so much envelopes


“Missed you so fucking much.”

Harry enveloped you in a hug, his head shoved onto your neck without so much of a single word right after what he said the moment he saw you come into his hotel room.

It’s been less than a year from when he last saw you, in fact that it was only a month yet it felt like an eternity to him, wanting to fly you out beside him more often than monthly everytime he’s in tour.

“Already ordered in room service for later. S'your favorite food.”

“Thank you,” you muffled genuinely onto his chest, him taking you more than willingly as he’s been waiting for this to the fact he couldn’t keep still in his bed from being so waken up with thoughts.

“All for my favorite girl.”

He smiled, looking down briefly to take a look at your hand that was already clasped with his, feeling that something was off.

Harry’s eyebrows were furrowed, taking your hand up as he’s caught breathless, his mouth slightly agape.

“Is that — is that my-…”

You sat the both of yourselves down, already anticipating the reaction from Harry long before you got it.

His eyes stared at your hand with a tattoo of his initial, a simple H. in the same hand and position as where his cross is.

“I wanted to get it for a long time. And well — now that, y'know. I got it.”

You looked up to his face that’s still in a trance, his lips tucked in between his teeth as his cheeks were tinted red, a little flutter in your chest from what you saw.

It isn’t a joke when Harry says he’s a sentimental person, and it isn’t either when he says he gets moved by the smallest of things.

And him, seeing the black ink delicately put on your hand, the one he didn’t tell you to get to but is still the same one he adores looking at, his heart being full at the moment.

“But I don’t even have a tattoo that’s about you.”

Harry pouted in realization, making his way beside you on the edge of the bed and let himself be within your hug to console him.

“You’re not required to have one of me, love.”

He frowned, staring into nothing as he let you rub soothing circles on his back, remorse along with happiness being felt.

“You don’t just deserve a tattoo or something, you need a shrine or some sort.”

You chuckled, shoving your face onto his shoulders as it gave Harry an idea what he exactly needed to get later that night, a tattoo of something that would make his mind go exactly think of you popping up that it wasn’t an impulse, yet maybe a little too now that he wanted to get it done now.

He paused for a moment, a smile on his face as he looked at you, his hand going through your hair before he leaned in to whisper as if it’s only between the two of you, yet it wasn’t because he wanted everyone to know, every single person that have and haven’t doubted you for a single seconds.

“You’re the best, y'know that?”


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Jellybean's Misfortune.

Jughead x Reader

Requested- anonymous asked:
Can you write something where jellybean is staying with jughead and he calls you at like 11 pm just as you’re getting to bed. And you pick up being really playful and THEN HES LIKE NO ITS AN EMERGENCY AND YOU GET THERE AND YOUVE NEVER SEEN THE JONES SO TERRIFIED AND IT ENDS UP THAT JELLYBEAN GOT HER FIRST PERIOD. Omg

Summary: Jellybean had been moody all afternoon and just before you got into bed Jughead phoned you because she got her period and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Words: 1625

Warnings: None, I think.

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

I had got back from Pop’s with Jug and JB as jellybean likes to call herself now. Jug and I looked after Jellybean because his dad was always working now so we usually ended up spending most of the afternoon together. Jellybean loved it though but she still couldn’t comprehend that we were dating, sometimes she’d have a nap and wake up running into the living room yelling “Oh my word! It wasn’t a dream.” When she saw us cuddled up on the couch.

We took Jellybean to Pop’s today because we got back from school later than usual, Jellybean wouldn’t complain though, she loved to get a large fries and dip them into her chocolate milkshake usually she’d have so much she wouldn’t even have a burger. Tonight though she was grumpy, she sat opposite us in the booth like usual but she sat right in the corner giving us grumpy glances whenever we laughed or fooled around. She excluded herself from the conversations, she ordered a burger, she ate in silence and she got a soda. Jug and I both looked at each other to make sure we were both seeing the same thing. This was not Forsythia P. Jones, and this definitely wasn’t Jellybean.

