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Much Ado About Nothing - Dance of the Tennant Edition


maia and alex shibutani // season: 2016 - 2017 // free dance: evolution

skate america > cup of china > grand prix final > u.s. nationals > four continents > worlds

Cengiz Al’s insta story rn is a video of a fan’s sketchbook where she’s done drawings of him (and some other skam cast members) and he captioned it “omg she’s sooo talented, that’s why i love art and create something from nothing, like dancing!”

I love him so much and i’m not over how sweet he is thanks

Mixing It Up

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Request: #16 - Dry Humping,  #17 - Teasing, #21 Clubbing, #83 - Quickies with Stiles.

Author’s Note: This is nothing but smut from the get go. It’s also rather short because it’s just porn lol! I hope you like it, enjoy! :)

Warnings: Language; so much smut; really nothing but smut


Dancing in a crowd of sweaty strangers, my ass grinding against Stiles Stilinski’s crotch was not exactly how I had thought my night would go.

Not that I was complaining too much.

I mean, sure, it was hot and muggy in here, my skin was flushed, and I was sweating from my head to my toes. But really, I didn’t mind. Mostly because Stiles’ hot breath was on my neck, his lips grazing the skin every now and then and sending shivers down my spine. His hands were on my hips, squeezing once in a while and pulling me against him. I’d catch a groan slip through his lips and into my ear occasionally, drowning out the loud music.

So no, I wasn’t really complaining. 

“Damn, Y/N,” I heard Stiles say over the music. “You can move.” I threw a smirk back at him over my shoulder, deciding to kick it up. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I pressed my back to Stiles’ chest, our whole bodies touching, and wrapped my arms loosely around his neck. My lips just grazed the side of his jaw as I rotated my hips to the beat, making sure to press up against him with a bit more force.

“Fuck,” he mumbled, hands traveling up to my sides, then back down to slip under the hem of my shirt. His touch burned my skin in the most delicious way, making me want to feel more it. I turned to face him, pressing my chest to his to emphasize my cleavage, and bringing his lips down to hover right over mine.

“Stiles,” I practically moaned, my eyes closed in pleasure. He drew in a sharp breath, along with a curse, and I smirked to myself in my mind. I knew that would drive him absolutely crazy.

Stiles’ lips pressing my mine wasn’t a shock, but the sheer softness of his mouth combined with the demand in the kiss caught me off guard. I returned his fervor, darting my tongue out to swipe at his bottom lip and groaning my approval when he allowed me to lick in and taste him. One of Stiles’ hands trailed up my spine to wrap in my hair, holding me close.

We pulled away to catch our breath and I took the opportunity to turn back around and begin grinding on him once more. I definitely felt something pressing back, grinning to myself. I tried to put some space between us, but Stiles caught on, pulling me back to him roughly.

“Oh no you don’t, you little tease,” he breathed into my ear. I bit my lip in an effort to stop the groan building in my throat.

The next thing I knew, Stiles was pulling me through the club, weaving around people and couples with a determination I had never seen in him before. I couldn’t even ask where he was leading me, but I got my answer soon enough when I saw the red exit sign on the wall.

Excitement bubbled up within me at the realization of what was about to happen.

Stiles burst through the door into a dim alley, pushing me against the wall as soon as the door closed. His lips were on mine in an instant, then gone before I could comprehend.

“Think you can tease me and get away with it?” he husked in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. “Grinding against me, getting me turned on.” My only answer was a breathy moan and my fists tightening in Stiles’ shirt.

Stiles’ mouth was on my jaw, working to my neck, as his hands hiked up my skirt. I gasped when his fingers brushed across my panties, heat pooling in my core.

“Gotta make this fast, baby,” Stiles said, pulling my underwear to the side and running his fingers through my folds down to my entrance, carefully pushing in. My nails dug into his shoulders, eyes falling shut and head thrown back against the wall. “Shit, you’re already so ready for me.”

“God, Stiles,” I gasped, lifting my leg to wrap around his waist. He scrambled to undo his belt, pushing his jeans and boxers down just enough to free his hard cock. I watched impatiently as Stiles lined himself up before slowly pushing into me.

