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Too Close For Comfort

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Pairing: Sami Zayn x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing and really rude and hurtful things but then fluff at the end, also, claustrophobia.

Rating: Mature (for only swearing)

A/N: This was a request from an anon AGES ago: “I’m a sucker for hate/love things so I’m going to request it with Sami to feed your need lol Reader and Sami TOTALLY hates each other and are always fighting like they cant even see each other without saying something rude (Im also a sucker for rude and angry Sami) turn out they get stuck in the elevator together and one of the is claustrophobic so the other has to comfort it and they end up kissing each other and having a lot of fluff but then she says “I still hate u” so he try to change that

Sami Zayn is a fucking asshole. Whatever his fans said about him didn’t matter, you hated him. He hated you too. It all started when you came up from NXT. There was something he just didn’t like about you, and he made it known to everyone. “So please explain y/n, who did you have to sleep with to get here?” Even Kevin Owens glared at him, mouthing “what the fuck man?” at him.

“I worked my fucking ass off and you say that shit to me?” Sami just rolled his eyes and walked past you, slamming his shoulder into yours. It took everything in you to not run up and slap the hell out of him. Fuming, you stormed back the locker rooms. That’s how it’s always been between you two, pure loathing and hatred.

You were called up to the main roster about two months after Sami did. When he was gone from NXT, it felt like you could properly breathe again. Now he was back. The first few weeks were okay, just a few snide comments from both sides. Then it got bad. You started up a rivalry with Charlotte leading up to Wrestlemania 32 and would be placed in the match along with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Sami thought you were overstepping your “low status”. Your arguments would get so heated that people from Kalisto to the Big Show would have to separate you two. The fights were vicious. Although Sami wouldn’t hit you because he said it was against who he was, he made it clear that he would love to. You, on the other hand, didn’t care how you looked to others. Before you could usually smack his smug little smile off his face, someone much stronger and more level headed would swoop in and throw you over their shoulder. Whoever was brave enough would have to dodge your fists and knees as you tried to claw your way back to Sami. Kevin would usually come in and try to calm down Sami.

It was Wrestlemania weekend and like most NXT alums, you had just seen Takeover Dallas. It was amazing, minus Sami’s match. Not that it was a bad match, but Sami kept glaring at you when he would attack Shinsuke, like he wished it was you in Shinsuke’s place. 

After catching up with everyone, you along with the huge group of main roster stars, headed back to the hotel. You lingered a bit down in the bar, just sipping on a coke because the last thing you needed was a hangover during the biggest match of your life. Finally, you decided to head upstairs, taking the elevator to save your legs the strain. Once in, you hit the number 7 button and it flashed. Sami came sprinting in, just barely making it.

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Not Over Yet: Chapter 18

“Not Over Yet” SNK Modern AU: Two torn ex-lovers grow to rekindle old flames once their paths recross, after nearly six years of learning how to live without each other.

Rating: M // Words: 4k // Pairing: Eren x Mikasa

Chapter Summary: The babies are growing, and much too fast.

A/N: Hello, again. I don’t know what to say. Just… *awkward jazz hands*

Preview Ch 18: The Secret Chord

She came out. Dressed, from head to toe, in the garments of an old ghost. She made the clothes come alive somehow, as if they belonged to her and only her. Her hair was loose and hung limply at her shoulders, the very tips dampened from her bath. The backs of her hands and knuckles and the very tip of her nose were all soft and sort of blushy, and Eren felt as if he was gazing at a stranger. She’d changed too fast, his heart couldn’t keep up with it. Because life had always been harsh with him, stolen his innocence. But Mikasa was still pure. And he wanted so desperately to maintain her, to keep her this way. The unsullied streak of color remaining in his life.

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Conner during winter: *uses his ttk to do basically everything, wrapped in a million blankets*

Tim sighed, moving to sit next to the lump on the couch that was more blanket than man. Though man wasn’t exactly what he wanted to call Kon, considering the childish way he was hiding himself away. 

He wished he knew how long his boyfriend had been at this, but he’d been gone for days working on a mission. Tim hated that it was entirely possible that Kon had been like this the entire time, without Tim even having the faintest idea. …Though he wasn’t exactly sure if he was angry with Kon or not, yet.

“Babe,” he started, carefully, trying to have patience with his boyfriend. “You know you have to come out sometime.”

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DDMS ~Junhui~ Pt.3

You sat on an empty bench looking at Junhui who was messing around with a group of boys. Joshua stood with them smiling and laughing all the same. The group smiled when Joshua pulled out his phone and a portable speaker. Four people, Junhui included, stood in the center of the small group of boys. Soon you noticed others gathering around, so you stood and pushed to the front of the growing crowd. Your eyes immediately met with Junhui’s and he smirked.

The four began moving, dancing, when Joshua started a song. Junhui didn’t take his eyes off of you until he had to move from his spot. When his gaze did come back to you it sent a shiver down your spine. He sent a wink your way making you shake your head. He moved again swapping spots with another boy.

He caught your attention almost immediately as he danced. He held a half smile until the music stopped. His face grew into an ear to ear grin as he looked at you. You stared back with a curious smile. He took a few steps forward to stand in front of you and bowed slightly.

“Hello! My name is Kwon Soonyoung! It’s very nice to meet you!” He introduced himself, his smile unwavering.

You smiled back at him cheerfully. “Oh. H-Hello Soonyoung, I’m (y/n) it’s very nice to meet as well!”

You jumped when a large bell went off. Sounded so much like a school bell, if you hadn’t known any better you’d think you were back in grade school. It’d been a while since then but you still remember quiet a bit. Joshua went to the same one as you but was ahead of you. It got on your nerves when he used to bring up the fact he was older but you just pushed it off and went on with your day. He wasn’t much older than you even if he tried to act like it at times. He would like to order you around a lot as well.

“(Y/n) Get in.” Joshua laughed from a couple feet away. “And take Junhui with you!” He smirked leading Seungcheol into the building again. You rolled your eyes over to look at Junhui who stood talking with another boy that had been dancing. You walked up shyly and stood with them.

The other boy gave you a look of confusion and opened his mouth to speak but Junhui spoke before he could. “She is my new caretaker. It’s her first day! (Y/n) This is Minghao.”

Minghao’s face softened into a smile. “Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you (Y/n).”

“You too, Minghao!” You greeted him happily. He said a goodbye to Junhui and went back in.

You did a double take when you saw his caretaker’s fist come down hard on his cheek. You gasped and took a few steps toward them before Junhui’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you back. Your back was pressed against his chest as he sighed looking at a hurt Minghao. “Don’t…His caretaker has gotten many people..In trouble, for reporting him. It’s honestly not worth it…No matter how much everyone wants to rip him apart.”

You growled as the caretaker dragged Minghao into the building roughly. You felt useless just watching them disappear past the door. Hanging your head you let out a huff of air. Junhui released you and grabbed your wrist and lead you back to the cell. He looked away for you to type the code and walked in flopping onto his bed with a groan.

“Is he a close friend?” Your voice was soft and quiet but in the silent room it echoed. You cringed as your voice bounced back.

“He’s the best friend I have here.” His voice seemed to contradict your own, hard and raised.

You went to speak again but were cut off by a knock on the thick glass seal. You turned and saw Joshua waving. He beckoned you out and pointed to the time. “Time to go home!”

You turned back to Junhui and sighed. “I wish I could help him Junhui…Im sorry. You’ll be fine the rest of the night?” You stayed quiet.

“Just go home. I’d rather you just stay out of it.” He turned over in the bed facing away from you to the wall.

You sighed again pressing in the code and walking out. “Goodnight Junhui…” You sealed the door again and began walking down the line of cells looking at the monsters curled up inside.

Your heart stopped when you passed Minghao’s only to see him chained to a wall shirt cut open, his chest and stomach cut all to hell. You stood looking with wide eyes. You stuttered back when he looked up to you a look of pure exhaustion and sadness held on his face. He forced a smile at you and waved his chained up hand.

Joshua came back and pulled you along his head hanging as he dragged you out to the car. That’s when you finally exploded. “Josh! We can Not! Let that man do that to him! It’s inhuman treatment! It’s the work of a sadist! How could someone do that?”

He didn’t answer as he took off heading for your house. It took a bit before he spoke up. “So…Can I crash at yours for a while? My place is getting remodeled…Had a small problem with pipes and…Yeah.”

“Sure Josh. Always welcomed at my house.” You reassured him with a small smile. It didn’t last long as your mind was still flooded with the image of Minghao in his cell. It felt like your heart was going to break inside your chest.

Joshua pulled into your drive way and helped you out. You lead him in and closed the door again.

You flipped back into the chair in your front room and curled up into a ball. Knees pressed against your chest and head on knees. Joshua laid down on your couch and looked at you.

