Eddie gets way too drunk and Richie comforts him all night as he throws up. This happens every single time. 

- Eddie tries his best to make Richie stop smoking but he also thinks it’s kinda hot. Like, Richie with his curly hair and huge glasses wearing an overzised denim jacket with a cigarette between his lips is a sight that’s hot enough to make Eddie pull him into the bathrooms to make out. 

- Everything’s enough to make Eddie pull Richie into the bathrooms to make out though. They do that a lot. 

- So. Many. Hickeys. Usually Richie’s neck is the one to be covered in purple and red marks but he loves giving Eddie hickeys as well, Eddie just never lets him. 

- They still bicker a lot though and Eddie pretends to be mad at Richie a lot. He’s never really mad. 

- Richie lets Eddie design all of his tattoos. Eddie is terrified at first because “jesus Richie, they’re fucking permanent”. But he actually really like that Richie lets him do that. 

- “You should get a tattoo as well Eddie”. “That’s not going to fucking happen trashmouth, forget it”. 

- They’re just the cutest boyfriends I love them so much.

Request: please write about what the bts rapline would be like as boyfriends!! Thanks!
Members: Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok (BTS)
Genre: Fluff
Vocal line here x


  • Sweet dimpled man,,, Protect Him 
  • A very thoughtful and observant boyfriend!!!
  • He thinks that one of the ways people can show they care is by noticing all the little facts and details about their s/o so he always tries to keep an eye out for your little quirks 
  • Even in the beginning he gets little facts about you down SO FAST like on your fifth date he’s telling the barista your order because he already knows what kind you like to drink on Tuesdays from when you talked about your favorite drinks on the second date 
  • It’s kind of extra but also really sweet cause he tries sO HARD 
  • The longer you guys date the more he knows about you to the point and vice versa where the other members are like “are you guys just dating or have you been married for the past 37 years???”
  • Not like the cheesy kind, but you guys would totally coordinate outfits 
  • Takes lots of pictures of you guys together in those outfits that are super aesthetic and he makes sure you both have one of them as your homescreens 
  • Side note Jungkook might look up to you if he date him??? Cause he looks up to Namjoon so much that anyone who dates his leader must be a super cool and amazing person
  • Which of course you are love u reader <333
  • Not really the jealous type, it would take a lot to make him get irritated in that aspect
  • He only gets jealous if someone is flirting with you and you’re not actively telling them to buzz off 
  • However even if he doesn’t get jealous, if he sees someone flirting with you he will be on that shit in a SECOND 
  • He doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable and he knows that unwanted flirtations can make that happen
  • So he’s quick to wrap an arm around your waist or hold your hand and introduce himself all pleasant, not wanting any confrontation but wanting to make it clear that no!! You didn’t want to be flirted with thank you very much!!
  • Wants to travel with you and take you all kinds of places
  • Has a whole list of places he wants to take you to, and under the names of those countries are destinations and attractions there that he wants to see with you while you two are there
  • Keeps it hanging on a corkboard above his desk for motivation 
  • Also keeps photos of you in his office for inspiration for new songs and even more motivation 
  • His favorite is the one where you’re in his arms and he’s smiling and you’re kissing his dimple UGH Y'ALL ARE HELLA CUTE I’M GONNA GET A DAMN CAVITY 
  • The best person to go to when you have a problem
  • He’s a very logical person yes but he’s also an emotional one??? He has a perfect balance of both so he can sympathize and offer comfort but also help you work through the rough spots
  • Basically he’s husband material LOL