After letting me adjust for a moment, Stiles started to move. He picked up the pace quickly, pounding into me in no time at all. That beautiful pressure was building rapidly inside me, threatening to break at any moment. When Stiles moved a hand to thumb at my clit, I lost it, burying my face in his shoulder to muffle my cries.

After a few more thrusts, Stiles was right there with me, groaning my name into my ear as he came. We stood there together, coming down and trying to catch our breath. I couldn’t help but laugh lightly at the realization of the situation. Stiles pulled back and looked down at me with an amused grin.

“How was that for mixing it up?”

‘3am Eternal’ - The KLF

Number one week ending 2nd February 1991 for 2 weeks

Where to start with The KLF? They mysteriously appeared, made a collection of incredible and innovative dance tracks based on the concept of an Illuminati group, were the biggest selling singles act of 1991, retired live on stage at the Brits, burnt a million quid, then deleted their entire back catalogue. You have to remember that this was all happening during the late 80s and early 90s, when the mainstream was full of easy listening groups like Simply Red and Wet Wet Wet, and crap novelty records. They must have stood out so much, and set the tone for so much dance music that came after them - although nothing was quite this fun and exciting. 3am Eternal is part of the ‘Stadium House’ trilogy, which I’d implore anyone to listen/dance to - a fusion of rap and dance, full of samples and weird noises that somehow blends to create something that is so unique it’s hard to describe. I can’t say I completely understand what it’s about even after a million listens, but does anyone care when it sounds this good? An exhilarating track, I definitely think this is one of the best number ones of the decade.  

whathehelll  asked:

38. destiel. =]

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” (x)

Be careful when you’re LARPing, kids! 

It’s probably one of the most embarrassing moments of his life. 

Dean blinks up at the hot stranger who stares back down at him, and he’s pretty sure the embarrassing-ness of this situation just geared up by a hundred. Times infinity. Times infinity infinity–

“Are you alright?” the hot stranger asks with a slight frown resting between his brows, and Dean takes that exact moment to realize that his head is resting on hot stranger’s lap. 

“Um.” Someone in the distance is yelling to hold, and Dean gets off of the guy’s lap, his face blazing. The guy’s gaze follows after him, curiously watching Dean as he tries to hide how mortified he feels right now. “Fine. Thanks.”

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Roomates With Benefits Pt.2

I woke up from the sun peeking through the gap of the closed blinds. Remembering where I was, I rubbed my eyes, turning to face Jackson. I smiled at the sleeping beauty, ruffling his hair a little with my fingers before deciding it was best to go back to the sofa before anyone noticed. However, as soon as I went to pull away, Jackson’s hands gripped my waist, pulling me back to him.

“Stay,” He whispered, his morning voice was so soothing, I could’ve stayed with him all day.

“The others will notice.” I whispered back, shimmying the shorts back up my legs whilst still laying down.

“I dont mind.” He smiled, his eyes still closed as he tried to get his own way.

“I’ll see you out there.” I chuckled, shaking my head as I unclamped his hands from me, moving quietly past the sleeping Kang Joon and out the door. I heard people coming down the stairs as I jumped over the back of the couch, landing on the blanket from last night.

“Good morning newbie.” Gook Joo and Sunny smiled and I nodded in return as they walked into the kitchen. I felt a flood of relief wash over me as I realised no body knew about last night. Apart from Kang Joon. He wouldn’t say anything, would he?

I thought about it for a moment. Would I care? I mean, sure I hadn’t known Jackson very long. But there was something special about him. He was different. He seemed like the genuine kind of guy that you could take home to meet your parents. Not that it was ever going to happen. After last night, I wanted to get to know Jackson more. Take things slow. Which was unusual for me, considering my past.

It was Jong-ok that snapped me out of my daydream by waving her hand in front of my face chuckling. “Y/N, did you hear me?”

“Hmm?” I looked up at her raising my eyebrows, blushing slightly at how distracted I’d been by Jackson.

“I said that a few of us girls are going into town, if you would like to come.” She offered smiling at me like a mother.

“I would love to but I have nothing to wear, my clothes still haven’t been delivered.” I explained.