“You might as well forget what you saw…I know it will be hard but-”

“Hard is an understatement! That would be impossible to forget! There is no way I’m letting this continue!” You started ranting. “Who would even think that is acceptable behavior!?”

“The same people who have murdered children! What happened to the attitude you had earlier about this?!” He paused for a moment and took a few deep breathes. “I am happy you had a change of heart so fast…But there is nothing we can do…Mimghao has to survive till the guy is fired or gets tired and leaves. A lot of people have reported him to our higher ups and nothing good has come out of it. I’m sorry…”

You stood up and started trembling. “I’m gonna go to bed…There are blankets and pillows in the closet when you need them.” Your voice was weak and monotone.

You walked down the hall of your house to the back room, your bedroom. You changed and crawled under the blankets after setting your alarm and plugging your phone in. You covered your head with your pillow and shuddered as sobs ripped through your chest. You didn’t know what to do and it was tearing you apart. All of this in one damn day. How the hell could the rest of this go? Cause this could not go on the same way.

When morning came back around you tiredly got up and did your morning routine. Shower, wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair, get dressed and do your make up. It would normally feel refreshing but not now. You’d had bad nightmares all that night. So bad you dragged Joshua into your room to help you sleep. He just smiled tiredly and held you close as you shook in his arms. He hated seeing you like this, it killed him inside.

But it changed nothing. Even though you stayed asleep you wished you didn’t. With the image of Minghao still burned into your skull. It was painful to relive and you couldn’t even imagine how Minghao was. Cuts that came so deep they’d become permanent scars. Bruises that would take forever to go away. It all overwhelmed you and killed you.

Day two and you were already going to meddle in something you’d been told to stay out of. This would not be fun. Then again, you didn’t sign up to have fun. You signed up to help the innocent live and that’s what you’ll do.

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Request for Rin (free!) sick with the stomach flu but goes to class anyway and pukes not only during, but, on his test please!

OKAY SO I’ve had this request in my inbox basically since I started this blog. It’s taken me THAT LONG AND IM SO SORRY, BUT HERE IS SOMETHING IVE WRITTEN TO HOPEFULLY SATISFY YOUR NEEDS.

When Rin’s eyes opened, it was to a dark bathroom. His upper body was laid unceremoniously over the toilet bowl, the seat he had pushed up earlier now resting on his head; it must have fallen on him at some point, but the synthetic concept of time was much beyond the groggy swimmer’s ability to comprehend. How long he had been unconscious in the bathroom, he had not the slightest, but he vaguely remembered waking up from a deep sleep to run for the toilet in a panic.

The air around him stunk of stale vomit, hanging heavy and almost muggy. His mouth was sticky and tasted something terrible, a deafening ringing pounding against his eardrums so intensely, he could barely make out the beeping of his alarm from the other room. A miserable groan rumbled in his chest, his eyebrows knitted as he recalled his daily obligation of school. On days where he did not sleep in the bathroom, getting up was hard enough, but getting himself off of the floor in the condition he was in seemed nearly impossible.

Slowly, Rin began to move, starting only with his arms, shoulders popping and stiff as they rolled in their joints. He could feel the ache of his muscles pulling all the way down his sweaty back as he clumsily pushed up the toilet seat that had fallen over his head. Once it was removed, his hands gripped the side of the toilet, using it as leverage to push himself weakly to his feet. He knew he had a fever by the way the air felt against his skin and the ache underneath his muscles in his joints. He shivered as goosebumps covered his flesh.

As soon as he was upright, Rin’s stomach was making a commotion. Each sway of dizziness made the contents churn, as if a hand reached inside him and was kneading his belly like a ball of dough. His lip curled at the feeling, grimacing as he forced his leaden feet to shuffle forward. He stopped at the sink, desperate to ride his mouth of the foul taste. He brushed his teeth as quickly as he could, for the flavor of his minty toothpaste made him gag in his fragile state.

Trudging from the bathroom, Rin made for his bed, wanting nothing more than fo fall face first into his pillow and return to the sleep that had been so abruptly interrupted. He knew, however, that taking the day off was not an option, despite how sick he was, because he had a test in his first period class that he could not afford to miss. If he could just make it through the test, he decided he would return to his dorm after to sleep it off. Letting out a deep sigh, half to settle the bile rising in his throat, Rin shut his beeping alarm off and began getting ready to leave.

Once he managed to squirm his way sorely into his uniform, Rin went to class, his face paling with every step. Each time he put one foot in front of the other, it sent a shockwave through his stomach, and by the time he reached his desk, his weak legs were screaming in pain. His chair squeaked as it was pulled out, and he fell into it just in time for his knees to buckle underneath him in exhaustion. Sousuke, at the desk beside him, noticed and watched with a scrutinizing gaze.

“Rin, you look unwell,” he commented, his blue orbs picking up on the grayness in his friend’s complexion.

Laying across his desk with his head resting in his arms, Rin closed his eyes to let the room stop spinning. Now that he was sitting down, he could compose himself and breathe away the nausea. “Yeah, I feel like shit,” he mumbled truthfully, not bothering trying to hide his misery. “I’m just going to get through this test, then head back to the dorm. I woke up in th the middle of the night to puke, then fell asleep over the toilet. I’m exhausted,” Rin expanded, his rambling voice trailing off as he yawned.

Sousuke leaned forward, sliding his hand under the strands of red hair that fell into Rin’s face, and placed his palm on the sick teenager’s sweaty forehead. By the heat against his skin, it was clear that Rin had a raging fever. The blue eyed student felt his ill friend subconsciously lean into the coolness of his touch. “You’re burning up,” he began, retracting his hand. “I think you should go to the dorms now, and take the test when you’re feeling better. You can’t concentrate like this.”

He knew Sousuke was right, but Rin was determined to get it over with. “I’m gonna try. It’s better than taking it after school later in the week and missing practice,” he argued, finally opening his bleary eyes to look at his classmate.

Seeing the stony expression hidden beneath tired bags and fevered cheeks, Sousuke knew that there was nothing he could say to persuade the stubborn swimmer. When his mind was made up, there was no going back. “All right,” he sighed in acquiescence, leaning back into his chair.

It was not long after their conversation that the teacher passed out the test. For a while, Rin was able to force his mind’s focus to the questions asked on the page, but amidst the essay portion his stomach suddenly churned. The nausea would not be pushed away so easily, and it made it clear as his mouth began to salivate, heralding disaster.

Rin swallowed thickly against bile rising in his throat and breathed deeply through his nose, willing the queasiness to settle enough for him to finish his test and make it to a bathroom. The coppery saliva immediately returned after being swallowed, and his jaw began to tingle. ‘I’m on the last half of the test, just hang in there. Don’t puke,“ he begged himself silently over and over like a mantra.

His stomach twisted and clenched, an audible retch pushing up his throat with a gurgle to punctuate it. Panicking at the inevitable reality, Rin shot up from his seat, hands clamped tightly over his mouth. The chair fell over backward from the force in which he stood, landing with a loud bang. If anyone had missed him gagging, they definitely heard the clatter of his seat. All eyes were on him.

Rin was paralyzed, the only muscles able to move, though involuntarily, being his abdominal muscles. A series of hiccups bubbled up his throat, bile coming farther up with each until a loud heave brought up a wave of clear viscous fluid all over his desk, and subsequently, his test. He did not have time to care before another round of sick was violently pushed out of his body.

He could hear several girls scream in disgust, and the teacher called his name, but the only voice that stuck out to him was Sousuke’s. It was suddenly at sits side, accompanied by gentle hands, encouraging him away from the humiliation. “It’s okay. Come on, let’s get you out of here,” he coaxed just loud enough so that only Rin could hear.

Now that his stomach had relaxed from heaving, Rin could move his legs, but they felt heavy. He staggered unsteadily as Sousuke led him toward the door. His feet were too heavy to lift, and they dragged with each step. His knees felt like jelly, and his stomach was on fire, but luckily Sousuke was strong enough to support most of his weight with ease.

Though in reality it took only a few minutes, it felt like it took an eternity to finally reach the door to the dorm he shared with Nitori. When Sousuke delivered him to his bed, Rin fell onto it limply, his muscles too weak to move any more. “Thanks,” he grunted, grateful to be in the comfort of his sheets once again.

Sousuke nodded and located the trash bin. He moved it from the desk in the corner to Rin’s bedside. “Do you need anything?”

“Just some rest,” Rin replied with a heavy sigh, realizing that since he puked on his test, he would have to retake it during the week anyway. Going to class had been in vain, and he could have puked in the privacy of his own bathroom the whole time.

“Okay.” Sousuke set his backpack down on the desk and sat himself on the floor at the end of Rin’s bed. He pulled a book out of his bag and began to read quietly.