  • Listen if you date this boy get ready to have a 24/7 beacon of support and positivity in your life you lucky fr*ck
  • Boyfriend more like your own personal hype man
  • He’ll be supportive of absolutely and everything that you’re interested in or what to do 
  • You: I think I’m gonna bake cooki-
  • Him: Do it you’ll do amazing I love you you’re so wonderful
  • Loves to teach you to do things he knows how to do!!! If you ever want to learn a choreography he’ll either learn it with you or help you every step of the way (probably both)
  • If you wanna learn something that he doesn’t know that’s great too!! So long as you want him to, he’d love to learn it with you!! 
  • Imagine a cooking class with Jhope tho
  • Or a knitting class
  • Literally take him to a knitting class and watch all the middle aged and elderly ladies fawn over what a kind boy he is and how cute you two are together I’m wheezing
  • Half his camera roll is you guys dancing to girl group dances together and selcas of y’all wearing matching caps 
  • Loves to kiss you!!
  • Especially just like. All over your face. BUT SOMETIMES HE GETS EMBARRASSED AFTER DHSJDFHJ 
  • He thinks your giggles when you do it are SO FREAKING CUTE tho so he does it a lot anyways 
  • Big fan of squishing your cheeks together to
  • It puckers your lips up and makes them much easier to smooch hehe
  • It makes him feel like he’s loving you as much as he wants to and it makes him hella happy when you initiate it 
  • If he’s tired just pull him into your arms and let him nap on your chest and run your fingers through his hair 
  • It makes him so relaxed and he’ll be out like a light 
  • He won’t hesitate to rest his head on your shoulder no matter how short or tall you may be
  • When he does that though it means he’s probably tired and wants some love :( a baby
  • Hobi is a ray of sunshine but he still has feelings and has his bad days
  • He’d never take them out on you but you gotta learn when to spot them 
  • Just fix him a cup of something warm and maybe some instant ramen and hold his hands while he vents and reassure him that he’s still an important and wonderful person and that you love him a lot 
  • Basically just show him how much you care,, it’ll make all the difference to him
  • Hobi doesn’t hesitate to talk about how you’re his future. He always says that he can’t imagine life without you 
  • Will 200% go on random rants about how much he loves you 
  • Marry him reader I double dog dare you


  • A savage man who can spit absolute fire but is Soft for you 
  • We all know Yoongi lowkey enjoys couple clothes I mean COME ON the man owns a bright orange Sope tracksuit 
  • Say the word and he’ll buy y’all matching jackets with your birth years and shipname printed on the back 
  • Yoongi sometimes has that grumpy exterior but?? If you know Yoongs you know that he’s a genuinely dedicated and caring person who loves those close to him to the very edge of the universe 
  • Yes he’ll tease you at times,, but in the end you’re endlessly important to him and he’s so glad you see past the stereotype that seems to surround him that he’s this angry dude 
  • Really likes to hold your hand 
  • Like REALLY likes to hold your hand 
  • Will even hold your hand at night when you guys are drifting off to sleep cause sometimes it’s too hot to cuddle but??? Holding hands isn’t as bad it’s just sweaty palms
  • Likes to take pictures of you too, and like Rapmon, wants to travel with you 
  • When you guys DO travel, he really likes taking pictures of you posing in front of the scenery 
  • He doesn’t take a lot of couple selcas cause he doesn’t like taking selcas all that often, but he does have one of you guys that’s his absolute FAVORITE
  • You two are bundled up in matching scarves in front of a snowy mountain in the early wintertime 
  • And you’re both all smiles and red noses and pressed up against each other and are throwing peace signs 
  • Of course that’s his homescreen and sitting on his desk and maybe there’s a copy in his wallet he doesn’t tell anyone about I mean what idk what you’re talking about
  • He just likes looking at it and remembering he has a person who’s so important in his life,,, he’s a softie
  • He doesn’t often go on long tangents about how much he loves you like Hobi might, but it’s still very easy to tell that he cares
  • The way he looks at you and carries that photo around are ways yes, but there’s also the fact that he can read you like a book 
  • He communicates his love through actions a lot of the times, waiting for the perfect moments to say things like “I love you” or “You’re literally the center of my universe”
  • So if you’re upset, he’ll know exactly what you want and need, be it a hot bath with a sweet smelling bath bomb to some takeout food to a leg massage after a long day of being on your feet to just a nap in his arms 
  • Listens to any of your problems quietly, running his hands through your hair, and then kisses the top of your head gently and just softly reminds you that you can get through anything and he’d always be here to listen 
  • Sometimes finds himself laughing or smiling over how cute you are and honestly that’s EVERYTHING have u seen the man’s gummy smile god BLESS
  • Take care of this baby reader he needs lots of love

