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Jellybean's Misfortune.

Jughead x Reader

Requested- anonymous asked:
Can you write something where jellybean is staying with jughead and he calls you at like 11 pm just as you’re getting to bed. And you pick up being really playful and THEN HES LIKE NO ITS AN EMERGENCY AND YOU GET THERE AND YOUVE NEVER SEEN THE JONES SO TERRIFIED AND IT ENDS UP THAT JELLYBEAN GOT HER FIRST PERIOD. Omg

Summary: Jellybean had been moody all afternoon and just before you got into bed Jughead phoned you because she got her period and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Words: 1625

Warnings: None, I think.

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I had got back from Pop’s with Jug and JB as jellybean likes to call herself now. Jug and I looked after Jellybean because his dad was always working now so we usually ended up spending most of the afternoon together. Jellybean loved it though but she still couldn’t comprehend that we were dating, sometimes she’d have a nap and wake up running into the living room yelling “Oh my word! It wasn’t a dream.” When she saw us cuddled up on the couch.

We took Jellybean to Pop’s today because we got back from school later than usual, Jellybean wouldn’t complain though, she loved to get a large fries and dip them into her chocolate milkshake usually she’d have so much she wouldn’t even have a burger. Tonight though she was grumpy, she sat opposite us in the booth like usual but she sat right in the corner giving us grumpy glances whenever we laughed or fooled around. She excluded herself from the conversations, she ordered a burger, she ate in silence and she got a soda. Jug and I both looked at each other to make sure we were both seeing the same thing. This was not Forsythia P. Jones, and this definitely wasn’t Jellybean.

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The Letter

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word count: 812

A/N: This fic is based on ‘Just Like Heaven’ by The Cure - it just reminded me of Bucky. I hope you like it! xx

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Bucky woke up to sunbeams dancing on his lids, a small smile on his lips. He turned to pull you against his chest, but to his surprise he found that not only was your side of the bed empty, it was also cold to the touch. Ice-cold. Groaning, he sat up against the headboard, rubbing his eyes with his flash hand. As his eyes fell onto the envelope on the empty side of your bed, he felt his heart stop for a moment and his breath hatch in his throat. He gulped thickly, nervously licking his lips. The letter looked so surreal, so misplaced, as if it didn’t belong there at all. Although your scent still faintly lingered on the sheets, it seemed like you had never slept in this bed, had never hastily dropped your clothes on the floor or laughed until the wee hours of the morning, your legs dangling off the bed. Bucky’s lower lip quivered as his metal arm reached for the blush paper. Without even so much as opening the envelope, which you had addressed to him in your beautiful handwriting, he knew exactly what the letter was going to say. Carefully, he opened the envelope, the paper weighing as heavy as a stone in his hands.

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“I’m so excited to meet your parents!” I hugged Oliver’s arm and looked up at him. He was staring at the wall and looked nervous.

“Oliver? What’s wrong?” He blinked himself out of his reverie and looked at me.

“Well, I’m just not looking forward to them embarrassing me during dinner.”

I laughed and kissed his jaw and reminded him, “Love, you’ve done plenty of embarrassing things in front of me.” Oliver smiled and shrugged his shoulders in agreement.

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TalesFromRetail: My personal "can't you just buy it for me?" Story.

I used to manage a mall based electronics store. One day I had a woman call up and calmly explain a predicament she was in. It seems her older sister has developed Alzheimer’s, among other things, and for the last six months has been living in a retirement home. Now little sister is moving here from Chicago to take charge of her sisters health. She has bought a house big enough for both of them, and was shipping a house full of new furniture, because apparently it is easier to just sell off everything you own when you move.

Anyway, after she explained all of this, she went on to explain that she was at a point where she was looking at TV’s, stereo and computers , all of the personal electronics they were going to need, and she just had no idea what to get. She had gone in to a local one of our stores, though, and talked to the gentleman there, who had promised they would be able to help, but because she was moving to my area, she thought it might be better to go through the store here instead.

I explained to her that normally​ we don’t do orders over the phone, but that I can guide her to order the items online, we can deliver them, and I can even schedule an installer. She insisted that she be able to support the local store, because everyone at this particular company was just amazing to her.

So I relented. Here was the plan that was devised between me and the store in Chicago: I would talk to the customer, figure out what she needed. We would put together a whole list, including all the accessories and the installs. What he had in Chicago he would then transfer to my store, and what he didn’t have I would custom order it online. Once it was all present in my store we would go through this painstaking process of physically ringing the sale in that store, setting up a stock transfer of all the items to that store and then transfer the actual sale to my store.

It all worked without a hitch, no one’s inventory got screwed up, and she was able to buy $8000 worth of stuff without ever entering in to our store.

The only sticking point was the actual delivery and install of the equipment. Because that is a work order in our system, there is no way for them to set it up in Chicago and then transfer it to me, and of course I can’t take cards over the phone.

After explaining this to the customer​ she asked, matter of factly, if I could just pay for it, and then she would reimburse me when she got in to town. When I explained that I couldn’t do that due to personal finances she asked if knew of any private companies that could do it, and she would just pay them. I thought for a moment, before responding that no, but I would be happy to deliver it myself (I really didn’t want to upset her, as she was obviously extremely stressed.

The next morning I loaded up all the equipment in my truck and drove to the house, which was only a few miles from the mall we were in. It took me all day to install everything, but I was amazed at how nice everything is.

As I get ready to leave the neighbor who had let me in that morning met me outside with an envelope. She told me not to read it till I got back to the store, and to make sure I shared it with everyone there. Inside was a letter that had apparently been emailed to the neighbor the day before thanking us for the amazing service and for helping her out so much. Also in the envelope was $500 that the customer had wired to the neighbor previous morning. I used the money to cater a lunch for the store in appreciation.