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“I’m so excited to meet your parents!” I hugged Oliver’s arm and looked up at him. He was staring at the wall and looked nervous.

“Oliver? What’s wrong?” He blinked himself out of his reverie and looked at me.

“Well, I’m just not looking forward to them embarrassing me during dinner.”

I laughed and kissed his jaw and reminded him, “Love, you’ve done plenty of embarrassing things in front of me.” Oliver smiled and shrugged his shoulders in agreement.

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The Letter

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word count: 812

A/N: This fic is based on ‘Just Like Heaven’ by The Cure - it just reminded me of Bucky. I hope you like it! xx

Originally posted by oreo-wonderbatch

Bucky woke up to sunbeams dancing on his lids, a small smile on his lips. He turned to pull you against his chest, but to his surprise he found that not only was your side of the bed empty, it was also cold to the touch. Ice-cold. Groaning, he sat up against the headboard, rubbing his eyes with his flash hand. As his eyes fell onto the envelope on the empty side of your bed, he felt his heart stop for a moment and his breath hatch in his throat. He gulped thickly, nervously licking his lips. The letter looked so surreal, so misplaced, as if it didn’t belong there at all. Although your scent still faintly lingered on the sheets, it seemed like you had never slept in this bed, had never hastily dropped your clothes on the floor or laughed until the wee hours of the morning, your legs dangling off the bed. Bucky’s lower lip quivered as his metal arm reached for the blush paper. Without even so much as opening the envelope, which you had addressed to him in your beautiful handwriting, he knew exactly what the letter was going to say. Carefully, he opened the envelope, the paper weighing as heavy as a stone in his hands.

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A/N: i love this idea it’s totally taken by the movie ‘meet the fockers’ it’s gonna be a bit long so bare with me here lmao

  • PAIRING: Harry Potter x Reader
  • SUMMARY: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE- In which the Potter’s are alive and their only son brings his girlfriend home to meet his parents.
  • WORDS: 935

The crickets were sound chirping on the campus of Hogwarts, as the snow fell from the gloomy sky onto the ice-covered ground. No student or professor dared to roam the ancient hallways of the wizarding school at this hour. The only exception would be Harry and his girlfriend of two years, Y/N; who sat on the couches of the Gryffindor Common room where they couldn’t sleep.

His pale hands stuffed in her Y/H/C hair as the couple sat by the fire, her head in his chest, in a comfortable silence. Out of the blue, Harry spoke up, “The holidays are coming up…”

Y/N smiled the thought of Christmas making her feel cheerful, “Yeah.” The girl looked up at her boyfriend, a smile not leaving her face.

He sighed. He practiced what he wanted to tell her many times, looking at the mirror, talking to himself, using Ron as an example. This time he used the strategic way of telling her is to act as if he was ripping off a band-aid, “I want you to meet my parents.”

The moment he confessed what he has been piling up in his chest for a while, she opened her previously closed eyes rapidly and moving from her lying position to right beside him on the scarlet couch. “W-What did you just say?” She stuttered, starting to feel apprehensive under his gaze.

“You heard me.” The green-eyed man smiled, grabbing her gentle hand, the simple gesture making Y/N’s heart melt. 

Her response was what made Harry’s heart melt, “Okay.”

The couple was bundled up in the usual attire for the cold nipping weather of December: an undershirt, thick sweater, and top it off with a coat. With their bags in their hands, they trudged down the streets of where Harry grew up in—Godric’s Hollow. He let out a puff of breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding when he stopped and turned to a house. A smile came its way on Harry’s face, as he uttered the words that meant so much to him, “Home.”

The girl by his side brought her arm down to lace her delicate fingers with his slender ones, “Welcome home.” The two looked at each other with adoration, smiling like idiots. 