Requests are open!!

i think people tend to forget that a DD/LG relationship is about a lot more than dirty time. in my opinion the best part about it is the companionship that goes a long. too have true chemistry in bed it takes a certain level of trust everywhere else, Daddy’s should take care of their babies everywhere, whether it’s talking her though a long day to just sitting watching her favorite movie, he is his girls happiness; and little should serve their Daddy’s all the time, be their when he had a shitty night at work, let him just nap with his head in your lap. once you build a real relationship the sex is SO much better anyway.

Warmth and Comfort

A little something I wrote based on @shir-oh-no‘s post about Lance napping on top of Shiro. And I decided to make him sick bc I’m a ho

Word Count: 564

Extra Notes: College au, set in December, just after finals end

Lance is a good napper. Everyone who knows Lance knows that. He can lay down for thirty to forty five minutes to recharge, no problem. He can just close his eyes and pass out in seconds. He can nap in complete silence just as soundly as he can nap with Hunk, Pidge and Keith playing video games and yelling at each other. Lance can nap like nobody’s business.

But only when he’s laying on top of Shiro.

Now, it wasn’t always like this.

Before he met Shiro, he didn’t need anything to help him nap, he didn’t need anything or anyone specific to help him fall asleep, he could just nap with no problem. Even when he did meet Shiro, he didn’t need to be laying on him in some way to nap (even though he did very much prefer to be).

And then Shiro got into a car accident.

Ever since then, Lance doesn’t nap if he’s not with Shiro. Because no matter how much anyone says it to him, if Lance hadn’t been taking a nap that day, Shiro wouldn’t have gotten hurt. So now, Lance doesn’t nap, let alone really sleep without Shiro.

So when Lance got back to his apartment after finishing his last final of the semester and saw Shiro laying on the couch watching TV, his head pounding and his muscles aching, Lance saw no better opportunity to take a quick nap. He kicked off his shoes, shrugged off his snow dusted backpack and coat, and made his way over to the couch. Shiro opened his arms to his boyfriend without missing a beat, and Lance all but collapsed into his warm embrace.

“How’d it go?” Shiro asked, toying with Lance’s hair, still damp from melted snow from outside.

“Mmmh.” Lance grunted, not wanting to aggravate the growing soreness in his throat. “Tired.” He stated simply.

“I can tell.” Shiro chuckled. He began combing through Lance’s hair. “Do you maybe wanna take off this sweater before you pass out?” Shiro asked. “You’re warm.”

Lance grunted again, shaking his head and burying it further into Shiro’s chest. “Cold.”

“Are you getting sick?” Shiro asked, brushing his hair away from his forehead to feel it. The heat settling underneath his skin was enough of an answer. Shiro pulled the soft fleece throw blanket on the back of the couch over Lance and himself, smiling when Lance sighed as he was wrapped in the extra warmth.

“How’s your nose?” Lance asked, his voice rougher than usual. Shiro chuckled, reaching up to brush the large scar across the bridge of his nose.

“Better, better.. It’s almost starting to feel normal again.” Lance nodded into Shiro’s chest. Lance sniffled, and Shiro giggled. “It’s doing better than yours, apparently.” Lance smiled.

“Stupid snow..” Lance mumbled, just about ready to pass out. “Making me all sick ‘n stuff..” Shiro let out a small laugh.

“We’ll get a read on that fever when you wake up, yeah?” Shiro suggested. “Get you some tea and keep you nice and warm. How’s that sound?”

“Mm..” Lance agreed. “You’re good at that… Keep'n me warm…” Shiro smiled, leaning down and kissing Lance right on top of his head.

“Just get some sleep, alright?” Lance hummed happily, his breathing falling into the steady rhythm of sleep. Shiro hugged Lance close to him, and Lance hugged back. They’d deal with his fever later. Right now? All Lance needed was Shiro’s warmth and comfort.