When the customer finally made it in to town one of the first things she did was come to the store to thank me and give me a hug. She continued to only buy electronics from us up until the store was closed.

By: EvrythngComesDwn2Poo

They’re finally here!! I was only able to get these 3 prints because all the other yuri on ice merch were all sold out by the time I checked. I’ll definitely be quicker next time and buy some keychains.


Thank you so much to @girlwiththewhiterabbit! The envelope came in pretty good condition and the packaging was impeccable! I always get nervous ordering prints because the postal service can get pretty rough with the handling, but I’m so happy it came in perfect condition. Can’t wait to purchase your new items in February!

No offense but as a Muslim I’m embarrassed by the content creation of most Muslims in mainstream media lol. Like all the men are non practicing men who act like it was an unbearable task to not date in high school, have only white women on their shows, represent that same dumb tired trope of “East vs West” struggle in their narrative. Like where’s the nuance, where’s the expansion of what it means to be Muslim in North America? When will we move past this narrow self definition? And like non black POC are always so jealous of black people in the spotlight but what do we do in comparison when we get the spotlight? Black tv has been pushing the envelope so much while we….continue to chase white girls apparently!

I just created my first envelopes! they are completely self made including the design (I painted the plants etc with photoshop) and I’m thinking about starting an online shop this autumn. What do you think? Do you like them? would you consider buying envelopes / stickers / postcards etc? I’d really love to hear your opinion!! Thank you :’)

Home For Christmas - Lafayette X Reader

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“I don’t think I’ll be home for Christmas.”

You heard Lafayette’s voice come through the phone, defeated. Your boyfriend, Lafayette, had been overseas in France working on a project to better the economy for the past few weeks and to be honest, you hated it. You hated that the calls you two made were at the crack of dawn and short, you hated that you couldn’t be with him and love him in person, and most of all you hated how you missed him so goddamn much.

“Wait, what? Are you sure?” You said back, trying to keep your voice from breaking. The news was heartbreaking, to say the least. You felt a tear fall down your face as he reassured you that he was trying his hardest to come home, but flights were insanely hard to get to America during the holiday season.

Mon amour, I’m sorry. If I can’t make it back, just know how much I love you and miss you,” he said, soothingly, but it wasn’t working. If he wasn’t going to be home in time for Christmas, when would he be home? Did he even know himself?

“When do you think you’ll be back?” You said, eager for his response. He took longer than you wanted to answer, but he finally said,

“Maybe early Janvier (January), but I’m not sure…” He said with a heavy sign. You frowned and shook your head, wondering why you even had hope in the first place. 

“Darling Y/N, I need to go, it’s getting late.” He said sadly and you nodded, wiping the tear from your eye and sniffling a bit

“Yeah, ok.” You said, savouring the remaining time you had to talk with him.

“Mon amour, please don’t cry…I’ll be home as soon as possible.”

“I know, it’ll be ok. Get some rest, Laf. I love you.” You said into the phone quietly, hearing him sigh.

“Je t'aime aussi” And with that, you hung up. You sat down on the sofa in the decorated living room. The tree was decorated and lit, garlands littered the mantle of the fireplace, but it didn’t feel right without Laf. It felt bare and it lacked joy. 

The days went on without him, Christmas Eve approached quicker than you’d like, but you didn’t complain much. The only thing wrong was he was in France and you were in America. Presents were packed under the tree as you sipped hot cocoa, watching a random Hallmark Christmas special that you barely paid attention too. 

Watching Hallmark movies were one of your favourite things to do with Lafayette. He never failed to make you laugh when he criticised them, pointing out their overly animated actors and predictable plots. It was hilarious, but not tonight. Because you were left here alone.


You looked up from the TV screen and at the front door. You turned on your phone screen, 2:03 AM. Why was someone at your door at two am? Whatever it was, you weren’t doing anything right now, why not go answer it? Murderers, robbers, an EX that's thirsty for revenge, those were good reasons not to answer it.


You groaned and got off the couch, setting your cocoa down and walking to the door. Who cares if it’s a murderer? You have insurance if someone robs you, and you couldn’t care less if it’s an EX because that can be solved with a quick dial of 911.

You unlocked the door and opened it enough for you to see who was there.

“LAFAYETTE!” You screamed as you tackled him in a hug. He was so tall it was hard to reach, but you pressed your lips to his quickly and happily. He let out a noise of surprise and held you close to his chest, leaning down a bit to kiss you back.

“Mon amour! I missed you so much,” He said, enveloping you in a warm hug. He smelled like lavender and chocolate as he pecked your cheek, holding your hands in his.

You two walked back inside, hand in hand and grinning from ear to ear. He set his bags down as you made him a hot cocoa, filled with joy that he was home. As you poured the milk in the cup, you felt two arms wrap around your waist and a head rest on your shoulder.

“Hey, Y/N?”

“Yes, Laf?”

“Merry Christmas, mon chéri”

