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cherry, blackberry, pomegranate. more just because :)

Awww thanks! 😘

Cherry: do you play any musical instruments or can you sing?

I used to play piano a little bit. I don’t think I’m a great singer but I’ve received a few compliments, so maybe I’m decent?

Blackberry: Is your life an action film, a comedy, a romantic comedy, or drama?

😂 I’d say it’s a romantic comedic drama

Pomegranate: When do you feel the most confident?

I guess whenever I think about my past and compare it to now, I know I can overcome problems in the present and the future.

Thanks so much again!

Context: The protagonist is making a sandwich. The narrator is trying to make it sound dramatic.

(Note: I think I did this wrong… Re-reading the prompt I suspect it was supposed to be for comedic effect, but hey, it said drama. So.)

God, but he was so tired.

In his condition, it was so much easier to just eat whatever was easy without having to put any work into it. But as of late more than one of his well-meaning friends had encouraged him to start taking care of his body again. They offered to cook him meals but he could only accept so many times before it made him feel… undignified.

Eating junk food out of the bag, or cooking something healthy? He opted for the happy medium of making a sandwich. Nutritional value and not too difficult. Preparing his own food on easy-mode.

You don’t really realize how much you need your hands until you lose one.

He had just gotten out of the hospital three days ago. One day he would get a prosthesis but not until everything was completely healed, and that day wouldn’t be anytime soon.

It wasn’t really that it was all that hard. He could hold down the block of cheese using the stump which had once been his dominant hand, while he cut off a slice with his “good” hand. He liked pepper on his sandwiches but put a little too much because it came out of that shaker fast, and he wasn’t used to using this hand to do such things. So it was a sandwich with slightly uneven cheese and a little extra kick to it. No big deal. Actually, the extra pepper did something for it. Maybe he would keep making it that way.

No, it wasn’t that it was much more difficult or just a teensy bit slower. It was that everything he did was a reminder of the trauma. He didn’t feel quite whole anymore – and that was with or without both hands.

He ate in silence but his mind was loud.

My current favourite theory is the s6 newbies with varying levels of awareness that they’re in a teen drama. 

So like Spencer doesn’t know; he’s a normal person thrown into a teen drama. “Why don’t you just solve the problem the straightforward way…?” “Just… TALK to your sister, dude." 

Jane knows: "Shhh Spence there’s a Klaine subplot in this episode don’t mess it up pls." 

I’m not sure Mason knows, but he’s the type whose lack of self awareness drives the plot. Madison does, though, so she’s like “Mason if you keep singing with Jane you’re gonna have a romantic subplot and I’m not sure what my function is if not a comedic double team with you.” 

Roderick knows very well and doesn’t much like it. So like, when Mason asks him to ask out Madison, he smells Unnecessary Complicated Romantic Subplot on it a mile away and he just nopes right out of there.

Favorite Details from [S] Collide.

1. The fucking music.

I want Homestuck to be remembered for how it marries music to visual. In that sense, Collide is a masterpiece. It’s a sort of three act epic. The opening, apparently “Creata” doesn’t get the credit it deserves for setting the huge stage. Almost every piece we’ve ever seen is at play here, and it all has to be quickly reintroduced to the tune of this song, and it’s so… it’s grand, but whimsical, playful, and gives us that sense of incoming awesome.

“Oppa Toby Style” is not just hilariously named (NEVER LET YOUR FRIENDS NAME SHIT FOR YOU, EVER). I’m a huge fan of Toby from his work in Undertale, some of my favorite music ever. But this is Toby when he’s not restrained by his instrumentals. While Undertale had a limited… instrumental palette, here Toby has free reign. Creepy dancy synth, crowds chanting, some of the most peppy and fun guitars, and that constant percussion pumping along to give way to the windy section then SMASHING back into the action.

It’s genuinely fucking great, it’s so perfect for the heat of battle, with drama and humor and the sense of frantic danger that is at the core of Collide.

“Eternity Served Cold” is that bridge that serves as a vitally needed breath of air without dropping the action. In any other flash, it would be the star track, but in Collide it’s just up against a lot of other incredible work.