~Growing Pains~

How do a cat and dog hybrid get along? Very carefully.


Word Count: 10,302

The sun was already going to bed and the moon was beginning to rise for her job.  You got out of your afternoon class later than normal, your professor was one of those who was very passionate about their subject so you were kept almost 15 minutes past the cut off time.  You had just finished making a few purchases from the grocery store that was right next to the campus and with your bags in hand you start the relatively short walk to your apartment.  

Rotisserie chicken acquired, you head down the sidewalk, but as you are passing by a small alleyway you see movement coming from somewhere inside, causing you to freeze in place. You turn towards the general direction of the shadow, but don’t want to move any closer, not with your imagination running wild inside your head.

Cautiously taking a step into the darkness, you slowly take a peek, and then there’s a loud crash.  

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Dating Cassian would include...

- Him flirting with you 24/7

- And you flirting back

- Him surprising you with homemade dinners

- Cassian training in front of you

- And making sure you watch

- Like you can help it

- Not being hugely affectionate in public

- But when you’re alone he turns into the most affectionate man ever

- Lots of cuddles

- And neck kisses

- LOTS of neck kisses

- He’ll tell you stories of all the adventures he’s had

- And he’s actually a really good singer

- But you’re the only one who knows

- And he will sometimes sing to you as you drift off to sleep

- Making you breakfast in bed

- And waking you up with kisses

- Rough, passionate sex that is still so loving

- Eye contact during sex

- And Cassian telling you how beautiful you are

- And how much he loves you

- Showering together

- All. The. Time.

- Him absentmindedly playing with your hair

- And letting you play with his

- Napping together

- And Cassian being the little spoon

- Dancing together at Rita’s (even though you’re both terrible)

- But not caring because you’re both so, so happy

Dating yoongi would include:

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

.. the first and most important thing you need to date min yoongi is tolerance.

.. like stop being so indifferent it’s driving me crazy.

.. the studio will basically become your second home. If min suga ever gets lost, he is probably just at the studio.

.. but you are not complaining because you feel like a proud bear with tears in your eyes when you listen to him spitting fire like yeah baby roast ‘em haters.

.. Whenever he has free time, he is never leaving you.

.. “You smell amazing baby doll” “Stop sniffing me you weirdo.”

.. you love it when he comes home like I got you something and it’s a pack of peppermint like that’s why I have been avoiding kissing you lately.

.. so you throw it at him yelling for no more kisses, and his jokes are too pathetic.

.. and he is sure you are joking back so he hold your hips and shoves his tongue in your mouth like are you sure no more kisses?

.. he isn’t the type to verbally express him emotions. So when you are having your doubts you catch him staring at you like you are a perfect fallen angel.

.. but don’t stare too long because he will notice and tell you he already knows how good looking he is stop gawking geez.

.. “anything” “For the sake of the all mighty lord, yoongi do you want bacon or cheese I am starting to lose my temper.”

.. no matter how busy he is he never forgets you.

.. Like you have been dating for a good year now and you think he forgot your anniversary but no he picks you up at 12 like don’t ask just come. And he would take you to the trash bin in the park like this is where we first swore at each other am so emotional.

.. but in all seriousness he would buy you that hella expensive short dress you were drooling about and a pair of lacy underwear telling you he will be in the car, you have 30 mins to get ready.

..the boys will always be wondering if you two truly love each other i mean he just called you his animal and asked you to massage his feet and you threw whatever you were holding in your hand at the moment.

.. but when you two are alone you are his goddess whom he worships every curve and skin of her body.

.. sleep. Now we all know how much yoongi loves his nap time so you never object when he drags you into his holy bed to preform a holy ceremony even though he literally suffocated you with his arms.

.. yet you love it so much because his gentle breathe in your neck and the way his small legs seek warmth between yours make you reconsider the need for other people in your life.