“I’m sure the girls can lend you some clothes, I would offer mine but they’re far from being your fashion.” She chuckled making me laugh too. “I’ll go ask them.” She patted my knee before heading into the kitchen.

It was about noon the time that everyone was out of bed. We sat around the table and ate breakfast together. Jackson was a couple of seats away with Kang Joon opposite me. I noticed the weird smirks he was giving me, praying that he wouldn’t chose now to expose the events of last night.

“Hey Y/N, sleep well last night?” He asked politely, however his eyes were full of mischief. I noticed Jackson stop mid conversation to listen to ours instead, obviously concerned with the outcome.

“Not as bad as I thought I would.” I replied calmly, not wanting to draw any more attention to myself.

“Really?” He raised his eyebrows as he took a sip of his orange juice. “I couldn’t sleep at all, I kept hearing weird nosies from the bed next to me.”  

I watched Jackson glare at him. “You were sleeping like a baby when I woke up today.” He defended himself, or tried to change the subject. But his words were harsh. Nasty.

“You were probably sleep laughing again Jackson.” Young-Ji said from next to him, chuckling as she held his arm. He laughed back, leaning closer to her. I smiled softly, why was I so offended by her touching him? He wasn’t mine.

When everyone had finished eating, I began helping clear the table. “Y/N, I found the bad-assiest outfit I could for you.” Sunny came rushing up to me, holding out some black ripped jeans and a white singlet with a black cross on it, like the one G-Dragon wears in the Crooked music video. I thanked her before she went back upstairs to get ready.

“Jackson, can I use your shower again?” I called out, accidentally interrupting his conversation with Young-Ji.

“I told you yesterday, use it whenever.” He didn’t look at me. I just nodded, keeping my head down as I started to scold myself for getting feelings for someone I hardly knew. He seemed like a completely different person today.

I turned the shower on, stepping in as I let the warm water rush over my body. I closed my eyes, forgetting all the cares in the world as I began rapping Tablo’s version of Eyes, Nose, Lips. Rapping was my way of getting my feelings out. I was never one to admit them, telling someone how I felt made me weak. It was like I was too proud of anyone seeing the real me.

Stepping out of the bathroom wearing Sunny’s clothes, I bundled my towel into a ball when Jackson walked in.

“Hey,” He smiled sweetly, moving closer to me. “You look cute.” He mumbled as I watched him look me up and down.

“I don’t want to be cute.” I frowned slightly as he stepped closer, almost body to body.

“Too bad,” He took my hand, distracting me as he kissed my cheek. “You’re my cutie.”

I giggled, something I never did. I stopped myself, feeling my head lean into his lips instinctively.

“Wear my jacket again today, it’s cold out. It will be colder at the markets.” He advised me as he stepped back, grabbing the jacket I’d borrowed yesterday before helping me put it on.

“What are you gunna do today?” I asked curiously, tilting my head to the side.

“Wait for you to get home.” He smirked looking up at me, making me screw my face up. “So we can have another rap battle.”

“I kicked your ass last time.” I chuckled, watching him make his bed.

“No, you used a profanity which means you’re disqualified.” He corrected me, making me roll my eyes.

“So rappers don’t swear?” I asked, waiting for his response as I fiddled with the sleeves on the hoodie.

“Good ones don’t have to.” He sassed back, making me roll my eyes again.

“You sound like my mother.” I told him, watching him turn around and look at me in disgust.

“I dont want to be your mother.” He whined, jumping a little like a child having a tantrum.

“No, you wanna be my daddy.” I smirked, biting my lip as I watched his reaction.

“You make everything dirty!” He widened his eyes laughing.

“You love it.” I reminded him as Gook-Ju appeared in the doorway.

“We’re ready when you are.” She said smiling at me.

“Okay, i’m coming.” I nodded, following her out the door.

Jong-ok, Sunny and Gook Ju were all in the car, just as I went to get in, my phone started buzzing. The name that flashed across the screen made me know that it was important. They wouldn’t call me unless it wasn’t. Not now. Not after all this time.

