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“And thus we solved the mystery of the sinister house called The Copper Beeches. Mr. Rucastle survived, but was always a broken man, kept solely alive by the care of his devoted wife. They still live with their servants, who probably know so much of Rucastle’s past that he finds it difficult to part from them. Mr. Fowler and Miss Rucastle were married, by special license, and he now holds a government position in the island of Mauritius. Miss Hunter is now a head of a private school in Walsall, where I gather she has met with considerable success.”

Favourite Granada Holmes scenes (1/?)

Okay, I don’t watch The Flash, but I can tell that there is a CLEAR difference between Barry/Iris and Kara/Mon El problems.

First of all, Barry and Iris were engaged and obviously have a really deep love for each other. As explained in the show, Barry may have proposed to save her life, but he still really did want to marry her. Also, HE was the one who had cut off the engagement because he was trying to do the right thing. Not to mention it’s established that Barry is an amazing, sweet guy, so precious and pure. So, Iris saves Barry with a kiss after he says, “I love you.”

COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Kara and Mon El. This boy lied from the very beginning, probably was never going to tell Kara the truth. He’s been nothing but selfish throughout their entire relationship, he has constantly thrown insults at her, doesn’t listen to or respect her, and got involved in this episode’s premise even though she had broken up with him. When Mon El is at Kara’s side, she says, “I forgive you.” And then he kisses her. Ya know, “I forgive you” is NOT the same as “I love you.” Forgiving someone is the first step to working things out or starting over, and that usually means friendship or starting over taking things really slow. “I forgive you” definitely didn’t mean “go ahead and kiss me now.”

I honestly don’t understand how you can even compare these two couples. Maybe I’m missing something because I don’t watch The Flash, but I seriously doubt it…This crossover just doesn’t sit well with me at all.

The more I think about Lefou in the remake the more chuffed I get, because honestly, when was the last time you saw media which says

  • the non-conventionally attractive villains deserve redemption too
  • redemption arcs don’t just entail moping about how awful you were, they involve getting off your arse and doing something about it
  • unrequited love for someone who treats you like crap is crap
  • it’s important to recognise when your relationship is in a bad place
  • boys can be the victims in abusive relationships
  • abusive relationships can be friendships as well as romantic relationships
  • boys who’ve been in abusive relationships deserve a happy ending

I just want the best for my snarktastic French son and his future husband, okay?

color experiments continue with me doing all these in serirei (sorta celebrating the 200 kudos and now 2K hits on my fic)

this one is ♠: One character adjusting the other’s jewelry/neck tie/ requested by @sandflake

i’m in a good mood so have an extra tie-pull tiny kiss on the smoft cheek

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[flynn rider’s off screen voice] “this is the story of how I died”



im too dizzy to do things properly so many mess ups
oh yeah this guy’s been with me for a while but I never really drew him

btw I cant read chinese

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