Peeking over, Rin saw his friend getting comfortable and became confused. “What, you’re staying?”

“Yeah, just until Aiichiro gets here and can keep an eye on you. You shouldn’t be alone with a fever like that,” he stated, not looking up from his book.

Rin sighed, closing his eyes. He was grateful to his childhood friend for the concern he was being given. “Thanks,” he said again before allowing himself to be consumed by the fatigue that drowned him into a deep sleep.


Request:  Hi, can you do a imagine for Jason the toy maker where his s/o lives with her abusive mother and snaps one night and kills her

Requested by Anonymous

“You little bitch!” Your mother screams, throwing an empty bottle at you. For the fifth time this week your mother was drunk off her ass and taking her anger out on you.

“You drove him away!” She screeches, stalking up to you and shoving you harshly against the kitchen wall.

“You always drive them away!” She grips you by the hair and throws you to the floor, rage in her eyes and violence in her hands.

“You little slut, you never want me to happy do you!” Her foot connects with your ribs multiple times, you cover your head and curl into a ball. Your eyes squeeze shut and try to block her from your mind. You feel her grab your hair again and tug you up, she pushes you against you the wall and gets in your face. Her vile breath stings your eyes and you try to look away.

“Why wont you just die already?” She seethes, unnaturally quiet. She sneers she shoves you down the hall, motioning you to go to your room. You limp off, your ribs killing you. It hurts just to breathe, you close and lock your door, sliding down to the floor. Quiet tears begin falling down your face, you learned years ago to never let her hear you cry. If you did, she would “give you something to cry about” which was code for “Im gonna send you to the hospital.”

Clutching your bruising torso, you gently check for broken ribs. A skill you had also learned a while back was being able to tell if something was broken or not. To your relief, nothing was.

Something shuffled in the corner of your room, you peeled your eyes open and looked around. Nothing seemed different in your room, but you continued to stare. Slowly, a shadow emerged from beside your dresser. Honestly, nothing could be worse than your mother so you hardly were scared. A ghost? Cool. A kidnapper? Please.

“Are you…alright?” A soft voice called out as he stepped into the light. He was tall, beautiful hair falling around his face and on his shoulders. Bright eyes clouded with worry, his hands rested in front of him locked together with nerves.

“Hardly.” You groan, lifting yourself from the floor to stand in front of him. “Who are you?”

“Jason…” He speaks quietly, stepping closer to you. He is much taller than you, inhumanly so. You look up at him, his eyes staring into yours.

“Does she…do this often?” His voice is coated in worry.
“What, beat me? Yeah, you could say that.” You say bitterly, limping over to your bed to sit down. You look up to see his hands had dropped to his sides, clenching into fists. His eyes change color rabidly, your jaw falls open at the sights.

“You're…you’re definitely not real.” You whisper, completely astounded by what you’re seeing. His jaw clenches, he ignores your words and stalks to your bedroom door and flings it open. He slams it closed behind him and you can hear your mothers muffled angry words.

“Did I tell you could come out?! You little-” Her yelling was interrupted, cut short and replaced with…screaming.

That was the night your mother died. That night was burned into your memory, the screams, the blood, the body. The relief. Jason was your only friend after that, he stuck around and helped you with the police, he got you through the adjustment period, taught you how to be okay again. He was with you for almost a year until one night…one night he basically broke up with you. He said he couldn’t be around anymore, and he left. For good.

That was two years ago. You had given up all hope of ever seeing him again, you moved on. You got a job, you moved in with your aunt, things were looking up. One day after work you came home, threw your stuff down and almost had a heart attack. Sitting on the couch was your long lost friend.

“Jason! Jesus Christ I…fuck.” You mutter, leaning against the wall. He stands quickly, his eyes locked on you.

“Y/n…” His voice was as soft as you remembered, his gentle hands raise up and touch your shoulders.

“Where have you been…?” You ask quietly, and he sighs.
“I..I had to do some things..”

“For two years?!” You yell, pushing off of him. You begin pacing around the room.

“Y/n…” Jason’s soft voice makes you stop.

“How…what are you doing here?” You ask quietly.

“I came back, for you.” He says and you scoff.

“Came back? CAME BACK?! Fuck you, you left. You left me I don’t want you back after TWO YEARS of missing you. NO.” You let all the anger and hurt flow out of you, attacking him with your words. He cringes when you yell, but you were too upset to care.

“Why did you leave me Jason? Why?!” You shout staring at him, you wait for a response but he just looks down.



Suddenly, the world stops. Your blood runs cold and your chest feels numb. Your anger begins fading away as you repeat his words in your mind. You two just stare at each other.
Slowly he begins walking up to you, like you were a butterfly and he didn’t want to scare you away. His hands slowly rise to cup your face, making sure you’re looking at him.

“I love you, Y/n.”

I Want to Make You Smile

HELLO!! I have so many Solangelo fanfic prompts and it makes me soooo happy. So this is one that @disenchanted-rose sent me where they slept together but one of them left before the other could wake up and now they don’t know what to do. Sorry @disenchanted-rose but if u wanted NSFW content I rlly don’t like to do that so this is free of it. Let’s just keep it at midnight kisses and shirtless boys :D 

 Idk if I messed up the ages, but I know Nico is currently 14 and Will is 15.


 Nico di Angelo’s life was always a mess. His mother, his sister, his father, the fact that he was the gayest person in the word. Life just hated him. He went through puberty and it just dumped whole new problems on his shoulders, giving him nightmares, causing him to raise the dead when he had surges of anger, giving him suicidal thoughts. He thought the world would be over when he found himself falling for a certain doctor at the age of eleven. 

 When he was twelve, the boy with golden hair started to show concern for him. He was constantly showing up in Nico’s cabin, making sure he was taking his medication and that he was alright. Sometimes he would stay and they would talk well into the night. Whenever Will left, it was as if a part of his soul was ripped away as his footsteps echoed through the empty room. He was surrounded by darkness, and his light left. 

 When he was thirteen, almost everyone found out. Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Piper, Leo, Reyna, Frank, Hazel. All of the people who where remotely his friends. Will was the only one who didn’t. Frank and Hazel, bless their souls, let him be and didn’t force him to do anything. Percy, Jason, and Leo where constantly asking him questions, telling him to just ask Will out. Piper and Annabeth where constantly playing matchmaker dropping not-so-subtle hints to Will. Reyna assured him that Will liked him even though she has no idea who this boy really is. They where in his hair, holding their breath for the moment. 

When he was fourteen, it happened. Fourteen was a young age, and it wasn’t an age for serious commitment. But sometimes things happen and you find yourself in awkward situations. Maybe fourteen was the worse time to do it, maybe he should’ve waited, but words come out of your mouth, you do things without thinking, and it just happens. 

 Will came in for another check up. They where side by side on Nico’s bed and the light was fading outside, making it hard to see Will. But Nico memorized the lines of his face. He could see him, even now. He saw Will’s easy smile and shining eyes. All he wanted to do was kiss him. Nico must have been making a face, because Will stopped smiling. 

 "Nico? Are you okay?“ 

 "Ummhumm,” Nico said, pursing his lips. He wouldn’t get upset as something as stupid as this. It didn’t fool Will, who has been treating him two years. Will puts his fingers on Nico’s chin and turns his face towards his. 

 "Nico. Really. What’s wrong?“ Nico wasn’t in his right mind. It was 1am and his eyes where starting to itch with sleep. So that’s why he planted his hands on Will’s thighs and pushed himself up so he was kissing Will Solace. Will was so surprised by this action that when Nico pushed, Will was pinned onto the bed. When they fell, Nico let out a startled "oomph”. They where splayed not so gracefully on the bed, and Nico felt himself blush. Will just giggled. 

“I guess I literally fell for you,” he says between giggles.

“Your a dork,” Nico says as if it’s a fact.

“I know,” Will says with a cheesy grin. Then, oh gods, he puts his hands on Nico’s cheeks.

“Let’s try that again with a lot more passion and a lot less surprise,” Will says, pressing his lips to Nico. Nico, being the awkward Son of Hades that he is, falls on Will again, knocking their foreheads together with a loud thump. Will giggles again as Nico apologizes and pushes himself off, but Will grabs his arm before he can take off and pulls him onto the bed beside him. They both lie on their backs now, staring at the ceiling of the cabin. For the first time ever, Nico notices the cracks in the roof that show glimpses of the stars outside as moonlight trickles in. Another beautiful thing he took for granted. 

“The stars are beautiful, aren’t they?” Will says dreamily. He takes a deep breath.


“You know who else is beautiful?”

