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Alt!Carmilla losing Laura again.

No, but imagine Yoongi working in his studio all day long and being really happy with the way his song is coming out. He’s just stuck on this one last arrangement, but it’s not a big deal; The rapper’s sure that in another hour or so he’ll be completely done and can call it a night. The prospect of going back to the dorm before midnight, of actually being able to fall asleep with Jungkook instead of getting back at some god forsaken hour before dawn and quietly slipping in under the covers next to the already sleeping maknae, is making Yoongi giddy and he can’t keep the wide gummy smile off of his face.

Now that he’s thinking about Jungkook, Yoongi realizes that he hasn’t seen him all day. Impulsively, he sends the younger a vague and cryptic text about needing to see him because they’re still new to this whole dating thing and Yoongi is still learning how to say things like “I like you,” and “I miss you,” aloud without feeling self-conscious.

Jungkook, who had been in the middle of helping Jin out with dinner, quite literally drops everything (including the spoon he’d been using to toss the salad) and hastily wearing shoes, sprints all the way to Yoongi’s studio. Yoongi never openly admits to needing Jungkook without any prompting (at least not when he knows that Jungkook can hear him), and Jungkook’s overcome with worry after seeing the elder’s message.

Only, the maknae arrives at the studio, chest heaving and perspiration rolling down the side of his face, to find Yoongi perfectly alright.

“What the hell, hyung?!!”

Jungkook can’t stay mad for long though, not when Yoongi pulls him into his lap and rests his forehead against Jungkook’s. With Jungkook pressed against him, Yoongi feels a lot more comfortable and without thinking too much into it, lets the words slip past his lips.

“I just wanted to see you.”  

Sometimes things change. It happens, and suddenly something or someone you love is gone, or you realize that you love it less, and so you try to hold on. You try to find anything that reminds you of why you used to love it so much, you cling to the memories of how it used to be, you try to act like things didn’t change, but they did, and you can’t accept it. But eventually you’ll have to realize some change is permanent, and that things will never again go back to the way they were, and you realize it may be time for you to move on too.

People say that they like my Tomodachi Life Comics so I decided to make a Cling On one that dosen’t have anything suspicius or familiar about it what so ever.

I Also “fix” some of the grammar erros and Balloons placements

Nicky and Aaron claimed the beanbag chairs and loaded a game on the tv. They powered through three levels before Kevin reappeared.

Okay, so there’s this completely throwaway line in The King’s Men that made me fucking laugh. Why? Because I always assumed they played a multi-player shooting or racing game, like Call of Duty or Counterstrike or something.

But. MMOs and multiplayer racing games don’t have levels. In fact, there are very few multi-player games with levels at all. Buldur’s Gate, okay, or Tales of Vesperia, or Lego games are sometimes multi-player. But again, they don’t really have levels. Levels are for side scrollers.

Which means that they are playing Super Mario Bros.

Kevin is having a fucking mental breakdown about ten feet away and they are playing Super Mario Bros.

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wang puppy wanting jinyoung’s attention too

From another cut comic where Shulk was REALLY interested in the stairs on the way to the royal chamber in Alcamoth, so much so that he clings to one and Reyn has to pull him off – though he ends up taking the stair with him (and knocking out Dunban with it) 

Cut because, hilarious as it is, it would have been a long one in order to get the pacing right.

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How about Ryan tying Brendon up and then not touching him with anything but various toys or something, and Brendon's craving Ryan touch him skin to skin anywhere, and wanting that so much but Ryan continues to torment him with whatever until Bren comes untouched and then they cuddle so much, clinging to each other, feeling each other. Thoughts? (Idk maybe this sucks)

YES yes yes this is so good like honestly I write a lot of fics similar to this and I would love it if other people did too

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casual reminder that seeing you on my dash always brightens my day right up. you're someone who has always been the sweetest soul to me && I truly value you <3 happy Tuesday!

———————    babe  ??  i  needed  this  so  badly  ??  i  don’t  know  how  you  managed  it  but  you  could  not  have  picked  a  better  time  .  i  appreciate  you  more  than  you  could  ever  know  bb  .  ilu  so  very  much  .  /  clings  forever  .  

I just can’t with the people who try to invalidate Bamon with BOTH ‘Damon waited 100 years for Katherine so he’ll wait 60 for Elena!!!!’ and ‘Elena is the love of his life!!!!’. Do you not. See. How. Those. Two. Arguments. Completely. And. Thoroughly. Contradict. Each. Other. 


Where Levi is a soldier and he has been away for 6 months leaving his sweet boyfriend Eren alone.
Then one day, after that 6 months he surprises Eren showing up to the party Erwin planned in the pool of his house.
When Eren sees levi he just starts to run towards him and jumps into his arms, crying from happiness and whispering that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore, “Don’t leave me alone anymore” And then Levi just says while he peppers Eren’s crying face with kisses “I know, I won’t, I won’t leave you again, love” And that just makes Eren cry more and cling so much to him that they fell into the pool, and even after that Eren is still in Levi’s arms, sobbing I love yous and enjoying the welcoming smell of his boyfriend, oh how much he missed him.
At night everybody stays at Erwin’s home to sleep. Eren and Levi stay all night making love, whispering sweet things and caressing each others skin.
(morning smut for the win pls.)
(I’m such a sappy shit but I don’t care)
(I just need this.)