I Thought You Were Dead - Steve x Reader

Steve x Reader –
Request: *One has had a crush forever and admits it in an angry outburst* can it be the reader is immortal and was in love with pre serum Steve but went missing and pops up as Starks assistant in the future and Steve gets mad cause this whole time she’s been alive and has incredible powers but stayed in the shadows?
Warning: A little fluff, a lot of angst.
Summary: Basically, read the request.
“I got your coffee Tony.” I said, pushing my way into the Avenger’s Compound’s Lab. In there, Tony Stark was working hard to repair and improve Sam’s wings. He had bags under his eyes and his eyes red with exhaustion. Tony refused to admit it, but clearly taking on full responsibility for the Avengers was too much for Tony- which was why I took over as secret-security so to speak. In fact, I was so secret, that only a few of the Avengers knew I even existed.
“Thanks Y/n.” He replied between yawns.
“Maybe you should take a break.” I suggested, putting down the mug next to him.
“No, I have to finish this.”
I sighed, walking out of the lab. I wouldn’t have just walked out like this, but everyone else were out on missions, leaving only Tony and Bruce in the Compound. Which meant- I got the kitchen all to myself.
Carefully, I jumped up on the island and over to the counter. Balancing on one foot, I leaned up and opened the top shelf closest to the fridge- Thor’s. I stuck my hand in, and blindly brushed it about, until “Bingo!” I cheered, pulling out a box of (f/f) Poptarts.
Soft footsteps came from the general area of the lab. Bruce was still in his room, so it must have been Tony.
“Hey Tony,” I muttered through a Poptart. “Could you get some more Poptarts for“ Turning around I realised that it wasn’t Tony, nor was it Bruce. Instead a dumbstruck Steve Rogers stared back at me. “Uh, hey there ‘Cap.”
“Y/n?” Steve breathed out. “How- why?”

People talk about how cool it would be to be immortal, but honestly, living for three-hundred years was tiring. Every five years or so having to move away, leave my friends behind and create an entirely new identity.
I’d been in Brooklyn for nearly a year and a half now. I lived in a dump and took my birth name once again. Even though I had more money than all the countries combined, I still liked to change it up lots and never stayed in the same type of environment once, which is how I turned up in Brooklyn.
One evening, after picking up some groceries, I was pulled into an alleyway by two tough looking guys. I could’ve easily kicked their asses, but there were still too many people nearby. They started talking about all the things they’d love to do to me. For a moment I was in a dazed state, by the time I came around, a tall, buff man had appeared at the end of the hallway.
“’Common guys.” He called out, sauntering towards us. “Leave the dame alone.” He shook his head seeing me pushed up against the wall.
“What’s it to ‘ya Barnes?” One of them growled.
“I think you outta listen to ‘em.” Another voice called out from behind the one they addressed as Bucky.
“Aw,” Laughed the guy, who had an arm on the wall, right next to my head. “Has baby Stevie come to save the damsel in destress?” A smaller boy popped out from behind the one they addressed as Barnes. And by smaller, I meant he would be lucky if he even weighed a third of his friend’s weight.
What everyone had failed to notice is that Barnes had advanced, so by the time the two bullies had started laughing, one was knocked onto the ground and Barnes was lining up for another hit. When they started running off, Steve came over to make sure I was okay. Steve introduced himself, and his friend. The taller man’s name was James, but everyone just called him Bucky.
Quickly, the three of us became super close friends. Steve and I lived in the same building, so we connected a bit more- and if I was being completely honest, I had a bit of a crush on Steve. We were both devastated when Bucky got his orders. When Steve ended up going as well after the whole serum incident, I sucked it up and followed him.
One evening, the three of us were sneaking into a Hydra building through the roof when we got ambushed. We were overwhelmed on the roof for a few minutes, but soon we were able to gain control. Steve had just sent a Hydra thug over the edge, and Bucky was picking up his gun, so neither saw the huge man creeping up behind Steve.
I meant to only push the guy, but ended up throwing my weight into him. The two of us tumbled off the building and into the misty abyss. I could hear Steve’s strangled cries as I quickly descended. My mind worked overtime as I planned my escape.
There was no possible way I could return to my friends without exposing myself. So I chose to fake my death. At the last second I swept myself away into the wind.

Neither of us moved, both of us refusing to lose eye contact with the other. Steve was clearly holding back sobs as a thousand different emotions flooded through his face.
“Hey Stevie.” I cooed, doing my best not to spook him. Slowly, while not breaking eye contact, I lowered myself off the counter. “What’s up?” Before I could even blink, he was inches from my face, seemingly inspecting it.
“What the hell?” He hissed through clenched teeth. My breathing slowed to a minimum as I got lost in his heartbroken eyes.
I ran my tongue over my teeth as I fought back the urge to just kiss him then and there. “Long time no see, huh?”
Steve reeled back with anger. “Long time no see?” He nearly screamed. “Are you kidding me? I thought you were f*cking dead- yet you were here the entire time?”
“N-Now Steve…”
“I’m not done.” He snapped. “Not only are you still alive, hid from me, but Tony of all people knew.” His hand flew up and gripped me on the shoulder.
“Banner knew too.” I winced as his grip tightened. “But listen-“ A sob rocked Steve’s body and I pulled him into a tight hug. Steve cried in my arm as neither of us said anything. This was the exact reason I’d chosen to never reveal myself to him- to save him the heartbreak of having to deal with you popping up while he was still trying to readjust to the twenty-first century. “I’m so sorry ‘hun.”
“I thought you were dead.” He sobbed. My shirt was bunched into his hands. “Please don’t leave me again Y/n.” He whimpered into my shoulder. “I love you so much.” A soft blush enveloped my cheeks.
“It’s okay, I’m right here.”

A year later and I was sitting on a couch in a cold apartment in a secluded neighbourhood in the middle of some run down town in the middle of BC, Canada. (Haha, home reference) It was nearly seven and Steve had still not come home.
After he found me in the tower, I agreed to move away with him. We started dating soon after, and honestly I was the happiest I’d ever been. It took him a long time, but five months later I showed him my water based powers and explained that I hadn’t aged since 200 AC.
A loud bang shook the apartment as the door slammed against the too close wall.
“Stevie!” I cried out, running over to the front door. When I reached him, I practically knocked him over when I hugged him.
“Geez Y/n.” He chuckled, hugging me with one hand, and using the other to close the door. “I was only at work.”
“I know.” I muttered, hiding my face in his shirt. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” He laughed. He took my chin into his hand and slowly lifted my head so I was looking at him. Slowly, we leaned in until our lips connected. Sparks erupted, just like every time we kissed and I had to force myself to pull away when I felt my head go lightheaded.
So sorry this one took so long hun, and the ending is kinda crap, but I hope you enjoyed it!