“Gods, Will. If you say ‘me’ like in those memes I will–”

“You are, Neeks. You are the handsomest person I have ever met.” There is no stopping the heat that creeps into his cheeks, somehow making it’s way to his ears. Nico hides his face in his black hoodie, having no intention of coming out. 

“What are you doing?” Will says.



“Just shut up.” Nico feels Will maneuver himself on top of Nico on his hands and knees. 

“How am I supposed to kiss you if you’re hiding?” Will asks. Nico pokes his eyes out, and his eyes out only. Will unzipped Nico’s hoodie so that his face was showing. Will leaned down and pressed a kiss to Nico’s lips, and Nico responded by pushing back harder and harder, lifting his head up to meet Will. He then grabbed Will’s shirt and pulled him beside him so they where facing sideways and kissing. 

They moved closer and closer, relying on each other for heat as cold winds drifted through the cracks in the roof. Will’s hands where clenched in Nico’s hair as he kept pulling him closer and closer. Nico decided to place his hands around Will’s neck. Just to experiment, Nico slipped his hands under Will’s shirt and started to feel the lean muscles of his back. Will seemed pleased with this arrangement and Nico tried letting his hands travel up Will’s shirt instead of down. He honestly wasn’t sure what they where doing, but he almost died when Will let his hands slip up his shirt. They made trails of fires that created hidden scars on his back and it made him feel alive. More alive that Nico has ever felt. It made him feel less like a walking corpse with no soul and more like a person. For a moment, he forgot who he was. He was with the boy he loved since he was eleven.

Eventually the kisses slowed as it neared 3am. Both of them where bare chested and falling asleep. They stopped and Nico curled into a ball; his natural sleeping position. He was out in seconds, and was shivering. Will draped the covers over him and then climbed in with him, lying beside him and petting his hair. Nico murmured words of delight and occasionally said things in italian that Will did not understand. One phrase caught his attention though. 

“Ti amo, Will.” Will’s eyes widen. He has a basic understanding of languages to know that “amo” probably means “love”. 

Will fell asleep curled around Nico. 

Nico woke up first that morning. Sunlight was filtering in and Will’s golden curls shimmered. The drowsiness that caused his actions the night before was gone and he realized just what he did. I kissed Will Solace. Nico couldn’t believe it. It was too good to be true. Which means it wasn’t. It was something that may or may not have happened. Maybe they both fell asleep while talking and Nico dreamed all of those things. Maybe this was a one time thing that Will would yell about when he woke up. Of course he would yell at Nico and ask him what in Hades was he thinking. He would ask how he, the son of the god of the Underworld, could possibly think he’d have a shot with the boy made of sunlight, son of the god of the sun. How he could possibly think that the smile Will flashed could be his. He would say this was a fluke, and there is no way it could possibly happen.

So that’s why Nico maneuvered himself off of Will ever so slightly, creeping like a shadow without actually turning into a shadow. He threw on one of his black t-shirts and went down to the pavilion to try and act like everything was normal and avoid Will the entire day. The good thing was that people expected Nico to be lurking sadly in the shadows, so they didn’t notice the tears that streamed down his face. 

Nico was picking at his breakfast, having no intention of eating when a tray slammed down on the table, causing Nico, and the table to jump and Nico’s silverware to clatter to the floor. 

“What the hell, Nico?” Will shouts above him. Timidly, Nico lifts his eyes to Will’s angry blue ones. He was very aware of every eye on the two of them. 

“Are you really that cruel? Are you really as cold as you lead everyone to believe?” Will shouts. Nico finds himself shrinking smaller and smaller. 

Will,” Nico whispers urgently, “people are staring.” 

“I don’t f**king care if they’re staring. I can’t believe you left me alone! After everything!” Will’s face was red with anger. One of the campers drops their glass of orange juice on the floor. This outburst is outrageous. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if it was someone else, but it was Will Solace. Will, who had the voice of an angel that would sooth people into recovery. Will, who has never once said a curse word in his life, swearing at Nico. 

“I-I-I-I was s-s-s-scared,” Nico managed to tremble out. 

“Scared? SCARED? Of what? Me?” 

“Of course I was scared of you, Will,” Nico says, standing up as well. “Did you ever think of what I must be feeling when you bursted in here? I was scared, Will. I was scared you’d reject me. I was scared you where playing tricks on me. I was scared that you would laugh in my face and call me names because that’s all anyone has ever done! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? I COULDN’T FACE YOU!” Will was silent for a moment. Everyone held their breath. To be honest, this was everyone’s ship, even if they didn’t know about Nico’s crush. 

“I thought you didn’t want me….” Will whispers.

“Of course I want you, Will. You’re all I ever wanted, ever since I was eleven.” Will looks like he is choking on tears.

“You too?” he says.


“Three years ago. You wanted this for three years.”


“I’ve loved you for five.” Nico let that sink in. Will liked him before Nico was even aware of his feelings. Not liked, loved. Ten-year-old Will Solace had a crush on Nico di Angelo. He fell in love with Nico when he was unstable and mourning his dead sister. He loved him even when he was a bigger mess than he is now. He loved him when they where just edging their way out of youth into the teenage life. 

“Why?” Nico finds himself asking. 

“Because. I knew there was a boy underneath all of those shadows. And I wanted him.” Nico reached over the table to hug Will, burying his face in his shoulder. Tears where cascading down his face, soaking Wil’s shirt. Will didn’t seem to mind. He let Nico cry as he petted his black hair. 

“Gods, I love you, Will,” Nico says.

“I do too,” Will says, smiling at Nico. The hall cheers, nearly scaring Will and Nico. Everyone has been waiting for this for so long, it’s a miracle it finally happened. Seeing Nico’s alert expression, Will took him away from the pavilion to the fire pit. 

“This was where I fell in love. I saw the firelight dancing over your skin and your eyes that held a ghost of the boy who was. A boy who would smile. I wanted to make you that boy again.” Nico collapsed on the ground.

“Nico, are you okay? Do I need to get a medic?”

“I’ve never been better,” Nico says, giving his first real smile in a while. It makes his eyes brighten in a way that makes Will smile even brighter and Nico is hit with the fact of how much he missed smiling like this. Goofily and joyfully in the face of those he loved. 



No matter how hard he works, no matter how hard he tries, there has always been this insurmountable wall.

An obstacle that he just cannot overcome.

He attends every practice.

He polishes his skills with intense, hard work. 

He pushes through the pain, through the straining muscles and heavy lungs.

He refuses to give up, even when they lose year after year.

Every year there is the hope - next year, we’ll get them.

There’s always a next year.

A next time…

Until now.

This loss is final. The end. Their last chance, in their last year of high school, to finally snag victory-

But they couldn’t do it.

And Hajime, as the ace?

He fails.

He has his chance, his opportunity to score the winning point - but he can’t do it.

His spike is picked up and Seijou ultimately loses.

The knowledge that he has held them back is almost more than he can take.

He keeps his brave face up. He barely lets himself feel - forcing himself to dry his eyes and stand next to his team while they shake hands. It feels robotic, it feels forced, but he can’t lose it here.

Not in front of his teammates. He just can’t.

It isn’t until he’s finally alone in the privacy of his room that he really allows himself to feel.

He can’t even bring himself to take off his uniform. He just collapses on his bed, breathes in deep, and cries.

No, he doesn’t cry - he bawls. He shakes, trembling, curling himself up into the tiniest ball imaginable. He can’t even remember the last time he’s cried like this. Everything hurts. 

He chokes down sobs, trying to quiet himself, but it’s to no avail. He vaguely remembers that it doesn’t matter - his parents are out of town, so nobody is gonna come and find him - but it’s only a fleeting thought. He cries until his vision is fuzzy, his head hurts and his throat burns, heavy from the effort of trying to force in breaths. He’s still trembling, but he doesn’t register any of it.

All he’s thinking about are the plays. 

The plays he failed to make that day.

Did he play alright? Maybe. But he can’t help himself; he sees all the ways in which he could have jumped higher, hit harder, been better-

It’s frustrating. He’s angry, he’s sad - he’s a complicated mess of emotions, none of which he can begin to understand while focusing so hard on where he’s sure he has failed.

He has no idea how much time has passed before the throbbing in his head starts to alleviate. His body starts to relax and he sighs, quietly, feeling a warmth settling into his face.

He hears a voice, but it sounds far away.


It sounds kind of like his name, but he can’t really be bothered to listen. He feels pressure on his temples, small but firm, rubbing away the tension there. 

He feels like he can finally, breathe, finally move, so he cracks his eyes open. His vision is hazy, but he recognizes the person sitting on the edge of his bed almost immediately. A heavy weight settles in his stomach as he realizes he’s been caught.

He tries to sit up but his whole body rejects that idea, pain seeping through his muscles.  He winces, and those hands massaging his forehead move to his chest, pushing him back down.

