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Finally finished editing my Allura makeup tutorial! It was so much fun to do, so I hope to make more videos in the future. It’s my first time making one so I’m a little nervous;; please tell me if you enjoyed it! Feel free to check out my youtube channel if you’re interested 💕 

Here’s a little bit of a sneak peak of my Taako cosplay from this past Anime Boston! Stay tuned for more photosets, because this is one of my favorite cosplays ever, and I have so many nice pictures of it that I am eager as hell to post. My only regret is that I had taken off my pink sparkly nails by the time this was taken ;-;

I would just like to say how grateful I am for The Adventure Zone. It’s such a Good Pure show, and it brings me so much joy.

Thank you so much @nootnootcosplay for this beautiful photo (AND EDITING!!! HOLY FUCK!!! THANK YOU!!!)

Remember to click for full size :)

Naruto Uzumaki Jonin AU cosplay⭐️
Holiday Matsuri 2016.
I love cosplaying Naruto because I like to be in character while cosplaying. So when I cosplay darker, brooding characters I’m always a little sad cause it’s not as fun for me. Naruto is loud, happy, enthusiastic, and incredibly confident (or he’s at least super good at pretending). Anyway, I love it cause I get to be super confident and outgoing as this character (i kinda wish I was like this all the time tbh). I have so much fun with it. And I love it cause I’m usually a super awkward bean and I always have a lot to say but it gets jumbled when I speak. So when I’m Naruto I feel a lot more chill and maybe myself? Which is odd cause I’m acting…andddd that makes no sense haha xD
Hope you like the Naruto anyways lol🍥

yellow-lions-paladin  asked:

Is it kinda cool kinda weird how much W2H has stuck with people? Like people keep doing art n stuff or are even now just joining the fanbase, for your cartoon from years ago now! That's so inspiring? Like, what does it feel like?

It’s pretty much exactly what you just described; kinda weird, but cool!  It’s hard to elaborate on exactly what it feels like, because it’s sort of changed over the last couple years.  I remember when it first started gaining traction, in the weeks after I graduated, and just being so excited to wake up every morning and check the tumblr tags to see what new fanart there was.  I remember seeing little milestones: the first fanart of Mephistopheles, the first AMV, the first cosplay attempts.  Maybe someone shared it on another website and I got a little more traffic on the video… it wasn’t even on Youtube yet, it was just on Vimeo, with all my other animation assignments. 

People started to realize that I like interacting with fans, so I’d get all kinds of questions.  I’d spend so much time typing, just elaborating on the ideas I had for the story, the characters, or how the universe would work.  What powers do demons have?  What are angels like?  I’d really sit there and think about my responses… I wanted to give people intriguing explanations that would maybe help give them some ideas, for their fan works, you know?  I gave so little with the actual film, but it felt like people were into it because they could sense that maybe there was a larger world planned, a bigger idea behind it.  I certainly wasn’t producing much in the way of a continuation, so that seemed to be a good compromise.  

I tried to reblog everything I could, and after awhile there was just SO much… I would sit down once maybe every couple weeks and just go through the tags and try to catch up with it.  I didn’t realize you could queue stuff, so immediately after I’d get a bunch of messages from people telling me how excited they were for my, like… bi-weekly stream of reblogs… just W2H flooding their dash or whatever, haha.  I got so behind, after awhile, and I’m only just recently trying to get back into it and get better about it.  

There’s been some weirdness to come of it too, for sure.  There’ve been a couple fans who were just, like… reeeeaaaallly crossing over some personal boundaries.  And I was as respectful as I could’ve possibly been with them, for as long as I could’ve possibly been, but at a point I just had to start ignoring some people.  I try to be helpful, but at a point, it’s like… I’m an animator, I’m not a therapist.  There were really only a couple pointedly inappropriate cases, but there was definitely a point where it felt like I just needed to take a break from it.  Some people kind of take interactivity for granted, and the boundary between creator and fan gets a little harder for them to see.  I don’t feel this is an issue any more, but it’s definitely been a little overwhelming a couple times.  There’s good weirdness and there’s bad weirdness, haha.  It’s generally good weirdness, which I’m thankful for!

