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OYA OYA? what about some headcanons about Tsukishima with a short girlfriend who sass out everyone who start moking her because of her height?


  • he actually likes your height, because a) teasing material and b) cute height difference between the two of you that he will honestly never get over… he’ll never admit it though
  • loves having those small teasing wars with you over your heights and how you call him skyscraper and lamppost while he calls you shorty and chibi
  • totally the type of boyfriend to put his arm on your head for the shits and just to see you get annoyed; seeing people get annoyed is like his life source so you bet he’s gonna annoy you the most
  • hey just because you’re dating doesn’t mean tsukishima’s gonna stop being an asshole you. why would he anyway? you fell in love with him and that’s that, no need to change
  • it’s so stupid (to him anyway) how he gets so happy when you sass him first to be honest. if you start sassing him first he gets really happy over it (but he doesn’t act like it)
  • he’s such an asshole giving you kisses okay he literally leans over and before he’s about to kiss you he leans away and teases you. you seriously have to chew him out abt it for him to kiss you

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just wanted to drop by and say i love your headcanons!! they're really well thought out and fit raven so well! you're a joy to have on the dash!

my heart deadass skipped 12 beats after i read this since…oh my god, it’s so unprompted…thank you heaps for taking the time to read through my headcanons as well as sending this in!! you are absolutely wonderful, and i’m really happy that you think so♥♥

Sweet Temptation

ive been staring at this picture for 3 hours straight to a point where this fic has been born thanks @mazzori

“What is that in your mouth?”

 Amber eyes slid to the figure standing in the doorway. “Hhi dear!” Voice slightly muffled from the white stick sticking out of her mouth, she pulled it out. “I’m just sucking a lollipop.” Cherry red lips curled a smile as she dangled the succulent sweet. Without waiting for a response, she popped it back into her mouth and focused her attention on the laptop on the pillow. Her legs stretched comfortably under the pillow and her toes curled inside the soft socks that she wore.

“A…lollipop?” His tone just as quizzical as his raised eyebrows, Jumin walked towards his – their – bed and plopped a seat on the edge of it.

 She sometimes forgot he was a bit dense on the simplest things of life.

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Omg, well somehow I’m even slow to do this.. It’s the end of a pretty interesting year and one I’m really grateful for. Thanks to everyone who I’ve come to know and been able to meet you all are super amazing, and a special thanks to everyone whose supported me this year as well. I also reached 1k followers a little while back so this is also to celebrate! Sorry for the crappy edit, I’ve recently been trapped by hxh and I’m sunk… Anyways heres all the blogs I love seeing on my dash!

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