Hajime chances a look up and he doesn’t see Tooru looking at him with pity. No, rather, it’s something else entirely… something gentle. Something vulnerable.

Something… caring?

Tooru bites his lip; he presses himself a little closer, a hand running through Hajime’s hair, pushing the dark strands out of his face. His thumb brushes against his forehead, before he leans in and presses a slow, gentle kiss right in that spot.

“It’s okay,” he says, and his voice is so soft. “It’s okay, Hajime. I’m here. I’ve got you…” He huffs a breath, his hand continuing to move through Hajime’s hair, massaging his scalp. The action is soothing, and Hajime finds himself relaxing, body slowly uncurling from where he’d been tightly wound on his side.

Tooru doesn’t stop there. He continues massaging his scalp, but his other hand continues his ministrations on his temples. Once he’s satisfied there, he lets his fingers continue their exploration, searching out the tense muscles in Hajime’s neck and shoulders, pressing into them until Hajime heaves out a sigh of relief.

The trembling stops. He stops thinking about what he’s done wrong. Instead, he focuses on the warm feeling of Tooru touching him. It’s the same warm feeling as he feels when they’re out there, together, on the court-

“Hajime,” Tooru’s voice breaks him out of his thoughts, “You know, it’s like you always say. There are six people out there on that court. We all played together. We win together… and we lose together.” He feels the hands halt their movements. The bed dips, and Tooru climbs in, settling in behind Hajime.

“You made me so proud today,” Tooru tells him, his breath hot against the back of Hajime’s neck. “You’re strong. You’re capable. You’re the best damn ace we could have ever asked for.” 

Hajime doesn’t have to ask for it; Tooru just knows. He wraps his arm around Hajime’s waist, pressing their bodies flush together.

“Don’t ever think otherwise, and don’t try and hide from me, okay?” Tooru punctuates this with a kiss to the back of his neck. “I love you.”

Hajime’s vision blurs again, but this time he’s not alone.

He lets Tooru stay, brushing away his tears, kissing him, holding him. Loving him.

He lets Tooru stay and he lets himself feel everything that he needs to.

And the next morning, as Hajime wakes up, the warm weight at his back and the fingers tangled with his remind him that he’s not alone.

These obstacles might be a challenge, but they’re not one that he’s facing alone.

Dry Spell

A smutty (with a touch of fluff) story in which y/n and Harry find themselves in a 24-day dry spell….and so she buys a vibrator. Things get fun.

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dating nct dream; chenle ver.

this is probably gonna be kinda really long

-this boy is probably as clueless as jisung smh

-but he knows the simple things!!

-hand holding, hugging, etc


-how he fell in love~~~~~

-as in love as an 01 liner can

-ok so chenle first met you at school

-well, the first time he saw you he didnt really meet you

-so he was wandering down the halls like the cool kid he is!!!

-and he was about to go in the music room bc what else does this nerd do with his life

-he had the day off from training too so like

-why not mess around in a place he loves!!!

-so he’s about to walk in but then






-how cliche is this smh


-and he immediately mELTS

-“omg angels are real i cant tell anyone abOUT THIS”

-so he slowly opens the door just a bit and looks in and sees someone sitting on a chair, back turned to him and has headphones on

-so you dont notice him at all bc your back is to the door and your headphones are top notch af!!!

-chen’s just standing there at the door like a creeper and all he can think about is “i wanna marry them”

-he listens to you singing your lil heart out for a lil bit longer but his smol heart cant handle it

-he’s already too in love with you


-and you just didnt notice at all

-so he runs back to the dorms and bursts through the door dramatically screaming “I NEED HELP”

-the rest of the dream team are like “omg what’s wrong are you dying”


-he doesnt know he’s in love and i just what a cutiepie omg

-jaemin stares at him for a second before falling on the floor laughing

-mark’s trying to contain himself but it’s too cute to not laugh 

-“chen chen listen to me i think youre in love man” -jaemin

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN” -chenle, pterodactyl screeching

-mark tries to calm him down while also getting the juicy gossip 10/10 “it’s ok dude, tell hyungs who it is

-and then jisung like, slides in and is like "yeah chen tell HYUNGS WHO IT IS” which makes chen hit him

-chen gets kinda sad and freezes “oh my god… i dont know”



-so he spends the next 5 days trying to find out who it is

-asking everybody to sing for him, getting dragged away by jeno and renjun

-“we’re sorry for him” -ren and jeno trying to do damage control

-“NO I NEED TO FIND OUT IF THEYRE THE ONE” chen, as he’s struggling against his friends

-ok so like, that obviously fails so chen’s sad for the next 5903 years

-and he’s like “im never gonna fall in love again”


-“that’s so much work tho” -hae

-“*cue ren grabbing him by his collar, eyes bloodshot and clearly distressed* YOU TRY BEING THE ONE HE GOES TO WHENEVER HE MISSES HIS ONE TRUE LOVE YOURE GOING TO HELP US WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT”

-jaemin has to drag him away but ren keeps screeching

-so one of the boys sneak into like, every vocal class to listen to everybody sing for like 2 weeks but they still cant find the one 

-chen keeps saying “NO IT’S NOT ANGELIC ENOUGH IT’S NOT THEM" 

-so he nearly gives up bc he thinks it’s just not meant to be :ccc

-also, chen’s the type to walk pass the music room dramatically, staring at the door as he does so 

-so he’s doing that one time but woah. W O A H!!! HE HEARS THE VOICE AGAIN

-“omg fuk chen be a man and aSK THEM FOR THEIR NAME” -chen, screaming at himself

-so he slowly opens the door and woAH IT’S YOU

-he knocks on the door but you dont notice, your headphones on again so he takes a deep breath and walks over 

-he taps your shoulder lightly which makes you sCREAM AND FALL OFF YOUR CHAIR

-chen is so red omg

-“im so sorry i didnt mean to do that!!!!!!!!”


-“im so sorry omg!!!!!!!!!!" 

-"it’s ok man” -you, laughing really hard at yourself and him

-“im… im chenle and ive been looking for you for like… forever-” chen turns ever redder bc it sounds so creepy coming from his mouth

-“i know who you are. how do you know me?" 

-chen’s brain short circuits and all he can think about is "OH MY GOD YOU KNOW ME” and he accidentally says it out loud

-“everybody in this school knows you, youre in nct dream…”

-he feels embarrassed bc he didnt remember

-you glance at the clock and see that it’s almost time for your guardian to pick you up 

-so you just tell him “well i have to go but im y/n. i come here every tuesday if you need me." 

-and you grab your backpack and sling it over your shoulder

-and he looks like a fish opening his mouth and closing it trying to say something but you just look so cool doing that and im!!!!!!!

-so just as youre about to leave he’s like 

-"i really like your voice”

-he like BLURTS it out he sounds all choked up and stuff omg

-and you pause for like, an hour before you turn around and look at him 


-you sound really shy and cute and adorable omg

-the last thing you say is "i like yours too” before you walk away like nothing happened

-as soon as you close the door behind you and leave, chen COLLAPSES


-the rest of the dream team probably crawl out of the closet or something inside the room 

-they stare at chen’s half-dead body for a bit before jisung says something

-“is he ok" 

-"lol when is he ever” -ren

-so chen’s laying on the ground in a ball

-and mark’s just like “i never signed up to be a parent when i auditioned but w/e dude”

-so he walks over and picks chen up like it’s their wedding day or somethin smh and has to like, carry him back home

-so every tuesday he meets up with you in the music room 

-at first you were like “uh but why would you wanna be here when you can be with your idol friends”

-but after a bit you got used to it

-and you would like, wait for him to arrive before you started doing anything

-and your school is probably one of those school with vending machines and stuff smh fancy af 

-so whenever you bought a drink or a snack, you’d buy one for him too

-which makes chen just falls in love with you even more bc “omg, they think of me when im not there woAH "even tho it’s just like, a drink or something

-so the first few times, it would just be you singing and him listening 

-but after the fourth time he swung on over to you in the music room you were like "dont you wanna sing too?”

-and chen’s just like “omg, uh i sing a lot already and i really like your voice”

-but youre just like “i like your voice too. do you wanna sing with me?”