Their moment was interrupted by the door of the estate flying open, greeted by a grinning Lily Evans. Her hands flying to her mouth, tears almost escaping her eyes as her eyes landed on her son. “Harry! Oh, come in, come in.” 

With grateful smiles, and hands clasped together, the couple stepped into the Potter house. As soon as they stepped foot into the Potter estate, they were greeted by a man and woman, Y/N guessing it was Harry’s mother and father. 

The woman threw her arms around the lanky boy, “Oh, my boy Harry, how I’ve missed you so much!” 

He enveloped his arms around his mother’s waist, hugging her tightly, smiling into her red hair, “I missed you too, mum.” Harry retracted his arms around her, switching to his father, tackling him into a bear hug. “Dad.” 

The girl was standing there taking in the sight of what was right in front of her, the Potter family. She took that time to sit there analyzing Harry’s parents. Harry didn’t look anything like his mum but as they were greeting each other she noticed her eyes, the same green eyes with that tiny sparkle in them that she fell in love with. She trailed her eyes off to his dad to see many similarities between them, from the hair, the glasses, and the face structure. Unknowingly, her lips curled up into a smile seeing them all greet each other as if they haven’t seen one another in years. 

Her train of thought was then interrupted by his mother’s voice, “And who’s this?” She asked, curiously with a polite smile on her features.

“I would like you both to meet someone…” He walked to where Y/N was standing, pulling her to his side he announced, “this is Y/N, my girlfriend.”

His parents had a surprised look on their faces and Y/N couldn’t help but feel a bit self-conscious, what could they possibly be thinking? Though they quickly recovered from their shock and replaced the look with a genuine smile on both of their faces. 

“It is so nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Harry’s mum.” She wrapped her arms around the petite girl, catching her slightly off guard. Well, the Potter’s are huggers. 

Once Harry’s mother pulled away, Harry’s father started to speak. “And I’m Harry’s dad. Welcome to the Potter household.” The man held his hand out for the girl to shake formally, she took it then noticed that he had quite the firm grip. 

She grinned from ear-to-ear, “It’s lovely to meet you both, Mister and Misses Potter. Your home is lovely.”

“Thank you, but oh please, just call us Lily and James.” The woman shrugged off followed by a chuckle escaping her lips. “Well, once you both get settled into your rooms, dinner will be ready and you may follow us into the kitchen. Harry, you can show her to your rooms, right?”

With a nod of his head, Harry leads his girlfriend by the waist. They were about to go up the stairs when James stopped him, muttering something inaudible that no one could hear but Harry. “Don’t mess this up, I like her.”

A laugh escaped Harry along with a shake of his head, “Wasn’t planning to.”

That night was filled with bonding, laughs, and many comforting hand holding under the table between Y/N and Harry. At that moment, Harry knew he was immensely in love with the girl. 

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Their night together was a mix of unspoken messages.

I missed you so much. As Sasuke envelops her lips, frantic but soft. He ran his hand on any part it can reach. Sakura sighed with satisfaction, running her hand on his hair and pulling him close. She doesn’t allow any space between them anymore, not when they’re the only ones in the world. I missed you too.

God, you were amazing out there. Their clothes were all over the floor; a harmony of moans and whimpers filled their room. She raked her hands to his back as he fucks her hard. Sasuke marks his territory, leaving love bites on her breasts and her stomach. No, we were.

I’m home.

 It’s 2AM and Sasuke’s eyes shot open. His nightmares bother him every now and then making him lose sleep during his trip but tonight, he felt a hand on his. His eyes trailed on his wife, whose green eyes are also looking at his. He feels more naked than he was earlier. There was no words needed. She closed the distance between them, giving his forehead a soft kiss. He forgot about his nightmare as he fell back to sleep. That night, he dreams of seeing a cherry blossom tree in their old family home and Sakura awaits him, with arms wide open.

Welcome home, Sasuke-kun.