Like “Heir of Grief,” which I will argue is the best song in Homestuck history. I heard “HoG” before seeing Collide and already thought it was a deeply moving piece. It’s such a slow, thoughtful score and the guitars bursting in like a revelation make me want to actually start crying. I believe now that I have the association of the imagery, it’s going to become my new “Battle With A True Hero” and make me tear up at the sound.

And, look. It’s the Strider-Lalonde theme song. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Moments of pure hesitancy smashing into triumphant motion, an sort of physical quality to it that moves like the family itself does.

And the twinkly noise as Jade tries to quell her beloved dogs will never unlink in my head.

That passage at about 15 minutes into the animation, the Dave segment as I mentally call it, is this last deep inhale before the final storm, and it’s just great.

“Heir of Grief” is dynamic and yet knows when to be restrained. It is in a way tired, as tired as I feel after consuming this comic for three weeks straight, and that final looping…. arpeggio thing, with the guitar, that keeps looping and looping and going because you have to finish it, you can’t take another breath until it’s finally done–


2. This Smug Bitch Over Here

It is really weird to see the creator of a story inside the big emotional frantic climax of the story and feel an intense emotion. But I did. I saw AH peeking out from behind his perch and I started fucking beaming.

I see you villain. I see you lurking there to witness your own creation kick it into the highest of gears. I hope you are as proud as I am, man, because you should be.

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I've watched the FDTD movie and now I can comprehend why people are more inclined to like Kate with Seth... But does not people see that the movie and the series are different things? The Richie played by Quentin is a syko and Zane's has a different backhistory!

You know it really irritates me when certain people in the Dusk fandom try to fuse the movie and the series together. Particularly in the case of Richie Gecko who is NOTHING like his film counterpart whatsoever! What Zane Holtz is currently doing with that character in the series, Quentin Tarintino could only imagine doing in the film. He’s excelled that role in every way possible and made it all his own.

I mean Richie was not a likable character in the 1996 movie. Neither of the Gecko brothers were even though Clooney and Tarintino played well off each other and their characters were entertaining and humorous at times. That movie will always have a special place in my heart as a horror fan but the series reigns supreme. They’ve not only expanded the Dusk universe brilliantly but succeeded in fleshing out all the characters including the two leads.

Luckily when the movie was adapted into a series RR and Coto did a full recon on Richie Gecko’s character. They knew NO ONE would root for or sympathize with a ruthless-murdering sex-offender as one of the show’s main protagonists. So first they had to cast someone to basically play the most challenging role in the series because he not only had to be really good onscreen but he had to reinvent Richie in a way that would appeal to the audience. The fates smiled on them when they found Zane because that man is an absolute wonder! He gave Richie Gecko all the edge.

Actually they were lucky to find both DJ and Zane because the two of them together not only had the instant chemistry needed to drive the series but also the charisma and the spirit of the Gecko brothers down pat. They are just so much like actual brothers its unbelievable. This show would’ve been a total failure if its leads did not gel as well as Zane and DJ have. They absolutely kill it in these roles and more than met the challenge of filling the big shoes left by Clooney and Tarintino. 

However its Zane out the two that has the meatiest, multi-facet and most difficult character to portray in the series. And that sometimes can not only be a blessing but also a curse considering the source material Zane’s character spawned from. I think that’s why so many fans in the Dusk fandom don’t understand Richie or refuse to acknowledge his struggles and just prefer characters like Seth. Most people who’ve seen the film and watch the series still view Richie as the crazy rapist despite whats actually written and what Zane is putting up onscreen. And even if they haven’t seen the film they quickly write him off as a villain or a monster.

Richie Gecko came out the gate in the series as a tortured soul, clairvoyant bank robber. He was a very damaged dark individual but he had a lot of heart and goodness as well. RR and Coto completely omitted the sex-offender traits from the film specifically so the audience could relate to and empathize more with Richie’s tv counterpart. If he was going to be one of the co-leads he had to be likable and enriching compared to the film. Zane succeeded doing just that bringing so many fascinating layers, depth and complexities to Richie Gecko; he made him so real and human despite his character being a vampire [culebra]. Every scene he just draws you in with such genuine nuance. 

