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Good good OOC TAZ things

because the fact this thing was made by three nerd brothers and their nerd dad is a cornerstone of what makes it so great

  • Griffin introducing an NPC and instantly going ‘shit I have to come with a voice’
  • Griffin coming up with a voice and then instantly retconning it because he hates it
  • The boys’ derisive yet affectionate mockery of their dad’s horrendously out of date pop culture jokes
  • Clint’s horrendously out of date pop culture jokes
  • The use of nicknames (Juice, Griffy, Ditto etc.)
  • The unironic use of the word ‘Daddy’
  • Justin growing outrage at everyone else’s lack of character voices
  • One of the players suggesting something really stupid and Griffin’s deadpan voice saying ‘you die instantly’
  • Something bad happens/is about to happen and you just hear Travis go ‘well tits’
  • ‘which celebrity would you say this new NPC most resembles?’
  • Some dope plot twist occurs and one or more players breaks character to congratulate Griffin on how dope it is
  • Justin laughing so hard it sounds like he’s dying
  • Someone trying to surreptitiously open a bag of snacks but it ruins the audio and everyone else yells at them
  • Clint never knowing what dice to roll
  • One or more of them bursting into song
  • Someone making a hella good attack roll and Griffin going ‘holy shit’
  • ‘You’ve solved my [X] puzzle!’
  • Someone does some crazy-ass stunt and it works and the others start cheering and clapping
Dares: Part 2 (Tom Holland x Reader)

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Hey everyone!! I’m so glad I get to finally post this! I’ve had this done for like a week now!! I hope you all enjoy this!! (also, I highkey feel like Sorry by Halsey is Tom’s feelings during this?? So if you want a lil something to listen to while reading this, listen to that :D)

Word Count: 1608

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, some platonic reader x Zendaya??

Warnings: Cursing (i think?), angst, Harrison (i have to warn about him, he’s too fucking amazing)

Part 1 | Part 2

He couldn’t believe he’d fucked up something so wonderful. It tore his heart into pieces to watch you run away from him, tears threatening to fall out of your eyes. How could he do that to you?

He watched as Zendaya walked up to him, anger evident on her face.

“What is wrong with you?” She shouted, getting close to his face. “What in the world would make you think to do something so cruel and ignorant?”

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So I suppose it’s fanfic author appreciation day? I’m going to jump on to this and call out all those lovely authors out there that have blessed us with the crazy things they’ve cooked up in their delicious meat brains. I always feel like I might miss somebody here, so I’m so sorry if I do. Please shoot me.

The Legends

@birbwin, @stereobone@trippnessa, @queensmooting, @kusuriuri

The “why you gotta kill me with your words”

@valisi-clark, @lostcauses-noregrets, @flecksofpoppy, @zedsdead1001, @ackermom

The softest

@kaguneko, @ahiddenpath, @sumiscribe, @band-geek-727, @kittyboo8015, @minxiebutt, @miss-coverly, @erurink

The king of smut


The best headcanon developers

@erwinsalive, @alwaysbesassy, @theforbiddenworld@erwinsbones, @winglysimmer

People I need to get caught up on

@hedera-helixwriteseruri, @lervin-smiss, @teatimewithamz, @daylelight

You all are so appreciated–including those that I may have missed out on–please keep writing. Please keep being creative. Please keep being inspiring. Your words stick with us and heal us, more than you may expect. Papa bless you all. <3

Thanks for all the tags on Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day everyone it was sweet of you to think of me. There is so much crazy awesome talent out there and I’m glad to enjoy reading it, writing and help influence the continuation of it.

There is times when it’s hard, writers block can be rough understanding a certain character can be frustrating. Grasping the language well enough to write in it can be difficult when it’s your native tongue and even harder when it’s not.

It can be daunting to tag people, to post or even read it over again. To keep motivating yourself daily to write can be tiring! To hold a Muse tight and sap out all the creative juices out of them as you can is tiring but rewarding.

Never be afraid to ask for help in writing something there is always someone out there to help you. There is always someone better than you and always someone worse than you, help who you can. Encourage others to write! Help them when they feel like quitting!

Respect them when they say they need a break to recharge let them know you are there. They are out to write for free sometimes then need to work to pay bills or go outside for fresh air.