There’s so many funny little things too, like… once or twice I’ve seen people who were pretty young when they first watched W2H say things like “Oh man, I can’t believe I liked this, I was so young back then…”  BACK THEN!  Of course it’s “back then” to a 15-year-old who was really into something when they were 12, and now they’re embarrassed by it!  Haha… but to me it’s like… idk, I made it when I was 24-25 and now I’m 28.  Like not only is the concept of “back then” totally different to me, but it’s also really funny to see a younger person looking at something I made, as an adult, and go “oh, I’m an adult and this is childish now”… haha.  It’s been interesting to see the fandom develop over the years, people coming and going… it’s really somethin’! 

I could talk about the kinda cool/kinda weird all day long, so I’ll just leave it at this!  Haha.  Thanks for the good question.  Lots of memories, for sure.

wouldn’t you get a yeast infection from the sugar… ..
keep smarties far from your hooha folks
also i did everyone for this because it was really fun to do!! it’s kind of short just because it’s hard when i think a lot of people would react the same.

// nsfw



- it brings back his flashbacks of when he was drunk and wore a candy g string to a party once
he would too don’t you lie to yourself

- He does spit everywhere and it’s sort of awkward to eat all of the candy since it’s hard candy?? and he doesn’t want to.. well; you know, bite you. But boy does he try. Yeah it’s messy and sticky but still really nice. He’ll still always like playing around with whipped cream over this, but hey he’s down to do this again.


- Papa Jumin can roll with anything so he’s not phased

- Sure it’s surprising.. But he finds it enjoyable. Even amusing, how cute of you to think of something so silly. But holy shit with him it’s literal heaven? He’s the king of slow foreplay so hardcandy in his way makes it even more slower. But in the best possible way.

- The only one that doesn’t really drool a lot. Must be magic.

- But no; never again will you get that because Elizabeth the 3rd found she likes your new toys too. He found her eating a pair of pasties and that was the last of the ordeal. Curse you Elizabeth the 3rd.



- Candy + MC = Heaven !!
sure it’s super surprising at first, but then when he tastes you PLUS the candy it’s absolutely amazing.
comes to prefer it, if you do. actually might want some of his own.. lolol

- It’s something he likes, so he’d be down to do it again. Just no licorice, he hates that stuff.



- momma jaehee is saving you here please listen to her

- Hey but nipple pasties? she’s down. It’s hard candy so again, takes a pretty long time to melt but she doesn’t really mind. It’s not something she’d like to be frequent but it was pretty cute this one time– She’ll let it slide.

- Won’t wear any herself even if you try to get her to. No way. She’s not trying to cosplay candy-land the game over here.


- No no. Try honey buddha lingerie. Much better.

- Seriously though; He’d love it. It would be silly as always with Seven, he’d want to pretend he’s a monster coming to eat up the pretty little damsel in distress. And he ends up doing so.. just in a different way lolol

- Yes, he’ll snack on them later. Or wear it himself– He really likes this. Look at the monster you’ve created


- For your sake, he’ll go with it. But he thinks it’s difficult, he’s drooling everywhere and it’s not exactly the most pleasant. Since the candy is super sticky when wet.

- Is this what the kinky folks do? is this what it’s like?

- He cant really be serious about it. I mean, he just cracks some jokes. He tries his best but it’s pretty hard. All in good fun though, he’s a sweetheart.

- Probably got those little candy bracelets from sunday school– and they taste exactly the same. he doesn’t need church flashbacks in the bedroom right now, save him.


- Confused and scared because he’s so used to lace or something like that but there’s.. candy? instead?

- He’d try but he’s usually fast so he’d end up ripping it off and getting to the point pretty quickly.