-so when he hears you say that, he’s like “oh.. oh…… i………IF YOU WANNA”

-and you know that song jungkook and lady jane sang on masked singer (here’s the link if you havent heard it: x)

-well youre like “do you know this song??” (HINT IT’S THE SONG I LINKED ABOVE WINK) and you sing a smol part of it for him

-he literally melts in his seat bc your voice is so angelic and you sang the part of the song where it was like “im in love”

-he manages to nod tho

-so you two sing together (what a bunch of cuties omg) and after you guys finish, chen is LITERALLY ON CLOUD 9

-and all you say is “we sounded nice together” before grinning and he just awkwardly chuckles and scratches the back of his neck 

-“yeah, yeah we did" 

-and when you leave this time, youre like "i’ll see you later chen” and leave 

-chen’s dying again bc “omg they called me chEN INSTEAD OF CHENLE WE’RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED”

-when you guys pass each other in the halls you two smile at each other but dont interact much bc he doesnt want crazy fans to hurt you :cc

-this lil duck’s way of confessing was so cute and cliche

-the next tuesday, he was like “i gotta do this today!! i must confess!!!!!!!!” so he like practices what he’s gonna say over and over again

-he probably uses ren as a practice test

-and when it’s finally tuesday, you head to the music room but chen’s already there!!

-“oh hey what’s up man” -you


-“you look really nervous”

-and he just like shrivels up into a ball but he is a man!!!!! he can do this!!!!!!!!!!!

-and he like, sings you a really cute ballad and asks you out

-your heart is pounding and your face is probably really red

-youre standing there and not saying anything so chen gets really scared

-but then you say “oh my god” really quietly and then “of course you idiot oh my gosh” and shove him lightly

-after you two started dating, chen tries his best to walk with you to school and walk you home too what a cutiepie ;-;

-just saying now chen is a clueless MESS (in the cutest way possible!!!)

-like, if he sees a doggo on the way to school with you


-it doesnt matter if the guy with the doggo is scary


-if there’s a van with the sign “free candy” in badly written handwriting


-whenever you two sing duets all chen can look at is you

-especially if it’s a love song

-youre always on his mind and he cant ever find words that explain how much he loves you so he tries to write songs for you

-for your one year anniversairy he wrote a song for you and sang it in the music room where you two met

-he smiles really hard when he sees you, his face squishes up and it’s sO CUTE UGH

-he hugs you as a greeting after you two started dating

-i feel like chen would love giving you forehead kisses omg

-if he’s going away on a trip or a tour or something, he’d leave voice messages for you of him singing or telling you he loves you or something oh my gosh

-he’s such a sweet boy and he loves you so much

-he would honestly give you the world 

-and you would too!! because you love him just as much as he loves you ♡

Sleeping arrangements

I wrote this, never really intending it to be published, but then I thought, what the heck. 

Summary: Oh, the horror of sharing a bed with the Winchesters. Especially the wrong Winchester…

Maybe I should put a warning on this one: Sam does behave like an asshole for a while. But he’s not really an idiot, he’s just jealous. 

As always: tell me what you think. 

Word count: 4478

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Y/N hissed when Dean returned to the Impala with only one room key dangling from his middle finger.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but apparently there’s some sort of festival going on in town. Every room was booked but this one. And he said it would be useless to try and find another motel with vacant rooms. So unless you wanna drive the whole night, I suggest you suck it up.”

“Crap!” Y/N muttered and closed her eyes tightly. As tired as she was, this was not how she had pictured spending the night, but when she opened them again, she forced her annoyance to the back of her mind. It wasn’t Dean’s fault that the crappy town had decided that a crappy festival in the middle of fucking January was the way to go, and sleeping on the couch wasn’t too bad. And if she was really lucky, it wouldn’t even smell like piss like the last one.

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Winchester brothers-Wild part 3

Title: Wild Part 3

Pairings: Team free will x feral reader, Balthazar x feral reader

Word count:1436

Request:Could you pretty please do a part three for Wild? I’m thinking something with Balthazar, like she falls asleep on him so he can’t move or something similar.

Request:Can you continue Wild? Its awesome

Request:Hi, I just read Wild and I love it.. If its not much of a problem maybe you could write a 3rd part? thank you, you´re an amazing writer btw I really enjoy your stories :)

Request:Did you ever do a part 3 for wild and if not will you I love it

Request:Wild part 3?

Request:“Wild” parte dos???

Request:wild part 3? and she sleeps in their beds cuz she likes the warmth?

Request:I was wondering if there was a chance you could write Wild part 3??????? Please im obsessed!!!!!!!

‘’Hey! No’’Dean scolded as he gently struck at your nose, careful to not actually hurt you but show you that what you did was wrong. You titled your head at him, hair falling to the side of your face. 

You narrowed your eyes, growling at him but that only recieved you a sharp look from Dean who wasn’t backing down from your glare. You whined, a short mewl falling from your lip as you looked away. 

Dean rolled his eyes but huffed happily, relieved he had got something across to you. Dean finally tore his eyes away from you, glancing back down at the newspaper. 

You crouched beside him, hands hanging limp between your knees as you watched in awe, watched the way his eyes flickered over the tiny letters. You nudged yourself under his arm, crawling on all fours into his lap before plonking yourself down and staring at the paper with big eyes. 

Dean chuckled at your response, amused at your behaviour. ‘’It’s called a newspaper.’’he told you, glancing down to see if you had absorbed any of that. ‘’News-paper’’He repeated slowly, pointing towards it. 

You only pawed at it, Dean tutting as he held it out of your reach. ‘’God. It’s like owning a dog’’Dean grumbled but chuckled anyway. Sam came in, smiling widely as he leaned back on the table and observed the two of you. 

Dean ignored Sam’s raised brows, the small smirk evident on his face. Upon seeing Sam you had jumped off of Dean’s lap and rushed towards Sam. You jumped up, wrapping your arm around his forearm as you feet dangled slightly off the floor. 

Sam laughed, titling his head to see you. ‘’Hey, hey. No, this is my favourite shirt.’’Sam whined as he gently pulled you back and pried your fingertips off his shirt when you had started to gnaw at his plaid shirt.

‘’Not so funny now is it’’Dean smirked, chin titling up in pride. 

‘’Shut up, dude. She already chewed up my second favourite’’Sam complained, straightening out his ruffled plaid shirt. You padded down the hall, the brothers not paying any attention to you as they started to bicker. 

You nudged open a door, your eyes taking in the sight. A whiff hit you, a familiar scent that you had come to grow close with. Sam. You walked towards the bed, your fingertips brushing over the quilt. 

You jumped back at the soft material, the cosy feeling new to you. You had been sleeping on the floor, no matter how many times they had tried to get you to sleep on a bed or at least a couch. 

You had remembered what Sam had done, his hands pulling back the covers. You hesitantly copied, tilting your head when you saw you had done it right. You jumped a little, proud of yourself before crawling in. 

You awkwardly pulled up the covers, your eyes drifting shut from the heat it emitted. Rushed footsteps sounded through out the bunker, a whistle sounding before a sharp smacking sound. 

‘’She’s not a dog, idiot’’

Followed by more gruffled grunts. The door creaked open, Dean sighing in relief. 

‘’She’s in your room’’Dean called out to Sam. Sam mentally groaned, his eyes widening. He was positive that when he came to his room, it would be trashed and you would be sitting, ripping apart his plaid shirt. 

Oddly, when he entered, he was surprised to see you curled up like a cute little kitten, your eyes shut as light snores escaped your lips. 

‘’She’s asleep’’Sam chuckled in shock. ‘’In a bed’’He added. 

‘’I think it’s because it’s warm’’Dean stated, his eyes roaming over you as he tried to solve how someone could curl themselves up into that small of a ball. ‘’She probably likes that it smells like you too’’.

‘’What?’’Sam scoffed with a laugh, turning to his brother with a surprised look. 

‘’Dude, animals-or ferals, find comfort in something that smells familiar. Why do you think she like’s Cas’s coat, or your plaid shirts, or my hair’’Dean laughed. 

‘’Awh.’’Sam cooed, not meaning to coo out loud in fear his brother would tease him. Dean just simply smiled, turning back to face you. 

‘’She is cute’’Dean nodded in agreement. 

‘’Alright, I think we should let her get some sleep but I’m gonna come in and check on her a lot. I don’t want her waking up and ripping open my shirts’’Sam sighed. 

The two brothers made their way back to the room, Dean sitting back down in his chair as Sam opened up his laptop. Sam had lost track of time, researching a new lore that he hadn’t yet read fully. 

His eyes flickered down to the small clock in the corner, his eyes widening as he shot up. 

‘’CRAP!’’He yelled, catching Dean’s attention. 

‘’What!’’Dean rushed out, standing up too as he stared at his brother in concern. 

‘’I left her alone in my room. I forgot to check on her!’’Sam gasped before making a dash to his room, ignoring his brothers booming laughter. He made his way to his room, grasping the handle as he stopped for a moment to close his eyes and beg that there wasn’t mess everywhere. 

He pushed the door open, his eyes widening at the site. ‘’Oh….’’Sam whined out, not knowing your name so he had to just huff instead and slap his hands on his thighs. 

‘’Ooohh, dude. She messed you up big time’’Dean cackled from behind Sam, beer bottle in hand. 