You can literally feel his character’s sadness and internal suffering through his composed and at times very sharp-witted personality. Even when he’s in a state of insanity that pain is always present. Zane and the Dusk writers also gave Richie a very entertaining dark sense of humor which fits perfectly in a horror/actions series like this. He can deliver all of those comedic moments as much as the drama so effortlessly. And there’s even a unusual innocence about Richie’s character that makes him charming.

I don’t know what it is anon but Zane is just so damn good in this role which is why its so disheartening that there are fans who can’t appreciate the work he’s been doing on Dusk and don’t view his character as a hero or a viable romantic choice for Kate. Richie has more than proven in the series just how heroic he’s become; how much he cares about everyone [especially Seth and Kate], that he would literally give his life for total strangers as well as loved ones and that he wants to protect innocents.

Us Richie fans are so grateful to have such a complex multi-dimensional character as the show’s protagonist as well as grateful that an exceptionally talented actor like Zane Holtz is at the helms.    

Naruto 676: Sakura's feelings and development

I’m not really a hardcore SS shipper but I think after this chapter, its darn obvious that Sakura still has feelings for Sasuke.  Wether or not SS will happen, we don’t know but the FACT is she feels something for Sasuke.  And I don’t think its friendship since Kishimoto keeps on bringing it up.

 Kishimoto has been pretty straight forward with Sakura’s character development.  Within Team 7, Sakura is the one that did a 180 degree turn.  But most of Sakura’s development can be linked to her Team 7 bonds, with the exception of her friendship with Ino which has been resolved in the Chunin exams. 

 Basically, Part 1 Sakura had three plot points:  1) She doesn’t think much of Naruto.  2) She WAS weak compared to Naruto and Sasuke.  3) She actually loves Sasuke.

 Part 2 Sakura resolves two major plot points from Part 1. 

 1) She came from hating Naruto and thinking of him as a loser just like the rest of the villagers to actually acknowledging him as a friend and a hero.  Remember that hug that she gives Naruto when he returns from fighting Nagato?  Personally, it was symbolic that Sakura does this in front of the villagers gathered because here Sakura is the very representation of the villagers that derided Naruto before.  Sakura hugging Naruto is many ways serve as a metaphor for the Naruto’s desire for acceptance and acknowledgement from the villagers.  I don’t believe its considered to be romantic in nature because here is no follow-up of whatsoever kind from Sakura or Naruto with regard to this physical show of affection.  And I don’t think you can consider Sakura’s confession as a follow-up — its more like a closure for Naruto’s feelings for Sakura.

 2)  Sakura’s issues with regard to her skills was resolved with her apprenticeship with Tsunade.  From becoming a useful medical ninja to actually mastering Tsunade’s ultimate technique.   It’s really quite similar to Naruto become a Toad Sage if you would like to parallel it under Jiraiya.  It’s also similar to Sasuke gaining Susanoo from Itachi.  But Sakura losing to Madara is not a cop-out.  Madara is on a totally different level.  If Tsunade, using the same technique in unable to do anything to a regular Edo Tensei Madara, it doesn’t make sense for Sakura to suddenly be so strong and put a dent against Sage of Six Path’s Madara.

 Now, there is only one character development point that remains unresolved for Sakura and that is her feelings for Sasuke…in the same way that Sasuke’s character development is still unfolding.

 This whole unresolved tension between Sasuke and Sakura is a key plot point.  It was important enough in Part 1 that Kishimoto had to actually draw it.  It is important enough in Part 2 that Kishimoto has to implicitly and explicitly say that Sakura still has feelings for Sasuke.  It is a moment just for the two of them.

I don’t believe in the ‘love triangle’ aspect of Team 7 with regard to the promise of a lifetime.  Because that promise has already been fulfilled considering Naruto actually brought Sasuke back (not entirely in a literal sense but considering Itachi entrusted the future to Naruto, Sasuke will surely follow.)  Regardless of the fulfillment of the promise of a lifetime, there is still something brewing with Sakura with regard to Sasuke.