MC almost sacrifices herself to save her Ayakashi - EITM Request!

So I got a request for a head canon where MC almost sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend from the lovely @bad-wolf-moment

Here we go!

Miyabi - Why?
That was the only question that Miyabi could formulate in his mind as he watched over your unconscious form…his hands clenched tightly as his knuckles slowly paled.  
It had been a routine visit to the Mononoke village. Nothing out of the ordinary should have happened.
The kitsune clan leader was silent as his mind repeated the events over and over, like a torturous broken record.
Everything had been just as it always was…after travelling into the Mononoke village, the Clan Heads split off to attend to their official duties. While Miyabi had told you that you could join him, you had declined, opting to visit Miyabi’s Grandfather and explore the village for a while, citing that it was too beautiful a day to stay inside.
While working with some of the members of his clan at the castle, Miyabi had been interrupted by Chikage bursting into the room, his wings causing a force that had the others struggling to keep steady.
‘Miyabi! The village is under attack at the south-east entrance!’
As his eyes widened at the realisation that you were still in the village alone, Miyabi wasted no time in following the Tengu out into battle.
As many of the Kitsune tribe hid away in fear, Miyabi ran into the centre of the fight, determined to find you. He knew you wouldn’t just stand by.
Casting his kitsunebi into the throng of attackers, Miyabi was soon level with the other Clan Heads.
It was only as Miyabi was distracted by a bold ayakashi, that another sought to kill him from behind.
As the Kitsune turned his head, he could only catch a glimpse of your long hair as you threw yourself in front of him, taking the brunt of the magic that had been cast towards him.
As you collapsed to the ground, the other Clan Heads were quickly overwhelmed in their shock, until Miyabi let out a roar of unrestrained anger.
Unleashing his kitsunebi in a way that had never been seen by the Clan Heads, Miyabi released a blast of flames that encircled them, killing every enemy within sight as he dropped to his knees and pulled your lifeless body against him.
Samon had been hard at work in his attempts to heal you. While you had survived your brush with death, you had yet to regain consciousness and were still weak from the attack.

Joined by Isao, Miyabi’s Grandfather kept a silent vigil while the other Clan Heads assisted in helping any other injured Ayakashi.
As he watched over you, his hand found it’s way over yours, his eyes never leaving yours for a moment.
‘When will she wake up?’
Jumping slightly at Miyabi’s sudden question, Samon looked back to you as he removed his hands.
‘I can’t say…I’ve done all I can…’
Miyabi didn’t know how long he had been sat there at your side. He ignored the suggestions that he get some sleep and allow another one of the clan heads to watch over you.
As Miyabi gripped your hand silently, willing you to wake up, he promised himself that he would  never let you doubt his love for you. He would go to the ends of the earth for your smile.
Just as he trailed his hand through your hair, he felt a light movement in his hand.
Breathing your name, Miyabi gently squeezed your hand, feeling the same motion in response as your eyes began to open weakly.
‘Hey…’ Miyabi whispered, his voice tender as your eyes slowly met his.
‘You’re safe…I’m so glad…’ you muttered, your voice weak as Miyabi felt a pain in his chest. How could you still worry about others at a time like this?
Taking you into his arms Miyabi cradled you close, refusing to let you go as he whispered his love for you repeatedly. He would never let you get in harms way again.

Yukinojo - As the moon shone brightly over the shrine, you were already asleep, feeling perfectly contented in the warmth of Yukinojo’s embrace.
With your head resting against his bare chest, Yukinojo’s hands were against your lower back and in your hair, holding you close as you both slept peacefully.
It hadn’t seemed different from any other night. It was only as a large crash sounded along with the smashing of windows that you bolted upright in bed, an expression of fear on your face as Yukinojo quickly put his arms around you protectively.
Quickly changing his form, Yukinojo encouraged you to stay in the room while he went out to see what was happening.
Pulling on some clothes, you knew you couldn’t sit around as you ran down the hall after the other Clan Heads and discovered them enthralled in a fight.
You didn’t recognise their foes as any Ayakashi that you had seen before, but you knew whoever they were, they were strong.
Casting red flames towards the Clan Heads, Yukinojo was caught in the crossfire before Chikage could extinguish them with the power of his wings.
‘Yukinojo!’ you screamed, throwing yourself in front of him and shielding him with your body.
‘The girl…’
As the other Clan Heads rushed at their enemy, one managed to slip through the cracks, though his plan to kill Yukinojo was all but useless as you defended your weakened boyfriend.
You were terrified but unmoving. You wouldn’t let them get at Yukinojo, though you only caught a glimpse of silver before you felt a sharp pain in your abdomen.
Letting out a choked breath as you fell forwards onto your knees, you felt yourself being supported from behind as everything suddenly went below freezing.
‘You dared touch her…’
Feeling your vision slowly begin to blur amid the pain, you were vaguely aware of the body that collapsed before you. You could tell that the other Clan Heads were around you, but no matter how much you tried, you couldn’t speak.
Finally succumbing to the darkness, you drifted out of consciousness, unaware of what would happen to you.
‘Samon, do something!’ Yukinojo demanded.
‘Miyabi, go and get all the herbs and medicines now,’ Samon called out, dropping down beside your unconscious form as he began to work around the wound.
‘We have to do this carefully. If we remove the blade too soon, I won’t be able to heal her fast enough.’
‘Yukinojo, you need to reign it in. You’re going to make her freeze,’ Shinra encouraged, prompting the Yukibito to relinquish his anger as the temperature in the room began to steadily rise.
As Samon worked hard to heal the depth of your wounds, Yukinojo couldn’t help the blame that welled within his chest.
He could barely feel the pain from his own wounds as he prayed for you to wake up. To look at him and smile as you always did.
With Chikage assisting in removing the blade at Samon’s instruction, Miyabi had returned with the herbs, doing as Samon instructed without argument. It was a rare occurrence for the Clan Heads to work together like this, but where you were concerned, they were completely serious.
Lying you flat so that they could work more easily, Yukinojo refused to let go of your hand as he watched over your pale features.
Feeling the cold tears that trailed down his cheeks as he held your hand, Yukinojo had hardly realised that he was shaking until Kyoga rested a hand on his shoulder.
‘She’ll be okay. She’s strong,’ Kyoga assured him.
‘I…can’t lose her…’
‘You won’t.’
While it was a long process, Samon was finally satisfied as he bound the remnants of your wound, with Yukinojo helping to lift you so that Samon could wrap the bandages around your stomach.
As the hours passed, Yukinojo stayed by your side, waiting for you to awaken as he reluctantly allowed Samon to look at his wounds.
‘She’ll worry if you don’t let me tend to you,’ Samon reasoned, getting through to the Clan Head as he finally consented.
By the time the first light of morning started to show, Yukinojo thought of all the things he would say to you when you woke up, but the moments your eyes started to flutter, all of that disappeared.
Seeing the tears that streamed down his face, you reached up a shaky hand to Yukinojo’s cheek.
‘Yuki…nojo…don’t cry…’
‘I can’t help it…I’m so grateful that you are safe…I never…wanted to be alone again…not without you…’ he whispered, his voice trembling as you tried to sit up.
Reaching for you in an instant, Yukinojo carefully assisted you, not wanting you to push yourself when you wrapped your arms around him.
‘I love you…I love you so much,’ he breathed, enveloping you in his arms as you rested your head in the crook of his neck.
‘I love you too…’ you returned, pressing a chaste kiss to his neck as you rested against him.
‘I won’t ever leave you…I promise…’ you muttered, your voice quiet, though Yukinojo heard every word.
You both fell asleep that way, in each others arms, with Yukinojo thanking the gods that you were safe.  