Writers shift fandoms and nothing is wrong with that! You might discover a new fandom that way.

Some of my favorites writers:


When the guys find out you’re dating Junmyeon and are super surprised

So I haven’t actually heard back from my anon on this…I hope you still like it Anon!  If not, just let me know along what lines you were thinking and I’ll rewrite it!

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He will probably find this to be a little funny and a little embarrassing.  He had wanted to keep the relationship low-key for as long as possible, not because he didn’t care about you or because he was embarrassed by you or anything crazy like that, but simply because he wanted some quiet alone time with you before chaos descended. Let’s face it: exo is nuts.  We all know it’s true.  It’s a large part of why we love them so much, right?  “Aw, come on guys!  Don’t crowd her/him!  Jeez, and you goofs wonder why I didn’t say anything!”

Originally posted by minniedeer


I feel like out of everyone Minseok would be the least surprised.  I don’t see him being the type to project ideal types for people around him.  If anything, say the girl/guy that ends up with Junmyeon is a little on the loud side, that might surprise Minseok merely because the rest of Exo is rowdy af.  But outside of that, I really don’t see Minseok being all that surprised.  I mean if anyone is going to understand want a relationship and also wanting to keep in on the down low, Minseok would get that the best, you know?  Instead of surprised, this guy is going to probably pull you aside and start sharing all Junmyeon’s secrets.  Let’s put it this way: Junmyeon will never win a fight against you. “I’m just saying!  You can take this ammo or leave it, but it might work out in your favor” (winkwinkwink).

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Soonyoung crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by myeungho

A bullet-point scenario highlighting our bright star, Soonyoung/Hoshi !!

Send requests for scenarios and reactions on my page if you wish :)

- special shout out to our hosh rn bc this poor boy is sick and he could use all the healing time he can get (stay healthy and rest, love <333)

- this sweetie is honestly one of the most hard working people e v e r

- he pushes himself so much

- and we know that he’s tough on the members when practicing but I’m sure that’s only because:

- 1. he knows the potential of his friends

- 2. he cares about the future of svt

- Soonyoung is just so caring to the point that it hurts him sometimes???

- I’m glad he’s resting because we all know he needs it, as do the rest of the members (especially with this crazy tour schedule they’re in the middle of)

- so really, I honor Soonyoung for everything he does, and he deserves only the best out of his career ;u;

- and with this I’m sure he’d only want to be the best version of himself for the girl he likes as well

- his determination in furthering his career would be the same when it comes to pursuing his crush

- with that said, let’s get right into the scenario !!!

- as an intern at pledis entertainment, you find yourself becoming close friends to 3 specific members of a particular svt unit:

- Channie, Savhao, and Junnie ! 

- you get to know these three performance unit boys individually, but you never get to hang out with them altogether

- so one day, your little friends tell you that it’s about time all four of you meet up once and for all

- but because of your crazy schedules, there’s really no other time to do this besides the performance team practice time

- at first you think, “hey it’d be kind of cool to see them choreographing n practicing n whatnot!”

- thing is

- there’s one member you haven’t exactly bonded with/talked to like you did with the rest of the performance team:

- Kwon Soonyoung

- thinking it would be awkward for the team leader to see you hanging out with his team, you often pushed off the idea of visiting their practices

- no matter how many times the three boys begged you to come

- you just couldn’t say yes

- you’d feel bad but you’d try to convince them that it’s for the best

- and besides, the practice is meant for them to practice, not to chat around with some intern (not like they would mind tho lol)

- imagine pouty chanhaojun @ you bc iSN’T IT JUST THE MOST ADORABLE THING???

- ANYWAYS, after much thinking, the three guys figure that there’s really no way they’d be able to hang out with you as a group unless they invite you over to practice

- so they get s n e a k y

- kind of

- okay not really

- during one of your shifts, Chan texts you:

- “y/n!! are you free right now?”

- “yeah, what’s up?”

- “can you come down to the practice room rn?”

- “you guys aren’t having practice right now, right?”

- “*suspicious eyes emojis*”

- “Chan, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to intrUDE??” “I’m sorry, but I won’t go if you guys are busy.”

- “WAIT LISTEN LISTEN” “we actually need someone to give their opinion on this part of the choreography we’re coming up with… and we were wondering if you could take a look?”