“Hey girls, go ahead, I have to take this. I’ll meet you there.” I told them as I shut the car door, walking back up the driveway as I picked up the phone, making sure the car was out of sight.

“Y/N? It’s me.”

“I know.”

“Oh, I didn’t know if you’d still have my number saved or not.” He spoke.

“I don’t mean to sound rude, but, do you want something?” I sighed, leaning back against the wall.

“I just thought I’d warn you, the producers have asked me to make a guest appearance. I’m coming to the roommate house next week.”


“I just thought I’d let you know.” He spoke softer.

“Moved on yet?” I asked coldly.

“No,” He answered straight away. “You and Jackson seem to be getting on well.”

“Yeah, we are. He’s the nicest guy I’ve ever me.”

His sigh was audible from my end. “Y/N I-“

“I’ll see you next week.” I cut him off, immediately hanging up the phone. I wandered back inside the house, I really didn’t want to see him. The only person I wanted to see was standing on the other side of the door I was now outside.

I pushed open the door. “Jackson I-“ I cut myself off when the giggles from within the room erupted through my head. Girl giggles. Jackson was on his bed, hovering over Young-Ji, their faces inches apart. He was smiling like crazy, so was she. Already upset with the phone call, I felt my eyes begin to well up, betraying me. The sight of Jackson with her, doing what he’d done with me just the night before. I swallowed my pride, pulling my eyes away from the couple.

“Y/N, I thought you’d gone out.” He muttered, slowly sitting up as Young-Ji held on to his upper arms.

Clearly. I thought to myself as I looked down, frowning as I fiddled with my hands. “Uh yeah sorry.”
I moved quickly, shutting the door as I almost ran to the house gym. I slammed the door, feeling the tears fall down my face as I leaned against the door. My chest was panting heavily, it felt so tight, like I couldn’t breath. Why was I doing this? Why did I feel this way? As much as I didn’t want to admit it, the phone call had nothing to do with the way I broke down. It was Jackson. I found myself falling for him, not knowing he was like it with everyone. I was stupid enough to let him in, this was no one’s fault apart from mine.

I locked the door as I pulled my phone from my pocket, connecting it to the speaker. I didn’t give a fuck who heard as I began playing Rhythm Ta, moving myself to the centre of the room as I took all my frustration out on the dance moves. I screamed, closing my eyes as I carried out the routine.

I only stopped when I needed a drink, after my tears had stopped. When I’d distracted myself so much by dancing that nothing else mattered. I grabbed my phone, I’d been in here an hour. I looked at myself in the mirror, sighing at the reflection. I noticed Jackson’s jacket behind me. The thought of it now made me sick. It’s like he’d marked me. You’re my cutie. His words from earlier frustrated me. The way he’d claimed me as one of his girls to fuck around with. Someone he could just toss away and pick up when he felt like it. Like a spoilt kid with too many toys. I grabbed the jacket from the bench, picking it up as I moved to unlock the door.

Jackson’s door was wide open when I got back to the hallway. I knocked anyway, noticing Jackson alone on his bed.

“Y/N, I-“ He sat up more, looking over at me.

“Thanks for letting me borrow it.” I spoke over him. Not wanting to listen to anything he had to say.

“Have you been crying?” His voice was soft, I hated the way he looked at me. As if he felt sorry for me. It was the same look as when I’d walked in on him and Young-Ji earlier.

“Why are you so shocked? Did you not think I had feelings?” I spoke numbly, my cheeks burning.

“No, I just,” He sighed. “Was it about earlier? I mean you looked upset with me and now you’re crying.”

I gritted my teeth, refraining from screaming my head off at him right now. “Not everything is about you Jackson. Okay? People have other shit going on in their life.” 

“Then talk to me.” He stood up, making me back up a little at the thought of him getting close to me.

“Why? So you can pretend to care?” I raised my eyebrows.

“I do care.” He sounded angry, his voice getting deeper.

I chuckled ironically, leaning my head back. “You and every guy I’ve ever dated.”

“Just stop putting up this front like you don’t care about anything and talk to me like a normal girl!” He yelled, I’d got him angry. Good. But I wasn’t going to get angry, oh no. I was going to stay calm.