Samon - It was strange how unsettled Samon felt when he had awoken that morning. You were safely enveloped in his arms, sleeping peacefully.
But as Samon looked out to the grey skies, he couldn’t help the feelings of unease that gripped him.
Looking down at the sound of your sleepy voice, Samon smiled kindly as he leant down to kiss you.
‘Good morning,’ he breathed, seeing the faint blush that touched your cheeks.
‘I’d better get ready…’ you remarked, glancing to the clock as Samon reluctantly let you go.
Even as he was preparing breakfast that morning, Samon couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong as he glanced out to the grey skies.
He hadn’t realised just how right he was.
Following work, you had been surprised to find that Samon wasn’t awaiting you as planned.
Calling him with no luck, you couldn’t help but feel worried as you quickly headed home yourself, the feeling of dread setting in as you reached the shrine.
Calling out your boyfriends name as you looked around, everything felt too quiet as you headed for the house.
Walking in and heading through to the dining area, you had rounded the corner to find the Ayakashi bound, Samon shouting to you to watch out as a sharp blow struck the back of your head.
By the time you regained consciousness, you realised that you were not tied up like the others as you quickly moved to Samon’s side.
Looking over his injuries, you glanced back to the Ayakashi who were holding the Clan Heads captive as he sneered at you.
‘What do you want?!’
‘What do we want? Your precious Ayakashi is going to suffer. The matter of how he suffers however, is solely up to you. We have no need for the other Clan Heads, but they would only get in the way…’
‘Samon has done nothing to you!’
‘He is responsible for the downfall of our Clan!’ the Ayakashi snapped, the fury in his eyes making you flinch as you moved yourself in front of Samon.
‘Your downfall was not the work of the Zashiki-Warashi. Your downfall was by your own hands.’
Raising his hand, Samon suddenly gasped out in pain as the ropes binding him tightened.
‘You talk big for a group of Ayakashi that have to restrain us in order to get your own way,’ Miyabi spat.
‘Why don’t you act like real men and fight us?’
Though it was clear Miyabi’s taunts fell on deaf ears as the Ayakashi inched towards you.
‘Make the choice. Who will die? You or your beloved Samon?’
As your eyes widened, you reached back to intwine your hand with Samon’s as he yelled out not to listen to them.
‘Don’t…Don’t answer them,’ he implored you, though you knew by the injuries inflicted on the other clan heads that these Ayakashi were completely serious.
‘…Take me. If you promise to leave Samon and the others alone, I won’t resist you.’
Looking triumphant as they withdrew a series of long blades, your eyes widened as your body began to tremble.
‘No! Don’t touch her!’
Getting to your feet to face your fate, you told Samon how much you loved him, fighting back the tears as you stared at the Ayakashi before you.
‘Aren’t you going to beg us little girl?’
‘I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction,’ you stated defiantly, seeing the sword raised as the Ayakashi smirked at you.
Dropping to your knees at the will of their magic, your hands suddenly moved behind your back, restrained and unable to move as you looked up in fear at your captors.
‘No! Enough!’ Samon yelled, breaking from his binds and casting the Ayakashi back with his own powers, his anger fuelling them as he sent the enemies flying into the wall opposite.
With their defence down, the other Clan Heads also managed to break free and formed a shield around you.
‘You will never harm her,’ Samon spat, his voice laced with fury as he stood over you protectively.
With their powers unrestricted, the enemy Ayakashi were soon disposed of, though you had lost the strength to stand as everything you had been holding back came flooding out in tears.
‘Are you okay?’ Samon asked with worry as he knelt down before you, taking your hands in his.
‘I was so afraid that they’d hurt you…’ you admitted, unable to stop the tears that slipped down your cheeks as Samon enveloped you in his arms.
He would never allow anyone to scare you like that again as he silently vowed to protect you.