- “uhhhhh… don’t yall have a creatives director… and an assistant choreographer LMAO”

- “yes yes but we want to know what girls like you would think of it you know :(”

- “sigh”

- “come on, just do us a favor” “and doing us this favor means you’re technically not intruding :3″

- “… fine.”


- so you head to the practice room, and as soon as you walk in:

- “Y/N-IE~” the boys greet you in excitement

- well except Soonyoung but

- he gives you a smile and a curt bow at least

- you give him a bow and a formal greeting as well, but that’s just about as much interaction you’ll have with him

- at first :3

- your three friends honestly just wanted you to be with them, and they finally found an excuse to bring you over to practice

- but you proved to be more helpful during their practice than they had all expected

- you gave pretty good constructive criticism on some of the dance moves and even gave a few suggestions for formations

- and your little trio LOVED IT

- but you know who appreciated your help the most?


- it was very nice to have another person give their opinion on the team’s choreography

- and it’s not just another professional choreographer or director doing it either

- it’s a normal person (I mean this in a good way :)

- and he thinks you’ve got a good eye for things that even the pros couldn’t catch themselves

- Soonyoung also realized how much nicer/less stressed he was when you were there helping out

- so all in all, he was really glad you came

- in fact:

- “hey, Jun, Minghao, Chan,” Soonyoung calls the rest of the team as they convene for practice the day after your visit

- the three boys turn to him

- “do you guys think… we could have y/n down here again? You know, just to help out again?” the leader looks down and paces shyly back and forth, but his face is blank

- “WAIT ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Jun says as his eyes widen in disbelief

- “yeah, of course,” Soonyoung is trying to keep his cool composure


- so they call you up to invite you once again, and since your three friends had expressed their gratitude for your help after practice yesterday, you agree to go

- you arrive at the practice room and are greeted warmly not only by your little trio

- but also by Soonyoung, who flashes a wider smile than the day before

- and it goes like this for almost every performance team practice you can attend from then on

- over time, Soonyoung would start to notice that you’re not the average, serious intern who’s just doing her job (and a little extra for their team)

- there’s a reason why his fellow team members have become so close to you

- they’re all so fond of your positive nature, understanding, honesty, and ofc your fun personality

- and these things are what draw Soonyoung to you

- if he’s being honest, he’d say he’s been attracted to you since he first saw you walking around the company building

- but your whole personality confirmed how much he was beginning to really like you


- he’s honestly not like the rest of the members when it comes to crushing

- he’s kind of a mix of flirty and shy but you won’t be able to tell when he’s gonna be which???

- it can be confusing tbh

- like if you give him a compliment on some solo dance he made for himself, he could either go:

- 1. “oh reAlly??” *smirk* “was it… attractive? ;)”

- 2. “oh… really?” *blushes* “thank you~” *smiles at floor*

- but I’d say he’d be pretty shy 70% of the time at the start, and then he’d slowly get more flirty as you guys become closer friends

- speaking of being close friends, Soonyoung would also put so much effort into becoming your best friend

- because he wants to confess to you knowing that you’re close to him

- so even if you reject him, he knows there’s a chance that you guys can still be friends at least

- the last thing he wants to do is lose you altogether :(

- ALSO, ONE SUPER DUPER BIG THING that Soonyoung would do with his crush is force her to dance with him

- yeaH that’s right, get your dancing shoes on bc this boy will beg and beg until you agree to dance something with him

- even if you can’t dance, he’ll still really want you to do it

- it’s just a way for him to get skinship moments with you tbh slick shit hosh, real slick

- he’ll teach you the basics first and then progress into harder and more partner-based choreos ;);)

- so you’ll be slowly building up a whole dance routine collection with your bestie !! how cute :’)

- when he’s on flirt mode, Soonyoung is a huge tease we all know this

- the cute things he’ll do to get you flustered during your dance routines would either make you laugh or make you super weak omg

- he wouldn’t hesitate to take any opportunity to suddenly pull you close while dancing, and he’ll probably charm you with a smile while he’s at it

- and as he gets used to meeting up with you to dance,

- Soonyoung would want to spend time with you A LOT MORE OFTEN

- but only with you

- so oftentimes, after performance team practice, the other three dancers would hang out for a little bit in the practice room