Jaehyun drabble

  12 - ‘Stop hanging with him’

I hope you guys enjoy this and it was requested by @annyeongbitchez, this is a one of for me writing for Jaehyun since J-Gull has done enough angst~

There’s swearing in this btw!!


It had been a very long day at work, one of the longest yet. You had managed to be shouted at twice by the manager and earned yourself unpayed over time. How fucking great. You were looking foward to going back to your flat where hopefully your boyfriend would be waiting for you, you forgot to mention the part where you went out drinking with a colleague of yours so you knew he was going to worried. You couldn’t care less right now, all you needed was your bed.

You sighed when you realised your front door was open, that means he was already here. You took a deep breath and prepared yourself for the nagging you were about to get, you really weren’t in the mood but you deserved it, you should’ve told him you were going out after work. You walk in, throwing your bag onto the counter. He was sitting on the sofa, head in his hands. When he noticed your presence he ran his hands through his hair, something he did when he was stressed to a large extent.

He stood and walked up to you, his eyes dark. It was clear he had been worried, if he hadn’t he wouldn’t be this mad at all.

‘Where have you been?’

He said calmly, too calm for your liking. It was scary, almost threatening, especially now since his big build was standing only a few centimeters away from you.

‘I…I went-’

‘You didn’t even call, not a single message. Do you know how worried I’ve been? I left practice early when I didn’t get a response from you, do you know how much fucking trouble I’m going to be in?’

He cut you off and you flinched at the rise in tone, it definitely wasn’t calm anymore. You knew you had pushed him over his limits, he’s never been this upset with you. No upset wasn’t the word, he was enraged, furious.

‘I’m sorry Jaehyun…I, I had a long day at work and had over time…A colleague of mine offered to take me for a couple of drinks t-to relax. I should’ve told you I’m so sorry…’

His face slightly softened after finding out about your day, it soon returned to dark though when you mentioned the colleague. 

‘What. Colleague.’

He spat, making sure to pronounce every word. You both had had this conversation before and how much he despised the guy you hung out with at work. Even when you said it was nothing and it was all innocent Jaehyun saw otherwise, he was so blatantly jealous at the fact this guy got to spend all day with you whereas he, your boyfriend, was lucky to even spend the weekends with you.

You unconsciously fidgeted in your spot, that was enough for him to figure out the answer. He groaned out of anger, running his hands for his hair yet again. You wanted to reach out for him and comfort him but you had to admit it, you were scared. Seeing him like this was new to you and you didn’t like what you saw, the colour green didn’t suit him well at all.

‘Stop hanging with him.’

He said, the calmness returning to his voice as if he could tell you were getting wary. He looked at you, his eyes were soft, pleading almost. All the anger had gone and the Jaehyun you knew had returned although it broke your heart to see him this way, genuinely hurt to know you were hanging with another guy.

You smiled at him softly, placing a hand on his cheek.

‘If that will make you happy, then okay I won’t.’

His angelic smile returned, showing off the dimples you loved so much. He enveloped you into his chest, holding you the tightest he ever has and you returned the embrace.

‘I just don’t want to lose you.’

‘You won’t lose me, I love you and only you.’

being loved is such an amazing feeling

Yoosung Fanfiction #20: Cold


I blew my nose and crumpled the tissue paper in my hands, throwing it into the mountainous pile of more tissue paper in the wastebin next to the bed.

I was down with a flu and a fever. Great.

“I’m back!” Yoosung announced as he kicked the door to our room open. In his arms was a startlingly large pile of blankets that towered above his head. He began marching in a straight line towards the bed, before throwing the pile onto the empty side.

“Yoosung, you said you were just going to get one extra blanket,” I pointed out, gesturing to the ridiculous mess on the other side of the bed. 

“I guess I did,” he replied sheepishly, “but I figured a few extra ones couldn’t hurt.”

I stared dubiously at the messy heap next to me. “Yoosung, this is overkill.”