Shinra - When Shinra had gone to the Mononoke village with the other Clan Heads, it had made him happy to be able to bring you with him. Normally you would have to work, but you had managed to take some time off.
Interlacing your fingers with his, you felt a little embarrassed, but you were outweighed by the happiness you felt at being by his side.
Normally you would have reached the Mononoke village by the time the sun was setting, but you couldn’t help but feel uneasy as the skies seemed to cloud over.
Squeezing Shinra’s hand a little, your boyfriend seemed to pick up on your concerns as he pulled you closer.
‘We should be there soon,’ he remarked.
‘Yeah, though this change in weather is unexpected,’ Chikage mumbled. ‘It had better not even think about raining..’
While you were trying to reassure yourself that you were close to the village, you were suddenly startled as smoke began to drift across your paths, making you stop as it wove around you, it’s tendrils creating a thick fog that blocked your way.
‘W-What is this?’
‘This is the work of an Ayakashi…’ Shinra murmured, putting his arm around your waist and pulling you close as he and the others assumed their full Ayakashi forms.
‘Stay close.’
Though as you heard a distant rumbling, you had been about to ask Shinra if this was his power when you felt the ground begin to tremble beneath you.
Struggling to hold onto your footing, you were all suddenly caught in the middle of a blast that sent you flying across the meadow you had been crossing.
Feeling your back slam into one of the large trees on it’s edge, you realised that Shinra was nowhere to be seen.
‘Shinra? Shinra?!’ you called out when something grabbed you, making you scream as you were hurled across the meadow again, landing roughly on the ground as you looked beside you to see Miyabi and Chikage getting to their feet.
‘What is this?’
Looking up to the Ayakashi that loomed over you, Chikage quickly used his wings to create a powerful wind that forced the enemy back while Miyabi commanded his Kitsunebi.
Though it was only as you searched around for Shinra that you heard a strong rumble of thunder.
‘It’s a Chimi…they don’t typically linger in the Ayakashi world. They target humans,’ Chikage remarked in surprise, making your blood run cold as you realised that you were it’s target.
Though as Shinra appeared, getting in it’s way, the Chimi attacked ruthlessly, determined to get to you and your power as Shinra felt it’s claws dig into his chest, swiping through the skin as though it was nothing and forcing Shinra to his knees in agony.
Running from the other Clan Heads, you covered Shinra’s body with your own, determined to keep him safe as the Chimi took advantage of your vulnerable position and dragged it’s claws down your back, seeking to kill you as you protected your beloved Oni.
Letting out a gasp of pain as you fell forwards, Shinra pushed himself off the ground as he commanded his powers, bringing down a bolt of lightning so powerful that the Chimi was destroyed instantly, bringing light back into the meadow as the other Clan Heads ran to you.
As they tried to help you stand, you cried out in agonising pain as blood seeped from your deep wounds.
‘We have to get her to the village, now!’
With Shinra too weak to carry you, Kyoga wrapped you in his arms and lifted you easily, with Miyabi supporting Shinra as they got you to the Village.
Having lost consciousness on the way, you were immediately taken to be treated.
With Shinra forced to have his own wounds tended too, he was unable to go to you straight away, much to his frustration, though Kyoga insisted that Samon was taking good care of you.
‘I should be there when she wakes up.’
‘You will be, if you stop getting so worked up and let them take care of your wounds.’
‘She could have died because of me,’ Shinra responded, running a hand through his hair as he winced in pain.
‘She did what you would have done for her,’ Kyoga remarked, trying to reassure him.
By the time Shinra was shown to your room, you were already resting, with Samon giving Shinra a sympathetic smile.
‘I apologise that I wasn’t able to tend to your wounds myself, but my clan are very proficient.’
‘She’s more important. Will she be okay?’
‘Yes. I can’t tell whether or not the wounds on her back will scar, but I’ve done everything I can.’
‘Has she woken up yet?’
‘No…she’s been unconscious the whole time. Though it may have been for the best. I’ve given her something for the pain.’
‘Thanks Samon,’ Shinra responded appreciatively, coming to sit beside you as Samon left you both alone.
Brushing a hand over your cheek, Shinra tried to blink back the tears, though being alone, it was only getting harder as he talked to you.
‘Why did you do that? Why would you put yourself at risk for me? I never wanted this…’
Realising just how much you loved him, Shinra couldn’t hold back the tears when your eyes began to open slowly.
Taking you carefully in his arms, Shinra helped you to sit up as you embraced him.
‘I’m so glad you’re okay…’ you whispered.
‘You scared me half to death…I was worried about you…’
Feeling his hot tears on your skin, you held him closer as you apologised quietly.
‘I love you…’
‘I love you too…I always have,’ he whispered, refusing to let you go.