“If you want me to break down crying in your arms while you pretend to be there for me, or tell you everything about me so you can pretend to listen, I won’t. So I suggest you go find a normal girl.”

His face went from angry to hurt in a matter of seconds. He realised what he’d said. But it was too late. I was shut off from him. The same as I’d been every other guy. “I’m sorry Y/N.”

“No you’re not.” I shook my head, speaking softly as a wave of pain washed over me. I blinked fast, trying to rid the build up of tears.

“I am. I’m sorry.” He widened his eyes, looking shocked at himself.

“You shouldn’t be. I mean, you’re right. I’m not a normal girl. I never will be. Thanks for the reminder.” I smiled weakly, walking away from his door before he could say anymore.

i’ve been thinking about @miraculer‘s Scary Sabine AU all weekend and how Mari would get super flustered around Chat Blanc and also how Mari can’t really be a normal teenage girl, and somehow that lead to me thinking about a shower scene like thing happening, but like Chat bursts into Mari’s room to tell her to get to safety and maybe it’s a weekend? so she’s in her pj’s ([ink bunny slippers are included fight me) and she’s singing along to ridiculous pop sings into a hair brush

So recently I just hit 1000 followers here on tumblr. (I literally had 80 before NMTD started so this is mind-blowing). Anyway, Jake and I filmed this a wee while ago and we thought we’d share it with all you lovely flamangoes to thank you for your love of NMTD. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the fact that we have a FANDOM still blows our minds and it’s so humbling and there are not enough words of gratitude and love in the world to thank you for your support. 

So this is a little video to thank you! I’m sorry that we’re such bad dancers, and I’m sorry that my editing software and camera on my computer aren’t up to scratch with The Candle Wasters’ gear but you get the idea. 

Thank you from awkward-manatea and I 


(Also the songs are: Proud Mary - Glee Cast, 5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale, Bad Day - Darwin Deez) 


How I met Taylor Swift…

The squad and I had finally gotten inside the arena in Montreal, we ran to the Taylornation booth to see Kevin, since he was the only one there. We did our round at the booth and then we went to our seats. All of us were in groups of two/three because we couldn’t get seats together.

Naomi and I went to our seats behind the B-Stage and we got ourselves ready in our lights and glow sticks.

From that point on we just started dancing. We had already seen the show twice so we wanted to really enjoy it. Vance started his set and honestly IT WAS SO GREAT. You really don’t realize how much you enjoy it when you are off your phone and just paying attention to the show.
Then Taylor comes on, we are going insane and just dancing like we haven’t really danced before. Throughout the show there were these six girls in front of us who were all decked out in lights and they got Loft around the third song. Since they were in front of us Nay and I just figured our chance was gone so we just continued to watch the show.

Not long after we see these young girls in the corner of our eye on the other side of the arena get loft and we got so excited because they had been going insane all night. After they got loft we saw Stephanie go up the stairs and we didn’t see her for about 15 minutes. During Enchanted/Wildest Dreams I hear Nay talking to someone, and I’m like who the heck is she talking too?! Are we getting in trouble??? I look over and she’s talking to Stephanie!!! Stephanie asked us if we met Taylor. Naomi said she had and I said I hadn’t. Stephanie really wanted to give Nay Loft but knew she couldn’t. At this point I was freaking out! I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! After all these years my dreams were coming true. This is why those pictures of me sobbing exist! LOL After Stephanie left I yelled at Nay saying OMGG OMG OMG I NEED TO DRY OFF (We were sweating so bad because we were dancing so much!! Those squad hats do NOTHING for your hair too HA).

So I run up the stairs and I run into the hallway and Im sobbing, so happy this is happening and then when it finally hits me I run to the washroom to dry off (Thank you hand driers). I decide to fix my lipstick and my hair because I gotta look decent for Taylor Swift.

Once I feel better Nay and I go back to our seats and finish watching the show. Honestly I cannot believe I have seen it 5 times and it just gets better and better!