.. because even if he was always busy, even if he always teased you, no one can ever love you more than min yoongi, no one can make you feel more wanted and appreciated than min yoongi and no one can ever take this much space of your heart like min yoongi.

cutelittlemuffin  asked:

Hello that mc and jumin being affectionate was so good can I please request v and saeran in the same scenario plz and your blog is so cute

Thanks so much! Sure, we’ll add V and Saeran:) Also, original post can be found here. Hope you like it!


  • Saeran was taking a nap on the couch
  • You had come in asking a question, but he didn’t respond
  • He had been known to fake sleeping before to ignore you and get some quiet
  • But you weren’t having that today
  • So you go up to him and literally flop ontop of him
  • He didn’t move though
  • “Saeran, are you faking?” you ask, gently poking his cheeks
  • He doesn’t move at all
  • You keep calling his name in weird voices
  • Of course, he is awake, and tries to resist it
  • But you were being silly and it was kind of funny and cute
  • His lips twitch in the smallest of smiles and you call him out
  • But he still continues the charade with his eyes closed
  • “Ignoring me, huh?” you mutter. “Not for long.”
  • You lean forward and barely brush against his lips, but it’s enough to send him shivering
  • You kiss him again, more firmly this time and he finds himself kissing you back
  • One last kiss, but this one goes deeper and is more demanding
  • He cradles your head with his hand in attempt to pull you closer
  • You finally pull away, and without even missing a beat, ask the question you had done earlier
  • Saeran is left dazed and frustrated, but he’ll get you back later


  • V was recovering from his eye surgery still
  • So you had to help him get around a lot and do things around the house
  • One day, you were helping readjust his bandages
  • You finish tying it in the back and he just sighs
  • “I can’t wait to see you,” he says sentimentally
  • You come face to face with him, melting a little
  • He reaches out a hand to cup your face, and he decides to be a little cheeky
  • His thumb brushes against your bottom lip and his voice gets a little lower
  • “I can’t wait to see your lips either.”
  • You blush a little, but lean forward so your noses touch
  • “You can’t see them yet, but would you like to feel them?”
  • It’s his turn to get flustered, “When did you get so bold–”
  • You cut him off with a firm kiss before he can finish
  • He’s muffled a bit, still stunned but he slowly melts into you
  • He lets out a satisfied sigh into kiss
  • Before things get too heated, you pull away saying you’re worried he might hurt his eyes somehow
  • He’s a little disappointed, and now he really can’t wait until he’s fully recovered

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Jellybean's Misfortune.

Jughead x Reader

Requested- anonymous asked:
Can you write something where jellybean is staying with jughead and he calls you at like 11 pm just as you’re getting to bed. And you pick up being really playful and THEN HES LIKE NO ITS AN EMERGENCY AND YOU GET THERE AND YOUVE NEVER SEEN THE JONES SO TERRIFIED AND IT ENDS UP THAT JELLYBEAN GOT HER FIRST PERIOD. Omg

Summary: Jellybean had been moody all afternoon and just before you got into bed Jughead phoned you because she got her period and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Words: 1625

Warnings: None, I think.

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

I had got back from Pop’s with Jug and JB as jellybean likes to call herself now. Jug and I looked after Jellybean because his dad was always working now so we usually ended up spending most of the afternoon together. Jellybean loved it though but she still couldn’t comprehend that we were dating, sometimes she’d have a nap and wake up running into the living room yelling “Oh my word! It wasn’t a dream.” When she saw us cuddled up on the couch.

We took Jellybean to Pop’s today because we got back from school later than usual, Jellybean wouldn’t complain though, she loved to get a large fries and dip them into her chocolate milkshake usually she’d have so much she wouldn’t even have a burger. Tonight though she was grumpy, she sat opposite us in the booth like usual but she sat right in the corner giving us grumpy glances whenever we laughed or fooled around. She excluded herself from the conversations, she ordered a burger, she ate in silence and she got a soda. Jug and I both looked at each other to make sure we were both seeing the same thing. This was not Forsythia P. Jones, and this definitely wasn’t Jellybean.