Kyoga - When news reached the Clan Heads that the Mononoke Village was under attack, you had gone with them in an instant to the Village in order to assist.
With Chikage flying on ahead, the others were in full Ayakashi form as they rushed for the Mononoke Village.
Insisting on helping, Kyoga had been reluctant at first, though he eventually agreed to let you go and assist with getting the children to safety.
Once you arrived however, everything was in chaos, with the Clans all fighting side by side, it was almost daunting to see such power being cast between them against their enemies.
As the Clan Heads went to report with their respective clans, Kyoga took a moment before leaving you.
‘Be careful. Don’t stay out here any longer than necessary. Get back to the castle as soon as possible.’
Nodding, Kyoga kissed you deeply, holding onto you for a second before going to join with the fight.
Not waiting around, you had gone deep into the village, assisting with members of the Okami clan as well as the other clans in helping to get the vulnerable to safety.
As you ran with a young member of the kitsune clan, you handed him to one of the Okami clan members by the entrance of the castle.
It was only as you ran back towards a housing area that you hadn’t yet covered that you found the majority of the Clan Heads in a fierce fight.
As Kyoga flung one of the enemies from his back, another lunged for Miyabi, though the Kitsune made quick work of them. It was only as you saw another running in that you realised Kyoga hadn’t seen the incoming attack.
Acting on impulse, you intercepted the enemies attack, taking the full force of the magic he cast as you were thrown back by the sheer force into a nearby home.
As the others covered Kyoga, he ran to you, calling out your name, but to no avail.
Picking you up in his arms, Kyoga wasted no time in getting you to the castle where Samon was assisting others who were wounded.
Looking up, his eyes widened at the sight of your unconscious body.
As the members of the clans helped to clear space for you, Kyoga laid you down, allowing Samon to examine your wounds as he quickly instructed members of his own clan to get everything that he needed.
‘She’s going to be okay, right?’
‘Judging by the magic used, she may have just saved your life,’ one of the Zashiki-Warashi elders remarked.
‘This magic would have killed you. It would seem that they are using magic to specifically target each of our clans.’
‘We will take care of her, go, help our people,’ he continued, though Kyoga remained frozen in place.
‘Kyoga, this kind of magic was powerful, it’ll take time to heal her. There is nothing you can do for now.’
Taking Samon’s words, Kyoga finally left the castle, evoking his fury on the enemy in a way that the clan heads had never witnessed before.
Within another hour, the battle was over, with the enemy well and truly defeated. As the other Clan Heads assisted the injured ayakashi to the castle, Kyoga wasted no time in running on ahead, determined to see you.
By the time the other clan heads got to the room that you and Kyoga usually frequented at the castle, you were just starting to come around, finding everyone around you.
‘Everyone’s okay…? Thank goodness…’ you breathed, looking relieved. It was so like you to fret over everyone but yourself.
‘Don’t push yourself. You deflected some very dangerous magic. You’ll be okay, but you must rest,’ Samon insisted, though you felt a warm hand tracing your cheek.
‘Thank you…you saved my life…’ he muttered, taking your hand in his as you smiled at him softly.
‘I’m so glad you’re okay…’
Leaning down to kiss you tenderly, you didn’t mind that the others were there as Kyoga leant his forehead against yours.
‘You truly were incredible out there tonight.’
‘Yes, you assisted all of our clans in their time of need. From all of us on behalf of our clans, we would like to thank you,’ Yukinojo added, the Clan Heads bowing to you simultaneously, much to your surprise.
‘We are truly blessed,’ Samon agreed.
By the time you were left alone with Kyoga, you were immediately wrapped in his warm embrace.
‘I love you…I am so grateful to the gods that you are safe,’ he whispered, holding you close as he expressed his thanks to you for protecting him.

Chikage - It was just like any other day off, you had been sat on the veranda watching Chikage teach Koten while the other Clan Heads came and went as they pleased.
It was a pleasant afternoon. The sun was shining and the light breeze created by the lesson that Chikage was teaching was refreshing.
Catching Chikage’s eye as he observed Koten’s progress, your warm smile seemed to distract him for a moment.
‘Ahem…yes, anyway,’ he continued, clearing his throat and turning away from the young tengu to hide his blush.
Giggling softly to yourself, you got up to go and make them a drink and some lunch.
Though while you were in the kitchen, chatting with Samon, he suddenly tensed, looking outside the room.
‘Somethings wrong. One of my charms is down,’ Samon remarked, heading out into the living room when you heard shouts from the garden.
Dropping the plate in your hands, you ran outside to find Chikage protecting Koten from an Ayakashi that appeared to be a half woman and half snake.
‘What is this…’
‘A nure-onna…’ Chikage murmured in surprise.
As it’s glowing eyes regarded Chikage warily, her tail thrashed menacingly as you called Koten to you.
‘Get inside,’ you encouraged, pulling him behind you, though he stayed close by. As the nure-onna suddenly lunged for Chikage, he tried to send her back with an attack of wind, but got caught by the end of her tail, sending him into the wooden post closest to you.
Attempting to pacify the ayakashi with a charm, Samon was also struck hard, sending him into the pond as the ayakashi reverted her eyes back to Chikage.
Calling out to your friend as you helping Chikage to stand, the tengu quickly pushed himself in front of you, attacking the nure-onna with Samon’s assistance and knocking her out. Or so they thought.
‘Are you both okay?’ you asked in concern.
‘Yeah…those ayakashi are pretty rare to come across…they’re incredibly volatile,’ Chikage remarked.
‘It was strong enough to break through my charms,’ Samon responded, though it was only then that you heard a shrieking coming from the nure-onna.
Acting on instinct, you threw yourself in front of Chikage as you were hit, the force of it sending you into a nearby tree as you were suddenly seized in the coils of it’s tail.
Hearing Chikage yell out your name, you were rendered unconscious by the impact, with the nure-onna tightening it’s grasp in an attempt to crush and kill you.
Running to the nure-onna, Chikage unleashed his full fury, using his war fan to slice through the nure-onna’s tail as it screeched in agony.
As you fell to the ground, the ayakashi vanished, as Chikage took you into his arms and carried you inside.
Having heard the commotion, the other Clan Heads had arrived, looking shocked at your beaten form as Chikage implored Samon to help you.
‘M-Master? Is…Is she going to be okay?’
‘She’ll be fine Koten, she has to be,’ he responded, his voice determined, though his eyes betrayed the emotion he felt.
‘Hey, Koten, how about we go and get some ice cream?’ Yukinojo offered kindly.
Taking the young tengu’s hand, Yukinojo gently took him from the room as Samon began to look over your wounds.
As evening fell, Chikage had moved you to your room and was watching over you as you slept.
Having healed your wounds to the best of his abilities, Samon had given you something to help you with the pain, which also allowed you to sleep through some of it.
As you began to stir, Chikage gently took your hand as he asked you how you were feeling.
‘I’m okay…did it hurt you…?’
’No, you protected me…’ Chikage responded, though it was clear that he was feeling conflicted as you propped yourself up against your pillows.
‘I was scared…of losing you…’ he admitted, averting your gaze, though it was clear to see how pained his expression was.
‘I’m sorry…I just…I didn’t think. I wanted to keep you safe,’ you responded, though Chikage shook his head as he leant over to kiss you softly.
‘Don’t apologise. I’m just grateful that you’re okay…and thank you…for worrying about me,’ he remarked, a fierce blush touching his cheeks as he looked into your eyes.
‘I love you…’
Enveloping you in his arms, you felt an indescribable warmth as you hugged your beloved ayakashi back.
‘I love you too…’
Settling down with you in his arms, Chikage finally gave in to the overwhelming exhaustion he felt and slept, knowing that you were safe in his arms, exactly where you belonged.