As soon as Shake it Off is over I run up the stairs and go to the section. Nay gets a text from the Squad and they ask me to wait for them! This is when they come charging at me. It really is the best day, I have the best friends and they were all there to celebrate it with me. We were hanging with these two girls that had gotten loft too, (the ones we saw get it on the other side of the arena). They borrowed my makeup and mirror to touch up their face too! LOL.

We go down and sit in the seats for Loft and thats when I saw the other Canadian girls. Everyone was so happy for me, I realized that I am apart of this wonderful community. I am so blessed.

Kevin takes all of our information and the crew is taking down the set. I get to chat with Stephanie for a bit as we wait to be taken into Loft. As the crew is cleaning up and since I was alone, one of the members found a used guitar pick on the floor and gave it to me!

Its finally time to go into Loft. We walk in, take pictures and get to have pizza, cookies and pop. I couldn’t eat so I grabbed a diet coke (of course) and then a mint. They ask us to put our phones away as Taylor is coming. I sit down on the couch beside the two guys who were wearing the Shake It Off Tutus. Taylor comes in and says “HEY EVERYONE!” and does her cute little jig. At this point in my mind all I am thinking is, I cannot believe I am here.

Taylor talks to the guys first, compliments them on their costumes and hugs them. Then she sees someone in white out of the corner of her eye which is me and thinks I am with them. She bends over to hug me and I stand up and she yells… “OMG HEY BUDDY!!!!” In that moment I was dying inside. She recognized me. We hug (I think I cannot remember as I am so in shock that she remembered my face) (Tay if you remember fill me in here! LOL). She then says to me “Haven’t we met before!?!?” and I say “No actually we haven’t and there are 3 more of my squad members you haven’t met before!” Taylor then says “Damn I spend way to much time on tumblr!” LOL I thought that was the cutest thing so I said no we really appreciate it!
She then asked me if Taylornation came to find me and I said no Stephanie picked me out of the audience, because I was dancing so much!“. After that part she went back to the guys in the tutus and took pictures with them. She came back to me at this point and asked me what picture I wanted to do. This is when I said “Well the squad and I would like you to wear this hat for our picture and we normally do this pose called squad pose” (and I give her the hat which is strung onto my purse).

So Taylor puts the hat on and her arms around me and we do the Squad pose. As you can tell with my hand around her waist I was scared to touch her LOL hence the lobster claw.

So we take the picture and she says "I can’t wait to see this online later tonight!”
After our picture was taken, I get my phone back and Taylor says to me “You and the squad are so influential, you guys and the Boston squad (not sure who that is but okay HA), and I said well they are my best friends and we do everything together. I told her we did Ottawa last night, Montreal tonight and then Metlife at the end of the week. This is when she told me that Metlife was going to be huge! Let me tell you she wasn’t kidding! I also told her that I was going to be making a trip to LA with Kayla, Lauren, Britny and Katelyn. As I was telling her this, she just stared at me and all I could think was OMG your lipstick is perfect. When they say Taylor really focuses on just you in that moment, they are not wrong.

After Taylor asked me what I would like signed. At this point I knew Nay really wanted this tattoo written out for her and me getting to meet Taylor and having a picture was really enough. So I said to Taylor, Nay Nay asked me to get this signed for her, and Taylor responds “AWW I LOVE HER!” So as she is writing this quote out I mention that our road trip so far has been so much fun and that I guess she saw Mary in Detroit and she said yeah! and then I said and you saw Lauren too! This is when Taylor looks up at me and says…”Was that her on the…….” (making catwalk gestures) and I say “YEAH! the Catwalk! That was Lauren!” And she told me to tell Lauren that she saw her. (Note: She does look into the audience and recognize fans, it’s just so wonderful.) At this point I decided to shut up and let her write out the quote and she asked me if it was okay and I said "YES ITS GREAT!”
And thats when I said thank you so much. She then moved onto others in the room.

Right before she left, I asked “Hey Taylor, before you go, would you please do that thing with your arms where you control the crowds cheers?” and she goes “WASNT THAT AWESOME!?” and I said YAS! She seemed really excited about it and so was I. I hope she continues to do this throughout the whole tour. So far she has and it has worked really well!