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Harry Styles Blurb/Request #5

So here’s the previously requested part II of the “Me and the boys with handle it.” blurb I did a few weeks ago. Took me a little longer than the other ones I’ve done, but I’ve been back in school and trying to keep up with No Control, so it got pushed aside a bit. But, I got a chance to sit and write recently, so this came out! I’ve got a few other requests that I’ve got to do, so look out for those in the coming weeks, too.

Hope you guys enjoy! xx

*Image is not mine. It was honestly just my inspiration for this part xx*

Part II

“Bug, leave Mumma alone, please. She’s not feeling the best.”

Their youngest—well, soon to be middle—child pouted a bit at being told he can’t cuddle with his mother. And it broke Y/N’s heart a little, seeing him so put out by not being able to sit with her and her not being able to love on him properly, but she’s just so damn uncomfortable. She’d been having contractions all day, but it was in such irregular intervals that she knew she wasn’t in active labor yet. Which was annoying as hell, because she really just wanted this baby out of her already. She’s already two days past her due date, and she’s ready to just get it over with. 

“But—” the little boy started, but Y/N cut him off, not unkindly.

“Just sit beside me, yeah?” she suggested, reaching out for his little hand. “We’ll watch some telly for a bit before Gran comes ‘round.”

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Shark week survival guide.

Today I woke up ridiculously bloated only to discover I got my period a day earlier. Anyways it’s actually a relief since there was a small fear in the back of my mind that I might have gotten myself in trouble, after drinking my ass off and then fucking the barman (I had the suspicion that he might have taken the condom off later during sex, which he later reassured me he didn’t but you can never be too safe with men…) I am also planning to test myself for STD’s not that he had something but you know just to be safe and out of respect for my future partners. Anyways enought of this nonesense drama, so my bloating is like… extravagant! It might be the fact that I was sick and im still on antibiotics(they have recked havoc on my gut :’/) but im feeling so bad and I thought I’d share with you my advice on how to get through this.

Time to wash all that blood off…

-A hot bath.                                                                                                         Not too hot and avoid it all together if you’re a heavy bleeder. It will help ease the cramps though and relax you in general, we all know how cranky we get during that time. Add some vanilla, you favorite bath melt or some essential oils (but for gods shake no shower gels! Remember the Kitty post?) Treat yo’self princess.

-Loads of water.                                                                                                  A hydrated uterus is a happy uterus. Everything will function much better plus drinking water will help release some of that water weight your belly’s been holding onto for dear life.

-Tea.                                                                                                                     Tea’s like water but also good for your soul. Go for green tea for a punch of antioxidants, chamomile tea because you’re a fucking fairy and you love your floral water or lipton cupcake tea beacause you’re on your period and you feel like it. (optional add-ins: honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup.)

-Pamper yourself.                                                                                              Shave, wash your hair, scrub, apply a thick coat of that delicious body butter, spray your favorite perfume, change your sheets, light a candle or two, play some music or watch your favorite series (Supernatural fans I’m looking at you…)

-Don’t eat unhealthy.                                                                                         I know baby girl, I know, those donuts are calling your name and there’s a tub of ice cream waiting to be bought just from you, but I promise you, you’ll feel like crap after all that… So skip the french fries and reach for some fresh salad or a nice plate of spaghetti al pomodoro fresco e basilico (Cause you’re a fancy bitch).

-Do eat though.                                                                                                    Fresh fruits and veggies, legumes, meat… all that stuff’s so good for you and your tummyin distress. Keep full so you don’t get extra bitchy but also fuel your body correctly. It will help with all the pms symptoms.            

-Exercise.                                                                                                              No, bad girl, don’t just slouch on your couch all day. Those cramps sure are a hell of an excuse to nap extensively but it won’t do you any good. Do sleep adequetly but get up and get active! You’ll feel so much more energized.

-Bonus tips:

Avoid tampons, they’re extremely unhealthy, opt for pads or menstrual cups instead.

