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Monologue was so perf (I can’t wait for someone to gif the ‘I wrote that myself’ part lmao) and I think he did such a good job interviewing bc that would be the most stressful thing for me but he was super nice and had good flow and questions and didn’t talk over ppl and it was so natural! Can’t believe he only had 2 hours to get ready lmao

not to be dramatique but the scene where miguel and dante are crossing the marigold bridge for the first time was so beautiful it made me tear up.. the music!!! the animation!!!! all the details and colors in the land of the dead!!! my heart stopped for a second i was so amazed.. fellas that scene made me feel alive

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15/18 for clone trooper 99? i love him so much and no one ever talks about him but i feel like he would love singing, especially being a janitor and singing while he works??

15. Singing headcanon

“This particular batch is developing nicely. No issues with accepting the increased amount of thyroid hormones, which was, if you recall, a particular worry. Decanting process should be ready to begin in two standard weeks at this rate, ahead of schedule, and after this-”

Ninety-Nine’s work did not stall as he watched the two Kaminoan scientists advance slowly down the passageway. He continued to wipe the glass clean, watching the scientists with a strange mixture of ingrained respect and learned suspicion. Their movements were serene and graceful in the soft blue lights of a thousand growth jars, but still, something in Ninety-Nine’s chest tightened as the scientists made their notes. Armed with nothing more than his cleaning supplies and the little mouse droids that helped him with his duties, and as far from the “perfect solider” as it was possible to be, Ninety-Nine was still filled with the instinct to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.

Like the littlest brothers. Tiny things, with tufts of dark curly hair, curled up peacefully in their jars, fast asleep and slowly turning in time with their artificial umbilical cords. Hundreds upon hundreds of them, so small that they would fit in his arms with ease. Soon, though, they would tower over him, broad-shouldered and eager for action.

For now, Ninety-Nine sang to them.

He sang in time with the gentle beeps of the mouse droids and the vast maze of machinery that surrounded them. He wiped each growth jar with care, smiling as the little faces turned to him, their tiny hands curled into little fists, twitching and kicking in their sleep. He memorized the labels under each of the jars, singing their numbers to them: 27-5555, 782, 00-2010, 4040, 21-1409… Number after number, brother after brother after brother.

Ninety-Nine might have imagined it, but 782 almost seemed to smile as he cleaned the glass, and Ninety-Nine smiled back.

His littlest brothers seemed to like his singing. He hoped it gave them restful dreams.

  • Theon: You saved me Ramsay.
  • Theon: I owe you my life!
  • Ramsay: No thanks, I've seen it and I'm not impressed.


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You fools, I have decieved you all

Commissions refund

Hello, I apologise for my long absence. I will continue to be inactive for a bit because of work and I’m here to tell you that next week some commissioners will receive a refund. I’ve got some of them done, I’ll send them in the next days (I’m writing from my phone now, I work on a desktop pc and was unable to send because of this low internet connection that’s been bugging us since basically last year)I’ve been trying really hard to finish them and I’m sorry I disappeared. I will share what I’m working on either at the end of the month or the beginning of next year. So stay tuned!