After that she said bye and loft was over. Let me tell you that night was so magical and I am so lucky to have finally been able to meet Taylor. I have been such a fan for so long and my dreams were made. I want to thank Stephanie for being so wonderful to me in there and Kevin as well.

Sorry for the long novel…….

Taylor if you read this…THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU.


(Ps. I hope I didn’t make any grammar mistakes 😂)

For those, who want to try out pole dancing:

1. IT HURTS, it so fucking hurts.

2. You have bruises all over your legs, sometimes arms.

3. One class feels like none of my gym classes does. I feel exhausted and dead.

4. You are going to be SO STRONG you can not even imagine.

5. You are going to be stretched AF.

6. It’s amazing and I love it.

7. All my respect to everyone practicing it. I believe I am going to be a bodybuilder with these classes hahahah.


root five’s birthdays (2/5) → pokota: january 12th, 1983

very happy birthday to one of Root Five’s lead singers!

Pokota - to be honest, it’s almost unbelievable how much happiness and energy you radiate everytime i look at you. if my sister had to say something about you, she’d point out how, whenever you laugh, your loud laughter can be heard above every other sound in the room. i just love watching you perform with that powerful voice of yours, and the way you jump and dance on stage with so much passion, nothing can compare to that. you’re a very special person to me and to the Root Five fandom, no wonder my sister chose you as her favourite wwwwww.

have an awesome day, you deserve it!

The World of Ice and Fire - Aegon III’s dismissal of both the regents and the Hand, Lord Manderly.

From the account of Grand Maester Munkun of the King’s words to Lord Manderly when he ended the regency:

“I mean to give the smallfolk peace and food and justice. If that will not suffice to win their love, let Mushroom make a progress. Or perhaps we might send a dancing bear. Someone once told me that the commons love nothing half so much as dancing bears. You may call a halt to this feast tonight as well. Send the lords home to their own keeps and give the food to the hungry. Full bellies and dancing bears shall be my policy.”

Artist: José Daniel Cabrera Peña

First dance

A little captain swan fluff before I’m off to bed :-) Hope you like it. We’re going to need a lot of fluff to get through this hiatus ;-) so this is my contribution. I hope you like it.

Her hand glides over his back,  the fabric of his vest feeling soft under her fingers, her cheek pressed firmly against his shoulder. She feels him pulling her even closer to him with his arm wrapped around her. His fingers press slightly on her lower back, sending shivers through her entire body. She smiles up at him and her heart swells as she gazes into his warm blue eyes, a soft smile on his lips.

They sway over the dancefloor, the music only a soft whisper in the background. They don’t care about the music, even though they chose it very carefully. It’s the same waltz that was playing during their first dance on her first ball. Their eyes stay fixed on each other as they both remember their trip to the past. All the people around them, just a blur in the corner of their eyes.

She can’t really believe it, and if he’s honest, neither can he. If anyone would have told them two years ago that they would be dancing here at this very moment, they would have told them to seek medical attention.

But looking into each others eyes, smiling and dancing… it made so much sense, nothing in their lives had ever felt more right. He breaks their loving gaze and kisses her lightly on her cheek, but doesn’t pull away.

“You’re a natural, princess.” He whispers in her ear. She smiles as she remembers their previous dance.

“Somebody once told me that all you need is a good partner.” She whispers back and hears him respond with a light chuckle.

“That must have been a very brilliant man.” She can practically hear the smile in his voice. He takes a step back, lifts his arm, and guides her to do a turn.

As she turns back into his arm, she says: “He prefers dashing rapscallion actually."  His laugh booming in her ears. "Right so, love.”

They dance a few more seconds in silence, reveling in each other’s presence, before he turns to her and says quietly into her ear.

“I must confess, Emma.” He pulls away slightly to look straight at her and he looks at her with so much honesty and love that she feels emotions swelling in her heart. “You are by far the most dazzling bride I have ever laid eyes on.”

She turn away with a shy smile. “Killian.” She warns him.

“I’m being honest, Swan, truly you are.” He stops dancing, takes hold of her chin and makes her look into his eyes. She smiles warmly at him.

“It’s Mrs. Jones now and you better not forget it.” She says firmly before wrapping her hands around his necks and pressing her lips against his.