- But he might snack on them later, much to your horror lolol

I was able to complete and debut a dream costume of mine last weekend at Anime Boston; and it really felt like a dream come true!! I was 8 when Ocarina of Time originally came out, and I remember while not being allowed to play it myself, I loved watching my brother play, I was entranced! So much so I got a little Princess Zelda figurine that I wrapped white ribbon around to carry around with me - I still have it and used it as reference believe it or not! :)

As such, I had dreamed from the time I started cosplaying of making Ocarina Princess Zelda. I put it off for years since when I did it, I wanted to do it as right as I could, and that meant growing my skills over time before I would try. I started compiling the fabric for this almost 3 years ago: silk chiffon, a microfibre satin underlayer, the dark pink I sought out for a year before I was lucky enough to go to Mood on a trip to NYC and found a beautiful silk taffeta I fell in love with. I started work itself a year ago when I made the dress, and it took a year on and off to completely finish the embroidery on her apron~ I knew I wanted to take my time with this, and I’m so glad I did. I felt so pretty in Zelda, and that doesn’t happen much~ I never thought I’d be able to make Zelda well enough, but it goes to show that you can do it, and you can get there, even if it takes some time~~

I can’t wait to wear her out again soon! I didn’t get any nice photos at AB itself, but I hope I can get some photos done sometime this spring :)

Photo by my friend Zoe


Ganondorf Hyrule Warriors Build

This is my biggest build to date, and I took a decent amount of photos while in progress as most of us do with cosplay, though I hadn’t planned on any tutorial. But since my recent Scout Harding bow post has gone over well, I figured WHY NOT SHARE. 

For reference, my Scout Harding post is HERE

Personally for armor, I prefer either foam only, or foam with worbla. I’ve tried both regular and black worbla so far, and I think overall I prefer the original Finest Arts, which is what I’ve used here.


But anyway! I don’t have photos of this point in the process, but I start from card-stock/construction paper and masking tape to make the shapes of my armor. Because paper is even CHEAPER than foam, and I don’t actually like wasting my foam even though that’s cheap too. It’s all in the name of saving money and materials!!

After the paper versions have been fussed with, I turn to foam. I use hot glue or rubber cement as adhesive at this point.


The chest piece is actually three pieces– a chest piece, tucked underneath everything, a middle piece, and then the top which has the collar. I was already messing with some of the detailing and edging here.

I also knew ahead of time that I would need to be able to PACK this armor, so being able to break it down and nest the pieces within each other was really important. 

I like to do my edging in foam, rather than afterward in worbla, though I’ve seen it done both ways!

It’s hard to tell here, but these are the hip-skirt… bits? I actually kept these as foam, as I was afraid they’d be too stiff in motion if they were also covered in worbla.

These are probably my favorite parts of the costume– the gauntlets! This picture is already pretty far along in the process, but it’s still foam, and the top layer isn’t quite attached yet. I’d already made all the hand-guard layers and the top shapes, but I hadn’t yet hammered out those yellow details.

A note, I was not making all of these simultaneously, I usually work on one piece and then the next, though I get a little scatterbrained so sometimes I work on a few simultaneously. These swords were actually the last things I worked on, which is also why they ended being foam only, and not covered in worbla as I had sort of hoped. (I think I also had run out at that point.)

Here though, you can see the paper pattern, some pieces of the foam, and the foam-board innards for ONE of the swords. Eventually PVC pipe would be fed through the middle to create the hilt as you see next!


It’s finally time for worbla!

Being on a budget ALWAYS, though I’d love to use the sandwich method popularized by Kamui Cosplay, it just uses SO MUCH material, so 90% of the time, I fold it over.

Just use your handy heat gun and start melting and forming, and burning your fingers, and sculpting your details! Not shown here, but I like to use scissor edges or clay sculpting tools to push the worbla as close as possible to the foam edging!

Someday I will probably invest in something to protect my fingers….

A little more work done, and a cameo by my (then) very tiny kitten. The hip bits are done here, and I believe it was then I decided NOT to cover them in worbla.

A little unfortunate, but I don’t have many photos while making the greaves– though their design is SIGNIFICANTLY simpler than the gauntlets.

I already knew I would wear these boots, and so I built the pattern around that.

I chose to split it into 3 pieces– the main body, a kneecap, and a separate piece that would hook onto the bottom of my boots with elastic. D-rings with red cord (shown) would keep them on my leg.