“Nonsense, you need all the warmth you can get!” Then he proceeded to pile the blankets over me, layer after layer, not listening to or interrupting any complaints I had bubbling in my throat. By the time he was done, the blankets were all the way up to my chin, and I was already sitting as straight as I could on the bed.

It took only a minute or two for beads of perspiration to start lining my forehead and upper lip.

“There, now you’re not cold anymore!” Yoosung grinned triumphantly to himself. “Now stay here while I get you some porridge for lunch.” Before I could say anything else he was out the room, clearly feeling good about himself.

I sighed. He always went overboard with these things. I was only down with a small cold and here he was panicking and fussing over me as if I was a terminally ill patient. With a huff, I lifted the heavy pile of blankets off of me and tossed it to the other side of the bed, relieved to feel the cool air against my skin once more.

My nose began to itch again and I reached clumsily for a tissue before covering my mouth and sneezing into it. I sneezed a couple more times — because sneezing once is never enough when you’re down with a cold — and unfortunately Yoosung must have heard me because he came running back in anxiously.

From the look on his face, you’d think a fire had just broken out.

“Are you okay? Why did you take the blankets off?” He was about to smother me with them again when I stopped him, raising my leg instead of my germ-covered hand to stop him from getting closer. “I’ll get heat stroke if I have to stay another minute under that,” I replied in an unusually nasal voice since I was pinching my nose to keep the mucus from flowing out. Yuck. “It’s just a cold, Yoosung. Nothing to worry about.”

“Of course I’m worried! You’re not feeling well and I have to do whatever I can to keep you from getting worse. I want you to recover as soon as you can,” he said, leaning down so his face was level with mine. He was frowning deeply, and I smiled as I pressed on the creases on his forehead with my thumb. “Thanks for your concern, Yoosung, but really, I’ll be fine.”

He still looked uncertain, but he seemed to finally realise the absurdity of his actions when he glanced over my shoulder to the pile of blankets on the bed. “Okay, fine, maybe I was going a little overboard—”

“Not just a little.”

“—but I just can’t help worrying about you. You’re just so important to me, and I can’t stand the thought of you getting hurt or sick. I just… really treasure you.” Gently, he cupped my face. “You know that.”

I smiled, touching his hand and holding it there against my cheek. “I do. But you don’t have to treat me like I’m some sort of fragile doll all the time. I’ll recover in no time at all, so for the last time, stop panicking so much.”

Yoosung laughed and enveloped me in a hug. “Okay, okay, sorry about that.”

“Nothing to apologise for,” I said, squeezing him in return. “I really appreciate it, Yoosung. Thanks for caring so much, and for taking the day off even though you didn’t need to.”

“Of course I had to. I’m supposed to take care of you, remember?” he laughed, pulling away and sneaking a quick kiss on my lips.

My eyes widened in horror and I backed away from him, my hand reflexively going up to my lips. “Yoosung! I’m sick! You can’t just do that!”

“You said it’s nothing to worry about, didn’t you? And I just really wanted to kiss you… Come back here, I’m not done.”

“But—” I didn’t get to finish my protest because Yoosung simply tugged my arm, pulling me right back towards him and he captured my lips in a sweet kiss. I tried turning away but he kept a firm grip on my chin and held my body close to his with the hand on the small of my back. A few seconds later I lost any resolve to keep my germs away from him and simply allowed myself to melt into his kiss. Yoosung was strong yet gentle as he always was, and it seemed like he wanted to go further, until both of us detected the smell of something burning.

We broke apart immediately and both of our faces reflected absolute horror. “Yoosung—”

“THE PORRIDGE!” He quickly got to his feet and bolted out the door, and then I heard more screaming from the kitchen.

Ah, hell. Where did I put the fire extinguisher?

“I told you it would be a bad idea,” I said, sending the sheepish man in bed a flat stare. He opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by a sneeze, and then another, and a couple more following that.