- but Soonyoung would be itching to hang out with you and work on your dance routine alone in the room

- so he’d be awkwardly standing to the side as the trio plays around before he musters enough courage to say:

- “uh, hey guys,” he’d clear his throat. “I kinda- I mean, y/n and I- we want to… you know…”

- “oH, do whAt?” Jun wiggles his eyebrows. Chan and Minghao laugh along


- “Soonyoung’s making me do a dance with him again,” you’d explain


- “Wtf Soonyoung, you didn’t tell them?” you say

- “hey hey, you didn’t tell them either,” Soonyoung would laugh nervously

- and when the three boys finally get kicked out by Hoshi, the trio would probably tell the rest of the members about this out of saltiness lma0

- a few members would start to interrogate him about his crush, and he’d probably deny it every damn time it’s so obvious you ain’t fooling anyone buddy

- but when Soonyoung starts getting the feeling that you might like him as well, he’ll probably openly admit it to the group one day

- he’d show up pretty late to an svt meeting that Seungcheol is holding in the practice room

- “Soonyoung, why are you always so late nowadays?” Seungcheol would say in an upset tone

- “he was probably just hanging out with y/n again,” Chan would say bitterly

- “yeah, what a best friend stealer,” Jun would pout

- “hey man, y/n is my best friend,” Minghao would hit Jun in the arm

- “okay but who became her firST friend?? Das right, it was mE,” Chan would join in the fight

- “alright alright, that discussion can be held somewhere else at some other time,” Seungcheol would stop them. “Soonyoung, seriously, what’s going on? Is this about y/n?”

- “yeah dude,” Seokmin would say. “If you really like her, just admit it already.”

- “no one’s buying it when you say you don’t,” Wonwoo adds and the rest if the boys nod in agreement


- “and I’m sorry for always being late to these kinds of meetings and practices lately. I just really like her okay?”

- “I’m putting all this effort into hanging out with her because I really don’t want to lose her. 

- “You guys know how I am when I’m serious about pursuing something.”

- the whole group goes silent. Seungcheol thinks it over

- “Normally,” Seungcheol starts. “I wouldn’t let this kind of thing slide with me, but I can tell you really like y/n, so I’ll forgive you.”

- “But let me tell you, if she’s willing to spend that much time with you, she probably likes you too.”

- with this, Soonyoung finally decides that it’s time to confess

- one night, your hangout with Soonyoung extended a little later at night than usual, meaning you’d have to walk home to your apartment alone in the dark

- but ofc Soonyoung, being the caring person he is, would want to accompany you home, just to make sure you get there safely

- and while you guys are walking home, Soonyoung’s heart can’t help but flutter while seeing you smile at your conversation under the street lights at night

- he’d be falling so hard at this point, he’ll have to do something about it

- and as a dancer, he’s not one to tell you how he feels with words

- so when you get to your apartment, you unlock your door

- but before you can twist the door open

- he impulsively takes one of your wrists, pulls you close, and locks his lips with yours in a passionate kiss

- and you, unable to fight back the feelings you have for Soonyoung as well, kiss him back

- breathless, he pulls away from you afterwards and looks deeply into your eyes, your faces just a few inches apart

- having noticed you kissed him back, he asks

- “Is it safe to say that the feeling is mutual?”

“why else do you think I agreed to dance with you?” you laugh 

- he breaks out into a huge smile before pulling you in for another kiss

I Need You - Sherlock x Reader

Requested by @trilbygirl212​ I hope you like it!!

Prompt 20: ”Have you been crying?“

Prompt 69: ”When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!

Prompt 110: ”You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

Word Count: 1783

Warnings: drug use/overdose, so much angst

It had been a long day. An extremely long day. When you came into work that morning, Greg handed you three different files each containing a different set of murders. You’d started optimistically; evidence was screaming at you from the pages and within a few hours you were sure you knew who the culprits were. But as time went on, you knew you wouldn’t be getting home for much longer than usual.

Everything came up negative. Every piece of forensic evidence you’d asked to be tested came back either unusable, unrelated to the crime or just plain wrong. Witnesses refused to speak or gave completely contrasting stories. You’d even been screamed at by a middle-aged woman for wasting her time when she had ‘far more important things to be doing.’