Alllllmost done with all the worbla! You can see two things here- some extra foam inside the gauntlets (which remained foam for a little more ease in movement), and my soldering iron!

I don’t even OWN any solder and so far I only have the iron for battle damaging my armor– which I started on the main body here.


So obviously there was more work from the last photo until now, but I’ve shown most of the pieces in progress!

I know I know! I have no in-between photos!! 

But my general process is to use a buttload of layers of mod podge as primer, and then either spray paint or acrylic only depending on the effect I want.

For Ganon, it’s spray paint for the gold as the base, and acrylic for the blue because I wasn’t happy with the spray paint available in that color.

In the chest/greaves I started with the blue base on everything, then the gold edging, then the black low lights, and finally white/light blue highlights or designs (like the main chestpiece).

That chestpiece design I free-handed- I used a reallllly light pencil to make sure I was at least somewhat symmetrical and round (which I tend to be pretty good at) and then painted over with that light blue.

A little further along on the gauntlets here, considerably darker than the original gold.

This was the big stretch where I had the armor sitting in my living room basically 24/7.

Of note here, I’ve added detailing to the chest and greaves with Apoxie Sculpt, a 2-part epoxy that smooths and adheres VERY well to worbla. It’s already been painted gold, and I believe it did not require any priming.

The headdress was sculpted (by the plant), and both swords are mostly assembled at this point too.

Of course I have to try it on. Almost everything is complete at this point.


A few things I haven’t mentioned are the clothing and hip-skirt/ hip-cape / butt-cape? Who knows.

The pants I’m wearing are about the only comfortable thing about the costume– they’re essentially parachute pants dyed a darker brown because I wanted to add more bulk to my bottom half as I am not terribly large (5′5″).

The butt-cape is from a red suiting fabric that I liked the drape of, and the gold pattern is some gold fabric ribbon I liked and sewed on.

The top is just a brown sweater I already owned, though it makes it very warm on top. 

Swords are done! They’re probably the least interesting, as they are not many pieces, and mostly just foam with black and gold details. The red “jewel” is more apoxy sculpt that I mentioned earlier painted with a red glass paint to give it more shine.


There are a few fur accents on my arms and legs, which are doubled up pieces of faux fur, with a bit of elastic to slide them onto my arms and

The hip-cape and the hip foam bits are all attached together and made into a belt that I can strap to my waist.

The wig (a Suzi in Cherry Red from Arda that I snipped up some of the widow’s peak off):

The wig has sadly not kept this beautiful shape, but it was my first time ever styling a wig so I don’t think I used enough product.

There are a few (very unnecessary) belts that are most just foam.

I sewed a pair of brown gloves really quickly out of a stretch jersey.

The makeup is all Mehron Paradise in olive, black, and white, and then assorted (nothing special) eye-shadow I own.

And finally, there is a dickie (faux collar) I made to sit underneath the armor, so my neck doesn’t show. It’s made of some scrap black fabric I had, with gold trim, and a bit of foam is inside to keep that shape in the collar.

Here’s this wonderful selfie I took back during ACen while I’m getting ready. XD 

And that about covers it? Someday I might make the beard, but it’s low on my priorities right now.

Also yes, this cosplay is really really hot and uncomfortable since I’m literally covered head to toe. I’m usually incredibly sore the day afterward. I’ve only worn it to PAX Prime 2015, NYCC 2015, and ACen 2016.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS feel free to message me!

I post a bit more on instagram if you want to see more of my cosplay there (katamarija)

Thanks for reading! ~

anonymous asked:

So....if you're white....why are you dressed like esmerelda in your icon??? Isn't that white washing?