‘’Why?’’Sam whined out, shuffling into his room. He had opened the door to see feathers everywhere, pillows torn open, blankets on the floor, books knocked over. Luckily, none of his plaid shirts where ripped open. 

One thing that they couldn’t see though… was you. Sam frowned as he titled his head everywhere. 

‘’Hey, Sammy. Check this out’’Dean whispered, closing the door. Scratch marks were railed down the front as if you had been pawing at it for ages. Sam slammed his hand into his forehead. 

‘’Oh crap. We shut the door, remember! And she doesn’t know how to open them. She must have thought she was stuck and gotten scared’’Sam scolded himself as he found out the reason you trashed his room was because you were frightened. 

‘’here-we really need to give her a name’’Dean sighed in the middle of calling you. Both brothers crouched around, even whistling every so often even though Sam hated referring to you as a animal since they were trying to help you become human. 

After calling for you, Dean checked the bathroom, Sam ducking down to check under the bed. They both shook their heads at each other when Sam stood back up, Dean emerging from the bathroom. 

‘’Where the hell could she be!’’Dean growled out only to be interrupted by laughter and a mewl. Your mewl. They both looked at each other before rushing towards the spot. 

The froze, skidding on their feet when they noticed Balthazar. Balthazar was watching you clutch and paw at his arm, his eyes dancing with amusement. 

‘’You never told me you adopted a feral’’He joked as he turned to face the brothers. You looked to see what he was looking at, shrinking back in fear when you noticed Sam. You knew how mad he got when you torn up his things. 

‘’What the hell are you doing with her?’’Dean scowled.

‘’You’re having a go at me? Really? You’re the ones who left a poor little feral alone in a locked room. I was simply here to deliver a message but I heard the noise and let her out’’Balthazar explained with a hrash glare to Sam. 

‘’She’s scared by the way. She think’s you are mad at her’’He added, he too being able to understand you. 

‘’Hey, no. I’m not mad at you-’’Sam stopped, realising you couldn’t understand him. He walked towards you, watching as you took a step back. He held out his palm, smiling at you as you finally stopped moving but still looked at him scared, big eyes. 

Once Sam reached you he gently stroked back your hair, a purr falling from your lips as you closed your eyes and nuzzled your head against his palm. He chuckled, petting your head before letting go. 


Cas had came later on, playing with you for a little before he had to speak to Dean and Sam about the message Balthazar was going to ‘deliver’. 

‘’Erm… we have a problem’’Balthazar chuckled nervously. Everyone stopped to look at him to see you curled up on his lap. 

‘’Your feral fell asleep on me’’



pairing; doll/mannequin!jihoon x creator!reader

summary; No man has ever caught your eye. You saw them as stuck up, annoying, disgusting and arrogant… That is, until Jihoon began to function without strings and fingers to pull them.

word count; 1,421

a/n; wowie! haven’t posted any of my works for weeks! my biggest apologies everyone, im v busy w school and work. im currently in bed w the flu so ive been writing a butt ton all day! im tagging @fairyjeons​ bc she’s beyond excited to see this! <3

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Home Sweet Home (BamBam Scenario)

Requested: @mymisstina


Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1950

Originally posted by defsouljb

Summary: You visit Thailand for the first time on a trip with your best friend, BamBam. While meeting his family, they assume you’re his girlfriend and you two agree to play along with it to avoid disappointing/confusing his family.

A/N: As this was requested as a “fake girlfriend” prompt I made it gender specific. However, I would be happy to post a gender neutral version if someone asks me!! Request more scenarios here!! 

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Sweaty Palms


Title: Sweaty Palms

Summary: It’s dark out and Dan just really wants to hold Phil’s hand.

Relationship: Phan

Characters / Pairing: Dan Howell, Phil Lester

Word Count: 754 (it was a cute request and i just wanted to let you all know im back lmao - this isn’t all that good but the prompt was toooo cuteee to resist)

Warnings: M/M, swearing, adorable conflicted Dan, internal conflict, hand holding, frustration, bants, annoyance, A FLUFFITY FLOOF, undecided ending (ie. you choose how it ends - do they end up together? are they just friends and it was platonic? up to youuuu)

Or the one where Dan’s unsure if the butterflies are from the darkness or Phil. #prompt #undecidedending


It’s sitting there, tempting him.

Dan stares at it while it swings innocently along in the brisk night air.

He’s never felt so much yearning in his life.

“I guess London decided to get really grumpy and leave us with clouds tonight, huh?”

Dan looks up at the sound of his companion’s voice.

Phil is walking beside him back from a quick trip to Tesco.

Only… They had to walk because Phil lost his keys to their car.

There’s a thick dark overcast, and - if he’s honest - Dan is a little unnerved by the dark shadows twisting and slithering closer to them in the blackness.

He subconsciously steps closer to Phil and his chest constricts. “Yeah, I guess.”

Phil glances over at him, and Dan can barely make out his blue eyes in the darkness. “What’s wrong, Dan?”

He blushes, thankful that it’s not bright enough for Phil to notice. “Nothing; I’m fine. Just exhausted because it’s the first time I’ve had to get exercise since puberty.”

“I’m pretty sure we went on a run together a while back.” His flatmate chuckles and continues walking.

Dan releases a relieved breath, Phil’s focus no longer on him.

Though he is still afraid of the dark, he is horribly embarrassed by his irrational fear and hates that he longs for comfort so badly.

And - of bloody course - this is one of those times.

His eyes drop back down to the pale hand swinging along beside Phil’s body.

Don’t grab it, Dan. That’s weird. He’s gonna get the wrong idea

Nonetheless, Dan finds his fingers twitching obnoxiously.

“Are you up for some more Free tonight? I know you really like that anime, and I feel bad for misplacing my keys…” Phil just continues talking, completely unaware of Dan’s internal struggle.

The long, slender white digits hang limply at Phil’s side, and they look so comforting. So soft

Dan’s stomach churns uncomfortably, and he’s not sure if it’s because of his nervousness about the dark or his intense desire to just curl into a ball and pull Phil down with him.


Phil with his shimmering blue eyes and his raven dark hair and his long, slender figure. Phil’s gentle words and his (oddly infectious) optimism and soft laughter. Phil is perfect for comforting Dan.

And damn that hand looks really inviting right now.


He glances up, snapped from his thoughts. “Hmm?”

The older man pauses and looks at him worriedly. “Are you sure you’re okay?”


“Yeah I’m fine. Why?”

“I asked if you want to watch Free to make up for the unwilling exercise you had to participate in today.” His friend frowns and Dan squints to see his expression; concern. “I know how much you love Haru.”

Dan flushes bright red.

That’s because he looks like you, you dingus.

“He’s a cartoon, Phil. It’s not like I’m obsessed.” Dan coughs awkwardly and makes direct eye contact as to appear unbothered.

Damn I want to kiss you. What is wrong with me?

“I know, I know.” Phil waves him off. “I’m just giving you a hard time; you’re not talking much so I’m trying to break the ice. I’m starting to run low, here.”

“Oh no,” Dan cringes, “you’re not gonna start saying th-”

“What did the noble gas say to the transition metal after Elements ‘n Chill?” The man sounds excited, and it flutters Dan’s heart a little.

He sighs. “What, Phil?”

“He lead neon!” Phil urges him, “Get it? It’s like saying ‘he led me on’ but with the elements lead and neon!”

“Are you a complete nerd?” Dan goes deadpan. “That wasn’t funny.”

Phil pouts and glares at him. “You’re not funny. I’m hilarious.”

“Right, Phil, you’re a comedian.”

“I am!”

“Sure thing.”

“Shut up, Dan. I’m funny.”


Shut up.

Dan sniggers and feels his stomach settle a little more. He smiles at the side of Phil’s head and a warm feeling crawls up through his veins, despite the chilly air.

What do I have to be afraid of? This is Phil… The one person I trust more than anyone.

Gentle fingers lace through the long, slender white digits and they no longer swing in the air freely, now that they’re occupied.

Dan can feel Phil’s hand tense up and his surprised and confused eyes on the side of his head, but Dan just smiles and keeps walking.

Neither mention it, but - slowly - Phil’s hand squeezes his back.

Dan smiles.

Maybe I was never afraid of the dark in the first place


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vmin are bros 4 lyfe...

seriously these to are the most bro of the brotps, for real. blaming @kurooozora for this one, ENABLER

Originally posted by chimchams

look at taehyung’s smile yo, he was hating that so much, his frown disappeared when jimin kissed his cheek.

Originally posted by btsleepy

jimin: “bro, you look so fucking hot right now. BUT NO HOMO.” ok, i lied, this is gonna be a compilation of some of vmin’s gayest moments. sorry, not sorry. 