No matter how hard you tried, things kept going wrong and for the time being you just didn’t know how to fix them. All you wanted to do was go home, curl up into a ball next to Sherlock, and fall asleep.

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Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day~

I’m sorry this isn’t going to be so long, but I’m all in my feels hahah. I also don’t read very much on here, so, sorry about that. :/

@ellieljade It goes without saying that you’re first on this list. You’re my best friend and I love you. :’) From the wee beginnings of The Fanmeet to the crazy 100k+ series that is Mr. Min, I’ve loved every minute of fangirling, plotting, and putting on our smut hats together. Your way with words is spine-tingling and it’s a delight knowing such filth resides in you when you look as innocent as you do. ;) You’re also a sassy little thing and it’s amusing watching you get all huffy. I wrote my first fics for you and you’ve encouraged me so wonderfully with each one. But also - WHERE THE FUCK IS “MY WAY”, NICOLE.

@btssmutgalore Dee, mah girl. I remember the first time I read some of your fics that Nicole was spazzing over and I lost it. The way you write dialogue and the flow of your stories are so smooth and then I found out English isn’t your first language????? What?! You’re such a dear friend to me and I’ve loved getting to know you. I enjoy the way you take delight in bombarding me with Tae and how you laugh when you see me swerving. Thanks for being you, Dee. :)

@jeonjagiya I remember Nicole spazzing to me about this chick who was messaging her with this idea for a Hoseok fic and how amazing it sounded. And so I messaged you to add to the encouragement to post and the outcome was a beautifully painful yet sinful story and a friendship with you. :) I love the way you write your stories, from the very beginning to the posting. You put such thought and effort into your works, treating them as precious things, which they most definitely are. I cannot wait for the filth ahead, especially that one fic… >)

@noona-la-la-la I don’t know you very well and I wish I did, but I love, love, love the way you’re both a writer and someone who gives wonderful advice to your followers. You’re always so sweet and caring, but then you write filth like “Unexpected” and I’m just all ???? Bless you for writing that, by the way, because my cumplay kink wasn’t unlocked until then. :’) Thank you for writing the way you do!

@writingseoul Okay, so, when I first got into the Tumblr world of BTS fanfiction, your stories were literally some of the first I read. I was wrecked. I was moved. I was horny af, tbqh. I went through your entire masterlist and it was like a religious experience. I love the way you write the characters, the way the dialogue flows, and how each storyline begins and ends. I was devastated when you disappeared for a while and had a huge dance party with myself when you’d come back. Your writing helped inspire me to write my own fics and I’m forever grateful for that. Please never leave again.<3

@ricepot-jisung Rams! :’) My friendship with you is still new, but I’ve loved getting to know you. You’re an absolute sweetheart and yet you get to put up with the most ridiculous bullshit. You’re an amazing writer, able to pump out stories that enthrall your readers and your fics always have such unique plotlines. Thank you for being you and I look forward to getting to know you more. :)

Honorable mentions go out to @versigny , @gukvory , and @baeseoul for the amazingness you three put out. It goes without saying that every update I see from you girls has me squealing and putting everything aside to read your newest works. Thank you for writing and providing such amazingness to this community!!! 

For all of the other writers, whether “big” or “small”, thank you for joining this community of writers and adding your unique brilliance to it. <3

anonymous asked:

Since Hugo and Dadsona have been dating, whenever Dadsona needs to go shopping Hugo is the one who frequents the Produce section and the Delicatessen section of the grocery store. He gets a little too carried away when ordering cheeses and you end up with like 10 pounds and 10 different varieties of cheese, and it comes up to like $100 and you knew this would happen but the cheeses get bought and you just love your crazy Cheese Conneisseur. P.S. Ernest forgot his pizza rolls so you turn around!

Going to the supermarket as a couple is a fun (at least for me) and domestic activity so I definitely can see Hugo and Dadsona shopping together and spending way too much time picking cheese!

1k celebrations!



Wow okay excuse me while I have an emotional breakdown because I literally have NOTHING prepared, ideally I would have loved to organize something awesome to properly give back to y’all but the truth is I reached this milestone while I’m the most busy I’ve been in years probably and I really don’t want to disappoint you all by never tackling the prompts (I mean all I can do is write and I’m a damn slow writer which uhhh doesn’t really work well if you want to please people by writing things for them) BUT this is also the only way I have to do something nice for my followers????????? 

