so much character developement lol obviously

OKAY so I’m reading through the 1-star reviews of ACOMAF on Amazon because I’m bored and petty (sooo many Feylin shippers tho my god) and it seems like the majority of reviewers rated the book down because of the *~expliczit sex scenes~* that “took away from the story” and I’m just like…did we not read the same book? I feel like each sex scene actually held a pretty significant purpose or marked a turning point in Feyre and Rhysand’s relationship. I was thrilled to see a book handling sex as more than just a “fade-to-black” cutaway. Sex is an important part of life and relationships - it’s messy and nuanced and can very much be a pinnacle of character development. It’s not always happily-ever-after-marriage-sex-death, things get complicated and messy in between. One of the things that made me like this story so much was the fact that SJM included that dynamic in the story in a way that was woven around the plot, not just thrown in as a wish fulfillment after-thought. 

I know the ACOMAF fandom on here probably isn’t among those who rated it 1-star (lol) so I’m probably preaching to the choir but I was just surprised to see so many people having a problem with it. 

*obviously this post excludes young readers or those who weren’t comfortable with the amount of description due to past traumas!!!