((OOC: Because my love for Esmeralda is more than skin deep. Because I respect her so so much and I spent a lot of time and money trying to portray her in the best way I possibly could. Because I wanted to cosplay her because ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be like her. Because she’s strong, and she has a voice, and because she showed kindness and love to someone who was categorized as “ugly” …. Like me. Her culture and her being a beautiful POC woman is very important to me too and that’s why I want to encourage more people with the right heritage to play her. I believe cosplay is for everyone as long as it is done with great respect, dignity, and love. I did a cosplay of her because I love her. And I believe whitewashing is more in the entertainment industry like in movies. Because movies are like a one time monumental gig. If someone offered me a part as Esmeralda in a movie or a play I would decline because someone else could and would do a better job at representing her culture and her as a poc. Anyone can do cosplay and loads of people can play the same character in their own unique way. And I’d love it if more poc cosplayed or took the roles of traditionally white characters (like Norm Lewis being the first African American to play the phantom of the opera) I believe in cosplay equality for everyone no matter who or what you are.))

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livorxie  asked:

Hey pal, if your doing a Shiro cosplay, you should totally do a full armor one, I know your cripjnched for time and all, but I just had a con last week where I was crunched for time, but I got one for Lance done, and it turned out pretty darn good. It only cost me like $30, so if you have a few hours tommrow, and a little cash, and you wanna try it, do me, and I could show you how I made mine, it was so much fun to go in, a ton of people asked for pics, so I think you could have a grand ol time

LMAO I don’t think you understand like… my perfectionism mixed with my low attention span mixed with my anxiety makes me the slowest worker. I could never complete a full armor suit in 2 DAYS.


I bought EVA foam moooooonths ago, since I was planning on cosplaying Pidge in their paladin armor. I wanted to do it for AnimeNEXT, but with how much stuff I already have planned next month (YoutTube wise) doubt I’ll get to it. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing the method to your madness! Hmu!! 

Maybe my outfit 
was a little too revealing.
But you were the one
Who couldn’t stop staring.

So watch as I walk away.
Into the arms of another.
I’ll give you a quick Display.
Of what used to be your lover.

My body is mine.
To wear whatever I wish.
You’re out of time
Since you missed the main dish.

So if you still wish
That my Body was yours
To feel and to miss
It’s too late because I’m theirs.


Aaah! Look, 2 tags in 1 evening! Can you tell yet that I’m trying to get as much done as possible in this little slot of spare time I have?

Anyway, I thought that this was a super good idea as soon as I saw it so I was delighted when I was tagged! This is the sims cosplay/costume tag by the lovely @cherrygrapesims! This was so much fun and it’s such cute idea!

And here’s my contribution: my babies Sabrina and Ben as Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene from Tangled! ft. my weak attempts at using poses

Again, I’ll tag all my faves but if I haven’t tagged you but you still want to do it then consider yourself tagged!

I tag: @malcolmlandgraab, @frannybobanny, @simsimeree, @lxcysims, @holly-plumbob, @serialsimblr, @lizzamorango, @peony-plumbob, @acoldcoffeebean and @justabitofsims! Have fun if you want to do it that is, don’t feel like you have to!


Hey #followers here’s the #Baphomask I made for @john5official , he’s the #guitarist for @robzombieofficial among other things ….. He’s gonna be using this #mask in his first #musicvideo from his new #soloalbum Season of The Witch ! Anyway I just thought I’d show this off a little , I’m gonna have about 10 #new #Baphomasks ready by Monday so I’m finally #catchingup and getting everybody their masks !!!! Thanks so much all of you #patient people out there for allowing me the unexpected extra time to do things right 🙂 I cannot #thank all of you enough for being so #inspirational to me and helping me strive for #greatness !!!! #instaartist #instaart #cosplay #satanic #etsysellersofinstagram #wearableart #horror #metal #heavymetal #eliphaslevi #antonlavey #followme #offtowork

Made with Instagram

Debut of my Lady Seb cosplay! I’ve wanted to make this for a long time, to have a more casual version of Sebastian to still enjoy to wear at conventions. I did my trial run this past weekend at SteelCityCon, and it was so fun. 

Thanks so much for the photos courtesy of the amazing @vaultfoxcosplay who also had the amazing luck of picking me a Bethesda Best Of blindbox with the little Keeper in it! ♥

thephoenixace  asked:

Hello, sorry to bother you! I'm aware someone already asked basically the exact same question, but here goes anyway: Your Ardyn cosplay is absolutely amazing. Honestly, it's stunning and I can't breathe. Perfect! I was wondering, though, as someone who has literally zero real hands-on craft experience, how did you get the exact patterns for certain parts of the outfit (like the scarf, the fabric around the boots, etc)? The entire thing is brilliant. So many questions, so little time!