Rinse your coochie after every visit to the bathroom with plenty of lukewarm water and carry baby wipes with you when you go out. ( I like to use babywipes in general but especially during my period as they clean everything so much better and freshen you up!)       

Carry an “emergency” bag. Have some pads,a clean pair of underwear, your babywipes, some tissue and a wet bag for accidents. Keep one in your purse, in your car, at your boyfriends house, work, school, etc… Plus try and keep an extra pair of pants wherever possible.

There's not much content for this ship yet so here's some Moana X Ariel

* Ariel combing Moana’s hair with a dinglehopper (even though by the end of the day it’s garunteed to be tangled again)
* Ariel getting Moana to get up simply by leaving their bed - and Moana complaining and then following her
* Them never napping because they’re just exploring and running around all day
* Them being the #powercouple of Motunui
* Moana fanning Ariel with a coconut tree leaf (or Modern AU: covering her in sunscreen) because she worries about her
* Moana crying at sad movies and Ariel cuddling her
* Ariel setting the smoke alarm off cooking and Moana giggling too much to be able to help her
* Moana loving spicy food and Ariel struggling not to tear up over a quesadilla
* Ariel sat down because saying she doesn’t like to dance and Moana dragging her up and teaching her to dance
* And also them slow dancing with their feet in the ocean


insomniac!yuuri hcs

this is pretty random for this blog, but i’m bored so here:

  • i definitely hc yuuri as an insomniac
    • his anxiety is too much like mine for him not to be tbh
  • i know from experience that insomnia can be “contagious” to certain people
    • people like phichit, who are very sensitive to the emotional states of those around them and are very empathetic
    • especially when they live with an insomniac
    • so now phichit has insomnia, too, though not as bad as yuuri’s, and it doesn’t really phase him, probably because he likes taking naps during the day (a note for non-insomniacs: some insomniacs are really good at taking naps; others aren’t; for others, it varies from day to day)
    • he likes that it allows him to be there for his friend when yuuri is anxious and there’s nobody else awake for him to talk to
  • insomnia is not contagious for all people
    • so it never rubs off on viktor, who seems to be a pro at sleeping and doesn’t intuitively understand yuuri
  • when they first start sleeping together, viktor tries to ignore yuuri’s struggle and just sleep because he hopes it will help yuuri if he sets a good example
  • but he soon learns that just makes yuuri more anxious
    • because then yuuri’s afraid to move since he doesn’t want to wake his bf
  • so now viktor forces himself to stay up late with yuuri when he knows yuuri is anxious
    • he can tell because he knows there’s something going on that yuuri is worrying about, but also because he learns to read the patterns of yuuri’s body language even when viktor doesn’t understand what’s causing the anxiety
  • viktor happily stays up late even when he’s super exhausted for yuuri because he loves him that much
  • he never let’s on that he’s tired or losing sleep because of yuuri, because he knows that would just make him feel bad and stress more
  • at first he comes up with excuses for why he isn’t going to sleep as early as he used to (caffeine, eating too late at night, didn’t get enough exercise during the day and has too much energy, slept too much the night before or took a nap during the day, etc.), but eventually yuuri stops questioning it
  • then something unexpected happens
  • yuuri starts sleeping earlier— not early or at a normal time, but now he’s getting a solid 5.5 hours of sleep a night instead of 4
  • because he’s no longer scared of not being able to sleep (if you’re not an insomniac, you may not understand this, but trust me, it’s a thing.  insomnia is a very cyclical anxiety, which is part of what makes it so hard to get rid of.  it’s basically the fear of your anxiety attacking you as soon as you try to speak, which causes more anxiety)
  • so over time the two of them get more and more sleep
    • viktor is secretly very proud of himself for having helped yuuri
    • yuuri doesn’t realize how much thought viktor put into this, but he knows it’s thanks to viktor that he sleeps better, and it makes him love and trust him that much more, which leads to him reaching out and snuggling/cuddling with viktor more at night
    • which of course thrills viktor and is basically the best thank you he could ever receive