so much envelopes

Lucky Us Ch. 16: Juleka's Story
  • Marinette: *walks into Cafe Reflekta on Sunday* Hi Juleka!
  • Juleka: Hey. ((Long time no see!))
  • Marinette: Listen, I've got a friend coming here tomorrow and I want to treat him to something nice. Will you help me?
  • Juleka: Sure. ((HIM?!))
  • Marinette: Thank you so much! *puts envelope on the counter* If a guy walks in asking for the Ladybug special, give him a number three in that red polka dot mug, and this letter.
  • Juleka: Cool. ((What's in the letter?))
  • Marinette: And if he asks for any information about me, DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM. Not my name, what I look like, or how you know me.
  • Juleka: ...ok. ((Is Marinette involved with the mafia?!))

They’re finally here!! I was only able to get these 3 prints because all the other yuri on ice merch were all sold out by the time I checked. I’ll definitely be quicker next time and buy some keychains.


Thank you so much to @girlwiththewhiterabbit! The envelope came in pretty good condition and the packaging was impeccable! I always get nervous ordering prints because the postal service can get pretty rough with the handling, but I’m so happy it came in perfect condition. Can’t wait to purchase your new items in February!

I just created my first envelopes! they are completely self made including the design (I painted the plants etc with photoshop) and I’m thinking about starting an online shop this autumn. What do you think? Do you like them? would you consider buying envelopes / stickers / postcards etc? I’d really love to hear your opinion!! Thank you :’)


Will you look at this! :)
Photos from the MAJOR unfuckery on Thursday.

Cleaning off the shelves was easy.
The real challenge was the mail. You guys. THE MAIL.
There was just so much mail.
Like, unopened envelopes from as far back as 2010.
It took forever but now everything is filed away and I also have a drawer called “Inbox” which I swear I’ll empty at least every other week.

There still is some bank/finance-related stuff to sort through, but at least now it all is in one place and just… yeah.

I feel so proud and accomplished! :)

I also did the banking stuff!
According to Google Translate, the term is bank statements?
No matter what they’re called, they’re filed away now.

I got on it the minute I posted that I didn’t do it yet and that worked like a charm.
Yay for that? :D

I have so many questions about this season but I think my biggest one right now is:
Are we finally going to see Jake and Amy hug?

Either drink your friends under the table…

Or be served on top of it.

Hannibal Happy Hour concludes tonight. Help yourself to Naka-Choko in 10 minutes, and enjoy our main course, Mizumono, at 6 pm ET.

“You needn’t waste-.”

But his lord only hummed, his grip no less soothing. Forcing an ease to overtake the vague strain of Zelgius’ arm, a sort of emerging warmth so different from that of the fire. So much more dear and enveloping in its existence. “Delivering you from pain is never a waste.”

Zelgius tipped his head back, watching starlight shine upon his lord’s hair. “It barely hurts.”

His lord’s lips were thin and firm, a brief press again the deepest of the scars, “Then that is already too much.”


happy nagamas :D so, you wanted Sephiran and Zelguis surviving, and no one’s really going to blink twice at a wandering monk and his bodyguard.

hope you like!