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baz’s stepmum appreciation post

cinderella gave me all sorts of bad stepmum stereotype thoughts so i only have love for Daphne Grimm (and all the other wonderful stepmums and dads in both fiction and reality)

  • she wept over him when fiona brought him back from the numpty lair 
  • it terrifies her when baz conjures a flame on his palms
  • (basilton, don’t. you’re flammable)
  • baz fuckin brings home the MAGE’S HEIR for christmas which baffles her at first but she offers him extra portions during dinner anyway
  • she brought them sandwiches even though she was probably wondering about his choice of friends when he invited penny and agatha over (he just invited a BUNCE over)
  • she’s concerned about baz’s ‘situation’ and wants him to speak to a therapist 
  • she sends dinner up to his room because she knows that he doesn’t like eating in front of people because of his fangs 
  • she’s just so
  • about baz
  • and when their entire estate became a deadspot
  • “basilton!” baz’s stepmother is screaming and running towards us. “malcolm, he’s here!”
  • the concern
  • warms my heart


  • aunt fiona notices his suit and shiny shoes after baz tells her he’s going dancing and she says
  • “basil. have you met a bloke?”
  • she knows and it’s perfectly normal and she immediately assumed it’s a bloke
  • i love it

Daphne, are you saying that you have feelings for Niles?
I think I do.


Top 10 Frasier Relationships (as voted by my followers)
09. Daphne Moon & Roz Doyle

“Quick, turn on your TV. My building’s on the news. Some murder-suicide thing, I’m gonna wave to you from my balcony.”

Daphne complains about stuff #1

I hate hate hate Ezria. I really don’t know why there are people shipping them. First of all, he was Aria’s teacher when they started dating? Doesn’t that concern anybody? This guy had a relationship with a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD girl. She was a baby, a tiny little fetus when he decided that, yeah, fuck it, he was gonna have a relationship with her.

Secondly, the jerk knew who she was in that bar. HE WAS COMPLETELY AWARE THAT SHE WAS ONLY SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. So no, I don’t need to hear anymore excuses about how they kissed not knowing their ages or who they were (well yeah on Aria’s part) and then fell for each other.

Jerkass Ezra was writing a book about Ali and her friends and wormed his way into Aria’s life for his selfish and creepy purposes. He’s a creep guys, he had a full on lair with pictures of the liars and computer screens following their every move. Yet, Aria manages to forgive him and now everything is all sunshine and daisies again? How about fuck to the no.

Fast forward to season 7 and he’s caught up w Nicole this and Nicole that, which for the record I do understand, but to a certain extent – I do not understand however why he completely neglected his fiancée. To his credit, he did apologize for that, but I feel like Aria forgave him to easily.

In my opinion, he was and still is a predator, like Liam pointed out. She was a sixteen year old girl. Sixteen. Years. Old.

Also, I really don’t like who Aria becomes when she’s around him/in love with him. She halfasses other relationships: she clearly still has feelings for Ezra, but doesn’t break up with them and just strings the other guy along. She chooses mothereffing jerkass Ezra over the liars, her best friends.

I feel like (part of) the fandom is so blinded by their romance that they completely seem to overlook how their relationship started and how toxic it actually is. There is nothing romantic about a relationship built on lies, about a teacher taking advantage of a student, about a shitty writer using a sixteen year old girl for his own benefit.

Yes, I know I’m salty and good at holding grudges, but in my eyes Ezra Fitz will never stop being a predator.

I do love Ian Harding though.


I think you can call me Niles now.

theunrealinsomniac  asked:

Harry Potter x Daphne Greengrass for your pairing thing please?

okay im sorry this took forever omg

Harry and Daphne are both professors at Hogwarts, so naturally they’re up early to get started with their day. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they’re the first ones to arrive at the Great Hall for breakfast, which results in a lot of awkward conversation and flirty staring.

When he became a DADA professor, Harry would have never guessed that Daphne Greengrass would also be there, in the form of the new Charms teacher. 

He also wouldn’t have guessed that he would be here right now, sitting next to her and wondering when will be the day he finally gets the courage to kiss her.


“I’ve got my spare keys.We take the van before sunrise, then we hit the road. No more of this town. We need a break from all this and now it’s time for that. You pick the music, I pick the roadside cafes. I drive us two far from all the pain this place has caused everyone… Please, let’s leave this hellhole. Escape Coolsville with me…” — Fred Jones.

SKIP TOWN — a playlist for the tired souls of fred jones and daphne blake as they desert the cruel suburbia of coolsville;

So I introduced Scooby-Doo to my sis and we watched some classic episodes

SIS : ‘Blue Guy’ and 'Orange Hair’ are dating?
ME : We…… don’t know… We are… not supposed to say that in the old shows… kinda… Shut up…
SIS : So they do dirty things when they are alone in those dark places.
ME : LOL you are not the only one who thinks so. I bet a ton of people have been making that joke for years.
SIS : And porn?
SIS : If there is no porn it is not a popular show.

I didn’t tell her that I am the one who uses that joke a LOT, and that I am the one who make some…that kind of porn…