“Well, at least I get to be taken care of by you,” Yoosung sniffled, blowing his nose loudly. “Do I get a kiss?” he asked hopefully with a small pout.

Complying, I leaned in slowly. Yoosung perked up, delighted and reciprocated, already puckering up for a kiss.

But once our faces were inches apart I raised my hand and flicked him on the forehead. Hard.

“OUCH! What was that for?” he whined, rubbing at the reddening spot on his forehead.

I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped me. Well, he did deserve it. Yoosung never learned. “You’re not getting a kiss until you get well. I refuse to get sick again.”

“But— That’s so mean!”

“I’m going to make unburnt porridge now, so stay right here and don’t move, okay?”


With that I spun around to leave the room, with the sound of Yoosung’s groaning behind me.

hyaciiintho  asked:


One Word Meme [ ACCEPTING ] -

                   ——– the shade confidently swore that nobody else in hyrule detested mornings as much as he did. 
                   ‘twas not because he much preferred the tranquil darkness that night provided ( not entirely, at least ), but rather… it pained him to be roused awake so early in the morning, and forced to watch his beloved slip on his tunic in preparation for a departure. used to it as he was, it never got any easier, for there was rarely a promise that the blond would return sooner, rather than later.
                                   it only made every morning that followed… every empty, lonely, unfulfilling morning… all the worse.

                                    “ mmm… “ he groaned, just barely fighting off the heaviness that still rested persistently upon his lids, morningsapphire. “ how, in all of hyrule, the hero had conditioned himself to rise so early, was beyond the shade. all he wanted to do was to turn back over and fall back asleep, preferably with the other curled up comfortably in his arms, the woes of the world but a distant thought as they eased back into a peaceful period of rest— but, alas, hyrule and beyond needed him, tempting as it was to be selfish“ do you… have time for me to, at least, prepare you breakfast before you go? “

Lost in the Woods - MarcoAce

“There is one thing you must always remember;

 Stay on the path.”

Those words ran through my head, grumbling as they echoed and tried to wave it off. Anyone who wanted to travel from between Foosha and Marina Ford knew that simple rule of staying on the path—saying it has been blessed to keep evil away. Never leave the safety of the path and make sure to time your travel so you do not linger too long after dark as that is when the magic weakens and leaves you vulnerable. It takes almost a full day to travel there and back, so you have to leave as the sun rises and make it back when the sun sets while getting shopping done as well somewhere in there.

I knew this all well, knowing Sabo was just showing concern on what could happen if I even take a toe out of the path. We have traveled many times, carrying a sword with us to be on the safe side, and made this trip almost every month, sometimes twice. The once a month is necessary for supplies we need and medicine since our town provides food and some clothing options, but the twice could be because of our little brother needing an extra dosage of medicine that is only carried in Marina Ford. It was highly expensive, but we were provided enough through Sabo’s written little stories he goes to sell and gets royalties from once a month. That was why I usually take the extra trips, though this time I was going on the main trip as Sabo reached inspiration and needed to get it all out for his current story.

Not that I minded, liking when going down the path through the woods and getting some peace from the little village. It was protected with a ward, Marina Ford placing protection over it, but couldn’t do that with the path since the warlock who has to keep up the shield must stay in the area. No one ever hardly goes along the path and I am slightly grateful as I carry along my bag with lunch and dinner packed away in it for the trip there and back.

It was rounding near eleven, hums lightly coming from me as I stop with a look through the tree branches trying to stretch over the path a little. Since I would be reaching the town within an hour, I decided to eat now. I move my bag as I begin to crouch, starting to pull out the sandwich packed for me. A pleased chuckle leaves me as I unwrap it before sliding my bag closer to lean for the sandwich. Though, in a mere second, a fox snatches it greedily and runs into the woods with it.