So if y’all don’t mind waiting (AND I MEAN I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT SO BEAR WITH ME I’M ON MY KNEES HERE) you can send me prompts and I’ll TRY to write as many drabbles as I can but you all have to be super patient with me because as I said not only am I super busy, I also have the shitbang to think about which is gonna be soon and I’m drowning in anxiety so uhh sorry this followers celebration is me being a mess but ?? that’s all I can do now so I hope you understand and please don’t hesitate to send me prompts and don’t get mad at me if I never get to write yours but please understand that sometimes a writer just doesn’t feel a prompt you feel me my dudes/gals/nonbinary people?? 

Okay so!!!

Send me something from these:


  • Please don’t just send me the number, copypaste the prompt sentence THANK YOU. 
  • You must be following me if you send me a prompt!
  • I’ll only be doing OTAYURI for these to make my life slightly easier.

ALTERNATIVELY if you want you can submit something and you can obviously send me nice messages (lbr you can never get enough of those).

THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING and I’ll reblog this a couple of times until this Thursday (August 24th) and then I’ll close my mailbox for a couple of days.

TL;DR: I’ll try to write as many drabbles as I can but I can’t promise when I’ll do it; mbf; only Otayuri soz.

Again, thank you for your support, whether you’re someone I talk to regularly or you’re one of my regular anons or even someone who never interacted with me directly.



Thank you all for making such badass female OCs for my current fave fandom. I’m so excited to see the journeys you take these girls on. Each one of you is crazy talented and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love each and every one of the stories/characters you have created.

ALEXIS FREEMAN by @fraysquake 
EDEN WAYLAND by @roan-kom-azgeda 
ANYA CARTWRIGHT by @wild-stdreams 
SAMANTHA DREXTON by @thetenthdoctorscompanion 
ANITA VERLAC by @quaking084 
SUTTON BRADY by @wereallie 

serensama  asked:

For fanfic writer appreciation: Ms Peno, you were one of the very first MM blogs I followed, mainly because of your blog name... but then I quickly realised... damn, you were crazy talented. Your HC's are hilarious to heartbreaking, your fics beautiful and engaging. I love reading your work! There's a reason why you're definitely one of the Mysme Queens in my eyes ❤️❤️❤️❤️ bless you and your work honey!

Originally posted by nyxisis

I’m so glad I got the opportunity to know you! And your own work…WONDERFUL. You slay! Thank you so much for this you honestly just made my dayyyy 

Originally posted by kwami-is-quiche

Had to thrown in some Ja’mie ahahaha

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about GA selfie of her and DD?

Thank you very much for your ask❤️  I am happy about the picture, because I was looking forward to seeing Mulder and Scully in the same picture and to see how DD and GA seemed to behave together. It’s only a picture, but at least they are on the same picture. So that’s okay and I think it’s an okay sign that they at least speak and can be together. 

I love the way DD looks in that picture. I love that he is scruffy, which is the sexiest to him I think. Then I’m totally crazy about the gray in his scruff and I would love if we could see a little grey in his hair too. I’m a total sucker for the silverfox look. In addition, I like that he is wearing a suit, it’s always very nice when men wear that and he does not have too much makeup on. It’s a good look and I’m looking forward to see him as Mulder. With regard to GA, I don´t know? What I’d previously felt around her is unfortunately gone at the moment …  I do not know what else I can say. I still fear the worst, but this is a step in the right direction. My enthusiasm for XF is slowly coming back but the enthusiasm about GA is still missing. It’s a nice picture, though.

historical fav tag

i was tagged by @historival 💕

1. Who’s your historical person?

pierre beaumarchais is the love of my life okay so y’all better buckle up for several paragraphs of unadulterated sappiness as i answer all of these questions

2. What is it about them that draws you to them like a magnet?

from the moment i started reading about him, pierre always seemed larger than life, if that makes sense? like he packed so many years worth of accomplishments and struggles into just one lifetime. 

he did all these crazy things- he went on cross-country adventures, became a secret agent for the king, fell in love an absurd amount of times, balanced multiple successful careers, and almost single-handedly persuaded the french government to support the american cause, for starters- and to me the idea of a man who got so much out of his life was incredibly magnetic and inspiring.

