so much fast food

March 23, 2017

Boring day, I’m sick and fasting so there isn’t much

Food- nothing

Exercise- nothing

Completed yesterday’s goal?- (didn’t post it but it was to fast) ✅

Goal for tomorrow- break my fast gently, without bingeing


I came across these two weeks ago and I think it’s the best day to post them haha 

Happy Birthday TaeTae  ♥

Everyone should know how to cook, not even in the sense that you need to know how so you can impress your S/O or none of that, learn how to cook for yourself, so that you’re not constantly counting on others to feed you, so that you’re not spending so much money on fast food, there’s no reason to be a grown ass adult and not know the basics.

Cable: Quicksilver! Where Aaaarrreeeee…..

*Seconds later, Quicksilver zips in carrying Johnny Storm and a plate of Japanese food*

Cable: …You?!

Well, Quicksilver eats like a horse in order to burn a lot of calories for superspeed. However, Japanese food doesn’t have much calories so he needs fast food or some carbohydrates.

- Uncanny Avengers v3 #17

philtatos-therapon  asked:

I hate it so much when customers (I'm at a fast food place) ask me what I would get! Like, I don't care!!!!! Just pick something!!!!!! Preferably before you get to the front of the line you heathen!!!!!! And stop buying $1 frozen cokes and giving me $100 bills!! I don't have enough change you fucking moron!!!!



MY half of a trade with @verefex!! Genos doesn’t take well to villains of any sort~ ohhhh man there’s so many good things about genos and what his innards are like, maybe they get all glowy and superheated like the rest of him can? I really hope you like it!!

(check out her half of the trade I LOVE IT)

I want an au where Nico is a broke ass college student but he goes to mcdonalds frequently to stare at the hot cashier (Percy) and Jason offers to help him study one day so they have a study date at mcd’s and Jason notices Nico’s fascination with Percy and is like “really. That guy? Cmon Nico you can do so much better than some loser who works at a fast food restaurant.”

And Nico is abkut to get all defensive about people who work in fast food jobs n shit but then Percy just walks up to them and is like “hey babe” to Jason and then kisses him on the cheek and Nico’s just really confused idk where I’m going with this it’s so late

Thoughts from my new job

I have so much respect for fast food workers now. Like, I’ve always been very nice to fast food workers, because I think everyone deserves respect for whatever job they do. But Jesus christ this shit is hard.

Customers who see you are the only carhop running food out and give you a tip even if it’s all the cash they have are the best. The ones who say they hope you get off soon are the best. The ones who are just really excited to get their food and call you a life saver are the best.

On the inverse, customers who complain about the speed even though if they’ve sat there for as long as they say they have they would have seen me and only running in and out of the building like a mad woman to bring food to the never ending line of cars, your a dick. Customers who dog whistle at me when I barely have time to drink of water let alone call you out for your sexist Bullshit, you’re the worst. And customers who change stalls or order from the wrong stall and then get mad at you for not being able to find them are the worst.

Also the Asian guy from Studio C with the weird mustache was at my work last night and I gave him a shake 😁

omfg that last post reminded me—

when i was in third grade my teacher read this chapter book aloud to the class about these kids who started turning into bug aliens because they ate at this one fast food restaurant

i loved that book so much for some unknowable reason… and now have a burning desire to look it up on goodreads… but I don’t remember the title……

Overeating vs Binge Eating

(my thoughts)
Over eating is when you are full and you go back for seconds anyways. Overeating is exactly that, eating past the point of fullness and exceeding the healthy calorie limit in a day.
Binge eating. Binge eating. It’s addicting. To go numb for 20 minutes and just eat and eat and eat and eat. To where you cry because your stomach is in so much pain. You can’t get food in your mouth fast enough. The fullness in your stomach somehow fills the empty hole you feel in your chest. That feeling that although no one may love you, food will always be there with open arms. You’re addicted to something you literally cannot live without. That, is binge eating.