“Oi!” I call out, moving to scramble after the animal and can only stop before the edge of the path with a whine. “Come on!” I complain with a groan and let an irritated noise leave me before getting up to brush myself off, there wasn’t much I could do now. Just eat my packed dinner and find something else for later, I guess. Turning, I go for my bag and see another fox tugging on it. “Oh no you don’t!” I holler angrily, coming up to grab at the bag.

This causes a tug war with the little beast that is mostly using hind legs to pull. As I pull, the animal flies at me, causing me to yelp before stumbling back. Falling to the ground harshly, I notice my bag taken from me, hearing it being dragged and roll over to see the fox before following after. Flurries of curses leave me as I sprint after the animal as I need my bag to carry my supplies back to the home.

The animal makes noises as I run after it for a while, weaving through some bushes and trees before the animal stops to turn and look to me with bag still in its teeth. I stop with hands out, getting ready to jump for the bag, but then the fox disappears in a split second as it bolted away. Confusion leaves me as I carefully move to grasp at my bag, tugging to notice a small hole on when we fought over it. A few curses leave me as I turn to get back to the path…

 Oh no…

I am turned right around noticing how dark it shows in the forest with the sun peeking through just enough to see, my heart beginning to race as I foolishly left the safety of the path. Swallowing thickly, I quickly move to head back the direction I came, hoping nothing will notice me. The stories always ranged from what could be found, maybe a Cobalus—being able to fight them off as they are usually small—or maybe a Mancipium that wants to make a contract. Though, the thing that scared me the most was something called Pravus. Crooked, perverse, depraved, evil; the Pravus were nothing but beasts to take your souls. Dawned in all black, it was said to never look into the face of the beast or your soul would be sold to the being.

The Pravus, so told in the books, can cause illusions and drag you to a dark fate. No one knew what exactly their appearance is, no one being able to tell their story or too afraid if they even escaped away from their grasps. Getting ensnared by a Pravus is a sure way to death and last thing on my mind was to be tangled up into something like that. 

Moving along, I swear the path should be around here somewhere, keeping an arm to my chest with my bag and my other hand at my hip for my sword to be ready. I clench my jaw, knowing how much Sabo would be yelling at me for doing such a thing. Then I am struck with the fact that I may not even get to see Sabo again, or Luffy. They would be waiting, hoping for my arrival tonight as even if Sabo was planning to go to sleep, he would wait for me to get home safe. 

Which I am seeing as I may not. 

Stopping, I am looking mostly to the ground as I am trying to find out where I am. Fear tingles through me, inhaling a little shaky as I am not sure on how I will get back to the path. I swallow thickly with a cringe as I keep a grip to the hilt of my weapon and follow my gut to go a certain direction. As moving through, I try not to make myself so noticeable and notice as it’s lightening up a little more. The path is dead in my sights and I smile in victory, moving a little more quickly, but try to keep the noise down. I have already made enough and don’t need to make anymore. 

Mine,” the word startles me as a dark figure soon shows before me and I snap my head up as my body feels frozen in place. Oh no, is all I can think as I did one of the things you are totally not supposed to do. My eyes widen as the man in front of me is holding a smirk, viewing down to me with gleaming blue eyes. A hand is felt along my chest, as if going through my bag, and I feel as my breath is taken from me whether from him or my own brewing fear I wasn’t sure. “This one belongs to me, yoi. Forever in my protection.” The words fill my ears, the voice like a silken ribbon running along your body and I am practically melting from it. When the pressure is gone, I do not feel myself shaking and warmth is spreading as he soon closes eyes, disappearing from sight. 

I blink in confusion as I stand near the forest edge, viewing to the path and slowly let myself have feet move to it again. The sensations flurrying through my body are… different. A mixture of passion and safety lingering in this festering within my veins, bringing so much warmth to envelope me as reassurance of being within the forest. I slowly make it to stand on the path, before shifting to turn around and look back towards where I came. Nothing lingers in the dark forest from what I can tell and for some reason any fear I felt for what dwells within is now gone. I’m unclear on what exactly happened with that man, but was now back safely on the path. 