3. Favorite thing about them?

pierre was incredibly resilient, and he had enough faith in himself to overcome any obstacles that lay in his path. this trait was crucial to his survival, because his life was pretty much a wild roller coaster- one moment he would be at the top of his game, the next he would be at rock bottom. he was continuously beaten down by detractors and unfortunate circumstances and yet he still rose up again to keep doing his thing. his resilience enabled him to power through all of the crazy shit that life threw at him.

4. Least favorite thing about them?

he didn’t know when to stop. like, he was incredibly extra and usually not in a good way. 

there was this one time where he literally created a fake person and pretended that this person was blackmailing king louis xvi. louis was forced to send him on a mission and pay him to stop the “blackmail,” and boy did pierre deliver. he proceeded to “chase” the elusive blackmailer across europe, staged a fake fight with him, and eventually made up so many absurd tales about his wild goose chase that he was found out and returned to france in disgrace. (at least the king paid him for his troubles though)

5. If you could fix one thing for them?

i would make congress pay him back for all of the support he gave the americans during the revolutionary war. fuck congress.

6. If you could change their history, would you? If so, what?

honestly, i wouldn’t want to change too much of his history. he had a lot of bad moments, but he grew from them so i feel like taking them away would fundamentally change who he was as a person. he was defined by his struggles and erasing them is something i couldn’t do in good conscience.

7. First thing you would say to them?

i’d thank him for helping to create our country, because even though he wasn’t a founding father, without him the united states would not exist. 

he would understand none of this until i translated it into french. oops.

8. Bring them to 2017 with you…what does that look like?

once he stopped freaking out, he’d probably be thrilled to see that his plays are still widely performed and beloved. i’d take him to see one of them and he’d probably critique the show mid-performance because it wasn’t up to his standards which would be a little awkward. after we got kicked out of the theater for being too loud i’d take him to a coffee shop and we’d talk about how much congress sucks. then i would fly with him to france and have him give me a tour of the major historical landmarks while making him tell me everything about himself.

9. What WOULDN’T you tell them about the future?

that very few people still remember him for his incredible contributions during the american revolution, and that almost all of his biographers straight-wash him.

10. Favorite story about them.

his romance with joseph paris-duverney. these two were ridiculously in love- joseph would give pierre gifts and emotional support, and pierre would write joseph love songs and provide him company in return. when joseph died, pierre was devastated and hit one of the lowest points in his life. 

what always gets me is that years later, pierre put a plaque in his garden for joseph’s memory, which read, “it is thanks to him that i am worth something, if i am worth anything.”

11. Reblog with a picture or painting or depiction of them.

look at that smug expression ?? what a little shit

i’m going to tag ppl who i think haven’t done it yet but if i missed you and you want to do it please go for it, i love to hear people gushing about their faves!!  @alexaderhamilton @sunshineapollo @abbaeadams @nathanhxle @iafayettes @josephwarring @simc03 @johnmarshall @sons-of-libertea @tallmage

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Hufflepuff makes so much sense, considering he identifies more with Charlie Brown than other Peanuts characters. Also, bless GQ and Esquire for leaving most of his interviews in full. He seems more emotional and open in print vs on camera. I love this one - "Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man’s “Second-Tier Superhero” Status and One Crazy-Ass Weekend Bender". I rarely start fights with people but I still don't agree with RDJr's ENTP typing. I'd venture he's an INFP or ENFP who's matured a lot.

Someone always moving the football on him, huh?  I do love to read or listen to interviews with RDJ.  He seems very candid and open about things, and I love hearing his take on Tony, of course.  It is always thoughtful and nuanced.  I think he really gets the character and clearly loves Tony almost as much as any of us, with perhaps the exception of @knightinironarmor.

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Hi! Do you know where all this new content is coming from? (Jaeyoon dressed as a girl, Chani and a magic pen that makes Rowoon appear etc..) im becoming crazy since i cant find the source! Thank you so much, love your blog!

yup! its here on FNC’s Youtube! 
i guess you need a link to see the video? i tried manually searching for it on their channel but i couldn’t find it but i hope the link eases you!^^

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