Hello!! Thank you very much for liking my costume. :) Good ol Ardyn needs more appreciation.

As for your question: I make my own patterns during the crafting process. This way I may alter them to the like I need it. A big help for a beginner is - for example - to use a cheap fabric of similar compositon to make a pattern from scratch. This way you can do mistakes as much as they need to be done, to get the pattern fitting. :) Do you see where I get? Its way easier this way. Especially since - when you do the real piece - it already fits and you dont waste your precious and maybe expensive fabric.

I saw other cosplayers using TAPE to cover there leg like bandages and then cutting it off slowly. Then you have a VERY fitting pattern. For example for overknee-boots or the like. But dont forget to put something underneath. Some thin foil maybe? I believe there should be tutorials about this kind of stuff out there.

PS: WHYY? You are not a bother! Why think that? D:

PPS: I just hope that this will help you. If not, message me again!


Photos by Squirrelly Jedi Photography

So I realized I never shared about my experience cosplaying last Saturday! It was at a Star Wars-themed 5K to benefit colon cancer patients and research. I had a wonderful time taking pictures with people, cheering the runners on, handing out medals, being a part of raising awareness for colon cancer and its prevention, and generally bringing people a lot of joy. :) 

This was my second time cosplaying for an event and I had a blast — looking forward to doing it again!


I got some Chat Noir photos back from Kitacon! I really love how these turned out :) I ended up cosplaying him most of the weekend and had a lot of fun.

I’ll also be remaking this suit again so I can film a little tutorial-ish video on how I made the it (I was on such a time crunch to finish this the first time that I didn’t get chance to film much) as well as the cuffs and other bits! I get a lot of questions on how I made it and everybody has been super kind, so I’d like to help as much as I can! :)

Photo by Fools of Took Photography


I just wanted to make a little rant….Like wow. Just wow. I never in my life have felt….so…loved? Like this blows my mind how far i came along on tumblr. I started being active on tumblr back in august… I first started it out as my cosplay blog but then i became more entranced into the undertale fandom. I followed such amazing artist and then started to talk to some of them. For such a long time…i felt alone. Even though I have friends, a family and a wonderful boyfriend I love so much. For so long I had a dark cloud over me…for so long…i thought my life didn’t matter at all. No one would miss me…I been through so much nightmares in life and I always got scared to get close to people…in fear i would be hurt…in any way possible. I….I never thought i would make the friends I made here…..they do so much for me….telling me things what i need to hear…some things can be pretty harsh but its true. I laughed with them….cried with them..had some serious arguments with them…. But i know deep down…I love every single one of them so damn much. They support me so much and support me when i feel like everything is against me…. And the messages I get from people i never met before sending me love..sending me kindness….it blows my mind and it makes my heart weep with so much happiness. I have never….NEVER in my life have been given so much love… much kindness…given mercy. Its thanks to all of you…every single one of you who have cheered me one…who have laughed with me…who have supported me that I am still here. 

And all I can say is thank you….you guys made me feel like i belong in this world….

Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t have a selfie for Trans Day of Visibility, but I do have a drawing of a cosplay I’m doing for my local Renaissance Festival. He’s a satyr who’s also trans, he wears little fake horns to fit in. His feet were cursed by a mean witch to look human and to feel pain every time he walks. I may name him Sirius.

Dylan he/they

! Hey Dylan! He’s so cute I love him! I hope the curse gets lifted. Thank you so much for your beautiful art it always warms my day <3

Bae cosplays galra!Keith and it’s so cute how he puts the little purple patches and freckles  ❤ ❤ ❤ 

I love him so much and I’m so lucky to have him in my life. He’s saved me through so much and I don’t know what I would do without him. 

Also enjoy some cosplay Klance fanservice. I fully plan to bring more to the table when we finally meet irl for the first time.