Originally posted by dildojeon

i think we’re seeing some kinks here…

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

kim taehyung, you need to chill bro. look how excited he looks when he makes the jibooty bounce i need holy water after that sentence

Originally posted by ji-booty

please pay careful attention to this gif. look how naturally they get close to one another. no hesitation at all. look at tae’s arm coming to rest around jimin as jimin pulls him closer. 

Originally posted by taehyungxoxo

taehyung: “i love your ass, man. but like, no homo, bro.” i have receipts y’all, taetae loves the jibooty.

(x) okay, taehyung. 

Originally posted by vmiin

jimin, what. was. that?

Originally posted by blackcoffeex

taehyung…i only have one question for you? why you keep slapping the jibooty?

Originally posted by saejjong

taehyung: “jimin, bro, your abs feel so firm and hard, man. but like bros 4 life, dude.” look at taehyung’s face im crying. (i think ppl are starting to hate me for my shit commentary, im sorry but i cant help myself) 

(x) the faces they are making…im not even gonna comment. you be the judge. 

you enjoying that, jimin? i think they both are.

(x) i swear these 2 can get really gay sometimes…dont believe me? follow along for more receipts.

(x) jimin calling out taetae. 

remember that time when tae started stripping in front of jimin to sexy back on vlive? well, i do. #neverforget

may i also remind you of their “special film” where they were “2 guys with problems” and “broke up”. 

what. is. this. vmin. i need answers.

(x) look at the way they’re staring at each other. 

remember the time where tae reached out to grab jimin’s d on camera? and jimbles was like, “dude, we’re on camera.” what happens when the cameras are off, huh, jimin?

Originally posted by myjaebutt

Originally posted by taegiful

ok, jimin.

may i remind everyone of that time when vmin actually wore couple hoodies to the airport? 

(x) they are cute af. 

Originally posted by ji-min

i swear these 2 could get married and ppl will still be like bros 4 life. seriously there’s so much potential.

and as usual i lost focus towards the end. im sorry.

OK SO i am TOO MUCH of a MESS right now and so here are some things im gonna do asap so i can feel BETTER:

  1. clean my god damn room and put stuff in bags to sell/throw away
  2. do laundry and change my sheets
  3. get my meds ASAP and make an appointment with danielle so we can talk about putting me on something new
  4. dye my hair
  5. contact booms to see if they’re hiring/if im still in their system
  6. acquire a yoga mat 
  7. find a voice teacher
  8. have some kind of discussion with my family or something?
  9. plan a trip to go away somewhere for a weekend or something
  10. stop drinking for awhile and also stop avoiding people
  11. eat more and eat things that are nutritious
  12. Oh and take my ativan if I need to instead of just curling up in a ball until the feelings pass
Punishment (Michael smut) DAY 24!


Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: This is smut!

A/N: I hath sinned. Check out Smutty September!

Originally posted by mashlum

“You’ve been a very bad girl, Y/N.”

A slow fire begins to spread across your cheeks and you become dumbly aware of your jaw slackening, the image of Michael standing in the doorway instantly grabbing your attention. 

“Wh-What?” You ask, eyes widening as he slowly walks into the bedroom, sculpted arms crossed across his chest. His eyes, normally so bright and vibrant, are clouded with a deep desire, something burning fiercely within.

“I know you touched yourself when I was out,” You shiver, waiting stiffly as Michael gradually moves closer, his exterior tough. “And you’re not allowed to do that, are you?”

Softly, you shake your head into a no but secretly you’re celebrating. It was your intention to cause trouble as the way Michael reacts always results in a punishment, usually an extremely pleasureful punishment. 

“Words, baby,” He chimes, turning his back to begin searching through a box entitled ‘play’. 

You swallow, the sound catching in the back of your throat. “No, Michael.”

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Love ~S.M.~

“Jackson? I’m home.” I set my keys down on the table beside the door. I set my bookbag down and pull out my phone. It was 2.

They let us out of school early but Jackson had stayed home. He always did that. I’m not even sure Jackson was set to graduate. I was definitely ready. All A’s and applications to my dream colleges already set to go.

I walked up the stairs of jacksons house. I didn’t live here but I spent so much time over here I mine as well.

I hear moaning and profanities coming from jacksons room. I figured he was jacking off or fell asleep watching porn like he usually does. I knock on the door.

“Jackson I’m home.” I say through the door. The moaning doesn’t stop so I open the door.


Jackson and Stephanie(some girl at my school) were just fucking. He cheated one me. He even said he loves her. What the fuck. They don’t seem to notice I’m here so I make my presence known. I drag her by her hair off his dick that she was just riding and he sits up immediately. I just stare at him while I hear Stephanie running around trying to get dressed while apologizing. Jackson tears his eyes from mine, gets up and kisses her goodbye. He walks over to his desk and sits in the chair. He has a smirk on his face.

“I’m sorry is there something I’m missing?” I say staring at him.

“Depends on what you already know” he says shrugging. I walk right up to him and punch him in the eye.

“WHAT THE FUCK YOU CRAZY BITCH. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE.” He says holding his eyes. I grab my duffel bag and throw my drawer of clothes in it.

“GLADLY CHEATING ASSHAT” I say running down the stairs, grabbing my phone, keys and bookbag and slam his door. I sit in my car and start driving.

I end up at my best friend Stews house. Me and stew have been friends for a while. I grab my duffel bag and climb up the side of his house and into his window. I see him on his bed on his laptop. As soon as I swing my body and stuff into the room he looks at me. His eyes were wide. He just looks at me confused for a couple seconds before I break down crying.

Stew rushes over to me and picks me up and put me on his bed.

“Y/n? What’s wrong ma?” He says moving my hands from my face.

“He cheated on me. He’s an asshole and he doesn’t care about me.” I scream at Stew. Poor kid. He’s probably super confused. That doesn’t stop him though.

“JACKSON CHEATED ON YOU?! IM GONNA KICK HIS ASS” he says letting me go. This made me chuckle. Stew has always been a bit lanky and skinny. I don’t think I’ve even seen him in a real fight but I know Jackson could beat his ass anyway. Jackson was 6'2 and a boxer. Dude was scary.

“Please stew. I already punched him in the eye. I just really need you right now.” I say curling into a ball under his covers. He takes off his shirt and lays behind me wrapping me in his arms. Even though he was small I felt safe in Stews arms.

He started telling me about random stuff he knew. Mainly random facts.

“Lobster and jellyfish don’t die naturally” he tells me every time. Stew always knows what to do when I cry or have a panic attack. There scary as fuck and I hate them. The medicine I take help some but it still sucks. Anxiety isn’t as fun as movies and books make them seem. It’s not just heavy breathing and crying. It’s not being able to function. Not knowing what’s happening and why. My brain becomes a huge mess and I couldn’t think.

But Stew could. He would look up random facts to tell me because I couldn’t stand the complete silence. I found Stews voice to be extremely soothing.

I turned around to face him. I looked into his eyes and something clicked.

Om not sure if it was how close his eyes were. His lips slowly moving as his words faded out. Or his arms still wrapped around my hips.

But something inside me sparked and I knew it was my feelings for him. I’d always had a small crush on Stew, but I never said or did anything, to scared he wouldnt like me back.

Then it happened. He kissed me. I immediately responded by kissing back. After a few seconds we pulled away. I put my forehead on his.

“Y/n I love you. I want you to be mine forever and always. I want you to be happy. I want you, all of you. I love you and I’ll do anything for you.” His small confession of his love made me love him even more.

I just kissed him in reply, harder than the first time.

“I love you too Stew. And I want to be yours. Forever and always. Thanks for putting up with me.” I say pecking his lips again.

“Anytime ma.”

Me and Stew spent the rest of the day together on his bed. The next day he took me on a date.

A few years later we moved out to LA with Nate. I got pregnant with our son when we were 22 and then had another one when we where 23 then had our last one at 25. We got married at 24 and are still going strong. I’m happy and proud at my family. The ones I made and the ones I gained.

All thanks to the love of my life Stewart Maloley.

T-Shirt ▏Bobby

“Try'na decide, try'na decide if I really wanna go out tonight. I never used to go out without ya, not sure I remember how to.” ♪

“Hello, are you still alive there?”

    You blinked and stared into your best friend’s Min’s eyes. Then, your attention turned to your other three friends across the table, who seemed to be lost in a world of their own, laughing hysterically. The restaurant the five of you were in was particularly busy tonight, and you felt strange being there without him.

    “Yeah,” you mumbled and picked up the menu. “So, what are you guys ordering?”

    Min eyed you weirdly and slowly picked up her menu. “I’m getting the steak,” she answered. “Yura and Jia are getting the chicken dishes, and Chae is still deciding. What are you thinking about?”

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