Shaking my head to rid of any more thoughts on this matter, I continue on towards Marina Ford—hearing a very faint bustling in the air. I was delaying my shopping trip with not continuing on to the town, though I couldn’t help but think of a new bag in account for the expenses now. We did need a new one, but I wondered if I could get this one fixed up to continue using and just distribute items in bags better with getting another. Walking along the path, is it bad that for some reason my body felt lighter? There was no way that was a Pravus, everyone said they were evil mixed beings and took your souls. 

But here I am heading into Marina Ford.

Andy Biersack acts like this tough intense rock and roll guy but when he’s not trying and is just himself he is the biggest sweetheart ok I bet he buys seasonal oreos because he thinks they’re cute and dances around his house to his own songs and talks to his cats like they’re people he sin’t fooling anyone with the tattoos and deep voice he is a pink frosted sugar cookie who deserves only the best

They’re finally here!! I was only able to get these 3 prints because all the other yuri on ice merch were all sold out by the time I checked. I’ll definitely be quicker next time and buy some keychains.


Thank you so much to @girlwiththewhiterabbit! The envelope came in pretty good condition and the packaging was impeccable! I always get nervous ordering prints because the postal service can get pretty rough with the handling, but I’m so happy it came in perfect condition. Can’t wait to purchase your new items in February!

believinghxpe  asked:

"Be careful now, Rue. Don't run." + "He's so cute though~ I think he's just energetic over all the candy he has."

                                 ” l-lookie at what… th-that house gave mmm… m-me! “
                indeed, the child was quite impressed with his current load, and despite having been out for almost an hour now, he was still going strong. his tiny feet could only go so fast, but he was determined to prevent that from creating an obstacle, DEDICATED in his goal to go to every house he possibly could.
                       as mama yuki had promised, they’d gone out costume shopping, shifting through the racks of colorful attire in hopes of finding something unique— ah, but nothing appealed to the boy, pirates and wizards and police officers too BLAND for his distinct taste. when once, the idea of running around with a fake sword or a cape sounded epic, it quickly descended into a pitiful pool of disinterest, especially as he watched the other children picking costumes much the same as the ones he wanted to wear before.
                                   ——– so, it was with a heavy feeling of defeat and dread that they left the costume store, empty-handed and strapped for ideas. halloween was but a week or two away, and time was of the essence - the longer he waited, the less likely it would be that he would find something to his liking… but, then, a stroke of genius crossed his path. ‘twas as he was watching his mother prepare his school lunch that the idea struck him, and he could barely contain his excitement as he began loudly attempting to secure mama yuki’s attention.

                               “ mmm.. m… m-mama! i wan… i wan’ go as y-you… fer hall’ween! “
                   naturally, the idea had shocked the older silveret, who paused in his task to stare at his adopted son inquisitively. “ you wish to dress as me? why is this, little one? “ besides the fact that they looked similar, but there were a number of things little rue could have passed off as, given his very eyecatching features. “ b-b’cuz yer… pr-pretty, ‘nd all… the o-other children are… dr-dr-dressin’ as stuff they love, t-too! “ children admired firefighters, and police officers, and the caped superheroes for their heroism and strength - and while rue admired both his parents, and loved them both equally, it was a lot easier to go as mama yuki than papa yuko.
                          he’d have gone as both, though, if possible.
                 thus, the costume was made, rue demanding his mother wear the exact outfit they had created his costume in the image of on halloween. it was hard for him to contain his excitement as the night finally crept near, and come time to slip on his costume, of course, his beloved papa could not resist taking a million and two pictures to memorialize their son’s first ever halloween.

I just created my first envelopes! they are completely self made including the design (I painted the plants etc with photoshop) and I’m thinking about starting an online shop this autumn. What do you think? Do you like them? would you consider buying envelopes / stickers / postcards etc? I’d really love to hear your opinion!! Thank you :’)