 What is not important in Part 2 at least is Naruto’s feelings for Sakura.  Clearly, he has moved on.  When Naruto was talking to Sai about not being able to say his feelings for Sakura (about liking her), he implies negativity towards it because of Sasuke’s loss at the same time he openly acknowledges Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke and he doesn’t 'pressure’ her into liking him.  Naruto never followed up on that.  And neither did Sai.  Sai never brought it up again afterwards which is strange of him considering his social impedement and lack of tact.

 Instead, Naruto has moved on.  If Hinata opened his eyes during the Pein arc, its quite obvious that Naruto has been keeping tabs on Hinata as well specially using the ninja war arc, leading all the way to up the hand holding.  How many times has Naruto said Hinata’s name in the 2nd part of the series and after the Pein fight?  All those name mentions do amount to something.  Naruto has moved on.  He wants Sasuke back but its not because he is still hoping that Sakura will like him in return.  He wants Sasuke back as his best friend which was what the whole promise of a lifetime was to begin with — to reunite his Team 7 family.

 Sakura actually cares what Sasuke thought of her growth and transformation, she didn’t want to be useless anymore.  Both Sasuke and Naruto are surprised when she charges forward but nonetheless they follow.  It’s a reversal of roles, they are the ones following Sakura while before she used to remain in the back.  Of course, that doesn’t work but that is to be expected.

 What I found interesting is that Naruto allows himself to take a backseat from the drama of the recent chapters and Kishimoto uses him to inject comedy to break the SasuSaku angst all over this chapter.

 First: Naruto 'rescues’ Sakura and does a lot of other stuff but he stays on the background, pretty much like Kakashi.   The focus is solely from Sakura’s perspective which is completely dominated by thoughts of Sasuke.  When Sasuke does Susanoo, Sakura looks on with wonder.  There are so many shots of Sasuke in this chapter that it’s so hard to ignore him. 

 Second: Kishimoto does this intentionally by making Naruto something like a comedic relief.   There is only one part of this chapter that is funny and that’s Kakashi looking confused as Naruto fights some invisible enemy being loud and noisy.

 Kishimoto didn’t even bother giving Kakashi sometime here to 'grieve’ for Obito.  Kishimoto didn’t give Naruto cool hero shots and moments.  While its a chapter that is supposed to focus on teamwork to a certain degree, it is filled with Sakura and Sasuke.

 There is a question of wether or not Sasuke cares…well I think Kishimoto hasn’t gotten around to answering that yet so we can’t assume anything.   I think the new 'dream’ world will show us the possible lives of Naruto and Sasuke had certain events not happned in their lives.  What if Naruto and Sasuke still had their families?  How much difference would that make in their lives?  Would their lives be necessarily better?

 I’m not sure what kind of moral Kishimoto is driving at but I think it has something to do with accepting the life that you have been dealt with and making the most out of it rather than living in whatifs and whatnots.

 Anyway that’s just my two cents.

(Sorry, I went ahead and submitted because I wrote a freaking’ novel. Distracting myself before an interview tomorrow lol!) Lester is seriously a favorite role of mine for Martin-his character arc was amazing, and complex, but I think Martin added SO much to the role with his expressions alone! He really knew how to capture the audience to love/hate his character. I’d love to see Martin in action as well, because unf. He’s a pretty physical actor and it would be great to see him use that in a big blockbuster role. But the dramas, who could refuse that? He expresses emotions so well, and even without saying much. I would like to see Martin in more comedic roles-onces where he’s a frontrunner more. I enjoyed him on SNL and in the office-his whit and sarcasm delivers really well. But really Martin could be in anything and I’d enjoy it. I really want to see him in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (if that’s the right title!) Do you like his smaller roles from before Sherlock hit big? I love him in the office, but I also enjoyed him in Swinging with the Finkels (even if it was a bad movie lol. He’s still hilarious) and I just recorded nativity to watch that. Sorry for overloading here!

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