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The room felt heavy that day. Twilight shut herself in her room, trying not to hear the sound of Flash’s heavy armor being ajusted and prepared. Next to her sat First Base, he was trying so hard not to cry that Twilight decided it was better if she didin’t try to hug him or else he would start crying.

The conflict soon turned from rumor to reality in a matter of months, Equestria needed to act quickly or else an invation would be inminent. All souldiers had to report to their respectives post’s. That meant that Flash had to return to the Crystal Empire Faust knows how long. Twilight could not follow him, for the Princess was ordered to remain hidden in Poniville.

She jerked her head up as she listened to the heavy armored hoofsteps entering her room. she heard First Base sniffling loudly.
Flash was full cloacked in heavy golden armor. His gaze was hard and steady, just like a guard’s eyes should look.
Twilight aproached him and looked at him straint to his eyes. No words came out of her mouth, for she had already cried and begged him to stay. But a Guard was a guard and he had to do what he had to do. That was to protect and serve.
She felt tears coming down her face, her cheecks puffed from the tears.
First Base joined Twilight and stood strait buffing out his little chest trying to look as strong as possible. Flash let his guard’s mask off and gave in to tears as well. For him it was easier in the past to go to battle, but now he had his brother and his Princess in his heart, it made it so much harder to go.

He enveloped both in his hooves and squeezed them to his chest. He could feel twilights hooves wraping his, she was trembling, he squeezed her tighter. First Base sniffled loudly, he turned to his little brother and said:

¨Listen here young stallion, Spike is in Canterlot at the moment, so that leaves you as the stallion of the house. You take care of the Princess ok? I trust you with that¨

First Base nodded whipping off the tears from his face, he gave his brother a last big hug.
Flash turned to Twilight  and lowered his neck to match her height, she looked at him with scared big sad eyes. Flash smiled at her.

¨I’m gonna be ok¨
Twilight tried to smile back, but it only made her cry more. She closed the space between both of them and gave Flash one last good bye kiss.

Flash stared at both of them a little bit more and made his way to the door. Twilight and First Base followed close by. He walked a few steps away from the door and then turned around. He looked at his brother and marefrind with soft eyes for the last time before putting on his Guard’s mask again. He looked at hi brother and saluted him in military style, then he looked at Twilight and gave her the courtesy bow all guards gave to their Princess they served.
Twilight resturned the bow his her’s trying to mimic Flash’s mask.

he turned around, looked at the sky, tainted with red and pink, breathed in all the air he could take. He opened his wings and took off. 

Lucky Us Ch. 16: Juleka's Story
  • Marinette: *walks into Cafe Reflekta on Sunday* Hi Juleka!
  • Juleka: Hey. ((Long time no see!))
  • Marinette: Listen, I've got a friend coming here tomorrow and I want to treat him to something nice. Will you help me?
  • Juleka: Sure. ((HIM?!))
  • Marinette: Thank you so much! *puts envelope on the counter* If a guy walks in asking for the Ladybug special, give him a number three in that red polka dot mug, and this letter.
  • Juleka: Cool. ((What's in the letter?))
  • Marinette: And if he asks for any information about me, DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM. Not my name, what I look like, or how you know me.
  • Juleka: ...ok. ((Is Marinette involved with the mafia?!))

cinnamontographyismypassion  asked:

Friendly reminder that Alex loved Piper enough to send her Valentine's Day letters even though she was terrified to death of going outside bc she was paranoid she was being followed by hitmen and Larry didn't even stop watching Mad Men for her

“You needn’t waste-.”

But his lord only hummed, his grip no less soothing. Forcing an ease to overtake the vague strain of Zelgius’ arm, a sort of emerging warmth so different from that of the fire. So much more dear and enveloping in its existence. “Delivering you from pain is never a waste.”

Zelgius tipped his head back, watching starlight shine upon his lord’s hair. “It barely hurts.”

His lord’s lips were thin and firm, a brief press again the deepest of the scars, “Then that is already too much.”


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Either drink your friends under the table…

Or be served on top of it.

Hannibal Happy Hour concludes tonight. Help yourself to Naka-Choko in 10 minutes, and enjoy our main course, Mizumono, at 6 pm ET.


Will you look at this! :)
Photos from the MAJOR unfuckery on Thursday.

Cleaning off the shelves was easy.
The real challenge was the mail. You guys. THE MAIL.
There was just so much mail.
Like, unopened envelopes from as far back as 2010.
It took forever but now everything is filed away and I also have a drawer called “Inbox” which I swear I’ll empty at least every other week.

There still is some bank/finance-related stuff to sort through, but at least now it all is in one place and just… yeah.

I feel so proud and accomplished! :)

I also did the banking stuff!
According to Google Translate, the term is bank statements?
No matter what they’re called, they’re filed away now.

I got on it the minute I posted that I didn’t do it yet and that worked like a charm.
Yay for that? :D